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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (12/5/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Cruiserweight grudges heat up the winter as THE Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak go toe-to-toe! Will the Philly Fury end The Man with a Plan once and for all?



  • THE Brian Kendrick w/ Akira Tozawa VS Drew Gulak w/ Jack Gallagher; Kendrick wins, by disqualification.
  • Ariya Daivari VS Clay Roberts; Daivari wins.
  • Tornado Tag: Lucha House Party VS TJP & Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis; Lucha House Party wins.


Drake Maverick frames tonight’s action.

First, former friends face off for the first time as THE Brian Kendrick takes on Drew Gulak. Gulak purged Kendrick from the Ungentle Men’s Club two months ago over showing mercy, but now Kendrick plans to show no mercy to Gulak tonight. Will Kendrick burn down the Submission Commission? Or will just tap out?

Second, the Cruiserweight Championship rematch from Super Show-Down is coming, as Cedric Alexander is back in winning ways. Maverick himself will sit with Buddy Murphy for an exclusive interview to see how the Juggernaut is preparing for the Soul of 205 Live.

And lastly, the Lucha House Party look to settle the score with TJP and Mike Kanellis in a match that’s practically synonymous with the Cruiserweight Division. The Tornado Tag has also become a specialty of the luchadores, but it was the First Lady, Maria Kanellis, who asked for such a match. What could she be plotting against Kalisto and amigos here tonight?


THE Brian Kendrick w/ Akira Tozawa VS Drew Gulak w/ Jack Gallagher!

No time to waste as we get right to action! The Philly Fury still wants his #Better205Live by any means necessary, and won’t let things like compassion slow him down. He’s accused The Man with a Plan of going soft, but will Kendrick show Gulak how hard it is to defeat an angry and savvy veteran?

The bell rings and Kendrick circles with Gulak. They approach carefully but then separate. They try again and Gulak grabs at Kendrick. Kendrick reverses to a facelock but Gulak puts him on the ropes. They break at 3, then go again. Gulak gets the facelock and takedown, but Kendrick resists a cover. Fans applaud as Gulak backs off and they go again. Gulak gets double knuckle lock but Kendrick reverses to a wristlock. Gulak rolls and gets free, but fans chant for Kendrick. This annoys Gulak because of his no chanting rule. Gulak and Kendrick tie up and Gulak pushes Kendrick back again. Gulak has Kendrick on the ropes but breaks at 4.

Kendrick ducks Gulak’s swing but Gulak ducks Kendrick’s. Gulak blocks the back elbow and the boot to clothesline Kendrick down. Cover, ONE, but Gulak is on Kendrick with another facelock. Kendrick resists the dragon sleeper so Gulak goes after the leg! Gulak pulls back and then laces the legs to get Kendrick in a modified deathlock. Gulak pulls hair but Kendrick gets a ropebreak. The ref counts and Gulak lets go at 4. Gulak comes back but Kendrick elbows him, only to get a knee. Gulak gets the leg for an ankle DDT! Cover, ONE, but Gulak stays on Kendrick. Kendrick hits back with forearms then ducks Gulak’s punch to go for a full nelson. Gulak works against the hold but Kendrick shifts to double chicken wings. Tiger Suplex, with bridge! TWO but Kendrick goes after Gulak again.

Kendrick boots Gulak and again, but Gulak blocks the third. Gulak spins into a lift, and powerbomb! High stack, TWO, into the Half Crab! Kendrick endures and powers Gulak down, but now it’s a Heel Hook! Kendrick endures and goes after Gulak’s arms. He brings Gulak in for forearms and Gulak lets go. Gulak headbutts Kendrick then gives him both shots. Gulak puts on a headlock and grinds Kendrick down. Fans rally up for Kendrick, and he powers out. Things speed up and Kendrick calf kicks Gulak down! Cover, but Gulak immediately makes it a leg lock! Kendrick reaches but Gulak grabs an arm. Kendrick keeps reaching even as Gulak twists him sideways, and gets the ropebreak! Gulak lets go but he comes back for more.

Gulak brings Kendrick up and scoop slams him, then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Gulak puts on a facelock, but fans rally up for Kendrick. Kendrick feeds off the energy and slips out of the scoop. Gulak gets another headlock but Kendrick fights out. Gualk drive sin kenes and now it’s a brawl. They go back and forth, fast and furious, and Kendrick knocks Gulak down! Cover, TWO! Captain’s Hook!! Gulak endures and moves around, and gets the ropebreak himself now. Kendrick holds on unto 4, then gets a Dragon Suplex! Cover, TWO!! Gulak lives but barely.

Gallagher coaches Gulak up but Kendrick stands first. Kendrick staggers over to Gulak and wants the hold again, but Gulak slips out. Gulak goes for his hold but Kendrick slips out. They go around and Kendrick tosses Gulak out of the ring. Tozawa keeps his space while Kendrick fetches Gulak. Gallagher goes after Tozawa and puts him into the post! Kendrick is distracted and Gulak rolls him up! TWO! Gulak runs but Kendrick dodges, then Sliced Bread!! Cover, but Gallahger gets in and attacks!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick, by disqualification

Gallagher stomps away on Kendrick then rains down rights! Fans boo and jeer while Gallagher tosses off his jacket. But Kendrick hits back! Gulak gets up and puts Kendrick in the GuLOCK! Kendrick is stuck, and Gallagher intercepts Tozawa with knees! Tozawa keeps trying, but he gets the Gentleman’s Headbutt! Kendrick is out, and the Submission Commission stands tall. Gulak & Gallagher feel like the winners tonight, but will they win out in this cruel winter?


Drake Maverick holds his exclusive sit-down interview with Buddy Murphy.

The Juggernaut has had quite the 2018. He rose from obscurity to become the Cruiserweight Champion. But he is also one of the more polarizing stars here. He defeated Cedric Alexander to take the title, but now he’ll face Alexander again to keep the title. This time around won’t be like before, and with no home field advantage. Murphy knows the score, but he’s glad to be facing Alexander again. It took Alexander and Ali to defeat him, and Ali was actually the tougher one. Alexander should thank Ali for the help. But if Alexander wants to prove he’s as good as he says he is, have another match next week. Murphy will even have a match, and let Maverick decide each of their opponents. Or is that too “polarizing” for Maverick? Who will Maverick set up for the champion and challenger as mystery opponents for their tune-ups?


Ariya Daivari VS Clay Roberts!

The Privileged Persian Lion returns to action, but he already made quite the impact last week when he helped Hideo Itami beat up the young wrestler Itami had already beaten. Daivari declared he respects Itami, but will he show respect to his own opponent tonight?

The bell rings and Daivari glares at his opponent, before pie-facing him into a corner! Daivari fires off haymakers and stomps a mudhole in Roberts. Daivari drags Roberts up and whips but Roberts reverses. Roberts runs in but Daivari dodges to kick Roberts down! Itami watches backstage as Daivari brings Roberts up. Roberts punches back but Daivari slaps Roberts over and over and over! Then hammerlock lariat! Cover, but Daivari drags Roberts up! Daivari brings Roberts around for yet another hammerlock lariat! Cover, but again Daviari sits Raoberts up. Roberts is out on his feet as Daivari continues to clothesline him over and over and over! Daivari wants to finish with a right hand but Roberts is already done. The referee stops this match and Daivari wins.

Winner: Ariya Daivari, by referee stoppage

The Persian Lion shows new ferocity, but is it enough to impress the Innovator of the GTS?


Mustafa Ali speaks.

“We all fall. The hard part is getting back up.” The Heart of 205 Live lost at Survivor Series, but now he gets back up to try again. Last week was the first step. Ali is proud of his friend, Cedric Alexander, for earning his rematch. Ali’s on Alexander’s side, but everyone needs to know: when it’s Ali’s turn again, whether it’s friend or foe, the Cruiserweight Champion needs to be ready to fight for his life, because Ali will be.

Backstage interview with Cedric Alexander.

He’s surely excited to have his rematch with Buddy Murphy, but how does he respond to Murphy’s comments from earlier tonight? Murphy says Ali is better than Alexander, and that strikes a nerve. Alexander is “on the cusp of becoming a two-time Cruiserweight Champion” and won’t allow even Ali to step ahead of him. Just kidding! Is Murphy thinking he can turn friends against each other with third grade mind games? Alexander never needed mind games to get the job done. So that challenge for next week? Alexander accepts. Whoever steps in his way, Alexander will take them out. “Hope Buddy can say the same.”


Noam Dar speaks.

“Usually I’m fun and easy going, but this, this I take seriously.” Buddy Murphy disrespected the Scottish Supernova when he helped his “daft pal”, Tony Nese, win. If Murphy’s man enough, he’ll take Dar on himself and learn why Dar’s the one true star of 205 Live. Well, Maverick does need to find opponents for the champ and challenger, is Dar going to go against the Juggernaut next week?


Tornado Tag: Lucha House Party VS TJP & Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis!

The trio of amigos is sans Gran Metalik again, but such is the life of a new father. The King of the Ropes tends to his family while Kalisto and Lince Dorado hold it down. But will they be able to hold on to their masks with the FilAm Flash and friends showing no respect?

Of course, with the holidays on the way, the Lucha Dragon and Golden Lynx want to wish everyone Feliz Navidad as they throw sombreros, baby pinatas and candy to the fans. However, the big bag of presents stays with them for now. TJP and the Kanellises make their entrance and things are already tense. The bell rings and the brawl ignites!

Mike and Kalisto fight in one corner while TJP and Lince are in the other. The luchadores get control and toss TJP out. Then they work on Mike together, Lince scooping and slamming. Kalisto runs for the elevated splash and Lince adds the plank! TJP returns but runs into kicks. Kalisto runs and Lince boosts him for the missile dropkick! Mike and TJP regroup on the outside, but Lince hurries up top, and leaps onto both of them! Fans fire up, and Kalisto takes something out of the big bag. It’s a matraca!

Kalisto makes some noise while Lince puts TJP in the ring. Kalisto stomps TJP while Lince whips Mike into barriers. TJP kicks out of a cover but Kalisto quickly gets a step-in tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Lince grabs the bag of gifts, but Mike gives him a spinebuster to the floor! Kalisto wrecks Mike with a dropkick then climbs up top. Fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” but Maria grabs Penelope Pinata! Maria holds Penelope hostage, and TJP dropkicks Kalisto down! Then Maria stomps the pinata! Fans boo, you’re only supposed to break pinatas with sticks. TJP puts Lince in the ring while Mike drags Kalisto up. Mike throws Kalisto into barriers while TJP bumps Lince off buckles. Mike brings in the corpse of Penelope and stomps on it more.

TJP kicks Penelope out of the ring, then helps Mike double whip and double clothesline Lince. Maria hands Mike the stolen mask they took from Lince while TJP rains rights hand. Fans boo and jeer as Mike uses the mask to hit Lince in the face. TJP covers, TWO! Mike and TJP bring Lince up to double whip him corner to corner. Mike whips TJP in for a corner clothesline, then TJP trips Lince up. TJP throws Lince with the leg lock, then Mike drops an elbow! Lince resists the cover to Mike stomps him out. Mike covers, TWO, so TJP scrapes his shoe on Lince’s face. Kalisto returns and fights Mike. Kalisto leaps onto the barrier, but Mike trips him up! Mike leaves Kalisto behind and helps TJP mug Lince again. They double whip Lince again but Lince breaks through, double Golden Rewind!

Mike rolls out of the ring while TJP is down. Kalisto climbs back in the ring while Maria panics. Kalisto springboards as TJP stands, big crossbody! Things speed up, corkscrew crossbody! Kailsto kicks and kicks then whips, but TJP reverses. TJP runs in but Kalisto dodges to roll TJP up, for a Listo Kick! Kalisto fires up and runs, but the Spike-rana is countered into a modified STF! Mike intercepts Lince on the apron, for a Russian leg sweep that sends both men into barriers! TJP goes after Kalisto’s mask while fans rally up. Kalisto fights out with his free leg, but TJP brings him around for a cover. ONE but TJP has the mask’s tail now.

Fans continue to rally as TJP pulls at the eye holes. The mask doesn’t come off so TJP stomps Kalisto down. TJP drags Kalisto up and scoop slams him, to then hit the senton atomico. Cover, TWO! Kalisto keeps his team in this but TJP keeps on him and his mask. TJP puts Kalisto in the corner then whips him corner to corner. Kalisto boots TJP back, then runs out, but TJP dropkicks the legs out. TJP goes after that leg with the Kneebar! Kalisto endures as TJP grape vines on. Maria shouts for Kalisto to “TAP! TAP!” but fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” Kalisto endures, and drags both himself and TJP towards ropes. He reaches out and gets the ropebreak! TJP lets go at the count of 4, but he’s still growing frustrated. Mike slowly returns as TJP gives a spinning toehold to that leg.

TJP soaks up the heat as he climbs up top, but Kalisto kicks Mike away. Kalisto hurries and kicks TJP, too! TJP holds on so he doesn’t fall off, but Kalisto SUPERKICKS Mike away! Kalisto kicks TJP again then climbs up. Kalisto goes all the way up, and SUPER STEINERS TJP at Mike! Lince returns from the top rope for a big crossbody! Lince runs and headscissors Mike around, then CHOPS him down. And a rolling enziguri, too! Lince runs corner to corner for the forearm smash, then whips corner to corner. Mike reverses but Lince dodges and SUPERKICKS Mike again. Moonsault uno, moonsault dos, and then moonsault tres! Cover, but TJP breaks it! TJP goes after Lince but gets an uppercut. Mike goes to the apron while LHP fire up together. “Get the bolso (bag)!” Kalisto gives Lince the bag of gifts, and reveal baby pinatas!

The pinatas are in a pile, and Lince brings TJP over. TJP reverses and suplexes, but Lince resists. TJP shifts but Lince slips out and then shoves TJP. Lince tackles TJP into the corner and hoists him up top. Lince chops TJP, then calls for Kalisto. Kalisto hurries over, and the two climb up to join TJP. But Mike returns and gets Kalisto out of the way. Mike lifts Lince in the electric chair, but Kalisto pushes them forward. Lince grabs TJP and Kalisto removes Mike. Mike runs back but Kalisto dumps him out! Kalisto returns to help Lince, to give TJP a DOUBLE SUPERPLEX on the pinata pile!! The pinatas break but perhaps so does TJP! Kalisto and Lince crawl to double cover, but Mike breaks it up at the last second! All four men are down but fans are loving this.

The fans rally up as Mike drags Lince up. Mik throws Lince out but Kalisto clotheslines Mike out. Kalisto goes to TJP, but gets a sit-out powerbomb on a pinata! TWO!! TJP is at a loss for words, other than he hates pinatas. Mike returns and TJp tells him to get the other fully grown pinata. Mike tosses it to him, and TJP brings it over, but Kailsto kicks him away! Kalisto takes the pinata back, but then Maria takes it from her. They fight over it and Maria demands to have the pinata. Kalisto gives her the pinata, by throwing it at her! Maria freaks and falls on Mike! Kalisto then gets TJP, and uses Mike for the Salida Del Sol, on pinatas! Lince returns up top, and hits the Golden Shooting Star! Cover, Lucha House Party wins!

Winners: Lucha House Party, Lince Dorado pinning

Vindication! The many machinations of Maria Kanellis have failed and the fiesta continues! And best of all, they get those stolen masks back! Can the LHP put TJP behind them to move on to bigger and better?


Drake Maverick has made a decision.

Given the mystery opponent challenge Murphy issued and Alexander accepted, Maverick makes it official! Buddy Murphy will face Noam Dar, just as the Scottish Supernova himself wanted. As for Alexander, he’ll face the other Body Guy, Tony Nese.

As such, Tony Nese speaks.

“Last time I faced Cedric Alexander one on one, I not only beat him, I broke him.” The Premier Athlete claims credit for sending Alexander into the “downward spiral”, and is amazed Alexander recovered at all. Nese knows Alexander better than anyone, he has Alexander’s number. This Murphy VS Alexander rematch everyone wants won’t happen, because Nese vows to leave Alexander in such bad shape, “he will never recover.” Will Nese drag the Soul of 205 Live down into a new slump? Or will the Age of Alexander’s reformation continue, using Nese’s abs as the foundation?



My Thoughts:

A great episode here, with great progression in each part of the episode. Kendrick VS Gulak was a great match, and that DQ finish still works given the story between everyone involved. Gulak & Gallagher stand tall but I’m thinking we get some kind of crazy tag team match as the blow-off. Maybe it’ll be some form of a No Disqualification Tag match in the spirit of TLC coming up. Then I’m sensing Ariya Daivari will convince Hideo Itami to be his tag team partner with how he brutalized that jobber tonight. I am still disappointed it isn’t the Daivari Brothers in 205 Live but if Ariya and Itami teaming helps get us the tag team titles, I’ll allow it. Especially with a match like LHP VS TJP & Mike Kanellis. This was such a great match, and is what Raw should be doing with LHP VS The Revival!

Then with the “tune-up” matches we’re going to get next week, I like the mingling of stories. Noam Dar got dragged into this so it’s great that he wants at Murphy now. But I feel like there was a missed opportunity for Alexander’s mystery opponent. Alexander mentioned the mind games Murphy was playing, trying to make Alexander upset that Ali is supposedly a better opponent, so why not go with it? Make Ali VS Alexander happen next week for a great Wrestlemania rematch moment. But I suppose they want to save that for when it’s for the title, to bring their story together full circle. Either way, Alexander VS Nese is still going to be good because of how familiar they are with each other. And I’m pretty sure both champion and challenger stay hot going towards their title match.

My Score: 8.7/10

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In an odd twist of fate, Marufuji is placed in a familiar, yet flipped position going into his GHC title challenge next month. Hisame let’s us know how the NOAH build is going!




In an odd twist of fate, Marufuji is placed in a familiar, yet flipped position going into his GHC title challenge next month. Hisame let’s us know how the NOAH build is going!

Navigation for The Progress

Kaito Kiyomiya and Naomichi Marufuji continued their feud over the GHC Heavyweight title. Kiyomiya managed to knock Marufuji out of the ring with a dropkick, but was left wondering as to whether Marufuji played it up deliberately. He also turned his back on him when Kiyomiya was in the ring and was announced.

Marufuji, now that he can’t do aerial attacks (and finally realizing that his body is older than he thought), has turned to more vicious tactics, and decided to work on Kiyomiya’s left arm. In Kiyomiya’s post match promo, he told him that he was going to take him apart bit by bit, and next it would be his legs.

Kiyomiya has vowed that he will find “the Genius’ weakness” before “my body breaks down”. 

It has been pointed out to Marufuji that he is in the same position that Mitsuharu Misawa was when he himself was GHC Heavyweight Champion; the senior is challenging the junior.

Mitsuharu Misawa challenges the then GHC Heavyweight Champion, Naomichi Marufuji, a young man in his twenties and of the next generation of heavyweight NOAH wrestlers

Atsushi Kotoge became injured at NOAH’s show in Fukushima on the 11th February, which has put a spanner in the works of the GHC Heavyweight Tag title match with Eddie Edwards, taking on 50 Funky Powers.

Kotoge had gone for the “Revolutionary Cloak Splash” from the top rope, but managed to damage his arm on landing. Fans noticed that he was in a lot of pain, and he was checked out in the ring. NOAH removed him from the subsequent show, and later announced that he had dislocated his elbow and suffered a further fracture to the arm.

Kotoge himself said that he had felt a shooting pain in his arm, and he couldn’t move it at all.

With Kotoge’s injury and subsequent card change, “The Mid Generation” (Go Shiozaki and Katsuhiko Nakajima),took on the champions. They obliterated them with Nakajima choking out Quiet Storm with a sleeper, and then laughing about it afterwards.

Although NOAH have not yet announced what will become of the title challenge, and whether Eddie Edwards will team with someone else or postpone his appearance until Kotoge is better (this may not be until the late summer, and Kotoge will most likely miss Global League 2019), but it may be likely that “The Mid Generation” will receive a title shot.

Katsuhiko Nakajima later posted ….

Three of the Dark Agents (Takashi Sugiura, Masao Inoue and Akitoshi Saito) have reunited to take down The Hooligans, however, they have not been very successful in their efforts with The Hooligans defeating them twice so far. Takashi Sugiura has already started making jokes about Masao Inoue, lumping him together with having experience akin to the rookies in the group, Kinya Okada and Yoshiki Inamura. Should Sugiura be unfortunate enough to join The Hooligans, his job will be as their lackey; KAZMA SAKAMOTO says he will have to carry Cody’s bags, lick his boots, clean their toilets, do Nagai’s laundry and wash Maybach Taniguchi’s back.

YO-HEY was said to be looking a lot happier at “the wife” (HAYATA) returning “home”, and while really the only thing that has happened on this tour between himself and HAYATA and the former friends in RATELS, is Daisuke Harada and Tadasuke appearing in the ring and demanding to know what HAYATA thought he was doing.

Their new teammate, Yoshinari Ogawa (backed by YO-HEY & HAYATA, as Kotaro Suzuki is currently absent), continued the fight with The Backbreakers (Hajime Ohara and Hitoshi Kumano) over the current GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag titles. Ogawa (in a supreme Golden Era move) threw a table at Hitoshi Kumano, and the team of The Backbreakers and Yoshiki Inamura were wiped out completely, with Ogawa posing with the belts at the end.

Yoshiki Inamura continued his “Seven Match Series”, this time against Masa Kitamiya.

NOAH have so far done very well this tour with both of their two opening dates being sold out.


“COME AT ME YOU BASTARDS” (Kenoh’s column in “Weekly Pro”)
Kenoh visited the new NOAH offices and spoke of a variety of different things ranging from how nice the NOAH staff look now (even Mr. Okada looks smart now, despite “those fucking glasses”), the new company and how they should ask him for advice, the validation of his own opinion on “Leaving Misawa”, and Marufuji vs Kiyomiya.
Continuing his concerned older brother theme when it comes to Kiyomiya, and his hope that Marufuji will beat Kiyomiya for the belt for two reasons; the first being Kenoh wants to challenge, and the second that he seems to intimate that the longer Kiyomiya has it, the worse damage it is doing him, and the more Kenoh of all people seems to worry.

Kenoh’s other idea is that he will second Marufuji on the night (so to be first in line to challenge him), but I doubt that Marufuji is going to allow him to do that.

NOAH will return to the venue for the last time ever on March 17th, as the building is going to be torn down. Although the full card hasn’t been announced, Naomichi Marufuji will take on Yoshinari Ogawa (this will be their first singles match in 14 years) and Go Shiozaki and Takashi Sugiura will put on a “Golden Era Match” (as they always do when they collide in big matches).



~ Katsuhiko Nakajima decided to wind up Kenoh by sticking his leg in his fist when Kenoh entered the ring and knelt to do his ring introduction.
~ Yoshinari Ogawa denied ever being part of Special 4.
~ NOAH returned to Shinyousei Twenty-One Hall, which has the infamous staircase named “The Demon Staircase of Hell” due to the fact that it is two flights, and means that due to there being no underground parking at the venue for the truck, the equipment has to be carried up and down it, across a courtyard and through the lobby.
~ Minoru Tanaka says his first wish has been granted (i.e. for a title match at Yokohama), but his second one is still outstanding, he won’t say what it is though.
~ Both Daisuke Harada and Tadasuke have hinted at possible moves to the heavyweight division. Tadasuke when he fought Kenoh and Masa Kitamiya and said something “sparked” in him, and Daisuke Harada pointing to the GHC Heavyweight and declaring it was his “final goal”.
~ Mohammed Yone got beaten up in front of a group of old ladies (one was his mother) by Katsuhiko Nakajima.
~ Hitoshi Yamato did his usual singing entry, and incorporated the lyrics that Naomichi Marufuji couldn’t have dried seaweed. Marufuji had a priceless look on his face. 
~ Cody Hall took a picture of Atsushi Kotoge who was sitting drinking coffee near a window; Kotoge came out as a big pink blob.

Takashi Sugiura has posted pictures of either what is coming out of his dog, or what his dog has left behind. On a pleasanter note, he was given gifts by fans after a small gathering at “Muscle Grill”, and said that as he was carrying a big plushie, he probably looked like a “Weird old man” getting on the train.

NOAH’s Korakuen Hall show of the 24th February will be broadcast on Samurai at 10pm (JST) on Samurai TV.

The ongoing translation of Naomichi Marufuji’s “Heir To The Ark” can be found here

HAYATA (Costume Research)
“Come to Noah” ~ interview with Naomichi Marufuji
The Green Guide to Muscle Grill
Takashi Sugiura mini interview ahead of the match with The Hooligans
Battlemen Recap (Noah, Wednesday February 13th 2019)
Noah’s Arkive Podcast (ITunes)

NOAH FROM THE VAULT (articles translated by Purodino)
YO-HEY “My turning point”

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CMLL Review & Results (2/18/2019)

Our Lucha expert Joe Dinan, is back at it with another week of CMLL analysis!



CMLL Coverage

Our Lucha expert Joe Dinan, is back at it with another week of CMLL analysis!

Arena Puebla

Sonic, Rey Samuray, and Hijo De Centella Roja vs Police Man, Espiritu Maligno, and Fuerza Chicana

Fuerza starts out with Sonic and they engage and begin to grapple. In next Police Man and Centella Roja come in and they go back and forth. Samuray comes in and monkey flips Maligno some. Samuray leaps to the ramp on Police Man and Sonic gets Maligno in a small package and Roja gets Chicana in a leg lock. First Fall: Centella Roja submits Fuerza Chicana with a leg lock.

Sonic works fast and out maneuvers Chicana and then does the same to Maligno. Samuray comes in and goes in and goes to the top for a move but falls off and Police Man stomps him on the outside. Afterwards, Sonic gets teamed on followed by Roja. Samuray removes his shirt to get pumped up but still gets teamed on. Maligno holds up Sonic and Chicana hits a code breaker for the fall. Second Fall: Fuerza Chicana pins Sonic with a code breaker.

They start the round teaming on Sonic. They continue to team on them for a few minutes until Sonic, Samuray, and Roja hit drop kicks and then go for dives but the others dodge it. Police Man then hits a face buster on Sonic in the ring for the win. Third Fall: Police Man pins Sonic with a face buster.

Winners: Police Man, Espiritu Maligno, and Fuerza Chicana

Lluvia, Princesa Sugehit, and La Vaquerita vs La Comandante, La Seductora, and La Metalica (Amapola)

Vaquerita comes out wearing glasses. Hopefully she isn’t wrestling in them. Seductora starts out with Lluvia and they lock up and do some slow grappling. Lluvia tags in Vaquerita and she comes in and takes out Seductora which brings in Amapola. Amapola takes her out and Sugehit comes in to take on her rival Amapola. She takes her out and Comandante comes in to work over Sugehit. Sugehit uses her speed while Comandante uses her size to take each other on. Sugehit gets Comandante in a roll up for the pin. The other girls get roll ups as well. First Fall: Princesa Sugehit pins Comandante with a roll up.

Vaquerita starts with Seductora but it soon goes to Vaquerita getting teamed on. Sugehit gets teamed on after and then naturally it goes to Lluvia. A plethora of teaming up. Comandante gives Sugehit a stink face and pins her. Well then. Second Fall: Comandante pins Sugehit with a stink face.

Seductora and Sugehit clash but not for long. Seductora takes out Lluvia then Vaquerita gets teamed on. Sugehit moves out of the way and Comandante runs into Seductora. Lluvia and Vaquerita run towards Seductora and Amapola. Lluvia gets caught in a submission and then Amapola hits a face buster on Vaquerita for the win. Third Fall: Amapola pins La Vaquerita with a face buster.

Winners: La Comandante, La Seductora, and Amapola

Fuego, Drone, and Guerrero Maya vs Okumura, El Sagrado, and Kawato San

Maya starts out with Okumura grappling on the ground. Afterwards Kawato and Fuego come in and do the same as the others except it is a more acrobatic display. Drone hits a head scissors on Sagrado and then hits a dive through the middle rope. In the ring Okumura hits a cutter on Maya for the pin. Kawato catches Fuego in a flying arm bar for the fall. First Fall: Kawato submits Fuego with a flying arm bar.

Drone gets teamed on to start this round off. Fuego gets taken out by Kawato with a drop kick. The technicos reverse the rudos into pinning combinations. Drone gets Okumura rolled up, and Fuego pins Kawato with a roll up and Maya gets Sagrado with a pin. Second Fall: Maya pins Sagrado with a roll up.

Maya and Okumura start this round striking each other. Maya goes wild, arm dragging Kawato to the outside and then he hit a bunch of back breakers on Sagrado. Fuego comes in and dodges a double team attack and then arm drags Sagrado to the outside. Drone hits a sliding dive under the ropes on Sagrado. Maya hits a power slam on Kawato but Okumura breaks the pin up. He hits a cross roads but Fuego breaks the pin up. Fuego hits a springboard splash and Sagrado stops the pin. Drone comes in and kicks Sagrado to the corner and hits knees to the corner on him. Fuego and Guerrero Maya hit dives through the middle rope on Kawato and Okumura. Drone slams Sagrado in the ring and goes for a moonsault. Sagrado gets his feet up and tries to lift Drone for a power bomb but he fell backwards and almost out of the ring. Luckily he didn’t kill drone. For the win. Third Fall: Sagrado pins Drone with a power bomb.

Winners: Okumura, El Sagrado, and Kawato San

Atlantis, Vangellys, and Atlantis Jr vs Villano IV, Ultimo Guerrero, and Hijo del Villano III

Atlantis squares off with Villano IV but instead Jr and Hijo Villano come in and do some impressive wrestling. After their display Atlantis comes in with Villano IV. Atlantis gets whipped into Villano’s corner and Guerrero attacks Vangellys and Jr. Vangellys got drop kicked off the apron by Ultimo. Hijo Villano drop kicks Atlantis Jr when he is hanging on the turnbuckle and he pins him. Ultimo then submits Vangellys with a leg lock. First Fall: Ultimo Guerrero submits Vangellys with a leg stretch.

Vangellys gets teamed on to start. Vangellys tries to fight back but he had no success until Atlantis and his son entered and took on Villano IV and Hijo. Atlantis gets Villano IV in an abdominal stretch and Atlantis Jr gets Hijo Villano in a torture rack. Second Fall: Atlantis Jr submits Hijo Villano III with a torture rack.

Vangellys and Ultimo strikes each other to begin the final round. Hijo Villano and Atlantis Jr come in next and Atlantis Jr whips Hijo to the corner and he does the Shawn Michaels flip ip but falls out of the ring. Not sure if that was supposed to happen. Villano IV comes in to cover for it. Atlantis then comes in and Hijo returns to the ring and wants to fight Atlantis Sr. Atlantis pushes Hijo into Villano IV and hits an arm drag. Villano IV tries to run into Atlantis but he dodges and hits Hijo. Jr then tosses Hijo to the outside and hits a dive through the middle rope. Atlantis Jr looks very impressive. Inside the ring, Ultimo Guerrero punts Vangellys in the groin for the DQ. Third Fall: Vangellys wins the fall by DQ.

Winners: Atlantis, Vangellys, and Atlantis Jr

Rush vs Cuatrero

Rush attacks Cuatrero during the introductions to get the advantage on Cuatrero. Rush then works him over on the outside. Cuatrero finally reverses Rush after taking a beating and hits a power bomb for the fall. First Fall: Cuatrero pins Rush with a power bomb.

Rush whips Cuatrero with the camera wires on the outside. I feel like all that does is remind fans of the LA Park feud. Rush plays with his mask on the turnbuckle and then stomps him in the corner. Rush hits the corner drop kick on Cuatrero for the fall. Second Fall: Rush pins Cuatrero with the corner drop kick.

Rush beats on Cuatrero on the ramp. Back in the ring Rush feigns going for the drop kick again, but lightly kicks Cuatrero and does his Los Ingobernables, fist to the sky pose. Tranquilo. Cuatrero finally turns the odds and gets Rush to the outside and hits a dive through the middle rope. He hits another then continues to work on Rush on the outside. Back in the ring Cuatrero works on Rush. They trade corner attacks and Rush ends up on top in the exchange. Rush argues with the ref and Cuatrero goes for a school boy that Rush rolls out of but Cuatrero hits a single leg code breaker. Rush gets Cuatrero to the top and hits a superplex for a two count. Rush misses a middle rope senton splash and Cuatrero hits a moonsault for a two count. A very slow two count. Rush gets Cuatrero down in the corner and goes for his drop kick but Cuatrero runs up and hits a spear, then a power bomb. The ref is about to count three but Rush grabs the refs hand before then. He then finally hits the corner drop kick on Cuatrero but he postures afterwards presumably protecting his finisher because Cuatrero kicks out. Rush gets him in a jay driller or Rush driver and drops Cuatrero right on his head for the win. Cuatrero stays down for a bit but then walks off to the back through the crowd. I presume he didn’t like being dropped on his head. Third Fall: Rush pins Cuatrero with a Rush driver.

Winner: Rush

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Fantasy and Shockercito vs Pequeno Olimpico and Pequeno Nitro

Fantasy and Olimpico grapple to start the match. Shockercito or Pequeno Shocker as they’re calling him now gets in with Nitro and they work a faster pace. Shockercito is really small. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chamuel of the midget division is as tall as him. Shocker gets him to the outside then poses. Olimpico then kicks him in the head and works him over. Shocker gets taken out and Fantasy gets teamed on. Olimpico gets Shocker in a camel clutch for the fall. First Fall: Olimpico submits Shocker with a camel clutch. 

Shocker and Fantasy essentially get worked over for most of this round. Just constant double teaming. Shocker finally hits a cross body to make a comeback. Fantasy hits a middle rope spanish fly on Olimipico for the pin. Shockercito submits Nitro with a straight arm bar. Second Fall: Shockercito submits Nitro with a straight arm bar.

Fantasy uses quickness to out move Nitro to start. Shocker then does this to Olimpico. Fantasy hits a few drop kicks on Olimpico followed by a top rope arm drag by Shocker. Shocker then  gets Olimpico in a torture rack for a submission. Fantasy gets Nitro in a body stretch for the win. Third Fall: Fantasy submits Nitro with a body stretch.

Winners: Fantasy and Shockercito

Electrico, Star Jr, and Astral vs Disturbio, Espanto Jr, and Difunto

Disturbio starts with Astral and they roll on the ground and go back and forth. Espanto comes in next with Star Jr and they posture a bit. Difunto and Electrico come in working a super fast pace. Difunto hits a swanton bomb on Electrico for a pin. Disturbio hits knees the corner on Astral for the fall. First Fall: Disturbio pins Astral with knees to the corner.

Astral gets teamed on to start the round. Espanto pulls at his mask. Astral makes a come back hitting a hurricanrana on Espanto and then Star Jr hits a drop kick to the corner on Disturbio for the fall. Second Fall: Disturbio gets pinned by a corner drop kick by Star Jr. 

Disturbio and Electrico go back and forth. Disturbio bites his nipple in the corner. Don’t let Jim Cornette see that. Electrico eventually head scissors him to the outside. Star and Espanto are in next. Star gets him to the outside then feigns a dive. Difunto is in next with Astral and he works over everyone. Star tricks Disturbio to dive on the ramp and then he hits an arm drag. Electrico hits an elbow drop on Espanto for the win. Third Fall: Electrico pins Espanto with an elbow drop.

Winners: Electrico, Star Jr, and Astral

Marcela, Kaho Kobayashi, and La Jarochita vs Amapola, Dalys, and La Metalica (Tiffany)

Dalys starts with Kobayashi and they go back and forth grappling. Amapola works over Jarochita next. Marcela comes in to take on Amapola. Marcela hits a back breaker and then a knee drop on Amapola bringing in Tiffany. She works with Tiffany until Tiffany  hits a spine buster. Marcela avoids a double team attack and Tiffany falls to the outside. Dalys gets thrown to the outside and Jarochita hits a dive through the middle rope. Kaho gets a roll up on Tiffany and Marcela hits a michinoku driver on Amapola for the pin. First Fall: Marcela pins Amapola with a michinoku driver.

Dalys works over Jarochita to start, then Marcela gets teamed on. Kaho Kobayashi gets drop kicked to the ramp. Jarochita whips Dalys into the barricade. Marcela and her team then team up on the rudos. Marcela hits a back breaker on Amapola. Then they go to hit dives but get pulled out of the ring. Dalys goes to power bomb Jarochita but she squirms out of it and Dalys removes her mask. Second Fall: Jarochita wins via mask removal, DQ.

Winners: Marcela, Kaho Kobayashi, and La Jarochita

(Match Relampago) Flyer vs Polvora

Polvora takes him down to start the match. They go back and forth and Flyer slides to the outside and Polvora pushes him into the barricade. Polvora brings him in the ring and works on taking his mask off. Flyer gets him to the outside and hits an asai moonsault. In the ring Flyer hits a sunset flip but Polvora rolls into it for a drop kick. Flyer ducks an attack then hits a super kick. Polvora hits a drop kick to the inner thigh on Flyer in the corner. Polvora goes to the top but Flyer kicks him and goes up and hits a Spanish fly for the win. Flyer pins Polvora with a Spanish Fly.

Winner: Flyer

Blue Panther, Stuka, and Esfinge vs Cavernario, Luciferno, and El Felino

Esfinge starts with Cavernario and they move fast going back and forth trading moves. They tie up again and do a test of strength. Luciferno comes in next with Blue Panther and they start grappling on the ground. Felino comes in next with Stuka and they work fast with Stuka hitting a hurricanrana on him to the outside. Luciferno then comes in but Stuka hits a back breaker. Cavernario comes in but Stuka rolls into a pinning combination for the fall. First Fall: Stuka pins Cavernario with a pinning combination.

Esfinge starts with Felino but the midget Zakarias with Felino distracts Esfinge and hits Esfinge. Esfinge ends up super kicking him. Panther comes in with Luciferno and Panther makes him fall outside the ring. Cavernario attacks him from behind and gets Panther on the top rope. Panther pulls him by his hair and hair drags him to the outside. Back in the ring Felino head butts Stuka and Cavernario hits a snap suplex. Felino nabs the pin. Luciferno hits a pop up power bomb on Esfinge for the fall. Second Fall: Luciferno pins Esfinge with a pop up power bomb.

Cavernario works over Stuka to start this round, trying to untie his mask. Esfinge makes a come back hitting a hurricanrana on Cavernario to the outside, then hit a middle rope dive . Felino falls to the outside and then Stuka hit a dive through the middle rope. Panther is left in the ring and he tries to get pinning combinations on Luciferno but he blocks it. Felino comes and attacks him from behind hitting a clothesline and Esfinge comes in to take him on hitting a springboard drop kick, then getting him in a cloverleaf submission. Cavernario comes in and hits a back breaker and goes for the slingshot splash but Esfinge gets the feet up. They team up to get Cavernario in a move but he rolls through and pins Esfinge when Panther and Stuka turn their backs. Cavernario then drop kicks Stuka to the outside and hits a twisting dive through the middle rope and in the ring Luciferno hits a Styles Clash on Panther for the win. Third Fall: Luciferno pins Blue Panther with a Styles Clash.

Winners: Cavernario, Luciferno, and El Felino

Atlantis, Volador Jr, and Diamante Azul vs Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Match starts with brawling. Azul and Volador get taken out and Atlantis gets teamed on. Volador gets kicked to the outside when he tries to make the save. Sanson hits Volador with a back breaker for the pin. Cuatrero launches Forastero into Diamante for the pin. First Fall: Forastero pins Diamante Azul by being launched into him.

Azul gets beat up on the outside to start this round. They go back in the ring to beat on Volador. Cuatrero holds up Atlantis and Forastero and Sanson hit double axe handles on Atlantis. They continue to beat on Atlantis. Azul comes from the ramp and hits a clothesline over the top rope to change the momentum. Volador pins Forastero off the clothesline. Azul rolls Cuatrero into a pin for Volador. Second Fall: Volador pins Cuatrero with a pinning combination.

Cuatrero and Azul go back and forth to start the round. Azul dodges a double team attack from Sanson and hits a flying elbow strike on Sanson. Azul hits a big hip toss on Forastero. Volador clears house hitting a hurricanrana on Cuatrero then posing in the ring. Volador hits a dive over the top to the outside and Azul hits a german suplex on Sanson for the win. Sanson sells his shoulder afterwards. They bring out a stretcher for him. I don’t know if it’s a work it didn’t look that bad but you could never know with moves around the neck area. Third Fall: Diamante Azul pins Sanson with a german suplex.

Winners: Atlantis, Volador Jr, and Diamante Azul

Arena Mexico Friday

Stigma and Pegasso vs Raziel and Cancerbero

Pegasso and Raziel start out grappling and fighting for position. Stigma comes in with Cancerbero and they lock up. Cancerbero tries to use his strength to his advantage. Pegasso and Raziel join them in the ring and Pegasso and Stigma hit hurricanranas for a two count. Pegasso gets launched into Cancerbero for a hurricanrana. Raziel catches him in a body stretch submission, however. Cancerbero then hits Stigma with a flapjack and gets Stigma in a stretch as well. First Fall: Cancerbero submits Stigma with a stretch.

Stigma gets double teamed to start this round out. After a few minutes of being beat on Stigma makes a come back and hits a hurricanrana for the pin on Raziel. Pegasso also hit one on Cancerbero and pinned him. Uneventful round. Second Fall: Pegasso pins Cancerbero with a hurricanrna

Pegasso starts this round off hot taking out Cancerbero and Raziel, then posing. Stigma gets in there with Cancerbero when the dust settles and Bero works him over for a little. Stigma then launches Pegasso and he hits a double arm drag on Raziel and Cancerbero. Then then work on Raziel. Pegasso slams Raziel and then hits a 450. The ref doesn’t pin and Cancerbero kicks Stigma to the outside. Pegasso goes for a corner attack but Cancerbero catches him and drops him. Raziel then launches Stigma in the air by his feet and Cancerbero hits a bulldog. Raziel then gets him in a surfboard stretch and Cancerbero hit a neck breaker during the move. Raziel pinned him. Cancerbero then held up Pegasso in a stretch submission and Raziel leg dropped him off the top rope for the win. Third Fall: Cancerbero pins Pegasso after a leg drop from Raziel.

Winners: Raziel and Cancerbero

Blue Panther Jr, Guerrero Maya, and Black Panther vs Virus, Okumura, and Tiger

Black Panther and Virus start out the match and they tie up and eventually go to the ground and grapple. Blue Panther and Tiger come in and they go to the ground as well and do some grappling and submission wrestling. Maya and Okumura come in and bypass the grappling for some moves. Maya arm drags Okumura out of the ring and Virus comes in and knocks Maya outside. Black Panther then hits a cross body on Virus which he kicks out of. Black Panther gets Virus to the outside and Tiger comes in and hits a DDT on him. Tiger then gets Blue Panther in a pinning combination for the pin. Okumura hits a slingblade on Maya then hits a cross roads for the fall. First Fall: Okumura pins Maya with a cross roads.

Black Panther gets worked over to start the round by Tiger but Blue Panther quickly makes his way in. Blue Panther gets worked over and taken out as well. Then they go to work over Maya. Tiger goes for his mask but then he hits a drop kick while he’s draped in the tree of woe. Blue Panther helps make a come back hitting a sunset flip on Tiger. Maya then hits a shoulder breaker on Virus for the pin. Second Fall: Guerrero Maya pins Virus with a shoulder breaker. 

Okumura and Blue Panther exchange strikes in the corner to begin this round. Blue Panther wins that battle which brings Tiger in and then they exchange strikes to the chest. Black Panther comes in with Tiger and gets him to the outside. Black Panther feigns a dive and Tiger moves away from it but Blue Panther hits him with a dive off the ramp. Maya then hit a head butt on Virus for a two count. Both Panthers get pinning combinations that get kicked out of. Virus hit a shotgun drop kick on Maya which should have been a 3 but the ref stopped counting. Tiger, Virus, and Okumura get pinning combinations all for a two count. After that cleared, Blue Panther hits a power bomb slam on Okumura and Tiger. They kick out. Maya then hits back breakers on Okumura and Tiger, then hits a dive through the middle rope on Virus. In the ring Black and Blue Panther get Okumura and Tiger in the same stretch submission for the win. Third Fall: Black and Blue Panther submits Tiger and Okumura with a stretch submission.

Winners: Blue Panther Jr, Guerrero Maya, and Black Panther

Titan, Triton, and Esfinge vs Vangellys, Templario, and Polvora

Polvora starts out with Esfinge and they grapple on the ground. Templario comes in next with Titan and they work quick doing some acrobatic things for a little until Triton and Vangellys enter. Triton kicks Vangellys and Titan hits a springboard splash. Polvora enters and Vangellys goes to the outside. Polvora whips Titan but Titan hits a dive through the middle rope on Vangellys. Back in the ring Esfinge gets Polvora in the ropes and Triton hits a guillotine leg drop for the pin and then Templario gets hit with a springboard splash by Esfinge. First Fall: Esfinge pins Templario with a springboard splash.

Round starts with Triton and Polvora going back and forth. Titan and Templario come in to do some acrobatic spots. Titan hits a spinning head scissors on Templario and Vangellys spears Titan afterwards. Triton then comes in to take on Vangellys but he gets caught with a northern lights suplex for the pin. Templario then hit a superplex on Esfinge and Titan got hit with a top rope face buster by Polvora off the top. Second Fall: Polvora pins Titan with a top rope face buster.

Triton gets teamed up on to start the round, then Vangellys takes Titan out with a shotgun drop kick. Esfinge then gets teamed up on. Titan and pals make a come back and it looks like Titan clearly punts Polvora in the groin in the corner but I guess it must have been inner thigh. Esfinge gets pulled to the outside but in response Titan and Triton hit dives over the top rope on Vangellys and Polvora. In the ring Esfinge gets Templario in a submission hold but Templario gets to the ropes. He gets up and hits a Gord buster but Titan comes in and breaks up the pin fall. Titan does a matrix spot and kicks Templario for a pin but Polvora breaks it up. Now the ref is trying his best to get control back. To the refs credit he’s probably the best official in CMLL by a country mile. Polvora hits a drop kick on Titan and then Triton breaks up the count. Triton slams Povlora and goes to the top and hits a frog splash for a pin that Vangellys breaks up. Vangellys hits a spinning wheel kick on Triton which Esfinge breaks up. Now Esfinge and Polvora are striking each other back and forth. Esfinge hits a shot gun drop kick on him then hits a dive over the top rope. Triton hits an arm drag on Templario then jumps up on the ropes and hits an asai moonsault. In the ring Titan gets Vangellys in a neck bridge pinning combination for the win. What a match. Third Fall: Titan pins Vangellys with a neck bridge pinning combination.

Winners: Titan, Triton, and Esfinge

Angel de Oro, Stuka, and Soberano vs Mephisto, Ephesto, and La Bestia del Ring

Stuka and Mephisto start the match off striking each other. Ephesto comes in soon to replace Mephisto and Soberano comes in with a cross body and hurricanrana on Ephesto. Bestia then kicks Soberano and in bounces Angel de Oro. They square off. Angel gets Bestia to the outside and then hits a dive through the middle rope. Everybody else comes in the ring however, and Stuka hits a swinging neck breaker on Mephisto for a pin and Soberano hits a tornado dive on Ephesto for the fall. First Fall: Soberano pins Ephesto with a tornado dive. 

Bestia doesn’t want to engage Oro in this round so Oro poses and tags in Soberano who gets in with Ephesto. Soberano hits an arm drag on the ramp on Ephesto and re-enters the ring and poses. Crowd is super hot tonight and the workers are working their ass off this whole show. Stuka comes in with Mephisto and they do some acrobatic spots until Stuka hits a hurricanrana on him to the outside. He then follows him out there and hits back breakers on all three of them and then gets back in the ring and poses. Oro wants Bestia to come in but Bestia doesn’t want to. Oro ends up getting teamed on by the Sons of Hell. Oro fights back and kicks one away and hits a hurricanrana on Ephesto then a head scissors on Mephisto then drop kicking Bestia to the outside. Stuka hits a middle rope dive and then Soberano hits a back flip over the top. Inside the ring Bestia and Oro fight which ends with Bestia kicking Oro in the groin. The ref tries to get him to stop but Bestia chops him. Second Fall: Angel de Oro wins via DQ.

Winners: Angel de Oro, Stuka, and Soberano

Caristico, Mistico, and Valiente vs Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

Mistico starts the match out with Ultimo Guerrero and they stall for a little but do some ground grappling. Mistico knocks Guerrero to the outside then feigns a dive and hits a pose. Caristico makes his way in to take on Euforia to a chorus of cheers. They trade a few acrobatic spots and Gran Guerrero and Valiente make their way in. Valiente chases him to the outside but he gets jumped by Euforia and taken out. Mistico gets tripped on the apron and drop kicked off. In the ring Caristico gets teamed up on. Euforia gets Caristico in a crucifix position and Gran and Ultimo bulldog him down for a face buster, then Gran power bombs him. Mistico and Valiente get in the ring and all three are put into submissions by Los Guerrero’s for the fall. First Fall: Los Guerrero’s submit all three with a combined submission effort.

Valiente gets pressed slammed off the top rope to begin the round by Gran and Euforia. The Los Guerrero’s triple team spot is done on Mistico and Caristico on the outside. Euforia stands on Valiente’s back for a triple submission but Caristico comes off the top for a hurricanrana. Valiente then reverses them and Caristico launches Mistico in the ring for a hurricanrana. Then Mistico and Caristico hit stereo dives to the outside on Euforia and Gran Guerrero while in the ring Valiente submits Ultimo with a leg lock. Second Fall: Valiente submits Ultimo Guerrero with a leg stretch.

Valiente starts out hot in this round taking everyone out then posing. Mistico and Gran Guerrero pose to the crowd and both get booed. They like Caristico more. Gran goes to pull Mistico’s mask off and the crowd starts to cheer. Mistico runs off Gran’s chest and then hits a hurricanrana. He then hits a head scissors on Ultimo and Euforia. Ultimo launches him out of the ring but on the way down he hits a hurricanrana on Euforia on the outside of the ring. Caristico is in with Ultimo Guerrero now and he runs circles around him and takes him out with a hurricanrana .Gran launches Caristico into Euforia and he hits a hurricanrana. Caristico then gets a head scissors on Gran and then feigns a dive a hits a pose. Crowd goes crazy. Mistico comes back in and gets whipped onto the ramp. Euforia runs at Caristico in the corner and Caristico moves and he falls out of the ring. Valiente leaps up on the rope and does a moonsault to the outside on Gran. Caristico does a dive over the turnbuckle onto Euforia and then Mistico does a dive of his own. Crazy stuff going on here. I can barely keep up. Back in the ring Euforia hits a kind of face buster on Caristico bringing in Valiente who goes for a leg lock but Gran breaks it up and chokeslams him. Mistico comes back in to hit a hurricanrana pin but Gran kicks out. Caristico then hits a hurricanrana on Ultimo to the outside and then Valiente hits a brutal middle rope dive on him to the outside that made them crash into the barricade. In the ring Mistico and Caristico both do the head scissors into a Fujiwara arm bar on Gran and Euforia for the win. Tremendous match. Wow. Third Fall: Mistico and Caristico submit Gran Guerrero and Euforia with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Winners: Caristico, Mistico, and Valiente

(Champion of the Universe) El Terrible vs Niebla Roja

They start the match out tying up fighting for the first take down. Finally they get to the ground and Roja does some acrobatic spots to him. They get up and trade strikes. Roja runs at Terrible and Terrible slaps him. Roja back drops Terrible to the outside and then hits a crushing dive through the middle rope that sends Terrible into the crowd. They get back in the ring and Roja gets a couple of two count. Roja goes to run and Bestia distracts him which allows Terrible to grab Roja for a german suplex for the first fall. First Fall: El Terrible pins Niebla Roja with a german suplex.

Terrible beat Roja up a bit in between rounds and continues to work on Roja on the outside to start the second round. Terrible slams the barricade on Roja’s head. Back in the ring Roja catches some momentum and knocks Terrible to the outside and then hits a dive over the top rope laying out Terrible. Roja poses to the crowd for their admiration. Roja whips Terrible over the barricade and then leaps over the barricade for an attack. Crowd is very much behind Niebla Roja as you might expect. Back in the ring Roja hits a double underhook face buster which Terrible kicks out of. They trade strikes in the corner multiple times. Roja finally dodges one and throws Terrible in the air and kicks him in the face. Terrible kicks out. Arena is going crazy. Terrible dodges an attack and then hits a shotgun drop kick, sending Roja flying. Terrible sets him up in the corner and hits multiple strikes to the body and face on Roja. Terrible hits a Styles Clash on Roja but Roja kicks out. Both men lay their gassed out. Terrible goes to the top and Roja hits a arm drag, or some half way Spanish Fly for a two count. Roja hits a springboard splash and then goes for a lionsault but Terrible gets the legs up and goes for the pin. A very close two count. Terrible slams Roja and goes to the top again, and again Roja knocks him down. Roja goes for a hurricanrana but Terrible blocks him and goes for a power bomb but mid air Roja reverses to a hurricanrana for a two count. Roja goes to the top rope but Terrible gets up and crotches him. They fight a bit on the top rope and Roja gets the underhooks for his face buster but Terrible kicks out yet again. Roja sets him up in the corner and gives him a receipt for those strikes earlier. Roja again tries to go for a hurricanrana but this time Terrible hits a power bomb off the top. Roja kicks out however. Terrible runs at Roja in the corner but Roja moves and strikes Terrible. Roja gets an handle to the chest then rolls into his rocking boat stretch. Bestia distracts the ref which brings Oro in to confront him but the ref goes over to him and Bestia strikes Roja which allows Terrible to hit a power bomb then Styles Clash for the win. Second Fall: El Terrible pins Niebla Roja with a Styles Clash.

Oro is trying to chase down Bestia as the ring girls bring Terrible his Champion of the Universe belt. Oro gets the mic and he’s heated. He’s walking up the ramp to confront him. Now Roja has the mic. The mic is very poorly connected to the TV audio, as it’s echoing. But I did make out hair vs hair that Niebla Roja challenged Terrible too. I wonder if at their big March show they do a tag team Hair vs Hair involving Terrible and Bestia facing Oro and Roja. They set the seeds a little bit in the earlier match involving Roja and Oro for it to be a tag team.

Winner: El Terrible

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