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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: Power Struggle 2018 Part 1!



NJPW Power Struggle 2018

AXS moves the NJPW coverage to Power Struggle! But it will be Revolution Pro-Wrestling’s British Heavyweight Championship that’s defended tonight!


This coverage of Power Struggle will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

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  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Taichi w/ Miho Abe VS Hirooki Goto; Goto wins and becomes the new NEVER Openweight Champion.
  • Revolution Pro-Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship: Tomohiro Ishii VS Minoru Suzuki; Ishii wins and retains the Rev-Pro British Heavyweight Championship.


NJPW and AXS TV set the scene!

Another of NJPW’s partnerships is on display as the RPW British Heavyweight Championship is on the line! Tomohiro Ishii began his second title reign after defeating The Man with the Worst Personality, Minoru Suzuki, in their rematch from when Suzuki ended the Stone Pitbull’s reign. Now these two go another round to settle their score!

But there’s also another battle over the NEVER Openweight Championship! Will Ospreay could not challenge Taichi for the title after suffering an injury, so in steps Chaos’s Fierce Warrior, Hirooki Goto! Goto holds a strong grudge against Taichi considering Goto first lost the title in a Triple Threat with him and Mike Elgin involved. And then, Suzuk-Gun used every trick they had to make sure Taichi retained once it was him and Goto 1v1. Will Goto take that title back once and for all? Or will the Sliest Wrestler in the World have even more tricks up his sleeve?


NEVER Openweight Championship: Taichi w/ Miho Abe VS Hirooki Goto!

The Fierce Warrior has held this title so often that he feels lost without it. Of course, the dramatic maestro jokes that the belt is really Miho’s and he just defends it for her. Whether it’s his or it’s hers, will Taichi and Miho have to say good-bye to the belt? Or will the “Holy Emperor” manage to actually retain the title himself this time?

However, before the bell, Taichi attacks Goto from behind with a saido suplex! The bell rings and Miho steps away for Taichi to loom over Goto. Taichi takes time to make sure his hair is in good shape while Goto is down. He drags Goto up but Goto looks out cold. Taichi covers, but then picks Goto up at TWO! It seems Taichi wants to toy with Goto now. He kicks Goto while he’s down, but Goto doesn’t get up. Taichi keeps kicking GOto but the ref reprimands him. Taichi shoves the ref away as Goto slides out of the ring. He drags Goto over and opens the gate. Taichi clears fans out of the way, to bowl Goto into the chairs! Goto is down and the referee reprimands Taichi more, but Taichi shoves him away. Taichi grabs a chair and jams it into Goto’s face! Even Miho shows concern.

The referee has no choice but to start counting. NJPW uses a 20 count but it still reaches 10 before Goto crawls his way to the ring. The count passes 15 but Goto gets in at 19! Fans cheer but Taichi kicks Goto while he’s down again. He covers, TWO! Goto still has something left but Taichi keeps his cool. Taichi kicks Goto around, then drags him up for a choke grip! The ref counts and Taichi lets go at 4. Taichi taunts Goto, but Goto hits back. The strikes do nothing but amuse Taichi. Taichi eggs Goto on, Goto hits Taichi, but Taichi kicks Goto to a corner. Taichi runs in but misses! Goto wants a suplex but Taichi fights out with elbows. Goto bumps him off the buckle pad and gives him a big kick! Both men are down while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Goto drags Taichi up. Goto whips Taichi corner to corner and hits the spinning heel kick. Goto gives Taichi a back suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Goto lifts Taichi. Taichi slips out and rakes the eyes! Goto still runs in but misses, Taichi swing kicks Goto down! Taichi aims but the buzzsaw is caught. Goto hits back with a forearm, but Taichi kicks his leg. Another forearm and another kick, these two start brawling faster and faster. Goto gets an edge, then eggs Taichi on. Taichi gives a kick from the other side, then again. He boots Goto down then stomps away. Taichi circles Goto as he gives toying kicks.

Taichi slaps Goto around, then runs, but Goto pursues. Goto misses the lariat and Taichi gets him with another roundhouse! Taichi takes aim, ready to end this. Buzzsaw hits! Cover, TWO! Taichi grows frustrated but fans fire up. Off come the pants, and Taichi aims again. Taichi thrusts but Goto blocks! Goto fireman’s carry to Ushigoroshi! Both men are down but fans rally for Goto. Miho coaches Taichi up but Goto is up first. They collide with clotheslines, and then again, but neither falls. Goto runs in but Taichi gets him in a full nelson. But Taichi also rakes the eyes! And then hits a running clothesline! Taichi drags Goto back up for a powerbomb, but Goto resists. Taichi shifts to short kicks, then goes for the bomb again. But Goto back drops out!

Fans fire up as Goto blocks Taichi’s kick, then ducks the clothesline. Goto gets a waistlock but Taichi fights with elbows, so Goto lifts him in a cradle, for a swinging facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Taichi lives but Goto just grits his teeth. Miho grows concerned as Goto drags Taichi up again. Goto goes after the dragon sleeper but Taichi grabs the ref! Tachi throws the ref down and then rakes Goto’s eyes! Taichi blocks a kick to hit a low blow! Then chicken wing cradle, TWO!! Goto survives Taichi’s tricks, but he’s in bad shape now. Fans rally up for him as Goto slowly stands. Taichi runs at him for a rabbit clothesline, then hits a big enziguri! Taichi fires up and brings Goto around for the powerbomb. And he hits the Last Ride! Cover, TWO!! Goto shocks Taichi by surviving!

Taichi keeps his cool and vows to end it now. He stands Goto up again, Alabama Slam position, but Goto gets out for Reverse GTR! Both men are down again, but fans cheer Goto on. Taichi crawls to a corner and Miho slides him the title belt! She becomes a distraction but the referee still sees the belt. Taichi shoves the ref again but Goto grabs the belt! Goto reels Taichi in for a headbutt! Goto gives the belt to the ref, then gets Taichi in another Ushigoroshi! But Goto isn’t done there. He roars and focuses, to hit Taichi with the buzzsaw! Cover, TWO!! Taichi lives but Goto won’t let up. Goto drags Taichi up again, and gets the dragon sleeper. But Taichi slips out to try a suplex! Goto resists, and suplexes Taichi up! SHOUTEN KAI!

But Goto still won’t end it there! He drags Taichi up once more, dragon sleeper, GTR!! Cover, Goto wins!!

Winner: Hirooki Goto, by pinfall; NEW NEVER Openweight Champion

The Fierce Warrior triumphs! He once again claims his favorite title to start yet another reign. Will Goto ever stop being connected to this title? Or will he define its legacy as much as it defines his?


Backstage Interviews

Taichi says that was “a load of bullsh*t.” Goto that “son of a bitch” and NJPW are playing with Taichi. Taichi didn’t want a match with Will Ospreay but NJPW forced him to have it. Then they go and cancel it and switch opponents on Taichi without his consent. it’s the only reason he lost. He’s an “emotional wreck” now! Taichi wants his rematch. Goto loves those, right? NJPW listens to Goto so he has to be the one to say it. “Make it happen, immediately.” Taichi will banish Goto to “rematch hell”!

As for Goto himself, he asks if we all saw that. He and the NEVER title are meant for each other. And he knows Will Ospreay still wants a shot, so Goto will give him that shot. At least, he would if Ospreay was healthy. Goto wants Ospreay to get back to 100% so they can have their match. Until then, Goto calls out Kota Ibushi. The NEVER title needs some “new excitement”, and the Golden Star makes a lot of sense. Goto waits for good news. Will Ibushi accept Goto’s challenge to challenge him? What of Taichi’s insistence on a rematch?


Revolution Pro-Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship: Tomohiro Ishii VS Minoru Suzuki!

The Stone Pitbull and the Meanest Man in the World have gone back and forth plenty of times, for both titles and pride. They battle for the third time over a non-NJPW title, who will win this tough-as-nails tiebreaker?

The bell rings and Suzuki boots Ishii right off his feet! Ishii’s back up to give a shoulder and then forearms! He backs Suzuki into a corner with more forearms, and then forearms Suzuki almost endlessly! Suzuki just gets up and gives them all back! Ishii gets up just as quick, but Suzuki whips him corner to corner. Suzuki runs in but dodges Ishii’s clothesline. Suzuki spins Ishii around and ducks an enziguri. Ishii ducks the Penalty Kick and fans applaud this even match-up of familiar foes. Suzuki stands and circles with Ishii. They stare down and approach. Suzuki gives a forearm so Ishii responds. Suzuki gives another forearm, so Ishii hits again. They go back and forth and pick up speed. Neither man backs down but they do start hitting harder.

Ishii staggers but then he hits Suzuki and Suzuki staggers. Suzuki almost falls out of the ring but Ishii goes after him. Suzuki wants the hanging armbar but Ishii frees his arm, to then punch Suzuki off the apron! Ishii fetches Suzuki back into the ring quickly, and brings him up. Ishii rams in knees and puts him in a corner. He stomps a mudhole into Suzuki but Suzuki grits his teeth. Ishii chops but Suzuki just feeds off it. Ishii chops him more but Suzuki grows even stronger. Suzuki even sticks out his chest to take the chop harder! Ishii keeps chopping but Suzuki doesn’t back down. Suzuki kicks low, then roundhouses Ishii in the chest. Ishii falls after the third, so Suzuki kicks him out of the ring. Suzuki waits in the ring, daring Ishii to return. He grins an evil grin while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Ishii returns into the ring. Suzuki is right on him with kicks and knees. Ishii falls to his knees but Suzuki brings him up for more knee strikes. Suzuki knees Ishii into a corner, then wrenches his arm. He kicks Ishii in the ribs, then drives a knee into the side. Suzuki gets space to get a running start for yet another knee to Ishii’s side. Suzuki kicks Ishii while he’s down but fans rally up. Ishii hits back with body shots and headbutts, but Suzuki just takes it all. Suzuki eggs Ishii on as he punches away. Suzuki stands Ishii up for a big shot to the sternum! Ishii falls again but Suzuki sits him back up. Suzuki rocks Ishii with a forearm, then dares him to get up again. Ishii sits up but Suzuki stomps him out.

Suzuki toys with Ishii now, hitting Ishii in the face with prodding kicks. Ishii springs up to CHOP Suzuki! And Ishii CHOPS Suzuki again! Suzuki staggers as he gasps and coughs, but Ishii gives him another chop! And another, and another, each stiffer than the last. Suzuki falls and now Ishii returns those prodding kicks. Suzuki stands up with a stone serious look on his face. He grins before giving Ishii another forearm. Ishii gives the forearm back! Ishii eggs Suzuki on, so Suzuki grins and gives another shot. It staggers Ishii but Ishii stays standing. Suzuki dares Ishii to hit him, so Ishii hits Suzuki even harder! Suzuki comes back and gives an even harder shot. Ishii staggers more while Suzuki grins. Ishii keeps himself standing, to give Suzuki another shot. Suzuki staggers again, but he still gives back the shot!

Ishii doubles over and almost falls, but Suzuki wants him to get back up. Ishii stands, and gives Suzuki another forearm. Suzuki doubles over, but he manages to stand. Suzuki grins as he winds up for yet another stiff shot. Ishii is on noodle legs but he leans against Suzuki. Suzuki stands him up for another shot, and another shot, and another. But Ishii fires elbows from both sides, and again, and again! Suzuki still comes back with big forearms. Ishii falls against ropes but flounders on his feet. Suzuki stands him up for yet another shot, and that one puts Ishii on the mat. Red Shoes checks on Ishii but he’s okay to continue. Suzuki drags Ishii up and whips him corner to corner, but Ishii falls on his face. So Suzuki kicks him while he’s down!

Suzuki sits Ishii up, and runs, to boot Ishii right down! Cover, TWO!! Ishii still has life in him, but Suzuki isn’t frustrated. Fans rally as Ishii gets to his feet. Suzuki runs in for a boot! Then snapmare, and a Penalty Kick! But Ishii takes it! Ishii grits his teeth as Suzuki kicks him in the back. Ishii still tanks the kick and stands up. Suzuki fires forearms but they do nothing to Ishii now. Ishii blasts Suzuki with one big forearm, then a corner clothesline. Ishii puts Suzuki on the top rope and climbs up to join him. Suzuki throws a forearm but Ishii gets him in a powerbomb position! Last Ride! Ishii roars as he waits for Suzuki to stand. Suzuki is up, Ishii runs but Suzuki boots him away. Suzuki goes for the sleeper hold but Ishii snapmares him off to stomp him down!

Ishii looms over Suzuki, but brings him back up. Suzuki slaps so Ishii slaps, it’s a slap fight! Suzuki gets some stiff shots in, then he boots Ishii down! Both men are down but fans are rallying up while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as both Ishii and Suzuki slowly stand. Suzuki still grins as he staggers over to Ishii. Ishii slaps first and the slap fight continues where it left off. They go fast and furious, back and forth, neither man backing down. Fans are thunderous as the slapping hits a climax, but then Suzuki staggers. Suzuki eggs Ishii to bring it, so Ishii does, and the slapping battle of palm strikes begins a third time. Suzuki stuns Ishii and then fires off more strikes. Ishii suddenly headbutts! Suzuki staggers, but manages to follow Ishii, and ducks the clothesline. He wants the sleeper but Ishii denies with a back suplex lift. Suzuki slips out of that to get a facelock. Ishii blocks Suzuki’s suplex to hit his own! Ishii runs but into a dropkick! Both men are down again as fans fire up.

Suzuki sits up first and uses ropes to stand up. He goes over to Ishii down on the mat. He sits Ishii up to wrap on a sleeper! Ishii endures as he stands up. Suzuki squeezes tighter as fans rally, but Ishii doesn’t quit. Suzuki spins Ishii around and wants his piledriver, but Ishii fights out. Ishii clubs Suzuki but Suzuki stays up, to then knock Ishii down with a forearm! Suzuki drags Ishii back up and gives another forearm shot. He gives another, and another, and another, then pulls on a facelock. Suzuki then spins Ishii around for the piledriver, but Ishii picks Suzuki up to make it a back2belly driver!! Ishii roars up and waits for Suzuki to stand. Ishii runs, and runs Suzuki over! Cover, TWO!! Suzuki survives but Ishii isn’t done.

Ishii runs, blocks the boot and headbutts! He drags Suzuki up and runs, for the sliding lariat! Cover, TWO!! Ishii keeps his focus as he stands Suzuki up. Ishii suplexes Suzuki up but Suzuki slips out! Suzuki wants the sleeper but Ishii slips out, and we’re back to palm strikes! Suzuki gets the sleeper! Ishii endures but looks to be fading. Suzuki goes for the driver but gets an enziguri! Ishii clobbers Suzuki with another clothesline! Suzuki gets up as Ishii runs, and Ishii runs Suzuki over again. Ishii brings Suzuki up for the suplex, and hits the brainbuster! Cover, Ishii wins!!

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall; still RPW British Heavyweight Champion

This slug fest finally ends, and it is the Stone Pitbull who survives the King of Pancreas. But Ishii doesn’t stick around to celebrate, he’s done his job. Who will be next from either NJPW or Rev-Pro to challenge his reign? Suzuki meanwhile staggers out of the ring, pushing and shoving anyone who gets in his way. Will Suzuki be back for more? Or will he move on to a different target?


Backstage Interviews

Suzuki says Ishii has something of his. “Ishii… give me that belt. One more time!” Suzuki wants what’s his, and scares the camera crew on his way out. Will Ishii accept another hellacious battle like this one? Or will Suzuki have to accept defeat?



My Thoughts:

What a solid episode right here, emphasis on solid. This hour is big just on having two title matches in it, featuring some of the stiffest competition in NJPW. Goto VS Taichi was pretty good, but I find it interesting they made that one surprise saido suplex from Taichi so strong. Goto gets points for toughness, and it’s both surprising and not so surprising that he’s once again NEVER Openweight Champion. At this point, they should rename it the Fierce Warrior Openweight Championship after him because he’s had it so many times. Goto calling out Ibushi is a really great idea, though, that match is going to be amazing. Meanwhile, Ishii VS Suzuki was another spectacularly stiff match. There were so many of those forearm shots that echoed out, it’s insane. These two could truly #FightForever and I doubt it’d ever get boring.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Worlds Collide Results & Report! (4/24/19)

Worlds Collide with the WWE Women’s Division!



WWE Wrestlemania Worlds Collide

WWE Worlds Collide continues with the Women’s Division! The NXT UK Women’s Championship is on the line in a Triple Threat! Will it still be #ToniTime after?



  • Candice LeRae VS Kay Lee Ray; LeRae wins.
  • Piper Niven VS Zelina Vega; Niven wins.
  • Io Shirai VS Sonya Deville; Deville wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Toni Storm VS Bianca Belair VS Nikki Cross; Storm wins and retains the NXT UK Women’s Championship.


NXT’s Mia Yim joins commentary!

The Head Baddie in Charge joins Vic Joseph and Aiden English in covering all the action!


Candice LeRae VS Kay Lee Ray!

Mrs. Wrestling represents NXT while KLR represents the NXT UK! Will the WWE Universe see LeRae or Lee Ray take the victory in NYC?

The bell rings and KLR circles with Candice while fans duel. The two tie up and KLR gets a wristlock. KLR shoulder breaks then yanks Candice, but Candice rolls to reverse the wrench. KLR spins to reverse it back to a hammerlock. Candice brings KLR down and reverses back! Fans cheer this technical exchange but KLR stomps Candice’s foot. KLR wrenches, shoulder breaks then yanks again. She reels Candice in for a headlock but Candice pries free. Candice gets the headlock and takeover, but KLR headscissors back. Fans rally and Candice pops out to a jackknife cover. TWO as KLR bridges but they both spin around. KLR wants a backslide or even Gory Bomb, but Candice sunset flips! TWO, and Candice Crucifix Drivers! Cover, TWO!

KLR boots Candice and grits her teeth as she CHOPS Candice hard! The snarky Scottish lass mocks the fans that cheer for Candice. KLR snapmares and rolls with Candice to kick her down, then covers, TWO! Candice gets to a corner but KLR goes after her with a suplex, for a gourd buster! Cover, TWO! KLR keeps on Candice with a seated stretch. KLR digs her knuckles into those ribs but Candice endures. Fans rally up again and Candice gets up, only to get a knee to the stomach. KLR whips but Candice dodges and tilt-o-whirls into the Octopus Stretch! Fans cheer Candice and want KLR to tap. Candice drives knees into KLR’s head but KLR stumbles to a ropebreak!

Candice lets go but keeps on KLR with a whip. KLR reverses and table tops Candice down to then drag her out. KLR spins Candice into the forearm shot! Then she drags Candice all the way out to whip, but Candice reverses and sends KLR into a post! Candice gets into the ring while KLR staggers about. Fans fire up with Candice as she builds speed, and DIVES! Direct hit sends KLR into barriers, but fans encourage Candice to keep going. Candice obliges and DIVES again! She’s 2 for 2, she wants the hat trick! Candice DIVES and gets it! She puts KLR in then climbs up high to leap for double stomps! Cover, TWO!! KLR lives but Candice won’t let up.

Candice drags KLR into position and LIONSAULTS! But she flops as KLR dodges! KLR SUPERKICKS! KLR runs but into Candice’s forearm. Candice runs but KLR reels her in for a forearm to the back. KLR reels Candice in but Candice slips out of the Gory Bomb to enziguri! Both women are down but New York fires up! The ref starts a standing count and both women slowly stand. They get up at 9.5, and start throwing hands! Candice dodges to rally with forearms and elbows! KLR ends up in a corner and Candice runs in for a back elbow! Candice climbs but KLR kicks her back! KLR climbs to join Candice but Candice resists.

Candice clubs KLR back, then sunset flips, but KLR holds on! Candice dodges the punch to hit a SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! KLR surivives and fans are loving this great bit of “Women’s Wrestling!” Candice springboards but KLR trips her up, to SUPERKICK her in the back! Cover, TWO!! Candice lives and KLR is growing frustrated. KLR drags Candice back up as fans rally up. KLR fireman’s carry and pops up, but Candice hits a REVERSE-RANA! Neckbreaker and LIONSAULT! Cover, Candice wins!

Winner: Candice LeRae, by pinfall

LeRae proves she can get it done against Lee Ray and at Wrestlemania Axxess! Will Mrs. Wrestling use this momentum to head for the NXT Women’s Championship?


Piper Niven VS Zelina Vega!

The Scottish Viper represents NXT UK while La Muneca represents both SmackDown and the WWE main roster! But who will represent with a victory?

The bell rings and Piper stands face to face with Zelina. And it’s clear who has the height advantage. But Zelina has a bigger attitude as she pushes Piper. Piper shoves back and knocks Zelina off her feet! Zelina seems to grin as she starts throwing forearms. Zelina runs, but Piper catches her and scoops. But Zelina slips out to kick away. That only angers Piper! Zelina baits her into a corner to drop toehold her into buckles! Zelina kicks Piper then chokes her on the ropes. The ref counts and Zelina backs off at 4 to soak up the heat. Zelina runs back in to Tiger Feint into a draping crossface! She lets go at 4 to then bulldog Piper down! Cover, TWO!

Zelina tells Piper she’s nothing, but then Piper grabs Zelina to throw her into buckles! Piper runs in but Zelina dodges. Zelina runs back in but is put on the apron. Zelina manages to forearm Piper away, then slip around to a waistlock. Piper elbows out but Zelina dodges to tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO! Zelina is shocked and furious but she goes after Piper with a dragon sleeper. Piper endures as Zelina has a behind-the-back grip. Zelina shows she’s smart but Piper shows she’s tough as she continues to endure. Zelina shifts to a normal sleeper but Piper makes her a backpack. Piper bumps Zelina against buckles then throws her off.

Zelina runs away but Piper rallies with double ax handles. Piper scoops Zelina to slam her down! Then she drops the big senton! And the basement crossbody! But Piper’s still not done with Zelina as she drags Zelina to a drop zone. Piper climbs up and fans fire up, but Zelina avoids the Vader Bomb to hit a code breaker! Zelina borrows from El Idolo for Cien Knees! But Piper is dead weight! Zelina has to drag her out, TWO!! Piper survives and Zelina is furious! Zelina climbs up high, moonsault, but she flops! Piper scoops for the Michinoku Driver! Cover, Piper wins!

Winner: Piper Niven, by pinfall

The Scottish Viper strikes and is victorious! Will this help Piper climb the NXT UK ranks to challenge the champion? But with that title on the line later on, who will that NXT UK Women’s Champion even be?


Io Shirai VS Sonya Deville!

The Genius of the Sky represents NXT while Fire & Desire’s Gladiator Gal represents SmackDown and the WWE main roster! Shirai wants after Shayna and the NXT Women’s Championship while Sonya wants after the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Who will use this win to take a step closer to gold?

The bell rings and fans rally up already. The two tie up and Sonya powers Shirai to ropes. Sonya grinds her forearm on Shirai’s face then pushes her around. Shirai comes back and fans are strongly on her side. Sonya rushes in to waistlock but Shirai drop toeholds Sonya down. Shirai gets up and shrugs at Sonya. Sonya gets up with a scowl and gives Shirai a swift kick on the leg. Shirai throws forearms but Sonya throws fast hands! Sonya whips but Shirai ducks and handsprings! Sonya gets clear of that but not the dropkick! Fans fire up with Shirai as she blocks Sonya’s punch to double CHOP! Shirai CHOPS Sonya to a corner then whips her corner to corner. Sonya reverses but Shirai hops up fast. Shirai boots but Sonya blocks to yank Shirai down! Cover, TWO!

Shirai scrambles to a corner but Sonya puts her hair up, time to square up! Sonya kicks away on Shirai then clubs her down. Cover, TWO! Sonya grows frustrated while fans rally up. Sonya reels Shirai into a body scissors and pulls Shirai’s hair. The ref counts and Sonya lets the hair go but goes for a chinlock. Sonya slaps and clubs away on Shirai then turns to lean more weight on her. Shirai sits up but Sonya grabs the arm for a keylock. Shirai pries her arm free but Sonya puts another chinlock on. Fans rally and Shirai manages to make it a cover. ONE and Sonya lets Shirai go, to then roundhouse Shirai down! Sonya stands on Shirai for a cocky cover, TWO! Sonya puts Shirai on the ropes to grind the ribs but she throws Shirai back down at the ref’s count.

Fans sing for Shirai but Sonya mocks them before putting Shirai in the body scissors again. Shirai endures but Sonya pulls her hair again. Sonya lets go to then SLAP Shirai on the back. Sonya squeezes tighter but Shirari gets a ropebreak. The ref counts and Sonya lets go at 4, but then drags her over to drop an elbow, and then another. Cover, TWO! Shirai crawls but Sonya brings her up. Shirai throws hands but Sonya throws kicks and knees. Sonya drags Shirai up and snapmares her hard, to then hit the sliding wizard! Cover, TWO! Shirai survives and Sonya grows frustrated. Fans rally and duel as Shirai kicks Sonya away. Sonya hammers away then drags Shirai up. Sonya wraps Shirai in a chinlock but Shirai endures.

Fans rally up and Shirai fights. Sonya becomes a backpack with that sleeper, but Shirai powers up to back Sonya into buckles. Shirai breaks free after a few more, then ducks the running enziguri! Shirai roars and rallies and Sonya flounders. Sonya ends up on the ropes, Tiger Feint! Shirai climbs and leaps, missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Sonya survives and Shirai grows frustrated. Shirai CHOPS Sonya on the leg then drags her up in a waistlock. Sonya resists and elbows out. Sonya kicks but Shirai dodges, only to get an enziguri! Cover, TWO! Sonya drags Shirai up and fires off more kicks and knees. Shirai goes Matrix to school girl, TWO, but she hits Sonya with a SHOTEI!

Shirai uses a spinebuster into the drop zone, and then climbs up top. ASAI MOONSAULT, but Sonya gets clear! Shirai rolls through but Sonya SPEARS!! Sonya high stacks, Sonya wins!!

Winner: Sonya Deville, by pinfall

The Jersey Devil defeats the Genius of the Sky! Maybe it’s an upset, maybe it’s the different between main roster and NXT or maybe it’s the difference of MMA and pro-wrestling. But whatever it was, Sonya still won. Will this lead Sonya to a title match on SmackDown? Can Shirai rebound and prove she’s worthy of a title match in her own right?


NXT UK Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Toni Storm VS Bianca Belair VS Nikki Cross!

The Lightning from Down Under obviously represents NXT UK as she holds the gold. But she’s going up against both NXT’s EST and WWE SmackDown’s Loony Lass. Will it still be #ToniTime after Worlds Collide? Or will someone else take the title with them to their brand?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this crazy crossover main event!

Nikki chooses to go after Bianca and Toni by herself! She dropkicks Bianca then headbutts Toni. Nikki whips Toni but Toni reverses and sends Nikki at Bianca. Bianca catches Nikki and throws her with a Fall Away Slam! Bianca and Toni are now alone and the fans really like this match-up. Toni offers a handshake and Bianca says “kiss this.” Toni laughs it off and they tie up. Bianca gets the wristlock but Toni spins and bends and handsprings to slap and kick Bianca. Toni runs and sees Bianca drop down, so she redirects herself to dropkick Bianca down! Cover, but Nikki runs in so Toni bails to get clear. Nikki shoves Toni while Bianca rolls out of the ring.

Nikki double chops Toni then runs back in. Toni puts Nikki on the apron. Nikki shoulders and kicks her way back in, but Bianca yanks her down hard. Nikki goes after Bianca for that and trips HER up! Then she traps Bianca in the apron to club away! Finlay would be proud. Toni runs in but Nikki intercepts with a haymaker. Now Nikki has two for one as she puts Toni in the apron! Nikki clubs away then fires up. Toni and Bianca flop out of the skirt and Nikki puts them both back in! Nikki climbs and leaps! Bianca gets clear but the crossbody cover on Toni! BIanca breaks it just in time! She chicken wings Nikki to slam her onto Toni! But wait that’s a cover! Bianca shoves Nikki off Toni in time to then cover Toni herself. TWO, but Bianca keeps her cool.

Nikki rolls out while fans rally for Toni. Bianca clubs Toni and puts her in a corner for a mudhole stomp. Bianca reels Toni out for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Toni survives but Bianca keeps cool. Bianca sits Toni up and slaps her around. She dares Toni to fight so Toni fights. Bianca clubs Toni but Nikki returns to hop on! Nikki has a sleeper but Bianca drops back for a backpack senton! All three women are down but the fans rally up. Bianca and Nikki get to opposite corners, so Toni starts a hip attack train! Toni goes back and forth again and again for four! Toni underhooks Nikki but Nikki reverses. Bianca runs and double SPEARS! The three women are down again and fans rally back up.

Bianca covers Nikki, TWO! Bianca covers Toni, TWO! She goes back to Nikki and drags her up. She torture racks, KoD! Cover, but Toni breaks it! Toni and Bianca go after each other as fans duel. They throw forearms back and forth but Toni gets the edge. Bianca comes back for more then shoves to ROCK Toni! Toni staggers to a corner and Bianca runs in, but Toni sends her into the post! Toni rolls Bianca, TWO! HEADBUTT! Nikki cradles Toni, TWO!! Nikki almost caught Toni! Toni scoops but Nikki slips out for an inverted DDT, TWO!! Nikki grows frustrated as she’s so close yet so far from the title. She fires up and climbs up top, but Bianca goes up. Nikki kicks Bianca all the way down, then leaps at Toni! Toni gets clear and Nikki flops! Toni drags Nikki up, double underhooks, Storm Zero! Cover, Toni wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall; still NXT UK Women’s Champion

That match was as quick as lightning, but it is the Lightning from Down Under that strikes! Toni Time continues, but who will be next to challenge her for that title?



My Thoughts:

A good third part to the Worlds Collide event, but boy, it sure ended up being more like NXT, NXT UK & SmackDown collides. The Shake-Up would have put Zelina on Raw but things changed and she’s back on SmackDown. Of course, she was on SmackDown before so it was going to be that way anyway. Zelina did well against Piper, and while I didn’t want to make it about size, it came down to size. But at the same time, Piper wins to keep herself strong in the NXT UK Division, since Zelina isn’t really doing much on the main roster. Candice VS KLR was great, especially as an opener. Both women are potential contenders on their brands, so it was good for Candice to get this win here just so the fans can see she’s still good enough.

Shirai VS Sonya was great, but I was very surprised to see Sonya won! I can’t be sure why, though Worlds Collide doesn’t really impact much. I suppose Sonya can’t keep losing or else she won’t seem strong enough for SmackDown. Mia Yim establishes on commentary that she strongly dislikes MMA-turned-wrestler types like Sonya, which of course includes Shayna, Jessamyn and Marina of the MMA Horsewomen, so that’s good character development for her. And then the Triple Threat main event was short but fast and really good. But given it was short and this is Worlds Collide where Toni was against two superstars from other brands, naturally Toni would retain the NXT UK Women’s Championship to bring it back to NXT UK.

My Score: 8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (4/24/19)

Will Johnny Champion get payback on the Undisputed Era?



NXT cover image

NXT Champion Johnny Gargano got jumped by the Undisputed Era and now he wants payback! Will Johnny Wrestling survive the Savior of the Backbreaker?



  • Humberto Carrillo VS Jaxson Ryker w/ The Forgotten Sons; Double Count-Out.
  • Aliyah & Vanessa Borne VS Candice LeRae & ???; LeRae & Kacy Catanzaro win.
  • The War/Viking Raiders VS The Street Profits; The War/Viking Raiders win.
  • Johnny Gargano VS Roderick Strong; Gargano wins.


Humberto Carrillo VS Jaxson Ryker w/ The Forgotten Sons!

Ultimo Ninja has been a big hit on 205 Live but he returns to NXT! How will he do against the Gunner of this savage trio? Will Ryker continue to #DoUntoOthers?

The bell rings and Ryker stares down with Carrillo. Carrillo ties up with Ryker but Ryker waistlock slams him! Ryker then puts Carrillo in a corner to scrape his face. The ref backs Ryker off but Carrillo gets right up. They circle and Carrillo waistlocks, but Ryker trips him and suplexes him. Carrillo lands on his feet and boots Ryker back. Carrillo springboard enziguris! Cover, ONE! Ryker is up fast and he chases Carrillo in and out of the ring. Carrillo dodges and headscissors, then handsprings to back elbow! Standing moonsault on top, ONE! Carrillo grins while Ryker glares. Ryker hip tosses Carrillo into buckles!

Ryker stomps Carrillo in the corner then drags him up to the top rope. He clubs away on Carrillo in the Tree of Woe, then yanks him out for a scoop slam. Ryker clubs away on the mat, too, then grabs Carrillo for the Widowmaker choke slam! Carrillo rolls away but Ryker pursues! Ryker puts Carrillo into barriers and will not let up. The Forgotten Sons rally behind him as he rams Carrillo into the apron. Ryker shows no mercy as he throws Ryker OVER railing! Carrillo crashes and burns but Ryker does not leave him be! Ryker knees Carrillo over and over into railing, but they’re both counted out!

Double Count-Out

The match may be a draw but this fight is one-sided as Ryker drags Carrillo way up to snake eyes him on railing! But Lorcan and Burch appear! They fight off the Forgotten Sons and start swinging wild with steel chairs! Lorcan and Burch bark with Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler but Ryker is ice cold calm. Carrillo slowly stirs and Ryker suddenly ignites! He wants at Ultimo Ninja but Blake & Cutler pull him away. Will the Forgotten Sons make sure Carrillo, Lorcan and Burch never forget who they’re dealing with?


NXT Media finds Adam Cole in a photo shoot.

He’s annoyed that they’re interrupting. But they want to know how he feels about Gargano VS Strong. Is he excited to see what Strong does? Cole thought Gargano would be man enough to face the Undisputed Era’s leader, but guess not. As for Roddy, he’ll do what Cole would do, and that is beat Gargano into a pulp! Wait who is that smiling at him? It’s Matt Riddle! And the Bro is just up next on the photo shoot. But he’s chuckling at Cole upset over someone else getting at Gargano. So he thinks this is funny? Yeah it’s hilarious. What’s Cole gonna do about it? Cole has bigger fish to fry, so go ahead and have your photo shoot. Cole leaves and Riddle starts his turn. Will Cole be laughing when Strong proves him right against Gargano tonight?


Aliyah & Vanessa Borne VS Candice LeRae & ???

#BorneBougie were upset that Mrs. Wrestling beat Aliyah 1v1. They claimed they weren’t ready in New York, but are more than ready in Full Sail. But who will join Candice in this match? It’s… Kacy Catanzaro! Will the American Ninja Warrior help Candice prove Aliyah & Vanessa are all style and no substance?

The teams sort out and KC starts with Aliyah. Aliyah and KC hear the fans as they circle. Aliyah gets the leg to trip KC, then trash talks before dropping a knee. She also shows she has agility as she handsprings up. Aliyah whips but KC reverses to lariat in the corner. KC then shoulders in and gymnastic headscissor Aliyah down! KC even htis a flipping ax kick! Jackknife cover, TWO! Vanessa swipes at KC and Aliyah yanks KC down! Aliyah talks trash and slaps KC around before tagging in Vanessa. The diva duo double suplex KC up and down, Vanessa covers, TWO! Candice and fans cheer KC on but Vanessa clubs her back down. Vanessa clubs KC more then headbutts. KC gets to a corner and fans rally up.

Vanessa stomps a mudhole into KC then backs off at the ref’s count. KC crawls but Vanessa throws her away from Candice. Vanessa tags Aliyah while choking KC. Aliyah adds on with a draping armbar, then Vanessa straddle attacks! The #BorneBougie duo then snap KC off the ropes before Aliyah covers, TWO! Aliyah keeps on KC by pulling hair and then arms to stretch KC across the knees. KC endures and fans rally again. KC pries one arm free and elbows away but Aliyah pulls hair and shoves KC down. Aliyah drags KC and tags Vanessa. Another double suplex, but KC slips out to double neckbreakers! Fans fire up and KC gets a hot tag to Candice!

Candice climbs and missile dropkicks Vanessa down! She baseball slides Aliyah then shoulders into Vanessa for the jawkbreaker! Vanessa ends up in a corner, Candice runs in for a back elbow. Candice snapmares and step-up sentons her down! Candice gives Vanessa a neckbreaker and LIONSAULT! Cover, Candice and KC win!

Winners: Candice LeRae & Kacy Catanzaro, LeRae pinning

Mrs. Wrestling picked right in picking the little speed demon Catanzaro! They take the win here, but could this lead to a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship opportunity?


Backstage interview with Io Shirai.

The Genius of the Sky witnessed her best friend be beaten and broken by Shayna Baszler. “What Shayna did was terrible.” Io vows to get the Horsewomen back, but the get her first! Marina and Jessamyn do Shayna’s dirty work for her, and then hold Io still for Shayna’s running kick! The Queen of Spades and her sidekicks leave Io down, but not out. Will the revenge Io wants grow even stronger now?


It’s almost time for the Time Splitter to arrive.

Kushida signed his NXT contract on TakeOver night, and his Full Sail debut is coming. He vows to show the WWE Universe and NXT Universe that he can bring his own Japanese Strong Style to Full Sail.

NXT General Manager William Regal speaks on Kushida’s coming debut.

How excited is he? Incredibly excited but also relieved! It took a lot of hard work to make this deal happen. This is truly a great moment. But then currently NXT UK star, Kassius Ohno, appears. Regal congratulates Ohno on his UK run, and Ohno admits he’s been crushing it. This has been a humbling experience for Ohno to be the one teaching the young stars some genuine British wrestling. Ohno congratulates Regal back on signing Kushida. But who knows Japanese Strong Style better than Ohno? No one. So why not make Kushida VS Ohno for his debut? Regal thinks that’s an excellent idea. Next week, Kushida VS Ohno it will be! Will the Wrestling Genius be too much for the Time Splitter to handle in his first NXT match? Or is Ohno overestimating his own ability to solve the Super Junior?


The War/Viking Raiders VS The Street Profits!

It doesn’t matter what their names are, two Nordic behemoths are still two behemoths. Plus, they’re still the NXT Tag Team Champions! But will going back and forth between Full Sail and Raw cost them this match against the #CurseofGreatness?

But just as Rowe & Hanson make their way down the ring, Montez Ford FLIES out onto them! Ford puts Rowe in fast and the bell rings! Dawkins SPEARS Rowe then ROCKS Hanson! Tag to Ford and he climbs up. SPINEBUSTER to FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! The Profits were so close to snatching this one quick, but Rowe staggers to his feet. Dawkins tags in and goes at Rowe and Electric chairs. Ford climbs, and the Profits go for Doomsday, but Rowe escapes! Rowe runs Ford over! Hanson tags in and rallies on Dawkins with big hands! Hanson whips and scoops Dawkins for a sidewalk slam, then a low crossbody! Ford returns but Hanson flips him. Ford lands, dodges, and rolls off Hanson’s back. Hanson cartwheels and clotheslines! Hanson returns to Dawkins to wrench and ram with shoulders. He grinds Dawkins down and grinds a forearm into the shoulder.

Fans rally up and Dawkins powers up, but Hanson rams him back down. Hanson keeps on Dawkins but fans rally again. Hanson knees low and tags Rowe. Rowe scoop slams Dawkins, then uses Hanson as the human weapon senton! Rowe glares at Ford and stalks Dawkins. He whips but Dawkins reverses. Rowe goes up and over but runs into a haymaker! Both men crawl for their corners, hot tags to Hanson and Ford! They collide but neither man falls. They go again but still nothing. Third time but still nothing! Ford mule kicks, front kicks, but Hanson boots! Hanson and Ford both roar, then speed up! Ford dropkicks and rocks Hanson! Full Sail fires up with Ford as he back suplexes and holds Hanson up for the slam! Then he kips right up! Standing moonsault!

But Ford doesn’t cover, and Rowe runs in. Ford clotheslines Rowe out and tags Dawkins. Dawkins runs for the discus clothesline! Ford adds his own! Ford gets help for Sliced Bread! Cover, TWO! Street Profits are shocked but still moving. Tag to Ford and Dawkins brings Hanson up. The Profits double whip but Hanson breaks the line! Hanson handsprings to double back elbow! Tag to Rowe and Rowe drags Ford up for a HUGE exploder! Then Dawkins gets Ace Ten Mao! Tag to Hanson, Rowe shotgun knees Ford, then uses Hanson for the human weapon hip attack! Dawkins eats the rebound lariat German Suplex! Tag back to Rowe, and Ford is all alone. The Vikings drags Ford up for THOR’S HAMMER!! Cover, Rowe & Hanson win!

Winners: The War/Viking Raiders, Rowe pinning

The NXT Tag Team Champions are still dominant as ever! Will they lose those titles before going full-time to Raw? Or will they simply give them up for bigger and better treasures?


Backstage interview with Mia Yim.

With everything going on in the NXT Women’s Division, Shayna is still dominating and imposing her will. Mia doesn’t want to interrupt, but yes, Shayna’s seemingly unstoppable. Though it’s not the way Mia would do it, but look what Shayna did to Kairi and Io! Even Bianca Belair couldn’t get it done in two matches. In Mia’s match with Shayna, Mia learned a lot about herself and the Queen of Spades. Mia wants another shot, and she will prove to everyone that the Head Baddie in Charge IS a threat to Shayna’s reign. Will GM Regal honor this request and make it happen?


Johnny Gargano VS Roderick Strong!

Johnny Wrestling defied the odds and expectations by overcoming Adam Cole and the entire Undisputed Era in that insane TakeOver: New York Best 2 Out of 3 Falls Match! But then being a sore loser, Cole orchestrated an ambush on Johnny Champion his first night back at Full Sail. And despite what Cole expected, Gargano chose to take on the Savior of the Backbreaker who threw the first knee. Will Gargano start a win streak against Undisputed opponents? Or will it be Strong that earns himself a title shot before Cole gets his second?

The bell rings and Strong circles with Gargano. They tie up and Strong gets a takedown. Strong gets the facelock and gator rolls Gargano as he tries to get away. Fans duel as the rolling stops and Strong has the headlock. Gargano powers out but Strong runs him over. Things speed up again and Strong catches Gargano. Gargano spins but Strong cartwheels through. Strong misses and Gargano school boys, ONE! Gargano rolls Strong for the crossface but Strong rolls him back for a cover, ONE! Fans applaud but the action keeps moving. Strong forearms and headlock takeovers, but Gargano headscissors. Strong pops out but Gargano drop toeholds him and tries again! They roll around more and Gargano holds on. Strong gets to the bottom rope then out of the ring.

Gargano grins while Strong is seething. Strong slides back in but Gargano arm-drags and dropkicks him down, then clotheslines him out! Fans fire up with Gargano as he runs to the corner to SUPERKICK Strong! Strong staggers around the corner but Gargano keeps his eyes on him. Gargano baseball slides but into a wheelbarrow, half nelson slam onto the apron! Strong slowly drags Gargano up to CHOP him! Strong puts Gargano back in then stomps him down. He puts Gargano in a corner for shoulders but the ref counts. Strong stops to CHOP Gargano again. Gargano CHOPS back so Strong clubs him down. Strong drags Gargano up as fans rally. Strong gives Gargano a gutbuster and covers, ONE! Gargano can’t get away, Strong digs a knee into his back as he figure four threads the leg.

Fans rally as Gargano endures the modified Angelito stretch. Gargano turns and pushes Strong away but Strong comes back to stomp him! Strong brings Gargano up but Gargano hits back so Strong clubs him down. Strong lifts Gargano for an atomic backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Strong grinds his knee into Gargano’s face then stomps him out. Fans still duel as Strong looms over Gargano. Strong drags Gargano up into a corner for another CHOP! Gargano crawls to the apron but Strong drags him up to use the ropes to help in the Angelito! The ref counts and Strong backs off at 4. Fans boo and jeer as Strong drags Gargano up for yet another CHOP! Strong even CHOPS Gargano on the mat, and Gargano eggs him on! CHOP after CHOP then stomp after stomp! Strong covers, TWO!

Strong grows furious but tells Gargano, “It’s only gonna get worse!” He drags Gargano up and gut wrenches to the Canadian rack. Fans rally as Strong has Gargano in a Gory Especial! Gargano fights out with an arm, then arm-drags Strong to a corner! Gargano hits back but Strong clubs away. They go back and forth and STrong puts Gargano in a corner. Gargano boots, but Strong blocks, so Gargnao throws forearms! Strong shoves but Garganot osses him out. Strong drags Gargano out for another wheelbarrow! But Gargano arm-drags Strong into steps! Strong scrambles into the ring but runs into a swing kick. SLINGSHOT SPEAR! Cover, TWO!! Strong survives and Gargano keeps his cool while checking that back.

Fans rally up as Gargano runs in to CHOP Strong! Strong hits back but Gargano wrings out the arm. Gargano swings a buzzsaw but Strong ducks to club Gargano’s back. Strong runs in but Gargano goes up and over to school boy kick Strong! Strong slumps out of the ring but Gargano slingshots. Gargano misses and Strong yanks him down. Strong builds speed but Gargano dodges the wrecking ball to give Strong CANNONBALL! Gargano puts Strong back in the ring and slingshots, but into a fireman’s carry! Strong tosses Gargano up but Gargano huricanranas and SUPERKICKS! Cover, TWO!! Strong survives and fans cheer “NXT! NXT!” for giving them this match. Gargano drags Strong up and CHOPS him in the corner. And again, this time sending spit and sweat everywhere!

Gargano does it again for even more spit and sweat flies! Fans want “One More Time!” so Gargano gives a THIRD helping! Strong flounders around but Gargano puts him up top. Gargano scoops Strnog but STrong slips otu to Olymipc Slam. Gargano slips out and boots Strong, to then hop up and leap. Strong catches Gargano, but Gargano slips out again, only to get caught again! Gargano fights out furiously but Strong just puts him on the apron. Strong sees the spear coming, and makes it a butterfly backbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Gargano survives, but what else would he do in a match like this? Fans rally up and Strong throws hands.

Gargano keeps sitting up and then he hits back! Strong returns the elbows, but Gargano ducks to enziguri! Gargano runs into a boot and kick, but avoids the knee, only to get an elbow. But he gives a discus lariat! Gargano aims from the corner, DIY S- Buckle Bomb! Shining Wizard and backbreaker, to slam! Cover, TWO!! Gargano lives again but Strong won’t let up. Strong has the legs but Gargano resists the turnover. Gargano pries one leg free to kick away at Strong, then he reels Strong in for the crossface! GargaNO Escape!! Strong flails and kicks, but here comes ADAM COLE!

Gargano goes after Cole, but still avoids Strong’s suplex. Cole talks trash as Gargano elbows Strong away. Here come Fish & O’Reilly, but Riddle holds them off! Things get chaotic, and Strong taps Cole only to get an enziguri!! Cole accidentally hits Strong!! Gargano DIVES on Cole! Then slingshot DDT’s Strong! Cover, Gargano wins!!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by pinfall

That was an Undisputed disaster for Cole and the boys! Gargano grins as he gets the better of them again. Riddle and Gargano fist bump for the assist while the Undisputed Era try to sort this out. Strong is upset but Cole tries to apologize. O’Reilly & Fish keep the peace and the Era takes their leave. Will things continue to fall apart for the foursome?



My Thoughts:

A spectacular episode! I was surprised to see Carrillo back and going against Ryker, I really thought he was gonna lose. Of course, he didn’t win, either, but he sure took a beating. Lorcan & Burch coming to his rescue keeps their story with The Forgotten Sons going, but it also looks to set-up a Six Man Tag that sounds really good to me. I’m pretty sure The Forgotten Sons win that, however, to head for both the tag titles and perhaps the North American title. And Kacy Catanzaro was a great choice to join Candice against Vanessa & Aliyah, and naturally they won to give the Heels comeuppance. With NXT still owed a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships match but the Sky Pirates unable to do it now, I would hope a team like Candice & KC can be the ones to challenge whoever has the belts.

While Shirai is certainly being set up as Shayna’s next challenger, what with that beating tonight, but kudos to Mia Yim for calling Shayna out. I’m pretty sure Mia loses, and probably in some severe way similar to what happened to Kairi. Shayna VS Shirai is going to be great, so long as there’s a way to keep the Horsewomen out of it. Shayna was better as a Heel when she wasn’t constantly needing back-up, even if this is all so the Four Horsewomen can eventually fight the other Four Horsewomen. Maybe Mia and Bianca help Shirai out against common enemies.

Street Profits VS War Raiders was incredible! Profits were great with that opening attack and this was just fast and furious the whole way through. It’s a shame this wasn’t for the titles just so it’d fit the level of amazing. But it also isn’t completely kayfabe to wonder if Rowe & Hanson will just drop the belts like Asuka did when she was called up while still Women’s Champion. It’d be the easiest thing, because I honestly don’t see them losing except to reDRagon. And given the story with Undisputed Era, I don’t know if they’d be able to break off for separate matches. Gargano VS Strong itself was nearing title level action, but naturally the Era appears. Luckily it wasn’t to screw Johnny but to screw Strong. The Undisputed Era’s story is getting good, and throwing Riddle into the mix, the possibilities for the NXT Championship are excitingly unpredictable.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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