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Joe’s AAA Review & Results



Joe brings us up to date on all the AAA action! If you’re interested here’s their Twitch Channel:

AAA Live on Twitch 1/19

Dr. Wagner Jr comes out to start the show. Wagner definitely using some just for men. Looking very young and handsome. He wants Blue Demon’s mask. Blue Demon comes out and calls Wagner a mediocre wrestler. Wagner starts beating on Demon. Wagner keeps working on taking Demon’s mask. Konnan comes out and then Escorpion and Texano jump Wagner. Fantasma is out in a nice suit too. Psycho Clown runs out to make the save. He corners Konnan but makes a mistake and gets jumped.

Nino Hamburguesa, Lady Shani, and Dinastia vs Lady Maravilla, Villano III Jr, and Lanzelot

Finally some wrestling 45 minutes into the show, Lanzelot starts with Dinastia and they exchange acrobatic moves and spots. Moving a million miles per hour. Nino is in next with Villano. Villano doesn’t want any so Maravilla comes in. Nino tags out to Shani but then Villano comes back in. Sheesh. They do a few spots and Shani gets the better of him each time. Maravilla comes in but Shani gets the best of her too. Lanzelot comes in with Nino and he tries to use his speed but Nino’s size is too much. Maravilla distracts Nino and gets attacked from behind. Maravilla hits a middle rope moonsault on him. Villano hits a corkscrew moonsault on him but gets up from the pin. Shani stupidly tries to take them on 3 on 1. Lanzelot misses a team up move and hits Maravilla. She falls in the corner, then Lanzelot and Villano do as well. Nino then does a running senton on all three of them twice. Dinastia is so talented but he doesn’t look like he’s taller than 5 feet. Lanzelot kicks Shani to the outside and Maravilla hits a dive on her. Dinastia then hits a crazy dive to the floor on Lanzelot and Maravilla. Nino gets Villano down and with the help of the ref goes to the top and hits a top rope splash for the win. Nino Hamburguesa pins Villano III Jr with a top rope splash.

Post match Keyra comes out to beat on Shani with Maravilla. They both want the championship or to be number 1 contenders. Shani answers but then quickly starts hitting them. Shani’s mask gets ripped off amidst the brawl. Announcers are recapping in English. How sweet of them, luckily my Spanish is good enough where I don’t need it.

Winners: Nino Hamburguesa, Lady Shani, and Dinastia

Myzteziz Jr, Laredo Kid, and Hijo del Vikingo vs Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

AAA loves their 80s rock for entrance themes. Poder de Norte starts beating on them when the match begins but the champs fight back. Kid exchanges strikes with Cota Jr. Brava and Santana grab him and pull him to the outside and hold him up on their shoulders. Cota then hits a middle rope dive. Like a doomsday suicida. Myzteziz and Vikingo then dive. Now the announcer said Poder de Norte is the champs but that’s impossible because they lost to this team and I definitely didn’t see the show where they won it back. Unless it was a house show. Regardless Poder de Norte starts to beat on the other team now and there’s weapons in the ring. So forget DQs. They hold Laredo Kid and remove his mask. But Kid had a mask underneath! Wow. What foresight, he just knew they’d try to unmask him. Vikingo runs up Myzteziz’s back and hits a hurricanrana on Santana. Kid hits a spanish fly on Cota then Vikingo and Myzteziz hit a splash and leg drop combo. Carta breaks up the pin. Carta gets placed into the corner and all three hit drop kicks. Santana now comes in with a chair to clean house. Santana then hits a hurricanrana on Myzteziz and then a middle rope dive. Kid leaps to the apron and hits an asai moonsault on Santana. Then Cota Jr hit a middle rope dive on the pile. Now Vikingo is going up and hits an imploder 450 off the ropes to the outside. Jesus. After all the chaos, Brava takes Laredo Kid’s mask while the ref is down and then spears him to win. Carta Brava Jr pins Laredo Kid with a spear.

Winners: Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

Maximo, Murder Clown, and Taya Valkyrie vs La Mascara, Chessman, and Faby Apache

Well this is an interesting match. I assume it’s to make Kross look strong. But first Parka comes out with someone. It’s his son. Hijo de La Parka. Yes another variant of the legendary LA Park. The crowd starts cheering for LA Park. The kids chant Parka. Out comes Vampiro. This is an angle heavy show. I thought Vampiro couldn’t walk. Nevermind that. Vampiro is calling out the Mercenaries. Now La Mascara is coming out dressed as a football player. Well what you guys won’t see is I was writing this in the Kross match section but they switched that with the next match. So i’m moving this. I’ll keep it in all it’s text because AAA never does what the billboard says.

Faby starts with Taya but runs away. Mascara comes in with Maximo and they grapple but Mascara doesn’t want to get too close. Mascara leaves the ring bringing in Chessman. He goes back and forth with Murder Clown. Clown hits a big elbow drop. Now Faby is in with Taya and they exchange strikes. The heel ref holds Taya by the air but she still avoids Faby’s attack. Taya hits a DDT on Mascara and then knees to the corner on Chessman. They team up on Clown briefly but momentum changes and now Maximo is being beat on. Mascara’s uncle I think is by ring side now. Maximo hits a hurricanrana on Mascara and then hits a middle rope diving headbutt. Now the relative comes in the ring and starts running over people until Mascara gets in the ring and crushes his uncle in the head with a chair. Clown hits a 619 on Chessman. Taya then dives on Chessman and Faby. Murder Clown then does a flip dive over the top on to them. In the ring Maximo tricks Mascara and kisses him a few times then wins with a small package. Maximo pins Mascara with a small package.

Mascara attacks him post match. Averno then comes out and breaks a stick over murder clowns back. This is chaos. Faby tries to attack him so Clown presses her but Chessman spears him then they steal his mask.

Winners: Maximo, Murder Clown, and Taya

Killer Kross vs Dave the Clown vs La Parka Negra

Kross throws Parka to start. Kross then does an F5 on Dave. Dave does a DDT to Kross who just no sells it. Kross rolls to the outside and Dave and Parka go at it. Parka goes to the outside and Kross and him exchange strikes. Clown goes for an asai moonsault but Parka pulls him down and goes for one of his own. Back in the ring Kross hits a rain maker on Parka. Dave fights back against Kross. Kross is placed on the top and Parka hits a hurricanrana. Another no sell. Folks reading, it’s intentionally. They’re trying to make him like Goldberg or Brock Lesnar. Parka tries a package piledriver but Dave slips and they mess up and the crowd knows. Kross gets back in and choke slams Dave. He then power bombs Parka. He then chokes out Dave the Clown. Kross wins. Parka behind him tries to hit him but gets Saito suplexed. Kross chokes out Dave the Clown for the win.

Winner: Killer Kross

Pagano vs Brian Cage vs Texano Jr vs Joe Lider

A four way following up after a three way. They all brawl to start until Cage hits Texano and Pagano with a double german. Cage isn’t moving well in this match. Texano trips Pagano on the apron then drop kicks him off. Cage clotheslines Lider and almost falls over. He needs to consider taking time off. Cage and Pagano go back and forth and Pagano hits a bulldog on him. They all trade spots until they’re all down in the ring. Texano hit Cage with a sit out power bomb. Texano gets to the outside and Pagano hits a middle rope dive on him. Lider goes for an asai moonsault but Texano pulls him down. Cage goes to suplex Texano from the apron but Pagano helps Texano slam cage into the ring. Texano sets up a table to put Pagano through but Pagano pushes him off then hits a leg drop for the win while Lider and Cage fight on the outside. Pagano pins Texano with a top rope leg drop.

Winner: Pagano.

Psycho Clown, Dr. Wagner Jr, and La Parka vs Rey Escorpion, Blue Demon Jr, and Hijo del Fantasma

Dr. Wagner looks so young with his beard dyed, wow. Rey hits Psycho Clown with a chair during his entrance. Demon works on Wagner in the ring. The rudos are beating on the baby faces. Parka’s son’s on commentary and Fantasma beats on him in front of him. Demon beats on Wagner in front of Ms Pena. Rey Escorpion introduces a chair into the equation. Clown smacks himself to get pumped up. Fantasma shoves Parka’s son. Parka is beating on him now. Clown hits a dive on Rey while he tries to attack Parka. Clown breaks a broom over Rey’s back. Clown and Rey brawl up on the stage. Fantasma super kicks Wagner out of the ring until Parka and Fantasma are left. Fantasma runs at Parka 3 times and gets back breakered each time. Demon and Wagner get in the ring together and exchange strikes. Demon escapes to the outside and in come Rey and Psycho Clown. Rey hangs him up in the ropes and hits a DDT for a two count. Escorpion then press slams Psycho Clown for a two count. Clown hits a diskus clothesline and then a head scissors for a come back. Clown hits a power slam and the heel ref doesn’t count 3. Clown avoids Rey’s attack and the ref gets hit. Clown steps up on the turnbuckle and hits a flip dive on Rey. Wagner and Demon both fall out of the ring leaving Fantasma and Parka. Fantasma tomb stone pile drives Parka in front of his son for the win. Fantasma pins La Parka with a tombstone pile driver.

La Parka gets put on a stretcher but then they beat on his son and steal Clowns mask. They tear Hijo La Parka’s shirt off and slap him some. They then unmask Hijo La Parka. They also steal La Parka’s mask while he’s on the stretcher.

Winners: Rey Escorpion, Blue Demon Jr, and Hijo Del Fantasma


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