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Mustafa Ali Beat The WWE Champion!!!



mustafa ali daniel bryan wwe Smackdown

Mustafa Ali is a permanent member of the Smackdown roster, and has a pinfall victory over the WWE Champion. According to David Levin, That could be an example of a shake-up!

It’s all about taking chances and new opportunities.

After a solid Monday Night Raw where the McMahon’s set the tone for a new era of WWE and change on the horizon, Tuesday night’s SmackDown Live showed it could keep up with its big red brother.

Mustafa Ali scored the biggest victory of the night and showed the company that has been dwelling in stagnation is willing to pull off major upsets. Not since Ricky Steamboat beat Ric Flair in a tag team match in WCW has this been so important.

If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, check this out.

WWE is pushing the right buttons, first putting the SmackDown Women’s Title on Asuka and now giving fans hope that Ali and up and coming wrestlers will fill the void that hasn’t been filled with the addition of Shinsuke Nakamura or a babyface Rusev or any number of add-ons this past year.

Someone back stage pulled the right marionette strings.

WWE got out in front of the holidays with better ratings with the hope fans will buy into the changes  for the new year as the Road to WrestleMania 35 begins with the Royal Rumble.

It could also mean there will be more superstars on the NXT roster that will make the leap to the new brand.

For so long, the McMahons were reluctant to change the format of their “program” and how performers kept their position. The “Bigger is Better” philosophy was always prevalent although brief changes to the blueprint gave fans a reasons to cheer for Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy. I believe there is a change on the horizon in WWE that is necessary because of the growing popularity of NJPW and the independent circuit.

If anything, this is the wake-up call the brand needed to move forward. It might also be an indictment of the fact the company waited too long to make changes in the first place. Loading the horse and carriage and asking Roman Reigns to lead the company took its toll on the fan base that has had fatigue for many years.

We should see a new winner at the Royal Rumble. There will be a push for Ali, Andrade “Cien” Almas. Daniel Bryan will continue his stronghold on being the blue brand’s best villain and the possibility lies in the face The Miz could still get another crack at company gold.

WWE is speeding up the pace a bit for all the right reasons. It began this week. Hopefully it continues through the new year and beyond.

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Let us know what you think on social media @ChairshotMedia and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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