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Latest On John Cena’s Possible Injury, Reportedly Will Not Be At Royal Rumble



Cena Via WWE
Will John Cena still participate in the Royal Rumble?

In case you missed it, yesterday WWE announced that John Cena had suffered an ankle injury during last week’s main event of RAW, reporting that the 16-time World Champion was “questionable” to take part in Sunday’s Royal Rumble where he was set to enter the Men’s Royal Rumble Match (see the initial story here).

Previously, we had heard that WWE had planned to shoot a segment where Cena was attacked backstage by the debuting Lars Sullivan, which then would eventually lead to a match between the two at WrestleMania (more on that here). Of course, an issue arose with ‘The Freak’ where he suffered some sort of anxiety/panic attack and we have not seen the angle take place yet. Today, it now looks like that could be off the table altogether or at least pushed back.

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Cena’s injury is indeed kayfabe and was done in order to remove him from Sunday’s Royal Rumble event as he is set to begin shooting a new movie the same day. While details on the new project were not given, it looks like we will not be seeing Cena compete for a while.

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