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Press Release: Sean Waltman Is Joined By Fred Rosser On Latest X-Pac 12360



Fred Rosser joins Sean Waltman on the newest X-Pac 12360!

An all new episode of Westwood One’s X-Pac 12360 has officially dropped and joining the program this week is none other than Fred Rosser, formerly known as Darren Young.

The Chairshot was sent along the following press release for the latest episode, which you can find highlights of below or watch the entire episode in the video above:




X-PAC 12360

Get it on YouTube:

or download the podcast version on iTunes: or download the podcast version for Android:

Sean Waltman Says He’s A Big Fan of Brody King and Shares His Thoughts On His Recent Signing with Ring of Honor

I am a big fan of Brody’s. My first experience was running into him at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood when I went over there and I was like ‘How Come you’re not doing more with this guy?’ He’s great in the ring, he’s a good size heavyweight, he’s a big enough guy to where he can go out there and get it done. He’s a similar size as Walter and that means he can go out there and get it done with anyone and still work with smaller guys. That’s a really good size to be. And he’s great, and he’s straight edge, he doesn’t get messed up. People that are straight edge they still have their own issues but at least you don’t have to worry about drugs and alcohol being one of them.

Fred Rosser aka Darren Young Talks About Jake Hager aka Jack Swagger’s Reach After The Announcement of His Official MMA Debut in Bellator

I’ve been in the ring with him several times, he’s a horse and I say it all the time, he’s a horse. When you get hit by him you get rocked, not in a bad way but you get rocked. He’s got a long reach, his reach is long and I told him that to his face, I said I can’t wait to see you fight because you’re reach is so freaking long.

Fred Rosser aka Darren Young Talks About Bret Hart Helping Him and How He Would Still Like To Be Involved with WWE

Well this past year it’s been a little bit over a year since I’ve been released. I’ve been doing a lot more speaking engagements and a little bit of wrestling. Bret {Hart} was a big help, kinda helping me get with a reputable promoters to work with so it was a very limited schedule….I am 35 I still have a lot left in the tank but if I can be more of an ambassador with the company with there Be A Star campaign I am okay with that because I want to be able to contribute because they are still my family. I was able to go backstage recently, hang out with some of the guys.

Fred Rosser aka Darren Young and His Mom Talk About Coming Out To Each Other

Fred Rosser’s Mom: I came out to my son, I guess I must have been 27/28 and I came out to him and he said ‘Well mom I don’t care as long as you’re happy I still love you’ and I said ‘Oh. Okay.’ I  walked into my room, shut the door and I thought ‘Damn, that was easy.’

Fred Rosser: My mom came out first, I was fearful as a kid.I didn’t come out to her until I was 28 because back in the 80s science wasn’t as strong as it is now that a same sex couple could have kids and no one wants to let their mom down. She was so supportive….

Get it all on this week’s brand new episode of Westwood One’s X-Pac 12360. Two words for you…DOWNLOAD IT!

What did you think of this week’s episode of X-Pac 12360? Let us know on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Independent Results

Flaming Pearl Oracles: Event Results and Schedules

Welcome everyone to Flaming Pearl Oracles!  This will be the article discussing future events and match results through out Asia. 



Welcome everyone to Flaming Pearl Oracles!  This will be the article discussing future events and match results through out Asia.

Before I begin, know that Asian and many in the Pacific do not provide results like you are accustomed to.  First, the promotions do not provide complete results, rather only one or two matches.  Secondly, unless you watch the matches (a few promotions are on ‘Nothing Else on TV’ livestream) you will not be provided details regarding how a match took place.

Finally, many of their articles are more advertisement than substance.  I will work to get as much information as I can to provide you the fullest account possible.

  • Event Results March 15-20
    • World Series Wrestling Championships.  Melbourne Australia
      • 17 March 19;
        • (Progress Women’s Champion) Jordyn Grace (PWR) defeated Joey Ryan (yes that Joey Ryan) to become the first World Series Wrestling Champion (WSW).
        • Emi Sakura (SPW) defeated Crystal (PWR)
        • WSW tag team title (Brody King/Marty Scurll) defeated Brian Cage/Adam Brooks with Flip Gordon.  The victory makes Villain Enterprise the new WSW tag team champions.
    • Melbourne Championship Wrestling (MCW)
      • 17 March 19; Clash of Titans
        • JK Moody (The Antidote) pinned Taylor King (The Child Star) with the Syringe Driver.
        • (Loverboy) Lochy Hendricks placed Fun Time Phil in the grapevine ankle lock submission hold.  Phil refused to submit, but valet Aria threw a towel into the ring, thus ending the match.  
        • This match determined whether Phil’s valet Aria would be forced to leave MCW. In exchange for allowing Aria to remain in MCW, Phil became the first in the loverboy’s ‘kiss my ass’ club.
        • Robbie Eagles defeated (Smashmouth)Ritchie Taylor defeated Taylor by submission.
        • The Brat Pack defeated The LAW (Dowie James and Adam Brooks)(c) in a TLC Match to win the MCW Tag Team Championships.  
        • DCT pinned Mike Burr:  With the ‘knee of DCT’.
        • Avary pinned Indi Hartwell to win the triple threat match with KellyAnne.  Avary hit the “Daddy Issues” cradle DDT.
        • Belt vs Belt Championship match• Slex (Inter Commonwealth Championship) pinned Gino Gambino (MCW World Heavyweight Championship).  Slex hit the Slexecution for the win.
    • Singapore Professional Wrestling (SPW) Event
      • 17 March 19;
        • Queen of Asia Champion Riho defeats Makoto  This championship match is a tribute to Emi Sakura as both ladies were trained by this Japanese legend.
        • SPW announced that co-founder and top wrestler Andrew ‘The Statement’ Tang will be representing Gato Move Professional Wrestling while touring Japan.
    • Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW);  
      • 17 March 2019 Wrestle Nation
        • Greg Glorious won the 20 man battle royale
    • 19 March Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) Path of Gold Championship 2019
        • PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi defeated former partner Rederick Mahaba.  The champion placed Mahaba in the crossbow arm lock submission hold until the challenger lost consciousness.  Throughout the match, the champion expressed regret at facing his friend.
        • NOTE: Following the victory, the Ralph Imabayashi spoke to the audience “I don’t want to be champion anymore.” then challenged the future victor of the ‘Path of Gold’ to defeat the champion at Wrevolution X.  
        • ‘Light Bringer’ Trabajador Quatro won the tournament; giving him the choice of what champion to challenge at Wrevolution X.
        • Title match Ralph Imabayashi © vs Trabajador Quatro.
    • 19 March;  New Horizons Pro Wrestling (NHPW) Perth Australia
      • At Battle of Honor, Aaron O’Malley upset submission victory over King Shahil.
      • Following the match O’Malley attacked a downed Shahil. Shahil’s injury will make him unable to compete in next month’s main event,
  •  Scheduled Events
    • PWR
      • April 28, 2019 Destino IV
        • Destino IV match 5 vs 5; QUATRO, Naughty Boys (Evan Carleaux, Trian Dela Torre), Kapitan Tutan, and valet Jhemherlhynn vs. Kampeon, Ralph Imabayashi, PWR Tag Team Champions The YOLO Twins, and the Kakai Bros
      • Wrevolution X (Date Unknown)
    • NHPW Fallout;
      • 23 MARCH NHPW Fallout
        • NHPW Title match: Aaron O’Malley vs Johnny Hardway
        • Hair vs. Career: Rogan Karguis vs. London Hargreaves
        • AOF Championship: “The Don” Michael Morleone vs. Julian Ward – Pro Wrestler
    • Riot City Wrestling Australia:
      • 23 March 19; Strength Cup tournament Quarter finals
        • Kurt Baron vs Steve Miller (group A)
        • Dean Brady vs James Kray  (group B)
        • Cadie Tre vs Tony Toro       (group C)
        • Rocky Menero vs Chris Basso (group D)
      • 27 April 19; Strength Cup Tournament Semi Finals
        • Winner (group A) vs Winner (group B)
        • Winner (group C) vs Winner (group D)
        • Winner 1 (A/B)  vs  Winner 2 (C/D)
        • Winner receives a RCW Title shot
    • NTW and OWE
      • 30 March 19 Doubles Champion Defense War.  NTW vs OWE
        • A-Yong-go, the Joker (King group) v. S CIMA, LO (Challenger group)
        • Sky, porco (NTW) v.s. Hengha (OWE)- NOTE; FUNNEST MATCH to Watch.
        • Women’s match;  Zhu Shung vs Hibiscus Mii  NOTE; This will be a great women’s match.
        • Top Tag team; È wáng kazuya/Tajiri (NTW)  vs. lindaman/T-Hawk (OWE)
    • Redemption event  (Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW), Malaysian Pro Wrestling (MPW), Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR))
      • 30 March 19Title Match; MYPW Champion Gotham vs Greg Glorious.
      • Triple Threat Title match; (Asian Wrestling Grand Championship Jr. Heavyweight)  Shaukat (MYPW) vs Smart Dave (HKWF) vs Ronald (HKWF)
      • Women’s match  Legendary Emi Sakura (GMPW) vs Nor Phoenix Diana (MYPW)
      • Tag Team Match; Glitched Tony Abel/Mad Scholar vs Jaki G/Yusri
      • SPW vs PWR;  ‘The Statement’ Andrew Tang (SPW) vs Ken Warren (PWR)
    • Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling;
      • March 24th
        • Exhibition Match Set 1 LIFT 3 minutes;  Hyde vs Earth
        • Single Match Set 1 for 10 minutes.  Johnathan Johnson vs P-Nutz
        • Triple Threat Match Set 1 Lift 15 minutes (Shivam’s debut match)  Shivam vs Hideo vs force
        • SPECIAL SINGLE MATCH 1 Round 10 minutes.  Dr.Gore vs Emi Sakura
        • Tag Team Match Set 1 Lift 15 minutes (Drew’s debut match)  Blick Drewz & Moth vs Blue Lotus & Jibzy
        • SPECIAL 3-way match. Set 1 for 15 minutes.   Thai Golem vs Ek Baki vs Masa Takanashi
      • 22 March Emi Sakura vs Blue Nomi (Mikoto Akeno) Kiba Japan

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle: Jim Ross and AEW, Dana Warrior and WWE creative, and changes to a WreslteMania Match? (3/22/19)

News here! Commentary today on Jim Ross and AEW, Dana Warrior and WWE creative, and changes to a WreslteMania Match ?



Dana Warrior

News here! Commentary today on Jim Ross and AEW, Dana Warrior and WWE creative, and changes to a WreslteMania Match ?

WWE Re-considering Kurt Angle’s WrestleMania Match ?

As I discussed in yesterday’s shuffle, there has been a lot of backlash in regards to Baron Corbin being named Kurt Angle’s opponent for his retirement match at WrestleMania. Originally, it had been widely reported that there are no plans to change the matchup. However, that looks like it could possibly changes. The Twitter account @WrestleVotes (an account that is usually correct with wrestling rumors) Tweeted today that the match is being re-considered.

Jason’s Take

Not surprised by this one. As I said yesterday, I am not a fan of Angle, but he deserved better. If they do change it, will they go with John Cena ?

Jim Ross To AEW?

We know that Jim Ross is finishing up with the WWE this month, and has long been rumored to be a part of AEW. Today, Ross appeared on Outside The Lines, and confirmed he has had talks with AEW.

Jason’s Take

Ross jumping to AEW is probably a worse kept secret than Kenny Omega joining the company. Ross being a part of the AEW announce team would give the company a recognizable voice that many American fans will recognize. But, much like I asked yesterday, what does bringing in former WWE wrestlers, announcers, and WCW match types due to generate interest? Are we moving forward or reliving the past ?


Speaking of actual AEW roster additions, the company announced today in the latest edition of their YouTube series The Road To Double Or Nothing, that IMPACT knockout Allie will be joining the company.

Jason’s Take

Allie is a great addition to the AEW women’s division. From what little I watch of IMPACT, Allie has been more than entertaining.

Update On Dana Warrior’s Creative Role

If you have been following the Chairshot the past few weeks (and if you haven’t, why the hell not?) you have seen many of the writers, including myself, discuss Dana Warrior and her roll on the creative team. Earlier this week I discussed her recent promotion to a full time creative role. Dave Meltzer noted today that there recently was an important creative meeting that other creative team members were not a part of.

Jason’s Take

It’s a slow news day, and I like to posted five news items. So to be honest, I’m killing space with this one. In all seriousness though, great reporting by Dave Meltzer. That’s why you should be reading the Chairshot everyday. We try to weed out the BS.

Original WrestleMania Plans For Rey Mysterio

This week on SmackDown Live, it was confirmed that Rey Mysterio would be taking on Samoa Joe for the United States championship at WrestleMania. The Wrestling Observer noted that there were originally other plans for Mysterio. The original plan was for Andrade vs. Mysterio in a hair vs. mask match

Jason’s Take

Mysterio vs Andrade at WreslteMania would have been a very entertaining match.



Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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