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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (1/7/19)



CMLL Coverage

CMLL New Year shows! Joe lets us know how they kicked of 2019!

Arena Mexico Tuesday New Years Show

Robin and Arkalis vs Grako and El Coyote

Grako and Arkalis lock up to start the show off and trade standing submission holds. They trade arm drags and then go to the outside and tell each other to get back in. Coyote and Robin are in next and they do some acrobatic exchanges. They hit a stale mate and then both pose to the crowd. They team up on Robin until Grako gets him in a leg lock submission. Coyote gets Arkalis in a stretch submission for the fall. First Fall: Coyote submits Arkalis with a stretch submission.

Grako and Coyote start the round out teaming up on Robin. Robin makes a come back, hitting a hurricanrana on Coyote. Arkalis gets Grako in a blue thunder bomb for the pin. Arkalis then slams Coyote and Robin hits a swanton bomb for the fall. Second Fall: Robin pins Coyote with a swanton bomb.

Arkalis starts off on fire against Grako getting the better of him. Grako and Coyote team up on Arkalis, however, and Grako hits an elbow drop on him for the pin. Coyote then hits a top rope frog splash on Robin for the win. Third Fall: Coyote pins Robin with a frog splash.

Winners: Grako and El Coyote

Lluvia, La Jarochita, and La Avispa Dorada vs Dayls, Amapola, and La Seductora

Seductora and Dorada start out with some grappling. Seductora is dressed like a police woman. Amapola and Jarochita come in next and Amapola works her over. Jarochita hits a hurricanrana followed by an arm drag, then knees to the corner. Amapola falls out of the ring, then Jarochita poses. Dayls is in next with Lluvia and they go back and forth until Dayls ties her up in the ropes and hits a drop kick. There’s now chaos in the ring and it concludes when Lluvia counters Dayls with a bulldog for the fall. First Fall: Lluvia pins Dayls with a bulldog.

Dorada and Seductora start the round out with Seductora getting the quick advantage. Dorada counters by hitting a few head scissors then a drop kick. Jarochita comes in and is greeted with a double team by Dayls and Amapola. She’s held on the ropes and Amapola hits her with a drop kick. They move their attack to Dorada and she gets teamed on now. Seductora gets Jarochita with an arm stretch submission. Amapola hits a tiger face buster on Dorada for the fall. Second Fall: Amapola pins Dorada with a tiger face buster.

Third round starts with Lluvia getting teamed up on. Dorada, Jarochita, and Lluvia hit drop kicks and then Dorada dives over the top on Dayls. Seductora then leaps off the top rope onto them. Jarochita then hits a middle rope dive on the pile. Amapola then hits a middle rope flip onto the pile. Lluvia goes to dive off the apron but Dayls catches her and brings her back into the ring. Lluvia hits a drop kick on Dayls and goes for a pin, but it’s just a two count. Dayls catches her and hits a swinging side walk slam for the win. Third Fall: Dayls wins hitting a swinging side walk slam on Lluvia. 

Winners: Dayls, Amapola, and La Seductora

(Hair and Mask vs Hair and Mask) Akuma and Camorra vs Yago and Hijo del Signo

Match starts with a brawl. Signo dives on Camorra and Akuma does a middle rope dive to take out Yago. In the ring now, Akuma and Camorra team up on Signo. Yago grabs Camorra’s leg to make them fail a double team attack. Signo then hits a victory roll on Akuma for the pin. He then spine busters and puts Camorra in a leg lock for the fall. First Fall: Hijo del Signo submits Camorra with a leg lock.

They brawl on the outside to start this round off. Yago suplexed Camorra in the crowd area and now they’re teaming up on Akuma. A double drop kick is hit on Akuma while he’s tied up in the ropes. Akuma dodges a double team attack, where Signo drop kicks Yago. Signo then does a springboard attack which Akuma counters with a drop kick for the pin. Camorra comes in and hits an arm drag on Yago into a rings of saturn for the submission. Second Fall: Camorra submits Yago with a rings of saturn.

They’re again brawling on the outside to start this round. Camorra and Akuma work on Signo and hit a double drop kick in the corner while he hangs on the tree of woe. This match has gotten very sloppy this round. The crowd isn’t really into it, which I guess makes sense. It’s a mask and hair match involving undercard guys. Yago and Signo regain some momentum after a double team attack went wrong for Camorra and Akuma. Signo goes to the outside and Akuma hits a middle rope dive on him. Camorra then hits a splash off the top on him as well. Yago then does a dive over the top. Akuma then leaps over the ref and performs a dive. To no crowd reaction.

Akuma hits a power bomb on Yago but Signo breaks up the count. Akuma hits a muscle buster on Signo, then goes for a power bomb but Signo reverses it into a hurricanrana. Camorra breaks up the pin. Camorra gets Signo in a very sloppy pin but Yago breaks it up. Yago hits a brain buster on Camorra which looked like a 3 but I guess it wasn’t. Signo goes for a middle rope dive on Akuma but Akuma grabs him mid air and throws him into the barricade. That looked nasty. Akuma drapes Yago on the barricade then hits a drop kick on him. A doctor is checking in on Camorra and they have a neck brace on him. In the ring Akuma pins Signo with a tiger pile driver.

So now Yago and Akuma are squaring off. I guess everyone’s gonna have to get pinned. As it turns out Camorra was pinned before, but it’s hard to tell with these potato refs. In the ring Akuma rips Yago’s mask in half. Luckily he didn’t rip it apart like last time. The fans are finally starting to kind of get into it as the last round goes on. They go to the top and Yago hits him with I guess a face buster but Akuma landed on his knees cause they were high enough, but alas he wins with it. Third Fall: Yago pins Akuma with a face buster off the top.

Luis Florence Martinez appears to be Akuma’s real name. Luis Martinez for sure. Might be off on the middle name.

Winners: Hijo del Signo and Yago

Kraneo, Volcano, and Hijo Del LA Park vs Villano IV, Hijo del Villano III, and El Felino

Poor Hijo del LA Park has to team with Kraneo and Volcano. Hijo Villano III and Park start out, let’s hope Hijo Villano is better than the last time he was here. They’re trading impressive acrobatic spots and it’s very smooth. Hijo Villano looks much better already than last time. Now in comes Volcano and Villano IV. It doesn’t last long as Felino comes in to beat on him as well. Kraneo and Park come in to fight them off. The ring gets cleared with Villano IV and Kraneo left. Felino and Villano IV get sandwiched by Volcano and Kraneo and then they put them in a double submission. Park then hits a reverse cradle pile driver on Hijo Villano for the fall. First Fall: Hijo Del LA Park pins Hijo del Villano III with a reverse cradle pile driver.

Park starts the round with Villano IV. Hijo Villano comes in and Park gets the better of him this time. Villano IV tries to enter the ring, then trips on the ropes. Fans laugh. IV clearly pissed, just tags in Felino. Volcano comes in and takes out Felino with an arm drag. IV now successfully enters the ring now. IV holds Volcano so Hijo can hit him but Volcano dodges and Hijo hits Villano IV. Volcano then hits Hijo with a shotgun drop kick. Felino tries to scoop slam Kraneo and he can’t because Kraneo is simply too fat. Hijo Villano comes in and hits a sunset flip on Kraneo, then moves to avoid the squash attack. Felino and Villano IV then double suplex him, and Hijo hits a top rope splash. Followed by a senton by IV and Felino for the pin. Second Fall: Hijo del Villano III pins Kraneo with a double suplex, followed by a top rope splash and then two sentons from Felino and Villano IV.

Kraneo gets teamed up on to start this round. They continue their attack on Park, hitting a drop kick to his inner thigh. Then they perform a 3 man back drop on Volcano. Hijo Villano hits a top rope hurricanrana on Kraneo. He must have some strong legs. Hijo Park hits a back breaker on Hijo Villano to make the come back. Park then hits a middle rope dive on Villano III. Kraneo hits a hip attack on Felino. Volcano hits a top rope splash on Villano IV and then Kraneo hits one of Felino. Third Fall: Kraneo pins Felino with a top rope splash. 

Winners: Kraneo, Volcano, and Hijo del LA Park

Fenix, Pentagon Jr, and Dragon Lee vs Cuatrero, Forastero, and Templario

Finally we see the return of Fenix. Dragon Lee and Templario start out the match and they start out hot with acrobatic moves. No chain wrestling here. Lee hits a drop kick on him and goes for a dive but Forastero kicks him to the outside. This match has broken down fast as it turns into them trading spots and brawling. Templario hits a drop kick to Lee’s inner thigh on the outside. Penta and Fenix are brought into the ring and they both get thrown into the corner. Cuatrero then launches Forastero into both of them for the pin. First Fall: Forastero pins Pentagon after being launched into him and Fenix.

Cuatrero power bombs Dragon Lee in the crowd area to start round 2. They team up on Fenix and Pentagon in the ring now. Dragon Lee hits a rolling drop kick on Cuatrero to make a come back, then hits a dive over the top rope on him. Fenix and Pentagon hit multiple strikes on Forastero and Templario. Then they do a double team move where Penta slams Fenix on to them for the pin. Second Fall: Pentagon and Fenix pin Templario and Forastero when Pentagon slammed Fenix on them.

Pentagon tries his cero miedo pose on Templario but Templario isn’t having any of it. Pentagon drop kicks him to the outside, then Forastero kicks Penta to the outside. Lee and Forastero exchange strikes until Cuatrero comes in to break it up and hit a slam on Lee. Fenix breaks that up, then gets Cuatrero to the top and hits the double stomp to the back of the head. In the ring Pentagon hits the Pentagon driver on Templario but Forastero breaks it up. Cuatrero hits a big german suplex on Lee. Penta comes from behind and hits a back stabber. Templario then hits a power bomb lung blower on Penta. Fenix then takes out the rest with strikes and everyone’s laid out. Templario and Forastero roll to the outside but Penta hits an over the top rope dive on them which leads to Fenix hitting a run up the ropes moonsault to the outside. In the ring it’s Dragon Lee and Cuatrero. Cuatrero gets Lee on the top rope but Lee counters it and hits the double stomp while Cuatrero is hung up in the ropes for the win. Third Fall: Dragon Lee defeats Cuatrero with a double stomp in the ropes.

Post match Pentagon and Fenix beat on Dragon Lee. This is probably because Lee threw Pentagon out of the ring earlier because he was in the way. Don’t mess with the lucha bros. Penta takes off Lee’s mask.

Winners: Fenix, Pentagon Jr, and Dragon Lee

Caristico vs Ultimo Guerrero

Guerrero attacks Caristico during the introductions. He presses Caristico and throws him into the barricade on the outside. Guerrero continues to work him over until Caristico hits a hurricanrana on him. He then dives to the outside, hitting another one. Back in the ring Caristico hits the head scissors into a Fujiwara arm bar for the first fall. First Fall: Caristico submits Guerrero with a Fujiwara arm bar. 

They begin round two each posturing to the crowd. Crowd’s hot for this match despite having a crazy match before it. Caristico lands a head scissors to the outside and follows up with a middle rope dive. He goes back in the ring and hits another middle rope dive. Caristico places Guerrero on the top rope but he’s reversed into a face buster. Caristico kicks out, however. He gets him to the top again and gets reversed again into a power bomb. However, Caristico kicks out again. This time he gets him to the top rope and successfully hits a hurricanrana. Guerrero throws Caristico in the air then hits a mule kick to the groin in front of the ref. Ref stares at him like come on. Guerrero then clotheslines the ref. Second Fall: Caristico wins via DQ.

Winner: Caristico

Arena Mexico Friday

Stuka, Guerrero Maya, and Rey Cometa vs Templario, Gran Guerrero, and Ephesto

Cometa and Ephesto start grappling to begin the match. Maya comes in next with Templario who is in his Los Guerrero’s gear for this match. They grapple as well and then stare off after they hit a stale mate. Stuka and Gran are in next and they hit a few transition moves on each other. Stuka hits a power slam for a two count. Chaos breaks out and it concludes with Gran Guerrero hitting a sit out death valley driver for the fall. First Fall: Gran Guerrero hits a sit out death valley from the top rope on Stuka.

They team up on Cometa to start the round off. Gran trips Maya on the apron then drop kicks him off. They slam Ephesto on Stuka and then posture to the crowd. Maya runs from Ephesto and Cometa hits a hurricanrana on him. Maya hits back breakers on Gran and Templario. Stuka then hits a top rope splash on Gran for the fall. Second Fall: Stuka pins Gran Guerrero with a top rope splash.

Ephesto and Maya do some posturing to begin round three. Maya is on fire as he takes out all three out them and then hits a pose. Cometa catches fire and hits a tornado arm drag like dive on Templario. Stuka comes in on fire and back breakers everyone. He shows some impressive athleticism on the ramp. Stuka, Maya, and Cometa all then hit dives at once on Gran, Templario, and Ephesto. Stuka hitting an asai moonsault. Back in the ring Ephesto hits a tombstone on Maya and Templario hits a power bomb on Cometa for the win. Third Fall: Templario pins Rey Cometa with a power bomb.

Winners: Templario, Gran Guerrero, and Ephesto

(Match Relampago) Titan vs Triton

They start the match doing some quick transitions and exchanging of moves. Titan catches Triton on the ropes with a hurricanrana and then hits an asai moonsault. Titan keeps spending time working on Triton in the ring. Working kinda heelish. Triton kicks his legs out from under him when Titan was posing. Triton then walks the ropes and hits a hurricanrana off the apron on Titan to the outside. When they get back in the ring Titan hits a dragon screw leg whip and gets him in a leg lock but Triton gets to the ropes. Titan goes to the top but Triton power bombs him off. He then hits a 450 for a close two count. Titan hits a dragon screw leg whip then gets into the most elaborate submission ever, which he turns into a pin for the win. Titan pins Triton with a very elaborate pinning combination.

Winner: Titan

Caristico, Volador, and El Valiente vs Ultimo Guerrero, Mephisto, and Euforia

Valiente and Euforia do some quick work and Caristico and Mephisto are in now. They work quick and Volador comes in with Ultimo and gets him out with a hurricanrana. Volador tricks Euforia to the outside and hits an asai moonsault. Valiente hits a run up the ropes moonsault on Mephisto. In the ring Caristico hits the head scissors to the Fujiwara arm bar. First Fall: Caristico submits Ultimo with a fujiwara arm bar.

Valiente was a house of fire and got everyone out. Caristico takes on Euforia and Ultimo and takes them out. He hits an arm drag on Mephisto then poses. Euforia and Valiente fight on the outside. Ultimo hits Caristico with a flapjack. They do the Los Guerrero’s triple team spot on Caristico and Volador. Caristico hits a running hurricanrana off the ramp. Valiente hits a middle rope dive. Caristico gets launched by Volador into a drop kick on Ultimo and Mephisto. Then they hit dives on them. In the ring Euforia kicks Valiente in the groin then takes off his mask. Second Fall: Valiente wins by DQ via groin shot and mask removal.

Winners: Caristico, Volador Jr, and El Valiente

Rush, El Terrible, and La Bestia del Ring vs Atlantis, Kraneo, and Volcano

The match starts in a brawl as you could imagine given it’s Los Ingobernables. Kraneo and Volcano get taken out fast so they go to triple Atlantis. They continue to beat on everybody until finally all three of them hit basement drop kicks on Atlantis and Rush pins him. First Fall: Rush pins Atlantis after a triple team basement drop kick.

They continue to triple team Volcano hitting him with another drop kick. They move onto Kraneo next. Finally the tide turns and Atlantis and Rush fight on the outside. In the ring Volcano and Kraneo sandwich Terrible and Bestia. Then Volcano hits a top rope splash on Terrible and Kraneo hits one on Bestia. Second Fall: Kraneo pins Bestia with a top rope splash.

Volcano and Bestia brawl up the ramp towards the stage. Rush removes his shirt then leaves the ring which frustrates Atlantis. Finally Kraneo gets in with Rush and then Terrible and Bestia attack from behind. Kraneo hits Rush with a shoulder block which sends him flying. He then splashes both Bestia and Terrible, then hits a leg drop on Terrible. They go to team Volcano but he fights back hitting a double arm drag on Bestia and Terrible. He knocks Rush out of the ring and then poses. Atlantis and Terrible are in next and Atlantis moves so Terrible hits Comandante. Atlantis then hip tosses everyone and hits back breakers. But Atlantis gets taken out and Terrible and Bestia hold Volcano’s feet and Rush hits the corner drop kick for the three. Rush and Terrible suplex Kraneo and Bestia hits a top rope senton for the win. Third Fall: Bestia pins Kraneo with a top rope senton.

Winners: Rush, El Terrible, and Bestia del Ring

Dragon Lee vs Cavernario

This should be wild. Lee quickly does Rush’s pose and Cavernario kicks him to stop it. Cavernario gets Lee to the outside then jumps up to the top and hits a cross body to the outsides. Cavernario hits his running splash in the ring for the first fall. First Fall: Cavernario pins Dragon Lee with a running splash. 

Cavernario continues to beat on him on the outside. Cavernario dumps Lee into the crowd, then goes into the ring to pose. He follows him and then whips him into the barricade. He continues to strike Lee against the announce table. Back in the ring he places Lee on the turnbucke and goes to untie his mask and take it off. He takes it off then puts it back on. The ref decides to DQ Cavernario for this. Second Fall: Dragon Lee wins this fall via mask removal.

In between rounds Cavernario rips at Dragon Lee’s mask, pulls it off and throws it on him. Lee hits a hurricanrana to start then hits a middle rope head butt dive, then gets back in the ring and hits a dive over the top. He’s a bat out of hell to start this third round. Lee hits a missile drop kick off the top for a two count. On the other side of the ring Lee hits another middle rope head butt dive. He sells his head as Cavernario is back in the ring before him. Lee still hits a corner drop kick then kicks Cavernario who does the worm. Lee ends up on the apron and gets knocked off. Cavernario does a middle rope dive, except he was running off the apron so he did it in between the turnbuckle. Impressive.

Cavernario goes for a razor’s edge which Lee reverses into a hurricanrana pinning combo. It’s just a 2 count after a slow count. Lee then hits a standing spanish fly into a pin for another two count. The ref is counting very slow. Cavernario is on the apron and Lee jumps over the ropes for a hurricanrana but Cavernario reverses it into a power bomb on the apron. Cavernario goes to the top but Lee meets him and trips him up in the ropes, then hits the double stomp on the apron. These two are going to kill themselves. Now as Cavernario gets back in the ring, Lee hits his leaping over the ropes hurricanrana to the floor. He brings him back in for a pin, but it’s a two count.

Lee goes to the top and Cavernario meets him up there hitting a superplex for a two count. Cavernario goes for a swanton bomb but misses. Lee trips his leg out in the corner and leaps over the ropes for a drop kick. Naito calls that move the Cabron Combination. The two then exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Cavernario hits a flipping DDT for another close two count. Crowd is going crazy for this match. Lee comes off the ropes and hits a Canadian destroyer for a close two count. Cavernario comes from behind Lee and gets him in his camel clutch stretch but Lee grabs the ropes. Cavernario goes for a superplex but Lee reverses him into the top rope double stomp. Cavernario gets the ropes. Lee then goes for a suplex where he flips him into a sit out slam for the win. Third Fall: Dragon Lee defeats Cavernario with a flipping sit out slam.

Winner: Dragon Lee

(Trios Championship match) Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero (Champs) vs Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Soberano Jr

Soberano and Sanson start this match out with some standing grappling. Oro and Cuatrero come in and they do some fast paced grappling. It’s going to be tough to follow up from the last match. Let’s see what they can do. Oro gets Cuatrero out which brings in Roja and Forastero. They grapple on the ground trading some submissions. Soberano is back in with Sanson. He hits an arm drag to the outside and goes for a dive but Cuatrero and Forastero are there waiting for him. They then attack Roja and Oro and then hit middle rope dives on them. Soberano gets Sanson tied up in the ropes and then hits a lionsault on him. He then gets Sanson in a stretch submission for the fall. First Fall: Soberano submits Sanson with a stretch submission.

Oro starts the round out on fire taking on Sanson and Forastero. He throws Cuatrero to the outside with a head scissors then hits a pose. Sanson and Roja face off and then pose to the crowd. Cuatrero enters instead. Roja hits him with a basement drop kick to take him out. Sanson and Forastero keep trying to team on him but Roja makes them miss. Cuatrero comes in to try to bait him but Roja tags in Soberano. Forastero and Cuatrero try to team on Soberano but that fails too. He hits an arm drag on Cuatrero followed by a hurricanrana on Forastero. Roja is in with Sanson but Sanson quickly leaves and Roja follows causing him to get teamed on on the outside. Roja gets thrown into the crowd. In the ring Oro is getting picked apart now. Sanson and Cuatrero hit a double press slam followed by a Forastero drop kick. They then hit Soberano with a triple drop kick in the corner. Sanson gets Roja in a torture rack position then hits a sit out slam for the fall. Second Fall: Sanson pins Niebla Roja with a sit out Argentine power bomb fall.

To clarify, they called it an Argentine power bomb. They beat on Oro to start the final round. Oro makes a come back getting everyone out of the ring. Roja hits a dive on Forastero followed by Soberano hitting a back flip dive over the top on Cuatrero. Oro does a handspring back flip over the top on Sanson. Back in the ring Forastero and Sanson hit a side walk slam leg drop combo on Roja. Soberano breaks up the pin. Soberano kicks Sanson in the corner while trying a splash on the way down to Forastero but he botched it a bit. Roja gets Sanson in a Boston crab stretch but Sanson is able to escape. Oro and Roja go to double suplex Sanson off the top but Cuatrero and Forastero hit them with power bombs doing a tower of doom spot. Soberano goes for a top rope splash but Sanson gets his feet up.

Oro launches Roja into a drop kick on Forastero and Cuatrero. Roja does a flip dive and Oro does the golden moonsault to the outside. In the ring Sanson hits a back breaker for a two count. He does the Argentine power bomb, which they call a blue thunder bomb this time. It wasn’t that so I don’t know. Sanson goes to the top but Soberano pulls him off. He goes for a moonsault and lands on his feet as Sanson moves. He gets speared by Forastero. Oro gets Forastero in a submission but he lets go with Cuatrero approaches. He takes out Oro and Roja hits a sunset flip power bomb on Cuatrero but Sanson breaks it up. Soberano gets Sanson to the outside and then hits a tornado dive. Cuatrero and Forastero get Oro and Roja down in the corner on top of each other and Cuatrero launches Forastero into them for the win. Third Fall: Forastero pins Angel de Oro after being launched in Roja and Oro by Cuatrero.

Winners: Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (1/15/19)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy faces THREE challengers at the Royal Rumble, but that’s still not enough! Who answers his (non-title) Open Challenge?!



  • Lio Rush VS Lince Dorado w/ Lucha House Party; Rush wins.
  • Open Challenge: Buddy Murphy VS ???; Murphy wins.


The Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4 Way is set!

Hideo Itami shocks many but most of all Cedric Alexander in that instant classic match from last week’s episode. Now the Innovator of the GTS moves on to the Royal Rumble match alongside Akira Tozawa and Kalisto as they all challenge Buddy Murphy for the title. But Drake Maverick knows there are many top Cruiserweight stars who missed out. Lio Rush feels cheated because of the Lucha House Party’s presence at ringside during his qualifying match against Kalisto. Lio called out LHP and the Golden Lynx answers the call for them to settle things in the ring. Will the Man of the Hour get even with Lince Dorado for the imagined slight? Or will Lince prove Lio has no one to blame but himself?

Then the champion himself says he still doesn’t think the WWE Universe understands that he IS the best Cruiserweight of all time. Therefore, he offers a non-title Open Challenge tonight just weeks before his title match! Who will answer that challenge? Will Murphy come to regret daring someone to step to him?


Lio Rush VS Lince Dorado w/ Lucha House Party!

The 24 Year Old Piece of Gold picks up a mic before the match to welcome fans to “Lio 5 Live.” Lio has unfinished business with Lince Dorado, because Lince has a misconception about Lio. Lio’s not here to make friends or to party, he’s here to win! And if you can’t tell by now, take a good look at what Lio’s done for the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Bobby Lashley. Lio wanted to be WWE Cruiserweight Champion at the Royal Rumble, and the Lucha House Party ruined that. So now in return for that, Lince will learn exactly what it’s like to #FeelTheRush. Lince makes his entrance with his amigos, and we begin!

But the moment the LHP makes their entrance, Lio protests. The luchadores all roll together because they know one of them isn’t enough to beat Lio. Lince doesn’t care what Lio thinks as he throws his vest at him. Lio laughs but then throws the vest back. He tells Kalisto and Gran Metalik to leave, and so they start to leave. And Lio pounces on Lince in the corner! Lio rains down rights but the referee backs him off. Lio taunts Kalisto and Metalik as they reluctantly continue to the back. The ref asks Lince if he’s willing to continue, and Lince says he is. The bell rings, and Lio runs right into Lince’s haymakers!

Lince throws hands and knees, then whips. Lio reverses but Lince slides under. Lince kicks back and heel kicks Lio off his feet. Lince keeps on Lio in the corner with knees and chops, then bumps him off buckles. He snap suplexes Lio down then covers, ONE! Lince keeps on Lio with more body shots in the corner. Lio shoves Lince then boots him away. Lio runs and redirects things, to SLAP Lince! Lince glares as Lio trash talks, and they grapple on the mat! Lio and Lince scrap, then things speed up again, Lio runs into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Lince drops the planking splash, covers, TWO! Lio manages to survive but Lince doesn’t back down. Lince stomps Lio then drags him to a drop zone. Lince climbs up but Lio rolls away to the ropes.

Lio crawls under the apron skirt but Lince drags him back out. Lio shoves Lince into the post, then trips him off the apron! Lince crashes down and Lio grits his teeth. Lio stands, aims, and springboards for the Asai moonsault! Lio hits Lince but also hits the announce desk! The ref counts but Lio bounces Lince off the desk. Lio puts Lince in at 6 and covers, TWO! Lio grows frustrated and takes it out on Lince with stomps. He rams Lince with an uppercut, then covers, TWO! Lio calms down as he drags Lince up. Lince hits back with body shots, then runs to springboard, but his crossbody flops! Lio hits a basement dropkick, covers, TWO! Lio wraps Lince in body scissors and a chinlock to squeeze the air out of him.

Fans build to a “Lucha! Lucha!” rally as Lince pries Lio’s feet apart. Lince stands up and fights out, but Lio clubs him back down. Lio says this is his time as he stomps a mudhole into Lince. The ref counts but Lio backs off at 4. Lio suplexes Lince then covers, TWO! Lio puts Lince right into another chinlock and pulls Lince back. Lince endures the partial camel clutch, and fights up as fans rally. He jawbreakers Lio away then dropkicks him down! Lio runs but into a boot. Lince runs to bulldog Lio down! Lince handsprings, but Lio rolls and roundhouses! Cover, TWO! Lince barely survives and Lio is seething. Lio stomps Lince then dares him to stand up. Lio throws haymakers to knock Lince into the ropes. He chokes Lince on the ropes but stops at 4.

Lince gets to a corner but Lio is on him with the double chicken wings. Lio spins Lince but Lince shoves him away. Lince gets to the apron and shoulders in, but Lio kicks him first. Lio goes to bump but Lince turns that around. Lio staggers away as Lince climbs, and Lince leaps for a big crossbody! But he bounces off the cover! Lio staggers to a corner as Lince goes to the other. Lio runs but misses in the corner, Lince CHOPS Lio! Lince kicks Lio out of the ring, then builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Lio up the ramp! Lince puts Lio back in and then hits a second rope moonsault. He hits another, then climbs up a third time. Lince leaps for another moonsault, and hits it! Cover, TWO!! Lio lives and Lince is exhausted.

Lince fires himself up with “Lucha! Lucha!” and fans follow along. Lio stands, trips Lince, and then throws forearms. Lince comse back with a boot! Lio staggers, and Lince boots again. Lince runs to boot Lio down a third time. Lio flounders as Lince runs to handspring, but into Lio’s underhooks! Lince shoves out, Lio low springboards back, but Lince dodges to mule kick! Lince handsprings, Golden Rewind! Cover, TWO!! Lince cannot believe that Lio survives again! Lince drags Lio back to a drop zone and climbs up again. Lio crawls to ropes, so Lince hits a HUGE guillotine leg drop! Lince hurries as Lio crawls to another corner. Lince runs in, but into the post! Now Lio climbs up top, for the Final Hour frog splash! Cover, Lio wins!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

It was a tough match, but the Man of the Hour gets that win he wanted! But Lio isn’t satisfied with that, he goes after Lince on the ramp! Kalisto and Metalik return to run Lio off, and Lio runs away with a grin. Will Lio continue to go after the luchadores on the road to the Royal Rumble?


Backstage interview with Noam Dar.

The Scottish Supernova beat Tony Nese last week, but how did he overcome the size and strength disadvantages? Well Nese thinks that just because he’s the Premier Athlete, that makes him better than everyone. But Dar proved that’s wrong. However, Nese comes in and tells Dar to get out of his fantasy world. Dar proved he was just lucky, because Nese dominated bell to bell. But Nese still lost. “Every dog has his day”, but everyone knows that 99/100 times, Nese wins. Yet Nese lost this time. Well, it’s 1-1. Dar can prove it’s not a fluke and face Nese again. Dar does admit he wants to have a match with someone who will bring out the best in him, but that’s not Nese. Will Nese get that tiebreaker he desires? Or is Dar on to bigger and better things?


Drake Maverick talks with officials backstage.

He will check on Lince Dorado in the trainer’s room after what Lio Rush did to him, so he entrusts the referee to handle Buddy Murphy’s open challenge match. TJP walks in, and doesn’t recall a time Maverick ever checked on him in the trainer’s room. Because he’s never had to… TJP had a serious cold once. Don’t joke, Lince could be seriously injured.

But surely TJP is here to answer that open challenge, right? Well unfortunately for TJP, a new superstar has taken that opportunity already. Maverick has high hopes for this debuting Cruiserweight, actually. But he does like that TJP has motivation to seek out opportunity. TJP is a cornerstone of the division- And is handsome. Maverick just wants to tell TJP that this is a good thing, and if there are any opportunities in the future, Maverick will be sure to tell TJP. TJP can barely keep a straight face as he exits. Does TJP think earning and seeking opportunities is a joke? Will he or this new superstar be having the last laugh?


Buddy Murphy’s championship challengers speak.

Kalisto says “The Lucha House party was created to show the tradition of Lucha Libre around the world, and have fun with my amigos!” Kalisto takes lucha libre seriously, and dedicated his life to be the best. He vows to be the new two-time Cruiserweight!

THE Brian Kendrick speaks on behalf of Akira Tozawa to say that anything goes in a Fatal 4 Way. It will be brutal, and that’s why Kendrick is teaching Tozawa every dirty trick in the book to break his opponents’ will to compete. Tozawa just says “What he said”, and gives a big smile.

Ariya Daivari speaks on behalf of Hideo Itami that all three of the other superstars in that match have held the title. They had hunger that has been fed. Itami has not been fed, and he is hungry! A hungry man doesn’t see right or wrong, he just sees food. Itami sees the title, and is a threat to both Murphy’s reign and well-being. Just ask Cedric Alexander about that. In that Fatal 4 Way, 50 THOUSAND will witness live the birth of the Itami Era.

But while all three contenders are ready for a Fatal 4 Way, they’ll all be facing each other in a Triple Threat next week! Who will come out of that match with major momentum towards the title?


Open Challenge: Buddy Murphy VS ???

The Juggernaut wants to prove to the entire world that he is not just Cruiserweight Champion, but the greatest Cruiserweight in history. As such, he posed this challenge not just to the world, but to himself to show that he can defeat any Cruiserweight from anywhere. Before this match, Murphy picks up a mic.

“Ladies and gentlemen, shut your mouths, I’ve got something to say!” Fans obviously don’t take kindly to that, but Murphy reintroduces himself as the greatest Cruiserweight of all time. And Murphy plans to prove that against three of the best in the world at the Royal Rumble. Those three have their triple threat to prove who’s the second best, but that’s next week. Murphy won’t stand for the “What?”, and will force fans to listen to him. Murphy’s not worried about next week, he is focused on this 205 Open Challenge. Who wants to try and stop the unstoppable?! Maverick has already promised this is a brand new superstar to join 205 Live, and that new name is… Humberto Carrillo! NXT’s newest sensation is here to show Cruiserweight wrestling is in his blood. Murphy doesn’t sweat Humberto yet, but will he by the end of the match?

The bell rings and Murphy circles with Humberto. Murphy looks Humberto up and down and actually shakes his hand. The two tie up and Murphy waistlock slams Humberto to the mat. Murphy floats all over Humberto then kicks him to a corner. He declares himself the greatest all over again, but Humberto shrugs it off. Humberto circles with Murphy again, and Murphy wrenches the arm. Murphy yanks the arm and puts on an armlock, but Humberto endures. Humberto reverses the wrench, but Murphy quickly rolls to reverse it back. Murphy goes after the wrist but Humberto uses the ropes to flip through. Humberto cartwheels and handsprings to sweep the legs! Cover, TWO! Humberto leaps over the leg sweep to grab Murphy in a headlock.

Murphy tries to power out but Humberto holds on. Fans rally for Humberto but Murphy pulls hair. Murphy powers out and runs Humberto over with a shoulder. Murphy wags a finger at Humberto, then swings a kick, but Humberto ducks under to handspring up. Humberto ducks all the punches but Murphy dodges Humberto’s kicks! Murphy misses his own kick and is surprised by Humberto’s handspring! Fans cheer as Humberto offers Murphy the handshake back. Murphy applauds Humberto and shakes his hand, to sucker Humberto into a snapmare. Humberto handsprings through and wags his finger now. Things speed up and Humberto arm-drags Murphy around. Humberto springboards for a flying arm-drag, then a dropkick!

Murphy rolls out but Humberto builds speed. Humberto slides but Murphy ducks under. Humberto comes back, Murphy tosses him to the apron but Humberto lands on his feet to moonsault! Murphy dodges again but Humberto rolls through to stand back up. Humberto runs back but into boots. Humberto rolls again but Murphy throws him down by his head! Murphy walks past Humberto on the ramp as the referee checks on him. Murphy drags Humberto up for a heavy forearm, then puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! Murphy keeps his cool as he drags Humberto back up. He snapmares Humberto again for a stiff kick, and then wraps on a chinlock.

Humberto flails and reaches as fans build to a rally. Murphy traps an arm for a seated stretch, and rams his elbow in over and over! Humberto flops to the mat, Murphy covers, TWO! Murphy keeps on Humberto with another chinlock. Murphy fish hooks Humberto’s face but stops at the ref’s count. Humberto endures and fights his way up. Humberto throws hands and gets free! He counter punches Murphy but Murphy reverses the whip. Humberto huricanranas Murphy out! He builds speed to DIVE, but Murphy dodges to send Humberto to the ramp! Humberto clutches his ribs while Murphy grins. Murphy drags Humberto up again and bounces him off the apron. Murphy whips Humberto into barriers, then tosses him into the ring. Cover, TWO!

Murphy grows annoyed with Humberto and drags him back up for another heavy right. Humberto staggers to a corner and Murphy stomps a mudhole into him. Murphy pushes Humberto to the apron and then climbs up from the opposite side of the corner. He drags Humberto up top, and fans fear what’s coming. Humberto fights back, so Murphy bumps him right off the post! The referee checks on Humberto, but Murphy quickly runs at him, only for Humberto to back drop Murphy on the apron! Murphy writhes on the ground while Humberto catches his breath in the ring. Murphy crawls back into the ring at the count of 6, and runs at Humberto. Humberto boots Murphy then elbows him away. Things speed up, Humberto springboards for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Humberto keeps his cool as he grabs Murphy.

Murphy elbows Humberto away, but Humberto comes back with a springboard enziguri! Murphy flounders and Humberto puts him in quick. Humberto climbs, leaps, big crossbody hits again! Cover, TWO! Humberto fires himself up, and drags Murphy to a drop zone. Humberto climbs but Murphy anchors a foot. He kicks Murphy away and climbs again, but Murphy grabs him to tuck him in! Murphy’s kick is intercepted by a kick! Humberto boots Murphy and then hits a big missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Humberto is beside himself, but he hasn’t put the champion away yet. Murphy crawls away as Humberto grits his teeth.

Humberto runs corner to corner, but into a boot! Murphy climbs up, but Humberto rocks him with a kick! Humberto climbs up to join Murphy, but Murphy resists the superplex. Murphy pushes Humberto back but Humberto lands on his feet! Humberto’s right back on Murphy but Murphy gives him a gordbuster to the mat! Murphy adjusts, leaps for a sunset flip, deadlift into a sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Humberto shocks Murphy by surviving! Murphy glares as he drags Humberto up. Murphy kicks Humberto in the face, then grins as he suplexes. Humberto blocks, and tries to suplex. Murphy blocks back, and the two fight for control. Humberto gets Murphy up but Murphy slips out, but he falls! Did Murphy’s knee give out?

The referee checks on Murphy, and Humberto isn’t sure if he should trust Murphy. Murphy checks his own knee as he takes the knee pad down. A second referee comes in to help as Murphy hobbles. The referees discuss it with Murphy as Humberto comes over. Murphy manages to stand and Hubmerto applauds the guts. But it’s a fake out! Murphy kicks Humberto and pumphandles, but Humberto victory rolls! TWO, and Murphy fires off his strike fest. Humberto dodges the knee to hit back with an enziguri! Murphy falls out of the ring, and Humberto DIVES! Direct hit sends Murphy flying over the announce desk!

Humberto quickly drags Murphy up to bounce him off the desk! And again! Humberto puts Murphy back in the ring and fires up. He springboards at Murphy, but into the knee trigger! Pumphandle, Murphy’s Law! Cover, Murphy wins!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall

The Juggernaut wins, but with a little bit of trickery. Humberto showed fire and grit, surely he’ll be a great addition to the Cruiserweight Division. However, a win is a win, will Murphy continue to win when he’s against three opponents at once?



My Thoughts:

A fairly solid episode for 205 Live now that it is put back on Tuesday. It’s hard to tell if this was recorded before or after SmackDown, but I have a feeling it was again after given the enthusiasm of the crowd. Or rather, lack there of. At the same time, this did not end up one of the many episodes where the main event was above and beyond expectations, which likely disappointed the live fans. But first, Lio VS Lince was really good for an opener. Sending Kalisto and Metalik to the back definitely helped just on the choreography of the match. Lio didn’t have to cheat, he just made the best of one mistake from Lince. I imagine that Lio VS Metalik will happen next, hopefully as part of the go-home. Then, whether Kalisto wins the title or not, Lio finishes the series with him as the blow-off.

There was some good post-Rumble story set up, such as more with Dar and Nese. Dar rejecting Nese’s rematch will surely bring about Nese going after Dar and compelling him to give Nese that tiebreaker. TJP laughing off the idea of the open challenge and such adds more to his Heel entitled attitude. But I’m wondering if after tonight he’ll make a point of him “deserving” to be given chances while the other superstars fail when asking for those chances. Case in point, I am surprised that it was Humberto Carrillo who answered the Open Challenge. Humberto is a great talent, but not a well-known one yet. I would’ve given this chance to someone like Oney Lorcan who at least brings more intensity, which is what fans might have come to expect from 205 Live main events.

The “This is Boring!” chants didn’t help, it’s like they didn’t give Humberto a chance. However, I think by the end, when Humberto managed to bring that intensity and the high spots, fans started understanding him. Obviously Murphy wins, but I’m surprised he did the fake knee move to do it. That might have been to give Humberto even a shred more of legitimacy to fans seeing him the first time, but it really only hurts Murphy in my mind. Hopefully Humberto gets more chances, along with NXT tag partner Raul Mendoza, so fans can get a better idea of how good he really is. As for Murphy, he noted the Triple Threat of his contenders, I wonder if he’ll at least be around to watch personally. That Triple Threat will make for a great go-home match that will surely get fans more into it, even if it’s after SmackDown.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (1/15/19)



SmackDown cover image

SmackDown celebrates Shane O’Mac’s birthday! What will The Miz have planned for his “Best Birthday Bash in the World” to celebrate? Plus, Mysterio VS Almas!



  • Becky Lynch VS Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay; Lynch wins.
  • Asuka VS Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce; Asuka wins.
  • Samoa Joe VS Mustafa Ali; No Contest.
  • Rey Mysterio VS Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega; Almas wins.
  • The Miz w/ Shane McMahon VS Sheamus w/ Cesaro; The Miz wins.


Becky Lynch drives up!

The Man is immediately interviewed about her rematch for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Is she really ready for Asuka? They’ve been waiting to ask that? They’ll get the answer, in the ring. Becky passes by The new Day and Heavy machinery making some kind of pancake protein shake… Otis likes! Wanna sip? No! Becky comes by, and takes a swig. “It’s a little weak.” The Man’s got a point! And she’s headed to gorilla!

Birmingham, Alabama gives Becky an ovation as she walks down the ramp! Becky grabs a mic as fans chant her name. “In two short weeks, I get the opportunity at the Royal Rumble to take back my SmackDown Women’s Championship.” The same title the whole world talked about. But where is it now? The whole roster thinks what Becky is is a fluke. They think getting everyone to listen, connecting with the fans and creating a buzz is “easy”. Until they try it for themselves. Men and women alike, on both brands, all want that next gear of badass like Becky. And Asuka is finding out “just how hard leading this division really is.” Becky knows there are those who want to discredit her as just hype. And yet Becky delivers on everything she says every single time.

But if we want to talk about hype, talk about the “indestructible” and “unbeatable” Asuka’s hype. Yet she lost to Charlotte Flair. And not only did she lose, it shook Asuka to her core and she fell off the map. And yet Asuka talks about her hype. The once invincible Asuka couldn’t beat Charlotte when Becky did months around the world. And yet everyone wants to know if Becky’s ready for Asuka? Speaking of, here comes Asuka! The Empress of Tomorrow heads down the ramp and joins Becky in the ring. Asuka picks herself up a mic and tells Becky, “You like talk. You like hype. Buzz buzz buzz, they’re like little bees. But with no sting! After Royal Rumble, you will not be in Charlotte’s shadow. You will be in MINE!” But wait, here come the IIconics!

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay are already armed with mics of their own and go oh no no no. Asuka shouldn’t talk like that. Making scary faces and threats? Where’s the dignity and class of a champion? Asuka’s bad, but look at Becky. Very bossy, “Bossy Becky”. Typical behavior from a man. Well nonsense aside, it doesn’t matter if it’s Becky or Asuka, both IIconics will win the Women’s Rumble match! And then they’ll both become the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions! And then Wrestlemania will be absolutely IICONIC! Strike the pose! Becky tells Asuka that the buzz is real. And she dares the IIconics to step up to The Man, to be made into an example! Who will challenge the Lass Kicker and get the lass kicked?


Becky Lynch VS Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay!

SmackDown returns, and the IIconic to step up is the Venus Fly Trap, Peyton Royce! Asuka watches ringside, accepting Becky’s offer to see what the buzz is about. Becky offers a handshake, but uses it to sucker punch Peyton! Peyton rolls out but Becky is on her and puts her back in the ring. Bekcy rolls Peyton, TWO so Becky mule kicks Peyton. Becky rolls Peyton and wants her submission but Peyton gets to ropes. Peyton demands Becky back off to give her a breather. Fans rally up for Becky but Peyton shoves her. Becky punches back! Becky whips and calf kicks Peyton down! She backslides Peyton, TWO, so Becky arm-drags Peyton down. Asuka is moderately impressed while Becky wrenches Peyton’s arm.

Meanwhile, the Lady of NXT, Lacey Evans, watches backstage. Does this mean the Model Soldier has interest on being Team SmackDown? Becky tells Asuka this is what she can expect, but Peyton endures. Becky rolls and stomps Peyton, but Peyton rolls away. The IIconics regroup but keep their distance from Asuka. Becky runs to bop Peyton with a dropkick. She puts Peyton in but runs into a big knee! Peyton clubs away on Becky and Billie fires up with her bestie. Peyton grounds ‘n’ pounds then covers, TWO! Becky gets to ropes but Peyton is on her with stomps in a corner. Peyton throws haymakers, but runs into a knee. Becky throws forearms back and whips, but Peyton reverses. Peyton hits a corner clothesline, then brings Becky out for more clubbing forearms.

Becky flounders but Peyton chokes her on the ropes. Peyton backs off at 4 while Billie talks trash. Peyton snapmares and wraps Becky in a chinlock. She thrashes Becky around but Becky endures. Fans rally up and Becky fights her way out of the hold. Peyton throws Becky down by her hair, then runs in at the corner. Becky boots her away then hops up. Becky leaps for a flying forearm! Cover, TWO! Peyton escapes again and regroups with Billie. Becky comes out to throw Billie aside, but Peyton blasts her with a lariat! Peyton drags Becky up while we go picture in picture.

Peyton puts Becky back in and stomps her down. She kicks Becky to a corner then stomps some more. She bumps Becky off buckles and grinds in her boot. Peyton backs off at the count but comes back in. Becky dodges and jump kicks back! Becky rolls Peyton, TWO! Peyton runs Becky over with a lariat! Cover, TWO! The IIconics are frustrated, but Peyton drags Becky up by her hair. She throws Becky to the apron, then knees her between the ropes. Peyton climbs on for a draping motorcycle stretch! She kicks Becky back inside, then toys with her. Becky gets mad and hits back with body shots! Becky gives European Uppercut after uppercut, then whips Peyton to ropes. Peyton comes back with a big kick! Cover, TWO! The IIconics keep their cool while Peyton drops knees on Becky’s back.

Asuka watches rather stoically as Peyton keeps knocking Becky down. Peyton sits Becky up for a knee to the back and another chinlock around the neck. Becky endures and fights her way up. Becky fights with body shots and scoops, but Peyton slips out to throw Becky down by her hair! Cover, TWO! The IIconics are frustrated again while Becky gets to ropes. Peyton chokes Becky on the ropes again, then kicks her in the side. She brings Becky up for another snapmare, and drives in her elbows and knees. Peyton puts on another chinlock, and Asuka grows curious. Becky fights but Peyton knees her back down as we return to single picture.

Becky endures while Lacey Evans continues to watch. Lacey isn’t amused nor is she impressed by The Man. Becky fights her way back up and fights with body shots and forearms. Becky gives more EuroUppers, then runs, but Peyton follows! But Becky sees it coming and tackles Peyton! Becky rains down rights and fans fire up! Becky lifts Peyton for a Becksploder! Peyton gets to a corner but Becky runs. Peyton dodges but runs into an elbow. Becky jump kicks again, then hops up, only for Peyton to catch her with a heel kick! Peyton yanks Becky down to a cover, TWO! The IIconics are furious now, but Peyton drags Becky up for more. Becky counters with a cradle, and into the Disarm-Her! Peyton taps, Becky wins!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by submission

The Lass Kicker wins, but Asuka doesn’t give her time to celebrate. Asuka shouts in Japanese that she’s more or less not impressed. Asuka glares at Becky and Becky glares back. But Asuka doesn’t fight her, she dares Billie to fight! The IIconics want to leave, but Asuka drags Billie in! The bell rings, and we have our match!

Asuka VS Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce!

Asuka fires off on Billie with kicks! Billie ducks, only to get a hip attack! Asuka fires up, and hits a shining wizard! Cover, TWO! But right into an armbar! Billie rolls, but Asuka steals the Disarm-Her!! With a little extra to make sure Becky understands. But Billie rolls, TWO! ASUKA LOCK! Billie taps, Asuka wins!

Winner: Asuka, by submission

It seems Asuka used this match to say anything The Man can do, the Empress can do better. And Becky knows it, so she gets right in Asuka’s face about it! They stare down again and fans want to see this go down tonight. But Becky and Asuka keep their cools, while AJ Styles appears!

The Phenomenal One heads to the ring, but for what purpose? He hops into the crowd, then climbs up the steps of the bleachers. Styles has his shot at the WWE Championship and Daniel Bryan, is he just letting everyone know he’s here?


AJ Styles visits the concessions area.

The fans are hyped to see the Phenomenal One and his response to Daniel Bryan’s rant last week. There’s hot dogs, popcorn and more! Bryan says the people were unhealthy and lazy. But judging from the excitement in front of Styles and the camera, these people are here spending the money they worked hard to get, let them spend it how they want! You want yourself a hot dog, you eat hot dogs! These fans will be no different than the fans in Phoenix who will see Styles kick Bryan’s ass! Styles will take the title back, so let’s celebrate now! Merchandise for all! Styles throws around his new shirts to the cheering fans, but then Bryan attacks from out of nowhere!

The brawl is on all through the merch stands, and Bryan shoves Styles into the hot dogs! So Styles spinebusters Bryan through the hot dogs! Security scrambles to pull them apart but the fans want to see them fight! Bryan is down in a mess of mustard and ketchup but Styles is hungry for more. Will Styles get his fill in Phoenix?


The Usos pose for photos.

But someone brings a gift over. It’s for Jimmy, so maybe an early anniversary gift from Naomi? They open the box, and Jey reads the note for Jimmy. “I’ve been a naughty girl. And I need you to lock me up in the Uso Penitentiary. I’ll be waiting…” Wait, this is from Mandy? Uh oh… Keys to a hotel room… What’s Jimmy gonna do about this? What’s Naomi gonna do about this when she finds out?


Samoa Joe heads to gorilla.

But then he spots the Top One Percent, EC3, checking himself in the mirror. Is EC3 going to be SmackDown blue?


Backstage interview with Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega.

El Idolo already pinned Rey Mysterio once, how will that momentum translate to tonight’s match? Almas says that Mysterio was his idol, but Almas showed Mysterio that times change. Now Almas is the future. Vega says that it’s 2019, and it’s time to focus on the future. Almas will beat Mysterio again, will eliminate 29 others in the Royal Rumble match, and wins the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Will the Year of El Idolo begin tonight?


Samoa Joe VS Mustafa Ali!

When The Destroyer teamed with El Idolo in a tag team match last week, they were successful over the Beacon of Light and the King of Lucha. Now things split up into singles matches, can the former Heart of 205 Live prove he can be the Heart of SmackDown? Or will Joe crush the Heart and put Ali to sleep?

As Ali makes his entrance, Joe trips him off the ropes! Joe puts Ali in a corner and hits the back elbow to Pele! The bell hasn’t rung so Joe just goes after Ali with rage! He throws Ali right into the post! Joe seethes as he stands over Ali. And he’s not done with Ali, either! He drags Ali up to jab away against the apron! He even throws headbutts until Ali falls back down. Joe drags Ali back up and demands to know “Do you understand?!” Joe throws Ali into another post, and even harder than before! What was Joe’s reason for wrecking Ali? Or does he even need a reason?

No Contest

But wait! Joe isn’t done, he comes back again! And looks to powerbomb Ali at the announce desk, but instead throws him hard into barriers. Joe finally leaves, and stays gone. Will Joe do this to everyone he meets in the Royal Rumble? Will Ali be able to recover in time for that same match?


Sonya Deville can’t handle Mandy Rose’s schemes.

Is Mandy really sure she wants to do this? She gave Jimmy Uso a hotel key. That’s literally scandalous. Yeah, that’s the point. Mandy just wants to stick it to Naomi. If there’s any way to mess with her, why not? And obviously, breaking her and Jimmy up is the best way. Mandy heads out for her “date”, but is Sonya right to worry?


Rey Mysterio heads to gorilla.

The King of Lucha is ready for his rematch with Almas, but not even he can help but be freaked out by the frenzied Nikki Cross! She’s shaking cage fencing and laughing! “Let Nikki play~! I play with you, Rey!” Rey just shakes his head. Is Mysterio ready for El Idolo?


Backstage interview with Samoa Joe.

What exactly provoked that attack on Mustafa Ali? Attack? That wasn’t an attack. That was a statement and declaration! Joe will enter his very first Royal Rumble match, and will win it. To the other 29, “Do you understand!? What I did to Mustafa Ali, that is the exact amount of respect I will treat each and everyone one of you with.” Any champion is now a target and they will be hunted down to be put to sleep. Joe sends his message to all of the WWE, will anyone dare to stand in his way?


Rey Mysterio VS Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

The King of Lucha beat El Idolo in their original singles encounter, but Almas got Mysterio back in last week’s tag match. Will Almas be able to stay tranquilo in this highly touted rematch? Or will Mysterio remind everyone why he’s still king?

SmackDown returns as Almas and Vega make their entrance. The bell rings and Almas circles with Mysterio. Almas and Mysterio tie up, and Almas shoves Mysterio to ropes. Almas smirks smugly but Mysterio shrugs it off. They circle and tie up again, and they spin around. Almas throws Mysterio then trips him up, but Mysterio keeps him off. Mysterio wheelbarrows and arm-drags Almas to a corner! Fans fire up for Mysterio but Vega keeps Almas calm. Almas and Mysterio circle again as fans tell Mysterio “You Still Got It!” Mysterio and Almas tie up again, and Almas gets a waistlock slam. Mysterio spins and rolls Almas to a cover but Almas kicks out to return the favor. But Mysterio kicks out quick, and the two stand off! Almas shoves Mysterio, but Mysterio brushes it off. They circle and tie up again.

Mysterio gets a headlock, and holds on as Almas tries to power out. Almas stands back up and fights out with elbows. Almas shoves Mysterio but Mysterio goes up and over to get the headlock back. Vega coaches Almas up as he endures. Mysterio brings Almas to the mat but Almas rolls it up. ONE and Mysterio holds on. Almas fights his way back up, then pulls on the mask! He powers out of the hold but Mysterio just hops back on it! Vega grows frustrated for Almas as he again fights his way up. Almas lifts but Mysterio slips out, only for Almas to kick him down. Vega applauds but fans boo as Almas puts Mysterio in an armlock. Mysterio gets up and endures the hammerlock. Mysterio elbows and rebounds to snapmare, but Almas holds onto the hold!

Almas leans on Mysterio to wrench the lock. Fans rally and Mysterio gets up again. Mysterio gives more elbows but Almas throws him to buckles. Almas goes after a keylock now but fans rally for Mysterio. Mysterio rolls to his feet, then kicks the legs. Almas wrenches the arm but Mysterio throws hands. Mysterio springboards and headscissors Almas down! And then a running headscissor! Almas bails out but Mysterio speeds up. Almas returns but is put on the ropes! Everyone knows what this means! 619 misses, and Almas hammerlocks! Mysterio drops down to roll Almas, TWO! Almas ghost pins, TWO! The two stand off again and Almas says he was that close. Fans applaud the closely matched match as the two approach.

Almas kicks and whips Mysterio, but Mysteiro holds ropes. The dropkick misses and Mysterio buzzsaws Almas back. Mysterio springboards back and headscissors Almas out with him! But Almas holds on to the Electric Chair! He spins Mysterio back for a spin-out powerbomb to the floor! Vega likes what she sees, and we go to break.

SmackDown returns as Almas back flips through a sunset flip powerbomb! Almas runs back in but Mysterio dodges Cien Knees! Mysterio springboards and hits Almas with the seated senton! Mysterio keeps moving, and headscissors Almas again! Fans fire up as Mysterio springboards and moonsaults, but into Almas’ arms. Mysterio spins through to DDT Almas down! Cover, TWO! Vega is relieved that Almas survives. She shouts for Almas to get up but Mysterio has the fans on his side. Almas elbows and runs to sunset flip, but Mysterio rolls through, but Almas ducks the kick. Mysterio runs but into a hip toss into buckles! Almas runs corner to corner, CIEN KNEES! Cover, TWO!! Vega is frustrated and Almas is exhausted by Mysterio’s resilience.

Vega coaches Almas back up, and Almas drags Mysterio up. Mysterio elbows back, but Almas grabs the hammerlock. Mysterio headscissors Almas into buckles! Almas flops down and Mysterio climbs up top. Fans fire up but Almas stops Mysterio by sweeping the legs. Mysterio is stuck in the Tree of Woe on the outside, and Almas climbs up top. Fans rally for Mysterio but Almas takes aim. Mysterio slips through to throw Almas down to the apron! Mysterio climbs now and SUPER huricanranas Almas to the floor!! Fans lose their minds and Vega is stunned silent by that one! Birmingham knows “This is Awesome!” as Almas and Mysterio crawl back to the ring. Mysterio climbs again, and LEAPS for a seated senton! Both men wipe out again, and we go picture in picture.

Almas sputters while Mysterio catches his breath. Vega panics as she shouts for Almas to get up. Mysterio heads for the ring but Almas pursues. The count passes 7, both men get in at 8! Fans applaud the heart of both men as Mysterio drags himself back up. Mysterio fires himself up as he climbs back up. Mysterio leaps, but into a dropkick! Vega feels better now, but Almas still has to get back up. Almas and Mysterio slowly stir and sit up. Almas and Mysterio brawl on their knees with haymakers and chops. Mysterio hits Almas but Almas shoves, and we return to single picture to see Mysterio kick Almas. Mysterio hops on for a Destroyer!! Cover, TWO!! Almas survives and Mysterio’s too tired to be frustrated.

Mysterio whips Almas but Almas reverses, only for Mysterio to headscissor him again. But Almas makes it a cover! TWO!! Vega is furious, especially as Mysterio enziguris Almas. But Almas answers with the boot feint to elbow! Cover, TWO! Almas goes to put his full weight on but Mysterio monkey flips and sunsets, but into an Alabama Slam! Fitting for Birmingham. Almas keeps going and climbs up top. Vega wants him to end this, and he moonsaults! Mysterio rolls but Almas lands on his feet to moonsault again! Cover, TWO!! Mysterio still lives and Vega is beside herself. Fans again say “This is Awesome!” and it’s far from over. Almas runs into Mysterio’s boots, and Mysterio runs to roll and DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!? Almas survives a second Destroyer and even Vega can’t believe it!

Mysterio calls for his number and fans chant along. Mysterio waits for Almas to get on the ropes, and runs in, but the  619 is blocked! Almas has Mysterio in the torture rack, but Mysterio makes it a crucifix bomb!! TWO?!? Mysterio cannot believe Almas still survives. Mysterio dropkicks Almas back to ropes and runs again, 619 finally hits! Vega freaks out as Mysterio climbs up top. Vega distracts on the apron, and Almas trips Mysterio up! Almas climbs up as fans boo, draping hammerlock DDT! Cover, Almas wins!!

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas, by pinfall

El Idolo wins, but not without some help from La Muneca. The singles series is tied 1-1, when and where will the highly needed tiebreaker happen?


Jimmy Uso arrives at the hotel.

He walks to a room, and has the key card. Is he doing what it looks like he’s doing?!


Jimmy Uso still stands outside the door.

He works up the nerve to knock. And then he uses the key card. He walks into the room, and Mandy waits in a silk robe. Jimmy, come closer. Don’t be shy. The time to play hard to get is over. Mandy starts undoing the robe, and reveals a lacy top. What does he think? What will Naomi think? Jimmy is not here for that. He is here to tell her to stop. Oh they can do this. Because she has a paparazzi photographer! What? Oh please, she never wanted you like that. This isn’t about him, this is about her and Naomi. Mandy hates Naomi, because she acts like she runs SmackDown. But Naomi is nobody, and will never be as hot as Mandy. Jimmy knows it, Mandy knows it, and even Naomi knows it. So when Naomi sees the photos online, they will destroy Naomi’s life.

Jimmy leaves, and Mandy is confused. But when Jimmy returns, he unleashes Naomi! Naomi throws hands on Mandy and throws her into the table! Mandy tackles Naomi to the bed! The two scrap and Naomi throws her at the TV! Mandy stops herself and clubs away. Mandy SLAPS Naomi, but Naomi comes back to throw her down by her hair! Naomi hammers away on Mandy but Many shoves her away. Mandy tosses Naomi over the arm chair, and Naomi is down. Jimmy returns to help Naomi but Naomi still wants after Mandy. Where and when will this fight settle itself?


SmackDown shares the news from Raw’s Moment of Bliss.

Alexa Bliss announced on behalf of the McMahon family that at Elimination Chamber, there will be a Six Team Elimination Chamber match to crown the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions! The belts are minted and waiting, who will enter this match with a chance at history?


The Miz heads to the ring!

The Hollywood A-Lister knows it’s Shane McMahon’s birthday, and promises a “Bestie Birthday Bash” in Birmingham! And the party begins, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Miz welcomes us to The Best Birthday Bash in the World! This can’t be a party without the birthday boy, so bring him out! The Co-Bestie, Shane O’Mac! Shane comes down to the ring and picks up a mic of his own. Miz says that on behalf of the WWE Universe, Happy Birthday! Shane thanks Miz and Birmingham for the well wishes, and fans chant “Happy Birthday!” Shane appreciates all this, but he’s not really the birthday party type. This is no average party! Does this look like Chuck E. Cheese? No, this is an arena full of Shane’s fans! And these are no grocery store cakes. Shane’s favorite bakery shipped not one but two specialty cakes right here! Yes, they do look really nice. Wait is that a picture of them on this one? Yes, them and the Best in the World World Cup trophy!

Miz gives Shane his first present. It’s so hard to shop for Shane because he’s a McMahon! Miz can only imagine the gifts Shane got from Vince as a kid. “Open It! Open It!” Shane does, and reveals… brand new Jordan 33’s! Ultimate performance right here. And now they match any of the outfits Miz has planned. But look to the titantron for the next gift: a highlight reel of Shane’s amazing career! The crazy daredevil leaps, the icons and legends he’s faced, and even the World Cup Tournament where Shane subbed in for his SmackDown superstar, The Miz. But it also points out that the World Cup has united them as the #BestTagTeamintheWorld!

Shane is speechless. But he does thank Miz for that, and for when he opened up about his relationship with his dad. Shane opens up, and says that ever since he was a kid, he dreamed about being a tag team champion. He was going to team with Andre the Giant, but Shane’s very proud to now team with The Miz at the Royal Rumble. They hug and Miz thanks Shane for saying that. Miz vows that at the Royal Rumble, a dream comes true as they become SmackDown Tag Team Champions! But that’s in two weeks. Tonight, we sing Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday~ to you~! But The Bar interrupts at the best part!

Sheamus and Cesaro are embarrassed for Miz. And it’s even more embarrassing that you didn’t invite the tag champs! Though, they apparently didn’t invite Mr. McMahon either. No, they did, but Vince didn’t want to come because he doesn’t care about Shane. And Vince will care even less when The Bar defeats Shane and Miz to become the true best tag team in the world. Shane says The Bar will pay for teaming up on The Miz. Real tough guys, huh? Well Shane has an idea. Let’s see how tough Sheamus is tonight. Sheamus and The Miz can have a match right here tonight! Miz isn’t dressed to compete, though. But Shane wasn’t dressed to go at the World Cup Finals. And it’s The Miz! He’s the Most Must-See Superstar in WWE History! Miz can do that! Then Miz will give this match as another gift to Shane!


The Miz w/ Shane McMahon VS Sheamus w/ Cesaro!

Shane O’Mac wants Miz to put the Celtic Gladiator in his place, and that’s what The Miz plans to do! Who will get some impromptu momentum towards their tag title match at the Royal Rumble?

SmackDown returns with the bell, and Sheamus pushes Miz to a corner. Miz hits back with fast hands! Miz whips but Sheamus reverses, but Miz grabs ropes. Sheamus runs but Miz dumps him out. Careful not to crash into the trophy and cake! But Miz wrecks Sheamus with a dropkick! Miz bumps Sheamus on barriers but gets distracted by Cearo. Sheamus clobbers Miz then puts him in the ring. Sheamus stomps Miz out then bumps him on buckles. He rams his shoulder in, then runs corner to corner for a big knee! Sheamus and Cesaro talk trash as Sheamus brings Miz up for Beats of the Bodhrain! He headbutts Miz to the floor, but leaves him out there for the ring count. The count passes 5 before Miz stands. Miz returns at 9.5!

Sheamus is right on Miz and goes for White Noise, but Miz rolls him up! TWO, and Sheamus knees low. Sheamus puts Miz in a corner and rips off his shirt. Sheamus drags Miz up for a headlock. Miz endures and Shane rallies the fans. Miz fights out with elbows, but Sheamus scoops Miz. He slips out and full nelsons but Sheamus arm-drags out. Sheamus runs into boots, and then Miz boots again. Miz throws haymakers, and picks up speed! He whips Sheamus corner to corner but Sheamus reverses. Sheamus runs but misses! Miz hits a dropkick! He goes corner to corner for another! But then he runs into Sheamus’ clothesline! Sheamus catches his breath and puts Miz on the ropes again. He backs off, but Cesaro gets a cheap shot! So Shane throws Cesaro into one of the cakes!

Sheamus sees that and goes after Shane, but Miz rolls him up! Miz wins!

Winner: The Miz, by pinfall

But Sheamus won’t let that go, and he stomps away on Miz! Shane hurries in and saves Miz from the stomps. Shane whips and elbows Sheamus down! And Miz gives Sheamus the Skull-Crushing Finale! The Best Tag Team in the World is finally working like a team, and they drag Sheamus to a corner. Everyone senses what’s coming as Shane heads to the other corner. Shane climbs and Miz grabs himself the other cake! Miz places that cake in front of Sheamus’ face, so that we get a very special birthday COAST2COAST!! Miz makes Sheamus eat the cake along with his words! Will the Co-Besties soon hold the SmackDown Tag Team Championships up alongside the World Cup Trophy?



My Thoughts:

What a great SmackDown! Even with the continuation of the odd story between Naomi and Mandy Rose. Mandy’s homewrecker motivation does not feel like it should be part of this Fresh Start “Women’s (R)Evolution” Era of WWE. This is something I would’ve expected from the Attitude or Ruthless Aggression Eras, aka The Diva’s Era. And even with this, they still could’ve set up the hotel room brawl better. Instead of Jimmy being there at all, give us Mandy waiting alone in the room. The door knocks, she answers it, and Naomi barrels in so that we still get that same exact brawl but without the moment of Jimmy looking like he might actually cheat.

This line of story also apparently caused the advertised Sonya VS Carmella match to be bumped. Maybe that match happens next week to holla holla turn into a tag match. The FABULOUS Glow could totally join the Elimination Chamber Women’s Tag Title match along with the duo formerly known as Absolution and the IIconics. The IIconics are definitely better off in the Women’s Tag Division, they each got wrecked by the top two women in the singles division. Peyton put up a decent fight against Becky, but then Billie gets extra squashed by Asuka. Asuka VS Becky is going to be aggressive, but depending on how Becky VS Ronda comes about, I feel like Asuka is sadly a transitional champion.

But perhaps Asuka will win and Becky just decides to go to Raw on her own. Lacey Evans made a much more substantial appearance tonight than she did on Raw, so perhaps both Lacey and Nikki Cross join SmackDown in exchange for Becky going to Raw. It would definitely benefit Lacey to be on SmackDown, Raw will definitely be more about Ronda for Lacey to ever get a fair shake. But with the Women’s Tag Titles and the SmackDown Fox Era on the horizon, rosters might come back together, so who goes where could be moot in a few months anyways.

The brawl of Styles and Bryan was good. I really want them to up the ante to a No Disqualification match, it’s what this feud deserves. Joe VS Ali not happening is actually great for story between them during and after the Royal Rumble. Almas VS Mysterio was incredible, and could’ve been a PPV match itself. I would love if this feud continued after the Rumble, too. The winner of that should go for the United States Championship, which Rusev will defend against Shinsuke Nakamura. I’d prefer if Rusev retains so that he and Almas can have a set of matches, too. And while the birthday party for Shane was fun, shoving in Miz VS Sheamus was odd. They did pretty well for less than 10 minutes, and hooray for cake smashing! I’m not sure which I’d prefer, but it’d be awesome if Shane and Miz won those tag titles.

My Score: 8.5/10

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