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Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2 Results & Report! (12/4/18)



WWE Mixed Match Challenge

The Mixed Match Challenge is Code Blue as it’s all SmackDown this week! Will Charlotte and Jeff Hardy use #ExtremeFlair to overcome the FABULOUS Truth?



  • Jeff Hardy & Charlotte Flair VS R-Truth & Carmella; Truth & Carmella win and advance to the SmackDown Block Finals.
  • The Miz & Asuka VS Jimmy Uso & Naomi; The Miz & Asuka win and advance to the SmackDown Block Finals.


It’s week two of the Mixed Match Challenge Playoffs!

And it’s SmackDown’s turn to see who advances to the next round! However, so much happened on tonight’s SmackDown, who will even be ready to compete tonight? The Mixed Match Challenge champions have been on a roll, aside from losing to the #ExtremeFlair during the round robin phase, and look to repeat their winning ways. But with Asuka, Charlotte, The Miz and Jeff Hardy having all competed tonight, will they be able to make it into the next round? Or will the much fresher #DayOneGlow and #FABULOUSTruth capitalize on tired and unfocused opponents?


Backstage interview with The FABULOUS Truth!

The fourth seed of the SmackDown Block faces the top seed, but Truth says that he and Carmella on the same page because they’re reading the same book. They’ve both started reading “Eat, Pray, Love”, a high recommendation. Carmella has no idea what Truth is talking about. Truth says the drive to finish a book will help them finish the Mixed Match Challenge. Hardy & Flair are tough opponents, but Carmella beat Charlotte twice! So she will win again, the team will win the tournament, and they’re headed to the Royal Rumble. Lightning won’t strike twice. Truth didn’t know Mella got struck by lightning before. No wonder she’s so confused all the time. Well, the confusion aside, will Truth & Mella manage to make the biggest shock of the entire second season?


Backstage interview with the #DayOneGlow!

Jimmy & Naomi are the last married couple standing, but the Glow must face a good friend in Asuka. Naomi promises to put that friendship aside for the sake of a paid vacation and long-needed honeymoon for her and Jimmy. The round robin had Team AWESKA go over them, but what about this rematch? Jimmy studied tape of The Miz, of Asuka, and even the Real World and The Marine 6 for good measure. The Miz wasn’t very good on those so Jimmy is sure he and Naomi have this tonight. Naomi points out she was on the previous Marine movie, is Jimmy insulting her performance? Of course not, she was great in that one. Studying film is one thing, will Jimmy & Naomi make the MMC Champs #FeeltheGlow in reality?


Jeff Hardy & Charlotte Flair VS R-Truth & Carmella!

The Charismatic Enigma may not have started this tournament with The Queen, but he vows to take it to the finish. However, both he and Charlotte competed earlier tonight in losing efforts and can’t be 100%. Will the FABULOUS Truth be able to cash-in for a win tonight?

“Austin, Texas! Make some noise!” The live fan poll bets that there is a high chance of a Dance Break. The teams sort out and the men start. Fans rally behind Hardy as he circles with Truth, and they tie up. Truth gets the arm and wrenches, bringing Hardy to a knee. Hardy gets up but Truth wrenches his arm again. Hardy reverses and wrenches to then elbow Truth’s arm. Truth reverses back and gets a headlock. Hardy powers out but Truth dodges. Truth holds ropes to do his classic dance moves. Hardy gives them back! The “DELETE!” chants begin, but Carmella tags in. Charlotte enters with her, and the “WOO~” echoes out. Carmella kicks but Charlotte catches it. Carmella asks Charlotte put the foot down, and Charlotte obliges. And then she CHOPS! And chops, and chops.

Charlotte whips Carmella but Carmella tilt-o-whirls around and around to throw Charlotte with a headscissors. Carmella dodges Charlotte to then moonwalk, but Charlotte gets a takedown! Charlotte wants the Figure Four but Carmella denies her. The men rush in and Hardy runs Truth over. Hardy and Charlotte baseball slide but Truth and Carmella dodge to get back in the ring. And now that they have the ring, DANCE BREAK~! The poll was right! But seven seconds goes by fast and Charlotte clobbers Carmella! Charlotte stalks Carmella to a corner to stomp a mudhole. She backs off to mock Truth’s moves. Carmella rolls Charlotte up! ONE, and Charlotte knees low and throws Carmella down by her hair. Charotte drags Carmella up for headscissors, and she rams Carmella’s head into the mat over and over. Carmella endures the squeeze while we see Naomi and Jimmy warming up backstage.

Back to the ring, fans rally behind “What’s up!?” Charlotte starts throwing Carmella around inside the headscissors hold, then she kips up with the “WOO~” from fans. Charlotte drags Carmella to a drop zone and heads up top. Carmella goes after a foot but Charlotte shoves her away. Carmella comes back with a FABULOUS Frankensteiner! Both women are down but they hot tag to their men! Truth rallies on Hardy, does the splits and hits the calf kick! Hardy gets to a corner but Truth runs in for a big splash. Truth brings Hardy out, kicks low, and hits the scissor kick! Cover, but Charlotte drags Truth off it! Carmella runs in and turns Charlotte around. Charlotte rocks Carmella and throws her out, Hardy gives Truth a Twist of Fate!

Hardy heads up top, but Carmella shields Truth with her body! Charlotte drags Carmella out, Swanton Bomb FLOPS!! Truth rolls Hardy up, the FABULOUS Truth win!!

Winners: R-Truth & Carmella, Truth pinning

Perhaps the BIGGEST upset in Mixed Match Challenge’s young history! Truth & Carmella take out the top SmackDown team and are one match away from TLC! Can they make the biggest comeback to date to go from worst to first?!

Backstage interview with Truth & Carmella.

That win was FABULOUS! They’re so close to the vacation they can almost taste it. And they’re headed to Memphis! Oh, that’s good. Nashville is great, too, but- No, Memphis, Egypt. Wait, that’s a place? Well whatever, as long as they stay on the right track towards winning! But now Jimmy & Naomi come by, and plan to take everyone to the Uso Penitentiary! Wait, Carmella was in a penitentiary, too? Oh, Truth.


The Miz & Asuka VS Jimmy Uso & Naomi!

Team AWESKA was arguing after losing for the first time after the #PhenomenalFlair became the #ExtremeFlair. But a loss is still a loss, and now they have to snap back if they want to still be the first, last and only Mixed Match Challenge Champions. We already saw one incredible upset, will we see another?

The teams sort out and the ladies start first. As Naomi said, she and Asuka are friends but they put that aside before and can do it again. They circle, tie up and go back and forth. Naomi gets a headlock takeover, but Asuka gets the headscissors. Naomi pops out but Asuka kicks low. Asuka gets a headlock but Naomi powers out. Asuka runs Naomi over, then runs. Things speed up, Asuka avoids a Rear View but Naomi blocks the German Suplex with a booty bump. Naomi goes for an enziguri but Asuka counters with an ankle lock! Asuka reels Naomi in for a trapped leg suplex, but Naomi denies it with a victory roll! Cover, TWO! Asuka runs into an enziguri after all!

Naomi lets Asuka get up, but Miz is disappointed that Asuka shakes her friend’s hand. Asuka dropkicks Naomi and Miz likes that. Miz tags in and Jimmy enters. Miz is smug as he reminds everyone he’s 2/3rd’s Best in the World. He and Jimmy tie up and Miz gets a waistlock. Jimmy reverses to a wristlock and headlock, but Miz slips out to his own headlock. Jimmy powers out but Miz runs him over. Miz mocks the “Uce!” as he runs, but things speed up. Jimmy hip tosses but Miz pushes him away. Miz runs into Jimmy’s arm-drags, but boots Jimmy down! Miz says “You feel that glow?” then stomps a mudhole into Jimmy. The ref counts and Miz backs off at 4, and he tells Asuka that’s how it’s done. He runs back in for a dropkick, then another! Asuka is actually surprised that Miz is doing so well.

Miz runs back in but his clothesline is denied by Jimmy’s clothesline! Jimmy rallies and SUPERKICKS! Then Jimmy gives Miz an uppercut, and a Samoan Drop! Miz gets to a corner and Asuka grows concerned. Jimmy runs in for the hip attack! He puts Miz in a drop zone and climbs up, but Miz trips him up! Naomi protests but there’s nothing she can do about it. Miz keeps on Jimmy with a chinlcok, but he hooks the face first. Jimmy endures and fans rally up. Jimmy feeds off the energy and fights out. He ducks Miz’s punch but Miz slips out of the suplex. Miz kicks low to hit the basement DDT! Cover, TWO! Jimmy lives and Asuka grows frustrated for Miz. Miz says it’s fine, he’s got this.

But fans do want to see Asuka back in, so Miz goes to tag. Only to swerve us and go after Jimmy. Miz says he doesn’t trust Asuka because she lost their match last week!? Asuka gets upset, but Miz tells her to stay. They keep arguing while Miz wrenches Jimmy with a facelock. Fans rally with “Uce! Oh!” and Jimmy gets closer to his corner! But Miz brings Jimmy away by his hair! Jimmy kicks, Miz blocks, but Miz ends up taking the dragon whip! Fans rally and Jimmy hot tags Naomi! Asuka comes in, too, but it’s Naomi who rallies!

Naomi headscissors Asuka to a corner, but Asuka dodges. Asuka runs back in but gets knees! Naomi gets a full nelson, for a sit-out nelson bomb! And then body scissor clutch cover, TWO! Asuka makes it a cover of her own, TWO! Asuka hits the pop-up knee! Then runs in, but to a back elbow. Naomi runs, springboards, enziguri! Cover, but Miz drags her off! Jimmy comes in and throws Miz out. Then Jimmy wrecks Miz with a dropkick. Naomi runs, Asuka dodges and hip attacks Jimmy down! But she turns into Naomi’s Rear View!! Cover, TWO!? Cover, TWO!! ASUKA LOCK!! Naomi is caught, Naomi taps, AWESKA wins again!

Winners: The Miz & Asuka, Asuka by submission

The Mixed Match Champions keep their season alive! Miz is happy, and acts as if nothing he said was real. After all, he’s an actor. But at the same time, Asuka takes all the credit for this victory and fans agree. Either way, The Miz & Asuka take on the FABULOUS Truth in the SmackDown Block Finals. Will the champions continue to dominate the tournament? Or do Truth & Carmella have what it takes to pull off an even greater upset?



My Thoughts:

Okay one more of these for this series, because the build to TLC has really sent this tournament into a different path than I had hoped for. We won’t be getting something as epic as Finn Balor & Bayley VS AJ Styles & Charlotte, but now it looks like we won’t get Team B’n’B in the Finals at all. Finn Balor is going to compete against Drew McIntyre at TLC, he won’t be able to represent Raw. And the same goes for Asuka if she’s going to be in the SmackDown Women’s Championship TLC Triple Threat. Now, while this is disappointing in terms of established star power, this is really great for the midcard stars like #Mahalicia and #FabulousTruth. Though, it’s hard to call Carmella “midcard” given she at least had a title run. But if it boils down to those teams, the Faces should go over for a more fun show.

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