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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (12/5/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Cruiserweight grudges heat up the winter as THE Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak go toe-to-toe! Will the Philly Fury end The Man with a Plan once and for all?



  • THE Brian Kendrick w/ Akira Tozawa VS Drew Gulak w/ Jack Gallagher; Kendrick wins, by disqualification.
  • Ariya Daivari VS Clay Roberts; Daivari wins.
  • Tornado Tag: Lucha House Party VS TJP & Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis; Lucha House Party wins.


Drake Maverick frames tonight’s action.

First, former friends face off for the first time as THE Brian Kendrick takes on Drew Gulak. Gulak purged Kendrick from the Ungentle Men’s Club two months ago over showing mercy, but now Kendrick plans to show no mercy to Gulak tonight. Will Kendrick burn down the Submission Commission? Or will just tap out?

Second, the Cruiserweight Championship rematch from Super Show-Down is coming, as Cedric Alexander is back in winning ways. Maverick himself will sit with Buddy Murphy for an exclusive interview to see how the Juggernaut is preparing for the Soul of 205 Live.

And lastly, the Lucha House Party look to settle the score with TJP and Mike Kanellis in a match that’s practically synonymous with the Cruiserweight Division. The Tornado Tag has also become a specialty of the luchadores, but it was the First Lady, Maria Kanellis, who asked for such a match. What could she be plotting against Kalisto and amigos here tonight?


THE Brian Kendrick w/ Akira Tozawa VS Drew Gulak w/ Jack Gallagher!

No time to waste as we get right to action! The Philly Fury still wants his #Better205Live by any means necessary, and won’t let things like compassion slow him down. He’s accused The Man with a Plan of going soft, but will Kendrick show Gulak how hard it is to defeat an angry and savvy veteran?

The bell rings and Kendrick circles with Gulak. They approach carefully but then separate. They try again and Gulak grabs at Kendrick. Kendrick reverses to a facelock but Gulak puts him on the ropes. They break at 3, then go again. Gulak gets the facelock and takedown, but Kendrick resists a cover. Fans applaud as Gulak backs off and they go again. Gulak gets double knuckle lock but Kendrick reverses to a wristlock. Gulak rolls and gets free, but fans chant for Kendrick. This annoys Gulak because of his no chanting rule. Gulak and Kendrick tie up and Gulak pushes Kendrick back again. Gulak has Kendrick on the ropes but breaks at 4.

Kendrick ducks Gulak’s swing but Gulak ducks Kendrick’s. Gulak blocks the back elbow and the boot to clothesline Kendrick down. Cover, ONE, but Gulak is on Kendrick with another facelock. Kendrick resists the dragon sleeper so Gulak goes after the leg! Gulak pulls back and then laces the legs to get Kendrick in a modified deathlock. Gulak pulls hair but Kendrick gets a ropebreak. The ref counts and Gulak lets go at 4. Gulak comes back but Kendrick elbows him, only to get a knee. Gulak gets the leg for an ankle DDT! Cover, ONE, but Gulak stays on Kendrick. Kendrick hits back with forearms then ducks Gulak’s punch to go for a full nelson. Gulak works against the hold but Kendrick shifts to double chicken wings. Tiger Suplex, with bridge! TWO but Kendrick goes after Gulak again.

Kendrick boots Gulak and again, but Gulak blocks the third. Gulak spins into a lift, and powerbomb! High stack, TWO, into the Half Crab! Kendrick endures and powers Gulak down, but now it’s a Heel Hook! Kendrick endures and goes after Gulak’s arms. He brings Gulak in for forearms and Gulak lets go. Gulak headbutts Kendrick then gives him both shots. Gulak puts on a headlock and grinds Kendrick down. Fans rally up for Kendrick, and he powers out. Things speed up and Kendrick calf kicks Gulak down! Cover, but Gulak immediately makes it a leg lock! Kendrick reaches but Gulak grabs an arm. Kendrick keeps reaching even as Gulak twists him sideways, and gets the ropebreak! Gulak lets go but he comes back for more.

Gulak brings Kendrick up and scoop slams him, then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Gulak puts on a facelock, but fans rally up for Kendrick. Kendrick feeds off the energy and slips out of the scoop. Gulak gets another headlock but Kendrick fights out. Gualk drive sin kenes and now it’s a brawl. They go back and forth, fast and furious, and Kendrick knocks Gulak down! Cover, TWO! Captain’s Hook!! Gulak endures and moves around, and gets the ropebreak himself now. Kendrick holds on unto 4, then gets a Dragon Suplex! Cover, TWO!! Gulak lives but barely.

Gallagher coaches Gulak up but Kendrick stands first. Kendrick staggers over to Gulak and wants the hold again, but Gulak slips out. Gulak goes for his hold but Kendrick slips out. They go around and Kendrick tosses Gulak out of the ring. Tozawa keeps his space while Kendrick fetches Gulak. Gallagher goes after Tozawa and puts him into the post! Kendrick is distracted and Gulak rolls him up! TWO! Gulak runs but Kendrick dodges, then Sliced Bread!! Cover, but Gallahger gets in and attacks!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick, by disqualification

Gallagher stomps away on Kendrick then rains down rights! Fans boo and jeer while Gallagher tosses off his jacket. But Kendrick hits back! Gulak gets up and puts Kendrick in the GuLOCK! Kendrick is stuck, and Gallagher intercepts Tozawa with knees! Tozawa keeps trying, but he gets the Gentleman’s Headbutt! Kendrick is out, and the Submission Commission stands tall. Gulak & Gallagher feel like the winners tonight, but will they win out in this cruel winter?


Drake Maverick holds his exclusive sit-down interview with Buddy Murphy.

The Juggernaut has had quite the 2018. He rose from obscurity to become the Cruiserweight Champion. But he is also one of the more polarizing stars here. He defeated Cedric Alexander to take the title, but now he’ll face Alexander again to keep the title. This time around won’t be like before, and with no home field advantage. Murphy knows the score, but he’s glad to be facing Alexander again. It took Alexander and Ali to defeat him, and Ali was actually the tougher one. Alexander should thank Ali for the help. But if Alexander wants to prove he’s as good as he says he is, have another match next week. Murphy will even have a match, and let Maverick decide each of their opponents. Or is that too “polarizing” for Maverick? Who will Maverick set up for the champion and challenger as mystery opponents for their tune-ups?


Ariya Daivari VS Clay Roberts!

The Privileged Persian Lion returns to action, but he already made quite the impact last week when he helped Hideo Itami beat up the young wrestler Itami had already beaten. Daivari declared he respects Itami, but will he show respect to his own opponent tonight?

The bell rings and Daivari glares at his opponent, before pie-facing him into a corner! Daivari fires off haymakers and stomps a mudhole in Roberts. Daivari drags Roberts up and whips but Roberts reverses. Roberts runs in but Daivari dodges to kick Roberts down! Itami watches backstage as Daivari brings Roberts up. Roberts punches back but Daivari slaps Roberts over and over and over! Then hammerlock lariat! Cover, but Daivari drags Roberts up! Daivari brings Roberts around for yet another hammerlock lariat! Cover, but again Daviari sits Raoberts up. Roberts is out on his feet as Daivari continues to clothesline him over and over and over! Daivari wants to finish with a right hand but Roberts is already done. The referee stops this match and Daivari wins.

Winner: Ariya Daivari, by referee stoppage

The Persian Lion shows new ferocity, but is it enough to impress the Innovator of the GTS?


Mustafa Ali speaks.

“We all fall. The hard part is getting back up.” The Heart of 205 Live lost at Survivor Series, but now he gets back up to try again. Last week was the first step. Ali is proud of his friend, Cedric Alexander, for earning his rematch. Ali’s on Alexander’s side, but everyone needs to know: when it’s Ali’s turn again, whether it’s friend or foe, the Cruiserweight Champion needs to be ready to fight for his life, because Ali will be.

Backstage interview with Cedric Alexander.

He’s surely excited to have his rematch with Buddy Murphy, but how does he respond to Murphy’s comments from earlier tonight? Murphy says Ali is better than Alexander, and that strikes a nerve. Alexander is “on the cusp of becoming a two-time Cruiserweight Champion” and won’t allow even Ali to step ahead of him. Just kidding! Is Murphy thinking he can turn friends against each other with third grade mind games? Alexander never needed mind games to get the job done. So that challenge for next week? Alexander accepts. Whoever steps in his way, Alexander will take them out. “Hope Buddy can say the same.”


Noam Dar speaks.

“Usually I’m fun and easy going, but this, this I take seriously.” Buddy Murphy disrespected the Scottish Supernova when he helped his “daft pal”, Tony Nese, win. If Murphy’s man enough, he’ll take Dar on himself and learn why Dar’s the one true star of 205 Live. Well, Maverick does need to find opponents for the champ and challenger, is Dar going to go against the Juggernaut next week?


Tornado Tag: Lucha House Party VS TJP & Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis!

The trio of amigos is sans Gran Metalik again, but such is the life of a new father. The King of the Ropes tends to his family while Kalisto and Lince Dorado hold it down. But will they be able to hold on to their masks with the FilAm Flash and friends showing no respect?

Of course, with the holidays on the way, the Lucha Dragon and Golden Lynx want to wish everyone Feliz Navidad as they throw sombreros, baby pinatas and candy to the fans. However, the big bag of presents stays with them for now. TJP and the Kanellises make their entrance and things are already tense. The bell rings and the brawl ignites!

Mike and Kalisto fight in one corner while TJP and Lince are in the other. The luchadores get control and toss TJP out. Then they work on Mike together, Lince scooping and slamming. Kalisto runs for the elevated splash and Lince adds the plank! TJP returns but runs into kicks. Kalisto runs and Lince boosts him for the missile dropkick! Mike and TJP regroup on the outside, but Lince hurries up top, and leaps onto both of them! Fans fire up, and Kalisto takes something out of the big bag. It’s a matraca!

Kalisto makes some noise while Lince puts TJP in the ring. Kalisto stomps TJP while Lince whips Mike into barriers. TJP kicks out of a cover but Kalisto quickly gets a step-in tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Lince grabs the bag of gifts, but Mike gives him a spinebuster to the floor! Kalisto wrecks Mike with a dropkick then climbs up top. Fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” but Maria grabs Penelope Pinata! Maria holds Penelope hostage, and TJP dropkicks Kalisto down! Then Maria stomps the pinata! Fans boo, you’re only supposed to break pinatas with sticks. TJP puts Lince in the ring while Mike drags Kalisto up. Mike throws Kalisto into barriers while TJP bumps Lince off buckles. Mike brings in the corpse of Penelope and stomps on it more.

TJP kicks Penelope out of the ring, then helps Mike double whip and double clothesline Lince. Maria hands Mike the stolen mask they took from Lince while TJP rains rights hand. Fans boo and jeer as Mike uses the mask to hit Lince in the face. TJP covers, TWO! Mike and TJP bring Lince up to double whip him corner to corner. Mike whips TJP in for a corner clothesline, then TJP trips Lince up. TJP throws Lince with the leg lock, then Mike drops an elbow! Lince resists the cover to Mike stomps him out. Mike covers, TWO, so TJP scrapes his shoe on Lince’s face. Kalisto returns and fights Mike. Kalisto leaps onto the barrier, but Mike trips him up! Mike leaves Kalisto behind and helps TJP mug Lince again. They double whip Lince again but Lince breaks through, double Golden Rewind!

Mike rolls out of the ring while TJP is down. Kalisto climbs back in the ring while Maria panics. Kalisto springboards as TJP stands, big crossbody! Things speed up, corkscrew crossbody! Kailsto kicks and kicks then whips, but TJP reverses. TJP runs in but Kalisto dodges to roll TJP up, for a Listo Kick! Kalisto fires up and runs, but the Spike-rana is countered into a modified STF! Mike intercepts Lince on the apron, for a Russian leg sweep that sends both men into barriers! TJP goes after Kalisto’s mask while fans rally up. Kalisto fights out with his free leg, but TJP brings him around for a cover. ONE but TJP has the mask’s tail now.

Fans continue to rally as TJP pulls at the eye holes. The mask doesn’t come off so TJP stomps Kalisto down. TJP drags Kalisto up and scoop slams him, to then hit the senton atomico. Cover, TWO! Kalisto keeps his team in this but TJP keeps on him and his mask. TJP puts Kalisto in the corner then whips him corner to corner. Kalisto boots TJP back, then runs out, but TJP dropkicks the legs out. TJP goes after that leg with the Kneebar! Kalisto endures as TJP grape vines on. Maria shouts for Kalisto to “TAP! TAP!” but fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” Kalisto endures, and drags both himself and TJP towards ropes. He reaches out and gets the ropebreak! TJP lets go at the count of 4, but he’s still growing frustrated. Mike slowly returns as TJP gives a spinning toehold to that leg.

TJP soaks up the heat as he climbs up top, but Kalisto kicks Mike away. Kalisto hurries and kicks TJP, too! TJP holds on so he doesn’t fall off, but Kalisto SUPERKICKS Mike away! Kalisto kicks TJP again then climbs up. Kalisto goes all the way up, and SUPER STEINERS TJP at Mike! Lince returns from the top rope for a big crossbody! Lince runs and headscissors Mike around, then CHOPS him down. And a rolling enziguri, too! Lince runs corner to corner for the forearm smash, then whips corner to corner. Mike reverses but Lince dodges and SUPERKICKS Mike again. Moonsault uno, moonsault dos, and then moonsault tres! Cover, but TJP breaks it! TJP goes after Lince but gets an uppercut. Mike goes to the apron while LHP fire up together. “Get the bolso (bag)!” Kalisto gives Lince the bag of gifts, and reveal baby pinatas!

The pinatas are in a pile, and Lince brings TJP over. TJP reverses and suplexes, but Lince resists. TJP shifts but Lince slips out and then shoves TJP. Lince tackles TJP into the corner and hoists him up top. Lince chops TJP, then calls for Kalisto. Kalisto hurries over, and the two climb up to join TJP. But Mike returns and gets Kalisto out of the way. Mike lifts Lince in the electric chair, but Kalisto pushes them forward. Lince grabs TJP and Kalisto removes Mike. Mike runs back but Kalisto dumps him out! Kalisto returns to help Lince, to give TJP a DOUBLE SUPERPLEX on the pinata pile!! The pinatas break but perhaps so does TJP! Kalisto and Lince crawl to double cover, but Mike breaks it up at the last second! All four men are down but fans are loving this.

The fans rally up as Mike drags Lince up. Mik throws Lince out but Kalisto clotheslines Mike out. Kalisto goes to TJP, but gets a sit-out powerbomb on a pinata! TWO!! TJP is at a loss for words, other than he hates pinatas. Mike returns and TJp tells him to get the other fully grown pinata. Mike tosses it to him, and TJP brings it over, but Kailsto kicks him away! Kalisto takes the pinata back, but then Maria takes it from her. They fight over it and Maria demands to have the pinata. Kalisto gives her the pinata, by throwing it at her! Maria freaks and falls on Mike! Kalisto then gets TJP, and uses Mike for the Salida Del Sol, on pinatas! Lince returns up top, and hits the Golden Shooting Star! Cover, Lucha House Party wins!

Winners: Lucha House Party, Lince Dorado pinning

Vindication! The many machinations of Maria Kanellis have failed and the fiesta continues! And best of all, they get those stolen masks back! Can the LHP put TJP behind them to move on to bigger and better?


Drake Maverick has made a decision.

Given the mystery opponent challenge Murphy issued and Alexander accepted, Maverick makes it official! Buddy Murphy will face Noam Dar, just as the Scottish Supernova himself wanted. As for Alexander, he’ll face the other Body Guy, Tony Nese.

As such, Tony Nese speaks.

“Last time I faced Cedric Alexander one on one, I not only beat him, I broke him.” The Premier Athlete claims credit for sending Alexander into the “downward spiral”, and is amazed Alexander recovered at all. Nese knows Alexander better than anyone, he has Alexander’s number. This Murphy VS Alexander rematch everyone wants won’t happen, because Nese vows to leave Alexander in such bad shape, “he will never recover.” Will Nese drag the Soul of 205 Live down into a new slump? Or will the Age of Alexander’s reformation continue, using Nese’s abs as the foundation?



My Thoughts:

A great episode here, with great progression in each part of the episode. Kendrick VS Gulak was a great match, and that DQ finish still works given the story between everyone involved. Gulak & Gallagher stand tall but I’m thinking we get some kind of crazy tag team match as the blow-off. Maybe it’ll be some form of a No Disqualification Tag match in the spirit of TLC coming up. Then I’m sensing Ariya Daivari will convince Hideo Itami to be his tag team partner with how he brutalized that jobber tonight. I am still disappointed it isn’t the Daivari Brothers in 205 Live but if Ariya and Itami teaming helps get us the tag team titles, I’ll allow it. Especially with a match like LHP VS TJP & Mike Kanellis. This was such a great match, and is what Raw should be doing with LHP VS The Revival!

Then with the “tune-up” matches we’re going to get next week, I like the mingling of stories. Noam Dar got dragged into this so it’s great that he wants at Murphy now. But I feel like there was a missed opportunity for Alexander’s mystery opponent. Alexander mentioned the mind games Murphy was playing, trying to make Alexander upset that Ali is supposedly a better opponent, so why not go with it? Make Ali VS Alexander happen next week for a great Wrestlemania rematch moment. But I suppose they want to save that for when it’s for the title, to bring their story together full circle. Either way, Alexander VS Nese is still going to be good because of how familiar they are with each other. And I’m pretty sure both champion and challenger stay hot going towards their title match.

My Score: 8.7/10

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