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Joe Lucha Libre Report


Joe’s Lucha Libre Weekly: News & Analysis (12/9/10)

Lucha Capital

Bengala vs Chessman

They start the match fast with Chessman hitting a shoulder block. Bengala makes Chessman fall out of the ring and then hits a dive. There’s a big ass Christmas tree here. There should be 4 more weeks of that I assume. They get back in the ring and Bengala hits a head scissors into an arm drag, then another one into a DDT. Chessman hits a power slam to balance the momentum. Chessman misses a tornado dive off the top. Bengala hits a hurricanrana for a pin but Chessman kicks out. Bengala goes for another but Chessman catches him for a power bomb, thus winning. Chessman defeats Bengala with a power bomb.

Winner: Chessman

Texano Jr vs Psycho Clown

They start the match posturing to the crowd. They tie up and grapple for a bit. They just strike each other over and over when they get to their feet. Texano gets Clown to the outside then hits an over the top dive but uses the ropes to help him. Texano goes to tear at the mask of Psycho Clown. Psycho starts to gain momentum and gets Texano out of the ring and he hits a middle rope dive. Clown gets Texano’s bull rope and whips him with it. Psycho throws Texano to the outside and then he runs up on the top of the turnbuckle, on top of the post and does a flip dive. Texano kicks Clown and DDTs him while he’s stuck in the rope. Psycho hits a sliced bread for a two count. Texano hits a fireman’s neck breaker for a two count. Psycho then gets Texano in a pinning combination for the win.

Winner: Psycho Clown

Hiedra vs Taya Valkyrie

They tie up to start the match and Taya wins that battle. She stomps on Hiedra’s back and then hits a splash off the apron. When they get back in the ring Hiedra gets her in the corner and works her over. Taya makes a come back hitting a few clotheslines. Taya hits her with a hip attack in the corner. Balancing the momentum, Hiedra pulls out a Canadian destroyer. She kicks out, just a high spot. They grapple and Taya reverses into a northern lights suplex. She hits a code breaker, then her finisher. I honestly can’t remember the move name. She ties up the arms and slams her on her face. Taya wins with her finishing move… which I don’t remember. 

More importantly, Lady Shani comes out. She’s talking to Taya.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

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Nino Hamburguesa vs Golden Magic

They spend a lot of time looking at each other to start the match. Nino gets him to the outside and then hits a middle rope dive. Magic pushes him into the apron then runs off it for an arm drag. Nino does a senton in the corner on Golden Magic. He goes to the top and does a flip dive where the ref is holding his hand. He misses. Magic then goes to the top for a 450 for the win. Golden Magic beats Nino Hamburguesa with a 450 splash.

Winner: Golden Magic

Australian Suicide vs Laredo Kid

They start this match out quick with Laredo hitting a dive. They fight in the eating area. I hope nobody is eating. Suicide does a shooting star off a table. He almost clipped his knees on the table. Oof. My goodness, they get on the table and Laredo Kid does a Canadian Destroyer on the table. They get in the ring and trade some moves. Suicide goes for a springboard splash but Kid catches him and hits a Michinoku driver. Suicide hits a corkscrew tornado attack off the top and then a spike piledriver for a two count. They trade attacks in the corner and then Kid gets Suicide on the ropes and hits a springboard cutter. Suicide goes for a standing shooting star but Kid catches his neck and does a suplex stunner. When they get up Suicide hits a piledriver but then Kid comes back with a flipping DDT. Kid goes to the top rope but is pulled down. Suicide goes up and misses a phoenix splash. Suicide gets him back down and he goes to the top and he hits a side ways moonsault. So he’s perpendicular to Kid on the floor and does a side ways shooting star press… or moonsault? I mean both involve flipping backwards…. I’m saying shooting star press. Find a gif of it if you can. Australian Suicide pins Laredo Kid with a side ways shooting star press.

Winner: Australian Suicide

Here and There

This week on MLW Rush will make his debut. Court Bauer recently did two shows for Figure Four Weekly where he spoke about how Rush is obviously exclusive to CMLL but in America he’s exclusive to MLW, so if he’s not working CMLL, MLW has the right of first refusal. Dragon Lee is also debuting soon in MLW. He spoke about how they have the highest rated show in English and Spanish on beIN sports, and beIN sports Espanol respectively. They are doing well in the hispanic demographic which is why they keep booking these guys. But it’s good too because the group of Luchadors Court has gathered in MLW are very very talented and their talent should easily be able to translate to non spanish speakers. At the end of the day in order to be big stars in America you ultimately have to learn English and speak it passably, but you can still do very well otherwise. It appears that Court wants to do more live shows in 2019. I’m excited. I’m not the MLW guy but christ they’re practically a lucha libre promotion.

There was a try out in Chile during AAAs show for WWE. So some talent skipped out and were present at the try out. Keyra, Lady Maravilla, and Dragon Bane were there. Konnan said that those three are all under contract to AAA so they couldn’t be signed off that tryout. But this is something else Court Bauer mentioned on the shows with Bryan Alvarez and Meltzer, that WWE is doing shady business practices by breaching contracts and negotiating with guys who are under contract. That’s illegal but a lot of companies don’t have the money to fight it so it happens and WWE knows this. Court Bauer said he sent a cease and desist twice to WWE. I have to assume about Pentagon and Fenix. AAA should do the same thing here. Just because big bad WWE is paranoid about a few smaller promotions that barely have any kind of real TV deals, doesn’t mean they should just be allowed to do whatever they want. One day someone will take them to court and win if the resources are right.

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