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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (12/15/18)



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 378

Another holiday season means another ROH Christmas Surprise 10-Man Tag Team match! Will Jay Lethal or Matt Taven be gifted a winning team this year?



  • The Twisted Sisterz VS Madison Rayne & Britt Baker; The Twisted Sisterz win.
  • 10-Man Christmas Surprise Tag Match: Team Lethal VS Team Taven; Team Lethal wins.


‘Tis the season for teaming for no reason!

Jay Lethal, the REAL ROH World Champion, is a big fan of Christmas, but he’s also a big fan of the 10-Man mystery tag team match! He and Matt Taven will be captaining two teams, opening presents to randomly choose partners. But Taven and The Kingdom are a trio of Grinches! Taven only wants TK O’Ryan and Vinnie Marseglia, #NoMelvins! The only present Taven’s ever needed is his ROH World Championship. But Taven still has to test his luck and see what Santa brought him. Will the winners tonight be naughty or nice this close to Christmas?


The Twisted Sisterz VS Madison Rayne & Britt Baker!

Holidead and Thunder Rosa made a surprising Women of Honor debut when they attacked the Queen Bee and The Dentist at Survival of the Fittest. Now Madison and Britt look to make them pay for punking them out, and perhaps kick their teeth down their throats. Who will celebrate the holidays with a nice winner’s bonus?

The fans duel, liking the Sisterz just as much as they like their home state hero. The teams sort out and Holidead runs at Britt, only to get a SUPERKICK! Fans like that, and the bell rings to officially start this match. Holidead bails out and Rosa runs in but Britt is on her with forearms. Britt throws Rosa out and the Sisterz regroup, but Madison DIVES on them both! Madison waits for Holidead to return before rolling her up, ONE! Madison tries again, ONE! Fans fire up as Madison throws forearms then whips. Holidead reverses but Madison rolls her into a cover, TWO! Madison runs to wheelbarrow, but Holidead makes it a facebuster! Cover, TWO! Holidead rains down rights then drags Madison up.

Madison fights back but Holidead scoops and slams her. Tag to Rosa, and she climbs up. Holidead catches Rosa for a wheelbarrow leg drop! Cover, TWO! Rosa keeps her cool, and then makes Madison look at Britt while she’s put in the camel clutch. Rosa clubs Madison then hits Britt. The ref holds Britt back and Rosa clubs Madison towards the Sisterz’s corner. Rosa puts Madison in the Tree of Woe, and stomps away! Rosa stops at 4 to hit Britt again, then runs to dropkick Madison! The Sisterz throw Madison out of the Tree while we go to break.

ROH returns and Madison fights out against Rosa. Madison runs and crossbodies, TWO! Rosa clubs Madison then drags her over. She feeds Madison to Holidead’s boot, then tags. Holidead stomps a mudhole into Madison, and Rosa gets a cheap shot in. Holidead rams in knees and gives Madison a neckbreaker. Cover, TWO! Holidead talks trash and shoves Britt, then goes back to Madison to kick her down. Fans rally up for Madison and Britt, and Madison jawbreakers out! Hot tags to Britt and Rosa! Britt rallies and goes corner to corner for a big knee. She keeps moving, slingblade! Fans fire up and Britt gives Holidead a slingblade, too! Britt brings Rosa up but Rosa fights back. Britt ducks a clothesline and double underhooks. Madison comes in and runs while Britt butterfly suplexes Rosa, and she adds a sliding lariat! Britt jackknife covers, TWO!

Britt keeps on Rosa and brings her up in a fireman’s carry. Madison runs in again but Holidead drags her out! Holidead gets in and Rosa sends Britt her way, urenage backbreaker feeds to the backstabber, which feeds back into a complete shot! The Sisterz combine for a back suplex splash! Rossa covers, but Madison breaks it just in time! Fans fire up as the teams regroup. Madison fires forearms on both Sisterz, but then hti her back! The Sisterz double whip but Madison ducks the clothesline to dropkick! Madison enziguris Holidead, but Rosa gives Madison a pumphandle driver! Britt kicks Rosa but Holidead gives her a SPINEBUSTER! Holidead wants to finish this, and she drags Britt up for a double underhook. Britt resists, winds up and forearms into the Rayne Check!

Britt kicks at Rosa but Rosa sends it into Madison! Holidead recovers while Rosa boots Britt. Rosa climbs while Holidead picks up Britt and swings her around! Holidead drops Britt with an Air Raid Crash, then positions Britt for Rosa’s double stomps! Cover, Twisted Sisterz win!

Winners: The Twisted Sisterz, Thunder Rosa pinning

The WOH Division may still be a singles dominated locker room, but perhaps Rosa and Holidead look to change that. Will this creepy yet cohesive combination revolutionize ROH’s roster?


Jay Lethal and Matt Taven open their presents.

The Franchise is happy to see what he’s gotten, but the ring leader only sees Melvins! Clearly Lethal is having a better Christmas than Taven, but can Team Lethal still make it a happy holidays?

ROH returns from a quick break to see Caprice Coleman checking on Jay Lethal. He was happy a moment ago, why does he look down now? Did he not get everything he wanted for Christmas?

Well, this might sound crazy, but every time Lethal used to do this, he’d get Cheeseburger and be mad. But Burger’s starting to grow on Lethal, so the champ was actually looking forward to having him again this year, but ironically, Burger wasn’t on his team. Yeah, that’s a shame. Wait, did he check under the desk? Maybe there’s a little something extra. Oh wait where did this one come from? Merry Christmas, champ. Wait… YES! Cheeseburger IS on Team Lethal! It’s an ROH miracle!

As for The Kingdom, they don’t understand. Was that everything? Oh, the stocking! Taven doesn’t like surprises, but it’s his only hope… He opens the stocking, and… another Melvin. Seems The Kingdom got nothing but coal and Melvins this year. Will Taven finally pay for being so naughty this year?


The pulse is pounding.

ROH will find its heart racing, but how much longer will we all have to wait?


10-Man Christmas Surprise Tag Match: Team Lethal VS Team Taven!

It’s finally time for Jay Lethal and Matt Taven to show us what they got for this very special Christmas tag team match! Taven enters first, but we already know he didn’t get his own team. “I hate every single one of these Melvins!” Those Melvins happen to be… The Mastadon, Brian Milonas! The Octopus, Jonathan Gresham! Er, Gresham Claus? Oh look at that, the OTHER Bouncer, Beer City Bruiser! And lastly, THE VILLAIN, Marty Scurll! Taven’s clearly just a brat, he got some great gifts for this match!

ROH returns and now Jay Lethal makes his entrance. We know he’s very happy with his gifts this year, but just who did he get? Well thanks to Caprice Coleman, we know there’s Cheeseburger! One half of The Dawgs, it’s Big Rhett! And a member of The Kingdom, Vinne Marseglia! This actually pleases Taven, because he knows the Horror King will help him out when it comes down to it. And lastly, the ROH World Television Champion, JEFF COBB!! This isn’t just a “Super Elf”, this is a Hawaiian Hulk! Forget having Vinnie on the team, having a fellow champion on the team is reason enough for Lethal to be happy and Taven to be angry. This match of mixed match teammates finally begins, after the break.

ROH returns and teams sort out. Taven reminds his team that he’s captain and orders them around, but Scurll calls him out on not having a Christmas outfit. Taven says Scurll looks like a Melvin. Scurll says Taven is a numpty! Lethal gets Taven’s attention, and proposes a trade. Taven can have Vinnie if Lethal gets Gresham. Taven likes that idea but Scurll says that’s against the spirit of the match. Scurll insists things stay as they are, and the referee agrees. The trade is null and void but both Taven and Lethal argue back. Beer City Bruiser speaks up, saying “No arguing! It’s Christmas!” Well, not yet, but it is close enough. Fans also chant for “Christmas! Christmas!” and things finally get going.

Scurll takes a moment to give away his lights, tinsel and jingle bells, but Taven tries to be a Scrooge and demand those be returned. Taven takes a Santa hat, and wipes his butt with it! Fans boo but the bell finally rings, and it will be Gresham and Lethal to start. Fans chant “Merry Christmas!” as friends keep the Code of Honor. Lethal and Gresham circle and fans rally up, all to the chagrin of Matt Taven. Gresham rolls and spins and gets the wrist but Lethal reverses it back. Gresham reverses, Lethal reverses, repeat but Gresham gets the headlock takeover. Lethal gets the headscissors but Gresham powers out, and the two friends stand off. Taven is already upset, and BCB tags in. BCB wants a go with the ROH World Champion, and they tie up.

BCB gets a headlock, Lethal tries to pry his way out but BCB bites his head! The ref reprimands Bruiser, but Bruiser reminds everyone, “I ain’t got not teeth!” BCB wrenches on Lethal, but Lethal powers out. BCB runs Lethal over while fans chant “No Teeth! Woop Woop!” Things speed up and Lethal hurdles BCB to dodge and slide and chop! Lethal chops more, but BCB knees low. BCB whips Lethal to a corner but runs into a boot. Lethal hops up but BCB dodges and lets Lethal belly flop. Taven mocks the Melvin, but Lethal manages to hip toss BCB down! Lethal adds a basement dropkick and BCB scurries to his corner. Taven tags in, but we go to break.

ROH returns again and Taven calls out “The Cheese!” Fans chant for Cheeseburger and he fires up on the apron. Lethal decides to embrace the Cheese, and tags him in! Taven does push-ups, showing that he doesn’t sweat the All Beef Shinobi. But Burger shows him he doesn’t sweat the “real” ROH World Champion by doing push-ups of his own! Taven says he’s got something for Burger: The Milonas! He tags in Milonas, and Lethal wants back in. But so does Jeff Cobb, Vinnie and Rhett Titus. Burger decides to take Milonas on himself! Fans applaud the super sized heart inside Burger, and he circles with Milonas. They approach and Burger slides under to leap up for a headlock. Milonas carries Cheese with ease, then shoves him to a corner.

Burger goes up and over, but Milonas follows. Burger does it again, and again, and again! Milonas can’t catch Burger, or his breath. Burger goes up again, and Milonas starts to lose some steam. Milonas staggers, Rhett runs in to say “The Big Dawg’s in the building, baby!” But not even the sculpted Rhett is enough to lift Milonas. So he asks Burger for help? Burger and The Dawgs are still enemies like, well, cats and dogs, but Christmas is the season for friendship. Burger joins forces with Rhett, but they still can’t lift Milonas. BCB and Scurll come in, and now The Bouncers and Villian 3v2 suplex Burger and Rhett! Scurll flexes alongside The Bouncers, because after all, Scurll is now a heavyweight. But they don’t see Vinnie tagging in and then creeping up behind with his hatchet. Scurll tags in while Gresham gets Milonas water.

The Villain turns around to see the Horror King! But Scurll calls for his favorite weapon, only to get an extra large candy cane? He tosses that aside, and finally gets his umbrella! Scurll and Vinnie circle, but Scurll tags in Taven! Everyone points and laughs at Taven having to face his friend now. The referee takes Vinnie’s hatchet away as Taven enters. The Kingdom talk it out, and come to an agreement on who tags out. Vinnie goes to his corner but the rest of Team Lethal leaves him high and dry! Well that’s fine, Taven will just… Nope, his team drop back, too! The eight other wrestlers and the audience all want to see The Kingdom “Fight! Fight!”

Taven and Vinnie approach, and they decide just to run the ropes. Then slide out and attack the other team members! Taven goes after Lethal while Vinnie goes after Gresham, and now all ten men brawl! Things get chaotic, but they at least keep to their Christmas teams. “Do you see what I see~?” Bruiser climbs up top as the others brawl! Bruiser does his best to be one of Santa’s reindeer as he FLIES onto everyone! The fans are thunderous as only Taven avoids that holiday demolition derby. Vinnie also pulls himself from the wreckage, and we go to one last break.

ROH returns once more, and now Vinnie fires up. He runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Lethal wants to finish this, but remembers that he’s actually on the same team with Vinnie! Old habits die hard. But Rhett hands Lethal a present and Lethal offers it to Vinnie. Vinnie doesn’t want it, and he swats it away. Taven returns and rocks Lethal with a right. Taven whips Lethal corner to corner, and classic Marty, he wants to start a train! Scurll goes in for a clothesline, then Bruiser for a splash, then Milonas for a splash! Gresham doesn’t want to, Lethal is his friend. Taven forces Gresham to with a kick and a whip, but Gresham reverses. Lethal dodges Taven to send him into buckles. Vinnie and the rest of Team Lethal drag the rest of Team Taven out.

Vinnie wants payback for that superkick and he brawls with Lethal while the other six brawl outside. Lethal reverses a whip to send Vinnie into Taven! Not Team Lethal whip trains, with Rhett for a splash, Burger for a splash, and Cobb for a HUGE splash! Taven is down, and fans rally up. Cobb drags Taven up, Lethal and Rhett give Taven double basement dropkicks! Burger adds SHOTEI to the German Suplex! Multi-man cover, but Gresham breaks it purely because it’s for his team. Everyone crawls, and Taven tags in Bruiser. Bruiser runs and blocks Lethal’s hip toss. Lethal dodges one clothesline but gets the other! Bruiser boots Rhett and wants a sidewinder, but Rhett dropkicks him down! Rhett runs but into Milonas’ scrapbuster! Cobb lifts Milonas but Scurll tips him over!

Scurll flexes those heavyweight guns, but Vinnie leaps in for a tilt-o-whirl leg sweep! Gresham springboards for a quebrada, but Burger gives him a Shotei! Taven rocks Burger with a strike fest and a DDT. Lethal handsprings, Lethal Injection! Milonas uses a crossbody to squash Lethal! But Cobb returns for a second try, big forearm, to a pumphandle suplex!! Bruiser is in and rocks Cobb with a right. Bruiser shoves Cobb but Cobb slips around to whip Bruiser, into a BIG Tour of the Islands!! Cover, Team Lethal wins!!

Winner: Team Lethal, Jeff Cobb pinning

The ROH World Television Champion proves to be the MVP for the ROH World Champion’s team! Taven is irate over the massive Melvins, but Team Lethal celebrates an early holiday. Will this be a sign of things to come in the New Year for Lethal, Cobb and even Burger and Rhett?



My Thoughts:

What a fun episode of ROH for the holidays! We got a pretty good Women’s Tag, with the only rough spot really being the finishing segment. Madison had to move over to take the deflected kick and Holidead took a second to position Britt for the double stomps, but clearly Twisted Sisterz is a great team and a great pair of talents for the WOH Division. I’d be very shocked to see if ROH comes out with Women’s Tag Team Championships before even the WWE. It’d take getting some more talent properly signed and then teamed up, but it’s the only real reason and perhaps one way to keep Twisted Sisterz around.

I’m growing more curious about this pulse thing. There are no actual words to these promos, I’m just improvising things based off the theme. I honestly have no idea who this person or persons will be, but I hope they’re as exciting as the concept of a quickening pulse is, or else this will be a really silly bunch of hype for nothing.

Then with the #ROHXmasSurprise match, that was a lot of fun. It feels like only a month ago that I was watching Team Cody VS Team Lethal doing this for Final Battle weekend 2017, but time sure flies. Lethal had a great team tonight, as did Taven, and there was such great use of character and story for this match. Obviously this is all to give fans a feel good moment but obviously the Faces go over. ROH still has things to iron out but they look to be going into 2019 strong.

My Score: 8.3/10

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