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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (12/5/18)



NXT UK Coverage

The Scottish trio of Wolfgang & The Coffey Brothers have been running wild all over NXT UK, but have they only served to make enemies of everyone else?



  • Episode 13 – Fabian Aichner VS Mark Andrews; Aichner wins.
  • Episode 13 – Nina Samuels VS Isla Dawn; Dawn wins.
  • Episode 13 – Eddie Dennis VS Tucker; Dennis wins.
  • Episode 13 – Flash Morgan Webster VS Jordan Devlin; Devlin wins.
  • Episode 14 – Joseph Conners VS Dan Moloney; Conners wins.
  • Episode 14 – Dave Mastiff VS Mike Hitchman; Mastiff wins.
  • Episode 14 – El Ligero VS Tyson T-Bone; Ligero wins.
  • Episode 14 – Rhea Ripley VS ???; Ripley wins.
  • Episode 14 – Travis Banks VS Wolfgang w/ The Coffey Brothers; Banks wins.


Episode 13

NXT UK honors the memory of Thomas Billington.

The Dynamite Kid was a tag team legend as well as a major star in the United Kingdom wrestling world, and will be missed.


The Scottish Kingdom head to the ring.

Joe and Mark Coffey, along with their newest ally, Wolfgang, have joined together to take over NXT UK by force. They beat down Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews and Travis Banks all at once at the Royal Albert Hall, beat Webster and Andrews in a tag match, and have even marked British Strong Style as their new targets. The Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne, helped his friends out last week, but he unfortunately is not scheduled to be here tonight should another fight go down.

Joe takes up a mic and fans boo and jeer as he speaks. “Ruthless. And what was that other word that they said about us?” Devious. And what else? Underhanded. And those are absolutely right! NXT UK is Mark’s, is Wolfgang’s, and is Joe’s. “Because this all, all of this, is our Kingdom!” Fans disagree as they chant “Not Your Kingdom!” But Wolfgang takes the mic to declare Mark is gallus, Joe is gallus, Wolfgang is gallus. They are 100% Gallus! (For Americans, gallus means bold and daring.) Mark calms Wolfang as he takes the mic and hands it back to Joe. Joe calls out the British Strong Style. That name doesn’t register, because when they stood across the ring, Joe could see, smell and taste “fear”. They’re not Big Strong Boys, no matter what fans say. The word in NXT UK is gallus, because they run this Division!

But wait, here comes Travis Banks! The Kiwi Buzzsaw still owes these three for what they did. Joe sees Travis and asks how he’s doing. Where’s he been? Right, Cambridge was where they put him back on the shelf. But is he wanting to go? It’s three gallus and one Travis. The fans hope Mustache Mountain appears, but Joe tells the lads that he’s got this. Travis, with your bad attitude and bad face, bring it! Travis considers the offer, and takes it! He rushes the ring and jumps right on Joe! But then Wolfgang and Mark rush back in. They mug Travis in the corner, but here comes Mustache Mountain! Trent Seven and Tyler Bate even the numbers and it’s a 3v3 brawl! Fans are thunderous for the Big Strong Boys as they clear the ring. Joe sees Bops up, and runs before Bangs hit!

The Kiwi Buzzsaw and Mustache Mountain control the ring, daring the “Brothers Gallus” to do something. Joe has his lads stand down, but when will it all go down between them?


Backstage interview with Fabian Aichner.

The man who seeks the #NXTLVL comes to the UK, because this is where some of the best competitors are. He goes after the best whether it’s American or UK NXT, so he’s going for it tonight. Will Aichner reach that next level against Mark Andrews tonight?


Backstage interview with Jordan Devlin.

The Irish Ace came very close to winning the WWE United Kingdom Championship. Did everyone see how far Devlin pushed the Bruiserweight in Birmingham? Devlin got Pete Dunne to show fear. So there’s no doubt that Devlin will get another shot. And going against Flash Morgan Webster tonight, “a real chance for redemption”, Devlin shuffles the deck and will make the Modfather the Joker. He’ll ruffle Flash’s hair, take that helmet and throw it to the crowd, then aim for another “card in the deck.” #AceTrumpsAll.


Fabian Aichner VS Mark Andrews!

A real-life Italian Stallion debuts in NXT UK, hoping to find opportunity anywhere and everywhere he can. The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Welshman Rockstar wants opportunities, too, and that means winning. Who makes major progress towards a title shot tonight?

The bell rings and Andrews circles with Aichner. Aichner and Andrews shake hands to show there is respect between them. Andrews gets a headlock but Aichner powers out. Aichner runs Andrews over then things speed up. Andrews leaps but Aichner catches him and then lifts. Andrews slips out and puts Aichner in the corner, then runs in but is put on the apron. He shoulders back in, then slingshots to roll of Aichner’s shoulder. Andrews wheelbarrows and arm-drags Aichner, then dodges to headscissor him around and out of the ring! Fans fire up as Andrews builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit and Aichner goes down! Andrews puts Aichner back in the ring and runs at him, but into a pop-up backbreaker! Fans applaud, because that was impressive, too. Aichner covers, TWO!

Aichner brings Andrews in for a body scissors. Andrews endures the squeeze while fans rally up for him. Andrews pries his way out of the hold to make it a cover, TWO! Aichner brings Andrews up but gets a jawbreaker. Andrews mule kicks then front kicks Aichner, then whips. Aichner blocks with power and whips Andrews, but Andrews slides under to enziguri! Andrews runs again, wheelbarrow to Stomp 182! And standing corkscrew senton! Cover, TWO! Aichner survives but Andrews keeps his cool. Fans duel as Andrews brings Aichner up. Aichner powers out and Andrews hits buckles. Aichner runs in but into a boot! Andrews runs out, another tilt-o-whirl but the DDT is blocked with power. Aichner suplexes Andrews up to powerbom position, but Andrews uses that for a huricanrana pin! TWO!! Andrews is shocked but the fans are loving this.

Aichner and Andrews crawl to opposite sides as fans duel. Andrews runs, 619 to Aichner’s gut. Andrews slignshots again, but Aichner knows it’s coming, so he makes it a wheelbarrow German Suplex! Aichner can’t cover, he’s too dizzy himself. But Aichner brings Andrews up for a bomb, but Andrews slips around to a victory roll, TWO! Andrews CHOPS away on Aichner, then ducks the punches from Aichner. Andrews forearms and chops, but Aichner shoves him. Another slide dodge, but Aichner dodges the enziguri to clobber Andrews! Aichner suplexes, but gets Stun-Dog Millionaire! Fans are thunderous while both men are down! A 10 count begins and Andrews crawls over. Andrews gets up and heads for a corner. Aichner is in a drop zone and Andrews takes aim, but Aichner gets up!

Aichner goes after Andrews but Andrews boots him away. Andrews leaps, but Aichner catches him! For a brainbuster! Cover, TWO!! Andrews lives and Aichner can’t believe it! Aichner decides to change plans and heads up top himself. Aichner triangle jumps and moonsaults, but Andrews rolls out of the way, leaving nothing but mat! Andrews gets himself up and runs at Aichner, springboard tornado DDT! Cover, TWO?! Aichner still lives! Andrews hurries to put Aichner in another drop zone as fans rally up. Andrews climbs up top, Shooting Star “Fall to Pieces!” Now Aichner evades, but Andrews lands on his feet!

Aichner rolls out and Andrews goes for him, but Aichner trips him up and drag shim out! He sends Andrews into steel steps! And then takes aim, running knee into the steps! So much for that respect from earlier. Aichner wants a ring count victory as he leaves Andrews for dead. The count passes 5 before Andrews sits up. Andrews crawls at 8, but gets in at 9.5! Aichner is right on him, though, spinning sit-out bomb! Cover, Aichner wins!

Winner: Fabian Aichner, by pinfall

What a wild match! Is this upset win what Aichner needed to achieve his #NXTLVL?


NXT UK takes a closer look at Isla Dawn.

“If you wrong me, I will curse you blind with poison on my fists.” The White Witch is fire and spirit, and is on the hunt for that NXT UK Women’s Championship. Will she burn a trail right to Rhea Ripley’s doorstep?


Backstage interview with NXT UK GM, Johnny Saint.

So much is happening tonight already, such as the return of Travis Banks and another confrontation between Mustache Mountain and the trio now known as Gallus. Saint knows things are getting wild, but he’s appointed an Assistant GM, Sid Scala! Yes, an incredible opportunity for the young star, but hold on. Rhea Ripley is not standing for any other headline other than her being the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion. Find her some competition. Sid assures Rhea that he and Saint will find her the best possible challenger. Aw how cute. But Rhea doesn’t think much of this “hired help” just yet. Will this job prove even harder for Sid than being a superstar?


Nina Samuels VS Isla Dawn!

Both the Rose Pink Devil and the White Witch failed to reach the finals of the NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be the second-ever champion. Rhea demands competition, who will show themselves worthy of challenging the Riptide?

The bell rings and fans rally up already. Nina and Isla tie up, but they break. Nina smiles proudly over her strength, and then she ties up with Isla again. She gets a headlock but Isla slips out the back to put on her own. Nina pries her way out to get her headlock back, but fans are on Isla’s side. Isla powers out and gets a trip takedown to get the headlock back. She makes it almost a bully choke but Nina powers her way up. Nina pulls hair to throw Isla down, then stomps away. Isla ends up in a corner but Nina snapmares her out. Nina puts Isla in a chinlock, trapping one arm on the side. Fans rally and Isla works against the hold. Isla gets up but Nina clubs her down. Nina whips Isla to a corner, then tilt-o-whirl backbreaker on the rebound! Cover, TWO!

Nina keeps on Isla with elbows to the arm. She goes after the chinlock again but fans rally up. Isla works her way up again but Nina whips her to another corner. Nina runs in but Isla dodges to rock Nina with forearms! Isla roundhouses Nina down, and then throws Nina with a saido suplex! Isla runs to knee Nina in the head! Then modified front lock to a suplex! Cover, Isla wins!

Winner: Isla Dawn, by pinfall

The White Witch’s magic conquers the Rose Pink Devil, and gets back on a winning track. Will she cast a spell on the Women’s Division to challenge the champion?


Toni Storm speaks on her NXT UK Women’s Championship loss.

There was a rough spot on the apron, and Toni herself knew something was wrong in her back. But she didn’t let that end the match, she continued until the match came to a true finish. Rhea Ripley may be the first, but Toni vows to return and become the best. This injury will keep Toni away for some time, when will the Lightning from Down Under strike again?


Eddie Dennis VS Tucker!

The Headmaster has been on a roll since debuting in NXT UK, and vows to continue teaching lessons on why he deserves to be here. However, the life-long underdog has fought back from setback after setback and won’t let anyone tell him to stop. Will Tucker learn a hard life lesson at the hands of the towering teacher?

The bell rings and Tucker ties up with Dennis. Dennis clubs Tucker in the back then gives him a stiff body shot. Dennis whips Tucker hard into buckles, then grabs him for a back suplex. Tucker slips out and runs, but into a swinging backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Dennis glares as he clubs Tucker in the head. Dennis puts on a cravat, but Tucker fights back, only to get knees from Dennis.

Fans rally but Dennis snapmares Tucker to drop a knee! Dennis puts the cravat back on to keep after that neck. Tucker stands up and arm-drags Dennis off. Dennis comes back with a kick and another whip. Tucker goes up and over then back under then springboards for a back elbow! Tucker kips up as fans fire up, and he runs at Dennis for a big clothesline! He slips out then springboards back in, but Dennis catches him. Dennis throws Tucker away to then clobber him with another clothesline! Then Razor’s Edge, for the Severn Bridge buckle bomb! And finally, Next Stop Driver! Cover, Dennis wins!

Winner: Eddie Dennis, by pinfall

The Headmaster makes quick work of Tucker to keep his NXT UK undefeated streak going. Is it only a matter of time before he challenges his former friend in Pete Dunne?


Flash Morgan Webster VS Jordan Devlin!

The Modfather seeks gold, but he’s nothing more than a joke to the Irish Ace. Devlin took Pete Dunne to his limits but still came up short. Will Devlin earn himself another shot tonight? Or will Flash get his first shot first?

The bell rings and Devlin circles with Flash. They tie up and Devlin gets the wristlock. He brings Flash to the mat but Flash gets up to roll and handspring and reverse. Devlin rolls and handsprings to reverse back and snapmares Flash. Flash quickly reverses to a hammerlock! Devlin sits up and elbows out to snapmare Flash. Flash is up quick and arm-drags Deviln. Devlin scrambles to ropes, then tries a sucker punch, but Flash arm-drags him right down. Flash makes it an armlock, but Devlin gets up. Devlin arm-drags Flash off then fakes Flash out. But then Flash gets Devlin on the second try! Flash again has the armlock but Devlin uses a jawbreaker. Flash runs in corner to corner but Devlin dodges. Devlin blocks the boots and swings Flash around for a backstabber! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally for Flash as Devlin throws haymakers. Devlin stomps a mudhole into Flash in a corner but backs off at 4. Flash hits back but Devlin eggs him on. Devlin slaps Flash, then catches Flash into a urenage! Moonsault added, TWO! Devlin keeps his cool as he stomps Flash out. Devlin mocks the Modfather while fans boo and jeer. He drags Flash up for an atomic backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Flash but Devlin stalks him to ropes. Devlin chokes Flash on the ropes but backs off at 4. Flash rolls Devlin up, TWO, Devlin clobbers Flash down with a clothesline! Devlin looms over Flash as he puts him in a grounded abdominal stretch. He also pulls on a leg for further bending. Fans boo as Devlin grinds his knuckles and elbow into Flash’s ribs.

Flash endures, and fans rally up for him. He pries his way out of the hold and gives body shots back. Flash runs but into a back elbow! Devlin stomps Flash then drags him up to throw him out. Devlin continues to mock the fans for cheering Flash on. Then he goes out and rams Flash into the apron edge. Devlin puts Flash in the ring, but Flash hits back with body shots. Devlin still eggs Flash on, so Flash uses his head! It doesn’t do much, and Devlin slaps Flash again. Flash fires up with palm strikes! But Devlin rakes the eyes! Flash gets to a corner, and Devlin stands him up for a CHOP. Flash goes staggering away but Devlin whips him corner to corner hard. Devlin grins as he stares Flash down. Devlin dares Flash to stand, but Flash can only crawl after him.

“You are nothing!” Devlin says. “You don’t belong at this level, you don’t belong in my ring.” Devlin whips Flash at buckles again, but Flash comes back with a Modern Knee! Both men are down and fans rally up again. Flash gets to a corner while Devlin gets up. Devlin runs in but Flash goes up and over and then speeds things up. Flash redirects Devlin to hit him with a leaping lariat! Then a dropkick! Devlin is reeling, Flash hits another dropkick! Flash fires himself up and runs corner to corner, but into boots. Devlin hops up, but Flash rocks him with a swing kick! Devlin flops around, perhaps out cold, and Flash goes up top. Flash gives Devlin a SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Devlin lives but fans still have faith in the Modfather.

Flash gets up and brings Devlin in for a bomb. Flash double underhooks but Devlin back drops out! Devlin and Flash both clutch their backs as they get up. Devlin runs in for a big forearm smash. Then he sweeps the legs, for a boot wash! Devlin yanks Flash right up for the saido supelx! Cover, TWO!! Devlin can’t believe Flash survives! Fans fire up for Flash but Devlin goes for the fireman’s carry. Flash fights against it but Devlin still gets him up. Flash keeps fighting and escapes. He bobs ‘n’ weaves and then fakes Devlin out for a BIG headbutt! Devlin is sent right out of the ring! Flash takes aim and builds up speed, to slide. Devlin dodges but Flash runs at him, Devlin puts him on the steels steps. Flash corkscrews and wipes Devlin out with the Rude Boy Block!

Both men are down and the ring count begins. The count reaches 5 as both men stand up and stagger about. Flash puts Devlin in at 8, then heads for a corner. Flash climbs up top and leaps, but onto knees! Devlin drags Flash up, Ireland’s Call driver! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Ace trumps the joker and he returns to winning ways! The Bruiserweight still has the WWE UK Championship, will Devlin get himself another shot at making it the WWE Irish Championship?



Episode 14

Joseph Conners VS Dan Moloney!

The Righteous Killer took down Saxon Huxley, his one time tag team partner, and now moves on to establish himself and himself alone in NXT UK. However, the young wolf from Birmingham wants to do very much the same. Which tough as nails superstar takes the next step towards the title tonight?

The bell rings and Conners stares down with Moloney. They circle and tie up, and Conners powers Moloney back. Moloney turns it aruond but then Conners turns it back and Conners has Moloney on the ropes. Conners backs off but Moloney shrugs it off. They go again, and Moloney gets a big judo throw! But Conners is up quick and after the arm. Moloney shoves Conners away, but Conners comes back with a haymaker. Moloney fires off haymakers of his own! He whips Conners and runs him over with forearms. Fans cheer Moloney as he whips Conners to a corner then back drops him on the rebound. Conners gets to a corner and he and Moloney fight for grapple control. The ref counts and Moloney backs off, but Conners goes after his ear! Conners lets go at 4, and Moloney runs in, but Conners drives him down with boots!

Moloney ends up on the apron but Conners brings him up and over to a corner. Conners bends Moloney back against the turnbuckle crossbar! He lets up at 4 and Moloney drops down, but Conners goes after him. Conners throws body shots and clubbing forearms, then puts Moloney on the apron for more clubbing shots to the shoulders. Fans rally up for Moloney but Conners keeps on him with a short-arm clothesline! Cover, TWO, so Conners puts Moloney in a chinlock. Conners also traps an arm, but Moloney endures the chinbar. Fans rally again and Moloney fights out. Conners elbows him back down, and then puts on the arm surfboard. Conners trash talks Moloney but Moloney fires himself up. Fans get behind the “AH! AH!” and Moloney fights back.

Conners drives Moloney into a corner and drives elbow after elbow into Moloney. But Moloney hits back with a haymaker! Moloney uses forearms to knock Conners down, then rocks him with a haymaker. He whips Conners into a spinebuster! Cover, TWO! Conners lives but Moloney keeps his cool. Moloney whips but Conners reverses, and then sunset flips Moloney into buckles! Conners drags Moloney up again, and says Don’t Look Down! Cover, Conners wins!

Winner: Joseph Conners, by pinfall

The Righteous Killer is on a roll now that he’s all in for himself. Will he be coming for the Bruiserweight’s throne soon enough?


Backstage interview with Isla Dawn.

The White Witch comes from a place of good, of truth, and of spirit. Those qualities will set her on her journey to the NXT UK Women’s Championship. But speaking of, Rhea Ripley comes in. She wants worthy competition, and it’s not Isla. But Rhea hopes Isla watches her match tonight “very, very closely.” Who did Rhea hand pick to pick on?


NXT UK has footage of Mustache Mountain’s arrival.

Trent Seven & Tyler Bate were heading down the way when the Brothers Gallus confronted them. Wolfgang and the Coffey Brothers taunted the “Big Strong Boys”, and know that the “wee Cruiserweight” Travis Banks isn’t here to help them. Sid Scala and Johnny Saint appear to keep the peace with NXT UK security. Saint told the Brothers Gallus to stand down, their fight is coming later on. Will things explode when Joe Coffey meets the Kiwi Buzzsaw in tonight’s main event?


Dave Mastiff VS Mike Hitchman!

The Bomber has been steamrolling opponent after opponent since arriving in NXT UK and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. Can the Wild Boar of Wales survive being smashed by the Bull Mastiff?

Mastiff and the Boar are both all smiles as the bell rings. The Boar dares Mastiff to do something, and they tie up. Mastiff doesn’t budge so Boar backs off. Boar throws a forearm and another, and hammering haymakers, but Mastiff shoves him back and runs him over! Mastiff brings Boar into a seated stretch and drives elbow after elbow into Boar’s head! Boar is dazed as Mastiff backs off. Mastiff waistlocks and deadlifts Boar up. Boar fights out and elbows Mastiff in the head. Mastiff runs in but Boar trips him into buckles! Boar runs corner to corner for the cannonball! Boar is still dizzy but he has Mastiff on the ropes. He haymakers away on Mastiff and then goes after the arm. Mastiff resists but Boar still fish hooks the mouth. Mastiff endures the twisting as fans rally up.

Boar clubs Mastiff in the back and then wraps the chinlock back on. Fans rally again and Mastiff gets up. Mastiff powers out and rocks Boar with a right. Mastiff throws more forearms, but Boar eggs him on. Boar gets palm strikes and a European Uppercut, then a headbutt! Fans cheer as Mastiff lines up a shot, giant back senton! Mastiff waits for Boar to stand, and then lifts him up in the fireman’s carry. Boar fights out and they collide shoulders. No one falls so Boar tries again. He puts Mastiff in a corner and runs again, big shoulder tackle! Mastiff is down and Boar goes corner to corner again, but gets booted away! Mastiff gets back up and dropkicks Boar down! Boar ends up in a corner, bombs away with the Mastiff cannonball! Cover, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

Another impressive victory from the massive Mastiff! Boar came close but still couldn’t stop this behemoth. What will it take for someone to end Mastiff’s streak?


Backstage interview with Dave Mastiff.

The Bomber continues his undefeated streak, how does he feel? He feels great! Hitchman did great, he’s not to be underestimated, but Mastiff was just a bit better. Mastiff’s heading to the top, but watching from afar is Eddie Dennis. The Headmaster is also undefeated, when will their streaks collide?


El Ligero VS Tyson T-Bone!

The Luchador of Leeds and the gritty gypsy have both had their stumblings since debuting, but they won’t be slowed down by anything. Who takes a win here to move up in the rankings?

Fans are strongly behind Ligero as the bell rings. T-Bone corners him but Ligero kicks quick and gets away. T-Bone again backs Ligero up but again Ligero kicks and gets away. Ligero gets caught the third time, but not for long. He gets around and goes for a waistlock. T-Bone powers out and gets the arm. Fans rally and Ligero rolls and handsprings. Ligero mule kicks and puts a headlock on, but T-Bone powers out. Ligero goes up and over and then under, and gets on the apron. T-Bone walks into the swing kick, but still rocks Ligero back with a right. Fans boo while Ligero crashes and burns on the outside. T-Bone goes out to fetch Ligero and clubs him at the steel steps. T-Bone throws heavy body shots then boots Ligero down.

The ring count is at 7 before T-Bone puts Ligero in. T-Bone stalks Ligero with a grin while fans rally up. Ligero hits back with elbows, but gets caught into T-Bone’s Fall Away Slam! Cover, TWO, but T-Bone wraps on a thrashing chinlock. T-Bone then leans on Ligero, but Ligero refuses to quit. T-Bone shifts to a neck wrench, but still Ligero endures. Ligero gets to his feet as fans cheer. Ligero pries out of the grip and kicks T-Bone. T-Bone throws a haymaker, then runs in. Ligero slips to the apron again and shoulders in. Ligero slingshots and runs to throw haymakers and chops and kicks. T-Bone blocks but gets an enziguri! And then a dropkick! T-Bone ends up in a corner and Ligero fires up. Ligero runs in for the forearm smash, then triangle jumps for Sliced Bread! Cover, TWO!

Ligero keeps his cool as he gets to a corner. Ligero leaps but has to roll through as T-Bone evades. T-Bone gets Ligero in a t-bone suplex! T-Bone runs side to side, boot wash! But he’s not done there, he runs in for a front hip attack! T-Bone rams another knee in, then covers, TWO! Ligero lives and T-Bone grows frustrated. T-Bone stalks Ligero and dares him to stand. Ligero does, and ducks the punch. Ligero dodges again and sends T-Bone into the post! T-Bone falls to the floor, and Ligero gets moving, for an apron cannonball! Ligero puts T-Bone back in the ring and then hurries to a corner. He springboards, for the splash! Cover, Ligero wins!

Winner: El Ligero, by pinfall

Leeds’ Luchador continues to shine his light! Will Ligero find his way to the top of the UK Division soon enough?


Rhea Ripley VS ???

The Mosh Pit Kid tore a path through the NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament, and won as she dominated and damaged the Lightning from Down Under. But she’s not just going to sit back and relax, she wants to establish herself as the true top of the Women’s Division. Rhea speaks to the fans, saying she’s “all about opportunities.” Rhea took her opportunity to become the first-ever NXT UK Women’s Champion! And now she’s handpicked someone to have the opportunity of a lifetime. And that woman is… Candy Floss? This bright and colorful lass is happy as can be getting her chance to debut against the champ, but will that smile soon be wiped away with the Riptide?

Fans tell Candy that “Rhea’s gonna kill~ you~”, but Rhea offers a handshake. Candy accepts it, and the two circle. They tie up and Rhea powers Candy to ropes. She backs off quick, showing respect few have seen from her. Rhea and Candy tie up again and Rhea goes after the arm. She wrenches it around and bends Candy back. Candy keeps her shoulders up but Rhea goes after the wrist and fingers. Candy rolls and handsprings to reverse the wrench. She whips but Rhea blocks with power. Rhea whips Candy but Candy dropkicks her down! Fans cheer and Candy is all smiles. Rhea is annoyed, but she admits that was good. Then she kicks Candy back and returns the dropkick! Cover, TWO! Candy isn’t that easy to defeat so Rhea wraps on a chinlock.

Rhea thrashes Candy around and makes it a modified camel clutch. Fans rally up for Candy and Candy fights up and out. Rhea knees low hard and sends Candy reeling. Rhea then bumps Candy off buckles and rams in her shoulder. The champ stops at 4 to stomp away on Candy. Rhea brings Candy up and around, pumphandle to the Riptide! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

The Aussie with an attitude knew it was only a matter of time before she won. But she does admit Candy did better than expected, and shakes Candy’s hand again. Rhea raises Candy’s hand, only to club her in the back! Fans boo and jeer as Rhea rains down rights on her unsuspecting victim. Rhea won’t stop, she drags Candy up to throw her out of the ring. Will there be a challenger truly worthy of Rhea fighting them seriously?


NXT UK Media catches up with Flash Morgan Webster.

The Modfather lost in singles competition, but he and Mark Andrews won as a tag team. What’s next for Flash and the rockstar? The NXT UK Tag Team Division is heating up, but Flash spots Fabian Aichner. Speaking of losses, Andrews lost to Aichner after Aichner suddenly flipped from respectful to ruthless, and Flash doesn’t take kindly to someone treating his friends like that. Aichner dares Flash to do something about it in a match of their own. Flash accepts that challenge, and a match is set for next week! Will Air Aichner treat Flash the same way he did Andrews? Or will Aichner learn why #InModWeTrust?


Sid Scala speaks.

As Assistant GM, he has been allowed to make his first announcement. Given recent events, it has been decided that Joe Coffey and Trent Seven will go 1v1 next week. Plus, there will be another announcement towards the arriving NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Big things are coming as we approach the New Year, who will be primed for pole position in the tag title race?


Travis Banks VS Wolfgang w/ The Coffey Brothers!

The Kiwi Buzzsaw has been attacked twice by the trio now known as The Brothers Gallus. First was in Royal Albert Hall earlier this year, at the same time as Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. The second was when cameras weren’t rolling as NXT UK TV got started. Now he’s finally back to exact some revenge! Will Travis find satisfaction? Or will the Last King of Scotland heavily rely on his new friends for help?

The fans are on Travis’ side with the bell. Wolfgang mocks it as just chatter. He taunts Travis’ shoulder injury, but Travis fires off! Travis kicks away, too, and stomps a mudhole into Wolfgang! Fans fire up, too, but Wolfgang kicks back. Wolfgang throws Travis bad shoulder first into the post! Travis bails out as he writhes in pain, but the Coffey Brothers loom close. Travis is on guard but it’s Wolfgang who gets him. Wolfgang throws Travis into the steel steps and Travis writhes again. Wolfgang puts Travis in the ring, covers, TWO! Travis can’t get away as Wolfgang goes after the shoulder with a nerve hold. Wolfgang digs his fingers into the shoulder but fans rally up for Travis.

Travis fights back but that bad arm gives him trouble. They brawl now and Travis goes back to kicks. Wolfgang catches on to rock Travis with a right! Wolfgang puts Travis in a corner but misses. Travis dropkicks him back! Now Wolfgang bails out, but Travis pursues from the apron with a leaping double stomp! Fans fire up with Travis as he puts Wolfgang in. Travis climbs up and hits another double stomp! Cover, TWO! The Coffey Boys grow concerned for Wolfgang as Travis drags him up. Mark distracts and Wolfgang boots Travis down! Then he hits a running back senton, and a SPEAR! Cover, TWO!! Travis lives and Wolfgang is furious. Wolfgang drags Travis up and fans rally up. Wolfgang whips but Travis uses it to springboard and enziguri!

Both Coffey Brothers get on the apron, but Mustache Mountain appear! Seven and Bate trip them up, and then line them up for Travis to DIVE on! Down go the Coffey Brothers and fans are thunderous! The ref reprimands Joe and Mark but Wolfgang rocks Travis. Wolfgang suplexes Travis up and over the ropes, but with the ref still shouting at the Coffey Brothers, Seven trips Wolfgang up! Travis covers, the ref counts, Travis wins!!

Winner: Travis Banks, by pinfall

The Kiwi Buzzsaw pulls it off thanks to the Big Strong Boys, and Gallus is furious! We know Seven and Joe Coffey will have a go next time, will things get just as wild as tonight?



My Thoughts:

Another great double dose, with some moderate advancement in stories. That opener of Aichner VS Andrews was incredible! NXT UK might be where Aichner can finally get some shine. He’s going to make a pretty great Heel just on his athleticism, strength and a personality of general arrogance. His match with Flash Morgan Webster will be great next week, too, especially if he does something savage like he did to Andrews. Flash himself had a pretty great match with Jordan Devlin, even though he lost. Right now it seems like Devlin is going to stay in that upper midcard, essentially in the title area. I’m hoping that with TakeOver: WarGames II essentially settling Dunne’s story in American NXT, he’ll be in NXT UK more and he can really dive into these stories with Devlin and the trio now known as Gallus.

Gallus is a good name for the Scottish trio, and their interactions with Mustache Mountain and Travis Banks were pretty great. I’m starting to wonder: If Devlin is still after Dunne, and Travis Banks still has issue with Gallus, will we end up with an 8-Man Tag Match? A tense alliance of the Irish Ace and the Scotsmen could definitely be used as the reason their side loses against Travis Banks & British Strong Style. Then things can branch off if Devlin gets on the bad side of Gallus. And then the other matches of the night were seemingly filler, but still enjoyable. Mastiff VS Dennis is on the horizon, the ending of that will mean a lot towards who moves up to challenge Pete Dunne, I’m sure of it. Conners and Ligero are also solidifying themselves and are definitely midcard title types.

I’m liking that in Toni Storm’s absence in these tapings, Isla Dawn is moving up to be an unlikely Face hero. Dawn wins in a good match with Nina Samuels, but Rhea being the Heel, she doesn’t take it seriously. And as a Heel, it made total sense for her to pick a seemingly weak opponent, to be momentarily surprised, and then turn up the aggression to beat them both in and after the match. Rhea VS Dawn should be a good match, and I’m pretty sure Rhea holds onto that belt until Toni Storm makes her NXT UK return. Toni can definitely benefit from paralleling Pete Dunne, in being the second-ever yet longest-reigning champion. And either way, I’m waiting for an eventual Champion VS Champion match of the American and UK Women’s Champions. Shayna in a rematch with Toni or a first-ever with Rhea would be great.

My Scores: Episode 13 – 8.4/10; Episode 14 – 8.6/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: New Japan Cup 2019 Part 1!

The 2019 New Japan Cup begins!



NJPW New Japan Cup 2019

NJPW begins the 2019 New Japan Cup! Who among Tetsuya Naito, Kota Ibushi, Zack Sabre Jr. and EVIL will move on to the second round?


Coverage will be as broadcast by AXS TV

Find gifs on



  • Zack Sabre Jr. VS EVIL; ZSJ wins and advances to the second round.
  • Tetsuya Naito VS Kota Ibushi; Ibushi wins and advances to the second round.


NJPW and AXS set the scene to kickoff the 2019 New Japan Cup!

Spring brings the best in the world in this special single elimination tournament! Only one man will win the right to challenge the IWGP Heavyweight Champion in Madison Square Garden!

The first round has already seen a bit of action, with NJPW standards, Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi, advance, but others falling victim to upsets. Juice Robinson lost to Chase Owens while Sanada overcome Hirooki Goto. The biggest surprises perhaps came from the biggest men losing to the Junior Heavyweights when Bad Luck Fale and Hiroyoshi Tenzan lost to Will Ospreay and Ryusuke Taguchi respectively. But tonight, two of the most anticipated matches take the spotlight! The rivalry of the last year takes the stage again as EVIL and Zack Sabre Jr. face off once again! Plus, Kota Ibushi returns from injury to battle Tetsuya Naito in a G1 Climax rematch! The Golden Star looks to be the comeback kid while the Uncontrollable Charisma wants to be a historic dual champion! Only one can make their dream come true tonight!


Zack Sabre Jr. VS EVIL!

Taka Michinoku welcomes everyone to Zack Sabre Time, and asks who everyone thinks will win this year’s New Japan Cup. Well it’ll be the man who won last yer’s winner, the Submission Master and British Heavyweight Champion! So Evil, you’ll #JustTapOut! C’mon over here! The King of Darkness responds to being called out, and we begin the next chapter of this already storied rivalry!

The bell rings and fans cheer Evil on as he circles with ZSJ. They slowly approach and Evil knees low. Evil headlocks but ZSJ tries to power out, only for Evil to hold on tighter. Evil gets the headlock takeover but ZSJ works for a headscissor counter. He can’t get it so he stands up. ZSJ spins through and arm-drags Evil off, but Evil headscissors him. Evil squeezes and ZSJ endures. ZSJ finds his way up and pops free, then dares Evil to come on. ZSJ headbutts and headlocks but Evil powers out and runs him off! Fans cheer as Evil waits for ZSJ to return. Taka keeps ZSJ calm as he gets back up. ZSJ and Evil circle again, and Evil calls for a test of strength. ZSJ accepts and they grapple, and Evil gets the double knuckle locks.

Evil brings ZSJ to his knees but ZSJ reels him to reverse. ZSJ hammerlocks but Evil switches to his own, but ZSJ switches back, and so on. ZSJ spins and drops to get the takedown but Evil pushes him away. Evil avoids the Penalty Kick but ZSJ ducks the clothesline. Evil blocks ZSJ’s boot to chop and senton! But ZSJ gets his knees up and reels Evil into an armbar! Evil stacks for a cover, TWO! ZSJ still has the arm, but Evil gets the ropebreak. ZSJ lets go but comes back for more. He cranks Evil’s arm back then stomps the hammerlock. ZSJ also kicks Evil in the chest and stomps his legs. ZSJ ties the legs up in a figure four and pulls hair. The referee reprimands ZSJ but ZSJ stays on the arm with pulling fingers and twisting the arm.

ZSJ uses the hammerlock to turn Evil for a cover, TWO! Evil tries to get feeling in his arm but ZSJ kicks him in the back. ZSJ looms over Evil and gives his bad arm toying kicks. ZSJ kicks Evil again, but Evil grabs the kick! Evil hands the foot to Red Shoes before he mule kicks ZSJ down! The 2018 cup winner is down while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Evil brings ZSJ up for forearms. Evil puts ZSJ in a corner then whips him corner to corner. ZSJ stops himself and comes back, but for a sidewalk slam! Fans fire up with Evil as he drags ZSJ back up. Evil suplexes ZSJ up and over then covers, TWO! Evil keeps his cool as he brings ZSJ up again. ZSJ blocks the fireman’s carry and goes after the arm with a double wristlock. Evil powers through but ZSJ slips out to a full nelson. Evil endures the hold and breaks free! He headlocks and knees ZSJ right down! Evil stalks ZSJ to a corner and headlocks, but ZSJ denies the bulldog into the abdominal stretch! They go around and around and Evil puts it on ZSJ! ZSJ endures and pries the arm off, to Pele it!

ZSJ gives Evil European Uppercuts in the corner! He goes corner to corner but Evil follows for a clothesline! Evil runs but ZSJ follows, only for Evil to see him coming and clothesline him again! Cover, TWO! Evil drags ZSJ right up, fireman’s carry, Darkness Falls! Cover, TWO! Sabre survives but Evil has more where that came from. Evil drags ZSJ up and slashes the throat. But ZSJ victory rolls! TWO and Evil has it on ZSJ, TWO!! ZSJ wants a backslide but Evil powers it around, backslide on ZSJ! TWO, Penalty Kick! Both men are down, and fans cheer for Evil while Taka coaches ZSJ. ZSJ goes right at Evil to keylock stomp the arm! ZSJ kicks at it but Evil only gets angry. Evil stands and ZSJ throws EuroUppers, but those only make Evil stronger. He CHOPS ZSJ off his feet!

Evil stands ZSJ up for another chop, but ZSJ stands on his feet. ZSJ gives Evil a shoulder breaker, but Evil gives one back! Evil spins but into a EuroUpper. ZSJ runs but Evil goes sideways, ZSJ catches the clothesline into an Octopus Stretch! He drags Evil down and he cranks back! Evil endures as ZSJ twists him all around! ZSJ has one arm trapped and the other arm back, but Evil uses a leg for the ropebreak! ZSJ lets go but he comes back to dig his elbow into the back. He grabs Evil’s arm and twists it in his legs! ZSJ Penalty Kicks Evil down again! ZSJ catches his breath while Red Shoes checks on Evil. Evil sits up but uses Red Shoes as a shield! Evil mule kicks ZSJ again, then drags him up, to place on Red Shoes! Magic Killer!!

Evil catches his breath and grins while he, ZSJ and Red Shoes slowly get up. ZSJ gets to a corner as Taka coaches him up. Evil runs in for a big clothesline! Evil roars and fans fire up as Evil drags ZSJ up to the top rope. He climbs up to join ZSJ, for a SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Sabre survives again but he clutches his own shoulder now. Evil stands and slashes the throat! He drags ZSJ up, spins him around but ZSJ slips through to scoop. Evil escapes but ZSJ standing switches. ZSJ rolls Evil back but the European Clutch is blocked! Evil wants a Half ‘n’ Half but ZSJ resists. ZSJ reaches for ropes but Evil shifts to a German Suplex! Evil takes aim, but ZSJ kicks the clotheslines away once, twice, but not the third time! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous after that close call!

Evil roars and drags ZSJ up again. He spins ZSJ around but ZSJ slips around and hops up! Sleeper to victory roll to EuroClutch, to EVERYTHING- Is Octopus! ZSJ drags Evil down, Napalm Death! Evil is stuck, Evil taps! ZSJ wins again!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission; advances to the second round

The 2018 New Japan Cup winner keeps on winning! ZSJ has a cup winning streak, will it continue all the way to the finals?


Tetsuya Naito VS Kota Ibushi!

This match feels almost too soon in the tournament! The leader of Los Ingobernables and the Golden Star could both have both made their way to the finals, but now only one of them will move on! Will Ibushi’s comeback lead him all the way to New York? Or will the IWGP Intercontinental Champion move towards being a historic dual champion in NJPW?

Fans love both stars so they’re naturally divided at the bell. Naito and Ibushi stare down as the cheers are thunderous. They start circling and then approach to tie up. Naito gets a headlock but Ibushi spins out for a keylock. Ibushi headlocks now but Naito punches out. Naito pulls hair and pushes Ibushi and things speed up. Ibushi hurdles Naito then again, but Naito ducks the kick and moonsault. Naito arm-drags but Ibushi headscissors, and the two break! Naito even hits Tranquilo. Fans cheer while Naito decides to roll out of the ring. Naito takes his time returning, telling Ibushi to relax. Ibushi doesn’t give Naito a choice, but then Naito escapes Ibushi to tease him about taking time. Ibushi returns but Naito is on him with kicks and elbows.

Naito whips but Ibushi reverses, but Naito grabs ropes. Naito dumps Ibushi out then sweeps the legs. He slingshots and dropkicks Ibushi down, a new take on his Cabron Combo. Naito has control while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Naito whips Ibushi into railing. Naito drags Ibushi up and brings him around the way, to whip him into more railing! Fans cheer Naito but also show concern for Ibushi as Naito whips him into railing a third time! Naito brings Ibushi around the railing and bounces him off the desks. Red Shoes tells Naito to bring things back to the ring but Naito bounces Ibushi off wood again. Naito leaves Ibushi behind and rests in the ring. Ibushi crawls his way back as the ring count begins. The count passes 5 of 20 as Ibushi stands. Ibushi returns ringside at 10 and hops in at 11. Naito is on Ibushi with a whip and big elbow, then a swift basement dropkick! Naito poses more while Ibushi writhes.

Fans cheer for Ibushi and Naito spits at them. Naito stomps Ibushi and drags him up into a cravat neck wrench. Ibushi endures as Naito cranks hard. Ibushi fights out with body shots but Naito elbows him down. Naito then brings Ibushi around for a neckbreaker and casually covers, TWO! Ibushi’s bad neck is a target and Naito keeps on it. Naito brings Ibushi up but Ibushi breaks free. Ibushi throws forearms but Naito just smirks. Ibushi throws more but Naito elbows him around the side. Naito throws more elbows into the neck and Ibushi slumps against the ropes. Naito toys with Ibushi but Red Shoes reprimands him. He whips but Ibushi reverses and dodges to whip back. Ibushi dropkicks Naito right down! Both men fall into each other but Ibushi’s up first.

Ibushi drags Naito up for a strike fest! Naito blocks the kick to kick the knee, but still runs into a roundhouse! Ibushi standing moonsaults! Cover, TWO! Ibushi keeps his cool as he drags Naito up again. Naito resists the German suplex and gets the standing switch. Ibushi throws elbows to break free. Ibushi runs in but Naito boots him from the corner. Naito runs out but into a huricanrana! Fans fire up while Naito bails out of the ring. Ibushi fires up with the fans and goes to the corner. Naito knows it’s coming and stops the Golden Triangle! Naito drags Ibushi out for a draping neckbreaker to the apron! Ibushi falls to the floor and Red Shoes checks on him. He’s somehow okay to continue and drags himself into the ring.

Naito is waiting again, and runs out from a corner, shotgun dropkick! Then he drags Ibushi up to the top rope and out for another draping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Ibushi survives and Naito is surprised, but we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Naito drags Ibushi back up. Naito ties Ibushi up but Ibushi fights out with his free arm. Naito clubs Ibushi in the neck then hits a German Suplex, but Ibushi lands on his feet! Ibushi kicks but Naito ducks to enziguri! Naito whips but Ibushi reverses only for Naito to come back with flying forearms, only to be caught into a snap German! Both men are down but the fans fire up! Naito and Ibushi stir as fans duel. Red Shoes checks and they’re both okay to continue. Ibushi and Naito grit their teeth as they sit up. They head for each other and start throwing forearms. Ibushi hits, Naito hits, repeat. They slowly stand but the brawling continues.

Ibushi hits but Naito comes back. The two stare down and Ibushi throws a forearm. Naito throws one back, so Ibushi gives another. They start picking up speed and now they’re just swinging wild! Ibushi fires off many palm strikes but Naito throws slaps. Ibushi runs but into Naito’s spinebuster! Naito drags Ibushi up and to the top rope again. Naito climbs up behind Ibushi and fans anticipate something dangerous. Ibushi holds on so Naito clubs away. Naito stands Ibushi up, but Ibushi grabs at Naito’s leg. Ibushi turns around and trips Naito up! Naito manages to stay on the apron, but Ibushi stalks him from above. Ibushi drags Naito up while standing on the ropes. Ibushi lifts but Naito fights out! Naito slaps away on Ibushi’s face, then brings Ibushi in, TOMBSTONE on the apron!!

Naito puts Ibushi in the ring then drags him up again. Hammerlock and underhook, GLORIA! Cover, TWO!? Ibushi still lives but Naito isn’t fazed. Naito drags Ibushi up again, arm wrench and tilt-o-whirl, but into Ibushi’s own PACKAGE TOMBSTONE!! Cover, TWO!? Now Naito survives and shocks everyone! Fans duel as Naito and Ibushi drag themselves to opposite corners. Naito runs at Ibushi but into a roundhouse! Ibushi brings Naito in but Naito spins out for a tornado DDT! Naito aims at Ibushi and runs in, into a clothesline!! Ibushi drags Naito up and to a lift, SIT-OUT LAST RIDE! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives again but Ibushi is too tired to be frustrated. Ibushi drags Naito up and grabs both hands, but Naito dodges Kamigoye, DESTINO!! Cover, TWO!?!

Fans are thunderous as this match continues! Naito staggers up and drags Ibushi to his feet. Wrench and tilt-o-whirl but Ibushi slips out to roundhouse! Ibushi gives a shout out to the King of Strong Style as he aims from a corner. Naito sits up, BOMAYE!! Cover, TWO?!? Ibushi can NOT believe Naito survived again! But Ibushi vows to finish this, double underhook, Butterfly Driver! But he’s not done there, KAMIGOYE!! Cover, Ibushi wins!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall; advances to the second round

It took so much, but Ibushi makes it through the opening round! Naito’s dream is denied for now, what will it take for him to become the first-ever dual Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion in NJPW history? As for Ibushi, he advances only to take on Zack Sabre Jr. next! Will Ibushi break ZSJ’s streak in the New Japan Cup? Or will he #JustTapOut?

Ibushi takes the mic and thanks Naito for that amazing match. “In 2019, in NJPW, I’ll show you a new version of Kota Ibushi.” Ibushi vows to go all the way and win! Will everyone else in the tournament, let alone Jay White, take this to heart?



My Thoughts:

Wow, what a great opening to the tournament! At first, I thought it was a bit of a shame that this will be it for the first round, no Okada or Tanahashi, but seeing they had matches with slightly less important opponents (sorry, Mike Elgin), the two matches we got were much more worthy of airtime. Evil VS ZSJ is again an incredible match, and it makes a lot of sense for ZSJ to win. While Sanada is in the tournament, too, he and Evil are still strongly in the Heavyweight Tag Team Division. ZSJ has a great New Japan Cup win streak story to tell, and it’ll make a loss, should one come, all the more exciting if it’s in the later rounds. ZSJ going for back-to-back tournament wins on top of a huge title match is great, but I can’t be sure the chances of it happening.

Naito VS Ibushi was a really great match, and it’s not just kayfabe saying this match could’ve been a logical tournament finals choice. Naito’s story of becoming a dual champion could’ve propelled the tournament to some interesting places, but at the same time, it doesn’t have to be told in the tournament. Ibushi is in NJPW to stay so it means a lot more that he gets a push in the tournament. He already has a hard road ahead of him if the second round pits him against ZSJ, but perhaps a Kota Ibushi that can get through such big names, much like ZSJ did in last year’s tournament, can be a Kota Ibushi that defeats Jay White in Madison Square Garden.

My Score: 8.8/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (3/16/19)

Zack Sabre Jr. continues his journey in ROH!



ROH cover image

Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 391

It’s ROH 17th Anniversary weekend, but the action keeps on rolling! The Submission Master returns, will he make Rocky Romero #JustTapOut?



  • Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Silas Young & The Briscoes; Young & The Briscoes win.
  • The Bouncers VS Brian Johnson & Joe Keys; The Bouncers win.
  • Madison Rayne w/ Sumie Sakai VS Thunder Rosa w/ Holidead; Rayne wins.
  • Zack Sabre Jr. VS Rocky Romero; ZSJ wins.


Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Silas Young & The Briscoes!

Cheeseburger leads Ryan Nova and Eli Isom into battle! Will their fighting spirits combined be enough to overcome the Last Real Man and #DemBoyz?

The bell rings and Isom begins against Jay Briscoe. Isom is no stranger to taking on former ROH World Champions, this could be his third upset on one already. They tie up and Jay waistlocks. Isom standing switches and throws Jay down but Jay reverses to a facelock, but Isom slips away. Fans applaud the Future of Honor keeping up with Jay. Jay and Isom circle again and Jay keeps Isom guessing on the grapple. Jay reels Isom in for a headlock, but Isom powers out, only for Jay to run him over. Things speed up and Isom kicks Jay. Isom runs but sees Jay follow. Jay fakes Isom out and kicks him down. Jay tags Mark and The Briscoes mug Isom. Mark suplexes but Isom slips out and shoves Mark. Mark turns around into Isom’s arm-drag!

Isom tags in Nova and Nova hops up for ax handles. Nova wrenches the arm but Mark rolls through. Mark breaks free but Nova dodges and fires off strikes. Nova wrenches and tags in Cheeseburger! Burger climbs up to drop his own ax handle. Burger wrenches but Mark pushes him away. Mark rushes at Burger but Burger crawls under and kicks him away. Burger speeds up but Jay stands in his way. Mark rocks Burger with a shotgun dropkick! Silas and the Briscoes take control as we go to break.

ROH returns and Silas taunts Burger to stand, only to stomp him down. Fans rally up for Burger and he throws body shots on Silas. Burger fires forearms but Silas shoves Burger for the backbreaker clothesline on the rebound! Silas drags Burger over and tags in Mark. Mark drops an elbow then drags Burger up. Mark suplexes and holds Burger up for a few seconds before dropping him down. Fans rally but Mark puts Burger in a camel clutch. Burger endures while Jay and Silas taunt him. Mark fish hooks Burger but lets up at 4. Mark blasts Nova but the ref keeps Isom from going after Mark. But he misses Mark biting Burger! Mark gets away with it then CHOPS Burger in a corner! Mark whips corner to corner but Burger dodges! Burger dodges Silas and Jay, too, hot tag to Isom!

Isom dropkicks Mark to his corner where Jay tags in. Silas runs at Isom but Isom puts him on the apron and dropkicks him down! Jay goes after Isom with a waistlock but is bucked off. Isom pops Jay up to a fireman’s carry! Nova intercepts Mark and DIVES on Silas! Air Raid Crash from Isom to Jay! Cover, TWO!! Isom almost had another former world champion caught! Isom keeps going but Jay blocks the suplex. Jay fights back but Isom throws his own forearms. Isom runs but into Jay’s fireman’s carry. Jay hits the Spicolli Driver while Mark climbs up! FROGGY-BOW! Jay covers, TWO!? Isom survives and The Briscoes are shocked!

The ref tells Mark to go to the corner but the Briscoes ignore him. #DemBoyz work together to finish this, double underhook but Isom fights out. Isom pushes Jay into Mark then kicks, suplex to brainbuster! Cover, TWO!! Another close call but Isom keeps his focus. Isom and Jay stand as fans rally up. Isom throws forearms and elbows then an enziguri. Jay staggers and Jay runs, but SUPERKICK for Jay! High-Low combo for The Briscoes! Mark keeps Burger out while Jay hits his Jay Driller! Cover, The Briscoes & Silas win!

Winners: Silas Young & The Briscoes, Jay Briscoe pinning

The Shinobi Shadow Squad struggles in the Six Man Tag Division against such accomplished opponents. Will it be the Last Real Man and Dem Boyz who move on towards the titles instead?


Rhett Titus speaks.

“Willie Mack, I heard you had plans to take the NWA National Title and defend it in every state across America.” Well Willie, plans change, because the Fittest is looking to take that belt and bring it with him on the Flex Express. Will Rhett’s own plans have to change after facing The Mack next episode?


The Bouncers VS Brian Johnson & Joe Keys!

The literally biggest team in the ROH Tag Team Division takes on two other Future of Honor stars. With physiques like theirs, JK and The Number One were hoping for sunny beaches and “beautiful baby dolls”, but instead got “busted up broads and their beer-swilling bozos”! Well that’s no way to talk about the fans or beer! The Bouncers make their way out with plenty of drinks, and Brian Milonas takes the mic. He and The Beer City Bruiser are here to kick ass and drink beer! Will they do just that against these rude rookies?

The Code of Honor is still upheld between the teams, and we start with Bruiser and Keys. Keys shows off his body while teasing Bruiser about the beer belly. Bruiser admits Keys wins the body building, but Bruiser has the fans as they chant “Beer! Beer!” along with him. Keys calls for a test of strength and Bruiser isn’t sure he’s serious. Keys shoves Bruiser and tells him to take it serious. Bruiser accepts the test, and SLAPS Keys off his feet! Keys gets up and kicks but Bruiser catches it. Bruiser spins Keys for an atomic drop. Keys gets to a corner but covers up from Bruiser’s punch. So Bruiser CHOPS instead! And CHOPS, and CHOPS! Fans cheer for more but Keys turns around to protect his chest. So Bruiser CHOPS his back! Keys scrambles to his corner and tags in Johnson.

Johnson fires off on Bruiser but Bruiser shoves him to run him over! Bruiser drags Johnson up but Johnson powers him to the corner. Keys anchors Bruiser’s feet and Johnson gets a sucker punch! Johnson stomps away in the corner then tags in Keys. Keys stomps Bruiser now but lets up at 4. Keys chops Bruiser back then goes to scoop. Bruiser’s too big for that, so Keys gives a European Uppercut. Johnson tags in and rams in his own uppercut. Johnson and Keys work together for a double scoop slam! Cover, ONE, and with power! Bruiser reaches for Milonas but Keys tags back in. Keys stomps Bruiser down then puts Bruiser back in the corner. Keys throws EuroUppers then gestures at Milonas. He runs in for a splash but Bruiser dodges! Keys hits buckles and both men are down!

Fans rally up as Bruiser crawls for his corner. Johnson shouts to Keys, and Keys tags him in. Johnson grabs Bruiser’s feet but Bruiser still gets to Milonas! The Mastodon rallies on both Future of Honor stars! Fans fire up as he pounces Keys out of the ring, then squashes Johson in a corner. Milonas whips Johnson corner to corner for another splash, then scoops. Johnson slips out and shoves Milonas away. Johnson dodges the clothesline but gets a pop-up spinebuster! Keys attacks Milonas from behind but Bruiser gets Keys. Bruiser whips Keys and Milonas gives Keys a pop-up spinebuster! The Bouncers say bottom’s up and grab Johnson. Milonas climbs and Bruiser holds Johnson up, draping leg drop! Cover, The Bouncers win!

Winners: The Bouncers, Brian Milonas pinning

They kicked ass, now they drink beer! Will the Bouncers find their way to the ROH World Tag Team Championships and drink to a title reign?


Madison Rayne speaks.

“Thunder Rosa, you think that you and Holidead can come into ROH and control the narrative and call the shots?” Here’s the reality: the Twisted Sisterz are the opposite of what the Women of Honor stand for. The Queen Bee vows to make a statement, but will it go the way she hopes?


Willie Mack speaks.

The inaugural NWA National Champion is all about making history, and he makes history with ROH next week. He’ll defend his title in all 50 states, and is already on number 5. If Rhett Titus wants to stay fit, then he better get ready for a fight!


Madison Rayne w/ Sumie Sakai VS Thunder Rosa w/ Holidead!

As The Queen Bee alluded to, The Twisted Sisterz have done what they want to who they want since joining the Women of Honor Division, including the Ray of Sunshine. Now Sumie stands beside Madison, will they put the trouble-makers in their place?

Madison doesn’t wait for the bell, she goes right at Thunder Rosa! She tackles Rosa down and the bell has to ring as she fires off right hands. Rayne puts Rosa in one corner then runs her all the way to the other. She bumps Rosa off a third then hits a sliding lariat. Rayne runs Rosa over with a shoulder and fires up while Rosa regroups with Holidead. Rayne doesn’t give Rosa much time to regain composure, she goes right out and rocks her with a right! She puts Rosa back in while Sumie keeps her eyes on Holidead. Rayne runs Rosa over with a clothesline but notices Holidead egging Sumie on. Rayne runs and wrecks Holidead with a dropkick! Sumie and the fans cheer Rayne on but Rosa hits Rayne back!

Rosa fetches Rayne and rams her into the apron. She then CHOPS Rayne against the apron, before shoving her into the ring. Rosa stomps Rayne then covers, TWO! Rosa drags Rayne up and bumps Rayne off the buckles. She stomps a mudhole into Rayne but backs off at 4. Rosa snapmares Rayne and kicks her sharp on the back. Holidead wants another so Rosa kicks Rayne again. Rosa runs and dropkicks Rayne in the back, covers, TWO! Sumie coaches Rayne up while Rosa mockingly applauds. Rayne throws body shots but Rosa clubs her down. Rosa scoops and slams Rayne down, then applauds herself. Rosa runs side to side for a BIG leg drop! Cover, TWO! The Queen Bee is in trouble while we go to break.

ROH returns and Rosa toys with Rayne. Rayne throws forearms back and enziguris! Rosa falls over and Rayne covers, TWO! Holidead is relieved but Rayne keeps on Rosa. Rosa throws Rayne down by her hair, then drags her up for chops. Rosa whips Rayne corner to corner then runs in for a big back elbow! She snapmares Rayne to a cover, TWO! Fans rally for Rayne but Rose wraps on a chinlock. Rayne endures and fights her way up, but Rosa throws her back down. Cover, TWO! Rosa grabs Rayne for more chops, then does a little salsa to show off. She whips but Rayne reverses and things speed up, Rayne SPEARS Rosa down! But Rayne is also down and a standing 10 count begins.

The count reaches 5 as both women sit up. Rosa grabs Rayne and brings her up but Rayne fires forearms! Rayne dodges Rosa and rallies with more forearms. Rayne fires up and goes corner to corner but Rose catches her! Rosa puts Rayne on the top rope but Rayne boots her back. Rayne leaps for the crossbody! Both women are back up, Rayne ducks a kick to give an enziguri! Cover, TWO! Rayne keeps on Rosa with a waistlock. She wrings Rosa out but Rosa goes to swing. Rayne adjusts and gets around Rosa again for a dragon sleeper. Rosa elbows out and brings Rayne up into the Gory Especial, and spins around for the facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Rayne survives and the Twisted Sisterz are shocked!

Rosa is furious as she drags Rayne right up onto her shoulder! Rosa spins but Rayne slips out for the Rayne Drop! Cover, Rayne wins!

Winner: Madison Rayne, by pinfall

The Queen Bee wins outta nowhere and gets revenge on behalf of Sumie Sakai! Will Rayne and others teach the Twisted Sisterz a lesson about being Women of Honor?


Team Coast2Coast speaks.

“We were gone for a very long time, but for good reason.” Shaheem Ali and Leon St. Giovanni were “rediscovering” themselves. But now C2C is better than ever and will take on the best in the world! Their return is next week against Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham, will Chocolate Man and the Human Rocket be ready for the Franchise and the Octopus?


Zack Sabre Jr. VS Rocky Romero!

The partnership of ROH and NJPW is on display as the Submission Master returns! But not only that, the player-coach of Roppongi 3K makes his own return! Will Rocky make a run in ROH for gold? Or will he #JustTapOut?

ROH returns with the bell! Fans cheer Rocky on as he circles with ZSJ. Rocky keeps away from ZSJ’s grip and then they approach. ZSJ still gets Rocky down with a headlock but Rocky keeps up with his reversals. ZSJ gets free but both he and Rocky smirk as they circle again. They tie up again and ZSJ gets the arm. He cranks on it to get Rocky to the mat. Rocky endures the wristlock and ZSJ grinds a knee in. Rocky gets to his feet but ZSJ wrenches and arm-drags Rocky back down. Fans cheer ZSJ’s technique as he twists and pulls Rocky’s arm. Rocky spins through and gets up to dropkick ZSJ out of the ring! ZSJ is frustrated already as he kicks the railing. Rocky waits for ZSJ as he catches his breath.

ZSJ returns and circles with Rocky. They tie up and ZSJ gets a leg. He trips Rocky and stands on his feet. ZSJ twists the leg around and then ties the legs up so he can go after Rocky’s neck with a wrench. But he also hooks the face so the ref counts. ZSJ lets up at 4 to bring Rocky into a Bow ‘n’ Arrow. Rocky pops out to a cover, TWO! Fans applaud as Rocky and ZSJ circle again. Rocky and ZSJ approach and Rocky gets ZSJ’s leg now. Rocky waistlocks but ZSJ wrenches to a switch. ZSJ wrenches again and brings Rocky to his knees. ZSJ brings Rocky further down as he mounts the arm to pull back. Fans applaud while Rocky endures the pair of knuckle locks.

Rocky and ZSJ go shoulder to shoulder but ZSJ gets the cover. TWO so ZSJ tries again. TWO as Rocky brings up the shoulder, so ZSJ pushes it down. Rocky bridges this time, and then anticipates ZSJ hopping on with a monkey flip! It’s a double cover, but Rocky rolls back, only to get caught into ZSJ’s armbar! Rocky rolls and shifts but ZSJ slips out to a hammerlock. Fans applaud this continued exchange as Rocky reaches back for ZSJ. Rocky leaps and snapmares but ZSJ headbutts back. ZSJ snapmares but Rocky handsprings through to dropkick him down! Rocky brings ZSJ up for a chop then a cravat. ZSJ endures but Rocky snapmares. ZSJ responds with his own snapmare, but then Rocky snapmares back. They go snapmare for snapmare, but then ZSJ shoves Rocky down for a neck crank! Rocky writhes while we go to one last break.

ROH returns once again as Rocky manages a ropebreak while in a modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow. ZSJ reluctantly lets go, and waits for Rocky to sit up. ZSJ clamps on a half straitjacket, then digs in elbows and knuckles to get the full. Rocky endures as fans rally up. Rocky feeds off the energy but ZSJ does his best to keep Rocky down. The two struggle against each other, and ZSJ digs a knee in to keep the straitjacket. Rocky stands and spins the straitjacket around but ZSJ spins it back on. ZSJ brings Rocky back down then flips him over, but Rocky uses that to reverse the hold! Rocky has ZSJ but ZSJ breaks free to throw a EuroUpper. ZSJ whips but Rocky elbows back. Rocky springboards for a tornado DDT! Both men are down but fans rally up.

Another standing count begins and Rocky sits up at 3. ZSJ follows and grabs Rocky first. Rocky dodges and huricanranas! Things speed up, Rocky springboards again for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Rocky toys with ZSJ, then starts slapping him around. ZSJ EuroUppers then grabs a leg. Rocky misses the first enziguri but not the rewind! Fans fire up with Rocky as he runs corner to corner to start the Forever Clotheslines! He gets one, then another, but runs into a boot! ZSJ runs but into Rocky’s leaping knee, only to make it an STF! Rocky is caught, and ZSJ shifts sides! Rocky drags himself around and manages a ropebreak! ZSJ lets Rocky go and catches his breath. Now ZSJ toys with Rocky as he stomps him around. ZSJ kicks but Rocky gets mad. ZSJ pie faces so Rocky SLAPS away!

Rocky knees and hauls ZSJ up to the top rope. Rocky runs corner to corner for a top shelf knee! ZSJ falls to the apron but Rocky checks his shoulder first. Rocky brings ZSJ up but ZSJ resists the suplex. ZSJ goes after the arm but Rocky throws forearms. Rocky shoulders in but gets caught into an Octopus through the ropes! ZSJ lets go at 4 then shoves Rocky away. Rocky dropkicks ZSJ on the return! Rocky throws forearms and CHOPS, then ties ZSJ up in the ropes. He goes to the side and springboards for a guillotine missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives and Rocky is exhausted. Fans build to a rally for Rocky as he brings ZSJ up. Rocky throws forearms on ZSJ then eggs him on. ZSJ throws a EuroUpper, but Rocky comes back for fast hands. Rocky kicks and runs for a Sliced Bread! Cover, TWO!

Rocky drags ZSJ up again and wants more, but ZSJ escapes Sliced Bread 2 for the standing abdominal stretch! Rocky reaches but ZSJ rolls him away, then around, Hurrah! The double wrist-clutch octopus is on and Rocky taps quickly! ZSJ wins!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission

The Submission Master brings in Another Year, Surely This One Will Be Better Than the Last. Will ZSJ’s first year in ROH be golden sooner rather than later?



My Thoughts:

Another ROH PPV, another disconnect between it and their television episodes. This episode, as all episodes are, was clearly recorded long before the PPV as nothing that happened at the PPV affects this episode’s events. For those who didn’t see the ROH 17th Anniversary, make sure to check here for the full card results. But for those who did, you know The Briscoes lost the the ROH World Tag Team Championships to Villain Enterprises, yet Jay & Mark still had the belts here. And all this makes it strange for commentary to vaguely reference the PPV when it hadn’t happened for them yet. The Six Man Tag they had was only okay, so I don’t see why it couldn’t have been three other Heels going against Shinobi Shadow Squad to get the spotlight instead.

In fact, seeing as how more Future of Honor stars were brought on for this episode, I’m starting to think that’s what episodes like this should be about. ROH Future of Honor stars can appear, get some television exposure, and take the card in place of literally anyone involved on the PPV card. And of course, facing Future of Honor stars meant an easy win for The Bouncers, who might finally be moving up now that they’re Faces. Meanwhile, Rhett Titus’ new gimmick is like if Lex Luger and Val Venis fused, but then the combination was slightly diluted. But Rhett VS Mack, even non-title, sounds fun. Pretty sure Mack wins that, but bringing NWA and its new championship into the fold of ROH’s many partnerships also sounds great.

Rayne VS Rosa was a good match, and I’m sensing this is building to something more. I’ve said before that having the Twisted Sisterz in WOH must mean Women’s Tag Team Championships are on the horizon, and it would be pretty big if Sumie Sakai joins Rayne in competing for those. I don’t think Rayne & Sumie would be the inaugural champions, that really should be the Twisted Sisterz given their resumes. But Sumie one day becoming a tag champ to be the first woman to have both the WOH World and Tag Team Championships would be a great thing for her own career. ZSJ VS Romero was a good match, and clearly ZSJ is set to dominate to at least a World Television Championship level. ZSJ VS Jeff Cobb would be great for the sheer difference in styles, but we know it’ll have to wait until after G1 Supercard.

My Score: 8/10

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