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Mitchell’s WWE Tribute to the Troops Results & Report! (12/20/18)



WWE Tribute to the Troops

To thank the men and women who fight to protect all of our freedom, the WWE treats Fort Hood, Texas to a Tribute to the Troops! Happy Holidays, everyone!



  • Women’s Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Ronda Rousey & Natalya VS The Riott Squad VS Nia Jax & Tamina; Rousey & Natalya win.
  • Finn Balor & Elias VS Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush; Finn & Elias win.
  • Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch VS Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville; Flair & Lynch win.
  • AJ Styles & Seth Rollins VS Daniel Bryan & Dean Ambrose; Styles & Rollins win.


Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the singing of the American National Anthem.

Here to perform the National Anthem is Staff Sgt. Traci Gregg.


It’s the 16th Annual WWE Tribute to the Troops!

To all of America’s finest around the world, we thank you for standing up and fighting for America’s beliefs and freedoms. We hope everyone enjoys WWE’s most patriotic show of the year, and Happy Holidays!


Awwww~ Armed Forces!

Be holly, jolly and clap for your five-time tag team champions, and feel~ the power~! The New Day are in full-on Christmas Mode, and are joined by the FABULOUS Truth as they give out gifts to the good men and women at Fort Hood. Xavier the Reindeer, Kofi the Elf and Big E Claus greet Fort Hood with a hearty ho ho ho. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and it’s time to be extra jolly with Tribute to the Troops! WWE proudly puts on a show for the Armed Forces to show that their sacrifices are greatly appreciated. The troops are the real heroes, so the WWE wishes to give them a worthy gift. The New Day have some great holiday traditions. Like sitting down with a hot cup of cocoa and sprinkling Booty O’s in it!

Or perhaps putting on the WWE Network to find a favorite New Day match on repeat and watch it over and over and over until your family finally goes, “Kofi, stop! We get it! Can the kids please open their presents now?” Or how about that time mommy was kissing Santa Claus and dad was cool with it because it’s Santa? And kids, make sure to put some cookies and milk out for Sant-E Claus, wink wink. And let’s not forget those who can’t be home for Christmas. Keep them in their thoughts, send them letters and gifts, but keep them away from the milk ‘n’ cookies! Now, please sing along and chant, “U! S A!”


Women’s Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Ronda Rousey & Natalya VS The Riott Squad VS Nia Jax & Tamina!

The Rowdy Raw Women’s Champion and her good friend, the Queen of Harts, will face each other on Christmas Eve for the title, but they’ll unite to defeat familiar foes. Can Ronda & Natty ring in the holidays with a victory for the troops?

The teams sort out and fans are fired up for Ronda as she starts against the Kentucky Viking. Ronda and Sarah Logan tie up and Ronda shoves Sarah down. Sarah gets to ropes, and Ronda backs off. Sarah tags to Liv Morgan and Liv runs into Ronda’s throw! Ronda tags Natty and they double suplex Liv. Cover, TWO! Natty keeps on Liv but Liv elbows out. Liv whips Natty to a corner but Natty reverses, and Natty gives Liv the rebound sit-down. Natty runs over Liv to dropkick her down! Discus clothesline! Natty goes for the Sharpshooter but Liv scrambles away. Liv tags in Tamina! Tamina goes at Natty but gets caught in a waistlock. Tamina bumps out and wrenches a wrist, but Natty handsprings and spins only to get thrown down by her hair.

The Daughter of Superfly whips The Daughter of the Anvil to a corner but misses. Natty rolls Tamina, TWO! Natty keeps on Tamina with a waistlock but Tamina bucks her off. Nia tags in and the Samoan Dynasty run Natty over! Fans boo and jeer as Nia taunts Ronda. Nia drags Natty up and headbutts her back down. Nia says this is her ring as she puts Natty in a corner. She runs in and squashes Natty, then taunts Ronda more. Nia flexes to mock Ronda, then runs to drop the elbow! Cover, TWO! Nia bumps Natty on buckles and tags Tamina. Tamina body shots Natty then scoops her. Natty small packages, TWO! Tamina uppercuts Natty down, covers, TWO! She keeps on Natty with a whip and a corner splash.

Tamina whips Natty to the Squad’s corner, but misses! Sarah tags in, and she taunts Natty to tag Ronda. Sarah taunts Ronda then stomps Natty. The Kentucky Viking puts Natty in a cobra clutch, but fans rally up for Natty. Natty endures and arm-drags but Sarah dropkicks her down! Sarah covers, TWO! Sarah puts Natty in the Riott corner to throw forearms. Fans still rally and Natty fights her way out! Natty hurries for Ronda but Sarah drags her away. Natty shoves Sarah away, hot tag to Ronda! Ronda rallies on Sarah, and throws her around with judo! She drives in knees and kicks Sarah to a corner, to fire off fists! Tamina runs in but gets Sarah and Ronda throws her down. Natty gives Tamina a discus!

Nia gets Natty up but Natty slips out. Nia shoves her but misses into a post. Ronda drags Sarah around, but Ruby distracts. Liv attacks from behind! The Squad drags Ronda up, but fans are rallying. Ronda grabs one arm each, and double throws both Squad members, for a DOUBLE ARMBAR! Natty stops Ruby, and the Squad taps! Ronda & Natty win!

Winners: Rodna Rousey and Natalya, Ronda by submission

Fort Hood is rowdy for Ronda and Natty as they pull off the victory! Ronda speaks to the fans, and says she is honored to be performing for them. She thought a lot about what a true champion is, and the troops are definitely champions. Ronda thanks them for their sacrifices and courage and perseverance, as well as the biggest gift of all: our freedom.


Jon Stewart joined the WWE to visit Fort Hood.

Stewart himself personally thanked as many of the troops stationed around “The Great Place” as he could find, even a fellow Stewart. “It’s such a great group of people, the quality, the caliber of the individuals.” It is only a fraction of what the troops give day in and day out, but it needed to be shared.


Morrigan Whalen performs.


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter comes to Fort Hood! He plays his guitar on the way out, and asks the troops, “Who Wants to Walk With Elias?!” Fort Hood does! Elias teams with The Extraordinary Man, next!


Finn Balor & Elias VS Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush!

There have been any number of issues between the four men in this match, but strangely enough, Finn and Elias find themselves on the same side. Will they be able to shut up and shut down the Scottish Terminator & Rocky Mountain Machine?

The Hype Man of the Hour leads the way for “the most magnificent body in the world!” Lashley is former military himself, but right now he’s all about himself. McIntyre makes his entrance last, and is laser focused as ever. The teams sort out, and Elias starts against Lashley. Fans rally behind Elias as he circles with Lashley, but Lashley hits Finn! Lashley carries Elias to his corner and rams his shoulders in. McIntyre tags and the two mug Elias in the corner. McIntyre chops then clubs away. Tag to Lashley and Lashley tackles Elias again. Elias fights back but to little effect. McIntyre tags in and they double whip Elias. Elias kicks McIntyre then hits Lashley. Elias sends Lashley out and dodges McIntyre, tag to Finn!

Finn rallies on McIntyre with forearms, but can’t knock McIntyre over. McIntyre lifts Finn but Finn slips out to hit Lashley. McIntyre clobbers Finn and takes back control while we go to break.

WWE Tribute to the Troops returns as McIntyre deadlifts and slams Finn! Cover, TWO! McIntyre stomps Finn’s hands and then mocks him before stomping him again. McIntyre brings Finn over and tags in Lashley. Lashley hits Finn with a big body shot, then taunts Elias. Lashley wraps a chinlock on Finn, but fans rally up. Finn feeds off the energy and reaches out, but Lashley pulls him away from Elias. Finn keeps trying, but Lashley whips him to the corner. Lashley runs into boots and Finn elbows McIntyre. Finn runs but Lashley picks him up to put him in an open corner. Lashley runs in corner to corner, but Finn dodges and sends him into buckles! Finn crawls but McIntyre trips Elias! Finn can’t tag, and Lashley tackles him into the corner!

Lashley drags Finn over and tags McIntyre. McIntyre stomps a mudhole into Finn, then Lashley feeds Finn to the tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Cover, TWO! McIntyre mocks Finn, and dares him to “fight up!” Finn gets to ropes as McIntyre pie-faces him. McIntyre whips Finn but Finn dodges and tilt-o-whirl DDT’s! Both men are down and fans fire up! Finn and McIntyre crawl, hot tags to Lashley and Elias! Elias throws hands on Lashley! Elias whips but Lashley reverses, but Elias goes up to kick Lashley away! Fans fire up as Elias rallies more, hitting McIntyre for good measure. Elias stomps a furious mudhole into Lashley, then runs to big knee! He goes to a corner and climbs, but McIntyre distracts so that Lio can interfere. Elias chases Lio around the way, but runs into Lashley’s SPINEBUSTER! Cover, Finn uses a Coup de Grace to break it!

McIntyre runs at Finn but Finn throws him out! Finn takes aim and builds up speed, to FLY! Direct hit takes out the Terminator! Elias shoulders into Lashley then slingshots for a sunset flip. Lashley hods ropes and Lio helps Lashley, but Finn punches Lio down! Finn kicks Lashley into the sunset flip, Elias & Finn win!

Winners: Elias & Finn Balor, Elias pinning

The unlikely allies get one over on their nemeses, but these fights are only beginning! Christmas Eve brings a major rematch for all, but who will be wishing all a good night?


WWE Superstars give personal thanks via Quicken Loans’ Rocket Cam!


It’s a Tribute to the Troops edition of Miz TV!

The troops say “Miz is Awesome!” but Miz lets them know “No, you are awesome.” But the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show comes to Fort Hood with two very special guests. First, his co-star in The Marine 6, “The Man Herself”, Becky Lynch! The Relent-Lass Lynch heads to the ring to a huge ovation, even though she’s no longer SmackDown Women’s Champion. The Miz was honored to portray a serviceman in the Marine franchise, so he personally thanks the troops for everything they do. This is extra special, because Miz has another guest. Introducing, Charlotte Flair! The Queen arrives and stares down her biggest frenemy. Becky says they need to hurry this along or else someone will get hurt.

Miz wants things to be cordial, and invites them to take their seats for a talk. Becky and Charlotte do sit, and while Miz could be obvious and ask about titles and rivalries, he enjoys subtext. The subtext is friendship. Friends, enemies, friends, enemies, it is heartbreaking to see this drama. They’re not as strong friends as Miz and “Co-Bestie” Shane McMahon, but he wants to help them get to the root of the issue. Is this about Becky being better than Charlotte? Is this about Charlotte not being used to standing in someone’s shadow like Becky had to endure? “Queens don’t stand in shadows, Miz. They cast shadows.” Charlotte saying that helped Miz realize something: he was overshadowing Becky in The Marine 6, and made her feel the way Charlotte makes her feel. He is sorry for that.

Becky says that’s “mighty big” of The Miz. Probably the first time anyone’s said that about him. Whoa…! But between Miz and Charlotte being a delusional Ken and Barbie, a fake Marine and a fake Becky, while Becky is being what she is: “The Man.” Both Becky and Charlotte stand to stare down, but here come Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville! The duo formerly known as Absolution are bored of this “rerun”. Why does SmackDown’s Women’s Division revolve around Becky and Charlotte? Just look at Mandy! “This is what the face of the SmackDown Women’s Division should look like.” Sonya points out Mandy has much more class than the “so-called Queen”, and Sonya herself hits a lot harder than Nia Jax. And if Nia broke Becky’s face, then…

Maybe those two should stop making things about themselves, and we’ll see who really deserves the spotlight. A match? Right now? Then let’s go! The Queen and The Man will try to coexist, after the break!


Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch VS Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville!

WWE Tribute to the Troops returns as the bell rings. The Gladiator Gal starts against The Queen and “WOO~!” echoes out. They tie up and Sonya arm-drags Charlotte. Sonya sweeps and Charlotte kicks but each woman dodges the other. Sonya gets a waistlock but Charlotte pries her way out. Charlotte standing switches but Sonya elbows out. Sonya goes to throw Charlotte but Charlotte throws her out first. Mandy runs in but Charlotte sends her right back out. Sonya and Mandy regroup while Charlotte goes to Becky. Only to fake the take! Charlotte slingshots to take out both Sonya and Mandy! Fans fire up with The Queen as she puts Sonya back in.

Charlotte chops Sonya, but Sonya kicks back. Sonya waistlocks but Charlotte standing switches. Mandy tags in as Charlotte rolls Sonya, Mandy knees Charlotte in the head! Cover, ONE, and Mandy is shocked! Mandy stomps Charlotte in a corner then backs off at 4. Fans rally up and want Becky in but Mandy bumps Charlotte off the mat. Sonya tags in and they double whip and double kick Charlotte to then mug and throws her down. Sonya covers, TWO! She keeps on Charlotte with a body scissor squeeze. Sonya even adds a dragon sleeper but Charlotte gets out of that. Sonya keeps the body scissors as Charlotte rolls around, but then Charlotte pops out to throw forearms! They separate and Sonya kicks Charlotte to the ropes.

Sonya rocks Charlotte with a right, then whips Charlotte at a corner. Charlotte tumbles to the apron, Mandy runs over but gets kicked down. Charlotte slingshots and rolls Sonya, TWO! Sonya rocks Charlotte with a roundhouse! Sonya and Mandy soak up the heat but fans still cheer on Becky. Mandy tags in and Absolution stomp away on Charlotte. Mandy bumps Charlotte off buckles but Charlotte returns the favor! Charlotte scoops but Mandy slips out to shove Charlotte face first into buckles! Cover, TWO! Mandy drags Charlotte up to choke her on the ropes, but lets up at 4. Tag to Sonya and they double whip Charlotte. Charlotte rocks Sonya and kicks Mandy. Charlotte sends Mandy out but Sonya clobbers Charlotte from behind!

Sonya taunts Becky but Charlotte rolls her up! ONE, and Sonya keeps between Charlotte and Becky! Mandy distracts the ref to keep him from seeing the tag! The referee stops Becky while Charlotte gets mugged in the corner! Fans boo and jeer but Becky backs down. Charlotte fights her way out and CHOPS away on Sonya! Sonya falls to the Flair chops but Charlotte picks her up to throw her with an exploder! Charlotte kips up and gives Sonya the Queen’s combination of backbreaker and throw! Becky tags in but Charlotte gives Sonya Natural Selection! Becky puts on the Disarm-Her! Sonya taps, Becky and Charlotte win!

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch, Becky by submission

The Man doesn’t stick around to celebrate with The Queen, their issues still aren’t settled. With the SmackDown Women’s Champion still fresh on their minds, which frenemy will be first to challenge Asuka for the title?


The New Day give back by treating troops to a meal at Denny’s!

Kofi, Xavier and Big E say thanks with bacon, eggs, sausage, but especially pancakes!


Jon Stewart heads to the ring!

“What’s up, Fort Hood?” He’s so excited and honored to be here, in the beautiful, sunny and warm Texas weather. Not really, it is COLD. He was freezing his balls off! One day it was 85 degrees, now it’s half that. Stewart’s parents are at Fort Bliss, and just by the name, “you know it’s gonna be a sh*thole.” Stewart knows he’s looking a little older than last time. When he was on TV, he had make-up, the suits, the lighting, but being out on the street, he’d get people asking him, “Are you Jon Stewart?” And when he’d say yes, they’d ask, “Are you okay?” Stewart says that while “Black don’t crack”, Jews tend to age more like avocados. Like guacamole, it’s green but then suddenly “Oh my God!”

Stewart notes he visited troops across the ocean, and flew in a C-17. The troops know what that’s like. “The C-17 is a wonderful way to travel, if you are a tank. Or a palette of dry goods. But for a person, they tell you ‘It’s gonna get really hot, then really cold, then really loud.'” It sucked. It’s terrible the troops have to travel that way. Stewart’s plane lands, for a layover until they get into a C-130. That part of the trip, “I owe the C-17 an apology.” “It’s like they took a black olive can, just dumped it out, and stuck people inside it.”

Then there’s the “combat landing”. Those are “not pleasant.” And with no windows, going straight up and straight down, you have no idea! The pilot could at least warn you about “your testicles going into your sinuses.” Though it was fun cleaning his vomit off the ceiling. Before landing, his beard was brown and his undies were white.

Stewart wraps up by again thanking the troops for everything they do, and has them give themselves a round of applause. “Fort Hood rocks. Go get it!”


WWE shares moments from the visit to Fort Hood.

Ric Flair, The Usos, Finn Balor and many more of the WWE’s legends and superstars made sure the men and women of Fort Hood are greatly admired and appreciated. Seeing everything they do on a daily routine is an inspiration.


Morrigan Whalen gives an encore performance.


AJ Styles & Seth Rollins VS Daniel Bryan & Dean Ambrose!

The Phenomenal One lost his title to the “New” Daniel Bryan while the Architect lost his title to the new Ambrose. Both Styles and Rollins want payback in the worst ways, but will they be able to do it in this Raw and SmackDown crossover main event?

WWE Tribute to the Troops returns as Bryan makes his entrance, and swerves the troops on the “YES!” chant. The troops are much more fired up to #BurnItDown with Rollins and Styles! But before the bell rings, Ambrose and Bryan mug Rollins! Styles jump sin and it’s a huge brawl! Styles chops and stomps Bryan while Rollins fires off on Ambrose. Bryan bails out and Rollins throws Ambrose out. Styles pursues to hit Bryan with a sliding knee from the apron, and then Rollins slingshots out onto Ambrose! The troops are fired up as Rollins puts Ambrose in the ring. We finally begin and Rollins tosses his shirt to the crowd before going after Ambrose.

Rollins chops Ambrose around the ring but Ambrose turns it around to chop back. Ambrose trash talks but Rollins fires off more chops! Rollins SUPERKICKS Ambrose, then whips him corner to corner. Ambrose reverses but runs into a boot! Rollins hops up, jumps over and runs to Slingblade Ambrose down! Fans fire up and chant “Burn It Down!” with every stomp from Rollins. Rollins SUPERKICKS Ambrose again, but Bryan trips him up! Ambrose kicks and throws Rollins down, and takes back control while we go to break.

WWE Tribute to the Troops returns once more, and Ambrose has Rollins down with a Fujiwara armbar. The troops rally up for Rollins and Rollins fights his way up. Rollins forearms Ambrose away and whips but Ambrose reverses. Rollins tumbles up and back, into a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Ambrose says he’s smarter than the Architect, and tells Rollins he’s “going for a ride.” Ambrose brings Rollins up to the top rope and rocks him with a right. He climbs up to join Rollins, but Rollins resists the superplex. Rollins fights back and headbutts Ambrose. Rollins then sunset flips, for a corner to corner buckle bomb! Fans fire up and Rollins crawls for his corner. Ambrose crawls, too, and hot tags to Bryan and Styles!

Styles rallies on the “New” Bryan with a Phenomenal Blitz! He whips Bryan corner to corner but Bryan goes up and over. Things speed up, Styles dropkicks Bryan down! “This is Awesome!” Styles hits a sliding forearm! Styles kips up and runs at Bryan for a big clothesline. He lifts Bryan up, Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO! Styles drags Bryan up for the Clash, but Bryan slips out to enziguri! Bryan aims at Styles in the corner, and troops duel as Bryan runs in. Styles gets him with a Calf Crusher! Bryan reaches while Styles wrenches, but Ambrose attacks! Ambrose stomps away but Rollins springboards in to clothesline Ambrose down! Rollins fires off body shots but Bryan attacks Rollins! Bryan and Ambrose work together, but Rollins powers Ambrose to a corner! Rollins dodges to send Bryan into Ambrose! Roll up, SUPERKICK!

Styles clotheslines Ambrose out, then Rollins DIVES to finish Ambrose off! Styles aims at Bryan but is put on the apron. He forearms Bryan away, and springboards for the Phenomenal Forearm! Cover, Styles & Rollins win!

Winners: AJ Styles & Seth Rollins, by pinfall

The former champions win in a truly phenomenal showdown! With the New Year coming, will the New Bryan and Ambrose find themselves becoming the former champions soon enough?

Rollins picks up the mic and says he and Styles are known as two of the toughest wrestlers, but real toughness is personified in these “true warriors, true heroes and true fighters” of the Armed Forces. Styles was born and raised in a military family, so he knows what those sacrifices are like. And on behalf of the WWE roster, “we are eternally grateful for that. Thank You and God Bless.” With that, the WWE superstars file out to celebrate and thank all those in attendance. Here’s to another year of blessings and thanks to all the men and women brave enough to fight for the rest of us.


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