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CMLL Coverage


CMLL Results & Review (1/28/19)

Joe Dinan brings you all the excitement of CMLL in his latest Results & Review!

Arena Puebla Monday

Centella Roja and Meyer vs Espiritu Maligno and Police Man

Roja and Police Man start out and they start to grapple and exchange holds. Maligno and Meyer come in next and they trade holds as well. Meyer disposes of Maligno to the outside and Roja catches Police Man in a stretch submission and Meyer hits a face buster on Maligno for the pin. First Fall: Meyer pins Maligno with a face buster.

We start the round with Meyer hitting a hurricanrana on Maligno then avoiding a double team attack, then taking Police Man out with a hurricanrana and then a back breaker on Maligno. He poses. Maligno attacks Roja on the outside to briefly take him out so they can team on Meyer. Police Man gets Roja when he gets back in the ring and hits a death valley driver then a senton for the pin. Maligno gets Meyer in a neck crank for the submission. Second Fall: Espiritu Maligno submits Meyer with a neck crank.

Meyer gets teamed on to start this final round. The attack moves to Centella Roja. Meyer and Roja try to do a double team attack but end up hitting each other. Police Man gets Meyer in a pinning combination for the pin and Maligno submits Roja with a stretch. Third Fall: Espiritu Maligno submits Roja with a stretch submission.

Winners: Espiritu Maligno and Police Man

Halcon Suriano Jr and Tigre Rojo Jr vs El Malayo and Toro Bill Jr

Halcon Suriano has so much body grease on and I’m not sure why. He’s not big or muscular. Malayo and Rojo start the match off and they trade holds and submissions on the ground. Halcon and Toro come in and Bill tries to use his size to his advantage but Halcon uses his quickness to counter. Rojo and Halcon team up and get the advantage on the other two. Rojo hits a moonsault on Malayo and Halcon hits a 450 on Bill for the fall. First Fall: Halcon Suriano pins Toro Bill with a 450.

Suriano hits a hurricanrana on Bill then tosses him to the outside then poses. Malayo and Bill team on Rojo. Bill hits a back drop on Halcon to take him out briefly. They continue to work on Rojo and Halcon, until Bill hits a swinging slam into a leg lock on Halcon. Malayo gets Rojo in a neck crank for the fall. Second Fall: El Malayo submits Tigre Rojo with a neck crank.

Bill hits knees to the corner on Rojo to start the round. Malayo takes out Halcon with a basement drop kick. Rojo ducks a double team attack and launches Halcon into Bill for a hurricanrana. Rojo then catches Malayo in a leg lock and Halcon gets Bill in a surfboard stretch for the win. Third Fall: Halcon Suriano submits Toro Bill Jr with a surfboard stretch.

Winners: Halcon Suriano Jr and Tigre Rojo Jr

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Marcela and Princesa Sugehit vs Amapola and La Comandante

Marcela starts with Comandante and they tie up a few times with Comandante using her strength to her advantage. They do some grappling on the ground but not much. Comandante throws her by her hair a few times. Sugehit comes in with Amapola and hits multiple arm drags. They start to grapple but when they get up Sugehit gets the advantage on Amapola. Comandante again gets in with Marcela and she tries to use her size again but to no avail. Marcela hits a middle rope knees to the gut on Comandante for the pin. Sugehit submits Amapola with a head shake submission. First Fall: Sugehit submits Amapola with a head shake submission.

Sugehit and Comandante stare each other down and bump chests. Comandante then runs over Sugehit a few times. Sugehit finally drags Comandante to the outside by her hair then poses. Amapola gets Marcela into her corner and they start to double team her. Comandante hits a…stink face on Sugehit for the pin. Amapola hits a face buster on Marcela for the fall. Second Fall: Amapola pins Marcela with a face buster.

Amapola and Comandante team up on Sugehit to start this round. Marcela tries to take them on but she ends up being teamed on as well. Sugehit pushes Amapola into Comandante then Marcela hits a cross body on them. Sugehit and Marcela then hit drop kicks on both of them. Sugehit hits a tornado DDT on Amapola then Marcela hits a michinoku driver on Amapola for the pin. They both hit sentons on Comandante then Sugehit hits 3 more for the pin. Third Fall: Princesa Sugehit pins Comandante after 5 senton splashes.

Winners: Marcela and Princesa Sugehit

Stuka Jr, Guerrero Maya, and Stigma vs Shocker, Rey Bucanero, and Tyson La Bestia

Shocker starts the match with Stuka but quickly Bucanero and Stigma come in. They’re not in for long and Maya and Bestia come in. They exchange strikes but Maya gets the better of him. Shocker comes in and hits a clothesline on Maya. Bucanero and Shocker team up on Maya. Tyson hits a spear on Stigma then Shocker pins him with an elbow drop. Tyson hits a top rope splash on Maya for the fall. First Fall: Tyson La Bestia pins Guerrero Maya with a top rope splash.

There’s some brawling to start this match. Bucanero is going for Stigma’s mask. They continue to team up on everyone one by one starting with Stigma then going to Stuka. Maya makes a come back hitting back breakers on the opposition. Stuka catches Shocker in a victory roll for the pin. Second Fall: Stuka pins Shocker with a victory roll.

Stuka and Bucanero brawl on the outside to start this round off. Maya and Shocker brawl in the crowd area. When everyone’s back in the ring the rudos gain the advantage and team up on Maya. Maya hits a hurricanrana arm drag combo to make a come back. Stigma dodges a double team attack from Tyson that hits Bucanero. Bucanero and Shocker hit each other by accident and feign like they’re gonna fight but then they hug. The rudos find themselves on the outside and Stuka, Maya, and Stigma all hit middle rope dives. They get back in the ring and fight for a little then Bucanero gets Stuka in a school boy for the pin and Tyson hits a tiger bomb on Stigma for the win. Third Fall: Tyson La Bestia pins Stigma with a tiger bomb.

Winners: Shocker, Rey Bucanero, and Tyson La Bestia

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(Match Relampago) Niebla Roja vs Luciferno

They lock up and start grappling on the ground to start. They break and Roja drop kicks Luciferno outside of the ring and then he chases him but gets struck. Luciferno puts Roja on the top rope and goes for his mask. Luciferno continues to work him over. Roja finally hits a drop kick to make a come back making Luciferno fall to the outside. Roja then hits a middle rope dive to change the tide. Back in the ring Roja hits a hurricanrana for a close two count. Luciferno pins Roja but has his foot on the ropes so the count gets stopped. Roja hits a drop kick then a knee strikes and removes his shirt to the women’s delight. Luciferno hits a top rope suplex for a close two count. Roja gets Luciferno in a boston crab stretch but he gets out. Finally Luciferno hits a styles clash on Roja for the win. Luciferno pins Roja with the Styles Clash.

Winner: Luciferno

Rush, Villano IV, and Vangellys vs Kraneo, Euforia, and El Valiente

They promote the Champion of the Universe tournament taking place on the 1st, 8th, and 15th. I assume some new japan guys will be featured. Rush is the last one out and Euforia runs up the ramp to meet him but gets laid out. Kraneo runs into Vangellys and Villano IV knocking them down. Rush and Vangellys get up and hit Euforia with a double drop kick. Villano hits an elbow drop for the three count. First Fall: Villano IV pins Euforia with an elbow drop.

Rush is messing with the midget Mije now. Rush and pals start to gang up on Euforia in the ring now after taking out Valiente and Kraneo. Rush brings Euforia out on the ramp way and beats on him. Valiente gets teamed on and Kraneo tries to help but with no success as he gets beat up in the corner. Rush runs at Kraneo but Kraneo dodges and hits Villano. Kraneo hits a running hip attack on Vangellys in the corner for the pin. Valiente gets Villano in a stretch submission for the second fall. Second Fall: Valiente submits Villano IV with a stretch submission.

Rush and Euforia brawl in the stands in between rounds. There’s some posturing to start the round and then Valiente and Villano strike each other. Valiente then arm drags him to the outside. Valiente hits a hurricanrana on Vangellys. Kraneo hits a leg drop on Villano. Vangellys tries a sunset flip on Kraneo but Kraneo sits on it. Euforia meets Rush in the center of the ring Euforia kicks Rush out of the ring and then gets intercepted by Villano and Vangellys. Kraneo counters by splashing them at the same time. Kraneo goes for another splash but Rush drop kicks him. Vangellys hits a fisherman’s suplex on Valiente and Villano hits a top rope senton on Kraneo for the win. Third Round: Villano IV pins Kraneo with a top rope senton.

Winners: Rush, Villano IV, and Vangellys

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Aereo and Acero vs Pequeno Olimpico and Pequeno Violencia

Olimpico starts out with Aereo and they do some grappling. They engage a few times until Violencia and Acero come in. They do some acrobatic grappling exchanges. Aereo comes in and goes for an attack but Violencia stops it. Violencia hits a slam on Aereo then submits him with a standing cloverleaf. Olimpico gets Acero in a single leg crab for the fall. First Fall: Olimpico submits Acero with a single leg crab.

Violencia beats on Aereo to start the round off. They take out Acero whenever he tries to get involved. Aereo and Acero hit a come back but botch a move. Regardless, Aereo hits a splash off the top on Violencia for the fall. Second Fall: Aereo pins Violencia with a top rope splash.

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Aereo gets Violencia out of the ring quickly then feigns a dive and hits a pose. Acero hits a hurricanrana on Olimpico but he botches it. He moves on with his pose afterwards like it’s okay. Acero gets Violencia in a submission but Olimpico breaks it up. Acero holds Olimpico up and Aereo hits a top rope drop kick for the pin. Aereo slams Violencia and Acero hits a lionsault for the win. Third Fall: Acero pins Violencia with a lionsault.

Winners: Aereo and Acero

Magnus, Retro, and Arkalis vs Raziel, Cancerbero, and Espiritu Negro

There’s some posturing to start in this match but Retro and Raziel start and lock up. They start to grapple and fight for position. Raziel and Magnus are in next and they start to grapple as well. Cancerbero gets Magnus out of there and Arkalis comes in and does a hurricanrana that gets reversed into a pinning combination. Arkalis hits a head scissors on Cancerbero to the outside. Cancerbero hits an elbow drop on Retro, then slams Raziel on him then submits Retro with a stretch. Negro hits a spring board swanton on Magnus for the fall. First Fall: Espiritu Negro pins Magnus with a springboard swanton bomb.

They all brawl to start this round out. Raziel starts to work over Retro in the ring. When he gets taken out Magnus comes in and gets teamed up on. Arkalis comes in and runs up Magnus’ back and hits a hurricanrana on Raziel. Magnus back breakers Cancerbero. Arkalis then hits a blue thunderbomb on Negro for the pin. Retro then gets Cancerbero in an arm stretch for the fall. Second Fall: Retro submits Cancerbero with an arm stretch.

Magnus back breakers Raziel to start this round off. He hits two monkey flips on him as well. Retro gets in with Cancerbero and gets the advantage on him. Arkalis gets Negro in a victory roll but the pin gets broken up. All three hit drop kicks on Arkalis but the pins broken up. A double suplex is hit on Negro then Arkalis hits a splash but the pin is broken up. Magnus hits a back stabber on Raziel for the pin. Third Fall: Magnus pins Raziel with a back stabber.

Winners: Magnus, Retro, and Arkalis

Robin, Star Jr, and Super Astro Jr vs Virus, Kawato San, and Disturbio

Super Astro and Disturbio start out in this match and they do some grappling to start. Astro gets Disturbio to the outside then feigns a dive. In comes Star Jr and Virus. Virus tries to work him over but Star is too quick for him. Robin comes in with Disturbio and really uses his acrobatic ability to out match him. Super Astro hits a diving head butt on Virus, then Star hits a frog splash followed by a victory roll by Robin for the pin. First Fall: Robin pins Virus after a flurry of moves and a victory roll.

Star starts with Kawato and Star gets the advantage on him hitting a drop kick and arm drag to the outside followed by a pose. Super Astro hits a rolling head butt on Disturbio and then feigns a dive. The tide changes and the Rudos take out the technicos are start to team up on them. Robin gets taken out then they move their attack to Star Jr. Distrubio hit knees to the corner on Super Astro and then hits an elbow drop on him for the pin. Kawato hits a double foot stomp off the top on Robin for the pin. Second Fall: Kawato pins Robin with a double foot stomp. 

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This round starts with Star Jr being teamed up on. They move their attack to Robin but he pulls Kawato by the hair to drop him then hits a hurricanrana on Disturbio. Star then launches Super Astro for a dive on Disturbio. Kawato drop kicks Robin to the outside and hits an over the top rope dive himself. In the ring Virus hits a sidewalk slam on Star Jr and then gets an indian death lock for the win. Third Fall: Virus submits Star Jr with an indian death lock.

Winners: Virus, Kawato San, and Disturbio

Drone, Pegasso, and Guerrero Maya vs Dragon Rojo Jr, Polvora, and Hechicero

Hechicero had a really cool entrance. Rojo and Maya start out in the ring and start fighting for position. Drone comes in next with Hechicero and Hechicero immediately starts to do his pose. Drone just stares at him like a geek. They engage a few times and grapple but then they start to trade offense back and forth. Pegasso gets in with Polvora and Pegasso gets a school boy and the ref counts 1 2 and gets up. Looked confused then counted 3. I wonder if Pegasso intentionally held him down. Rojo then submitted Pegasso with a neck crank. Drone drop kicks Rojo to the outside then slides under the ref to the outside for a sliding splash. Hechicero hit a back breaker on Maya for the fall. They made that complicated. First Fall: Hechicero pins Maya with a back breaker.

Rojo works over Pegasso to start the round. Pegasso and Drone get taken out on the outside leaving Hechicero to work over Maya. Hechicero unties Maya’s mask till it’s almost off and stops. Polvora performs a drop kick to the inner thigh on Drone. Maya makes a come back hitting back breakers on everyone. They all go for the pin but they kick out. Drone and Maya hit a double team flapjack on Polvora and Pegasso goes for the pin but Rojo breaks it up. Hechicero throws him in the air and Rojo kicks him. Pegasso gets Rojo in the corner and Drone hits knees in the corner. Then Maya hits a top rope splash on him but Hechicero breaks up the pin. Pegasso avoids a double team attack then Maya launches him into Hechicero for a hurricanrana. Pegasso and Maya then hit middle rope dives. Drone hits a springboard moonsault on Polvora for a two count. Polvora then hits a face buster off the top for the win on Drone. Second Fall: Polvora pins Drone with a face buster off of the top.

Winners: Dragon Rojo Jr, Polvora, and Hechicero

Shocker, Euforia, and Rey Bucanero vs Kraneo, Volcano, and Rey Cometa

Volcano and Bucanero start the match out with some grappling. Bucanero tries to body slam Volcano but can’t. Euforia is in next with Cometa and this is interesting cause Euforia has been working baby face the last two weeks and now he’s on the heel team again. Maybe it was just for the Fantastica Mania tour cause they lacked stars. But alas they do some grappling of their own. Kraneo comes in with Shocker after Kraneo slaps his chest a few times then body slams him. Bucanero comes in and gets hit with a standing splash. Bucanero and Shocker clothesline Kraneo and then Cometa flies in and hits a sunset flip pinning combination on Euforia for the fall. First Fall: Rey Cometa pins Euforia with a pinning combination.

Volcano gets doubled by Euforia and Rey to start but he’s able to fight off the double team hitting a drop kick on both of them at once to the outside. Shocker comes in and Volcano continues his momentum hitting a few arm drags. Cometa tricks Euforia to the outside and then jumps off the apron hitting a hurricanrana. Bucanero starts to beat up on Mije the midget who accompanies Kraneo. Rey spanks him. Rey body slams Kraneo and then pins him. Second Fall: Rey Bucanero body slams Kraneo for the pin.

Shocker beats on Cometa on the outside. In the ring Rey and Euforia beat on Kraneo. Cometa comes back in the ring and hits a hurricanrana on Euforia to change the momentum. Volcano comes back in and hits a big splash on Bucanero. Shocker breaks up the pin and then Euforia hits a power bomb on Cometa then Shocker and Rey slam Volcano on Cometa. Euforia pins Cometa for the win. Third Fall: Volcano gets slammed on Cometa and Euforia goes for the pin.

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Winners: Shocker, Euforia, and Rey Bucanero

Niebla Roja vs Mephisto

Well yesterday Roja lost to Luciferno in a lightning round match so naturally tonight he faces Mephisto in a full length singles match. Mephisto works him over to start the match. After beating on him for a few minutes Mephisto hits a face buster for the first fall. First Fall: Mephisto pins Roja with a face buster.

Gotta get those first two falls away fast. A formula in these big singles matches. Mephisto throws Roja into the crowd in between rounds and then postures in the ring. Mephisto is still working on Roja when they get back into the ring. Mephisto rips his shirt off. Finally Roja moves out of the way of an attack and hits an axe handle and gets Mephisto in a boston crab stretch for the fall. Second Fall: Roja submits Mephisto with a boston crab stretch.

Mephisto postures on the outside of the ring to start the round. They both pose to the crowd when they get into the ring. Roja hits a hurricanrana to the outside, then follows him and goes to whip Mephisto into the barricade but gets reversed. Roja jumps on the barricade then hits a hurricanrana on the floor to Mephisto. Back in the ring Roja hits a hurricanrana pinning combo for a two count. Roja hits a victory roll for another two count. He does another pinning combo for a two count. Roja tries a head scissors but Mephisto drops him on his face for a two count. Mephisto hits another face buster but this time Roja kicks out. Mephisto places Roja on the top rope and hits a muscle buster for a two count. Roja fires up for a come back and drop kicks Mephisto off the apron, then he hits an over the top flip dive. Back in the ring Roja goes for a springboard attack but Mephisto hits a drop kick for a two count. Mephisto throws Roja in the air and kicks him in the gut. Close to the groin. Roja gets up and hits a sunset flip power bomb for a two count. Mephisto does a school boy for a close two count. Roja gets Mephisto on the ropes and attempts a hurricanrana but Mephisto blocks. But mid power bomb Roja counters with his hurricanrana. Just a two count though. Roja gets spoiled and goes to the well again, this time Mephisto hits a face buster off the top rope for a very close two count. While Mephisto sits up baffled, Roja rolls him up but for you guessed it, a two count. Mephisto crotches Roja on the turnbuckle, then tries to go for a power bomb I think, the camera was awkward, but Roja picks him up and hits a front face buster off the top for the win. Third Fall: Niebla Roja pins Mephisto with a front face buster off the top for the win.

Winner: Niebla Roja

Arena Mexico Friday

Oro Jr and Electrico vs Grako and El Coyote

I have a weird affinity for this Grako and Coyote team, I don’t know why, I like them. Electrico and Coyote start grappling to begin the match. Oro and Grako come in next and they tie up and eventually go to the ground to grapple. They start trading moves and pinning combinations. Electrico comes back in to face Coyote but Grako kicks him on the apron then drop kicks him out. Oro comes back in and misses a moonsualt. Grako then hits a top rope elbow drop on him for the pin. Coyote hits a frog splash on Electrico for the fall and the crowds hot tonight so far. First Fall: Coyote pins Electrico with a frog splash.

They beat up on Oro and Electrico on the outside to start the round. In the ring they double team Electrico till he falls out of the ring. Oro runs to make the save but gets stomped out. Coyote stands on Electrico’s back during a double team move. Oro leaps up and hits a brutal frankensteiner on him for the pin. Electrico then hits a basement drop kick then a springboard elbow to pin Grako. Second Fall: Electrico pins Grako with a springboard elbow drop.

Grako and Oro exchange strikes to start the final round. Grako finds himself on the apron and Oro hits a hurricanrana off the top rope to the outside on him. Coyote catches Electrico for a power bomb then a senton but Oro breaks up the pin. Grako and Coyote hit a double suplex on Oro and while they land Electrico hits a top rope splash. Afterwards Coyote and Grako whip the two into each other and then Grako gets Electrico in a neck crank submission and Coyote submits Oro with a body stretch. Third Fall: Coyote submits Oro Jr with a body stretch.

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Winners: Grako and El Coyote

Blue Panther Jr, Rey Cometa, and Black Panther vs Misterioso, El Sagrado, and Universo 2000 Jr

Misterioso and Black Panther start with some standing grappling which evolves into them fighting for position and trading counters. Blue Panther Jr comes in with Universo 2000 next and they continue grappling as well. Panther Jr hits a sunset flip that Universo rolls out of. Panther inexplicably scoots back to be hit with a drop kick. Cometa is in next with Sagrado and Cometa tricks Sagrado into falling to the outside then hits a hurricanrana off of the apron. Misterioso enters the ring and poses for some reason, then Blue Panther comes form behind and school boys him for the fall. First Fall: Blue Panther Jr pins Misterioso with a school boy.

This round starts with Blue Panther getting teamed up on. Black Panther tries to make the save but to no avail. They get Cometa and Misterioso gets him in the Gory Special, then hits the Gory neck breaker and holds him there for the other two to hit drop kicks on him for the fall. Second Fall: Misterioso pins Rey Cometa after a gory neck breaker and a double drop kick.

This round starts with Black Panther getting taken out. He tags Blue Panther in but he continues to get beat on too. Panther Jr dodges an attack and proceeds to hit back breakers on everyone. Panther, Cometa, and Panther get ready to do dives but get pulled to the outside. Back in the ring Universo squares off with Black Panther and Panther hits a lionsault which Misterioso breaks up the pin. Now everybody is in the ring doing spots. The technicos all get pinning combinations but they’re kicked out of. Sagrado hits a sling blade on Cometa but in the corner Cometa dodges his attacks. He hits a hurricanrana then slams him near the corner and hits a 450 for the pin. Black Panther gets Universo down and hits a drop kick off the middle rope for the win. Third Fall: Black Panther pins Universo with a drop kick off the middle rope.

Winners: Blue Panther Jr, Rey Cometa, and Black Panther

Titan, Flyer, and El Audaz vs Shocker, El Felino, and Vangellys

Vangellys and Audaz start this match off. Vangellys tries to use his size to his advantage. Everybody comes in the ring to confront each other and the ref tells them to go back to their corners. Vangellys and Audaz go back to grappling. Titan and Felino are in next and Felino postures to the crowd as he usually does. The midget that accompanies him distracted Titan enough for Felino to hit him with an elbow smash. Titan eventually drop kicks him to the outside but before he can dive Shocker hits him. Flyer comes in to relieve him and exchanges strikes with Shocker. Flyer hits a hurricanrana on Shocker then hits an over the top dive. Titan then rolls up Vangellys with a neck bridge for the pin. First Fall: Titan pins Vangellys with a neck bridge pin.

Shocker and Felino come in at the start of the round to take out the other team so they can team up on them one at a time. The plan back fires as they fight back, however Vangellys still has the advantage in ring with Titan. Titan hits a head scissors to the outside but gets hit by Shocker when going for his dive. Titan and Shocker then go to the outside to fight. Audaz runs wild on Felino. Shocker comes in but Audaz is too quick for him. Vangellys catches him however. Flyer comes in and postures with Shocker but he gets teamed on. Shocker blatantly kicks Flyer in the groin and pins him. Ref ignores it. Vangellys then drop kicks Titan in the balls and the ref ignores. Second Fall: Vangellys pin Titan with a drop kick to the groin.

Vangellys beats on Titan to start the round. Titan gets teamed on, so they’re continuing the trend from the previous match. Audaz hits a few super kicks to make a come back. He goes for a middle rope dive. Flyer hits an asai moonsault. Felino gets Titan in an arm wrench in the ring but Audaz breaks it up. Shocker gets Flyer in a cross face for the submission. Vangellys hits a swinging slam on Audaz for the pin. Third Fall: Vangellys pins Audaz with a swinging slam. 

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Winners: Shocker, El Felino, and Vangellys

(Lightning Round) Soberano vs Templario

They tie up to start this match and battle for position. Soberano slides to the outside to avoid an attack and Templario hits a handspring back flip to the outside. They get back in the ring and Soberano hits a torando dive off the top. Soberano goes for an attack but it’s reversed into a german suplex. Templario tries a canadian destroyer but Soberano rolls with it then kicks him. Soberano gets him to the outside and hits a back flip dive over the top rope. The doctor checks on Soberano but he continues the match. I love how CMLL and AAA doctors have big lab coats on. Soberano hits a sunset flip power bomb back in the ring for a two count. Templario flips Soberano in the air and hits a power bomb. On the top rope Templario goes for a gut wrench suplex but Soberano reverses it into a hurricanrana for a two count. They trade strikes until Templario hits a canadian destroyer. Soberano kicks out. Soberano flips him when Templario comes off the ropes and hits a sit out pile driver for the win. Soberano pins Templario with a sit out pile driver.

Winner: Soberano 

Caristico, Atlantis, and Volador Jr vs Ultimo Guerrero, Cavernario, and Gran Guerrero

Caristico and Ultimo start the match with a handshake then they tie up and grapple. Ultimo gets him in a surfboard stretch. Caristico gets out of it. Ultimo gets him in an octopus but Caristico gets out. Volador taunts Ultimo on the apron. Volador and Cavernario come in and grapple at a hectic pace. Gran gets in with Atlantis now. Poor Atlantis had to work every show of the Fantastica Mania show. The rudos come in and stomp out the baby face team. The Los Guerrero’s triple team spot is done on Atlantis. Cavernario hits a canadian destroyer on Volador for the pin. Gran tries to power bomb Caristico but he slips so he just submits him with a leg stretch. First Fall: Gran Guerrero submits Caristico with a leg stretch.

Ultimo puts Atlantis on the turnbuckle and starts working on his mask. The rest of them brawl on the outside. Caristico gets laid on the apron and Ultimo drop kicks him off. Volador and Caristico come in and hit hurricanrana’s to change the tide. Then Atlantis hits a middle rope dive on Ultimo. Volador hits Cavernario with a canadian destroyer and Caristico submits Gran with a Fujiwara arm bar. Second Fall: Caristico submits Gran Guerrero with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Atlantis starts with Cavernario in this match and Atlantis monkey flips him. Ultimo and Gran come in but Atlantis pushes them out of the way and flips Ultimo to the outside. Cavernario launches Volador in the air and he hits a hurricanrana on Gran. Caristico and Volador then hit over the top dives on Cavernario and Gran. In the ring it’s Atlantis and Ultimo and Ultimo runs at Atlantis and gets put in a torture rack for the win. Third Fall: Atlantis submits Ultimo Guerrero with a torture rack.

Winners: Caristico, Atlantis, and Volador Jr 

Fenix, Pentagon Jr, and Diamante Azul vs Rush, El Terrible, and La Bestia del Ring

They’re all posturing and throwing strikes to start. The ref is trying to get control but is failing. In the ring Diamante and Terrible stare down. Fenix drop kicks Bestia to the outside but Terrible strikes him from behind. Azul takes out Terrible and then Rush takes him out. Rush stares down with Penta and they exchange strikes. They trade strikes in the corner, then Penta hits a sling blade. Penta then hits an over the top rope dive on Rush. Azul hits a german suplex on Bestia for the pin. Fenix jumps on the ropes and does a stomp to Terrible’s gut for the fall. First Fall: Fenix pins Terrible with a double stomp.

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Fenix and Bestia exchange chops to start this round. Besita tries to throw Fenix out but Fenix comes back and kicks him. Rush and Terrible then jump him. They try to team on Fenix but he dodges attacks and hits a double rolling cutter on Terrible and Rush. Azul and Bestia hit each other in the ring afterwards. Azul then monkey flips Bestia. Rush is in again with Penta. There’s some posturing but Bestia and Terrible jump them. Azul and Fenix get taken out on the outside. Penta then gets crotched on the steel post. Azul then gets triple basement drop kicked. Rush gets on the announce table and poses to the crowd. Back in the ring they stomp out Fenix. Azul comes in from the ramp and jumps over for a double clothesline. Finally Rush has had enough, when Penta is in the air he kicks him in the groin then takes his mask for the DQ. Second Fall: Pentagon wins after Rush kicks him in the groin and steals his mask.

After the match Rush and pals steal Fenix’s mask too. Azul tries to protect them but they stomp him out and steal his mask too.

Winners: Pentagon Jr, Fenix, and Diamante Azul


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