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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (12/19/18)



NXT cover image

Before challenge Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Championship, Aleister Black will settle his score with Johnny Gargano, in a STEEL CAGE!



  • Io Shirai & Dakota Kai VS Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir; Shirai & Kai wins.
  • Dominik Dijakovic VS Aaron Mackey; Dijakovic wins.
  • Heavy Machinery VS Dwight Howl & Danny DeCarto; Heavy Machinery wins.
  • Steel Cage Match: Aleister Black VS Johnny Gargano; Gargano wins.


The story is not over.

Johnny Gargano has gone to the dark side and is far from saving. This next chapter between “Johnny Venom” and Aleister Black will be written in steel! Who will leave the cage the victor as we draw ever closer to NXT TakeOver: Phoenix?


Io Shirai & Dakota Kai VS Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir!

The Genius of the Sky and Captain Kick won’t let the MMA Horsewomen do what they want, and certainly not to their good friend, Kairi Sane. Shirai & Kai will fight on the Pirate Princess’ behalf, but will they be able to foil the debut of Shayna Baszler’s running mates?

The teams sort out and Jessamyn starts against Dakota. They circle and tie up, and Jessamyn shoves Dakota to a corner. Jessamyn runs in but Dakota goes up over to roll her up! ONE, and Jessamyn gets Dakota down with a waistlock. Dakota gets up and resists the lift. Dakota trips Jessamyn then hits a Penalty Kick to double stomps! Cover, TWO! Dakota keeps on Jessamyn with a whip. Jessamyn reverses but Dakota holds ropes and boots Jessamyn away. Marina gets a cheap shot in! Jessamyn throws Dakota down and rains down big rights and palm strikes! Jessamyn lets up to tag in Marina. Marina drags Dakota around and grounds ‘n’ pounds Dakota for her own. Cover, TWO! Marina drags Dakota up in a facelock, then shifts to a dragon sleeper.

Marina squeezes Dakota but fans rally up. Dakota uses her knees to fight out, but Marina drops her with a DDT! Cover, TWO! Marina keeps her cool as she drags Dakota up and into the Horsewomen corner. Tag to Jessamyn, and she runs while Marina snapmares Dakota down, Jessamyn boots! Cover, TWO! Dakota survives but Jessamyn is on her with a grounded neck wrench! Jessamyn grinds a knee into Dakota’s side at the same time, but fans rally up. Dakota gets up and arm-drags, but Jessamyn keeps her from the corner. Dakota scorpion kicks Jessamyn and they both fall down! Jessamyn and Dakota crawl for their corners, hot tags to Marina and Shirai!

Shirai rallies with a shotgun dropkick and forearms! Shirai fires up and hits a 619! Marina staggers, Shirai springboards for a missile dropkick! Marina crawls away but Shirai runs in at her, meteora! Shirai drags Marina up for a slam, then steps on her towards the corner. Jessmayn distracts but gets a boot from Dakota! Shirai with the Asai! Cover, Shirai & Kai win!

Winners: Io Shirai & Dakota Kai, Shirai pinning

The Pirate Princess’ crew defeat the Queen of Spades’ soldiers! However, this war may not be over just yet, will the Horsewomen regroup to get even?


“What defines a man’s character?”

History? Family? Loyalty? Dedication? Sacrifice? Love? No, it is fear. “We do not fear mankind, only failure.” He will not see failure, but you will #FeastYourEyes, next!


NXT Media catches up with Matt Riddle.

The King of Bros was attacked by Kassius Ohno, what is his reaction? Riddle isn’t happy about being punked out but he can’t blame Ohno. Riddle got him super quick so Ohno needs all the advantages he can get. But Riddle dares Ohno to face him in a rematch, and get knocked out in another seven seconds. Will Ohno accept facing Riddle man to man?


Dominik Dijakovic VS Aaron Mackey!

Don’t be fooled, the towering titan heading to the ring isn’t a new star, but Dijakovic is getting a second chance. Will the entire NXT Universe soon #FeastOurEyes on his dominance?

Mackey wants as much space between him and Dijakovic before the bell. The bell rings and Dijakovic gives Mackey a stiff body shot. And then forearms and chops and a clubbing clothesline! Mackey tries to fight back but Dijakovic says “Time to fly!” and he throws Mackey across the ring with one suplex! Dijakovic aims from across the ring, and runs in for a big back elbow! He clubs away on Mackey, then scoops him for a standing backbreaker and swinging slam! And now it’s time to “Feast Your Eyes!” as he drags Mackey up by his neck! Dijakovic lifts Mackey in a torture rack, for the Feast Your Eyes knee! Cover, Dijakovic wins!

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic, by pinfall

No mercy, all power. That is what Dominik Dijakovic brings. Will that bring Dijakovic a title sooner rather than later?


Steaks and Weights!

Heavy Machinery are revving up and are COMIIIN’ for the NXT Tag Team Championships! Will they gain some last minute momentum before going against the Undisputed Era?


William Regal makes a major announcement on Twitter.

After seeing Io Shirai do great in that tag team match, he decides to put the Genius of the Sky in the NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way! Will Shirai fly high above Lacey Evans, Mia Yim and Bianca Belair to then chart a course for Phoenix?


Heavy Machinery VS Dwight Howl & Danny DeCarto

Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic will eventually go to one of the main roster brands, but they don’t want to leave NXT without at least holding the Tag Team Championships once. They’ll get their shot next week, but will they fuel up against their opponents tonight?

The teams sort out and Dozer starts. Fans are on Dozer’s side as he grabs and throws Howl across the way! Howl tags but still gets squashed in the corner! Dozer then throws in Danny and squashes him in the Heavy Machinery corner! Tucker tags in and Dozer picks up Howl. Dozer and Tucker collide to sandwich their opponents, then Dozer spins and throws Howl out. Tucker rams Danny into buckles, then carries him corner to corner to do it again! And then back the other way, and then back the other way, and then back the other way! Tucker doesn’t stop until he sees The Undisputed Era on the stage. Tucker dares them to bring the fight, but Danny attacks from behind. That was a mistake, as Tucker clobbers him!

Tag to Dozer, and Heavy Machinery give Danny the Compactor! Cover, but Dozer brings Danny up! Howl returns but Tucker tosses him to Dozer! For another Compactor! The Undisputed Era do their best not to look scared, but Dozer tags Tucker and then lumps Danny and Dwight together. A double Compactor! Cover, Heavy Machinery wins!

Winners: Heavy Machinery, Tucker Knight pinning

If the Undisputed Era weren’t worried before, maybe they should be now, because Tucker & Otis are COMIIIN’! Will Heavy Machinery get to ring in the New Year with titles?


Steel Cage Match: Aleister Black VS Johnny Gargano!

The Embodiment of the End thought he had ended Johnny Wrestling at TakeOver: WarGames II. But Gargano would return to get in Aleister’s face just as Aleister was informing Tommaso Ciampa that his NXT Championship rematch clause was being used. Now Aleister will look to make Gargano #FadetoBlack once and for all! Will the Dutch Destroyer leave Gargano for dead inside the steel?

The cage lowers mencingly, and Aleister makes his entrance. But then Gargano attacks just as Aleister was at the door! Gargano throws left haymakers and chops! Aleister staggers around the corner but “Johnny Badass” follows. Aleister hits Gargano back with an elbow, then throws hands of his own. Fans are loving it as Aleister rains rights and kicks on Gargano against the railing. Referees tell them to get this inside the cage, but Aleister takes the scenic route as he beats on Gargano more. Gargano shoves Aleister into the cage and then the steel steps. Gargano drags Aleister up towards the door but Aleister throws Gargano back into railing. Aleister kicks Gargano then puts him in the cage. The door closes and we finally begin!

Gargano gets up at the bell and runs for the walls. Aleister stops his climb and throws hands. Gargano kicks back then brings Aleister to steel, but Aleister stops himself and hits Gargano away. Aleister throws Gargano at steel but Gargano stops himself to return the favor. Gargano scoops Aleister, but Aleister slips out. Aleister sweeps the legs and hits a basement dropkick. Aleister springboards but Gargano gets out of the way of the quebrada, only to run into a back elbow! Gargano staggers, Aleister suplexes to a brain buster! Cover, TWO! Aleister sneers at Gargano as Gargano rolls to ropes. Gargano stands between ropes and steel while fans duel. Gargano hits Aleister back but Aleister boots. Aleister misses, Gargano swing kicks!

Gargano climbs up but Aleister pursues. Gargano slips down but Aleister kicks him away, only for Gargano to bump the ropes! Aleister crotches on the rope, and Gargano throws him into steel! Gargano grounds ‘n’ pounds while fans duel. Gargano stalks Aleister and grinds hsi face into steel! He lets Aleister go to soak up both cheers and jeers. Aleister heads for the door but Gargano puts him in another corner. Gargano runs to CHOP Aleister. Gargano kicks and punches in the corner, then chops Aleister again. He wrenches Aleister’s arm to whip him corner to corner. Garganor uns in but gets an elbow, then a boot! Aleister sweeps but Gargano jumps over it. Aleister gives him knees and other strikes, but Gargano gets him down. Gargano catapults Aleister, but Aleister climbs!

Gargano grabs at Aleister but Aleister kicks him away. Aleister jumps over Gargano’s sweep, then quebradas! Fans fire up as Aleister takes Gargano down, but Aleister also pays for the leap. Both men slowly stand and Aleister’s up first. Aleister throws Gargano right into steel! And again on the other side! And then to a third side! Aleister drags Gargano up and gets the set! He drags Gargano up again, for a strike fest! Sliding knee and Aleister kips up. Aleister aims at Gargano, for the knee trigger! Cover, TWO! Gargano lives but Aleister keeps his cool. Fans duel as they rally up. Aleister climbs up steel, and reaches the very top! But instead of climbing down the other side, he heads back in after Gargano, with a leap!

Gargano kicks but Aleister catches it to boot him back. Aleister runs in but Gargano sends him into steel! Gargano drags Aleister up and props him up on the ropes, for a SUPERKICK! Gargano climbs over Aleister to get up top, but Aleister hurries up after him. Aleister drags Gargano back down and now they brawl on the top rope. Aleister gets an edge with elbows but Gargano springboards to sunset flip powerbomb!! Both men are down but fans are losing their minds! Gargano crawls to a cover, TWO!! Aleister survives but Gargano is stirring. Gargano crawls over as fans duel again.

Gargano brings Aleister up and throws more forearms. He brings Aleister up to their feet for more forearms. Aleister hits back with European Uppercuts! Gargano hits Aleister, but Aleister hits back. Gargano hits forearms from both sides but Aleister fires off boxing shots! Aleister kicks, Gargano blocks, Aleister runs but into Gargano’s SUPERKICK! Gargano runs but into a knee trigger! Both men are down again, and fans hope they “Fight Forever!” Aleister stands Gargano up against the steel, runs, and boots Gargano against cage! He keeps going, and boots Gargano again! Gargano topples over, but the door opens! Aleitser doesn’t see this until he boots Gargano again! Gargano almost falls out of the ring, but Aleister grabs his legs!

Aleister drags Gargano back in like a horror movie, but Gargano enziguris Aleister back! Gargano hurries for the door but Aleister grabs his feet again! Aleister holds on with all his might and drags Gargano back in. Gargano elbows Aleister but walks into a boot. Gargano blocks a strike but so does Aleister. Aleister fires off strieks and roundhouses Gargano. Aleister jumps but Gargano Russian leg sweeps, into a GargaNO Escape! Fans duel while Aleister endures. Aleister gets up and picks Gargano up, to throw into steel! But Gargano keeps the hold on! Gargano drives his knee into Aleister’s face, but Aleister still endures. Aleister tries again, and this time throws Gargano face first. But Gargano uses it to climb! Aleister hurries up fast and catches Gargano by his hair!

Aleister hops up to join Gargano now, and they brawl atop the steel wall! They go back and forth, but Aleister forces Gargano back inside. Gargano drags Aleister back in, too, and chops away! Gargano headbutts, then lines up the shot. He wants to give Aleister a wild ride, but Aleister pushes him away! Gargano crashes and burns, and then Aleister hits Meteora! And a German Suplex bridge! TWO!! Gargano survives because of that super human heart! Fans rally up and Aleister stands first. Aleister looms over Gargano, and picks him up with his foot. “I told you, John. I told you. Why are you making me do it again?” But Gargano puts that leg on the rope, to kick away on it, then SUPERKICK Aleister!

Gargano scoops Aleister, to long dart him in a corner! Then long dart to the cage! Gargano grins an evil grin as he looks down at Aleister. Gargano decides not to stop here, and he tells Aleister, “I absolve you of your sins.” He reels back, but gets a Black Mass!! Aleister and Gargano are both down and fans fire up. Gargano manages to move and go to a corner. Fans build to a rally as Gargano drags himself up. Gargano starts a climb but Aleister heads for the door! It’s a race to escape, but Ciampa slams the door closed on Aleister!! Ciampa gets in the ring and Gargano is in shock. Ciampa rains hands down as fans chant “DIY! DIY!”

But Gargano climbs back in?! Gargano refuses to win like this, and he stares Ciampa down across the way. But then, as fans chant for it, the team once known as DIY get an evil idea in their minds. DIY aims at Aleister!? For the DIY Vice!! Gargano and Ciampa, on the same side again?! Ciampa grins and leaves the cage, and Gargano covers. Gargano wins!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by pinfall

Johnny Gargano wins, thanks to Tommaso Ciampa?! Who would’ve thought we’d see the day when these two work together again after what they’d done to each other. But in the end, it has turned out this way. Will Aleister be able to recover and get revenge on the Psycho Killer in Phoenix? Or is this a sign of darker days in NXT?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode right here, with very little down time from in-ring action. The opening Women’s Tag was good but also quick. I suppose that even with the time they’ve spent, Jessamyn and Marina still need time to match up to talents like Shirai & Kai. It was still a good first showing, and maybe come that Six Woman Tag I’m still hoping for, they’ll be able to go for a longer, wilder match. And I foolishly didn’t think Shirai would be in the #1 Contender’s Fatal 4, she has to be the odds on favorite to winning that to carry on where Kairi Sane left off. Plus with Lacey Evans going up to main, she’s the odds on favorite to not win.

The only thing I didn’t like about Donovan Dijak’s return is how they’re pronouncing his new last name. Die-ja-kovic just doesn’t work when his name is literally adding “ovic” to Dijak. But names aside, he did well enough in squashing a jobber. I hope this new Dijakovic gets to have a feud with Keith Lee so that both men get to show everything they’ve got. Riddle VS Ohno is also coming, that’ll be great. Heavy Machinery got to show some new ruthlessness as they made examples out of jobbers. Though, I sadly doubt they’ll be going to main roster as the NXT Tag Team Champions, meaning the Undisputed Era will find any number of ways to screw them over in the match next week. Maybe Tucker & Otis will have better going with titles once they reach main roster.

Aleister VS Gargano was a great steel cage match, which is saying something since steel cage matches are harder to make unique. The opening brawl was a good choice, given the story between these two. And it wasn’t just kayfabe to say that the momentary DIY reunion was shocking. Gargano has been feeling further and further Heel, and this almost solidifies it. I still wonder if this brings us back around to the NXT Championship Triple Threat we didn’t get for TakeOver: Brooklyn. That would be great because it’d pit DIY against each other so soon after they worked together, and then that helps Aleister take the title back.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (6/17/19)

Who faces Samoa Joe for the United States Championship?!



WWE Raw Cover image

It’s the last Raw before Stomping Grounds!

Raw stops in Los Angeles before heading to Tacoma, and has a HUGE match to determine a #1 Contender to the United States Championship! Who wins a Fatal 5 Way to then take on Samoa Joe for the title?



  • WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match: The Miz VS Braun Strowman VS Ricochet VS Bobby Lashley VS Cesaro; wins and will challenge Samoa Joe for the title at WWE Stomping Grounds.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.

The Drifter opens Raw in LA, and says he was talking to Anthony Davis. “Why? Why would you want to move to Los Angeles?” Davis said it’s because he’s garbage, and should be with other pieces of garbage. So he moved to a city where the people are more toxic than the air. Elias would rather be anywhere else, but he was invited here by Baron Corbin. And Elias is wearing referee stripes, because HE is the special guest referee for Stomping Grounds! Corbin’s trust- doesn’t matter because Seth Rollins SMACKS Elias from behind! And again! And again! Over and over and over, Rollins unleashes his fury on Corbin’s pick for special guest ref! Rollins then demands a mic so he can speak.

“After every thing I’ve been through with Brock Lesnar, I am done playing games!” Corbin still needs a special guest referee, but Rollins has a message for those who want that position. It is the first and last warning. It doesn’t matter what Corbin promises, but the chair is what awaits them. “So choose wisely!” The Architect opens Raw with a Universal title ultimatum! Will Corbin get anyone to line up for the job now that Rollins is ready to burn them down?


The Miz is here!

The Hollywood A-Lister has his shot at a Stomping Grounds match, but he wants to “check” on Elias real quick. Skull-Crushing Finale for the Drifter! Bobby Lashley comes out next, to SPEAR Elias! The Rocky Mountain Machine isn’t going to be shown up by Miz, it seems. Then Cesaro appears to take Elias for a swing! He goes around and around and around, for just under 10! After Cesaro is the One and Only, Ricochet! Elias sits up, only to get Ricochet’s Code Breaker! But then BRAUN appears! And yes, he finishes Elias off with a MONSTER SLAM! And with that, their massive match is up next!


WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 5 Way ELIMINATION Match: The Miz VS Braun Strowman VS Ricochet VS Bobby Lashley VS Cesaro!

After Miz TV became an open forum on last week’s Raw, it is clear Samoa Joe has a long and star-studded list to contend with. They all got to show what they can do to Elias, but what will they do to each other in order to meet the Samoan Submission Machine at Stomping Grounds?

Raw returns with the bell, and Strowman SHOTGUN dropkicks Lashley and Cesaro! Miz and Ricochet go after Strowman but get shoved away. Strowman grabs Cesaro and Lashley to shove them out! Miz hops on for a sleeper hold then Ricochet runs in, only to get run over! Strowman throws Miz off to then throw him across the ring! Lashley returns but gets blasted back out. Cesaro throws a European Uppercut, and manages a torture rack lift! Cesaro slams Strowman to the mat! But he won’t stop there, the Swiss Cyborg wants the Neutralizer! But Strowman back drops out of it! Cesaro lands on his feet to springboard, but gets caught! MONSTER SLAM! But Strowman can’t cover, and Lashley runs in, only to get a MONSTER SLAM onto Cesaro! Cover, Strowman ELIMINATES Cesaro!

Samoa Joe watches from ringside and is impressed, slightly. Ricochet springboards in and Strowman catches him! To ram him into a corner! Then throw him across the way! Miz returns but gets a BOOT! Lashley slips back in, and catches Strowman to a complete shot. Now Lashley tries his strength in snap suplexing Strowman! Lashley hits Miz out of the ring then does the same to Ricochet. But Strowman is up and ready, scoops and SLAMS Lashley! Cover, Strowman ELIMINATES Lashley!! That’s two men who #GotTheseHands! But then Strowman sees the other two on the outside, and he runs Miz over! Strowman keeps going and BLASTS Ricochet off his feet! He keeps going, to blast Miz again! The Monster roars, then puts Miz in the ring.

Miz makes it to a corner, and Strowman runs in for a monster splash. Strowman keeps going, for a second! He scoops Miz but Lashley returns to SPEAR Strowman! There are no disqualifications, so he AND Cesaro return! Cesaro lifts Strowman for a Neutralizer!! Ricochet doesn’t complain as he gives Strowman the 630 senton! Cover, and it’s a TRIPLE cover! They ELIMINATE Strowman!! The Swiss Cyborg and the All Mighty get even with the Monster Among Men, and Joe just laughs. Strowman glares as he grabs Ricochet to THROW at Lashley! Strowman then drags Lashley up to throw him into barriers! The Monster turns his attention to Cesaro and BLASTS him on stage! Cesaro hits LED walls! But Miz and Ricochet are still in this match. Who makes it back up while we go to break?


Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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AAA’s Review & Results 6/16/2019

Joe brings us AAA updates! Big matches! The Young Bucks defend the Tag Titles!



Joe brings us AAA updates! Big matches! The Young Bucks defend the Tag Titles!

Live on Twitch 6/15

Keyra and Hijo Del Tirantes vs Mamba and Maximo

This match wasn’t even remotely advertised. Well a cookie sheet gets introduced really quickly by Tirantes. After getting beat on some Maximo hits a dive through the middle rope. Nothing really happens for a few minutes. This is a really slow paced match. Mamba hits a power bomb on Keyra, reversing her hurricanrana. Tirantes tries to pretend he was fouled. Ref ain’t having it. Tirantes argues with the ref, Maximo kisses him and then rolls him up for the win. Maximo pins Tirantes with a roll up

Winners: Mamba and Maximo

Dr. Wagner comes out for a promo talking about Silver King. Rey Escorpion comes out saying he doesn’t care. Wagner pushes Rey and folks come out to beat him up but Pagano helps Wagner out.

Taya Valkyrie, Lady Shani, and Scarlett Bordeaux vs La Hiedra, Chik Tormenta, and Tessa Blanchard

Match starts out much quicker than the first thankfully. An array of trading moves. We get some normal back and forth action before it becomes a brawl again. Taya gets hit with a super kick, stunner, then a german suplex. Scarlett does a canadian destroyer on Tessa. Boy has that move been bastardized. Scarlett power bombs Tormenta but the pin gets broken up. Shani has a flurry on Hiedra and Tormenta and Scarlett hits a dive off of the top to the outside. Daga comes down and super kicks Taya and Tessa hook DDTs her for the win. Tessa pins Taya with a hook DDT

Winners: La Hiedra, Chik Tormenta, and Tessa Blanchard

Myzteziz Jr vs Puma King vs Sammy Guevara

A make shift triple threat match. Puma and Myzteziz tried to work on Sammy to start. This match is going at a crazy pace. Myzteziz hits a tornillo splash. Guevara hits one of his own. Myzteziz messes up a hurricanrana spot with Puma. There’s some double team offense with Sammy and Puma. Puma hits an over the top rope dive. Puma counters Myzteziz on the top rope for a power bomb. Sammy comes and hits a shooting star press during the pin to break it up and pin Myzteziz. Sammy Guevara pins Myzteziz Jr with a shooting star press.

Killer Kross comes out. Kross kills Puma King with a kick. He hits a modified F5 on Myzteziz

Winner: Sammy Guevera

Daga vs Laredo Kid

There is a feel out process and then each postures to the crowd. They have some back and forth pinning exchanges and then Daga starts to work him over. Laredo Kid hits a middle rope dive but it hurts him more. Daga takes advantage. It’s really a long casual back and forth. Tessa interferes when Laredo Kid has Daga beat. Laredo Kid goes for a top rope move and Daga low blows him and then double stomps the back of his head for the victory. There was a lot of posturing in this match. They try to remove Laredo Kid’s mask and Taya comes to make the save. Daga pins Laredo Kid with a double stomp to the back of the head.

Winner: Daga

La Parka, Aerostar, and Hijo del Vikingo vs Chessman, Australian Suicide, and Monster Clown

The rudos quickly beat up on the tecnicos. This is pretty much a hardcore match. A trashcan gets introduced fairly early. Chessman brings a chair in. Vikingo uses his agility to gain the advantage on Chessman. Aerostar hits a tornillo splash and then makes Chessman miss an attack and hit Monster Clown. Aerostar climbs a structure which is legit like 25 feet off of the ground. Aerostar cannon balls off of it. What the hell. Suicide hits a piledriver on Vikingo for a close count. They go to the top rope and over rotate on a spanish fly. Vikingo gets crotched and dropped by Suicide. Suicide goes for a sideways shooting star but Vikingo gets the knees up. Vikingo hits an imploder 450 for the win. Hijo del Vikingo pins Australian Suicide with an imploder 450.

Winners: La Parka, Aerostar, and Hijo del Vikingo

Dr. Wagner Jr, Psycho Clown, and Pagano vs Rey Escorpion, Taurus, and Killer Kross

Scarlett was a baby face earlier in the night and now she’s heel because she’s with Kevin Kross. They all start brawling on the outside. Dr. Wagner clearly has hair extensions in. It’s hilarious. This is really like 5 on 3 with Scarlett and Hiedra out there. We got cookie sheets and other weapons. Psycho Clown gets his trusty broomstick. Kross is selling on the outside and Scarlett is shielding him. Clown gets his strap and hits everyone with it. Wagner and Escorpion go at it. Kross goes to the top and hits a sloppy frog splash. He goes up to the top again but Puma King comes out and head scissors him. He drops kicks a chair into him then hits a plauncha. Pagano then hits a dive through the middle rope. Wagner hits a flip dive off of the apron on Taurus. Clown gets Rey in a pinning combo and Hiedra stops it. Clown makes Rey attack Hiedra and then Rey takes his mask off for the DQ. Escorpion attacks the ref with a cookie sheet. The rudos stand tall at the end. Which is usual for AAA. Psycho Clown wins via mask removal

Winners: Dr. Wagner Jr, Psycho Clown, and Pagano

Live on Twitch 6/16 Verano de Escandalo

(Reina de Reinas) Keyra vs Lady Shani (Champ) vs Chik Tormenta

Just as the match was gonna start AAA has technical difficulties. Never change AAA. We finally come back to Keyra having Shani in a pinning combo. They apologize for the technical difficulties. Hey don’t apologize to us, you guys probably have a lot of casual viewers for this show. Lol. Keyra hits a nice hurricanrana and split leg moonsault on Shani. She hits a face buster on Tormenta but Shani breaks up the pin. Tormenta does a running death valley on Keyra into Shani. We are a little sloppy in this match but it’s okay, they’re working hard. Shani does a back stabber on Keyra on the apron. I think that hurts Shani more. Tormenta kicks her and does a knee dive off of the apron. Back in the room they do a tower of doom spot. Keyra kicks out of the power bomb by Shani. Shani hits a northern lights suplex on Keyra but she kicks out. Keyra rolls out of a victory roll and stomps on Shani and then pins her. Interesting finish. Keyra pins Shani with a double stomp into a pinning combo.

Winner: Keyra

The Young Bucks come out for a promo. Fenix comes out with that belt he’ll never defend. Pentagon alerts us Los Lucha Bros have 0 fear. Konnan comes out in a D Wade Jersey and a chair. Looking in the best shape he’s looked in years probably. So basically Lucha Bros turned on Konnan so he brings the Bucks in. Konnan slaps Pentagon and the Bucks come running out. The beat down is on. Definitely got better heat this time than last time they were here. Now the crowd knows to boo them later.

Faby Apache vs Hijo del Tirantes

Time to follow up that segment with this match. Tirantes beats up on Faby to start. Tormenta is at ring side with Tirantes so it’s basically a handicap match. Tirantes smashes Faby with a cookie sheet. Faby dodges the attacks finally and gets the cookie sheet and hits Tirantes and Tormenta. They keep starting up someone’s theme by accident I presume. Sounds like Scarlett’s. Faby is now beating down Tirantes. Crowd’s going crazy for this. I imagine the casual viewers on twitch aren’t. Faby gets a conveniently placed trash can and lid. She goes to put Tirantes in a surfboard stretch but Tormenta comes from behind. Faby hits a face buster on her. Tirantes hits one on her and nearly kills her but she kicks out. Tormenta throws a trash can to Tirantes. Faby drop kicks it and pins him. Faby Apache pins Tirantes with a top rope drop kick into a trash can.

Post match he goes to shake her hand but he beats her down with Tormenta.

Winner: Faby Apache

Maximo and Mamba vs Sammy Guevara and Australian Suicide

Sammy gets on commentary during the Exoticos entrance to tell everyone to check out his youtube page. There’s a ridiculous amount of posturing to start this match. Mamba slaps Sammy and drop kicks him out. And that’s like all that’s happened for 5 minutes. Maximo knocks them out of the ring, and then Mamba comes in to go for dives but Suicide and Guevara enter and super kick them. Sammy and Suicide pretty much just beat them down. They miss spots and Maximo and Mamba kiss them then make them kiss each other. Then they hit middle rope dives. Back in the ring they both hit swanton bombs that get kicked out of. Suicide and Guevara get Maximo and Mamba to the outside. Suicide hits a back flip dive and Guevara hits a tornillo. Guevara hits a swanton bomb. Suicide hits a 450 then hits a middle rope dive on Maximo. Guevara then hits a shooting star press for the win. Sammy Guevara pins Mamba with a shooting star press

Winners: Sammy Guevara and Australian Suicide

Laredo Kid and Taya Valkyrie vs Daga and Tessa Blanchard

Taya and Tessa start fighting to start. Laredo Kid hits a hurricanrana on Daga and Taya kicks Tessa to the outside. They go for dives but Tessa and Daga get back in. Tessa is clearly jawing at someone in the crowd. Tessa spent time working on Taya. Taya gets the hot tag to Laredo and he hits a michinoku driver on Laredo followed by two moonsaults. Daga catches him and hits a neck breaker. Tessa hits a cutter on Laredo. Taya attacks her. She hits her of of the apron and Daga catches her. Taya hits a dive onto them, then Laredo Kid hits a moonsault to the outside. Back in the ring Daga hits a kicking combo on Taya. Daga hits a back stabber but Laredo breaks up the pin. Laredo hits a 450 on Daga but Tessa breaks it up. Daga pulls out brass knuckles and goes to punch Laredo but he ducks and Daga hits Tessa. They go to the top and fight and Laredo Kid hits a Laredo Fly on Daga for the win. Laredo Kid pins Daga with a Laredo Fly

Winners: Laredo Kid and Taya

Pagano, Aerostar, and Puma King vs Chessman, Monster Clown, and Killer Kross

Kross coming out with Scarlett. Monster Clown grabs a kid out of the crowd because why not. We are wasting no time and it’s time for some brawling. They’re beating down the tecnicos with weapons. Scarlett is getting involved so it’s like a 4 on 3. Pagano tries a handspring attack and it goes very bad. Kross choke slams him. Scarlett seduces Aerostar then hits a Canadian Destroyer. Aerostar gets launched and hits a hurricanrana on Monster Clown. Scarlett hits Kross by accident. Aerostar hits a fast paced dive on Monster. Pagano hits a middle rope dive on Chessman. Puma hits one on Kross. Dives everywhere. Pagano completely misses a leg drop on Chessman. Pagano completely fucks up a middle rope dive by bouncing off the ropes. Aerostar climbs the structure and dives off of it. And he bounces off the floor. What’s wrong him. A ladder gets set up and Puma power bombs Chessman through it for the win. Puma King power bombs Chessman through a ladder for the pin.

Kross beats up Puma post match. He hits an F5 and a power bomb and takes Puma’s mask.

Winners: Pagano, Aerostar, and Puma King

La Parka, Myzteziz Jr, and Hijo del Vikingo vs Texano Jr, Rey Escorpion, and La Hiedra

Match starts with a beat down. Naturally. Rudos beating down tecnicos. They throw Vikingo with a rope by the balls and then Hiedra drop kicks him. Hugo asks if that’s a foul as La Parka comes in with a chair. Myzteziz almost breaks him neck on a failed shooting star attempt. Vikingo shows him how to do it. Back in the ring Myzteziz does a few spots redeeming himself. Vikingo gets offense in on Escorpion. Tries a springboard dragonranna but messes up. Eventually he hits a hurricanrana to the outside. La Parka does a plethora of goofy spots. Myzteziz goes for a dragonranna on Escorpion but he counters with a power bomb through chairs. Vikingo slams Hiedra and hits an imploder 450 for the win. Hijo del Vikingo pins Hiedra with an imploder 450.

They beat down Vikingo post match.

Winners: La Parka, Myzteziz Jr, and Hijo del Vikingo

(AAA Tag team titles) Pentagon Jr and Fenix vs Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson (Champs)

Lucha Bros jump the Bucks. Matt Jackson does 3 northern lights suplexes to Fenix then does one to Fenix and Pentagon at the same time. Matt does a baseball slide and then Nick does a dive over him. Matt unties Pentagon’s mask and then beats him up in the crowd. Back in the ring they hit double super kicks. Pentagon hits sling blades on both Bucks. Fenix does a double cutter. They roll out and Fenix hits a huge dive and goes flying into the crowd while Pentagon hits Matt with the Pentagon driver. Matt hits a Canadian destroyer then a spear and Fenix breaks it up. Lucha bros go for super kicks but the Bucks reverse it into sharptshooters. Lucha bros break out and a ton of super kicks get hit. Nick hits a frog splash on Fenix and Penta runs up his back and hits a Canadian destroyer on Matt. Fenix then hits a stomp on the apron on Nick. Pentagon hits the package piledriver on Matt. He kicks out. Then Fenix and Pentagon do the combo package piledriver. Nick pulls the ref out. Nick does an asai moonsault to the ref and Fenix. Matt pulls off Pentagon’s mask and kicks him in the groin and then they hit a Meltzer driver. Fenix pulls the ref out now. Fenix kicks Matt in the groin and then hits a cutter for a two. A new ref is out here now. They do the combo package piledriver again and Fenix hits a middle rope splash on Nick. Penta pins Matt. Pentagon pins Matt Jackson with a package piledriver combo.

Winners: Pentagon and Fenix

Dr. Wagner Jr and Psycho Clown vs Blue Demon Jr and Taurus

There’s some posturing and now the match is on. Wagner and Demon quickly brawl into the crowd. Actually all 4 of them are brawling. Wagner is bleeding already. Finally after a long beat down Wagner and Psycho make a come back. Wagner back drops Taurus to the outside and Clown hits a dive through the middle turnbuckle. Wagner hits a senton splash on Demon. Wagner rips Demon’s mask and bites him. Clown breaks a broom over Taurus’ back. Blue Demon is bleeding badly now. Taurus sets up a table. Clown hits the double stomp in the corner for a two count. Taurus misses a corner attack and then Clown hits a dive through the middle rope. Wagner back drops Demon onto a table. Wagner then hits a michinoku driver for the win. Dr. Wagner pins Blue Demon with a Michinoku driver

Winners: Pscyho Clown and Dr. Wagner Jr

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