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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (12/3/2018)



CMLL Coverage

CMLL Arena Mexico Tuesday

Shockercito and Kaligua vs Pequeno Nitro and Mercurio

Mercurio and Kaligua start start out the match fighting for position. They trade holds and submissions while exchange take downs. Nitro and Shockercito are in next. They start to grapple as well. Shockercito uses his technique to his advantae. Mercurio hits a big shoulder block on Shocker sending him flying in the air. Kaligua gets Mercurio to the outside with a head scissors then feigns a dive and poses. Mercurio hits a face buster on Kaligua and then Nitro hits a splash off the top for the pin. Nitro throws Shockercito into Mercurio who catches him for a power bomb. First Fall: Mercurio pins Shockercito with a power bomb.

The round is started with Kaligua getting worked over. They move their attack to Shockercito as well. Shockercito fights back and hits a head scissors on Mercurio to change the momentum. Kaligua hits a cross body off the top  on Nitro. He hits Mercurio with a tiger driver for the pin. Shockercito gets Nitro in a pinning combination for the fall. Second Fall: Shockercito pins Nitro with a pinning combination. 

Nitro and Kaligua start this round off with Kaligua hitting a cross body then a hurricanrana to the outside. He feigns a dive and poses. Mercurio works over Shockercito but Shockercito uses his speed to his advantage hitting a head scissors to the outside. He feigns a dive then poses as well. Shokcercito hits a victory roll on Nitro and Kaligua a hurricanrana pinning combination but they kick out of it. Nitro then hits Kaligua with a back stabber for the pin. Mercurio hits Shockercito with a package pile driver for the win. Third Fall: Mercurio pins Shockercito with a package pile driver

Winners: Pequeno Nitro and Mercurio

Pegasso, Star Jr, and Robin vs Cancerbero, Nitro, and Metalico

Star Jr and Nitro start out the match with some grappling, trading holds. Metalico and Robin are in next. They too, grapple on the ground and try to get the better position. Pegasso gets in next with Cancerbero and they trade strikes in the ring. Pegasso big boots him to get the advantage. Nitro hits a basement drop kick on Star Jr as Cancerbero held him. Metalico and Cancerbero hold Robin in place while Nitro hits a drop kick off the ring to the butt. Metalico pins him for the fall. First Fall: Nitro hits a drop kick to Robin’s butt and Metalico pins him.

Metalico starts the round with Star Jr and does northern lights suplex for a two count. Cancerbero hits a slam off the top on Star by his mask. Robin hides a dive to counter a double team to the outside on Cancerbero. Pegasso gets Metalico in a victory roll for the pin. Star Jr hits a tornado dive on Nitro and then does a head scissors into a pinning combination for the fall.  Second Fall: Star Jr does a head scissors into a pinning combination for the fall.

Star Jr and Metalico start the round and Star hits a huge chop on Metalico which sends him to the ground. Pegasso and Nitro get in an Pegasso hits a few arm drags then goes for a middle rope dive which Nitro counters mid dive. Metalico hits a tiger bomb on Robin for the win. Third Fall: Metalico pins Robin with a tiger bomb.

Winners: Cancerbero, Nitro, and Metalico

Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, and Lluvia vs Dalys, Tiffany (Amapola), and Reyna Isis

Marcela and Dalys start out going back and forth, this is the first time they’ll meet since their title match which Marcela won. They continue to grapple and fight for position. alys gets her in the ropes and drop kicks her. Lluvia comes in to help but Dalys drop kicks her in the ropes too. Amapola comes in next but Lluvia is able to fight back until Amapola hits a spear. Sugehit is in next to relieve Lluvia and she runs wild on Amapola hitting a head scissors then a kick to the face. Isis comes in now to combat Sugehit. Sugehit pulls at her mask. Marcela comes in to face isis and Isis gets her in the corner and drop kicks her thighs. Marcela fights back doing a face buster then double knees for a two count. Marcela gets her in a gory guerrero special submission. Lluvia submits Amapola with an arm stretch. Sugehit submits Dalys with a flying arm bar. First Fall: Sugehit submits Dalys with a flying arm bar.

Dalys works over Marcela to start the second round. They go back and forth, Dalys gets out of the tiger face buster and counters with a drop kick. Lluvia comes in next but she’s attacked from behind by Amapola. Now Lluvia is getting teamed on. Sugehit tries to help but now she’s getting worked over. They try to fight back with Sugehit and isis brawling on the ramp. Amapola throws Lluvia into the crowd and Dalys continues to work over Marcela on the outside. Sugehit hits a sunset flip on Isis for a two count. She gets another combination for a two count. Isis walks up to Sugehit and takes her own mask off and throws it at Sugehit. Sugehit looks at the ref like really? And the ref disqualifies Isis for the win. Second Fall: Reyna Isis disqualifies herself by removing her own mask pretending Sugehit did.

Winners: Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, and Lluvia

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