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Should Tyler Breeze Stay in WWE NXT?



After a surprise return to WWE NXT, Scott Mcleod wonders out loud if “Prince Pretty” should stay with the black and yellow brand.

A shocking (if you don’t read spoilers) main event this week as Tyler Breeze returned to NXT to answer Ricochet’s NXT North American Championship open challenge. Mauro reminded us that he never held gold when he was in NXT before so he’s here to try and take this new title. Helped it make more sense.

He put in a good effort despite not coming away with the title. He came out very much as the Prince Pretty of 2014 with just the phone no selfie stick. Very back and forth with plenty of near falls and a unique finish with Ricochet using a fireman’s carry into a mickinoku driver rather than resorting to the 630.

Not entirely shocking when you look at what’s been happening at NXT Live events. The likes of Breeze and Luke Harper have been showing up to challenge Ricochet. It seems like a one off appearance or is it? I don’t see why Breeze couldn’t stick around for a while longer.

The crowd were certainly happy to see him chanting “Tyler’s Gorgeous” throughout. Tyler put on some great matches in his time in NXT and we were reminded of how good he was here.

On the main roster he doesn’t get much to show how good he is in the ring. If he even gets TV time at all that is. Seems like ever since Fandango got injured he’s been used even less. That’s why everyone loved it when the Fashion Files started in mid 2017. It was different, funny and it gave Breeze and Fandango something to do. They finally had a chance to showcase how talented they were.

So if there’s noting for him on RAW just let him stay in NXT until Fandango is cleared to return. In fact why not keep him there even when Fandango comes back. Imagine the Fashion getting a NXT Tag Title shot on a random episode of NXT. If the Street Profits can win the Evolve Tag Titles anything is possible.

It’s not like Breeze needs to be a huge part of NXT. He could be like what Rhyno was when he showed up back in 2015. He gets wins over lower card guys but when he goes up against established guys he puts them over.

It wouldn’t hurt him as he puts people over all the time on the main roster. Even towards the end of his NXT run he was a guy who had great matches and had a character that was over but usually put people over. Basically what the Velveteen Dream is now.

Just imagine how good a match between those two would be.

Let us know what YOU think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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