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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (12/19/18)



NXT UK Coverage

The NXT UK Women’s Champion has her first real defense against The White Witch! Will Rhea Ripley be able to resist the magic cast by Isla Dawn?



  • Episode 17 – Jordan Devlin VS Mike Hitchman; Devlin wins.
  • Episode 17 – Fabian Aichner VS Eddie Ryan; Aichner wins.
  • Episode 17 – Mustache Mountain VS Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone; Mustache Mountain wins.
  • Episode 17 – NXT UK Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Isla Dawn; Ripley wins and retains the NXT UK Women’s Championship.
  • Episode 18 – Toni Storm VS Charlie Morgan; Storm wins.
  • Episode 18 – Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS The Grizzled Young Veterans; The Grizzled Young Veterans win.
  • Episode 18 – Killer Kelly VS Nina Samuels; Samuels wins.
  • Episode 18 – Joe Coffey VS Travis Banks; Coffey wins.


Episode 17

Jordan Devlin VS Mike Hitchman!

The Irish Ace wants to change this brand to NXT Ireland, but he’ll have to make it to the top of the mountain to do that. In his way is the Wild Boar of Wales, who just wants to run wild. Will Devlin prove that the #AceTrumpsAll? Or will the Boar finally gain some ground in NXT UK?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up and Boar gets an arm. Boar chinbars Devlin and brings him down to a cover, ONE! Fans duel as Boar and Devlin tie up again. Boar tosses Devlin overhead, but Devlin gets up with grit teeth and a glare. Devlin and Boar tie up again and Devlin pulls hair. Boar turns things around at the rope, but Devlin goes low to forearm Boar in the back. Devlin shoves and forearms Boar again, then kicks him down. Devlin clubs away on Boar, but backs off at 4. He yanks Boar up to push and forearm his back again. Devlin hooks Boar’s face to drive in an elbow. Devlin pulls Boar back with a chinlock and knee in the back. Boar endures and pries his way out. Fans rally as Boar throws forearms into Devlin, but Devlin whips Boar hard into buckles!

Devlin laughs at Boar as he eggs him on. But then Boar grins back and that shocks Devlin. Devlin throws heavy forearms and drags Boar up, urenage to standing moonsault, but Boar dodges! Boar runs to back senton on Devlin! Fans rally up as Boar stalks Devlin. Boar throws hammering hands, then runs to shoulder block Devlin! Boar gives his own urenage, covers, TWO! Fans fire up with Boar as Devlin crawls to a corner. They bark with Boar as he runs corner to corner for a big shoulder tackle! Boar pulls Devlin out, package lift but Devlin slips out. Swinging Pele! Cover, TWO!! Boar survives and Devlin is frustrated. Devlin drags Boar over to a drop zone, then climbs up top. Devlin leaps but lands on his feet when Boar dodges the moonsault. Pop-up bomb!

Boar rolls Devlin to a corner, goes corner to corner, but misses his inverted cannonball! Devlin yanks Boar up for the back suplex driver! Devlin drags Boar up, fireman’s carry to Ireland’s Call! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Irish Ace aces another match, and rolls forward toward the title. Devlin picks up a mic to ask “When are you people gonna learn what that miserable little punk just learned? What the rest of the guys in that locker room know! When you bet on Jordan Devlin, it’s not a gamble. Because the Ace Trumps All!” Devlin may be an ace, but when will he be dealt the match he wants?


NXT UK Media catches up with Mustache Mountain.

Trent Seven & Tyler Bate face the new team of Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone on tonight, but they are still having to worry about Gallus in the background. How are they finding the NXT UK Tag Team Division so far? Well there’s no beating around the bush, the brand kicked off in a big way. Tonight, Huxley & T-Bone will get dealt with. British Strong Style has beef with Gallus, but those three will be out of the way soon enough. Then Mustache Mountain can focus on getting those NXT UK Tag Team Championships. They’ve done it before, but can they do it again?


Backstage interview with Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster.

The Welsh Rockstar and Modfather go up against the Grizzled Young Veterans, Zack Gibson & James Drake, next episode, and with those NXT UK Tag Team Championships up for grabs, what could this victory mean towards impressing Johnny Saint & Sid Scala? Big things, real big things. They want the gold, and they embody what NXT UK is: the most exciting thing in the WWE! There is no glass ceiling for NXT UK or for these two. “The sky is the limit.”


Fabian Aichner VS Eddie Ryan!

The Italian Tank has split things between #Mandrews & The Modfather, but he looks to move on from that to reach that #NXTLVL. Will he get back on a winning track against Plymouth’s English Lion?

The bell rings and Plymouth is fired up for their hometown hero. Ryan circles with Aichner, and Aichner offers a handshake. Ryan goes to take it, but Aichner pulls it away. Aichner backs away to ropes as he laughs, but he comes to back to tie up with Ryan. Aichner pushes Ryan to a corner, and fakes a punch. He laughs at Ryan for flinching, and then they tie up again. Aichner gets a headlock but Ryan powers out. Aichner blocks the hip toss but misses the clothesline. Ryan shoves and dropkicks Aichner, then clotheslines him out! Fans fire up and Ryan builds speed, but runs into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Aichner stomps away on Ryan, and even drops ax handles. Fans boo as Aichner taunts and toys with Ryan.

Ryan gets up and CHOPS Aichner, but Aichner kicks low. Aichner hits a big back suplex, covers, TWO! Aichner keeps on Ryan with shots to the ribs. Fans rally up as Ryan endures the seated abdominal stretch. Ryan works out of the hold and fights back with body shots. Aichner knees low then suplexes but Ryan slips out. Ryan headbutts the gut and uses European Uppercuts. He shoves and enziguris Aichner to a corner! Ryan runs in and hits a big forearm smash. Ryan keeps moving but Aichner dodges. Aichner runs in to a back elbow, and Ryan hops up. Ryan leaps for a flying uppercut! Cover, TWO! The Italian Tank is tough but the English Lion still has more.

Ryan picks Aichner up but Aichner grabs the ropes. Ryan pulls but has to let Aichner go. He kicks Aichner and rocks him with a forearm. Aichner reverses the whip to suplex Ryan and hang him out on the top rope. Ryan falls to the floor and Aichner slingshots right out, to pick Ryan up and ram him into steel steps! Aichner rams his knee into Ryan and the steps! He puts Ryan in the ring, and finishes with the spinning sit-out powerbomb! Cover, Aichner wins!

Winner: Fabian Aichner, by pinfall

The Italian Tank rolls on with speed, strength and savagery! Will Aichner soon find himself in the title scene?


Travis Banks speaks.

“Joe Coffey. You wanna squash me? Well I’m the Kiwi Buzzsaw. Nobody squashes me.” The Coffey Brothers went after him at Cambridge, but they should’ve made sure he’d never come back. Banks came back with fury and has dealt with Wolfgang. Now he’s solely set on the Iron King. Joe worries only about the title, but what he should worry about is the Buzzsaw coming up behind him. “Your oversight will be your downfall.” Travis Banks has Joe Coffey in his sights, will he shred the Iron King to pieces long before he ever gets a shot at Pete Dunne?


Mustache Mountain VS Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone!

Trent Seven & Tyler Bate spoke on their title aspirations, but they’re not the only ones seeking to be the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions. The Divine Beast has joined forces with the King of Travelers, but will this match made in darkness be enough to climb the Mustache Mountain?

The teams sort out and it will be T-Bone starting against Bate. The bell rings and T-Bone starts swinging. Bate keeps his guard up in the corner but T-Bone fires off until the ref counts 4. Bate throws hands back and gets in shots. T-Bone picks Bate up and brings him over to Huxley. Huxley tags in and starts throwing in big knees. He drags Bate up and into the Canadian back breaker, but Bate slips out. Bate gets to a corner and boots Huxley away. Huxley comes back but gets a knee, and then Bate leaps up for a flying uppercut! Tag to Seven and Seven baits Huxley in. Huxley takes the bait and gets a CHOP. And then another chop! Seven climbs up to throw down chops! Seven sees T-Bone coming and runs him off, but then Huxley leaps for a Thesz Press!

Tag to T-Bone and T-Bone drags Seven up. Seven chops T-Bone and fires up, but T-Bone dares him to chop more. Seven instead kicks low and hits a DDT! Fans chant for the “Big Strong Boys” as Seven goes for a leg lock. T-Bone pushes him away, but Seven hits Huxley in the corner. Seven turns around into T-Bone’s heavy right! T-Bone drags Seven up and over, tag to Huxley. Huxley stomps Seven then drags him up into the corner. Tag back to T-Bone and T-Bone whips Huxley in for a big splash. T-Bone sits Seven up but fans rally. T-Bone drives his knee in again and again but stops at 3, to give Seven the wash! He drags Seven out for a cover, TWO! T-Bone tags Huxley in. Huxley brings Seven up but Seven fires back with body shots.

Huxley knees and forearms Seven, then puts him against the ropes. The ref counts but Huxley runs to crossbody Seven against the ropes! Cover, TWO! Huxley keeps on Seven and tags in T-Bone. Huxley scoop slams Seven, then T-Bone drops an elbow. Cover, TWO! T-Bone keeps Seven grounded with a facelock, but fans rally up again. Seven kicks and flails, and powers his way towards Mustache Mountain’s corner. Seven gets closer with each step but T-Bone fires off clubbing forearms. T-Bone hits Bate for good measure, but Seven gets him with a snap dragon suplex! Seven crawls but Huxley tags in! Huxley drags Seven away, but gets an enziguri! Hot tag to Bate! Bate rallies with EuroUppers and forearms for both Huxley and T-Bone! Fans sing for Bate and he dodges to send Huxley’s boot into T-Bone!

Bate hits a EuroUpper, then goes corner to corner for another. He whips but Huxley reverses. Huxley runs in but is caught! Bate brings Huxley out for an exploder! Bate kips right up! Standing shooting star! Cover, but Bate sees T-Bone coming, so he moves and sends that elbow drop onto Huxley! Bate puts up Bop but hits T-Bone with BANG! T-Bone flops out of the ring, Bate builds speed and DIVES on him! Bate gets back in and goes after Huxley. Double underhook but Huxley back drops out, Bate lands on his feet, tag to Seven. Bate boots Huxley, Seven grabs Huxley in a full nelson! Seven brings Huxley up, Bate runs, rebound lariat to snap dragon! Cover, Mustache Mountain wins!

Winners: Mustache Mountain, Trent Seven pinning

A huge showing for Seven & Bate that surely impresses the NXT UK GM, Johnny Saint! Gallus is still in their path, but will British Strong Style soon dominate all of NXT UK?


Backstage interview with Dave Mastiff!

The Bomber of the Black Country is the last undefeated superstar and top monster of NXT UK. His match with Eddie Dennis was pretty brutal, but brutal is what Mastiff does. Now where does he go next? Perhaps the WWE UK Championship. But Dennis attacks! He throws Mastiff into doors and into walls! This is NOT over between him and Mastiff, who will prove themselves the truly dominant monster of the brand?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Isla Dawn!

The Mosh Pit Kid may not have won the Mae Young Classic this year, but she did defeat the MYC winner, Toni Storm, in the NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament! That gives her the right to say she is the inaugural champion, but she must also have her first ever challenger. The White Witch channels the powers of fire and spirit, but will that be enough to survive the Riptide?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Fans are on Isla’s side, but Rhea doesn’t let that bother her. They tie up and Rhea powers Isla to a corner. Isla turns it around and pushes back, but then Rhea turns it back again. They keep pushing, and Isla gets the headlock. Rhea pulls hair but Isla wrenches on the head. Rhea powers Isla around as fans rally up. She powers out of the headlock but Isla trips her up to double stomp her down! Cover, ONE! Isla keeps on Rhea with another headlock. Rhea endures and rolls Isla, TWO! Isla keeps the hold and wrenches back deep. Rhea squeezes back with a side bearhug, and the two stand up. Isla holds on as Rhea pulls hair.

Rhea puts Isla into a corner, and gets a body shot in. She shoves Isla out to then dropkick her down! Fans applaud the power as Rhea stomps Isla to a corner. Isla gets up and the two trade forearms but Rhea hits harder. Rhea stalks Isla as fans rally up. She clubs Isla down again, but Isla hits back. Rhea kicks Isla to a corner, then stomps a mudhole. Rhea mocks the fans as she drags Isla out. She suplexes Isla up and brings her down! Cover, TWO! Rhea toys with Isla but fans continue to rally. Rhea goes for the legs but Isla pushes her away, only for Rhea to come back and boot her down. The champ flexes as she grinds a boot into Isla’s back. Isla gets loose but Rhea clubs her again.

Fans continue to rally but Rhea brings Isla up to snapmare into a chinlock. Rhea thrashes Isla around but fans rally again. Isla feeds off the energy but Rhea wrangles her back down. Isla works against the hold, and then fights out, only to run into a big clothesline! Cover, TWO! Rhea keeps her cool as she brings Isla up again. Rhea suplexes but Isla blocks. They fight and Rhea goes again, but Isla pushes her away. Isla swings but Rhea blocks it. Rhea lifts her but Isla wheelbarrows through. Rhea blocks again, TWO, inverted cloverleaf! Isla endures being held off the ground and thrashed about as fans rally up. Isla crawls for the ropes, and manages the ropebreak! Rhea drops Isla to then kick her in the arm! Rhea drags Isla up by her chin, glaring her in the eyes. Isla breaks free to fire forearms!

Isla ducks a boot and dodges a dropkick! Rhea runs in but misses and hits post! Isla catches her breath while Rhea pulls herself from the corner. Fans rally and Isla ducks Rhea’s punches to fire off forearms. Isla kicks but Rhea dodges, only to get a heel and a knee! Rhea is gasping as Isla hits her with a saido suplex! Isla fires up now, takes aim, and hits the roundhouse! Then, Call of the Quarters! Cover, TWO!? Rhea survives and Isla is shocked! Isla’s best move didn’t finish it, and now she has to think of a new plan. Fans rally up as both women stand. Isla goes after Rhea with a whip, but Rhea holds onto ropes. Isla forearms and whips but Rhea still blocks. Rhea ducks a kick, pumphandle, RIPTIDE!! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall; still NXT UK Women’s Champion

The White Witch was so close, but the Mosh Pit Kid still survives! Rhea’s reign continues, but the list of challengers is only growing. Who will step up to challenge the Aussie with Attitude next? What will it take for them to become the second-ever champion?



Episode 18

Toni Storm VS Charlie Morgan!

The Lightning from Down Under returns! Her match with Rhea Ripley over the NXT UK Women’s Championship left her worse for wear, but she’s all better now! Toni is ready to rock, but will the Fearless Ace take advantage of her ring rust?

The bell rings and fans cheer Toni on. She and Morgan shake hands then tie up. They push each other and back off, but then tie up again. They break and Morgan SLAPS Toni. Toni grins and fires off palm strikes. Toni runs and boots Morgan down and fans fire up! She whips but Morgan reverses, so Toni changes directions to dropkick! Cover, ONE! Toni stomps Morgan then goes after the legs for the deathlock. She falls back for an STF! Morgan endures as Toni pulls back, but crawls over for the ropebreak. Toni lets Morgan go quick but stomps her to a corner. Toni throws forearms and runs in, but into boots! Morgan boots Toni away again and hits an enziguri! Cover, ONE! Morgan is surprised but she keeps on Toni with clubbing forearms.

Morgan puts Toni in a corner for chops, then stalks her for a back elbow. She rolls Toni out and brings her around for elbows to the back. Morgan keeps on Toni with a camel clutch! Fans rally up and Toni endures the stretch. Toni pries her way out and slips out from the back. She pumphandle flips Morgan over, then fires off forearms! Toni whips Morgan but Morgan reverses. Toni gets behind to throw Morgan with a snap German suplex! Morgan gets to a corner, Toni runs in to ram her with a knee! Toni brings Morgan up, double underhook, Storm Zero! Cover, Toni wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

The lightning strikes and Toni hasn’t missed a step! When will The Storm get her rematch with The Riptide for that title?


“We are Gallus!”

The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang are just as bold, daring and dangerous as the word itself. These three have the same mentality, and a pack mentality, and are aiming for the top. They’ve beaten down Mustache Mountain and many others, and vow to make NXT UK their Kingdom. But they’ve made more enemies than they realize, will Joe Coffey be ready for the Kiwi Buzzsaw in the main event?


Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS The Grizzled Young Veterans!

The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Welshman and The Modfather look to electrify the entire NXT UK Tag Team Division and take those coming tag titles for their own. However, Liverpool’s Number One and Mr. Mayhem look to soon be recognized as NXT UK’s Number One Tag Team by taking those titles first. Will Andrews & Flash be able to fly high over Zack Gibson & James Drake? Or will be made to #GritTheirTeeth as they’re given a Ticket to Ride?

The teams sort out and it will be Gibson against Andrews to start. Fans sing “If you hate Gibson, stand up!”, and they do. Andrews and Gibson tie up and Gibson puts Andrews against the ropes. Gibson lets off but gets a cheap shot in. He scoops Andrews but Andrews slips out to try an arm-drag. Gibson blocks and shoves Andrews to a corner, but Andrews elbows him away. Andrews hops up and leaps for a wheelbarrow arm-drag! Andrews goes after Gibson’s arm and tags in Flash. The speedsters whip Gibson and double hip toss him, then hit a standing moonsault and imploding senton combo! Cover, TWO! Flash keeps on Gibson with a facelock but Gibson powers his way to the GYV corner.

Drake tags in to clobber Flash. Drake forearms and kicks Flash around, then whips him to a corner. Flash elbows away, then flips for the Rude Boy Block! Drake gets to a corner but Flash runs in for a BIG knee! Flash rolls Drake to a drop zone and climbs, but Gibson throws wrist tape at him! Drake takes advantage of the distraction with a leaping forearm! Flash crashes down to the apron then the floor, and Gibson tags in. Gibson hauls Flash up, Drake slingshots out, and they combine for the backbreaker stomp! Fans boo and jeer but Gibson tunes them out. Gibson drags Flash back up and tosses him onto the barriers. Gibson puts Flash back in and stays between him and Andrews. Fans sing “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!” and show off their shoes.

Gibson reels Flash in for a lariat then covers, TWO! Gibson puts Flash in a cobra clutch and thrashes him around. Flash endures as fans still sing about their shoes. Flash works his way up but Gibson tags to Drake. Gibson reels Flash out for Drake’s forearm! Cover, TWO! Drake drives his knee into Flash’s back then wraps on a new chinlock. Flash endures as fans rally up. Drake wrenches back, but Flash feeds off the fan energy. Flash powers Drake back but Gibson tags in. Gibson mugs Flash then hauls him up for a suplex. Flash blocks then slips out, and waistlocks. Gibson standing switches but Flash reaches for Andrews! Gibson holds Flash back, and reels him in for a knee. Tag to Drake and the GYV double whip Flash to a corner.

Flash goes up and over Gibson and then under Drake, but Drake grabs his legs. Flash shoves Drake into Gibson, hot tag to Andrews! Andrews springboards over Drake to huricanrana Gibson! Andrews then fires off haymakers and chops on Drake! He whips but Drake reverses. Andrews slides under GYV to double Pele! Gibson rolls out and Andrews goes after Drake. Drake reverses and whips but Andrews fakes him out to tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! Andrews keeps moving but Drake shoves him away. Gibson tags in, Drake waistlocks but Andrews fights them both off. Andrews runs at Gibson but is put on the corner. Gibson sweeps the legs and rocks Andrews with a forearm. Drake adds a dropkick, and #GritYourTeeth with the draping code breaker! Cover, TWO!! Andrews survives that grizzled combination, but Gibson is gritting his teeth now.

Gibson drags Andrews up and tags Drake. Drake climbs and Gibson electric chairs Andrews. Andrews fights out and shoves Gibson at Drake, then tags in Flash! Gibson runs in and is dumpe dout. Flash swing kicks Drake, then springboards for a Reverse-Rana! Cover, but Gibson breaks it just in time! Gibson drags Drake over to their corner, then tags in. Gibson goes after Flash, but falls for the feint to get the headbutt! Flash brings Gibson over, tag to Andrews. Flash arm-wrenches, tilt-o-whirls, but Gibson throws Flash at Andrews! Gibson tags Drake and grabs Flash. Drake enziguris and Gibson throws Flash with a long dart! They go after Andrews, drag him off the top rope, double suplex, to double Stun-Dog Millionaire!

Andrews hurries up top, takes aim, but is that Fabian Aichner?! Aichner shoves Flash into steel steps behind the referee’s back! But Andrews saw it, and DIVES onto Aichner! Andrews rains down rights but Gibson tags in. Drake grabs Andrews but Andrews swing kicks him down. Andrews climbs, still thinking Drake is legal. Fall to Pieces shooting star, but Gibson is legal! Shankly Gates!! Andrews taps, Grizzled Young Veterans win!!

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans, Zack Gibson by submission

The Italian Tank helps Gibson & Drake get a big win, but mostly so he can screw over Webster & Andrews. And he’s not done, he goes after Andrews with a rain of rights! He stomps Andrews out, then drags him up. Flash saves Andrews from the bomb, and they work together to kick Aichner out! Will the dynamic duo make Aichner pay for costing them momentum in the tag title race?


Killer Kelly VS Nina Samuels!

The Portuguese Pitbull and the Pink Devil want to try their hand at challenging inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, but will have get through each other first! Who will take the next step towards riding the Riptide?

The bell rings and Kelly circles with Nina. Fans seem to feel equally about both women so they simply chant for “NXT! NXT!” Nina dodges Kelly’s lunge, then tosses her hair in Kelly’s face. Kelly grins, then grabs Nina in a waistlock! Nina scrambles to the ropes and gets the break. Kelly backs off, and the two circle again. Nina and Kelly tie up and Nina puts on a headlock. Kelly powers out but Nina cartwheels over her. Nina pie faces Kelly, and Kelly again grins, before firing off forearms! Kelly hits a forearm smash in the corner then pump kicks Nina down! Cover, TWO! Nina rolls away and Kelly goes after her on the apron. Nina ducks and hotshots Kelly away! Fans boo and jeer but Nina keeps on Kelly with hammering hands. Cover, TWO! Nina puts Kelly in a full nelson but fans rally up.

Kelly fights her way up and pries her way out of the hold. Kelly slips around to the back but Nina slips around to get the full nelson back! Nina throws Kelly down then neck snaps! Cover, TWO! Kelly survives but Nina keeps her cool. Nina brings Kelly over to bend her against the ropes. Nina lets go at 4, then rolls to run back and dropkick Kelly down! Cover, TWO! Kelly still lives but Nina puts her back in the full nelson. Fans cheer on the “UK Wrestling!” on display as Kelly slips out and victory rolls! TWO, but Kelly fires forearms. Kelly boots but Nina blocks. Nina talks trash but Kelly enziguris her down! Kelly brings Nina up, to suplex her into buckles! Then Kelly takes aim from across the way, BIG dropkick in the corner! Cover, TWO!! Nina lives but Kelly keeps focus.

Kelly drags Nina up, fisherman but Nina pulls a pigtail! Nina throws Kelly into buckles, then fireman’s carry! Ushigoroshi! Cover, Nina wins!

Winner: Nina Samuels, by pinfall

The Pink Devil finally gets herself a win on NXT UK TV, and in a big way! Every woman on the roster will want a title shot, has Nina just secured hers?


Backstage interview with Fabian Aichner.

He interfered with a tag match involving Andrews & Webster, but they got the last laugh. Aichner tells Radzy to zip it, because if Andrews & Webster think they can get the best of him, they’ve got another thing coming. And if those two think they’re in line to be tag champions, Aichner will find himself a partner to take them for his own! Who will join the Italian Tank against the Andrews-Webster air force?


Joe Coffey VS Travis Banks!

The Iron King of Gallus wants to be the Iron King of NXT UK, and waits for his chance against The Bruiserweight. But while he waits, a Kiwi Buzzsaw comes back for revenge! Will Travis get what he’s after and deny Joe what he wants? Or will Joe run through Travis on the way to Pete Dunne’s throne?

Conspicuous by their absence are Wolfgang and Mark Coffey. Perhaps Joe feels he can handle Travis on his own for once. The bell rings and they go right at each other! Travis dodges to fire off kicks, but Joe whips Travis to ropes. Travis comes back with more forearms but Joe kicks back. Joe whips Travis but Travis comes back again! Joe shoves Travis but Travis dropkicks him to a corner! Fans are fired up as Joe bails out of the ring. Travis doesn’t let him get away, and gives him a Penalty Kick from the apron! Travis stalks Joe around the corner, but runs into Joe’s headbutt. Joe and Travis brawl but Travis gets an edge. The ring count reaches 5 as Joe puts Travis in the ring. Travis builds speed to DIVE! But Joe uppercuts Travis out of the air!

Joe brings Travis around, to swing him into barriers! Joe roars while Travis writhes, and then Joe puts Travis back into the ring. Fans sing for Travis but Joe stalks him to ropes. Joe stomps the bad shoulder in the corner. Travis guards the bad shoulder and fans rally up, but Joe keeps on him with haymakers. Joe grabs the bad shoulder and clubs away. Joe wants a full nelson but Travis resists. Fans sing but the full nelson is put on! Travis endures as Joe thrashes him around. Fans still rally and Travis powers his way back up. Travis pries out of the hold, then drops down. Joe stops him and gets him back in a full nelson! Travis resists and keeps the hold from being completed. Travis backs Joe down to a corner and is free! He throws elbows into Joe, but Joe wrenches and rams shoulders!

Joe stomps and drops elbows, but then Travis gets away. But Joe gets Travis’s bad arm in an armbreaker DDT! Travis rolls to a corner and Joe stomps another mudhole into him. Joe brings Travis up for an arm wrench and throws Travis down! Travis clutches the bad arm but now Joe goes after it with a nerve hold! Joe digs in his fingers and even a knee, but fans rally. Travis feeds off the energy and gets up, only for Joe to drag him back down. Joe drops an elbow then puts the nerve hold back on. Fans haven’t given up on Travis and Travis doesn’t give up on the match. Travis throws a forearm but Joe rams his shoulder in again. Travis kicks now but Joe rams shoulders again. Joe brings Travis around but Travis still kicks. Joe rams his shoulder in more, and now fans duel.

Travis grits his teeth, but Joe kicks a leg out. Joe yanks Travis up but gets a big knee! It sends Joe’s mouth guard flying! Travis and Joe crawl to opposite corners, and Joe runs in, only for Travis to sweep his legs! Travis runs to dropkick Joe in the back! Then runs to shining wizard! Cover, TWO!! Joe is rocked and Travis keeps on him. Travis drags Joe up and tries a suplex, but the bad arm won’t do it. Joe clubs away on the bad shoulder then throws Travis into the corner. Joe hits a big splash, but then Travis boots him. Travis runs but into the powerslam! Cover, TWO! Joe doesn’t let off, he deadlifts Travis up. Travis elbows back, so Joe shoves him. Joe catches Travis, and swings him around, before throwing him overhead! Cover, TWO!! Travis lives and Joe is shocked.

Fans rally up again as Travis crawls to a corner. Joe throws forearms into Travis’s back, then pulls the bad arm against the ropes! He lets off at 4, to throw hands. Travis hits back and they brawl. Joe hoists Travis up top and rocks Travis with a left. Joe climbs up top to join Travis, and focuses on the bad arm. The ref counts and Joe stops at 4. Travis fights Joe off but Joe comes back with a blunt chop. Joe climbs again but Travis sends him down! Double stomps on Joe’s back! Fans fire up and Travis runs in, diving stomps! Travis fires up, adrenaline helps in the fisherman suplex! Cover, TWO!! Joe gets to the apron and fans are loving this.

Travis gets up and rocks Joe off the apron with a right. Travis builds speed as fans fire up, and he DIVES! Direct hit! The Kiwi Buzzsaw puts Joe back in and climbs up top. Double stomps again! Cover, TWO!! Travis was so close but he’s still so far from finishing this. But he doesn’t give up, he fires up. Fans follow as he stands. “This is Awesome!” but Travis misses his enziguri. Travis rolls but Joe SPEARS him! All the Best is blocked but that bad arm keeps Travis from counter attacking! All the Best comes around the other side! Cover, Joe wins!!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

The Iron King outlasts the damaged Kiwi Buzzsaw, but if only by the skin of his teeth. Either way, Joe wins and rolls on towards the title. Will Joe be able to outlast the Bruiserweight and take that title? Or will Pete Dunne prove it takes more than being Gallus to be the best?



My Thoughts:

Another great double dose, and I’m wondering how close we are to the end of this backlog. Toni Storm is back healthy and Rhea Ripley is still champion, Rhea VS Isla had a great match, but it just made sense for Rhea to retain. Perhaps a Toni VS Rhea rematch happens at NXT UK’s first ever TakeOver in Blackpool on January 12th. At the same time, perhaps the announcement of that event will be coming in one of the backlogged episodes. Nina VS Kelly was good, and I was surprised Nina won. But at the same time, it was a matter of time before she did, as NXT UK needs more Heels than just Rhea and Jinny.

Jordan Devlin has a good match with Wild Boar Hitchman and clearly wants his second chance against Pete Dunne. Hopefully Dunne shows up again in these backlogged episodes to give us a WWE United Kingdom Championship story and match going into TakeOver: Blackpool. Joe Coffey’s match with Travis Banks was great, and he equally wants his shot. I wonder if it will be a Triple Threat where it’ll be Ireland VS Scotland VS Britain for the UK title. A Triple Threat might be the only way Dunne ever loses that title since he’s just dominating 1v1. Now whether it’s Devlin or Coffey that benefits from it could go either way. I still need to see a Six Man Tag of Gallus VS British Strong Style to help with the math.

Aichner does well on his own against English Lion, Eddie Ryan, but it seems I was right in thinking he’d get a tag partner to settle things with Andrews & Webster. I have no idea who it could be, but I’m also thinking it won’t matter, the Faces will likely win out. Andrews & Webster had a great match with The Grizzled Young Veterans, and naturally GYV wins to keep themselves hot in the tag title race. Mustache Mountain did great against Huxley & T-Bone, though I would hope Huxley & T-Bone don’t split just off of a bad debut. Again, Gallus, GYV and Mustache Mountain are the front runners for those tag titles, but there could be a way where any one of them comes out the inaugural champions.

My Score: Episode 17 – 8.4/10; Episode 18 – 8.3/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Andrew’s G1 Climax 29 Ratings & Analysis: Night 4 B Block

Second night for the B Block! Jay White and Tetsuya Naito need to get on the scoreboard. Did it happen?



Second night for the B Block! Jay White and Tetsuya Naito need to get on the scoreboard. Did it happen?

Sapporo is a fun city for the main event, with a lot of general history.

Will Ospreay having a neck injury means he’s not working the undercard tonight.

Those are probably the two points that matter the most. So I guess let’s get to the show!


  • Jyushin Thunder Liger & Kota Ibushi vs Yota Tsuji & Shota Umino: Ibushi wins via Half Boston Crab @8:20 – **
  • Toa Henare, Ren Narita & Tomoaki Honma vs EVIL, BUSHI & SANADA: BUSHI wins via MX @7:20 – ** 1/2
  • Minoru Suzuki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Zack Sabre Jr & Lance Archer vs KENTA, Clark Connors, Karl Fredricks & Hiroshi Tanahashi: Kanemaru wins via Deep Impact @11:30 – ***
  • Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale vs Kazuchika Okada & YOSHI-HASHI: Okada wins via Rainmaker @8:45 – ** 1/4
  • Block B: Shingo Takagi vs Toru Yano: Shingo wins via Pumping Bomber @6:15 – ** 3/4
  • Block B: Juice Robinson vs Hirooki Goto: Juice wins via Pulp Friction @12:20 – *** 1/2
  • Block B: Jon Moxley vs Jeff Cobb: Moxley wins via Draping Deathrider @8:55 – *** 1/4
  • Block B: Tomohiro Ishii vs Jay White: Ishii wins via Vertical Drop Brainbuster @19:15 – **** 1/2
  • Block B: Taichi vs Tetsuya Naito: Taichi wins via Last Ride @21:00 – *** 3/4



Liger and Ibushi take on Young Lions because Will Ospreay is nursing an injury. So this was unexpected, but who’s gonna argue with some Liger? Bare bones basic Young Lion match, but Liger and Ibushi kept the interest high.

EVIL and SANADA are facing one another on Thursday, but they were on the same team tonight. Part of this story was BUSHI remaining to look strong since the end of the BOSJ, while EVIL and SANADA had the tension building up. Instead of the LIJ fist bump after the win, EVIL tries to cheap shot SANADA, SANADA counters and then they have a stand off.

This Suzuki-Gun match was beautiful. It was just a gang fight, with each member of Suzuki-Gun taking someone off and Lance Archer even joined commentary at some point. House show quality match was a good way to describe this, but it was still fun and got across the point for future matches and just great character work.

It might be a little mean to say, but YOSHI-HASHI is in this match, so who cares? Chase Owens does prove why he’s the glue that holds Bullet Club together. He’s a great tag team player and this year he’s looked a lot better than he has in the past. So we’ve got an alright match, Okada wasn’t gonna eat a pin, but I guess they wanted to protect YOSHI a little, so Chase ate the Rainmaker.

Shingo proved he watched the Naito match by trying to get Yano to take off his shirt. Anyone who saw Shingo in Dragon Gate knows he’s got some comedy chops being a former…wait…the current, Open the Owarai Gate champion (Owarai means comedy). Shirt, wrist tape and turnbuckle shenanigans ensue, but the right person won. Shingo gets on the board and doesn’t suffer the shame of getting bamboozled.

This tends to be an issue with Goto and Juice a lot of the time. By this, I mean boredom. Goto and Juice have bumped heads a few times and they both try very hard, but they aren’t exciting together. Juice being a quirky but not overly animated just means you get a snarky line and one move that may be entertaining (usually Left Hand of God) and then the action stalls. So both did good work, it was a tough match, but it wasn’t really anything crazy. Solid enough match though.

Moxley focused on Cobb’s left shoulder, so the story was to take out Cobb’s power and try to figure out how to end the match. We saw another solid match, and Moxley gets across more of his character. He does borderline heel tactics and then apologizes to the referee. So this brawling, unstable babyface is an old school gimmick in Japan, but not often seen in New Japan. It’s nice to watch, and Moxley taking advantage of Cobb’s positioning to hit the Draping Dirty Deathriding Paradigm DDT.

Jay White starts off against two of the heavier hitters from Chaos, his former stable. After taking Goto lightly, Ishii comes into this match after a big win over Jeff Cobb. White came into the match less relaxed, but still playing up his smarmy character. Ishii laid into Jay the whole match, where Jay tried to outsmart the Stone Pitbull, but Jay isn’t as clever as he thinks he is. A great match with well placed false finishes and a lot of tension. Fantastic back and forth, plus Ishii picking up the win is something special.

There were so many story threads going on here. Sapporo is the place of their Intercontinental Championship match earlier in the year where Taichi had Takashi Iizuka interfere. Iizuka left the Iron Fingers for Taichi, but he hasn’t used them in the 6 months he’s had them. This was a great struggle of wrestlers who were once rivals, but Naito has since eclipsed Taichi. Hell, Taichi even hit a Ganso Bomb, shades of his mentor Toshiaki Kawada. References, call backs and a solid match from a story telling perspective.  Work rate might not have been fantastic, but that’s the beauty of professional wrestling being more than the moves in the ring. Plus part of the fun of Taichi matches is watch Miho Abe react, since she’s such a lovely devoted valet.

Overall Score: 6.75/10

A lot of this show was driven by the stories and the historical threads between participants, opposed to the in-ring action. I appreciate the mixture of angles that New Japan shows attack with. Many newer fans just know NJPW for great hard hitting work rate, but the beauty of puroresu in general is how deep the stories go.

Sometimes the wrestlers reference things from their mentors/trainers, sometimes it’s just a story line from the isolationist politics that each puro company has dabbled with or sometimes it goes all the way back to when someone was a Young Boy in a dojo. The layers are there for those who wish to know, so part of the fun in nights like this, are what personally floats your boat.

The show was the weakest so far, but there were plenty of satisfying moments outside of ring work.

B Block Standings:

  • Tomohiro Ishii – 2-0 (4 Points)
  • Jon Moxley – 2-0 (4 Points)
  • Juice Robinson – 2-0 (4 Points)
  • Toru Yano – 1-1 (2 Points)
  • Hirooki Goto – 1-1 (2 Points)
  • Shingo Takagi – 1-1 (2 Points)
  • Taichi – 1-1 (2 Points)
  • Jay White – 0-2 (0 Points)
  • Jeff Cobb – 0-2 (0 Points)
  • Tetsuya Naito – 0-2 (0 Points)

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (7/15/19)




WWE Raw Cover image

It’s the Raw After Extreme Rules!

And there’s a not-so-new WWE Universal Champion! What is going to happen now that once Raw is once again under the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion, BROCK LESNAR!?



  • Best 2 out of 3 Falls Six Man Tag: Ricochet & The Usos VS Robert Roode & The Revival; Ricochet & The Usos win.
  • The Viking Raiders VS Vinnie Rooner & Jackson James; The Viking Raiders win.
  • Drew McIntyre VS Cedric Alexander; Alexander wins.
  • Finn Balor VS Samoa Joe; Joe wins.
  • Zack Ryder VS Mike Kanellis w/ Maria; Ryder wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Club VS Lucha House Party; The Club wins.
  • Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender Elimination Fatal 4 Way: Natalya VS Naomi VS Carmella VS Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross; Natalya wins and will face Becky Lynch for the title at Summerslam.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: Drake Maverick w/ Renee Michelle VS R-Truth; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender “Cross Brand All-Star Top 10” Battle Royal: Seth Rollins wins and will challenge Brock Lesnar for the title at Summerslam.


Raw makes Long Island into Suplex City!

And that’s because Paul Heyman brings The Beast with him! The Advocate and the NEW Universal Champion enter the ring and Heyman gives his introductions, and is happy to shout he is with the “reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion, BRRROCK! LESNARRR!” But what amazes Heyman the most is that he told the truth, and fans would rather he told a lie. Heyman isn’t much for an “I told you so,” but he told you so. He told the WWE Universe last night during Extreme Rules that Lesnar would cash-in, and he did! #WeToldYouSo. Don’t boo that, boo yourselves for not believing.

But another group that needs to listen to the “told you so” is the WWE roster. Rollins wasn’t going to be the challenger and there needed to be a new one, but no one stepped up. Heyman has the stroke right now, wink wink. So Heyman has the how for who will be Lesnar’s Summerslam opponent. Lesnar is not the easiest Beast to negotiate with. Just ask UFC. Lesnar fights when, where and how he wants. So Heyman’s plan will be the “Cross Branded, Top Ten All Star Battle Royal!” And of course, the winner of this tongue twister gets to make history in Toronto by being beaten, victimized and conquered by Brrrock! Lesnarrr! But who are the top ten all-stars? Here they are! Will it be Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Big E, Cesaro, Braun Strowman, Rey Mysterio, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Bobby Lashley or Roman Reigns that wins his way to the biggest party of the summer?

If Heyman were Roman, he’d take a rain check. Seth Rollins rode into Philadelphia like he was Becky Lynch’s Stud, and then Lesnar made Rollins into a “gelding.” Google it, Long Island. But the emasculated pony that steps up to Lesnar, you risk health, well-being and manhood. The promise and threat and spoiler from Heyman this time: if anyone has the opportunity to step into the ring with Lesnar, you risk all that and more, “because in this Universe, you’re all Brock’s b*tches.”

But as Brock and Heyman make their exits, the One and Only makes his entrance! Ricochet may not have an opportunity at Lesnar, but he’s just fighting to get back at the man who took his title. Will the King of Flight fly high for a chance at The Phenomenal One?


Best 2 out of 3 Falls Six Man Tag: Ricochet & The Usos VS Robert Roode & The Revival

Raw returns and hey, Uce. There’s unfinished business with the Lil’ Rascals. Pretty Ricky is ready to rock with Jimmy & Jey, and they’re going to welcome the GLORIOUS #TopGuys to the Uso Penitentiary!

The teams sort out and we begin with Scott Dawson and Jimmy Uso. SUPERKICK to Dawson with the bell! Dash runs in and gets a kick from Ricochet! Ricochet tags in, Recoil! Shooting star press, cover, the first fall is Ricochet’s!

Ricochet & Usos – 1; Roode & Revival – 0

Well that was fast. Roode is upset with the Revival already, but now he starts the second fall with Ricochet. They tie up and Roode knees low. Roode clubs then bumps Ricochet off buckles, then stomps a GLORIOUS mudhole in! Roode CHOPS Ricochet against the ropes, then whips him across the way. Ricochet rolls off Roode’s back to handspring and headscissor and dropkick! Cover, ONE! Roode won’t be beat so quick, but Ricochet drags him to the corner. Tag to Jey and he takes the hand-off. Jey whips but Roode reverses. Jey goes up and over to mule kick and pop-lock into a SPINEBUSTER! Roode covers, TWO!

Roode tags Dash and Roode feeds Jey to Dash’s knee. Dash throws European uppercuts then rips off Jey’s shirt. Dash clubs Jey but fans rally up as he chokes Jey on the ropes. The ref backs Dash off and then keeps an eye on Dawson. Dash CHOPS Jey but Jey uppercuts back. Dash throws Jey into the corner but Jey fights out! Jey walks into Dash’s kick then gets a scoop slam. Dash drops but misses his elbow, tag to Jimmy! Jimmy rallies and kicks to pop-lock and uppercut! Then the Samoan Drop! Jimmy fires up but has to hit Roode first. Dash whips and Dawson tags in, flapjack on Jimmy! Cover, the Revival tie things up!

Ricochet & Usos – 1; Roode & Revival – 1

The Raw Tag Team Champions keep their trio in this, and we go to break!

Raw returns for the third and final fall. The bell rings and Dawson corner clotheslines Jimmy. Dawson snap suplexes, then drops an elbow, a leg and the headbutt. Cover, TWO! Another try, TWO! Tag to Dash, and the Revival work together to rope guillotine Jimmy! Dash covers, TWO! The Revival and Roode grow frustrated but they’re still in control. Dash drags Jimmy up to an abdominal stretch but fans rally as Jimmy endures. Jimmy works his way out and arm-drags Dash away. Dash grabs Jimmy to keep him from his corner! Jimmy punches Dash but can’t get free. Dash reels Jimmy back into the stretch, but gets a hip toss! Dawson tags in and tackles Jimmy while Dash hits Jey. But Jimmy dragon whips and dropkicks! Hot tags to Roode and Ricochet!

Ricochet bumps and boots Roode, then springboards for the flying clothesline! Ricochet dropkicks Dawson down! He tosses Dash out and Jey FLIES! But Roode kicks Ricochet, only for Ricochet to roll him up. Roode slips out, but gets a RECOIL! Ricochet hurries up top, 630 senton! Cover, Ricochet & the Usos win!

Winners: Ricochet & The Usos, Ricochet pinning

But to ruin the celebration, it’s The Club! AJ Styles wears the WWE United States Championship proudly, but Ricochet DIVES right onto him! Gallows and Anderson go after Ricochet but the Usos go after them! But The Revival go after the Usos! To get SUPERKICKS! SUPERKICK for Anderson, SUPERKICKS for Gallows! And then the Usos run, but Roode drags Jimmy out to throw him into barriers! Jey grabs Roode but gets a hotshot, into the SHATTER MACHINE! Roode has the Revival go after Jey more, but Ricochet springboards to crossbody them all! But Styles snipes Ricochet with that Phenomenal Forearm! The Club gets the better of Roode again, as they feed him to the MAGIC KIILLER!

“That’s what you get?! You have no idea who you’re messing with!” That is Styles’ message to the One and Only and anyone else who wants to step to The Club! Who will dare step to them for a chance at the US Championship?


The Viking Raiders VS Vinnie Rooner & Jackson James!

The war comes to Long Island! Their team name is a birthright for Erik and Ivar, and they will rain down mayhem on any fools that stand before them! Those fools tonight clearly don’t know what they’re in for, because they’re still here. How long will Long Island’s own even last?

The bell rings and Erik powers Rooner right to the corner! Tag to Ivar and Rooner is fed to the knee, then another knee. Ivar throws Jackson in for Erik’s shotgun knees! Ivar then goes corner to corner to splash Rooner and bronco buster Jackson! Then Erik uses Ivar as a human weapon to smash Rooner in the corner! Cover but Ivar wants to do more. He tags Erik back in and they haul Jackson up for a scoop slam backbreaker, to gutbuster, to German lariat combo! And of course, Rooner gets THOR’S HAMMER! Cover, the Viking Raiders win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Erik pinning

Another team has been sent to Valhalla after going through the #VikingExperience. Who else will experience the war these two viking machines bring?


Drew McIntyre storms into the Raw locker room.

After he and Shane McMahon lost to Roman Reigns and The Undertaker, the Scottish Terminator is in no mood to have the other superstars laughing it up. Does Cedric Alexander think he’s funny with that trick last week? Well when it comes to challenging competition, Alexander is up to the task. How inspirational. But McIntyre will get Alexander back for sticking his nose into someone else’s business. McIntyre will dismantle and dismember Alexander. Kidding! That’s illegal. But he will humble Alexander. He will eviscerate him. Well Alexander has heard how humble he is, but the joke tonight will be on McIntyre. Does the former Cruiserweight Champion know what he’s getting himself into with an angry Scottish Psychopath?


Drew McIntyre VS Cedric Alexander!

Raw returns and the business between these two men will be settled already! Alexander was standing up to help Roman, but will he regret it?

The bell rings and McIntyre runs Alexander over! Then bumps him off buckles to CHOP away on. McIntyre whips Alexander but Alexander dodges, the handspring and hit the Neuralizer enziguri! Alexander then FLIES onto McIntyre! The Age of Alexander still has that 205 Live fire, and he puts McIntyre in to springboard. McIntyre gets under and catches Alexander for a belly2belly into buckles! McIntyre stand Alexander up to CHOP him off his feet! then he throws him overhead across the ring! McIntyre isn’t done, he suplexes and TOSSES Alexander! Cover, TWO! McIntyre keeps on Alexander with stomps and another CHOP! He drags Alexander up again for the deadlift, but Alexander fights out! Alexander blocks the boot to hit the elbow!

McIntyre staggers but runs in, only o miss in the corner. He lands on the apron and climbs up, to leap into a dropkick! Alexander has McIntyre down! Fans rally up as Alexander gets up. Alexander runs and handsprings again, but into the Glasgow Kiss! McIntyre drags Alexander up for hammering haymakers in the corner! The ref backs McIntyre off but he just comes back and lifts Alexander, inverted Alabama Slam, that Alexander counters to a roll-up! ALEXANDER WINS!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall

The biggest upset in years! McIntyre lost focus and Alexander has the last laugh! Will Alexander reestablish himself on Raw with this as the foundation?


Raw hears from Finn Balor.

“Last night was a rough night.” He lost the WWE Intercontinental Championship to Shinsuke Nakamura. But he doesn’t dwell on the past, he looks for a way forward. Finn wants the title back, but he has to fight his way there. Samoa Joe is in his path. Finn doesn’t care has to go up, over, around or straight through, he will keep moving forward.

Samoa Joe responds.

Finn thinks he can do what? Through Joe? Over him? Well unless Finn is going to summon the Celtic heroes of old to help him, here is what really happens: Finn walks out and Joe will be waiting to hand him another loss. Joe’s music hits, it’s time to see if the Extraordinary Man can do extraordinary things.


Backstage interview with Roman Reigns.

The #GraveyardDogs were victorious, but how does the Big Dog plan on using that in tonight’s battle royal? Roman doesn’t care what anyone says, from Braun Strowman to Rey Mysterio to even Seth Rollins. This is Roman’s week! From ESPY’s to Hobbs & Shaw to Extreme Rules, the only way Raw ends is with Roman dominating tonight and punching a ticket to take back his Universal Championship. Will Roman truly make the WWE his Yard once again?


Finn Balor VS Samoa Joe!

Finn lost his title, and Joe failed to take one for his own. Both men are determined for another chance, but who comes out of this heading for Toronto?

Raw returns as Finn makes his entrance. The bell rings and this NXT rivalry is renewed for a night!

Finn and Joe tie up and Joe powers Finn to a corner. Joe lets up but shoves Finn. Finn comes back and waistlocks, but Joe elbows out. Joe wrenches Finn to a wristlock but Finn rolls through. Joe wrangles Finn back down, but Finn kips up. Finn headlocks and holds on as Joe tries to power out. Joe lifts Finn but Finn gets the takeover. Joe stands back up to try again and he gets free. He CHOPS Finn on the run, then whips. Finn kicks back then headlocks. Joe powers Finn to a corner but Finn uses the corner to go up and around to another takeover. But Joe makes it a crucifix! Joe wins!!

Winner: Samoa Joe, by pinfall

But he isn’t done fighting! He hammers Finn down then drags him up for the Coquina Clutch! But Finn rolls back to double stomp! And Slingblade! Finn grits his teeth as he shotgun dropkicks Joe into the corner! Joe is down, Finn climbs up, COUP DE GRACE! A ferocious Finn leaves Joe the one reeling, but he still lost. What more must the Extraordinary Man do to get back to a title?

Wait, what is going on with the music? And the lights…? Something is happening in the dark! It’s the FIEND!! Bray Wyatt has Finn in his clutches!! For a Sister Abigail!! Long Island loses its mind as the Fiendish One leaves, laughing all the way.


Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle check in.

As Mr. & Mrs. 24/7 Champion. Oh wait Renee wasn’t supposed to hear that. But it’s for their protection. This is the perfect place for them, right? Renee wants the most romantic room and the most expensive wine. Maverick pays cash to stay off the grid. With a generous tip. But R-Truth is lurking! He and his referee are looking for a Hornswoggle. H-o-r-n, swoggle. Short guy with a funny accent. Oh wait, what’s that behind his ear? A whole George Washington! Well alright, Truth can check the guest list.


The Street Profits are watching Raw, backstage.

Uuuuuuh… Wow. So Maverick has not consummated his marriage yet? Well he’s probably nervous because he’s never done it before. Wait, no, not like that. But there’s a reason guys are putting their height on their Tinder profiles. But anyway, to business: the Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way ELIMINATION match! Natalya, Naomi, Carmellaaaa~ and even Alexa Bliss! Wait, is Nikki Cross going to be in her corner? “That’s what the graphic says.” Well then Bliss-Cross all day. For real?! What is with you, boy? Why you crushing in Cross? She’s intense! Yep.

But speaking of intense, TONIGHT! The 10-Man All Star Battle Royal! Who you got!? Huh!? HUH!? BIG E!! Yeah man! But Ford wants… Monday Night ROLLINS! Rollins is like them! He wants all, the, smoke. #WeWanttheSmoke. But will Rollins be able to #BurnItDown when he’s in the ring with nine other hungry superstars?


Zack Ryder VS Mike Kanellis w/ Maria!

Long Island Iced Z is the hometown hero, but the First Lady surprises Mike by saying she’s taking his match? She’s pregnant! Yeah and he’s a loser. She has a better chance of defending the family honor than him. The music hits, and she walks out first?! So, wait, what? WWE doesn’t do co-ed! And certainly not with a pregnant woman! Mike hurries out after Maria and convinces her he will do this. Mike gets in the ring, the bell sounds, and Ryder hits the ROUGH RYDER! Cover, Ryder wins!

Winner: Zack Ryder, by pinfall

Wow, they even announced that it was under a minute. Salt in the wound for the struggling Opportunist of Love. Maria says she told him so. Because they’re- no, her unborn child had a better chance at beating Ryder than Mike. She drops the mic, leaving Mike stinging more from her words than the leg lariat. Will Mike ever be a man in Maria’s eyes again?


Six Man Tag: The Club VS Lucha House Party!

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson all got to #BeatUpRicochet again tonight, but they’re not satisfied. They want to prove Raw is theirs as they take on Kalisto, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado. Are Mondays about to be #JustTooSweet?

The trios sort out and Styles starts against Metalik. Styles goes right at the King of the ropes and hammers him into the Club’s corner. Tag to the Machine Gun and he stomps away on Metalik, too. Anderson bumps Metalik in the other corner then whips corner to corner. Metalik boots back then Sling-Dogs! Metalik runs the ropes to leap for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Metalik drags Anderson up but gets a knee. Anderson stomps Metalik out then drags him by his mask to the Club’s corner. Tag to Gallows and Anderson grinds a boot in. Gallows drags Metalik up for big body shots. Gallows stomps but the ref backs him off, and Styles gets a cheap shot in. Big Doc Gallows drags Metalik up again to club him back down.

Gallows throws hands but Metalik CHOPS! But it does nothing, and Gallows decks Metalik. Gallows adds a headbutt, then drags Metalik to whip. Metalik kicks back then whips but Anderson tags in. Gallows reverses and kicks, Anderson shotgun boots Metalik down! And the Club Too Sweet together. But wait, Ricochet attacks Styles!! Ricochet wants revenge! He throws Styles down and Lucha House Party takes care of the Good Brothers! This match is just chaos now, and other refs have to grab Ricochet. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but Raw goes to break while things are sorted out.

Raw returns as this Six Man Tag starts again. Styles mugs Lince and whips him to a dropkick! Styles is all fired up after what Ricochet did earlier, and he drags Lince to the corner. Tag to Gallows and Gallows throws haymakers on the Golden Lynx. The ref counts and Gallows backs off, to come back and tag Anderson. The Good Brothers mug Lince more, then stomp him out. Anderson drags Lince up for a big scoop slam and cover, TWO! Anderson keeps on Lince with a headlock and grinds him down. Long Island rallies with “LUCHA! LUCHA!” for Lince and he fights back. But Anderson clubs Anderson down and sucker punches Metalik! Anderson taunts Kalisto but the ref keeps the Lucha Dragon back.

Anderson whips Lince but gets a Golden Rewind stunner! Hot tag to Kalisto! Kalisto hits Styles down then kicks Gallows! HE rolls Anderson for the List Kick! Then handspring enziguri! Cover, TWO! Kalisto keeps moving to SPIKE-Rana Anderson! Anderson bails out but the Lucha House Party regroup to DIVE! They take out Gallows, Kalisto FLIES to hit Anderson! Kalisto puts Anderson in and punches, but styles anchors him. Kalisto kicks Styles away but Kalisto springboards into a catch! And a SPINEBUSTER! Anderson tags Gallows, and the Good Brothers drag Kalisto up, for the Boot o’ Doom! Gallows boots Lince away then tags Styles. Styles drags Kalisto back up while fans boo, and puts no the Calf Crusher! Kalisto taps, The Club wins!

Winners: The Club, Styles by submission

Styles refuses to let Kalisto go, and the Club throw Lince and Metalik back out. Kalisto suffers until Styles is satisfied! And then Styles kicks Kalisto out so that he and his Good Brothers stand alone. The Club wants to run Raw, who will they run over to do it?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

The former Universal Champion clearly has not gotten over last night, but he has no choice but to watch Lesnar walk around with a title he doesn’t deserve. Rollins is hurt but he’s also a man possessed. Speaking of, The Man, Becky Lynch, is one of the toughest people he knows. She will be okay, whether she shows up here or not is her choice. But Baron Corbin knows what happens when you push Rollins. And that is just a sample of what he’ll do to anyone and everyone as he fights his way back to the title! Sami Zayn, Bobby Lashley, even Roman Reigns! All until he is fighting and beating Brock Lesnar again. Is Rollins going to burn it all down for revenge?


Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender Elimination Fatal 4 Way: Natalya VS Naomi VS Carmella VS Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross!

The Goddess and her loyal friend failed to dethrone Bayley over on SmackDown, but perhaps they can become Raw Women’s Co-Champions. However, Alexa will have to get through the Queen of Harts, the Glow and the Princess of Staten Island to head for Toronto. Will the Loony Lass play any part in this attempt at redemption?

But wait, The Man IS in Long Island! Becky walks out, sore as she is, to proudly hold up the belt she still has. Who will the Lass Kicker see win a chance to get their head slapped off their shoulders? We find out after the break.

Raw returns and the bell rings. Alexa kicks Natty and SLAPS Naomi, but Naomi chases her out of the ring. Mella rolls Naomi but Natty breaks that. Natty shoves Mella out while Nikki checks on Alexa. Now Natty and Naomi, friendly rivals, stand alone. They tie up, Naomi headlocks but Natty shoves. Naomi leaps to sunset flip, TWO! Naomi whips Natty to a corner but misses to get buckles. Natty rebounds and sits Naomi down to walk all over her. But Naomi is ready for the basement dropkick, and the two cancel each other out with dropkicks, and then clotheslines! Alexa wants to take advantage but Mella trips her up.

Mella takes advantage, cover on Naomi, ONE! Cover on Natty, TWO! Cover on Naomi, ONE! Natty, TWO! Naomi again, TWO! Mella is freaking out as she covers Natty again, TWO! She drags Natty up to throw her out, then goes at Naomi with stomps in the corner. Mella whips Naomi corner to corner but Naomi elbows back hard. Naomi ups up but Mella forearms back. Mella backs off and runs in to FABULOUS Steiner! Cover, TWO! Naomi stays in this, and Natty returns. Mella ducks and tilt-o-whirls to go around the world! The Mella-go-round sends Natty down in a  corner! Then she moonwalks and runs corner to corner, for the FABULOUS Bronco Buster! But then she ducks the Rear View to FABULOUS KICK! FABULOUS KICK for Natty! Alexa rolls Mella up, Alexa ELIMINATES Carmella!!

The Goddess got the better of the Princess and now she covers Naomi. But Mella distracts long enough, TWO! Dropkick from Naomi to Alexa, and Naomi covers, TWO! Naomi keeps her cool as she facelocks Alexa. Naomi scoops Alexa for a slam, then kicks her down. She dropkicks Natty out for good measure, then drags Alexa back up. Naomi bumps Alexa off buckles and kicks away on her. Nikki is concerned as Naomi snapmares and kicks Alexa again. Cover, TWO! Naomi grows annoyed with Alexa as she drags her back up. Fans rally and Alexa fights back. Naomi knees low then scoops but Alexa slips out to clothesline! Cover, TWO!

Alexa grows annoyed but Nikki coaches her up. Alexa clubs Naomi and kicks her back. She SLAPS Naomi then runs, but into clotheslines with Naomi! Both women are down and Becky likes what she sees. Fans rally but we go to break.

Raw returns and Alexa is alone against Natty and Naomi. But then Naomi rolls Natty, TWO! Naomi headscissors Natty down, then slides. Natty blocks the dropkick to drag Naomi out for a suplex. Naomi rests so Natty shoves her into steps. natty walks into an elbow, then Naomi hops up for a blockbuster! Naomi grins but Alexa attacks from behind! Alexa puts Naomi in and covers, TWO! Alexa keeps on Naomi with a chinlock. Naomi endures as Alexa thrashes her around. Alexa pulls hair to get a little mean. Fans rally up and Naomi fights her way up and out, but Alexa knees low. Alexa bumps Naomi off buckles and stomps a mudhole in. Natty comes in but gets kicked out, but Naomi gets Alexa in a full nelson bomb! Body scissor clutch cover, TWO!

Becky mocks Alexa as Naomi leg drops! Cover, TWO! Nikki passionately coaches and cheers Alexa on, but Naomi kicks Alexa. Naomi hits a buckle bulldog, but Natty discus clotheslines Naomi down! Cover, TWO! Natty wraps a chinlock on Naomi now, and Nikki checks on Alexa. Naomi fights her way up again but Natty throws her down. Natty drags Naomi around to hook the legs, and then grabs at the arms. Naomi tries but she still gets pulled into the surfboard! Natty holds Naomi up but Alexa covers Natty! TWO and then Alexa scramlbes away, with a grin on her face. Natty drags Naomi up but Naomi kicks back. Naomi tries to light Natty up but Natty dragon screws her to a corner! Natty runs into Naomi’s kick!

Naomi hops up but has to kick Alexa away. Natty gets Natty for a spinning powerbomb! Cover, and Alexa even helps, TWO! Natty boots Alexa then drags Naomi around, but Alexa rolls Natty up! TWO, and Alexa DECKS Natty with that divine right hand! Alexa kicks away on Naomi while fans rally up. Alexa puts that chinlock back on, but Naomi crawls for the ropes. Naomi reaches but Alexa drags her away to a cover, ONE! Alexa drags Naomi up as Nikki gets fans to cheer. Alexa stomps a mudhole in but the ref backs her off. She grinds her feet into Naomi but Naomi scorpion kicks then dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Alexa catches Naomi by the hair to throw her down, then wraps that chinlock back on.

Alexa grins at Becky but Becky doesn’t seem to sweat Alexa. Naomi fights back up but Alexa throws her into Natty! Natty is down while Naomi is out, but Natty powers Alexa to a corner to fire off! But Alexa throws Natty into buckles! Alexa stomps Natty back then dares fans to boo. But Natty SLAPS Alexa, to a scoop. Alexa slips out, throws Natty down, then runs, only for Naomi to drag her out. Naomi kicks Natty, BOOTS Alexa, then slingshots to sunset flip Natty! Natty rolls through, high stack, Natty ELIMINATES Naomi! The Queen of Harts just felt the Glow, and we take a break before the final showdown.

Raw returns and Natty stares Alexa down. Nikki assures Alexa she has this, and Alexa gets back in the ring. Natty goes right at her but Alexa uses the ropes as defense. Natty eggs Alexa on but Nikki grabs the mic. If people don’t start cheering for her best friend, she’s gonna… She’s gonna… The fans boo and Nikki shouts at them to shut up! Nikki will chant for Alexa alone if she has to! Alexa gets back in, but still uses the ropes. The ref backs Natty off and Alexa plays cat ‘n’ mouse to BOOT Natty down. Fans chant “You Suck!” and Nikki is upset. Alexa clubs Natty but Natty scoops Alexa. Alexa lips out to throw Natty down by her hair! Fans still boo as Alexa adds Insult2Injury! Cover, TWO!

The booing gets louder but Alexa drags Natty up to whip her to a corner. Natty dodges and gives Alexa the rebound sit-down! Natty stomps Alexa but Alexa bails out. Alexa runs away from Natty Nikki takes the discus! Alexa moves past her best friend to put Natty in. She drags Natty up but Natty gets the Sharpshooter! ALexa taps, Natty wins!!

Winner: Natalya, by submission; NEW #1 Contender to the Raw Women’s Championship

Charly Caruso congratulates The Queen of Harts on punching her ticket to Toronto. Natty says a year makes such a  difference. So much happened, but now she’s going back home to Canada to face her friend in Becky Lynch. This is a dream come true. Becky borrows a mic to respond, as a friend. “Correction: The Man has something to say.” Fans cheer as Becky hits the ring to stand with her contender.

Becky gives Natty congrats, and admits to being all hurt. But Becky is here to fight, because nothing makes her happier than a fight. With that, no more smiles. If Natty thinks this will be a match of friends, she’s in for a shock. Step up or Becky will wipe the floor with her. “Your career needs something.” And Becky is that something. If it’s one thing Becky learned in her last year, she does better at war than at love. Well then Becky must not be a good lover, “b*tch.” The claws are out and Becky has her war. Natty is going to take that greasy orange mop off her head, pull the horseshoe out of her ass, and beat the hell out of The Man. Becky wouldn’t have it any other way. Who wins this already red hot summer blockbuster?


Raw hears from Randy Orton.

“After I win tonight’s battle royal, I’ve got a little unfinished business with Brock Lesnar to attend to.” It isn’t a chip on his shoulder, but it is enough venom to take down the Beast. Will the three most dangerous letters in the WWE end Lesnar in Toronto?


Raw presents another edition of Miz TV!

The Hollywood A-Lister was asked by the Show-Off himself if he could be the guest tonight. Miz obliged, and he’ll talk with Dolph Ziggler after the break!

Raw returns to the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show and Miz gives the introductions. Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance and joins Miz in the ring. Miz gest to business; why does Ziggler want to be here? Well Ziggler has his career problems on SmackDown, but he and Miz go way back and wanted to see if the rumors are true. What rumors? That while Miz used to want to outdo everyone, he’s just the yes man who does the talk show. Oh wow, Ziggler’s trying to get a rise out of Miz? Is he upset? Jealous? What? No, Ziggler is happy for Miz that Miz is happy to be here. Well yeah, he’s happy to be here in Long Island!

But this is what Ziggler means. Miz is just happy to be here now. He doesn’t have that fire anymore. Everything Miz does for the WWE, is it worth kissing ass and yet being snubbed off PPV? Better that than lose in 17 seconds. Well yeah, Ziggler has to deal with that embarrassing. Like Goldberg Taker bad. But Ziggler just wants to know how Miz could become everything he hated! He’s not from Long Island! Or Hollywood! They’re both from Cleveland! A gritty city, where they grew up with that attitude. Miz is better than this, yet he’s becoming everything he hates! Miz is everything that is wrong with WWE! He only cares about fortune and fame, “just like your wife.” That’s it! Miz attacks Ziggler and runs him out of the ring! Miz has fire now, but will Ziggler regret sparking it?


Mr. & Mrs. 24/7 Champion prepare for tonight.

Those roses have thorns, though. Ouch. But will they really “get it on” when we come back from break?

Raw returns and Maverick is ready. Renee is slipping into something more comfortable, so Maverick does, too. “Daddy’s ready for love.” Maverick does his best Shawn Michaels with just the belt on. Renee has a little surprise, but wait, room service comes by. Maverick is too ready, so he calms himself down. Renee brings the table in and thanks the bellboy with a tip. She heads to the bed and she has a big surprise. Wait, can the bellboy leave already? Wait, that’s… A REFEREE!! Is someone else here?! Who followed them!? Where is that other WWE superstar? Truth pops out from the table!! ROLL-UP! TWO!! Maverick throws the roses in Truth’s face! But Truth crossbodies Maverick onto the bed! Cover, Truth wins!!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

Truth got his baby back! And he hopes they’re still able to consummate. Maverick chases Truth out of the room, and Renee shouts under the sheets. What will Maverick and Truth do to each other next as their legendary feud continues?


WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender “Cross Brand All-Star Top 10” Battle Royal!

Awwww~ Long Island~! Prepare to see the best from both brands battle it out for a chance at the Beast, and feel~ the power~! Big E is out first as he, the Lone Wolf, the Critic of the Critics, the King of Lucha Libre, the Rocky Mountain Machine, the Monster Among Men, the Swiss Cyborg, the Viper, the Big Dog and the Architect are set to do battle! Who is the last all-star standing to meet Lesnar in Toronto?

Before Strowman goes out there, he makes sure all nine others know, they’re going to #GetTheseHands! Lashley’s wearing the rib tape to prove what happens when fighting the #LastMonsterStanding, but will Strowman do it all over again? But wait, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman return to get a good look at this match. The reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion takes a seat right on the stage while we go to one last break.

Raw returns once more, and the bell finally rings! Heyman and Lesnar watch eagerly as the brawls break out! Corbin and Rollins keep fighting from Extreme Rules, as do Strowman and Lashley! Rollins runs but into a choke slam! Corbin whips Rollins out but Rollins keeps off the floor. Lashley runs Orton over but Strowman body shots those bad ribs. Roman has Orton but Corbin saves Lashley? Those two work together like back in the day to soften Strowman up. Rollins and Mysterio fight, Cesaro comes in to go after them both. Cesaro deals uppercuts to everyone around! Sami, Orton, Roman, Sami again, Roman again, then Big E! He even hits Mysterio and trips him up, for the Swiss Swing!

Cesaro and Mysterio go around 10 times, then he catapults Msyterio up. Mysterio saves himself and Big E scoops Cdesaro. Cesaro sips out to trip BIg E, but Lashley crossbodies Cesaro down! Then trophy lifts and ELIMINATES Cesaro! But then Mysterio 619’s the bad ribs! And missile dropkicks as payback for a few weeks ago. Strowman ELIMINATES Lashley with a toss!! But now, Big E steps to the biggest man in the ring. Big E wants to see what Strowman can do. They collide but neither falls. Fans rally with “New! Day Rocks!” as Big E dodges Strowman, only to get run over! Strwoman hauls Big E up, but Big E slips out. Big E sends Strowman into buckles, and scoops Strowman!! BIGGEST ENDING!

But RKO for Big E! The Viper is still here, but Sami ELIMINATES Big E for him. Sami laughs all the way into an RKO! Mysterio dropkicks Sami, dials it up, 619! And Orton ELIMINATES Sami! But then Roman turns Orton around, to get an RKO anyway! Mysterio kicks his old foe and whips Orton, but Orton whips Mysteiro to 619 Roman! Orton whips but Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES! Orton falls out under the middle rope, he’s not out of the match. Mysterio climbs, leaps, seated senton on Roman! But Corbin whips Mysterio out and ELIMINATES him! As if Corbin wasn’t hated enough. But now we have four of the final five in the ring: Strowman, Corbin, Rollins and Roman.

The Shield brothers stand united with Strowman against Corbin. Fans cheer as Strowman uppercuts Corbin. He puts Corbin on the ropes while Roman slips out the bottom, for a Drive-By Dropkick! Corbin reels into Rollins’ SUPERKICK! Rollins ELIMINATES Corbin! But now he, Roman and Strowman (and Orton on the outside) are the only ones left. And Strowman powers Rollins into a corner. He blocks the Superman Punch, to start a corner splash train on the Shield boys! But then Roman runs out, only to SPEAR Rollins! Strowman grabs Roman with one hand, scoops him up, and brings him tot he ropes. Roman fights out and looks to drag Strowman out with him! Rollins bumps them and ELIMINATES them both!

But Rollins forgets about Orton! Orton throws Rollins, but Rollins skins the cat! Orton runs over but gets a forearm. He hits back but Rollins does, too. Rollins and Orton brawl on opposite sides, but Orton drags Rollins in for the draping DDT! Rollins is down and Orton wants Lesnar to see him hear the voices in his head. The Viper stalks the Architect, but gets a mule kick and CURB STOMP! Rollins drags Orton up and throws him out, to win!

Winner: Seth Rollins; NEW #1 Contender to the WWE Universal Championship

The Architect follows through! He wants one more shot at Lesnar to finally put him away for good! But Heyman says, “That’s not how you introduce the winner of a Cross Brand Top Ten All-Star Battle Royal.” He does the honors. “Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the Battle Royal, the new #1 contender, and the man who now gets to go to Summerslam to be beaten, victimized and conquered, SETH, FREAKIN’, ROLLINS!”

Rollins responds and tells Heyman to “shut the hell up!” He’s been the conduit long enough, Rollins talks directly to Lesnar! “I told you I am a man possessed!” Rollins vowed to fight anyone to get a fight with Lesnar, and will make Summerslam look like Wrestlemania when he stomps Lesnar out and becomes THE reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion again. Lesnar has heard enough, and he has the chair as a weapon. He slams the apron with it, but that’s just a warning shot. Rollins doesn’t back down, but will he be put down? Or will history repeat itself between Beast and Beastslayer?



My Thoughts:

After a surprisingly good Extreme Rules, this Raw ended up a bit of a mixed bag. I’ll say right now that while the “no wrestling during commercials” edict seems to have loosened a little (but really only in the second Six Man Tag), it is still very present and very detrimental to the flow of things. The first Six Man Tag had to be made 2 out of 3 Falls because of it, which really held Ricochet, Roode, Revival and the Usos back given how great all six men are. It was fine that Ricochet and Usos won to rebound from their Extreme Rules PPV losses, and then it worked for The Club to go after them. In the Club’s Six Man Tag later on, booking was at least smarter, making Ricochet be the cause for a “restart.”

I really hope we’re getting Triple Threats for both the Raw Tag Team and WWE US titles, but more the former than the latter. Styles VS Ricochet 1v1 without Good Brother interference will be what they and the title needs. And a triple threat for the Raw tag titles to mirror SmackDown will be exactly what The Revival, the Usos and the Club all need. Speaking of needs, I like that Becky frames her coming match with Natty something Natty needs to stay relevant, because it’s true. Natty winning the Women’s Elimination Fatal 4 was a great surprise, but it works since WWE is going to Canada and she’s Canadian. But the pacing could’ve been better, and would’ve been helped if Becky wasn’t ringside the whole time. Have Becky come out after to have the same promos with Natty, and you still get the effect of her toughing out her bumps and bruises.

Poor Viking Raiders, still fighting their way out of the hole Vince put them in. And as soon as Maria was acting like she was going to make Mike’s match her match, it was clear Mike was losing. Just didn’t think it’d be in a squash they actually announce as such. But that little detail is to probably further “humiliate” Mike. As of last week’s 205 Live, Mike promises to do something drastic for this week, so this can help as motivation for that. I hope he shouts “I AM a man!” the entire time. And what a great win for Cedric Alexander! This will make for a great build for McIntyre if that match with Taker is still coming. Maybe Taker saves Alexander from a beat down this time to then challenge McIntyre to a match. And a new Miz VS Ziggler feud might be interesting, with Ziggler all but saying Miz is the new Cena.

I am so pumped to see the payoffs of two unlikely hits for Raw. After a surprisingly fast win for Samoa Joe and an equally surprising retaliation from Finn, Bray Wyatt returns! The Fiend makes his live debut, and I’m pretty sure this means Fiend VS Demon at Summerslam for some really freaky stuff. Also the fans should’ve chanted “Yowie Wowie!” here, but oh well. Then the other was getting to see what we all guessed would happen: Truth crashes the honeymoon! He takes the title back but I’m not sure where gags like this can go, because this was already the ultimate thing. Maybe Bischoff chooses a third person for the mix with SmackDown tomorrow night and that changes things up for Maverick and Truth.

I knew the long-name battle royal wasn’t going to take that long by the time we got it. They did great to jam in everything in those 10 minutes or so, but of course Rollins wins for what will essentially be his last chance at the title. Raw could’ve really freshened things up with Strowman winning for another try, and hopefully a successful one. Or they could’ve found used this match to turn Lashley or even Orton Face to go at Lesnar. Lashley would’ve been the preferred two of those, but it seems his turn isn’t what they want to do yet. Lesnar VS Rollins will still be good, and seeing it again shouldn’t be a reason to dislike it. A rivalry is built on rematches, but this one does need to end things for a good long time, and hopefully with Rollins winning so we don’t get Lesnar just disappearing with the belt again.

My Score: 8.1/10

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