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Madison Rayne Speaks On Leaving Impact Wrestling



ROH’s Madison Rayne talks about departing IMPACT!

Madison Rayne was a long time TNA/Impact knockout that had been with the company off and on from 2009 to this past summer.

In an interview posted by the Sporting News today, Rayane discuses why she left Impact and made the jump to Ring Of Honor.

“They believe in me and I believe in them. There’s life outside of wrestling and that’s always been a motivating factor for me. I’ve been able to live this dream, travel the world, but never be gone so much that I can’t fulfill all of my other dreams of being a mom and a wife and a personal trainer and going back to school. For me, it’s the better fit that allows me that freedom with my schedule. My hope in signing this contract with Ring of Honor is to write another successful chapter for myself, but also I hope in some small way, that I can help grow Women of Honor and make it what it could be and what it’s on track to being.”

“It was uncomfortable in a good way,” Rayne said. “I had the tryout at the WWE Performance Center and that felt way different than anything I had ever done at Impact. I got back out on the indie scene a bit more. I was with Ring of Honor. I went back to Shimmer and all of those places felt good, but it was just different. It’s like the difference in being a freshman in high school to a senior.”

Rayne will be a part of the fatal four way match for the Women of Honor championship this Friday at Final Battle as she takes on champion Sumie Sakai, Karren Q, and Kelly Klein.

You can read the full interview with Sporting News HERE.

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Let us know what you think on social media @ChairshotMedia and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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