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Joe’s AAA Results & Review



Twitch presents some more AAA. Between Stardom, Impact and TripleMania hype, AAA should be further on people’s radar. If you still need some convincing, Joe gives some solid coverage.

AAA on Twitch

The show started out with a local preliminary match and then it had an angle with Maximo and Mascara. Maximo who is related to Mascara pleaded to his father to talk to him. Then Mascara and his father spoke in the ring. He agreed to not be bad I suppose but then he assaulted his father after.

Reina de Reinas championship

Keyra (Not here) vs Faby Apache (Champion) vs Lady Shani vs La Hiedra vs Scarlett Bordeaux

The match originally a 5 way is a 4 way now. Keyra who was advertised and advertised till the last minute is at a try out for WWE in Chile. Scarlett is taken out immediately. Faby gets stunnered by Hiedra and her and Shani go at it in the ring. Shani gts her in a unique pinning combination that Scarlett breaks up. Scarlett and Faby start to go back and forth. Faby gets her in a surfboard stretch. Hiedra goes to pin Faby and then Shani goes to camel clutch her. The heel ref saves Scarlett. Hiedra and Shani work over Scarlett’s leg and then they double suplex her. After that they look to take out Faby. Scarlett walks out of the arena area. I’m sure she’ll be back.

Shani hits a sunset flip power bomb on Hiedra but Faby breaks up the pin. Faby and Shani face off against each other while Hiedra is down and Scarlett isn’t there. Faby attacks the heel ref and then hits him with a tilt a whirl slam. Shani attacks her from behind with a back stabber and the ref fast counts for the win. Shani is the new champion. Lady Shani wins with a back stabber and by fast count from the ref.

Winner: Lady Shani

in between the matches La Parka came out and I guess Angelikal is Myzteziz Jr according to Twitter. Okay then.

La Mascara, Taurus, and La Parka Negra vs Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata, and Maximo

Taurus and Maximo start out and Maximo gets the advantage. Mascara comes in and Maximo hurricanranas him to the outside. Now they’re all brawling on the outside and in the crowd. Mamba gets in the ring and takes out everyone with smooth offense. When Mascara and Maximo face off everyone gets in the ring to start trading spots. Maximo starts to make a comeback, hitting a hurricanrana on Taurus and then Mamba does a middle rope dive on him. After that Maximo slams Mascara. He goes to the top but Mascara knocks him off and hits knees in the corner for the win. Mascara pins Maximo with knees in the corner.

Winners: La Mascara, Taurus, and La Parka Negra

6 Man Tag Team Championship

Laredo Kid, Angelikal, and Hijo Del Vikingo vs Tito Santana, Mocho Cota Jr, and Carta Brava Jr (Champions)

The graphic still says Angelikal so I’mma call him that. Myzteziz Jr is awkward to type. We’ll see. Match starts hot with Porde de Norte going to the outside and Vikingo and Myzteziz hitting middle rope dives and Laredo Kid hitting an asai moonsault. Kid and Myzteziz hold up Santana for a vertical suplex and Vikingo hits a cross body. All members of Norte hold them up in power slam position and ram them into each other. A basement drop kick with two chairs in front are hit to Vikingo. A spine buster is hit to Laredo Kid then Santana hits a basement drop kick off the top to his butt with a chair in front. Myzteziz gets launched into a chair shot. Vikingo goes for an asai moonsault but he’s caught and slammed on the ramp. Kid and Myzteziz hit dives on them after that. Kid hits a hurricanrana on Cota while he’s on the ropes. But the numbers are still too much and he gets taken out. Vikingo hits to elaborate hurricanranas on Cota and Brava then gets caught with a back stabber by Santana for a two count. He hits a springboard code breaker but Brava breaks up the count with a chair shot. Brava hits a back breaker but Myzteziz breaks it up, then hits a tornado splash. Laredo Kid hits Cota with a chair then hits a 450 but he kicks out unlike their previous matches. Cota hits a spanish fly on him but he kicks out a well. Myzteziz hits a moonsault to the outside taking out Santana and Brava, then Myzteziz hits a shooting star press and Vikingo hits an imploder 450 for the win on Cota Jr. Hijo Del Vikingo pins Mocho Cota Jr with an imploder 450.

Winners: Laredo Kid, Myzteziz Jr, and Hijo Del Vikingo

Impromtu Match

La Parka is coming out. He says Myzteziz is the man or something. The OGTz are coming out presumably to challenge. They start to beat up La Parka and the winning team. They tombstone Vikingo and he holds his neck. And they bring out the stretcher gimmick. It looks like this is an impromptu match presumably for the 6 man tag titles. La Parka is replacing Vikingo cause he got injured. La Parka hits a middle rope dive. Myzteziz and Superfly go at it, and he takes out Superfly. Chessman is in now. Laredo Kid hits a hurricanrana on Chessman. La Parka starts to run wild on them. Hitting tilt a whirl back breakers. Kid and Myzteziz hit shotgun drop kicks then hit dives to the outside leaving La Parka and Averno in the ring. Averno pulls the mask off of La Parka and they pull it off of Laredo Kid too. I guess OGTs DQ’d by removing the masks of La Parka and Laredo Kid.

Winners: Laredo Kid, Myzteziz Jr, and La Parka

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