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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (12/19/18)



NXT UK Coverage

The NXT UK Women’s Champion has her first real defense against The White Witch! Will Rhea Ripley be able to resist the magic cast by Isla Dawn?



  • Episode 17 – Jordan Devlin VS Mike Hitchman; Devlin wins.
  • Episode 17 – Fabian Aichner VS Eddie Ryan; Aichner wins.
  • Episode 17 – Mustache Mountain VS Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone; Mustache Mountain wins.
  • Episode 17 – NXT UK Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Isla Dawn; Ripley wins and retains the NXT UK Women’s Championship.
  • Episode 18 – Toni Storm VS Charlie Morgan; Storm wins.
  • Episode 18 – Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS The Grizzled Young Veterans; The Grizzled Young Veterans win.
  • Episode 18 – Killer Kelly VS Nina Samuels; Samuels wins.
  • Episode 18 – Joe Coffey VS Travis Banks; Coffey wins.


Episode 17

Jordan Devlin VS Mike Hitchman!

The Irish Ace wants to change this brand to NXT Ireland, but he’ll have to make it to the top of the mountain to do that. In his way is the Wild Boar of Wales, who just wants to run wild. Will Devlin prove that the #AceTrumpsAll? Or will the Boar finally gain some ground in NXT UK?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up and Boar gets an arm. Boar chinbars Devlin and brings him down to a cover, ONE! Fans duel as Boar and Devlin tie up again. Boar tosses Devlin overhead, but Devlin gets up with grit teeth and a glare. Devlin and Boar tie up again and Devlin pulls hair. Boar turns things around at the rope, but Devlin goes low to forearm Boar in the back. Devlin shoves and forearms Boar again, then kicks him down. Devlin clubs away on Boar, but backs off at 4. He yanks Boar up to push and forearm his back again. Devlin hooks Boar’s face to drive in an elbow. Devlin pulls Boar back with a chinlock and knee in the back. Boar endures and pries his way out. Fans rally as Boar throws forearms into Devlin, but Devlin whips Boar hard into buckles!

Devlin laughs at Boar as he eggs him on. But then Boar grins back and that shocks Devlin. Devlin throws heavy forearms and drags Boar up, urenage to standing moonsault, but Boar dodges! Boar runs to back senton on Devlin! Fans rally up as Boar stalks Devlin. Boar throws hammering hands, then runs to shoulder block Devlin! Boar gives his own urenage, covers, TWO! Fans fire up with Boar as Devlin crawls to a corner. They bark with Boar as he runs corner to corner for a big shoulder tackle! Boar pulls Devlin out, package lift but Devlin slips out. Swinging Pele! Cover, TWO!! Boar survives and Devlin is frustrated. Devlin drags Boar over to a drop zone, then climbs up top. Devlin leaps but lands on his feet when Boar dodges the moonsault. Pop-up bomb!

Boar rolls Devlin to a corner, goes corner to corner, but misses his inverted cannonball! Devlin yanks Boar up for the back suplex driver! Devlin drags Boar up, fireman’s carry to Ireland’s Call! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Irish Ace aces another match, and rolls forward toward the title. Devlin picks up a mic to ask “When are you people gonna learn what that miserable little punk just learned? What the rest of the guys in that locker room know! When you bet on Jordan Devlin, it’s not a gamble. Because the Ace Trumps All!” Devlin may be an ace, but when will he be dealt the match he wants?


NXT UK Media catches up with Mustache Mountain.

Trent Seven & Tyler Bate face the new team of Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone on tonight, but they are still having to worry about Gallus in the background. How are they finding the NXT UK Tag Team Division so far? Well there’s no beating around the bush, the brand kicked off in a big way. Tonight, Huxley & T-Bone will get dealt with. British Strong Style has beef with Gallus, but those three will be out of the way soon enough. Then Mustache Mountain can focus on getting those NXT UK Tag Team Championships. They’ve done it before, but can they do it again?


Backstage interview with Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster.

The Welsh Rockstar and Modfather go up against the Grizzled Young Veterans, Zack Gibson & James Drake, next episode, and with those NXT UK Tag Team Championships up for grabs, what could this victory mean towards impressing Johnny Saint & Sid Scala? Big things, real big things. They want the gold, and they embody what NXT UK is: the most exciting thing in the WWE! There is no glass ceiling for NXT UK or for these two. “The sky is the limit.”


Fabian Aichner VS Eddie Ryan!

The Italian Tank has split things between #Mandrews & The Modfather, but he looks to move on from that to reach that #NXTLVL. Will he get back on a winning track against Plymouth’s English Lion?

The bell rings and Plymouth is fired up for their hometown hero. Ryan circles with Aichner, and Aichner offers a handshake. Ryan goes to take it, but Aichner pulls it away. Aichner backs away to ropes as he laughs, but he comes to back to tie up with Ryan. Aichner pushes Ryan to a corner, and fakes a punch. He laughs at Ryan for flinching, and then they tie up again. Aichner gets a headlock but Ryan powers out. Aichner blocks the hip toss but misses the clothesline. Ryan shoves and dropkicks Aichner, then clotheslines him out! Fans fire up and Ryan builds speed, but runs into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Aichner stomps away on Ryan, and even drops ax handles. Fans boo as Aichner taunts and toys with Ryan.

Ryan gets up and CHOPS Aichner, but Aichner kicks low. Aichner hits a big back suplex, covers, TWO! Aichner keeps on Ryan with shots to the ribs. Fans rally up as Ryan endures the seated abdominal stretch. Ryan works out of the hold and fights back with body shots. Aichner knees low then suplexes but Ryan slips out. Ryan headbutts the gut and uses European Uppercuts. He shoves and enziguris Aichner to a corner! Ryan runs in and hits a big forearm smash. Ryan keeps moving but Aichner dodges. Aichner runs in to a back elbow, and Ryan hops up. Ryan leaps for a flying uppercut! Cover, TWO! The Italian Tank is tough but the English Lion still has more.

Ryan picks Aichner up but Aichner grabs the ropes. Ryan pulls but has to let Aichner go. He kicks Aichner and rocks him with a forearm. Aichner reverses the whip to suplex Ryan and hang him out on the top rope. Ryan falls to the floor and Aichner slingshots right out, to pick Ryan up and ram him into steel steps! Aichner rams his knee into Ryan and the steps! He puts Ryan in the ring, and finishes with the spinning sit-out powerbomb! Cover, Aichner wins!

Winner: Fabian Aichner, by pinfall

The Italian Tank rolls on with speed, strength and savagery! Will Aichner soon find himself in the title scene?


Travis Banks speaks.

“Joe Coffey. You wanna squash me? Well I’m the Kiwi Buzzsaw. Nobody squashes me.” The Coffey Brothers went after him at Cambridge, but they should’ve made sure he’d never come back. Banks came back with fury and has dealt with Wolfgang. Now he’s solely set on the Iron King. Joe worries only about the title, but what he should worry about is the Buzzsaw coming up behind him. “Your oversight will be your downfall.” Travis Banks has Joe Coffey in his sights, will he shred the Iron King to pieces long before he ever gets a shot at Pete Dunne?


Mustache Mountain VS Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone!

Trent Seven & Tyler Bate spoke on their title aspirations, but they’re not the only ones seeking to be the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions. The Divine Beast has joined forces with the King of Travelers, but will this match made in darkness be enough to climb the Mustache Mountain?

The teams sort out and it will be T-Bone starting against Bate. The bell rings and T-Bone starts swinging. Bate keeps his guard up in the corner but T-Bone fires off until the ref counts 4. Bate throws hands back and gets in shots. T-Bone picks Bate up and brings him over to Huxley. Huxley tags in and starts throwing in big knees. He drags Bate up and into the Canadian back breaker, but Bate slips out. Bate gets to a corner and boots Huxley away. Huxley comes back but gets a knee, and then Bate leaps up for a flying uppercut! Tag to Seven and Seven baits Huxley in. Huxley takes the bait and gets a CHOP. And then another chop! Seven climbs up to throw down chops! Seven sees T-Bone coming and runs him off, but then Huxley leaps for a Thesz Press!

Tag to T-Bone and T-Bone drags Seven up. Seven chops T-Bone and fires up, but T-Bone dares him to chop more. Seven instead kicks low and hits a DDT! Fans chant for the “Big Strong Boys” as Seven goes for a leg lock. T-Bone pushes him away, but Seven hits Huxley in the corner. Seven turns around into T-Bone’s heavy right! T-Bone drags Seven up and over, tag to Huxley. Huxley stomps Seven then drags him up into the corner. Tag back to T-Bone and T-Bone whips Huxley in for a big splash. T-Bone sits Seven up but fans rally. T-Bone drives his knee in again and again but stops at 3, to give Seven the wash! He drags Seven out for a cover, TWO! T-Bone tags Huxley in. Huxley brings Seven up but Seven fires back with body shots.

Huxley knees and forearms Seven, then puts him against the ropes. The ref counts but Huxley runs to crossbody Seven against the ropes! Cover, TWO! Huxley keeps on Seven and tags in T-Bone. Huxley scoop slams Seven, then T-Bone drops an elbow. Cover, TWO! T-Bone keeps Seven grounded with a facelock, but fans rally up again. Seven kicks and flails, and powers his way towards Mustache Mountain’s corner. Seven gets closer with each step but T-Bone fires off clubbing forearms. T-Bone hits Bate for good measure, but Seven gets him with a snap dragon suplex! Seven crawls but Huxley tags in! Huxley drags Seven away, but gets an enziguri! Hot tag to Bate! Bate rallies with EuroUppers and forearms for both Huxley and T-Bone! Fans sing for Bate and he dodges to send Huxley’s boot into T-Bone!

Bate hits a EuroUpper, then goes corner to corner for another. He whips but Huxley reverses. Huxley runs in but is caught! Bate brings Huxley out for an exploder! Bate kips right up! Standing shooting star! Cover, but Bate sees T-Bone coming, so he moves and sends that elbow drop onto Huxley! Bate puts up Bop but hits T-Bone with BANG! T-Bone flops out of the ring, Bate builds speed and DIVES on him! Bate gets back in and goes after Huxley. Double underhook but Huxley back drops out, Bate lands on his feet, tag to Seven. Bate boots Huxley, Seven grabs Huxley in a full nelson! Seven brings Huxley up, Bate runs, rebound lariat to snap dragon! Cover, Mustache Mountain wins!

Winners: Mustache Mountain, Trent Seven pinning

A huge showing for Seven & Bate that surely impresses the NXT UK GM, Johnny Saint! Gallus is still in their path, but will British Strong Style soon dominate all of NXT UK?


Backstage interview with Dave Mastiff!

The Bomber of the Black Country is the last undefeated superstar and top monster of NXT UK. His match with Eddie Dennis was pretty brutal, but brutal is what Mastiff does. Now where does he go next? Perhaps the WWE UK Championship. But Dennis attacks! He throws Mastiff into doors and into walls! This is NOT over between him and Mastiff, who will prove themselves the truly dominant monster of the brand?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Isla Dawn!

The Mosh Pit Kid may not have won the Mae Young Classic this year, but she did defeat the MYC winner, Toni Storm, in the NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament! That gives her the right to say she is the inaugural champion, but she must also have her first ever challenger. The White Witch channels the powers of fire and spirit, but will that be enough to survive the Riptide?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Fans are on Isla’s side, but Rhea doesn’t let that bother her. They tie up and Rhea powers Isla to a corner. Isla turns it around and pushes back, but then Rhea turns it back again. They keep pushing, and Isla gets the headlock. Rhea pulls hair but Isla wrenches on the head. Rhea powers Isla around as fans rally up. She powers out of the headlock but Isla trips her up to double stomp her down! Cover, ONE! Isla keeps on Rhea with another headlock. Rhea endures and rolls Isla, TWO! Isla keeps the hold and wrenches back deep. Rhea squeezes back with a side bearhug, and the two stand up. Isla holds on as Rhea pulls hair.

Rhea puts Isla into a corner, and gets a body shot in. She shoves Isla out to then dropkick her down! Fans applaud the power as Rhea stomps Isla to a corner. Isla gets up and the two trade forearms but Rhea hits harder. Rhea stalks Isla as fans rally up. She clubs Isla down again, but Isla hits back. Rhea kicks Isla to a corner, then stomps a mudhole. Rhea mocks the fans as she drags Isla out. She suplexes Isla up and brings her down! Cover, TWO! Rhea toys with Isla but fans continue to rally. Rhea goes for the legs but Isla pushes her away, only for Rhea to come back and boot her down. The champ flexes as she grinds a boot into Isla’s back. Isla gets loose but Rhea clubs her again.

Fans continue to rally but Rhea brings Isla up to snapmare into a chinlock. Rhea thrashes Isla around but fans rally again. Isla feeds off the energy but Rhea wrangles her back down. Isla works against the hold, and then fights out, only to run into a big clothesline! Cover, TWO! Rhea keeps her cool as she brings Isla up again. Rhea suplexes but Isla blocks. They fight and Rhea goes again, but Isla pushes her away. Isla swings but Rhea blocks it. Rhea lifts her but Isla wheelbarrows through. Rhea blocks again, TWO, inverted cloverleaf! Isla endures being held off the ground and thrashed about as fans rally up. Isla crawls for the ropes, and manages the ropebreak! Rhea drops Isla to then kick her in the arm! Rhea drags Isla up by her chin, glaring her in the eyes. Isla breaks free to fire forearms!

Isla ducks a boot and dodges a dropkick! Rhea runs in but misses and hits post! Isla catches her breath while Rhea pulls herself from the corner. Fans rally and Isla ducks Rhea’s punches to fire off forearms. Isla kicks but Rhea dodges, only to get a heel and a knee! Rhea is gasping as Isla hits her with a saido suplex! Isla fires up now, takes aim, and hits the roundhouse! Then, Call of the Quarters! Cover, TWO!? Rhea survives and Isla is shocked! Isla’s best move didn’t finish it, and now she has to think of a new plan. Fans rally up as both women stand. Isla goes after Rhea with a whip, but Rhea holds onto ropes. Isla forearms and whips but Rhea still blocks. Rhea ducks a kick, pumphandle, RIPTIDE!! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall; still NXT UK Women’s Champion

The White Witch was so close, but the Mosh Pit Kid still survives! Rhea’s reign continues, but the list of challengers is only growing. Who will step up to challenge the Aussie with Attitude next? What will it take for them to become the second-ever champion?



Episode 18

Toni Storm VS Charlie Morgan!

The Lightning from Down Under returns! Her match with Rhea Ripley over the NXT UK Women’s Championship left her worse for wear, but she’s all better now! Toni is ready to rock, but will the Fearless Ace take advantage of her ring rust?

The bell rings and fans cheer Toni on. She and Morgan shake hands then tie up. They push each other and back off, but then tie up again. They break and Morgan SLAPS Toni. Toni grins and fires off palm strikes. Toni runs and boots Morgan down and fans fire up! She whips but Morgan reverses, so Toni changes directions to dropkick! Cover, ONE! Toni stomps Morgan then goes after the legs for the deathlock. She falls back for an STF! Morgan endures as Toni pulls back, but crawls over for the ropebreak. Toni lets Morgan go quick but stomps her to a corner. Toni throws forearms and runs in, but into boots! Morgan boots Toni away again and hits an enziguri! Cover, ONE! Morgan is surprised but she keeps on Toni with clubbing forearms.

Morgan puts Toni in a corner for chops, then stalks her for a back elbow. She rolls Toni out and brings her around for elbows to the back. Morgan keeps on Toni with a camel clutch! Fans rally up and Toni endures the stretch. Toni pries her way out and slips out from the back. She pumphandle flips Morgan over, then fires off forearms! Toni whips Morgan but Morgan reverses. Toni gets behind to throw Morgan with a snap German suplex! Morgan gets to a corner, Toni runs in to ram her with a knee! Toni brings Morgan up, double underhook, Storm Zero! Cover, Toni wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

The lightning strikes and Toni hasn’t missed a step! When will The Storm get her rematch with The Riptide for that title?


“We are Gallus!”

The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang are just as bold, daring and dangerous as the word itself. These three have the same mentality, and a pack mentality, and are aiming for the top. They’ve beaten down Mustache Mountain and many others, and vow to make NXT UK their Kingdom. But they’ve made more enemies than they realize, will Joe Coffey be ready for the Kiwi Buzzsaw in the main event?


Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS The Grizzled Young Veterans!

The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Welshman and The Modfather look to electrify the entire NXT UK Tag Team Division and take those coming tag titles for their own. However, Liverpool’s Number One and Mr. Mayhem look to soon be recognized as NXT UK’s Number One Tag Team by taking those titles first. Will Andrews & Flash be able to fly high over Zack Gibson & James Drake? Or will be made to #GritTheirTeeth as they’re given a Ticket to Ride?

The teams sort out and it will be Gibson against Andrews to start. Fans sing “If you hate Gibson, stand up!”, and they do. Andrews and Gibson tie up and Gibson puts Andrews against the ropes. Gibson lets off but gets a cheap shot in. He scoops Andrews but Andrews slips out to try an arm-drag. Gibson blocks and shoves Andrews to a corner, but Andrews elbows him away. Andrews hops up and leaps for a wheelbarrow arm-drag! Andrews goes after Gibson’s arm and tags in Flash. The speedsters whip Gibson and double hip toss him, then hit a standing moonsault and imploding senton combo! Cover, TWO! Flash keeps on Gibson with a facelock but Gibson powers his way to the GYV corner.

Drake tags in to clobber Flash. Drake forearms and kicks Flash around, then whips him to a corner. Flash elbows away, then flips for the Rude Boy Block! Drake gets to a corner but Flash runs in for a BIG knee! Flash rolls Drake to a drop zone and climbs, but Gibson throws wrist tape at him! Drake takes advantage of the distraction with a leaping forearm! Flash crashes down to the apron then the floor, and Gibson tags in. Gibson hauls Flash up, Drake slingshots out, and they combine for the backbreaker stomp! Fans boo and jeer but Gibson tunes them out. Gibson drags Flash back up and tosses him onto the barriers. Gibson puts Flash back in and stays between him and Andrews. Fans sing “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!” and show off their shoes.

Gibson reels Flash in for a lariat then covers, TWO! Gibson puts Flash in a cobra clutch and thrashes him around. Flash endures as fans still sing about their shoes. Flash works his way up but Gibson tags to Drake. Gibson reels Flash out for Drake’s forearm! Cover, TWO! Drake drives his knee into Flash’s back then wraps on a new chinlock. Flash endures as fans rally up. Drake wrenches back, but Flash feeds off the fan energy. Flash powers Drake back but Gibson tags in. Gibson mugs Flash then hauls him up for a suplex. Flash blocks then slips out, and waistlocks. Gibson standing switches but Flash reaches for Andrews! Gibson holds Flash back, and reels him in for a knee. Tag to Drake and the GYV double whip Flash to a corner.

Flash goes up and over Gibson and then under Drake, but Drake grabs his legs. Flash shoves Drake into Gibson, hot tag to Andrews! Andrews springboards over Drake to huricanrana Gibson! Andrews then fires off haymakers and chops on Drake! He whips but Drake reverses. Andrews slides under GYV to double Pele! Gibson rolls out and Andrews goes after Drake. Drake reverses and whips but Andrews fakes him out to tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! Andrews keeps moving but Drake shoves him away. Gibson tags in, Drake waistlocks but Andrews fights them both off. Andrews runs at Gibson but is put on the corner. Gibson sweeps the legs and rocks Andrews with a forearm. Drake adds a dropkick, and #GritYourTeeth with the draping code breaker! Cover, TWO!! Andrews survives that grizzled combination, but Gibson is gritting his teeth now.

Gibson drags Andrews up and tags Drake. Drake climbs and Gibson electric chairs Andrews. Andrews fights out and shoves Gibson at Drake, then tags in Flash! Gibson runs in and is dumpe dout. Flash swing kicks Drake, then springboards for a Reverse-Rana! Cover, but Gibson breaks it just in time! Gibson drags Drake over to their corner, then tags in. Gibson goes after Flash, but falls for the feint to get the headbutt! Flash brings Gibson over, tag to Andrews. Flash arm-wrenches, tilt-o-whirls, but Gibson throws Flash at Andrews! Gibson tags Drake and grabs Flash. Drake enziguris and Gibson throws Flash with a long dart! They go after Andrews, drag him off the top rope, double suplex, to double Stun-Dog Millionaire!

Andrews hurries up top, takes aim, but is that Fabian Aichner?! Aichner shoves Flash into steel steps behind the referee’s back! But Andrews saw it, and DIVES onto Aichner! Andrews rains down rights but Gibson tags in. Drake grabs Andrews but Andrews swing kicks him down. Andrews climbs, still thinking Drake is legal. Fall to Pieces shooting star, but Gibson is legal! Shankly Gates!! Andrews taps, Grizzled Young Veterans win!!

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans, Zack Gibson by submission

The Italian Tank helps Gibson & Drake get a big win, but mostly so he can screw over Webster & Andrews. And he’s not done, he goes after Andrews with a rain of rights! He stomps Andrews out, then drags him up. Flash saves Andrews from the bomb, and they work together to kick Aichner out! Will the dynamic duo make Aichner pay for costing them momentum in the tag title race?


Killer Kelly VS Nina Samuels!

The Portuguese Pitbull and the Pink Devil want to try their hand at challenging inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, but will have get through each other first! Who will take the next step towards riding the Riptide?

The bell rings and Kelly circles with Nina. Fans seem to feel equally about both women so they simply chant for “NXT! NXT!” Nina dodges Kelly’s lunge, then tosses her hair in Kelly’s face. Kelly grins, then grabs Nina in a waistlock! Nina scrambles to the ropes and gets the break. Kelly backs off, and the two circle again. Nina and Kelly tie up and Nina puts on a headlock. Kelly powers out but Nina cartwheels over her. Nina pie faces Kelly, and Kelly again grins, before firing off forearms! Kelly hits a forearm smash in the corner then pump kicks Nina down! Cover, TWO! Nina rolls away and Kelly goes after her on the apron. Nina ducks and hotshots Kelly away! Fans boo and jeer but Nina keeps on Kelly with hammering hands. Cover, TWO! Nina puts Kelly in a full nelson but fans rally up.

Kelly fights her way up and pries her way out of the hold. Kelly slips around to the back but Nina slips around to get the full nelson back! Nina throws Kelly down then neck snaps! Cover, TWO! Kelly survives but Nina keeps her cool. Nina brings Kelly over to bend her against the ropes. Nina lets go at 4, then rolls to run back and dropkick Kelly down! Cover, TWO! Kelly still lives but Nina puts her back in the full nelson. Fans cheer on the “UK Wrestling!” on display as Kelly slips out and victory rolls! TWO, but Kelly fires forearms. Kelly boots but Nina blocks. Nina talks trash but Kelly enziguris her down! Kelly brings Nina up, to suplex her into buckles! Then Kelly takes aim from across the way, BIG dropkick in the corner! Cover, TWO!! Nina lives but Kelly keeps focus.

Kelly drags Nina up, fisherman but Nina pulls a pigtail! Nina throws Kelly into buckles, then fireman’s carry! Ushigoroshi! Cover, Nina wins!

Winner: Nina Samuels, by pinfall

The Pink Devil finally gets herself a win on NXT UK TV, and in a big way! Every woman on the roster will want a title shot, has Nina just secured hers?


Backstage interview with Fabian Aichner.

He interfered with a tag match involving Andrews & Webster, but they got the last laugh. Aichner tells Radzy to zip it, because if Andrews & Webster think they can get the best of him, they’ve got another thing coming. And if those two think they’re in line to be tag champions, Aichner will find himself a partner to take them for his own! Who will join the Italian Tank against the Andrews-Webster air force?


Joe Coffey VS Travis Banks!

The Iron King of Gallus wants to be the Iron King of NXT UK, and waits for his chance against The Bruiserweight. But while he waits, a Kiwi Buzzsaw comes back for revenge! Will Travis get what he’s after and deny Joe what he wants? Or will Joe run through Travis on the way to Pete Dunne’s throne?

Conspicuous by their absence are Wolfgang and Mark Coffey. Perhaps Joe feels he can handle Travis on his own for once. The bell rings and they go right at each other! Travis dodges to fire off kicks, but Joe whips Travis to ropes. Travis comes back with more forearms but Joe kicks back. Joe whips Travis but Travis comes back again! Joe shoves Travis but Travis dropkicks him to a corner! Fans are fired up as Joe bails out of the ring. Travis doesn’t let him get away, and gives him a Penalty Kick from the apron! Travis stalks Joe around the corner, but runs into Joe’s headbutt. Joe and Travis brawl but Travis gets an edge. The ring count reaches 5 as Joe puts Travis in the ring. Travis builds speed to DIVE! But Joe uppercuts Travis out of the air!

Joe brings Travis around, to swing him into barriers! Joe roars while Travis writhes, and then Joe puts Travis back into the ring. Fans sing for Travis but Joe stalks him to ropes. Joe stomps the bad shoulder in the corner. Travis guards the bad shoulder and fans rally up, but Joe keeps on him with haymakers. Joe grabs the bad shoulder and clubs away. Joe wants a full nelson but Travis resists. Fans sing but the full nelson is put on! Travis endures as Joe thrashes him around. Fans still rally and Travis powers his way back up. Travis pries out of the hold, then drops down. Joe stops him and gets him back in a full nelson! Travis resists and keeps the hold from being completed. Travis backs Joe down to a corner and is free! He throws elbows into Joe, but Joe wrenches and rams shoulders!

Joe stomps and drops elbows, but then Travis gets away. But Joe gets Travis’s bad arm in an armbreaker DDT! Travis rolls to a corner and Joe stomps another mudhole into him. Joe brings Travis up for an arm wrench and throws Travis down! Travis clutches the bad arm but now Joe goes after it with a nerve hold! Joe digs in his fingers and even a knee, but fans rally. Travis feeds off the energy and gets up, only for Joe to drag him back down. Joe drops an elbow then puts the nerve hold back on. Fans haven’t given up on Travis and Travis doesn’t give up on the match. Travis throws a forearm but Joe rams his shoulder in again. Travis kicks now but Joe rams shoulders again. Joe brings Travis around but Travis still kicks. Joe rams his shoulder in more, and now fans duel.

Travis grits his teeth, but Joe kicks a leg out. Joe yanks Travis up but gets a big knee! It sends Joe’s mouth guard flying! Travis and Joe crawl to opposite corners, and Joe runs in, only for Travis to sweep his legs! Travis runs to dropkick Joe in the back! Then runs to shining wizard! Cover, TWO!! Joe is rocked and Travis keeps on him. Travis drags Joe up and tries a suplex, but the bad arm won’t do it. Joe clubs away on the bad shoulder then throws Travis into the corner. Joe hits a big splash, but then Travis boots him. Travis runs but into the powerslam! Cover, TWO! Joe doesn’t let off, he deadlifts Travis up. Travis elbows back, so Joe shoves him. Joe catches Travis, and swings him around, before throwing him overhead! Cover, TWO!! Travis lives and Joe is shocked.

Fans rally up again as Travis crawls to a corner. Joe throws forearms into Travis’s back, then pulls the bad arm against the ropes! He lets off at 4, to throw hands. Travis hits back and they brawl. Joe hoists Travis up top and rocks Travis with a left. Joe climbs up top to join Travis, and focuses on the bad arm. The ref counts and Joe stops at 4. Travis fights Joe off but Joe comes back with a blunt chop. Joe climbs again but Travis sends him down! Double stomps on Joe’s back! Fans fire up and Travis runs in, diving stomps! Travis fires up, adrenaline helps in the fisherman suplex! Cover, TWO!! Joe gets to the apron and fans are loving this.

Travis gets up and rocks Joe off the apron with a right. Travis builds speed as fans fire up, and he DIVES! Direct hit! The Kiwi Buzzsaw puts Joe back in and climbs up top. Double stomps again! Cover, TWO!! Travis was so close but he’s still so far from finishing this. But he doesn’t give up, he fires up. Fans follow as he stands. “This is Awesome!” but Travis misses his enziguri. Travis rolls but Joe SPEARS him! All the Best is blocked but that bad arm keeps Travis from counter attacking! All the Best comes around the other side! Cover, Joe wins!!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

The Iron King outlasts the damaged Kiwi Buzzsaw, but if only by the skin of his teeth. Either way, Joe wins and rolls on towards the title. Will Joe be able to outlast the Bruiserweight and take that title? Or will Pete Dunne prove it takes more than being Gallus to be the best?



My Thoughts:

Another great double dose, and I’m wondering how close we are to the end of this backlog. Toni Storm is back healthy and Rhea Ripley is still champion, Rhea VS Isla had a great match, but it just made sense for Rhea to retain. Perhaps a Toni VS Rhea rematch happens at NXT UK’s first ever TakeOver in Blackpool on January 12th. At the same time, perhaps the announcement of that event will be coming in one of the backlogged episodes. Nina VS Kelly was good, and I was surprised Nina won. But at the same time, it was a matter of time before she did, as NXT UK needs more Heels than just Rhea and Jinny.

Jordan Devlin has a good match with Wild Boar Hitchman and clearly wants his second chance against Pete Dunne. Hopefully Dunne shows up again in these backlogged episodes to give us a WWE United Kingdom Championship story and match going into TakeOver: Blackpool. Joe Coffey’s match with Travis Banks was great, and he equally wants his shot. I wonder if it will be a Triple Threat where it’ll be Ireland VS Scotland VS Britain for the UK title. A Triple Threat might be the only way Dunne ever loses that title since he’s just dominating 1v1. Now whether it’s Devlin or Coffey that benefits from it could go either way. I still need to see a Six Man Tag of Gallus VS British Strong Style to help with the math.

Aichner does well on his own against English Lion, Eddie Ryan, but it seems I was right in thinking he’d get a tag partner to settle things with Andrews & Webster. I have no idea who it could be, but I’m also thinking it won’t matter, the Faces will likely win out. Andrews & Webster had a great match with The Grizzled Young Veterans, and naturally GYV wins to keep themselves hot in the tag title race. Mustache Mountain did great against Huxley & T-Bone, though I would hope Huxley & T-Bone don’t split just off of a bad debut. Again, Gallus, GYV and Mustache Mountain are the front runners for those tag titles, but there could be a way where any one of them comes out the inaugural champions.

My Score: Episode 17 – 8.4/10; Episode 18 – 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (3/31/23)

Think of this as the blue carpet.



Smackdown is the opening preview to WrestleMania!

SmackDown sets the stage in Los Angeles, and before WrestleMania Weekend, we get one last face-to-face between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns!


  • Fatal 4 Way: Raquel Rodriguez VS Natalya VS Sonya Deville VS Shayna Baszler; wins.
  • Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: ??? wins.
  • Drew McIntyre & Sheamus VS Imperium w/ GUNTHER; win(s).


[Due to the scheduling choices of KFOX14 (El Paso & Las Cruces), coverage of SmackDown will not begin until 9PM Eastern]

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Mitchell’s ROH Supercard of Honor Results & Report! (3/31/23)

Honor shines in LA!



ROH sees what it is to live and die in LA.

In the City of Angels, all of ROH’s champions will defend their thrones! Who will rise and who will fall on this Supercard of Honor?


  • Zero Hour – Konosuke Takeshita VS Willie Mack; wins.
  • Zero Hour – Jeff Cobb VS Tracy Williams; wins.
  • Zero Hour – Stu Grayson w/ Evil Uno VS Slim J w/ Ari Daivari; wins.
  • Zero Hour – Willow Nightingale VS Miranda Alize; wins.
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Daniel Garcia; wins.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Embassy w/ Prince Nana VS AR Fox, Metalik & Blake Christian; win(s).
  • AAA Mega Championship: El Hijo del Vikingo VS Komander; wins and
  • ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta VS Katsuyori Shibata; wins and
  • ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena VS Yuka Sakazaki; wins and
  • ROH World Tag Team Championship Reach for the Sky Ladder Match: The Lucha Brothers VS Top Flight VS The Kingdom VS La Faccion Ingobernable VS Aussie Open; win(s) and are the new ROH World Tag Team Champions.
  • ROH World Television Championship: Samoa Joe VS Mark Briscoe; wins and
  • ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Eddie Kingston; wins and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage will begin later this weekend]

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (3/31/23)

Think of this as the blue carpet.

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Mitchell’s ROH Supercard of Honor Results & Report! (3/31/23)

Honor shines in LA!

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