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Chairshot Classics: WCW SuperBrawl V (1995) – The Biggest Brawl Of Them All



SuperBrawl V

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene’s guests at this time are Sting & ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Savage isn’t interested in talking and instead paces. Sting shows off a scar from Randy because of how amped up they are just talking about this match. Sting tries to coax Savage into talking, but he continues to refuse because he’s afraid of what he may say. Sting doesn’t want to talk anymore either, he wants to just go do it.

Match #5: The Blacktop Bully w/Col. Robert Parker & Meng vs. ‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes
After the earlier incident with ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan, WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel makes the decision that Meng will be banned from ringside. A brawl breaks out immediately as they roll around the mat. Dustin takes the early advantage, he sends Bully for a big lariat and sets him up for some corner rights. The Bully absorbs the blows and desperately takes Rhodes out at the knee. Bully pulls Rhodes’ coat over his head and he pummels The Natural. Irish whip by Bully, Rhodes moves and follows him with a right. Irish whips by Rhodes, Bully gets stuck on the top turnbuckle and Rhodes punts him to the floor.

He gives chase but the ref instructs Rhodes to keep it in the ring. Side headlock and a takeover by Rhodes, he hangs on with a headlock. To the ropes, a shoulder block by Rhodes and Bully kicks out at two. Rhodes grabs the wrist and transfers into an arm bar. Bully reverses with a scoop slam but Dustin doesn’t relinquish the arm. Shoulder block by Bully, Dustin raises the knee on the next attempt. An elbow to the forehead by Rhodes and he sends Bully into the corner. Some chain wrestling until Rhodes takes control with a hammerlock. Bully is slowly back to vertical, Rhodes keeping the hammerlock applied. Bully backs Rhodes into the corner and takes a cheap shot.

He sends Rhodes for the ride, shoulder block by The Natural. They keep running, Bully tries a leapfrog, Dustin stops short and clocks him with a right hand. An uppercut and a schoolboy by Rhodes, Bully keeps out. Rhodes locks in an arm bar as the crowd gives Parker grief. Drop toe hold by Bully, but Dustin stays in control of the arm. He lays in an elbow to Bully’s shoulder, Bully gets position in the corner. Irish whip, Rhodes with a springboard back elbow on the comeback. Bully sends him again, Rhodes climbs the turnbuckle, Bully stops short but Dustin sees him. Rhodes hits a big right and follows it with a snap suplex. He makes a cover and Bully kicks out.

Rhodes tries a sunset flip, Bully tries walking to the ropes, he hangs on to the top rope and the ref kicks his arm away. Bully kicks Rhodes in the head to break up the pin. Rhodes tries a monkey flip, Bully throws him away and hits an inside out clothesline. Bully is slow to cover and Dustin kicks out. Bully dumps Rhodes to the floor and Col. Parker gets some kicks in. A big forearm from the apron by Bully and he drives his boot to the back of Dustin’s head. Bully with a shot to the midsection, Rhodes fights from his knees. Bully lifts Rhodes for a belly to back suplex and makes a cover, Rhodes kicks out again. Rhodes breaks up a side headlock, he tries a high risk maneuver and tumbles to the outside, hitting the steps along the way.

Bully shoves him into the apron and kicks him in the head before celebrating in the ring. Rhodes reaches in and pulls Bully to his back and wraps the knee around the ring post. Snapmare by Rhodes but Bully rolls away from the axe handle. He comes back with one of his own and delivers a snap suplex. Bully climbs to the 2nd rope, Dustin catches him halfway with a clothesline. Shots to the gut by Rhodes and he throws Bully into the corner. Bully is lifted for a big back body drop, Rhodes pulls his shirt over Bully’s head and pounds away. Dustin shoots him in for an inverted atomic drop. He calls for the bulldog and lands it, but Col. Parker puts Bully’s leg on the ropes. Rhodes pulls Parker up to the apron and brings him in with a vertical suplex.

Parker rolls out the other side, Rhodes ducks a clothesline from Bully and Blacktop tumbles to the apron. The Natural exchanges blows and it’s Bully’s turn for a vertical suplex. Col. Parker pulls himself up and grabs Rhodes’ foot, causing Bully to land on top of him and he steals a win.
Winner: The Blacktop Bully (Outside Interference)

  • EA’s TakeAfter appearing in the crowd and causing disturbances, it doesn’t surprise me that Bully picks up the win in this PPV match. They looked to extend this feud, but it ultimately resulted in a ‘King of the Road’ match at the next special, Uncensored, after which both Rhodes and Bully (Barry Darsow) were fired for blading during the encounter. Just WAIT until we get to that one!

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene is getting a work with Vader, who is raging around. What time is it? It’s Vader time! Hogan can run and hide no more because the demon of fear is upon. Gene asks Vader who was in the limo earlier today, but he deflects the question. Vader’s vision is standing in front of thousands of people, with a broken Hogan on the mat, and he must admit that he’s the man.

In the Arena: Now, Gene welcomes 12-time World Champion ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. He’s questioned if he was the person in Vader’s limo earlier tonight. He also deflects the question, he’s just in Baltimore for the party! He talks up the acquisitions of ‘Macho Man’, Hulk Hogan, and of course Sting is in the house. He’ll be watching the main events from the front row with 5 beautiful ladies.

Match #6: Sting & ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage vs. Avalanche & Big Bubba Rogers
The crowd is fired up for the babyfaces as the big men try to use intimidation. Sting will kick it off against Avalanche. Collar and elbow and Avalanche tosses Sting into the corner and gives the crowd a pose. Sting asking for the crowd to make some noise. Collar and elbow and Avalanche does more of the same. Avalanche rushes Sting and mauls him in the corner. Irish whip, but with a head of steam, Sting hits some clotheslines and a drop kick. He tries another clothesline but Bubba grabs him. Savage tries to make the save but he’s backed off.

Bubba is tagged in and he lifts Sting for a back breaker. Rogers heads for the top rope, but Savage trips him up. Sting lands a superplex on Bubba before he and Savage take turns delivering some rights. Rogers gets caught in the middle rope until he’s knocked to the floor. Savage delivers a double ax handle from the top rope on the floor. Macho Man gets the tag, Avalanche tries to back him off after checking in with his wounded partner. Savage with an arm drag off of a tie up. He signals to Flair to come get in the ring allowing Rogers to blindside him. Savage is shot in, he ducks a clothesline, tries a sunset flip, Bubba holds up and tries sitting down but Macho Man moves out of the way.

Savage drives two knees to the kidney and Bubba kicks out of a roll up at two. Savage slaps Avalanche to bait him in the ring, and insults him with a second one. Savage tries to lift the big man, Avalanche falls on top of him and it almost ends the match. Avalanche with the advantage in the corner, he shoot Savage in with an Irish whip but Macho moves. Avalanche finds himself laid across the top turnbuckle, Savage gives him some punts and tags in Sting who picks up where he left off. Sting tries to take the big man down by the knees and he does. He sets up for the Scorpion deathlock, Bubba tries making the save and he’s cut off by Savage.

Both big men get Stinger splashes until Avalanche cuts him off with a side slam. Flair taunts Savage from rindside and Macho Man takes exception to it. Back in the ring, Avalanche drops an elbow on Sting. Irish whip by Avalanche, Sting moves and he scoop slams the giant. He walks into Bubba’s right, but Sting faceplants into a low blow on the fallen Avalanche. Both men are slow to get up, Savage gets the tag first, Bubba rushes in for the save and Savage fends both foes off. It’s a four men donnybrook. Savage lifts Bubba for a scoop slam while Sting occupies Avalanche. He tries a pin but Nick Patrick reminds him that Avalanche is the legal man. Sting flies off the top with a crossbody, Avalanche trips over Bubba on the way down, and they pick up the win.
Winners: Sting & ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage (Sting/Top Rope Crossbody)

  • EA’s TakeI’m such a Savage mark, this match was meant to pop the crowd and it worked. I find it interesting that Savage isn’t allowed to make the pin on Bubba because Avalanche is the legal man, but then Sting scores the pin even though HE’S not the legal man! Bizarre, but I won’t overthink it. Obviously something is coming up down the line between Savage and Flair, great to see The Nature Boy after he was off Starrcade.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene’s final guest is WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Hart. Vader has been bullying his way around, but this is THE test to figure out who the good and bad men are. He knows all about Vader, and to say he’s not psyched and ready would be wrong. By hook or by crook, he’s going to find out exactly what he’s made of. Hogan is aware of Flair’s presence and he tells Hart to keep an eye on him.

Match #7 for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Vader vs. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan w/Jimmy Hart
Collar and elbow tie up, Vader gets position and it’s broken in the corner. Another tie up, Hogan lays in some rights but the big guy doesn’t budge. He takes off his head gear and tells Hogan he has nothing. Back to the neutral position, Hogan with position in the corner and he slaps and pounds the challenger. Irish whip and a splash by Hogan but it’s not phasing Vader. Collar and elbow, Hogan grabs a wristlock and elbows the tricep. He drags Vader down with a short arm scissor, Vader gets up and steps on his face and it’s broken in the ropes. Collar and elbow tie up, Vader takes position  and throws body shots and forearms on the champion.

Standing clothesline by Vader and Hogan retreats to the corner. Irish whip and a big splash by Vader, Hogan rolls to the floor and Jimmy Hart checks in. Vader gives chase and throws a headbutt. He tries a whip, but Hogan reverses it and Vader is tossed over the guard rail and right by Flair’s seat. Vader is upset and breaks through the guard rail and stalks his way back to the ring. Hogan catches him coming in and he chops him in the corner. Hogan stands for 10-count rights, Vader reverses an Irish whip but Hogan rushes back with a clothesline. To the ropes and Hogan hits a big boot before clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor. Vader climbs back in and he gets leveled by Hogan some more.

Hogan rakes the eyes and goes for a scoop slam, Vader is too much to handle and he falls on top of the champ. To the ropes and Vader hits a big body shot. Vader throws some forearms and pokes Hogan in the eyes. Standing clothesline by the challenger and he poses to a sea of boos. Vader lifts Hogan for a scoop slam and he heads to the 2nd rope, he lands the big splash but he’s slow to cover and Hogan kicks out. Blatant choke by Vader and the ref lectures him. Vader heads all the way to the top rope, he goes for the moonsault and Hogan rolls out of the way. They take the fight to the floor and Hogan throws Vader into the railing. Hogan grabs a chair and clocks the big man.

He hits another head shot and Vader reels. A series of rights from Hogan and he rolls Vader back into the ring. To the ropes, Vader ducks a clothesline and counters with a chokeslam. Vader drops an elbow before working Hogan over in the corner. Vader with a front facelock and a delayed vertical suplex, the champ kicks out at two and jumps up to his knees quickly. Vader with some strikes but the champ is hulking up. Right hands from Hogan as the crowd counts. Vader gets shot in for a big boot. He calls to the crowd and he lands the big leg drop, but Vader kicks out at one. Vader with a body block from behind, but it knocks Randy Anderson down as well.

Vader hits a powerbomb but there’s no ref to cover. Ric Flair is irate, and he comes in signalling for a cover. He takes a cheap stomp on Hogan and Vader lands a splash. Anderson is up to count but Hogan kicks out at two. Hulk is up with more rights, he shoots him in for a big boot and clotheslines Vader out to the floor. Flair rushes back in the ring and attacks Hogan, prompting a disqualification.
Winner and STILL WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Hulk Hogan (Disqualification)

  • After The Bell: Vader and Flair continue to assault Hogan, Flair locking in the Figure Four. ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage & Sting come rushing down to Hulk’s aid, and they celebrate with the champion.
  • EA’s TakeIt’s Vader’s first match in a long time without Harley Race, which is too bad because I really loved that pairing. Unfortunately, Harley was in a horrible car accident which ended his managerial career. Vader got plenty of heel boos, but the crowd was definitely mixed on Hogan. Bobby Heenan is too funny, playing it off saying the crowd was asking “Who?”. Not a bad match, but unbelievably predictable. Unfortunately for Vader, he was just a placeholder in the continuation of Flair/Hogan.

EA’s FinisherThis one was slightly better than Starrcade, but still has little to write home about. Flair’s return was a big plus and it’s looking like Meng will be wrestling soon, so those are positives. It’s not about to get any better as the original Uncensored was notoriously bad. So bad that if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching…you know…because it’s bad. Things are going to get considerably worse for WCW over the next 18 months, as anybody who may have followed this series from the beginning is likely eagerly awaiting when we get to Bash At The Beach 1996.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Sting & Randy Savage vs. Avalanche & Big Bubba Rogers
2 – Hulk Hogan vs. Vader
3 – Harlem Heat vs. The Nasty Boys

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