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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: Power Struggle 2018 Part 1!



NJPW Power Struggle 2018

AXS moves the NJPW coverage to Power Struggle! But it will be Revolution Pro-Wrestling’s British Heavyweight Championship that’s defended tonight!


This coverage of Power Struggle will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

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  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Taichi w/ Miho Abe VS Hirooki Goto; Goto wins and becomes the new NEVER Openweight Champion.
  • Revolution Pro-Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship: Tomohiro Ishii VS Minoru Suzuki; Ishii wins and retains the Rev-Pro British Heavyweight Championship.


NJPW and AXS TV set the scene!

Another of NJPW’s partnerships is on display as the RPW British Heavyweight Championship is on the line! Tomohiro Ishii began his second title reign after defeating The Man with the Worst Personality, Minoru Suzuki, in their rematch from when Suzuki ended the Stone Pitbull’s reign. Now these two go another round to settle their score!

But there’s also another battle over the NEVER Openweight Championship! Will Ospreay could not challenge Taichi for the title after suffering an injury, so in steps Chaos’s Fierce Warrior, Hirooki Goto! Goto holds a strong grudge against Taichi considering Goto first lost the title in a Triple Threat with him and Mike Elgin involved. And then, Suzuk-Gun used every trick they had to make sure Taichi retained once it was him and Goto 1v1. Will Goto take that title back once and for all? Or will the Sliest Wrestler in the World have even more tricks up his sleeve?


NEVER Openweight Championship: Taichi w/ Miho Abe VS Hirooki Goto!

The Fierce Warrior has held this title so often that he feels lost without it. Of course, the dramatic maestro jokes that the belt is really Miho’s and he just defends it for her. Whether it’s his or it’s hers, will Taichi and Miho have to say good-bye to the belt? Or will the “Holy Emperor” manage to actually retain the title himself this time?

However, before the bell, Taichi attacks Goto from behind with a saido suplex! The bell rings and Miho steps away for Taichi to loom over Goto. Taichi takes time to make sure his hair is in good shape while Goto is down. He drags Goto up but Goto looks out cold. Taichi covers, but then picks Goto up at TWO! It seems Taichi wants to toy with Goto now. He kicks Goto while he’s down, but Goto doesn’t get up. Taichi keeps kicking GOto but the ref reprimands him. Taichi shoves the ref away as Goto slides out of the ring. He drags Goto over and opens the gate. Taichi clears fans out of the way, to bowl Goto into the chairs! Goto is down and the referee reprimands Taichi more, but Taichi shoves him away. Taichi grabs a chair and jams it into Goto’s face! Even Miho shows concern.

The referee has no choice but to start counting. NJPW uses a 20 count but it still reaches 10 before Goto crawls his way to the ring. The count passes 15 but Goto gets in at 19! Fans cheer but Taichi kicks Goto while he’s down again. He covers, TWO! Goto still has something left but Taichi keeps his cool. Taichi kicks Goto around, then drags him up for a choke grip! The ref counts and Taichi lets go at 4. Taichi taunts Goto, but Goto hits back. The strikes do nothing but amuse Taichi. Taichi eggs Goto on, Goto hits Taichi, but Taichi kicks Goto to a corner. Taichi runs in but misses! Goto wants a suplex but Taichi fights out with elbows. Goto bumps him off the buckle pad and gives him a big kick! Both men are down while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Goto drags Taichi up. Goto whips Taichi corner to corner and hits the spinning heel kick. Goto gives Taichi a back suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Goto lifts Taichi. Taichi slips out and rakes the eyes! Goto still runs in but misses, Taichi swing kicks Goto down! Taichi aims but the buzzsaw is caught. Goto hits back with a forearm, but Taichi kicks his leg. Another forearm and another kick, these two start brawling faster and faster. Goto gets an edge, then eggs Taichi on. Taichi gives a kick from the other side, then again. He boots Goto down then stomps away. Taichi circles Goto as he gives toying kicks.

Taichi slaps Goto around, then runs, but Goto pursues. Goto misses the lariat and Taichi gets him with another roundhouse! Taichi takes aim, ready to end this. Buzzsaw hits! Cover, TWO! Taichi grows frustrated but fans fire up. Off come the pants, and Taichi aims again. Taichi thrusts but Goto blocks! Goto fireman’s carry to Ushigoroshi! Both men are down but fans rally for Goto. Miho coaches Taichi up but Goto is up first. They collide with clotheslines, and then again, but neither falls. Goto runs in but Taichi gets him in a full nelson. But Taichi also rakes the eyes! And then hits a running clothesline! Taichi drags Goto back up for a powerbomb, but Goto resists. Taichi shifts to short kicks, then goes for the bomb again. But Goto back drops out!

Fans fire up as Goto blocks Taichi’s kick, then ducks the clothesline. Goto gets a waistlock but Taichi fights with elbows, so Goto lifts him in a cradle, for a swinging facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Taichi lives but Goto just grits his teeth. Miho grows concerned as Goto drags Taichi up again. Goto goes after the dragon sleeper but Taichi grabs the ref! Tachi throws the ref down and then rakes Goto’s eyes! Taichi blocks a kick to hit a low blow! Then chicken wing cradle, TWO!! Goto survives Taichi’s tricks, but he’s in bad shape now. Fans rally up for him as Goto slowly stands. Taichi runs at him for a rabbit clothesline, then hits a big enziguri! Taichi fires up and brings Goto around for the powerbomb. And he hits the Last Ride! Cover, TWO!! Goto shocks Taichi by surviving!

Taichi keeps his cool and vows to end it now. He stands Goto up again, Alabama Slam position, but Goto gets out for Reverse GTR! Both men are down again, but fans cheer Goto on. Taichi crawls to a corner and Miho slides him the title belt! She becomes a distraction but the referee still sees the belt. Taichi shoves the ref again but Goto grabs the belt! Goto reels Taichi in for a headbutt! Goto gives the belt to the ref, then gets Taichi in another Ushigoroshi! But Goto isn’t done there. He roars and focuses, to hit Taichi with the buzzsaw! Cover, TWO!! Taichi lives but Goto won’t let up. Goto drags Taichi up again, and gets the dragon sleeper. But Taichi slips out to try a suplex! Goto resists, and suplexes Taichi up! SHOUTEN KAI!

But Goto still won’t end it there! He drags Taichi up once more, dragon sleeper, GTR!! Cover, Goto wins!!

Winner: Hirooki Goto, by pinfall; NEW NEVER Openweight Champion

The Fierce Warrior triumphs! He once again claims his favorite title to start yet another reign. Will Goto ever stop being connected to this title? Or will he define its legacy as much as it defines his?


Backstage Interviews

Taichi says that was “a load of bullsh*t.” Goto that “son of a bitch” and NJPW are playing with Taichi. Taichi didn’t want a match with Will Ospreay but NJPW forced him to have it. Then they go and cancel it and switch opponents on Taichi without his consent. it’s the only reason he lost. He’s an “emotional wreck” now! Taichi wants his rematch. Goto loves those, right? NJPW listens to Goto so he has to be the one to say it. “Make it happen, immediately.” Taichi will banish Goto to “rematch hell”!

As for Goto himself, he asks if we all saw that. He and the NEVER title are meant for each other. And he knows Will Ospreay still wants a shot, so Goto will give him that shot. At least, he would if Ospreay was healthy. Goto wants Ospreay to get back to 100% so they can have their match. Until then, Goto calls out Kota Ibushi. The NEVER title needs some “new excitement”, and the Golden Star makes a lot of sense. Goto waits for good news. Will Ibushi accept Goto’s challenge to challenge him? What of Taichi’s insistence on a rematch?


Revolution Pro-Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship: Tomohiro Ishii VS Minoru Suzuki!

The Stone Pitbull and the Meanest Man in the World have gone back and forth plenty of times, for both titles and pride. They battle for the third time over a non-NJPW title, who will win this tough-as-nails tiebreaker?

The bell rings and Suzuki boots Ishii right off his feet! Ishii’s back up to give a shoulder and then forearms! He backs Suzuki into a corner with more forearms, and then forearms Suzuki almost endlessly! Suzuki just gets up and gives them all back! Ishii gets up just as quick, but Suzuki whips him corner to corner. Suzuki runs in but dodges Ishii’s clothesline. Suzuki spins Ishii around and ducks an enziguri. Ishii ducks the Penalty Kick and fans applaud this even match-up of familiar foes. Suzuki stands and circles with Ishii. They stare down and approach. Suzuki gives a forearm so Ishii responds. Suzuki gives another forearm, so Ishii hits again. They go back and forth and pick up speed. Neither man backs down but they do start hitting harder.

Ishii staggers but then he hits Suzuki and Suzuki staggers. Suzuki almost falls out of the ring but Ishii goes after him. Suzuki wants the hanging armbar but Ishii frees his arm, to then punch Suzuki off the apron! Ishii fetches Suzuki back into the ring quickly, and brings him up. Ishii rams in knees and puts him in a corner. He stomps a mudhole into Suzuki but Suzuki grits his teeth. Ishii chops but Suzuki just feeds off it. Ishii chops him more but Suzuki grows even stronger. Suzuki even sticks out his chest to take the chop harder! Ishii keeps chopping but Suzuki doesn’t back down. Suzuki kicks low, then roundhouses Ishii in the chest. Ishii falls after the third, so Suzuki kicks him out of the ring. Suzuki waits in the ring, daring Ishii to return. He grins an evil grin while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Ishii returns into the ring. Suzuki is right on him with kicks and knees. Ishii falls to his knees but Suzuki brings him up for more knee strikes. Suzuki knees Ishii into a corner, then wrenches his arm. He kicks Ishii in the ribs, then drives a knee into the side. Suzuki gets space to get a running start for yet another knee to Ishii’s side. Suzuki kicks Ishii while he’s down but fans rally up. Ishii hits back with body shots and headbutts, but Suzuki just takes it all. Suzuki eggs Ishii on as he punches away. Suzuki stands Ishii up for a big shot to the sternum! Ishii falls again but Suzuki sits him back up. Suzuki rocks Ishii with a forearm, then dares him to get up again. Ishii sits up but Suzuki stomps him out.

Suzuki toys with Ishii now, hitting Ishii in the face with prodding kicks. Ishii springs up to CHOP Suzuki! And Ishii CHOPS Suzuki again! Suzuki staggers as he gasps and coughs, but Ishii gives him another chop! And another, and another, each stiffer than the last. Suzuki falls and now Ishii returns those prodding kicks. Suzuki stands up with a stone serious look on his face. He grins before giving Ishii another forearm. Ishii gives the forearm back! Ishii eggs Suzuki on, so Suzuki grins and gives another shot. It staggers Ishii but Ishii stays standing. Suzuki dares Ishii to hit him, so Ishii hits Suzuki even harder! Suzuki comes back and gives an even harder shot. Ishii staggers more while Suzuki grins. Ishii keeps himself standing, to give Suzuki another shot. Suzuki staggers again, but he still gives back the shot!

Ishii doubles over and almost falls, but Suzuki wants him to get back up. Ishii stands, and gives Suzuki another forearm. Suzuki doubles over, but he manages to stand. Suzuki grins as he winds up for yet another stiff shot. Ishii is on noodle legs but he leans against Suzuki. Suzuki stands him up for another shot, and another shot, and another. But Ishii fires elbows from both sides, and again, and again! Suzuki still comes back with big forearms. Ishii falls against ropes but flounders on his feet. Suzuki stands him up for yet another shot, and that one puts Ishii on the mat. Red Shoes checks on Ishii but he’s okay to continue. Suzuki drags Ishii up and whips him corner to corner, but Ishii falls on his face. So Suzuki kicks him while he’s down!

Suzuki sits Ishii up, and runs, to boot Ishii right down! Cover, TWO!! Ishii still has life in him, but Suzuki isn’t frustrated. Fans rally as Ishii gets to his feet. Suzuki runs in for a boot! Then snapmare, and a Penalty Kick! But Ishii takes it! Ishii grits his teeth as Suzuki kicks him in the back. Ishii still tanks the kick and stands up. Suzuki fires forearms but they do nothing to Ishii now. Ishii blasts Suzuki with one big forearm, then a corner clothesline. Ishii puts Suzuki on the top rope and climbs up to join him. Suzuki throws a forearm but Ishii gets him in a powerbomb position! Last Ride! Ishii roars as he waits for Suzuki to stand. Suzuki is up, Ishii runs but Suzuki boots him away. Suzuki goes for the sleeper hold but Ishii snapmares him off to stomp him down!

Ishii looms over Suzuki, but brings him back up. Suzuki slaps so Ishii slaps, it’s a slap fight! Suzuki gets some stiff shots in, then he boots Ishii down! Both men are down but fans are rallying up while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as both Ishii and Suzuki slowly stand. Suzuki still grins as he staggers over to Ishii. Ishii slaps first and the slap fight continues where it left off. They go fast and furious, back and forth, neither man backing down. Fans are thunderous as the slapping hits a climax, but then Suzuki staggers. Suzuki eggs Ishii to bring it, so Ishii does, and the slapping battle of palm strikes begins a third time. Suzuki stuns Ishii and then fires off more strikes. Ishii suddenly headbutts! Suzuki staggers, but manages to follow Ishii, and ducks the clothesline. He wants the sleeper but Ishii denies with a back suplex lift. Suzuki slips out of that to get a facelock. Ishii blocks Suzuki’s suplex to hit his own! Ishii runs but into a dropkick! Both men are down again as fans fire up.

Suzuki sits up first and uses ropes to stand up. He goes over to Ishii down on the mat. He sits Ishii up to wrap on a sleeper! Ishii endures as he stands up. Suzuki squeezes tighter as fans rally, but Ishii doesn’t quit. Suzuki spins Ishii around and wants his piledriver, but Ishii fights out. Ishii clubs Suzuki but Suzuki stays up, to then knock Ishii down with a forearm! Suzuki drags Ishii back up and gives another forearm shot. He gives another, and another, and another, then pulls on a facelock. Suzuki then spins Ishii around for the piledriver, but Ishii picks Suzuki up to make it a back2belly driver!! Ishii roars up and waits for Suzuki to stand. Ishii runs, and runs Suzuki over! Cover, TWO!! Suzuki survives but Ishii isn’t done.

Ishii runs, blocks the boot and headbutts! He drags Suzuki up and runs, for the sliding lariat! Cover, TWO!! Ishii keeps his focus as he stands Suzuki up. Ishii suplexes Suzuki up but Suzuki slips out! Suzuki wants the sleeper but Ishii slips out, and we’re back to palm strikes! Suzuki gets the sleeper! Ishii endures but looks to be fading. Suzuki goes for the driver but gets an enziguri! Ishii clobbers Suzuki with another clothesline! Suzuki gets up as Ishii runs, and Ishii runs Suzuki over again. Ishii brings Suzuki up for the suplex, and hits the brainbuster! Cover, Ishii wins!!

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall; still RPW British Heavyweight Champion

This slug fest finally ends, and it is the Stone Pitbull who survives the King of Pancreas. But Ishii doesn’t stick around to celebrate, he’s done his job. Who will be next from either NJPW or Rev-Pro to challenge his reign? Suzuki meanwhile staggers out of the ring, pushing and shoving anyone who gets in his way. Will Suzuki be back for more? Or will he move on to a different target?


Backstage Interviews

Suzuki says Ishii has something of his. “Ishii… give me that belt. One more time!” Suzuki wants what’s his, and scares the camera crew on his way out. Will Ishii accept another hellacious battle like this one? Or will Suzuki have to accept defeat?



My Thoughts:

What a solid episode right here, emphasis on solid. This hour is big just on having two title matches in it, featuring some of the stiffest competition in NJPW. Goto VS Taichi was pretty good, but I find it interesting they made that one surprise saido suplex from Taichi so strong. Goto gets points for toughness, and it’s both surprising and not so surprising that he’s once again NEVER Openweight Champion. At this point, they should rename it the Fierce Warrior Openweight Championship after him because he’s had it so many times. Goto calling out Ibushi is a really great idea, though, that match is going to be amazing. Meanwhile, Ishii VS Suzuki was another spectacularly stiff match. There were so many of those forearm shots that echoed out, it’s insane. These two could truly #FightForever and I doubt it’d ever get boring.

My Score: 8.7/10



Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (12/12/18)



NXT cover image

Ricochet puts up his NXT North American Championship on the line, but against who? Plus, EC3 wants payback on Bobby Fish for that vicious chair attack!



  • EC3 VS Bobby Fish w/ The Undisputed Era; EC3 wins.
  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS The Mighty; win.
  • NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way Qualifier: Mia Yim VS Reina Gonzalez; wins and joins the NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way.
  • NXT North American Championship: Ricochet VS ???; wins and


EC3 VS Bobby Fish w/ The Undisputed Era!

The Top One Percent looks to keep it 100 as he goes for payback against the Infamous One for what he did weeks before TakeOver: WarGames II. But Fish has his friends by his side as always, will EC3 be able to win with Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong and Adam Cole lurking?

Adam Cole says the holidays have come early because now Fish gets to humiliate the “Top One Percent of Morons”. EC3 was dumb enough to think he’d elevate his career to new heights. But with the help of a chair, Fish showed EC3 that NXT is their world! The Undisputed Era is the center of the NXT Universe, and everything revolves around her. This has been a career year and is just the beginning of an entire decade! And in 2019, the four of them will be “draped in gold”. That’s not a threat, “that is Undisputed.” But EC3 makes his entrance and we begin this grudge match!

Fish and EC3 are ready to go with the bell. Fish moves around but EC3 corners him, so Fish bails out. The Undisputed Era cheer Fish’s mind games on, and so do some fans. Fish returns but wants EC3 to stay back. EC3 doesn’t and he hip tosses Fish in! Fish scrambles to a corner and EC3 fires off hands and stomps! EC3 whips corner to corner but Fish ducks down to go after the leg. EC3 powers Fish off and hits a BIG powerbomb! Fish staggers about and EC3 clotheslines him right out! EC3 goes out with him, but gets back in the ring, all fired up! Fish is reeling and the Era coach him up, but EC3 comes out. EC3 fetches Fish into the ring and puts on a half nelson. Fish gets up but EC3 makes it a nerve hold to keep him down.

Fish gets up and powers EC3 to a corner, but EC3 turns it around. EC3 CHOPS Fish, and again! Then he biels Fish across the way. Roddy and Kyle distract, and Fish chop blocks the bad leg! Fish rains down rights but EC3 pushes him off. Fish stomps EC3, then kicks him. The Era is rabid as Fish throws hands and puts EC3 in a corner. Fish throws body shots and forearms, then kicks away at the back leg. Dragon screw throws EC3 for a loop! Fish grabs the bad leg and pulls on it, standing on the other leg to keep him down. Fans rally and EC3 pushes Fish off! EC3 runs in but misses, and then turns around into an exploder! Cover, TWO! Fish is furious, but he goes back for more.

Fish brings EC3 up but it’s EC3 who hits the suplex! EC3 grits his teeth as he gets up, and he counter punches Fish. He fires off lefts and rights then whips, but Fish snaps against the ropes awkwardly. EC3 takes advantage with a scoop slam, then wants Fish to “Say My Name!” Name Drop elbow hits! Roddy and Kyle distract again but EC3 hits them for it. But Fish still gets the chop block! Fish goes for a leg but EC3 cradles! EC3 WINS!

Winners: EC3, by pinfall

But The Era attack! All four of them stomp away like rabid dogs, but here come Heavy Machinery! Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic use size to even up the numbers! Dozer clobbers Cole and Strong while Tucky gets rid of reDRagon! Kyle tries to escape but Heavy Machinery drag him back in. EC3 gets Kyle up for the One Percenter! Fans are thunderous for this trio as EC3 gets Dozer pumping up. Dozer gets going with the Caterpillar elbow! Will Heavy Machinery help the Top One Percent end this Undisputed Era once and for all?


NXT Media catches up to Dakota Kai and Io Shirai.

They fought together to stop The Horsewomen from ganging up on Captain Kick. Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir keep sticking their noses in Shayna Baszler’s matches, so these two are going to stop that personally. The Genius of the Sky don’t want her friends getting bullied, so all that’s left is a match. That’ll happen next week, who takes a victory in this Women’s Division war?


Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS The Mighty!

The One Two Combination defeated Shane Thorne & Nick Miller already, but this is about the sore loser sneak attack after the match! Will Thorne & Miller regret punking out this pair of pugilists? Or will Lorcan & Burch finally make The Mighty kneel?


Continue Reading


Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (12/12/18)



NXT UK Coverage

NXT UK has another double dose! British Strong Style’s Trent Seven will battle Gallus’ Joe Coffey as part of the war that’s brewing in the brand!



  • Episode 15 – Flash Morgan Webster VS Fabian Aichner; Webster wins.
  • Episode 15 – Isla Dawn VS Killer Kelly; Dawn wins.
  • Episode 15 – Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams VS The Grizzled Young Veterans; The Grizzled Young Veterans win.
  • Episode 15 – Trent Seven w/Tyler Bate VS Joe Coffey w/ Gallus; Coffey wins.
  • Episode 16 – Ashton Smith & El Ligero VS Gallus; Gallus wins.
  • Episode 16 – Joseph Conners VS Jack Starz; Conners wins.
  • Episode 16 – Jinny VS Xia Brookside; Jinny wins.
  • Episode 16 – Eddie Dennis VS Dave Mastiff; Mastiff wins.


Episode 15

“As a kingdom rises, so do its royals.”

The Bruiserweight is king as THE WWE United Kingdom Champion. The Mosh Pit Kid is queen as THE NXT United Kingdom Women’s Champion. “And now a new reign awaits.” It is time for the NXT UK Tag Team Champions to be crowned! Teams will form, wars will be waged, but only one duo will dominate as the inaugural champions!


Flash Morgan Webster VS Fabian Aichner!

The Modfather wants to get back at the Italian Tank for what he did to good pal, Mark Andrews. Andrews gave Flash fair warning before the match to be careful against such a strong and fast opponent. Can Flash bring Aichner down? Or will Aichner reach that #NXTLVL he’s after?

The bell rings and Flash circles with Aichner. Aichner offers a handshake, but Flash denies it with a kick! Flash rolls Aichner, TWO! Aichner gets to a corner and runs back out to power Flash to the other! Aichner swings but Flash ducks to fire back! Flash keeps on Aichner but Aichner shoves him away. Flash gets moving, and arm-drags Aichner down! Aichner blocks the whip with power, but Flash puts up boots. Aichner deflects but then Flash comes back with another arm-drag! Flash stands up as Aichner runs in, but Flash dumps him out! Fans fire up for Flash as he takes aim, and he slingshots out. Aichner dodges to then shove Flash into steel steps! Just like Mark Andrews last time! Fans boo and jeer but Andrews appears to support Flash.

The ring count climbs past 5 but Flash gets up. Flash gets in at 8, but Aichner is right on him. Aichner punches and stomps away in a corner, but stops at 4, only to come back for more! The ref backs Aichner off and Flash gets to the apron, but Aichner goes right at him with clubbing forearms. Aichner gives Flash a European Uppercut to the back! Andrews rallies the fans behind Flash as Aichner clamps on double nerve holds. Fans sing and Flash feeds off the energy. Flash fights his way up to fight out, and he whips Aichner. Aichner reverses hard and Flash bounces off buckles. Cover, TWO! Aichner toys with Flash now as he kicks and slaps him around. Aichner drags Flash up for a big back suplex! Cover, TWO! Aichner returns to the double nerve holds, but fans rally again.

Flash gets up and fights Aichner off. Flash whips but Aichner reverses, only for Flash to kick him away! Aichner runs and misses in the corner! Aichner tumbles all the way out, and clutches his knee as he gets back up. Flash gets to a corner while Aichner returns. Aichner runs in, Flash goes up and over and dropkicks him around! Flash dropkicks again, and again, and then hits the Modern Knee! Cover, TWO! Aichner survives and crawls to a corner but the fans keep cheering for Flash. Flash runs in at Aichner, but Aichner puts him on the apron. Aichner turns around into the kick, and Flash slingshots to springboard for the Rude Boy Block! Cover, TWO! Aichner survives but both men are tired.

Flash and Aichner slowly stand up. Flash runs and tilt-o-whirls but Aichner makes it a snake eyes to clobber Flash with a clothesline! Aichner crawls over, covers, TWO!! Flash lives, to Aichner’s surprise. Flash drags himself to a corner and Aichner runs in, but into an enziguri! Aichner staggers but trips Flash up on the ropes! Aichner suplexes, brain buster! Cover, TWO!! Flash still lives! Andrews and the fans rally up for Flash, but Aichner stands first. Aichner drags Flash back up, and tells him to “Stay down!” Flash instead gives Aichner a headbutt! And another! Aichner slumps down, and fans fire up as Flash gets to a corner. Flash climbs up top, takes aim at Aichner, but Aichner rolls away.

Aichner rolls all the way out, but Flash heads over. Aichner trips Flash up to drag him out! And throw him into barriers! Aichner presses Flash against the steel steps, then prepares the knee. But Andrews comes near to get Aichner to stop short. Aichner puts Flash in the ring, wanting Andrews to watch this. Aichner prepares a bomb, but Flash jackknifes! Flash wins!!

Winner: Flash Morgan Webster, by pinfall

Aichner is furious as the high-flying friends get the better of him! But a win is a win, will this win skyrocket the rockstar and Modfather towards those newly minted NXT UK Tag Team Championships?


Backstage interview with Amir Jordan.

The Bhangra Badboy is all smiles, because he’s on NXT. Jordan and his brother from another mother, Kenny Williams, have a chance at revenge against Zack Gibson & James Drake. And it’s also a chance to get in the running for those tag titles! Everyone should be excited! Jordan wants to see Radzy get in on the bollywood! Radzy is reluctant, but then Kenny comes over. There’s a time for dancing and there’s a time for fighting. These two deserve to be contenders. So that means be serious and get lucky. As for Radzy, he should be ashamed of himself. Fingers crossed, will Jordan & Williams even the score between them and the Grizzled Young Veterans?


Gallus talks backstage.

Wolfgang and Mark Coffey have faith in Joe Coffey against Trent Seven. There won’t be any Big Strong Boys today. Joe will get rid of Seven, and then they can squash Travis Banks. Then they’ll easily get those NXT UK Tag Team Championships. “Gallus is as Gallus does.” But will Gallus make this brand their kingdom?


Isla Dawn VS Killer Kelly!

The White Witch wants her shot at the NXT UK Women’s Championship, whether Rhea Ripley sees her as worthy or not. But she first has to get past the Portugal pitbull! Who will take that next step towards challenging the Riptide?

The bell rings and fans fire up for both women. Isla swings a kick at Kelly, but Kelly takes it in stride. Kelly catches the next kick and goes for a facelock, but Isla counters to a takedown and toehold. Isla wrenches while covering, ONE, so Isla drops a knee. She keeps wrenching but Kelly keeps her shoulders up. Isla stomps the leg then throws it down. Kelly clutches her knee but doesn’t back down. The two circle again and Kelly avoids Isla’s lunge. Kelly catches Isla the second time and clubs away. Kelly suplexes Isla into a corner! Isla sits up, Kelly gives her a basement dropkick! Kelly drags Isla to a cover, TWO! Kelly grits her teeth as she puts Isla in a cravat.

Isla endures now and manages to stand. Isla kicks the bad leg and pries Kelly’s fingers apart. Fans fire up as Isla kicks Kelly more. Kelly hobbles away but still comse back for more. Isla counter punches Kelly, then kicks the leg out! Kelly’s up but gets a snap back suplex! Isla summons her powers as Kelly stares her down, running knee! Then, half hatch suplex, Call of the Quarters! Cover, Isla wins!

Winner: Isla Dawn, by pinfall

With powers of purity and spirit, the Glasgow Goddess graces Isla with another victory!

In-ring interview with Isla Dawn.

Her winning streak grows, but one question: “What’s next?” Isla says her eyes and her desires are set on that NXT UK Women’s Championship. Fans like the sound of that. But here comes the champion, Rhea Ripley! The Aussie with attitude mockingly applauds Isla, but Isla tells Rhea that she may be so confident, “but why don’t you step inside this ring with me, with that championship on the line?” Fans like the sound of that, too! Isla vows Rhea will walk away empty handed. Rhea holds up her title, because it’s still her title. Will Rhea accept Isla’s challenge? Will the White Witch be the first to survive the Riptide?


NXT UK Media caught up to Dave Mastiff.

The Bomber has an impressive undefeated streak, but what’s next? The natural progression is a title. But Eddie Dennis walks over. He heard about reporters wanting to interview the “undefeated monster” of NXT UK, but apparently he didn’t get the call. They meant Mastiff, but he’s not the only one who is an undefeated monster. Mastiff tells “Eddie” to settle this in the ring with them. And then after smashing through him, there will be only one undefeated streak in the UK. The Headmaster and the Bomber battle in episode 16!


Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams VS The Grizzled Young Veterans!

As the Luckyan said earlier, there’s a time for dancing and there’s a time for fighting. And right now, it’s time for fighting! The Bhangra Bullocks want to show Zack Gibson & James Drake aren’t the only team worthy of those new tag team titles, but will they be able to even the score? Or will Gibson & Drake get a 2-0 sweep of their energetic opponents?

Fans immediately say “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!” The teams sort out, and Jordan starts against Mr. Mayhem, James Drake. Drake gets a waistlock but Jordan pries his way out to a standing switch and roll up! TWO, and Jordan arm-drags Drake down. Jordon holds Drake down as fans sing. Drake powers out and things speed up, Jordan hits a crossbody! Jordan jackknifes, TWO! Jordan wrenches and tags in Williams. Williams springboards for an ax handle, then fires off haymakers. Drake shoves but Williams comes back with a back elbow! Cover, TWO, but Williams keeps Drake down with an armlock. Drake gets up but Williams wrenches. Jordan tags in and they double whip Drake into a hip toss. Gibson runs in but is sent back out. Jordan and Williams double DIVE!

Jordan puts Drake in quick and climbs up top, for a big crossbody! Cover, TWO! Fans say “If you hate Gibson, stand up!” Jordan puts Drake in an armlock, but Gibson throws things at Jordan. Jordan glares but keeps hold of Drake. Drake powers out to throw Jordan out and tags Gibson. Gibson grabs Jordan, and Drake slingshots out for an elevated knee drop sidewalk slam! Jordan writhes while the GYV soak up the heat. Gibson gives Jordan EuroUppers before putting him in the ring. Gibson brings Jordan up to reel him in for a clothesline. Fans go back to taking their shoes off but Gibson tunes it all out. Jordan hits back but Gibson decks him! Cover, TWO! Gibson keeps on Jordan with a cobra clutch and thrashes about. Jordan endures as Gibson shifts to a chinbar.

Jordan gets up and jawbreakers free! Gibson grabs Jordan and reels him in, but Jordan slips out to hit a neckbreaker! Both men are down and fans fire up. Gibson tags in Drake, and Drake stomps Jordan out. Drake forearms Jordan to a corner then rams in his shoulder. Drake backs up to run back in, but Jordan dodges! Jordan crawls but Drake is on him, only for Jordan to kick him away. Drake tries again but is again pushed away, hot tag to Williams! The Luckyan rallies on Drake, springboard back elbow! He hits Gibson as he comes in, then spins Drake around to roll him up. TWO, Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO!

Williams keeps on Drake with a fireman’s carry but Drake slips out to forearm Williams down. Williams staggers back, Jordan tags in! Gibson tags Drake, but Williams boots him! Jordan somersaults for the complete shot! Cover, TWO! Jordan keeps focus and tags back to Williams. Gibson hits Williams but walks into a fireman’s carry. Gibson slips out and holds Jordan for Drake to enziguri! Then Gibson dumps Jordan right out of the ring! Williams returns and Gibson tags to Drake. Williams dodges Gibson to hit Drake, then sends Gibson out. Drake goes after Williams but gets a boot! Williams wrecks Gibson with a dropkick! He skins the cat but into Drake’s gut wrench! Tag to Gibson, Ticket to Ride! Cover, Grizzled Young Veterans win!

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans, Gibson pinning

That’s 2-0 for Gibson & Drake, and the fans hate it. With the titles on the scene, will Mr. Mayhem and Liverpool’s Number One manage to become the UK’s Number One tag team?


Mustache Mountain talks backstage.

Tyler Bate knows Trent Seven will put down Joe Coffey, and then they both can go after the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Nice shirt, by the way. Seven finishes his pump up, but will he be ready for the Iron King?


Trent Seven w/ Tyler Bate VS Joe Coffey w/ Gallus!

British Strong Style stands tall in the UK, but while the Bruiserweight is away, Mustache Mountain has to hold their own against the new trio known as Gallus. The mustached mentor takes on Gallus’ fearless leader, who will take another win in the war for the brand?

The bell rings and fans already chant for “Mustache Mountain!” But Joe Coffey doesn’t budge as Seven eggs him on. Joe declares “This is OUR kingdom!” but fans disagree as they boot. Seven keeps Gallus back with quick kicks as he circles with Joe. They approach and tie up, and push each other around. Joe puts Seven on the ropes, but backs off at 4. Seven and Joe tie up again and go around more. Joe gets the arm and wristlock, then wrenches Seven to a facelock. Seven resists and wants a leg but Joe wrenches. Joe shifts back to the wristlock but Seven reverses, only to be put on the mat. Joe wrenches the arm across his leg and then brings Seven up.

Seven breaks free to chop, and chop, and kick! Joe shoves Seven away to headbutt the gut. Joe then suplexes but Seven slips out. Seven’s bad leg buckles and Joe grins. Joe runs in but into a knee! Seven fakes the chop to hit the DDT! But that bad leg still slows him down. Seven and Joe crawl and stand, Joe throws Seven out by his beard. Bate keeps Wolfgang and Mark Coffey from doing anything, and the ref has the three back off. Joe leaps out to stomp Seven! Joe puts Seven into barriers! He puts Seven in the ring then talks trash to Bate. But Joe returns for Seven to throw him out. Joe’s back in again, but Seven dumps him to the apron. Seven backhands Joe down, and Gallus regroups with their leader.

Seven rests his leg while daring Joe to get back in. The ring count passes 5, but Gallus all get on the apron. The fans cheer for the Big Strong Boys as Bate stands beside Seven! That’s still 3v2, but Mustache Mountain still blasts Gallus down! Bate builds speed and DIVES onto Wolfgang! Bate fights the Last King of Scotland to the stage but Mark Coffey goes after him. Seven DIVES onto Joe Coffey! Fans fire up as Seven hobbles over and puts Joe in. Seven runs in at Joe, for a CHOP! And more chops on top! Seven is all fired up, but Joe chop blocks the leg! Joe stomps the bad leg, then gives a grounded screw! Seven gets to a corner and fans sing for him, but Joe comes at him with left hands. Joe puts the leg around the rope to pull, but Seven hammers back.

Joe boots the bad leg, but backs off at 4. Seven drags himself out of the corner but Joe tackles the leg into buckles! Joe pulls on the leg again, but stops at 4. Joe runs back in, but Seven dodges and sends Joe into the post! Fans rally up for Seven as he gets his leg moving. Seven chops Joe again, then hoists Joe up top. Seven chops again before climbing up. He wants and gets the SUPERPLEX on one leg! Cover, TWO!! Joe lives but both men are down. Fans rally back up, and Seven sits up first. Seven uses the ropes to climb up but Joe follows. Seven hobbles over to CHOP Joe. He wrings Joe out but Joe ducks. Joe lifts but Seven standing switches to a snap dragon suplex! Seven keeps going, suplex to side slam! Cover, TWO! Joe survives but Seven won’t give up.

Fans know “This is Awesome!” as Seven stands up on one good leg. Seven drags Joe around to go after the leg. He puts on the Figure Four! Joe endures as the “WOO~” echoes out. Joe works on the leglock, hitting Seven’s bad knee. Seven endures but Joe turns it over! Now Seven suffers, until they both roll out to the apron. They separate and slowly stand up on the edge. Fans still sing as Seven back hands and Joe kicks. They brawl on the edge, but Joe hits a Belly2Belly OFF the apron!! Fans lose their minds as Seven crashes down on the ground. Joe drags himself over, but The ring count climbs. He leaves Seven for dead at 7, but Seven rises! Seven stands at 9 and gets in at 9.99!!

Joe is frustrated, but he goes right at Seven with punches and stomps. Seven hits back but with very little power. Joe tells Seven to stop, but Seven keeps getting up. Seven chops and forearms, but Joe kicks out the bad leg. Joe brings Seven up for a powerbomb! And then another! High stack cover, TWO, but into a Boston Crab! Joe sits down and Seven endures the bend. Fans are thunderous as Seven drags himself over. Joe drags Seven away, focusing on the bad leg in the Half Crab. Seven endures, reaches, comes so close, but doesn’t quit! Ropebreak!! Joe lets go, having exhausted himself. Fans are loving this match and it’s far from over.

Seven drags himself to a corner while Joe stands up. They run at each other and collide with clotheslines! Seven hits Joe again, but Joe hits back. Joe spins but misses, and Seven manages a one-legged Dragon Suplex! Seven gets Joe up in a torture rack, but can’t hold him! Joe deadlifts to a German Suplex! SPEAR sends Seven flying, All the Best for the Bells! Cover, Joe wins!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

All the Best for the Bells, and the bell rings in Joe’s favor! The Iron King outlasts Seven, but this is just part of the war for NXT UK supremacy. Will Joe and all of Gallus get themselves gold? Or can British Strong Style make a comeback?


Episode 16

Ashton Smith & El Ligero VS Gallus!

The Smoke and the Light combine forces for the first time ever to see if they can get in on the NXT UK Tag Team Division! But they’re going up against Gallus’ big bad Wolfgang and Mark Coffey. These two have already worked together well along with Joe Coffey, and look to keep on pace after Joe defeated Trent Seven just last episode. Will Gallus make all of NXT UK their kingdom?

The teams sort out and the Leeds Luchador will start against Wolfgang. They circle and fans are clearly on Ligero’s side. Ligero gets a waistlock to headlock but Wolfgang powers out. Ligero collides with Wolfgang but Wolfgang doesn’t back down, so Ligero dropkicks him! Wolfgang stays up and catches Ligero’s crossbody. Wolfgang throws Ligero but Ligero lands on hsi feet to tag in Smith. They double dropkick Wolfgang, then Smith sends Wolfgang into buckles. Smith drives in a knee and tags Ligero. Ligero climbs and leaps, but Wolfgang blocks the tornado. Wolfgang shoves Ligero at the ropes and Mark distracts him. Ligero turns around into Wolfgang’s tackle!

Tag to Mark and Mark goes after Ligero on the outside with body shots. Mark shoves Ligero into the apron and then into the ring. Mark stomps away on Ligero, then drags him up into Gallus’ corner. Tag to Wolfgang and the Scotsman mug Ligero. Wolfgang snapmares Ligero to a cover, ONE. Wolfgang squeezes Ligero with a rear bearhug, but fans rally up. Ligero feeds off that energy but Mark tags back in. Gallus mugs Ligero more, then Mark hoists Ligero up for a waistlock slam. Mark also squeezes with the rear bearhug, but fans still rally for Ligero. Ligero endures and gets up, only to be thrown back down. Mark squeezes tighter but fans rally harder. Ligero gets up and pries at the fingers but Mark throws him down again. Mark tags in Wolfgang and the mugging continues.

Wolfgang has Ligero in a front bearhug now, but Ligero still endures. Wolfgang throws Ligero at buckles, then tags in Mark. Gallus stomp Ligero then Mark drags Ligero up by his mask’s horns. Mark puts on the front bearhug, but Ligero still endures. Wolfgang mocks the fans for going quiet, so they boo him. Ligero fights back against Mark, then Wolfgang! Ligero dumps Wolfgang out and dodges Mark, hot tag to Smith! Smith rallies on Mark, but Mark shoves him back. Smith still dropkicks Mark down, then dropkicks Wolfgang back out. Things speed up and Smith hits a leaping lariat! Smith fires up and runs in corner to corner, but is put on the apron. Smith mule kicks Wolfgang away, then hits Mark. He triangle jump back elbows Mark down, covers, TWO!

Smith escapes the scoop to SUPERKICK! Cover, but Wolfgang drags Smith off. Wolfgang trash talks Smith, but Ligero FLIES in! Ligero takes out Wolfgang, and Smith is worried for his new friend, but Mark gets Smith in a waistlock! Smith standing switches, rolls up, TWO! Mark runs Smith over the rocks him with an enziguri! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, Mark Coffey pinning

The kings of Scotland are rolling onward, and look ready to take the titles for their own. Will Gallus take the lead in the title race? Or is there still a team that can slow them down?


NXT UK GM Johnny Saint meets with both Rhea Ripley and Isla Dawn.

Both he and Assistant GM Sid Scala tell the NXT UK Women’s Champion and her challenger, the White Witch, that their match will be official. They’ll face off for the title for the first time ever, next week! Rhea simply says she’ll see Isla next week. Will the Riptide keep tearing through the roster? Or will Isla find the right magic to ride the waves all the way to the top?


Gallus celebrates backstage.

“That’s how it’s done.” Radzy asks for a quick interview. They dominated Ashton Smith & Ligero, but is it enough to impress the GM? If that’s not, then what is? Mark is fed up with Mustache Mountain and the Grizzled Young Veterans. Gallus is the team to beat! And that goes for the Bruiserweight. Joe and Gallus don’t just win, the take! And seeing Pete Dunne with that belt in his mouth, Joe’s not just taking it, but ripping it away from him. And even before that, there’s Travis Banks. Joe promises to squash him like a bug! No mercy is the Gallus way, but will they have their way against the Kiwi Buzzsaw?


Joseph Conners VS Jack Starz!

The Righteous Killer strikes out on his own, looking to reach the top by any means necessary. Will Starz be seeing stars after Conners is through with him?

The bell rings and Starz ties up with Conners. Conners goes after an ear and throws Starz down. Conners then whips and reels Starz into a quick backbreaker! Starz writhes but Conners drags him to the apron for clubbing forearms. Conners uses the ring count to his advantage as he pulls Starz against the post! He stops at the ref’s count of 4, then gets back in the ring to basement dropkick Starz into the post! Starz gasps for air while he crawls on the mat. Conners grins as he drags Starz up again. He scoops Starz but Starz slips out to give EuroUppers! Starz dropkicks and fires up! He runs but into boots! Conners runs back in for the sunset flip into buckles! Conners isn’t done, he finishes Starz with Don’t Look Down! Cover, Conners wins!

Winner: Joseph Conners, by pinfall

The Righteous strikes down another victim, and scrapes Starz out of the ring. Conners fights for himself, so will he earn himself a shot at the WWE UK Championship?


Backstage interview with Xia Brookside.

The second generation star made it to the quarterfinals of the NXT UK Women’s Championship tournament, but she was just another of Rhea Ripley’s many victories. How does she feel going up against the Fierce Fashionista, Jinny? Right now she feels good. She knows she’s not the most experienced, but every chance is an opportunity, so Jinny better be ready to fly. Speaking of, Jinny walks over and looks Xia over. Will Jinny be able to overlook Xia once they’re in the ring together?


Tyson T-Bone speaks.

If he were to describe himself, he’d use words like “violent, destructive, and twisted.” He’s found someone a lot like himself, in Saxon Huxley. The Divine Beast realized his “shadow’s roots extend all the way down to the depths of Hell.” Those dark flames have burned away the dead wood, such as Conners and his own selfishness. Now Huxley rises from the ashes to align with someone new. T-Bone sees them climbing all the way to the top, to be NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Will this alliance made in darkness shine bright with gold?


Jinny VS Xia Brookside!

The NXT UK Women’s Championship may be on the line next week, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a line forming behind the title. Neither the Fashionista nor the young superstar made it to the finals, but there’s always a second chance. Who cashes in on theirs tonight?

The bell rings and Xia offers a handshake. Jinny kicks it away, so Xia grabs the “Spoiled Princess!” with a headlock. Xia gets the takeover, but Jinny keeps off the mat. Jinny headscissors and squeezes, but Xia endures. Xia works her way up and around to headstand and hold it, to then pop out and swivel. Jinny grins, perhaps respecting the attitude. The two tie up and Jinny gets the arm. Jinny brings Xia to the mat, but fans rally as Xia endures the wristlock. Xia gets up and hits back. She uses the ropes to flip through and reverse the wristlock. Jinny breaks free to rock Xia with a right!

Jinny whips but Xia goes up and boots back. Xia baits Jinny in to headscissors! Xia dropkicks Jinny down then whips. Jinny reverses but Xia goes up again for a big crossbody! Cover, TWO! Xia almost had her but keeps going. Xia baits Jinny in and sends her to a corner, but Jinny gets her back with the “Fashion Disaster” buckle shot! Cover, TWO! Xia survives but Jinny is on her with stomps at the ropes. Jinny backs off at 4 but Xia hits back. Jinny clubs Xia but Xia hits back again, only for Jinny to ax kick her in the back! Cover, TWO! Jinny drags Xia up by her blue hair to stomp her down again. She brings Xia around into the half surfboard, driving a knee into Xia’s back. Xia endures as fans rally up.

Xia gets up but Jinny spins her through to keep the armlock. Jinny wrenches but Xia flips through and kicks back! Xia jawbreakers Jinny away, then runs to bulldog! Fans fire up with Xia as she runs and tilt-o-whirls Jinny! Xia runs in for meteora to the back! Cover, TWO! Jinny survives but Xia won’t let her get away. Xia grabs one leg, then the other. She gets the arms, but her back won’t allow her to finish the surfboard. Jinny wheelbarrows Xia into ropes! Jinny finishes Xia with a wring out rolling kick, the Touch of Couture! Cover, Jinny wins!

Winner: Jinny, by pinfall

The current Progress Women’s Champion rolls through the young upstart! Will Jinny soon add the NXT UK Women’s Championship to her golden ensemble?


The Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake & Zack Gibson, head to the ring.

Mr. Mayhem & Liverpool’s Number One may have stayed out of the fight between Gallus and British Strong Style, but they still want after the NXT UK Tag Team titles. Gibson picks up a mic while fans boo and jeer. “You saw a glimpse, a tiny little bi,t of what we can do last week when we made light work, easy work, of Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.” That’s just the tip of the iceberg. This is James Drake and Zack Gibson, and together they are “soon to be recognized as the very first NXT UK Tag Team Champions!” Fans disagree with boos and jeers, but Gibson simply drops the mic. Their statement has been made, but will they be able to follow through?


Eddie Dennis speaks.

“NXT UK means the world to me.” It allows him to apply his true skills of manhandling athlete after athlete. Dennis wants to build this brand around him, and has everything to prove. Will he prove all that and more in the main event?


Eddie Dennis VS Dave Mastiff!

Two big men with two big undefeated streaks, but only one can stand tall as THE monster of the UK. Will the Headmaster teach the Bomber a thing or two tonight? Or will it be bombs away yet again for the man from the Black Country?

The bell rings and Mastiff stares Dennis down. Fans are on Mastiff’s side as they tell Dennis “Mastiff’s gonna kill~ you!” Mastiff and Dennis tie up and Mastiff powers Dennis to a corner. The ref counts and the two separate at 4. Dennis has his guard up as he circles with Mastiff again. Dennis clubs and body shots Mastiff, then puts on a headlock. Mastiff powers out and they collide. Neither man falls but Mastiff barely budges. Dennis runs and rams Mastiff again, but still nothing happens. Dennis kicks and forearms, then runs but things speed up. Mastiff dropkicks! Mastiff throws hands of his own, then clubs Dennis in a corner. Dennis crawls but Mastiff looms over him. Mastiff drives elbow after elbow into Dennis’ chin, and Dennis goes down.

Mastiff chuckles as he brings Dennis up, but Dennis fights back. Dennis gives EuroUppers of his won, but runs for Mastiff to follow. Mastiff tackles Dennis with a crossbody! Mastiff aims, but Dennis dodges the back senton! Dennis runs to boot Mastiff out of the ring! Dennis wants the count out but Mastiff stirs. Mastiff climbs up onto the apron at 5, but Dennis boots him back down! Dennis still wants the count out but the count has to restart. Mastiff stands at 5, but is up at 7. Dennis boots Mastiff again but Mastiff stays up this time. Mastiff grins so Dennis trips him up. Dennis kicks Mastiff around the corner then mugs him against the barriers.

Fans rally for Mastiff as Dennis puts him in the ring. Dennis stomps and punches away in the corner, and then another corner. He puts Mastiff in a cravat, but fans rally up. Mastiff resists and breaks free to throw forearms. Mastiff whips Dennis then runs in but misses. Dennis clubs Mastiff in the back, then drives in his elbow over and over. Dennis puts the cravat back on but fans rally up again. Mastiff endures as Dennis wrenches harder. Dennis drives in knees, and fans duel, “Let’s go, Eddie!” “Eddie sucks!” Mastiff powers out and throws counter punches! Mastiff backs Dennis down then rocks him with a EuroUpper and headbutt! Cover, TWO! Dennis survives but Mastiff keeps his focus.

Mastiff runs in but into boots. Dennis hops up but Mastiff clubs him. Mastiff climbs up to join Dennis now, for a SUPERPLEX! Fans are loving this as both men crash down! Mastiff and Dennis slowly stir as a 10 count begins. Mastiff and Dennis stand up, and Dennis hits first. They brawl back and forth while fans duel. Mastiff rocks Dennis but Dennis comes back with many forearms. Mastiff hits back but Dennis knees low. Dennis runs but into a fireman’s carry, rolling senton to back senton! Cover, TWO!! Dennis survives being squashed but Mastiff stalks him. Mastiff lifts Dennis, for a German Suplex! Bridge, TWO!! Dennis surprises many, including Mastiff.

Dennis gets to a corner and Mastiff runs corner to corner, but into a scoop!? Swinging side slam! Cover, TWO!! Mastiff survives and Dennis is shocked! Dennis brings Mastiff up, but Mastiff back drops him away. Mastiff stalks Dennis but Dennis gets to ropse. Dennis gets a sucker punch in! And another! But Mastiff is just angry now, and he yanks Dennis into ropes. Dennis crawls to a corner, and Mastiff puts him back on the top rope. Mastiff clubs Dennis then climbs again. Dennis fights back, bumps Mastiff off buckles, then gets around behind. Dennis uses the corner for help, in getting Mastiff up. Mastiff slips out but Dennis spins him for a clothesline! Cover, TWO!! Both men are exhausted but this match still isn’t over.

Fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” as both men stir. Dennis is up first and grabs Mastiff but Mastiff snapmares and headbutts. Then another German Suplex! Dennis ends up in a corner, and Mastiff says bombs away! Into the Void! Cover, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

The Bomber is still undefeated! He is the one true monster of the brand, and doesn’t look to be stopped any time soon. If Mastiff goes after the United Kingdom Championship, will even Pete Dunne be dominated?



My Thoughts:

These double doses continue to do very well, but I think even WWE is getting confused by how things should line up. In episode 16, they were reviewing what Isla Dawn said “three weeks ago”, but her challenge to Rhea Ripley was only in episode 15. And I’m pretty sure we completely missed out on how Triple H, Johnny Saint and Sid Scala were supposed to announce the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. But those are all minor gripes given how they were hoping to do these episodes one at a time, in a way that lined up with the rest of WWE’s timeline. That aside, Isla VS Killer Kelly was solid, as was Jinny VS Xia. Rhea VS Isla will be great, but I’m thinking Rhea retains to keep her inaugural reign going strong.

Aichner gives us another good opening match, and it works in story that he loses to Flash Morgan Webster. Perhaps Aichner gets a tag team partner to take them both on in a match. It would definitely work since many of the matches in these two episodes focused on building the UK Tag Team Division. We got a great match out of Jordan & Williams VS GYV, who are apparently shifting gears while Gibson waits down the line against Pete Dunne. Gallus also gets a great match out of makeshift team Ligero & Smith, and Mark Coffey joining with Wolfgang shouldn’t be too surprising. Joe Coffey is being written as the leader, and usually leaders go for singles gold. Joe Coffey does great against Trent Seven, that much was incredible. I’m still sensing a Gallus VS British Strong Style six-man and who knows, all the titles should at least be present.

And speaking of the WWE UK Championship, there are plenty of strong contenders lining up while Dunne is away. Obviously Joe Coffey wants his shot, and Joseph Conners is going strong now that he’s back to singles action. Dave Mastiff VS Eddie Dennis was a pretty great match, both guys are heavy hitters and really got to impress. Dennis getting the swinging side slam was impressive, but there was no way he was going to carry Mastiff all the way to the other corner. I was still surprised Mastiff won, but I suppose the Face staying undefeated to this point doesn’t immediately mean a Heel like Joe Coffey takes that title from Dunne. Dunne VS Mastiff can still be great as Face VS Face, since Dunne’s had such matches like against Danny Burch.

My Score: Episode 15 – 8.7/10; Episode 16 – 8.5/10

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