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The Chairshot Presents: WWE Top 20 of 2018 The Podcast



Personalities from The Chairshot present the Top 20 for 2018 for the largest wrestling promotion in the world, WWE!

Happy New Year and Happy Rusev Day!!! Ladies and gentlemen, my name is PC Tunney! Welcome to the Top 20 of 2018 for WWE. For this list I brought together the members of the DWI podcast, myself(@PCTunney) and @itsmedpp along with the hosts of Chairshot Radio, @therealcplatt and @itsReyCash and to keep us all in line we added writer extraordinaire @SteveCook84.

Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle are some of the biggest names LEFT OUT of our Top 20 this year. Brock Lesnar doesn’t crack the top 10!?? Is this list ready for Asuka? Is this the list that AJ Styles built? If Daniel Bryan isn’t number one, is this list FICKLE? Where do Ronda Rousey, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns fit in? Is Charlotte still Queen after this year’s Beck-splosion? Tune in to find out as Steve Cook, Christopher Platt and PC Tunney run down the top WWE Superstars of 2018 from 20-1. 

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