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CM Punk


AEW News: All Elite Wrestling Has Reportedly Reached Out To CM Punk

A new report says that All Elite Wrestling has spoken with CM Punk!

The excitement for All Elite Wrestling is still pretty palpable after all the happenings of their big rally last Tuesday in Jacksonville (check out all of that here), one of the bigger questions coming out of the event surround who else could be joining the AEW roster.

The addition of Chris Jericho is certainly a big get for the promotion and the chances of landing Kenny Omega appear to be very high, however Dave Meltzer recently shed a little light on another big name the company has spoken to on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

According to Meltzer, someone from AEW has called Punk with regards to doing something with the company, however the former WWE Champion is sticking with his stance that he “just doesn’t want to be around wrestling”. While some fans had previously speculated that perhaps Punk could be a good fit for AEW’s commentary team, it wasn’t indicated if the conversation even went deep enough to get into the topic of a possible role. Additionally, it was noted that Punk is still of course under contract to the UFC.

Of course, Punk is also currently still in the midst of a lawsuit filed by Colt Cabana (more on that here) stemming from an alleged agreement over legal fees from the lawsuit against them by WWE Doctor Chris Amann.

EA’s Take: Full disclosure in case you’re new, but I have essentially nothing good to say about CM Punk…and I used to be a tremendous fan of his. I’ve been done with him for a while and can’t really figure out why others haven’t caught up yet. There will always be those that hold out hope for that one more match, but personally I couldn’t care less. The man feels like he’s been scalded by the business, so leave him be. If he comes around, he comes around, but judging on how stubborn he is, I don’t see it.


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