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Great American Bash 1995

Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW The Great American Bash 1995

Our weekly Chairshot Classics WCW PPV series continues with the 1995 Great American Bash!

Match #1: ‘Das Wunderkind’ Alex Wright vs. ‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman
The two shake hands and lock up, Wright grabs the wristlock and Pillman reverses it with a monkey flip. Flyin Brian cranks on the wright, Wright drops the shoulders and scores a fireman’s takeover. Das Wunderkind holds on with the arm bar, Pillman works to his feet. Wright flips around for an armdrag, but Pillman quickly comes back with a head scissor takeover. They shake hands in appreciation of the sequence. Collar and elbow, Pillman with the wrist and he pulls down on the shoulder.

Wright reverses an Irish whip but Pillman uses the turnbuckle for another head scissor takeover. He follows with a drop kick and a snapmare, working right back into the arm on the mat. He maneuvers into a hammerlock, Wright jumps to his feet, Irish whip, Wright back flips over Pillman, sneaks under his legs and scores with a drop kick. Wright leaps up on Pillman’s shoulders and takes him over with a head scissor and he hangs on down on the mat. Pillman breaks the hold and goes into a side headlock, Wright tries rolling him over but only gets two. Back to a vertical base, they hit the ropes and Wright drives his shoulder into the mid section. He takes Pillman over with a ‘rana. Pillman catches his boot and Wright misses with the enziguri.

Pillman grapevines the legs and puts Wright in the crossbow. he has to be careful about his shoulders being on the mat. Side headlock takeover by Pillman and he holds on with the headlock. To the ropes, a pick up and Pillman drops Wright on his head. Das Wunderkind swats away a drop kick and quickly moves into a Boston crab. Wright tries a surfboard, but he doesn’t have him hooked well enough. Sunset flip for two by Wright, another series of pinning attempts but Pillman bursts up with a chop. Hammerlock reversal is countered with a back elbow by Pillman. Wright is taken to the mat with a hammerlock and Pillman drives his knee into the back. Wright works to his feet, he runs in a circle, drops to the mat and dumps Pillman out to the floor who has to regroup.

Wright holds the rope in a show of sportsmanship, but Pillman’s temper flies. He pulls Wright to the floor and hits some back hand chops. Wright is rolled back in the ring, they exchange chops and Euro uppercuts. Whip to the ropes, Wright stops short for a face buster. He goes for a big splash, but Pillman gets his knees up. Kick to the ribs by Brian and he sets Wright up for shoulders to the midsection in the corner. Snapmare takeover and a body scissor with a chin lock is applied by Pillman. Gut buster by Pillman and he makes a cover, Wright kicks out at two. Front face lock and Pillman drapes Wright over the top rope, he tumbles to the apron. Wright blocks a vertical suplex and he snaps Pillman out to the floor, it looks like he could have hit the apron on the way down.

Baseball slide by Wright and Pillman hits the steel. Flying plancha by Wright out to the floor. An uppercut by Wright and he rolls Pillman in. Missile drop kick by Wright and Pillman kicks out at two. Wright pursues Pillman, but he’s dumped through the middle rope. Suicide dive by Flyin Brian and his hometown Ohio crowd loves it. Pillman gets up to the 2nd turnbuckle and leaps, Wright moves and Brian hits the railing. Pillman is rolled back in, he goes back upstairs but misses with the flying splash. They’re both slow to get up and they try simultaneous dropkicks, dropping both back to the mat. Pillman sits Wright on the top turnbuckle, looking for a superplex. Wright blocks it and drops Pillman on his face, Wright leaps with a top rope crossbody and Pillman somehow kicks out.

Wright tries whipping Pillman to the ropes, but his leg keeps giving out. This baits Wright to come off the 2nd turnbuckle and Pillman hits him in the face with a dropkick. Pillman hooks the leg and Wright kicks out. Pillman climbs to the top, Wright is up before anything can happen and Wright tosses him groin first across the top rope. Standing switch by Wright, he hits the German suplex but only gets two. They hit the ropes again, Pillman looks for a crucifix, maneuvers into a sunset flip position, Wright sits down and hooks the legs and we have a winner.
Winner: ‘Das Wunderkind’ Alex Wright (Sunset Flip Counter)

  • EA’s Take: Welcome back for a short stay, Flyin Brian. 95% of this match was absolutely excellent, but there were definitely a few spots that seemed like miscues that caused Pillman to get roughed up…and he was getting a little frustrated. It was a match between two supposed babyfaces at this point, but Pillman definitely pulled out a few heel moments and Wright took in some boos for Brian’s home-state crowd.

Video: We take a look at all the opponents Diamond Dallas Page has taken out in arm wrestling contests thus far. Anyone who beats DDP wins a date with The Diamond Doll. He’s had some wins with the help of Max Muscle.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is joined by Dave Sullivan. The date with The Diamond Doll stipulation stands, but if DDP wins, he wins Sullivan’s rabbit, Ralph. Dave had a long talk with Ralph, and he said it was OK to put him on the line.

Match #2 – Arm Wrestling Match: Dave Sullivan w/Ralph The Rabbit vs. Diamond Dallas Page w/The Diamond Doll & Max Muscle
DDP tells Sullivan to save himself the embarrassment and leave the building right now. Sullivan still wants in and he’s ready.  DDP pulls away from tying up and he taunts Sullivan. They’re almost ready a 2nd time, but DDP wants to do this thing on his own terms. Sullivan throws a tantrum and gets the crowd cheering. Finally we’re under way. They struggle back and forth. Muscle tries to give DDP extra leverage but he’s caught by the referee. Without Muscle’s help, Dave Sullivan pins DDP’s hand to the mat.
Winner: Dave Sullivan

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  • After The Bell: DDP and Max Muscle get in each other’s face and shove back and forth. Page determines it wasn’t his fault and instead berates The Diamond Doll. ‘Mean’ Gene gets a word with the losing team. DDP wants a do-over, this is a travesty of justice. Muscle knows what really happened, DDP didn’t lose this match. DDP is a 10+, Sullivan is a 0.
  • EA’s TakeThis borderline mental patient gimmick for Sullivan is fairly entertaining. What more can be said about an arm wrestling contest other than the dissension between DDP and The Diamond Doll.

Match #3: ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan vs. ‘The Pitbull’ Sgt. Craig Pittman
Duggan is substituting in this match for the injured Marcus Alexander Bagwell. A shoving match ensues and Nick Patrick tries to gain control. Hacksaw gets the crowd clapping and cheering. They lock up and have a strong break from the neutral position. Collar and elbow, waistlock by Pittman, Hacksaw looks for a way out, pulls the leg and breaks the hold. Pittman does some pushups and Duggan stops short of a punt. Another tie up and Duggan hits a hip toss. The USA chants go, they lock up, full arm drag and twist by Pittman, Duggan counters but he eats a forearm by The Pitbull.

Pittman chokes him on the middle rope until the ref breaks it. Pittman charges for a clothesline, Duggan ducks and Sarge goes flying out to the floor. From the apron, Pittman catches Duggan with an uppercut. He drags Hacksaw to the ring post, rips his knee pad off and wraps the leg around, multiple times. Looking crazed, Nick Patrick lets him know he’s got a 10 count going. Both men roll around on the mat for position, Pittman takes control with the leg and cranks on the hamstring. Short rights by Pitbull, Duggan leaps to his feet for a desperation right of his own. Duggan is tackled back down to the mat for more work on the leg. The USA chants wake Hacksaw up, he rakes the eyes to break the hold.

He tries to send Pittman, but Craig takes him down with a single leg. He tries grapevining the legs, but Hacksaw tosses him through the middle rope to the floor. Hacksaw catches Pittman with rights, he sends him for a power slam, but he knee is bad. He pulls out a clothesline and he gets in the three point stance. He hits his patented running shoulder tackle, Pittman absorbs it, takes Duggan down again and he goes for an arm bar. He locks in Code Red but Duggan’s in the ropes. The ref counts to four but Pittman won’t let go and the ref calls for a disqualification.
Winner: ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan (Disqualification)

  • EA’s TakeThis one was a little rough and sloppy. Pittman is definitely green and Hacksaw is not the guy to carry a technically sound match. Was Sarge supposed to completely no-sell Duggan’s finish? It probably would have been a different story if Bagwell could have gone.

Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene is joined by The Blue Bloods who will be challenging for the Tag Team Championship tonight. Regal compares the state of The Nasty Boys to the last days of Hitler and Goebbels in 1945. Gene questions whether things will go exactly as they have planned. Regal says no one is more qualified to challenge for the gold, and it’s pathetic that they’re the only ones who can beat the champs.

Match #4: Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) w/Sister Sherri vs. Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck w/Col. Robert Parker & Meng
No time is wasted before a total brawl erupts. Buck is dumped to the floor while Stevie cleans out Slater. Parker reassures his boys on the outside. The teams regroup and Stevie and Slate kick off the official action. Collar and elbow, Stevie with position and he knees the gut and throws rights. Big pick up to Slater, Buck rushes in and he is slammed to the mat as well. Booker checks in and we have a standoff. Collar and elbow and a quick tag is made to Booker.

Overhand forearms by Booker, Buck gouges the eyes and sends Booker for the ride. Booker stops short, punts Buck and gives him a spin kick. Knee to the sternum and a big boot by Booker before tagging his brother back in. Double team action by Harlem Heat and Stevie hits a throat thrust. Front facelock by the older brother, and he backs up for a tag. Buck is sent to the ropes and Booker hits a drop kick. Slater’s turn and he drops Booker from the neutral position with a drop toe hold. Booker wrestles for position and grabs an arm bar. Another quick tag by the brothers. Stevie and Slater exchange fire, Stevie winning the battle.

Snapmare takeover into a front facelock. Another quick tag is made, Slater goes to the eyes and tags in Bunkhouse Buck. Big knee to Booker, full arm drag and twist but Booker reverses it. He scoop slams Buck but misses with an elbow. He’s up quickly with a spin-a-roonie and he hits Buck with a crossbody shot. Buck retreats to his corner and tags in Slater. Collar and elbow, Booker runs him to his corner and makes a tag. To the ropes they go, Slater stops short with a kick and an elbow to the top of the head. Slater makes a tag to Buck, Stevie goes to the eyes. They hit the ropes, Ray is distracted by a kick to the back by Slater and Buck takes advantage with a boot from behind.

Buck dumps him to the floor where Slater runs him into the ring post. Dirty Dick stomps away and rolls him back into the ring. Whip to the ropes and Buck hits the cowboy boot to the side of the head and Stevie barely kicks out. Tag is made, Slater and Buck with a double whip to the ropes. Stevie ducks a double clothesline and comes back with a leaping clothesline of his own, cleaning out both opponents. Booker is tagged in and he takes on both men. He sends Slater for a drop kick and Buck for a crossbody shot.

Slater makes the save and Stevie rejoins the action to ambush him. Booker catches Buck with a small package, Col. Parker slides in to roll it in his client’s favor. Booker calls for Sherri’s help, and she turns the tide back and we have a winner.
Winners: Harlem Heat (Booker T/Small Package)

  • EA’s TakeNot a lot of offensive diversity in this match. The finish felt really long and awkward, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone trapped in a small package position for that long! Not too much more to say, I guess they were just giving Harlem Heat something to do that wasn’t another go with The Nasty Boys. WCW’s tag team division gets deeper in the years to come with the return of The Steiner Brothers, the addition of teams like Public Enemy, the creation of The American Males, the team-up of Sting and Lex Luger, and of course, the arrival of The Outsiders.

Video: On WCW Main Event, Nick Bockwinkel was violently interrupted by Vader in the middle of an announcement. Hulk Hogan came to his aid, and the dressing room cleared out to break up the fight.

In The Arena: WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel has joined the announce team to complete his announcement from earlier. Vader doesn’t prove how tough he is by beating up people like him, he has to prove it in the ring, and he’ll have to do it against WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan at Bash at the Beach inside a steel cage.

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Backstage: ‘Mean’ Gene gets a word with Ric Flair. Hogan is in trouble at Bash at the Beach, the cage means no Renegade, no Savage, and if Macho Man has the intestinal fortitude, he’ll have to walk the aisle and step in the ring with The Nature Boy. He took his wife in 1992, he took his father at Slamboree, and tonight, he’ll be taking him out.. dig it! WOOOO!

Match #5 for the WCW World Television Championship: The Renegade w/Jimmy Hart vs. WCW World Television Champion ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson
They jaw in each other’s face. Renegade backs off and the champ blindsides him. He tries an Irish whip, Renegade blocks it and drives Anderson into the turnbuckle. Arn is sent across and Renegade hits him with a body shot. Anderson gets a boot to the gut and whips Renegade across the corner, following with clothesline. Renegade no sells it, decks The Enforcer and clotheslines him over the top and out to the floor. Renegade leaps out to the floor to join him, and the TV Champ gets back in the ring.

Collar and elbow, side headlock by Renegade, Anderson pushes toward the ropes but cannot escape. They hit the ropes, Renegade blocks a hip toss and shoves Anderson to the mat. Collar and elbow, and back to the side headlock for Renegade. To the ropes and Anderson catches him with an abdominal stretch. Renegade reverses it. Anderson breaks it with a toss. Renegade catches Anderson’s boot, The Enforcer hits an enzigure and poses but Renegade is unaffected. Anderson rolls out to regroup. Collar and elbow, Anderson takes position in the corner and drives his shoulder into the mid section. Renegade reverses the Irish whip but he runs into a back elbow.

They hit the ropes and Anderson is able to grab a sleeper. Renegade pulls out of it, sends Anderson to the ropes and gets a sleeper of his own. Anderson reverses with a belly to back suplex and he drapes the challenger over the middle and top rope as Jimmy Hart protests. Anderson drags his eyes over the ropes and hits a snapmare into a reverse chin lock. Renegade tries to rally the crowd. He works up to his feet, they hit the ropes and Anderson punts him. Renegade is woken up by it, they hit the ropes again and this time Anderson hits a patented spinebuster.

He makes a cover and Renegade kicks out multiple times. Anderson tries holding his hands to the mat but can’t keep him down. Irish whip, Renegade ducks a clotheslines, hits an atomic drop before an awkward collision. Anderson is up first, he heads for the top but Renegade trips him. A fireman’s carry drop by Renegade, he heads for the top, lands a splash and we have a new champion.
Winner and NEW WCW World Television Champion: The Renegade (Top Rope Splash)

  • After The Bell: A very imposing man looks on from the front row. He almost takes a right hand to Jimmy Hart as he walks by. (It’s The Giant/Big Show)
  • EA’s TakePoor Double-A having to put this guy over! If ANYONE wants to chant “You Can’t Wrestle” to a pushed guy like Roman Reigns, watch this match and reconsider your standards. When Schiavone said: “Anderson slowing the pace down” when he went to the floor, I said out loud: “What pace?”. The crowd was visibly bored. Hats off to Anderson for trying to make something out of it, there were spots like the sleeper hold where it looked like he was just improvising on the fly due to Renegade botching or simply lacking the skill set to look good.

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