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SuperBrawl V

Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW SuperBrawl V (1995) – The Biggest Brawl Of Them All

Our weekly Chairshot Classics WCW PPV series continues with SuperBrawl V!

Open: Technical difficulties occurred in the original broadcast, so any opening package or segments are unavailable. We pick up in the middle of match #1.

Match #1: ‘Das Wunderkind’ Alex Wright vs. ‘Pretty’ Paul Roma
As stated above, the beginning of the match is missing due to technical difficulties. We come upon Alex Wright holding an arm bar on Roma. Pretty Paul gets to vertical and turns the tide. He grabs a wrist lock, Wright cartwheels out of it, Roma tries to stay in control with some hair takedowns. The ref lectures him allowing Wright to pop up, he walks the rope for an arm drag takedown. Hiptoss into an arm bar by Das Wunderkind. ‘Mr Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff comes walking toward the ring from the back, and he’s cheering for Roma.

Wright works Roma to the mat for a 1 count, tries again and still can’t wrestle him down. Fireman’s takeover by Wright and he hangs onto the arm while Roma screams at the referee. Roma circles behind for a forearm shot and he drops a couple of elbows across the chest of Wright. Scoop by Roma and he drops Wright for a back breaker. He hangs on and lifts him for two more. Orndorff loves it. Roma puts the boots to Wright and dumps the young kid on the outside. Orndorff stands back and doesn’t take advantage. From the apron, Roma strikes with a forearm and boots Wright to the floor once again.

Orndorff stays out of it once again. Wright climbs to the apron and fights back with rights. He tries a sunset flip but Roma cuts him off. Pretty Paul makes a cover but Wright kicks out, Paul thinks the count was slow. To the ropes, Wright tries reversing a hiptoss into a backslide. Roma struggles but he finally gets him over for one. Wright tries a small package but can only manage two. Roma is up with the advantage, he gouges the eyes and Randy Anderson warns him. Snapmare takeover and Roma locks in a reverse chin lock. He uses the ropes for leverage and Orndorff runs a distraction. The ref drop checks the arm and gets two.

Wright works his way up and breaks the hold with elbows. He sends Roma for a dropkick but Roma holds the ropes. Pretty Paul leaps to the top rope and lands a big elbow. He is slow to cover and pulls Wright up by the hair. Irish whip, Wright moves and lays in some rights and European uppercuts. Whip to the ropes for a hip toss, he shoots him in again for a spin kick and Roma kicks out at one. To the corner, Wright comes back with a crossbody, but Orndorff breaks up the pin from the outside. Scoop slam by Roma and he conferences with Orndorff who is up on the apron. Wright blindsides him with a dropkick and schoolboys Roma for the victory.
Winner: ‘Das Wunderkind’ Alex Wright (Schoolboy)

  • EA’s TakeOh, WCW. We didn’t get the opening segment or the start of the match due to technical difficulties – color me not surprised! I was expecting Orndorff to turn on Roma or vice versa when he came out from the back, especially when no liberties were taken with Wright on the outside. It didn’t happen and it was pretty standard stuff here.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing by with WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat & Sister Sherri. Sherri mocks The Nasty Boys for crying the management and not coming to the woman who could get them another shot at the belts. Stevie Ray tells them you either smoke or get smoked, if you want the belts, come and get them. Booker T chimes in by reminding them who the champs are, they have a new move in mind for tonight and there is going to be a Harlem hangover tonight in Baltimore.

Match #2: Bunkhouse Buck w/Col. Robert Parker & Meng vs. ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan
The brawl breaks out before Duggan even lets go of his flag. Buck goes down with a right and he’s thrown into the buckle. Forearm shots from Hacksaw and he throws Buck into the other buckle. Buck turns the tables with an eye rake but it’s Duggan with a hip toss off the ropes and a clothesline out to the floor. Buck grabs his ankle and invites Duggan to a slugfest on the floor. Duggan is run into the ring post and he rolls back in. To the ropes, Duggan stops short and drops a knee on Bunkhouse Buck.

He grabs a reverse chin lock, Buck gets back to his feet but he gets a head butt and several elbows across the tricep. Buck tries a kick, Duggan catches him and spins him into an atomic drop. Heavy right by Duggan and Buck gets his foot on the rope when he’s pinned. Reverse chin lock by Duggan, he works out of it but he’s pounded down by a right. Buck is thrown repeatedly into the turnbuckle, but he grabs a rope from the outside and gets Duggan in the throat with it. Duggan is dumped out to the floor and Buck pursues. He stomps on Duggan’s ribs and rips at his face. Back in the ring, it’s Buck with a chinlock.

Duggan lifts Buck and sits him on the top turnbuckle. They exchange strikes and Duggan gets the upperhand. He drives his shoulder into Buck and sends him for a back body drop, he goes for a cover and Buck kicks out. Buck pursues Duggan but Hacksaw is getting a 2nd wind, Buck goes down with a big right and eats an elbow for two. Reverse chin lock by Duggan and he gets the USA chants going.A forearm shot puts Buck on the apron, and Duggan tells Parker to watch himself. Whip to the ropes and Duggan spins him for a powerslam. A knee drop and Buck kicks out at two. Back to the reverse chin lock by Duggan and he transitions into a nerve hold.

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Duggan measures a big right and lifts Buck for a headbutt. Bunkhouse drops to his back, Duggan is slow to cover and Buck is in the ropes. Duggan grabs at a distracting Col. Parker before placing Buck in the corner for 10-count rights. Forearm shot and an Irish whip by Hacksaw, he firmly drives the shoulder into Buck’s gut. Wristlock applied by Duggan and he cranks on the shoulder. He positions into a hammerlock and he rips the rest of Buck’s shirt off. To the ropes and a big power slam by Duggan. Buck rakes the eyes and sends Duggan into Parker who is on the apron. Hacksaw comes back with a 3 point stance clothesline and he wins the bout.
Winner: ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan (3-Point Stance)

  • After The Bell: Meng rushes the ring, hits Duggan with a savate kick and applies a nerve hold. It takes multiple referees and Col. Parker’s urging for him to let it go.
  • EA’s TakeBoy, this was slow and basic. The most exciting takeaway was Meng’s involvement at the end of the match. He has been on the floor and not in the ring for far, far too long while being built up as an unstoppable beast.

Backstage: Standing by with Mean’ Gene is The Nasty Boys. Do they have a battle plan for Harlem Heat’s gold? Sags explain that it’s hard to think about much, but they’re going to take the champs to Nastyville. What if Sherri gets involved? Knobs tells Gene if she does, she’ll get smacked down, the time is now and the championships are returning home tonight!

Match #3: Kevin Sullivan w/The Butcher vs. Dave Sullivan
Kevin wastes no time to attack, but Dave’s ready. They exchange blows and Dave hits a few scoop slams. He sits on Kevin’s chest and lays in rights. To the ropes and a back elbow sends Kevin outside. The Butcher checks in and offers some encouragement. Dave hits Butcher on the back of the head and returns to the ring. Kevin eats the turnbuckle and count-off rights. Kevin is sent for the ride and lifted for a back body drop. A lateral press and Kevin kicks out. Back to the ropes, they collide and Kevin goes down. Dave runs again and he’s tripped up by Butcher. Kevin sends Dave to the outside and shoves him into the apron.

Butcher takes liberties while Kevin distracts Nick Patrick. Dave staggers to his feet but he’s booted from the apron. Kevin pulls him back up for a huge forearm across the chest, and a baseball slide knocks Dave back down to the floor. From the apron, Dave reaches out and grabs Kevin’s neck before clubbing in. Irish whip but Kevin gets his boot into Dave’s face. Karate chops by Kevin to the neck and arm. Dave tries fighting from his knees and he bites Kevin on the stomach. Kevin is able to stay on the offense and he chokes Dave in the ropes, the referee must break it up. A big slap and some chops from Kevin in the corner.

Dave won’t give up and he tries fighting back, but he’s dumped through the middle ropes out to the Butcher who tosses him into the steps. From the apron, Dave blocks a right and delivers some strikes, Kevin stumbles back. Dave lifts Kevin with a two handed choke until the ref calls it off. Kevin slices with some chops and takes position in the corner. Headbutt by Kevin and he hits a bronco buster in the ropes. He tries again but Dave moves and Kevin gets hung up. Dave is on the offense and drives Kevin into the turnbuckle until Kevin collapses. Butcher is up on the apron but Dave is pounding away. Butcher baits Dave to the corner, Kevin blindsides him and drives him into Butcher. He grabs a schoolboy and Kevin wins the battle of the brothers.
Winner: Kevin Sullivan (Schoolboy)

  • After The Bell: Kevin checks in with his sacrificed buddy, Butcher who appears to be in immense pain. He grabs his face and staggers to the back with Kevin helping him out temporarily. Finally, Kevin says forget it and walks away from Butcher.
  • EA’s TakeNot too shabby given that Dave Sullivan’s work rate is fairly limited and that’s being nice. Obviously Kevin Sullivan will have to answer for his abandonment of The Butcher after the conclusion of the match. Foreshadowing!

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene is joined by Avalanche & Big Bubba Rogers. Gene discusses the former face reconstruction of Butcher and why that may be important going forward. He asks his guests about Sting and ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Avalanche has a score to settle with Savage for sticking his nose in his business. Rogers is going to leave Sting and Savage laying tonight.

Match #4 for the WCW World Tag Team Championships: The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobs & Jerry Sags) vs. WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat (Booker T. & Stevie Ray) w/Sister Sherri
Booker T lectures some fans in the front row. A big staredown between all four, Nick Patrick tries to get some order. The crowd is firmly behind The Nasty Boys. It’ll be Booker T and Brian Knobs to start. They lock up and struggle from the neutral position. Booker looks ticked after getting thrown away, he grabs a wristlock, quickly reversed by Knobs and it’s broken on the ropes. Booker shoves and Knobs slaps. Booker throws his knee into the gut and sends Knobs for a spin kick, Knobs ducks and Booker is caught on the top rope. The Nasty Boys yank it up and down until Booker falls to the floor.

Booker is sent down on the floor and Sherri is chased away. Sags rolls Booker back in and Knobs hits a forearm and makes a tag. The Nasty Boys land a double clothesline and Sags follows with a low blow on the mat. Double leg pick up by Sags and he drops an elbow on the thigh. Sags lifts Booker up and hits an inverted atomic drop. He prevents a tag and goes for a pin, Stevie breaks it up. Booker changes the tide with a thumb to the eyes and makes an exchange. The fresh Stevie Ray clubs some rights in the corner and goes to the gut. Sags is drilled in the corner and choked. The ref backs him off, Stevie sends him for a whip, Sags moves and comes back with a series of rights.

He makes the tag to Knobs and Stevie deals with a double clubbing. Double leg pickup by Knobs and he drops a leg on the thigh. He follows with an elbow and makes a quick tag back to Sags. Sags applies more punishment to Stevie’s ankle and makes a tag. Knobs hits a big splash across the leg of Stevie and he’s in pain. Stevie breaks it up with an eye poke, tags in Booker but Knobs welcomes him with a hip toss and shoots him outside. Sags takes advantage with an elbow from the apron. Irish whip by Knobs, Booker gets his boots up, Knobs ducks a comeback clothesline and scores with a scoop slam. Knobs throws fists and tags in Sags.

A double team shot to the back of the knee. Booker is able to get a knee lift and he sends Sags to the ropes. Stevie grabs him from behind and Sags is dropkicked over the top by Booker. Stevie and Sherri send him into the safety rail and roll him back into the ring. Official tag is made to Stevie who drops him with a snapmare, but Sags avoids a leg drop. Sags drops a knee and tags in his partner. Knobs drops an elbow and tries a cover for two. Knobs uses Sags’ boot as a weapon and makes a quick tag. They hit the ropes and Sags hits an inside out clothesline. Stevie is up quick and he hits a spinning Harlem kick, knocking Sags to the floor. Booker takes a cheapshot with another one, he holds Sags in place and Sherri throws a right cross.

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A double team is in the ring, and Stevie is sent to the outside. Sags rolls outside of the ring, but he’s met by Stevie Ray leaping off the apron. Sags is rolled back in, snapmare by Booker and he holds a reverse chin lock. Jerry slowly works his way back up, breaks the hold and hits the ropes but pays for it with a spin kick from Booker. Stevie is tagged back in and he’s ruthless, choking Sags on the mat. Reverse chin lock by Stevie Ray and the ref checks in. Sags tries standing but he’s whipped back down on the mat. Knobs gets the crowd cheering. Sags is able to work back up, Stevie drives him into Heat’s corner though and tags in Booker T.

The younger brother hits an axe kick and tries a pin but he wasted too much time. Sags kicks out. Front facelock by Booker, Sags lifts him on his shoulder but Stevie breaks it up. From the 2nd rope, Booker misses a knee drop, Sags ducks a clothesline and hits a desperation power slam. Stevie is tagged in but so is Knobs. Brian cleans house with clotheslines and scoop slams. Harlem Heat fight back, they go for a double back drop but Knobs reverses with a double DDT. Knobs lands a splash on Stevie but Booker breaks up the pin. Sags comes to his partner’s aid and throws Booker over the top rope.

With the ref distracted, Sherri climbs up to the top rope, Stevie Ray holds Knobs in place but Brian moves and Sherri clocks him. Knobs rolls up Stevie and we appear to have new champions. Referee Randy Anderson comes down to the ring to explain that Booker was thrown over the top rope, prompting a DQ and Harlem Heat retains.
Winners and STILL WCW World Tag Team Champions: Harlem Heat (Disqualification)

  • EA’s TakeHarlem Heat may be my favorite tag team of all time and they’re definitely hot heels right now, no pun intended. The end saves the babyfaces, but keeps the belts on who needs to have them. I’m positive these two teams haven’t seen the last of each other and with a DQ finish here, expect it to get more wild moving forward.

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