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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Wrestle Kingdom 13 Results, Part 2!



NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13

NJPW and AXS give us another two hours from Wrestle Kingdom 13! Kazuchika Okada and Jay White battle to finally settle their score from the Chaos Civil War!


This coverage of Wrestle Kingdom 13 will be as AXS TV broadcasts it.

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  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Kota Ibushi VS Will Ospreay; Ospreay wins and becomes the new NEVER Openweight Championship.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships Triple Threat: El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS Roppongi 3K VS Bushi & Shingo Takagi; Bushi & Takagi win and become the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.
  • Revolution Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Tomohiro Ishii VS Zack Sabre Jr. w/ Taka Michinoku; Sabre Jr. wins and becomes the new Revolution Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships Triple Threat: The Guerrillas of Destiny VS EVIL & SANADA VS The Young Bucks; EVIL & SANADA win and become the new IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.
  • Kazuchika Okada VS Jay White; White wins.


NJPW and AXS set the scene for this year’s spectacular event!

The Rainmaker took his place among the pro-wrestling legends in 2018 when he broke the consecutive title defense streak and reigned as IWGP Heavyweight Champion for 720 days. But nothing was the same after Kenny Omega finally took that title from Kazuchika Okada. Okada went on a losing streak, which included The Switchblade, Jay White. As such, White questioned Okada’s leadership of Chaos, and Gedo betrayed Okada! Then White and Gedo upped the ante by joining Tama Tonga’s Bullet Club. Okada found new life through vengeance and that brings us to tonight’s grudge match! Will The Rainmaker reestablish himself? Or will he simply breathe with the Switchblade?

But first, the saga of the NEVER Openweight Championship in 2018 continues into the New Year! Hirooki Goto lost the title to Taichi, but with help from Suzuki-Gun all over the match. The Aerial Assassin, Will Ospreay, wanted to challenge the Sliest Wrestler in the World next, but injury would keep him sidelined. As such, The Fierce Warrior stepped back in and took the title back. But then the Golden Star came out of nowhere, and now Kota Ibushi has his first reign as NEVER Champion! Ospreay makes his return from injury, still aimed squarely at that openweight belt. Can the Aerial Assassin end Ibushi’s short reign in this dream match? Or will the Golden Star shine brightest in the Tokyo Dome?


NEVER Openweight Championship: Kota Ibushi VS Will Ospreay!

The Golden Star has his first taste of being NEVER OPC, but the Aerial Assassin wants his! Will Ospreay’s first time happen at the expense of Ibushi’s?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Fans cheer for Ospreay and Ibushi as the two stare down from their corners. Then they run at each other for double boots! Both men kick but the other dodges, and things speed up! Ibushi jumps over but Ospreay jumps over to then monkey flip Ibushi out! Ospreay keeps moving to handspring fake Ibushi out, superhero landing! But Ibushi runs in to grab the hands! Ospreay dodges Kamigoye and springboards, but Ibushi manages to hold off the OsCutter! Fans fire up over both men stopping the other’s best shots. Ibushi and Ospreay stare down as they slowly circle. They go again and Ibushi boots low. Ibushi whips but Ospreay reverses, only for Ibushi to fake him out. Ospreay flops on the mat from the missed dropkick, but manages to dodge the standing moonsault.

Ospreay kicks Ibushi then runs, but Ibushi dropkicks him. Ibushi fires the fans up as Ospreay rolls out. Ibushi runs corner to corner, Golden Triangle into a roundhouse! Ospreay aims at Ibushi now, and builds speed to Sasuke Special! Direct hit topples Ibushi over! Ospreay drags Ibushi up and into the ring. Cover, TWO! Ospreay keeps his cool as he brings Ibushi up. He throws a heavy European Uppercut but Ibushi stays standing. Ospreay hits him again, but now Ibushi gets mad. Ospreay CHOPS Ibushi, then again. Ibushi grits his teeth but Ospreay brings him out for a stiff backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Fans cheer while Ospreay toys with Ibushi. Ospreay toys with Ibushi but Ibushi eggs him on. Ospreay slaps Ibushi but Ibushi dares him to do it again. This time Ospreay forearms, but Ibushi gets in his face.

Ibushi hits back with forearms, but Ospreay kicks back. Ospreay runs, but into a huricanrana! Ospreay rolls out again while Ibushi fires himself up. Ibushi goes out to top rope corkscrew moonsault! Direct hit takes Ospreay out! The ring count begins as Ibushi brings Ospreay over. Ibushi puts Ospreay in, then springboards to missile dropkick Ospreay down! Ospreay gets to a corner and Ibushi runs in but misses. Ospreay runs in but Ibushi dodges to roll and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Ibushi keeps his cool and brings Ospreay up. Ospreay victory rolls, TWO! Ibushi roundhouses Ospreay in the chest. Ibushi whips, but Ospreay handsprings to enziguri! Ospreay catches his breath while Ibushi crawls to a corner.

Ospreay runs in, but Ibushi goes up and over to powereslam! Ibushi hops up quick, but Ospreay tucks him in, Cheeky Nandos! Ospreay keeps going with a roll up, TWO! Ospreay clutches his back while Ibushi checks his nose. Fans rally as Ospreay stands first. Ospreay brings Ibushi up for haymakers, but Ibushi stands up. Ospreay forearms, Ibushi forearms, and Ospreay forearms again. Ibushi staggers but hits back, so Ospreay hits back, too. Ibushi grits his teeth as he throws another forearm. Ospreay and Ibushi egg each other on and they continue to go back and forth. Ibushi gets the edge and rocks Ospreay. Ospreay kicks but Ibushi blocks to CHOP Ospreay off his feet! The champion grins as he staggers back, and we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Ibushi staggers over to Ospreay. Ibushi brings Ospreay up for the powerbomb, but Ospreay pops out of the Last Ride. Ibushi mule kicks him and runs, but into the dropkick-flip and enziguri! Ospreay catches Ibushi’s counter punch and swings through to a powerbomb lift of his own. Ibushi slips out to lift Ospreay, but Ospreay slips out, only to get a roundhouse! Ibushi runs, but into the SPANISH FLY! Both men are down but fans fire up! Ospreay and Ibushi stir as fans duel. They crawl to opposite ends, but Ospreay stands and takes aim. Ospreay hook kicks Ibushi! Then brings him out for the double underhook. Ospreay lifts, but Ibushi escapes with a huricanrana pin! TWO!! But Ibushi doesn’t waste time arguing as he catches Ospreay’s tilt-o-whirl. Ospreay slips out of the long dart, for a snap German!

But Ibushi shakes it off! And he hits a running knee! Ibushi hits somewhere between Shinsuke Nakamura and his best friend, Kenny Omega. The referee checks on a dazed Ospreay but he’s somehow okay to continue. Ibushi roars as he drags Ospreay back up. Ibushi lifts, Golden Star Last Ride! Cover, TWO!? Ibushi is shocked by Ospreay’s survival. But Ibushi won’t stop, as he goes to a corner. He climbs up top, but Ospreay trips him up! Ibushi falls back into the Tree of Woe, so Ospreay SLAPS him! And slaps him, and slaps him. Ibushi slaps back! It’s a slap fight, even while Ibushi is upside-down! Ibushi hits palm strike after palm strike, so Ospreay decides to stomp a mudhole! Ospreay backs off at 4, then staggers about to clear his head.

Ospreay goes back and drags Ibushi up out of the Tree. Ibushi flops against the post, and Ospreay brings him around, wanting a double underhook. Ibushi fights back with elbows, then turns around to club away on Ospreay. Ospreay teeters as Ibushi gives SUPER DOUBLE STOMPS! Ospreay flops out onto the apron, and Ibushi grins through the blood from his mouth and nose. Ibushi walks over and drags Ospreay up, and with a waistlock. Ibushi deadlift SUPER German Suplexes Ospreay! But Ospreay lands on his feet! Ibushi senses it with stunned silence on his face. He turns around, into Ospreay’s Robinson Special! Ospreay fires up, takes aim, and springboards, OSC- No, Ibushi blocks again! And he puts on the straitjacket, for the suplex! Bridging cover, TWO!!

Ospreay survives the straitjacket, but Ibushi uses that to turn him over. Ibushi thrusts in, but Ospreay dodges again! Ospreay roundhouses Ibushi, but Ibushi throws a heavy clothesline! Both men stagger, and Ibushi fires off a strike fest. Another clothesline but from Ospreay! Ospreay drags Ibushi to his feet, then double underhooks. He lifts, Canadian rack but Ibushi slips out to a dragon sleeper! Ospreay reverses that onto Ibushi, and lifts, only for Ibushi to land on his feet! Ibushi lifts Ospreay, tucks him in, PACKAGE TOMBSTONE! Cover, TWO!?! Ospreay is superhuman, but Ibushi doesn’t care. Kamigoye misses, hook kick hits! Ospreay takes off the pads, killer backhand! The referee checks on Ibushi but Ospreay doesn’t give him time. Ospreay underhooks Ibushi as he drags him up. Canadian rack, STORMBREAKER!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall; NEW NEVER Openweight Champion

The Aerial Assassin brings down the Golden Star! Ospreay has his first NEVER OPC reign, will this belt help him reach new heights? As for Ibushi, he needs medical assistance and a back board to get him out of the ring. Did that Stormbreaker do more damage than anticipated? Will the Golden Star rise again to come back for that belt?


Backstage interviews

Will Ospreay says that was his dream match right there. Kota Ibushi is one of the wrestlers Ospreay aspires to be like. But now, Ospreay makes the shift from seeing everyone around him as heroes, and seeing them all as rivals. Ospreay vows to prove he belongs with the heavyweights, and not just another Junior. Will Ospreay use the NEVER Openweight Division to prove superiority over two weight classes at once?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships Triple Threat: El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS Roppongi 3K VS Bushi & Shingo Takagi!

Suzuki-Gun’s ace Junior Tag Team have dominated this division for 304 days, and look to become the longest champions in history should they retain here. However, they face familiar foes in Sho & Yoh, and a revamped Los Ingobernables de Japon duo now that the Black Mask teams with the Muscle Dragon. Will history be on the horizon for the champions? Or will they be denied by one of their rivals?

The introductions are made, but Desperado and Kanemaru don’t wait for the belts to be raised! They attack LIJ right away! They throw LIJ out but RPG3K go after them now. The bell rings by default and RPG3K double whip Kanemaru. Things speed up, drop toehold and basement dropkick! RPG3K double dropkick Desperado out, then they dropkick LIJ back out! Sho & Yoh high five and build speed, to DOUBLE FLY! They take out Bushi and Shingo, but then head back into the ring. They aim at Suzuki-Gun but get double kitchen sink knees! Desperado chops and Kanemaru EuroUppers Yoh, then bring him around to whip corner to corner. Kanemaru back elbows then feeds YOh to Desperado, shotgun boot back suplex! Cover, TWO!

Suzuki-Gun keeps their cool as they stomp out Yoh. Kanemaru tags Desperado, and he toys with Yoh. Yoh chops back but Desperado isn’t phased. Yoh chops again so Desperado knees low. Desperado snapmares Yoh for a chinlock. Yoh scrambles to a ropebreak, and Desperado lets up to stomp him out. Tag to Kanemaru and Kanemaru boots Bushi out. Kanemaru drags Yoh up to an open corner and mugs him. He whips corner to corner and runs in, but Yoh dodges! Yoh dragon screws Desperado but Kanemaru kicks him to ropes. Yoh rebounds to SUPERKICK! Both men are down and fans fire up. Hot tag to Sho! Sho hits Shingo then Kanemaru. Sho whips but Kanemaru reverses, only for Sho to come out with a clothesline! Desperado kicks and runs but things speed up, Sho dropkicks Desperado! But Bushi enziguris Sho, and Kanemaru boots Bushi!

Kanemaru stands Sho up but Sho throws forearms. Kanemaru rakes eyes and runs, but Shingo blocks his path. Sho gets Kanemaru with haymakers, and Shingo tag sin off of Kanemaru. Shingo throws Kanemaru out and fans fire up for the giant Junior. Sho throws chop after chop but Shingo isn’t bothered at all. Shingo puts some stank on his CHOP and Sho goes down! Shingo whips, knees, then clotheslines Sho. They stagger, Sho runs but into an elbow, jab and clothesline! Fans fire up for Shingo, and he drags Sho up. Pumphandle and fireman’s carry but Sho slips out. Sho tries to German but Shingo resists. Kanemaru runs in but into Shingo’s boot. Shingo elbows Sho away, then waistlocks Kanemaru. Kanemaru resists, Sho waistlocks Shingo, and Sho gives them a DOUBLE German Suplex!

Sho roars but Desperado SPEARS him! Yoh enziguris Desperado and Bushi runs in. Yoh blocks Bushi’s first kick and ducks the enziguri but Bushi comes back with the heel! Sho goes after Bushi with a clothesline! Sho hits Desperado but runs into a spinebuster! Desperado mule kicks and haymakers Yoh, but he runs into RPG3K knees! Sho and Yoh rally on Shingo, poetry in motion! Yoh feeds Shingo tot he backbreaker, and adds the flying knee drop! Cover, TWO! RPG3K keep going, backstabber to shotgun kick! Fans rally up with Sho and Yoh as they stalk Shingo. But everyone else knows what’s coming! Kanemaru and Bushi go after Sho and Yoh, but the SUPERKICKS make them spit their mist into the sky! And then Desperado runs into a double flapjack! But Shingo hits DOUBLE Pumping Ax Bombers!

Shingo drags up Sho, double underhook, Noshigami facebuster, a la a Gory Bomb! But he doesn’t cover, because he wants to end it. He builds up speed, BIG Pumping Ax Bomber! Shingo wants another, and hits a third Pumping Ax bomber! Cover, TWO?! Sho survives but Bushi clears out Yoh to DIVE on him at the railing! Shingo roars and drags Sho up again, pumphandle and lift, to Last of the Dragon driver!! Cover, Los Ingobernables de Japon win!!

Winners: Bushi and Shingo Takagi, Takagi pinning; NEW IWGP Jr Heavyweight Tag Team Champions

LIJ FTW! Tetsuya Naito took the IWGP Intercontinental Championship back from Chris Jericho, and now Bushi and Shingo take these titles from Suzuki-Gun! With the heavyweight tag team titles also on the line, will we have a completely golden faction by the end of Wrestle Kingdom 13?


Revolution Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Tomohiro Ishii VS Zack Sabre Jr. w/ Taka Michinoku!

NJPW makes history as a clearly British championship is defended on one of their events! The Stone Pitbull has gone back and forth with the members of Suzuki-Gun over this title, and now it is the actual Brit who challenges him in Japan! And as always, Taka takes up the mic to welcome us to “Zack Sabre Time.” This is the British Heavyweight Championship match, Ishii VS Sabre Jr. Who does Tokyo Dome think wins? Who does Tokyo Dome want to win? Well Taka tells us who will win. “The man that can finish with a join lock at any time from any where.” When he locks on, no matter who it is, they #JustTapOut! He is the Submission Master, he is ZSJ, he is… Zack! Sabrrrre! Junior~!

So Ishii, “C’mon ova here!” The Pitbull arrives, but will he be mad submissive by the submission wizard? Or is Taka’s bark worse than ZSJ’s bite?

Ishii enters the ring and ZSJ gives him a shove. The referee keeps the peace, so that the introductions can be made and the title can be raised. The bell rings, and both men rush each other! Ishii dodges and waistlocks but ZSJ standing switches. Ishii switches back but so does ZSJ. They go around and ZSJ gets the abdominal stretch. Ishii hip tosses out, then drags ZSJ up. ZSJ ducks the enziguri but Ishii narrowly avoids the Penalty Kick. ZSJ hits a EuroUpper, Ishii swings but ZSJ ducks and boots back. Ishii back suplexes ZSJ down! Ishii runs but into ZSJ’s takedown into the armbar! ZSJ wrenches around, wanting a one minute submission, but Ishii moves around. ZSJ wrenches back hard but Ishii uses his legs for the ropebreak! The ref counts and ZSJ lets go at 4, but now he’s missed his one minute match.

ZSJ hammerlock stomps the arm! He may not have gotten one minute but he’ll try for under two. ZSJ drags Ishii around to go after the arm from wrist to shoulder, keylock stomp! ZSJ kicks Ishii but Ishii spits back. More kicks from ZSJ only anger Ishii. Ishii throws forearms with the bad arm. ZSJ goes after it so Ishii uses the good one. ZSJ still gets a deep Fujiwara, into a triangle! Ishii reaches but ZSJ traps both arms! Ishii gets another ropebreak with the legs, and ZSJ lets go. ZSJ keeps his cool as he drags Ishii up for kicks to the back. But Ishii just grits his teeth. ZSJ toys with Ishii now, but that only makes Ishii stronger. ZSJ throws EuroUPpers but Ishii is the one backing him down. Ishii throws the bad arm but ZSJ grabs it again! Northern Lights, float over to the armbar!

Ishii rolls around but now ZSJ gets the leg for a standing ankle lock! Ishii rolls through to put on the ankle lock on ZSJ! ZSJ endures a hold now, but stands up to enziguri! Ishii runs and runs ZSJ over! ZSJ ends up in a corner, and Ishii is on him with a CHOP! The bad arm still has some power in it, so Ishii CHOPS again. And again, and again! Ishii suffers double-edged damage now, but he brings ZSJ up for a whip. ZSJ reverses and boots! But Ishii follows to clothesline ZSJ in the corner! Ishii whips ZSJ corner to corner but ZSJ runs back out for a guillotine! Only for Ishii to throw him overhead! Both men are down but fans build to a rally. Ishii checks that arm, and then drags ZSJ up onto the top rope. Ishii climbs up to join him, stalling SUPERPLEX!

But ZSJ survives to grab the arm and tweak it! Ishii writhes and clutches his arm while ZSJ catches his breath. ZSJ crawls back over and grabs the bad arm. He gives it another hammerlock stomp! ZSJ grabs the wrist, then wrenches the elbow. He pulls the arm around for a shoulder breaker! ZSJ kicks but Ishii dodges. Ishii kicks but ZSJ dodges. ZSJ waistlocks but Ishii bucks him off. ZSJ ducks under then hops up but Ishii slips him off. Ishii waistlocks but ZSJ ducks and slides under, then full nelsons Ishii. Ishii breaks free to full nelson ZSJ. ZSJ standing switches to an abdominal stretch! Maybe even an Octopus! Ishii endures and manages to walk towards ropes. Ishii keeps going step by step, so ZSJ shifts to a sunset flip powerbomb! Cover, TWO!? ZSJ can’t believe Ishii escapes!

Fans duel while Taka coaches ZSJ up. Ishii sits up, and ZSJ hits the Penalty Kick! ZSJ catches his breath before dragging Ishii up. He scoops but Ishii elbows out. ZSJ roundhouses Ishii in the chest, then again. But Ishii eggs him on, so ZSJ kicks away. The kicks do nothing! Ishii even takes them willingly. Ishii CHOPS ZSJ off his feet! He drags ZSJ up, powerbomb! High stack, TWO!! ZSJ barely escapes, but Ishii just builds speed. ZSJ roundhouses the clothesline away, then kicks again. Ishii blocks, but walks into a EuroUpper. Ishii still clubs ZSJ’s next kick away, and then headbutts ZSJ down! The Pitbull roars and runs, for the BIG lariat! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives again, and Taka panics. Ishii gets back up and has more to give.

Ishii drags ZSJ up but ZSJ Peles the bad arm! ZSJ wants a suplex but it’s Ishii who lifts. ZSJ slips out to slip on a sleeper hold! Ishii stays standing but ZSJ brings him down with body scissors. Ishii rolls through and out, to run and slide. ZSJ dodges, ducks, rolls and hooks, European Clutch! TWO!! Ishii misses the enziguri and ZSJ tries again, but gets the Sliding D! Ishii lifts, but ZSJ knees out. ZSJ hops on for a guillotine, shifts to a kimura, but Ishii powers out. ZSJ reels Ishii back into the Octopus! Ishii endures, but ZSJ makes it a double, for Hurrah Another Year! Surely This One Will Be Better Than the Last! Ishii endures this March Towards Progress, but he verbally has to quit!! ZSJ wins!!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission; NEW Rev-Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion

The submission hold with the insanely long name finally breaks the Stone Pitbull! Taka celebrates with the submission prodigy, and personally hands ZSJ the belt. Just as the move’s name suggests, is this New Year going to be better than the stellar 2018 Zack had?


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships Triple Threat: The Guerrillas of Destiny VS EVIL & SANADA VS The Young Bucks!

The Bullet Club Civil War has all but faded out, but when it comes to tag team titles, the war never ends! Will Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa prove to be the superior brother tag team? Will the Superkick Party bring these titles over to All Elite Wrestling? Or will Los Ingobernables de Japon be completely golden after this epic match they themselves petitioned for?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we begin with Nick Jackson and Tama Tonga. Fans duel all sorts of ways as things speed up. Tama keeps up with Nick, but then confuses him with an offer to shake hands. Nick doesn’t trust that Tama’s turned over a new leaf, and that hurts Tama’s feelings. Nick tags to Matt, so Tama offers LIJ a handshake. LIJ take it, but it’s also a tag! Tama didn’t realize until Evil throws him out! Evil goes around to hit Loa while Sanada goes after the Bucks. Evil brings Matt to the stage to scoop slam him on that notoriously bad back. Matt clutches his back while Evil gets all the distance he can. Evil runs all the way down, to run Matt over! Evil drags Matt back to ringside and puts him in.

Matt flounders to GoD’s corner and Loa tags in. Loa runs into Evil’s boot but Evil runs into a scoop slam! Cover, TWO! Loa drags Evil up and tags in Tama. GoD mug and neckbreaker Evil down. Loa hits The Bucks, then Sanada. Tama scoop slams Evil and Loa climbs up top. Tama climbs the other end, but the Bucks trip him up! Only Loa leaps for the flying headbutt onto Evil. Matt tags in off of Tama, and the Bucks double team Loa with the alley-oop dropkick. The Bucks headscissor dropkick Sanada, then go after Evil. They double whip corner to corner but Evil puts Matt on the apron. Nick blocks the boots to hit Evil with a draping neckbreaker, and Matt adds the senton atomico!

Sanada returns but Matt sends him down to wreck him with a dropkick. Matt skins the cat while Nick gives Evil a gutbuster, Matt runs in for the swinging neckbreaker backbreaker! The Bucks fire up and fans fire up with them! Matt covers, TWO! He keeps his cool and brings Evil up for haymakers. Matt whips Evil but Evil reverses, only for Matt to sunset flip over. But Matt doesn’t cover, he gets the Sharpshooter! Nick intercepts Sanada and throws him out, to then triangle corkscrew senton onto him! Evil endures but the GoD rush in. “Good Guy” Tama tells Loa to wait in the corner, despite Matt being very vulnerable right now.

Loa gives Matt fair warning, but then they help Evil by pushing the ropes closer to him! Evil gets the ropebreak, the “good guys” still get away with something. The Bucks see through it all, and double DIVE onto GoD! Matt goes back to Evil and tunes up the band. Evil blocks the superkick but walks into the roaring elbow. Matt runs but Evil follows to clothesline Matt down! Both men are down but head for their corners, hot tag to Sanada! Cold Skull hits GoD but The Bucks go after him with a double whip. Nick runs but misses, Sanada dropkicks Matt’s leg out. Sanada gets Nick in the Paradise Lock! Sanada sees Matt coming and drop toeholds him into his brother’s butt! Tama returns but Sanada whips him around and hurdles again and again to dropkick him down!

Sanada slingshots out onto Loa! Then again onto Tama! Matt slingshots but Sanada dodges, to slingshot onto Matt! He gets a hat trick, then dodges Matt’s moonsault! Sanada slingshots for a fourth time! Fans fire up for the Cold Skull’s impressive athleticism! Sanada puts Matt in the ring, then whips him corner to corner. Matt reverses but runs into an elbow. Sanada jumps but Matt slips through the moonsault DDT for Sliced Bread into a dragon sleeper! Sanada reverses that and wants Skull End! Nick springboards to hit Sanada with a Blockbuster! But that also causes Matt to take an inverted DDT! Nick aims at Tama but the kick is blocked, Tongan Twist hits! Evil SUPERKICKS Loa, then swings on Tama. Tama counters but Evil counters back, and uses Loa for help in Magic Killer!

Loa grabs Evil, BIG German Suplex! Loa dodges Matt, German but Matt slips through, Matt SPEARS Loa! Matt climbs but Sanada stops him. LIJ go after Matt together, but GoD go after them. Nick tags in moments before Matt goes for a ride in the Tower of Doom! Nick climbs, to 450 Splash onto Sanada! But Nick hits so hard he rolls all the way out of the ring. The referee was not safe from that Tower of Doom, either, so he is down. Jado in his skeleton paint jumps in with the kendo stick, but “Good Luck” Fale tells him to stop. Nick springboards at Fale, but gets caught with one hand! Fale wants to pull the pin, but Matt saves Nick and they SUPERKICK Jado! Fale runs the Bucks over, but then Evil clotheslines Fale out!

Loa returns and brawls with Evil. Evil kicks back, Sanada returns, but Tama saves Loa as he SPEARS Sanada! Loa lifts Evil for a big suplex, and everyone’s down! GoD go after Matt in the corner, suplex but Matt fights out. Nick uses Tama as a step stool to SUPER STEINER Loa! And then the Bucks see Sanada fly in, Double SUPERKICKS! Fans fire up with The Bucks again as they drag Sanada up. Matt gut wrenches, Nick springboards, but into a Gun Stun! Sanada counters the tombstone to Skull End, and Evil catches Tama for Everything Is Evil! Matt endures the hold but Sanada feeds Matt to Evil, true Magic Killer!! Sanada hurries up top for a moonsault! Cover, LIJ win!!

Winners: Evil and Sanada, Sanada pinning; NEW IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions

Back-to-back World Tag League winners are also back-to-back Wrestle Kingdom 13 winners! Los Ingobernables de Japon are truly golden! Is 2019 truly the year of Tranquilo in NJPW?


Kazuchika Okada VS Jay White!

This grudge match has been a long time coming. The Switchblade could’ve been Bullet Club Elite when Kenny Omega recruited him, but White turned on The Cleaner instead. The Switchblade could’ve been Chaos forever, but he didn’t want to be under The Rainmaker. White warned Okada that a day would come when they’d fight for power, but Okada simply laughed it off. “That’s when he sealed his fate.” White beat Okada in the G1 and then beat him down after Okada failed to take the IWGP Heavyweight Championship challenging rights from Tanahashi. And what made it even worse is that Gedo betrayed his long time friend. The mastermind and the Switchblade vow to bring the Cutthroat Era to life, but will The Rainmaker show everyone he’s far from finished?

Fans are fired up for Okada now that he’s back in his classic look. The bell rings and Okada makes sure White hears the fans are on his side. Gedo says Tokyo is stupid, and White bails out to taunt Okada. Okada chases him down but White stomps him out. The ref backs White off and fans boo. Okada comes back with forearms and elbows. Okada runs but things speed up. White hurdles Okada but runs into his boot. Okada snapmares and calf kicks White down! Okada drags White up and clubs him more. Gedo coaches White but Okada drops White with an elbow. Okada whips White but White reverses. White kicks Okada and throws him into buckles! White stalks Okada and saido suplexes him out of the ring! Okada crashes down and White climbs up to pose.

White goes out to fetch Okada and whip him into railing! Okada falls to his knees, and White refreshes the ring count. White brings Okada up again to ram him into more barriers, then the apron, then back to the rails! White trash talks Makabe on commentary before ramming Okada into the apron again. The ref tells White to bring this back to the ring, but White back talks him. White drags Okada up and into the ring, then takes aim from across the way. Okada crawls to a corner, White runs in for a EuroUpper. White throws Okada with another saido suplex then covers, TWO! Gedo complains that count was slow, but White drags Okada up for a seated cravat. White makes it a cover, TWO!

White clubs Okada then puts on another cravat. Okada endures as fans rally up. Okada feeds off the energy and elbows his way out. White clubs Okada but Okada forearms back. Fans fire up as Okada gets an edge, but White slaps him! Okada runs in but White dodges to slap him again! White snapmares Okada but Okada SLAPS White! Okada glares down at White as he gives him another slap. Okada kicks White at the ropes then whips. White reverses but Okada dodges and speeds up for a big back elbow! Fans fire up with Okada while White flounders. Okada whips White corner to corner, then runs in for another back elbow. Okada kicks and DDTs White down, cover, TWO! White crawls away while Okada keeps his cool. Okada brings White up for heavy forearms, and White begs for mercy. The ref backs Okada off, but White sucker punches!

White grabs Okada for a half hatch but Okada rams him into the corner. Okada puts White up top then dropkicks him down! Fans fire up for classic Okada as he goes out to fetch White. Okada returns the favor and whips White to barriers, then runs to boot him over! Gedo attacks Okada, but it does nothing! Gedo tries to reason with Okada, but Okada throws him over to join White! Okada gets space and fans rally up. Okada runs all the way back to FLY onto both Gedo and White! Tokyo Dome is thunderous for The Rainmaker! Okada drags White up as the ring count begins. White flops to the floor but Okada drags him back up. Okada puts White in, then stalks him to the far side.

Okada drags White up and scoop slams him down. He points for the corner and climbs up top. Okada aims, Macho Elbow! But he’s not done there. Rainmaker Pose! The pose returns, and Okada drags White up for the wristlock. White fights out, and gets Okada with a complete shot to deadlift German Suplex! White gets to ropes while Okada stirs. Fans rally for Okada but White drags Okada up for a big urenage! Cover, TWO!! Okada barely survives and White can’t believe it. White drags Okada right up, but Okada fights out of Bladerunner. White drags Okada up by his hair for a point blank lariat! But then White fakes something being in his eye, so that Gedo can put chairs in the ring!

Gedo distracts the ref now and White fetches the chair. Okada stands, and White swings, but Okada ducks! He sends White into Gedo! Okada dropkicks White, then whips him for the dropkick! He swings White out, but White dodges the Rainmaker for the half nelson suplex! Both men are down but White is up first. White fisherman lifts for the Kiwi Crusher! Cover, TWO!? White’s old finisher didn’t do it, so how about his new one? He lifts Okada, but Okada slips out of the Bladerunner. Okada scoops White for the Tombstone! But Okada can’t cover from exhaustion! Fans reach a fever pitch for their favorite star! Both men stir, and crawl over to each other. Okada boots White, but White CHOPS back. Okada grits his teeth, but turns around into White’s strike fest! White whips but Okada reverses, only for White to fake him out!

White drags Okada up again, but Okada backslides the Bladerunner! ONE and things speed up, Okada hits another dropkick! Okada poses again, drags White up, and swings him out. White dodges again but Okada grabs ropes to deny the suplex. Okada elbows White away but walks into White’s grip. Okada again escapes Bladerunner, to scoop. But White reverses the gut wrench to his own, but then shifts. Okada escapes, swings White out, but White escapes again. White lifts but Okada slips out, reels White in for a spinning Rainmaker! Okada poses a third time, is third time the charm? He drags White up, swings him out, BLADERUNNER?! Cover, White wins!!

Winner: Jay White, by pinfall

Impossible! The Switchblade wins against THE Kazuchika Okada?! White caps off his first year in NJPW with truly the biggest win of his career! Is this truly the Cutthroat Era’s beginnings? Will everyone Breathe with The Switchblade in 2019?


Backstage interviews

Jay White knows there’s a language barrier, but everyone should know what a round of applause is, right?! So give it up for the winner! “Look at how easy I just disposed of Okada, the leader of Chaos!” But he did it before so it’s nothing new. The fans have watched the evolution of Jay White. White played by the rules yet he gets no respect. But that’s fine, because next year, White is going to have something around his waist. White could go on vacation and come back to take the top title, “because it’s that easy for me.” White does what he says he’s going to, so everyone needs to open their eyes. The Cutthroat Era begins, and all anyone can do is breathe with the Switchblade. White vows this is his year, his era, will NJPW just have to accept that?



My Thoughts:

Another great two hours, and this one was jam packed with four amazing title matches and an incredible grudge match main event. I did not expect Ospreay to win the title, but there is talk that Ibushi’s working through injuries so this may be to give him time off. Ospreay’s story of wanting to compete with all weight classes is great, too, as that is what the Openweight Championship should be for. I am really glad to see all the members of LIJ have belts now, both Triple Threat tags were awesome. Obviously Hiromu Takahashi has his serious injury that puts his career at risk, so it’s very sad that we might never get a six-man LIJ moment.

ZSJ VS Ishii was incredible, and ZSJ winning the British Heavyweight Championship just makes sense. I would love if there was a rematch between these two, ZSJ’s technical skills and Ishii’s plain old fashion toughness are always great against each other. And perhaps the biggest surprise of this entire Wrestle Kingdom is that Jay White won the blow-off between him and Okada! Okada truly returning as the Rainmaker was incredible in itself, but to think White would defeat even that form of Okada. White has truly had an amazing couple of years since graduating from NJPW Dojo and being a Young Lion. His time in ROH as the Kiwi of Search and Destroy to his return to NJPW with this Switchblade persona, White has evolved into this great Heel, and him challenging for any title in 2019 will be a great story.

My Score: 9.6/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (1/16/19)



NXT cover image

NXT continues on the Road to Phoenix! The Limitless One looks to give the Knockout Artist payback on behalf of the King of Bros! Will Ohno #BaskInHisGlory?



  • Street Profits VS The Metro Brothers; Street Profits win.
  • Dominik Dijakovic VS Adrian Jauode; Dijakovic wins.
  • Johnny Gargano VS Humberto Carrillo; Gargano wins.
  • Keith Lee VS Kassius Ohno; Ohno wins.


Street Profits VS The Metro Brothers!

Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford want to put the #CurseofGreatness on the NXT Tag Team Division, and that requires winning the NXT Tag Team Championships. But before they can do that, that means racking up win after win. Will the Profits make their prophecy come true sooner rather than later in 2019?

The teams sort out, and it will be Ford starting against Chris Metro. Ford wants Christ to know that he does remember him. Chris shoves Ford, so Ford shoves him back! “Don’t sleep on me, boy!” Chris forearms back and whips but Ford reverses. Things speed up as Ford hurdles then dropkicks Chris! Ford kips up and shimmies at JC before whipping Chris. Tag to Dawkins and Dawkins runs Chris over. Dawkins helps Ford with the back suplex splash! The Profits fire each other up but they get a bit too rough as Dawkins shoves Ford over. JC tags in and slaps Dawkins, Dawkins ROCKS JC with a right! Dawkins sees Chris coming and Chris backs off a moment. Chris runs in, but into another of those killer rights! Ford laughs then tags in, to hit JC with the high-flying frog splash! Cover, and The Profits win!

Winners: The Street Profits, Montez Ford pinning

Their first match back and it was impactful! Dawkins and Ford celebrate with the Full Sail crowd, but will they be celebrating with titles soon enough? But then the Forgotten Sons attack to ruin the fun! Dawkins and Ford put up a good fight against Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake, but Jaxon Ryker changes that! Ryker wipes Dawkins out then catches Ford to ram him into the apron! Blake grabs Ford but Ford throws hands. Ford gets 3v1 and hit with a sit-out spinebuster! Fans taunt the Forgotten Sons that “We Forgot You!” but will the Profits remember them now? The Forgotten Sons make sure they do, as they stomp Ford and Dawkins out! And then the flying stomp inverted DDT combo! Will Ryker, Blake and Cutler continue to #DoUntoOthers on their own path towards the titles?


Backstage interview with Matt Riddle and Keith Lee.

The King of Bros won a match but lost a fight with Kassius Ohno, and now the Limitless One competes in his place. Riddle would love to sit ringside and watch Keith show Ohno what it is to be limitless. But Riddle also hopes Lee leaves something of Ohno left so he can get his turn, “bro”. Will Ohno be saying “Oh no!” against Lee later tonight? Or will the Knockout Artist expose the Limitless One’s limit?


Aleister Black speaks.

“Do you feel that, Tommaso Ciampa?” Of course he does. The days of TakeOver: Phoenix are coming, and everyone feels it. For Ciampa think that he was safe was foolish. Aleister will absolve Ciampa of his sins and take the title back. But everyone will be back at Full Sail, so let’s start this fight early? What will the Embodiment of the End do when he finds the Psycho Killer in the arena?


Bianca Belair heads to the ring!

The EST is the new #1 contender to Shayna Baszler’s NXT Women’s Championship and the two face off for the first time in Phoenix. But right now, the Un-De-Fea-Ted woman says that “chaos” tried to stop her rise. Bianca sent Nikki Cross packing, because this is her time to finish the climb. 2019 will be the Year of EST, and she has 20-20 vision when it comes to the title. Shayna, Bianca sees you. She has the title and her horsewomen galloping up behind her, but the EST of NXT will still be Un-De– But speaking of the Queen of Spades and her cohorts, here they come! Shayna, Jessamyn and Marina all walk down the ramp, their eyes locked on Bianca in the ring. Shayna leads the way into the ring, mic in hand, and sees the EST for herself.

“I gotta be honest with you, I just don’t see it.” Shayna knows Bianca has a lot of records, from fastest to strongest, but obviously not the smartest. If Bianca had even half a brain, she’d know that it doesn’t matter how big and strong those arms are, Shayna will still tear them off in Phoenix. Bianca tells Shayna, “Uh-uh.” The only thing Bianca’s arm will do is hold the title up after it’s all over. The fans are on Bianca’s side but Shayna says Bianca’s the same as all the others she faced. They can’t put their money where their mouth is and actually fight Shayna. Bianca is afraid of having a broken arm, afraid that the hype will be silenced, and afraid that instead of Un-De-Fea-Ted, she’ll become O-Ver-Rate-Ed. Fans duel while Bianca and Shayna stare down.

Shayna smirks as she asks about Bianca being worried about Marina and Jessamyn. She tells Bianca they’re the least of her worries. Bianca SLAPS Shayna! Then she dodges Jessamyn’s kick and Marina’s lunge! Bianca blows kisses good-bye, and tells her the fight’s coming. Will Bianca blow a Kiss of Death to the reign of #ShaynaTwoTime? Or will Shayna rock Bianca right in the kisser?


Dominik Dijakovic VS Adrian Jauode!

#FeastYourEyes on the five-tool tower, but as well as the Brazilian bulldog! Both men have mixed martial arts training in various styles, but whose combined style will win their first match of 2019?

The bell rings and Jauode uses his capoeria stance to throw Dijakovic off a bit. Dijakovic avoids one takedown then another, and the two circle again. They tie up and Jauode puts Dijakovic in a corner. The ref counts and Jauode picks Dijakovic for a body slam! Dijakovic holds Jauode off from a cover, and gets a facelock to counter. They stand up and Jauode gets another takedown! Jauode drags Dijakovic back up with the facelock. He gets a fireman’s carry takeover, but Dijakovic denies the cover. Dijakovic gets a waistlock, but Jauode turns and powers him to a corner again. The ref calls for the ropebreak, but Dijakovic clubs Jauode off. Dijakovic runs out to mule kick, front kick and back elbow! Jauode falls back and crawls to a corner.

Dijakovic runs corner to corner to splash, then elbow and club Jauode more. Dijakovic says “Time to fly!” and throws Jauode with a suplex! Fans applaud the power game as Dijakovic stalks Jauode. Jauode throws hands and backs Dijakovic down! Dijakovic punches and chops back, then throws forearms before one big clothesline! Or as he calls it, the Blood Line. Dijakovic stomps Jauode into the corner, then against the ropes. Dijakovic keeps stomping but Jauode gets a kneebar! Jauode drags Dijakovic down but Dijakovic gets the ropebreak. Jauode backs off, to then capoeria roundhouse back! Dijakovic staggers, but comes back with a discus boot! Dijakovic says “Feast Your Eyes!” before dragging Jaoude back up. He torture racks Jauode, to hit THE Feast Your Eyes! Cover, Dijakovic wins!

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic, by pinfall

Dijakovic said so, and Jauode did so! Will Dijakovic soon feast his eyes on a title opportunity?


The War Raiders prepare for Phoenix.

These modern day vikings tell the Undisputed Era that this gathering is to celebrate the victories, the scars, and the respect for them. But in Phoenix, “empires crumble, dynasties fall.” Ray Rowe & Hanson celebrate their coming victories. The Undisputed Era’s tactics were bold, and their strategies fierce. But at TakeOver: Phoenix, the era ends! And that is undisputed. Hanson & Rowe have lit the fire, will the Undisputed Era burn?


Johnny Gargano VS Humberto Carrillo!

Johnny Wrestling, or perhaps Johnny Venom, wants to be Johnny Champion as he challenges The One and Only for the NXT North American Championship in Phoenix! But that’s still over a week away, he wants to build momentum on the way there. Will he get that from Humberto Carrillo? Or will Humberto be more than Gargano expected?

Humberto got to show his skills on the first 205 Live back on Tuesdays against Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy. Unfortunately for Humberto, he lost to the Juggernaut, but he still had a great showing. Can Humberto have another great showing now that he’s back at Full Sail?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up and Gargano puts Humberto in the corner. He backs off quick, playing the good guy again. Gargano and Humberto circle, and Gargano rolls to a takedown. Gargano gets a toehold but Humberto spins and rolls to escape. Humberto wristlocks but Gargano spins and reverses. Gargano praises himself but fans go along with it. Humberto rolls and handsprings and reverses the wristlock back! Gargano rolls and throws a forearm! Gargano backs Humberto to a corner then whips him corner to corner. Humberto goes up and over and adds an extra flip!

Things speed up and Humberto leaps for a sunset flip. Gargano kicks but misses, Humberto kicks, misses, but comes back with an enziguri! Humberto whips Gargano but Gargano reverses. Things speed up again and Humberto hits a high-flying arm-drag! Gargano bails out but Humberto slides out. Gargano dodges and tosses Humberto, but Humberto lands on the apron to mule kick Gargano! Humberto runs but Gargano slingshot spears! Fans still fire up for that move as Gargano walks it off. Gargano stalks Humberto as fans duel. Gargano snapmares Humberto and dropkicks him in the head! Cover, TWO!

Gargano keeps on Humberto with a wrench, then a standing abdominal stretch! Humberto endures and fans rally up. Humberto fights free and throws haymakers! He scoops Gargano but Gargano slips out to shove Humberto. Gargano runs into a boot, then into buckles. Humberto fires off and whips, but Gargano reverses. Humberto handsprings to back elbow! Gargano rolls out, Humberto builds speed, and Humberto FLIES! Direct hit takes them tot he ramp! Humberto puts Gargano back in and climbs up top to leap for a BIG missile dropkick! Humberto rolls back to moonsault! Cover, TWO!! Gargano survives and Humberto is shocked!

Humberto keeps his cool but Gargano anchors a foot. Humberto stomps Gargano away then climbs up, moonsault gets boots! Gargano stands and SUPERKICKS Humberto! Humberto stays standing, and Gargano scoops him for a long dart into buckles! But Gargano isn’t done with Humberto yet, as he slingshots for the DDT! Cover, Gargano wins!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by pinfall

Whether he’s Johnny Wrestling, Johnny Badass or Johnny Venom, Johnny is the winner of this match! Johnny heads for Phoenix and his title match with Ricochet, will we soon be calling him the new North American Champion?


Tommaso Ciampa speaks.

“Aleister Black, you like to refer tot he champ as ‘The Puppet Master.’ Boy, if I am the puppet master, than you are the ultimate puppet.” Aleister is so gullible to be running around that we won’t have to wait until Phoenix. Aleister doesn’t understand. “The Champ fights on the biggest, grandest stage.” So they will wait until Phoenix, that’s what main event players do. Not that Aleister would ever understand. Ciampa tells his “number one puppet” to listen closely to him. “Be careful what you wish for.” Is Ciampa denying or accepting the challenge? Will we find out next week?


Velveteen Dream speaks.

“23 years old and all this talent. How do you do it, Dream?” Is it easy? Is it natural? There is no secret formula, it is simply The Experience. This is the same Velveteen Dream who said in 2017 that the world won’t forget him. And then in 2018, he made that prophecy a reality. Just ask the legends and icons that took notice. Now in 2019, #DreamOver will evolve into #DreamOn. Dream’s back in action next week, who will experience the Experience up close and personal?


Keith Lee VS Kassius Ohno!

The Knockout Artist immediately dismissed both Keith Lee and Matt Riddle as the “shiny new toys” of NXT. But then the King of Bros KO’d KO at TakeOver: WarGames II. They had a rematch and Riddle won by Bromission, which infuriated Ohno. Ohno beat Riddle down to the point where he could not be medically cleared, so it will be the Limitless One going after Ohno on behalf of his friend. Will Lee make Ohno #BaskInHisGlory?

Fans sing for Lee even before the bell. The bell rings, and Lee circles with Ohno. Ohno keeps his distance and he backs to a corner. Lee backs off and they finally tie up. Ohno gets a headlock but Lee powers out. They collide and it’s Ohno who falls! Lee drags Ohno up in a gut wrench, but Ohno slips out. Ohno CHOPS, then kicks, then runs, but Lee leaps over him! Things speed up and Lee crossbodies Ohno down! Cover, TWO! Lee keeps on Ohno with a whip but Ohno holds ropes. Ohno bails out but Lee just builds speed! Ohno runs away so Lee gives up on flying for now. Lee wags his finger while fans sing again. Ohno returns just to refresh the count and take another breather. But Lee gives chase, and they go back in the ring.

Lee catches the sucker kick to rock Ohno with forearms and body shots! He grabs Ohno by the hair and whips, to hit a BIG back drop! Ohno writhes to a corner as fans chant “Keith Lee! Woop woop!” Lee runs in but Ohno trips him into buckles! Ohno runs back in to boot Lee! Lee grimaces but Ohno stomps and chops him. Ohno drags Lee out for a headlock punch, then another boot. Ohno boots Lee again and again, and Lee rolls to ropes. Lee puts his dukes up so Ohno boots him down, and drops the back senton! Cover, TWO! Ohno grows frustrated while fans rally up. Ohno stomps Lee and puts him in a double underhook stretch. Lee feeds off the rally and fights his way up, but Ohno puts him on the ropes for a stiff forearm!

Ohno whips Lee but Lee holds ropes. Ohno keeps trying but Lee keeps resisting, so Ohno rocks him with forearms, chops and kicks! The ref has OHno back off, so Ohno whips again. Lee reverses but Ohno reverses back to an arm wringer and rabbit punch forearm! Cover, TWO! Lee still lives but Ohno is on him with a chinlock. Fans rally again as Ohno puts the underhooks back on. Lee endures and powers up to his feet. Ohno kicks low then knees Lee in the head! Ohno drops another senton, but onto Lee’s knees! Lee and Ohno are down but fans rally up again. Ohno stands first but Lee follows. Lee counter punches Ohno then throws forearms of his own. Ohno staggers to a corner, Lee runs in for a big splash! Lee tosses Ohno across the ring!

Lee runs back in, but Ohno puts him on the apron. Ohno goes after Lee but Lee buckle bumps him, then slingshot crossbodies! Cover, TWO! Ohno wants a timeout but Lee will not give him one. Ohno wants to bro fist, but Lee just throws fists and knees! Lee clubs Ohno off his feet, then drags him back up. Ohno headbutts the gut, but Lee just gets mad now. Lee double chops Ohno! Lee runs, ducks the elbow and redirects to POUNCE!! Fans fire up as Lee lifts Ohno in the fireman’s carry. Ohno holds ropes and escapes, but Lee waistlocks instead. The ref counts and Ohno shoves Lee into the ref! Lee rocks Ohno, then checks on the ref. Ohno sneaks up to LOW BLOW! Ohno hits the roaring elbow! Fans boo as Ohno covers, but Ohno wins!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

Lee may be Limitless, but no man can withstand what Ohno did to him! Ohno feels proud of himself, but Riddle comes raging down the ramp! Riddle runs Ohno off, but he checks on his friend instead of throwing hands with Ohno. When and where will the King of Bros settle things with the Knockout Artist?



My Thoughts:

A really good episode of NXT here as we draw closer to Phoenix. We get quite a bit of action in this episode, and start right away with a pretty fun tag team segment. Profits win fast and Full Sail was into it, but this is to also set up their rivalry with the Forgotten Sons. Sadly, the Forgotten Sons just on their name alone is becoming a butt of jokes type trio. Fans don’t care about them, but maybe after an actual match with Ford & Dawkins, that “Stay Forgotten!” heat will shift to normal Heel heat. War Raiders had a pretty great viking promo to hype their match with Undisputed Era, I’m thinking the Undisputed Era will have a response on the go-home. I’m really curious to see how this match turns out, because it still feels like it’s 50-50.

Dijakovic VS Jauode was a solid match, but boy is it hard to type their names quickly. Dijakovic wins and perhaps he will get a North American Championship shot after Gargano VS Ricochet happens. Gargano VS Humberto was also solid, and perhaps this match was why they thought to give Humberto the shot against Buddy Murphy. After all, NXT episodes are taped in advanced, and Humberto really is a great in-ring talent. Aleister and Ciampa have a good pair of promos, and in combination with Ricochet confronting Gargano next week, I really hope something happens to bring about Aleister & Ricochet VS Heel DIY for the go-home! That match will be amazing and is TakeOver worthy just on paper.

I’m very curious about Dream only doing promos, and not in person. Is Dream dealing with injury that we haven’t heard too much about? Or are they just saving him while title matches are spoken for? Dream competing against anyone for either title will be a great lead into Wrestlemania season. Dream coming full circle to get a title against Aleister Black would be absolutely incredible! Then there’s the incredible main event of Lee VS Ohno. They did great with Ohno’s hard hits and Lee’s still surprising agility. Ohno cheating to win is perfect for his continued Heel turn, and now Riddle VS Ohno III is coming. I hope they put that on TakeOver and let them just go off! Riddle can win and Ohno will either settle things with Lee or strangely, finally head to main roster.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (1/16/19)



NXT UK Coverage

The first NXT UK TakeOver is in the books, now witness the fallout of all the action! Plus, a rematch between The European Connection and Welsh Air Force!



  • El Ligero VS Saxon Huxley; El Ligero wins.
  • Isla Dawn VS Jinny; Jinny wins.
  • Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel; Aichner & Barthel win.


NXT UK took over Blackpool!

We have our inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions in the Grizzled Young Veterans! We have a NEW NXT UK Women’s Champion in Toni Storm! And STILL your WWE United Kingdom Champion, The Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne! But there’s someone new on the scene, and his name is WALTER! The Ring General has come to the fastest rising brand in professional wrestling, and he looks to go right at Dunne’s title! When and where will Walter and Dunne throw down?


El Ligero VS Saxon Huxley!

The Light shines on Blackpool, but the Divine Beast emerges from the darkest shadows. Huxley may have a tag team with Tyson T-Bone, but he still wants to prove he can be a singles threat. Will he or Ligero make waves towards the title in this first ever post-TakeOver phase?

The bell rings and Blackpool loves the Luchador of Leeds. Ligero and Huxley tie up and Huxley pushes him back. They go around the ring and Huxley throws body shots. Ligero dodges the boot then the clothesline to dropkick! And another! Huxley stays standing so Ligero mule kicks and shotgun dropkicks! Ligero runs at the corner but is put on the apron. He slides under and then gets around to back elbow Huxley. Ligero runs but into Huxley’s arms for a big scoop slam! Cover, ONE! Fans rally up for Ligero as Huxley laughs and throws forearms. Huxley boots Ligero and puts him against the ropes. He lets up but then runs back in, but into Ligero’s boot! Ligero throws body shots as fans rally.

Huxley shoves him then rocks Ligero with an uppercut. Huxley crouches to leap into a tackle! He throws knees into Ligero until Ligero falls. Fans boo as Huxley covers, TWO! Huxley keeps his cool as he grabs Ligero for a straitjacket stretch. He thrashes Ligero around as fans rally up. Huxley digs a knee in, but Ligero endures. Ligero fights his way up even as Huxley leans on him. Ligero pries his way out but Huxley rocks him with another uppercut! Huxley whips Ligero but Ligero holds the ropes. He tries again but Ligero uses legs to hold the ropes now, so Huxley rams in a knee. Huxley tries a third time but Ligero reverses and breaks free to then get around for kicks and forearms! Ligero kicks, Huxley blocks but Ligero gets the enziguri!

Ligero whips but Huxley reverses. Huxley follows but Ligero goes up and over to dropkick Huxley away! Ligero lcimbs and hits a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up again, and Ligero feeds off the energy. Ligero brings Huxley up but Huxley breaks free to toss him. Ligero comes back to wheelbarrow but Huxley throws him right into a corner! Huxley drags Ligero up and out to then Canadian rack. Ligero slips out, Huxely puts him on the apron, but Ligero kicks back. Ligero steps in for a stunner! Fans fire up as Ligero runs, springboard tornado DDT, aka the C4L! Cover, Ligero wins!

Winner: El Ligero, by pinfall

Victory for Ligero in the Empress Ballroom! Will this help Ligero make leaps and bounds towards Pete Dunne’s championship?


Isla Dawn VS Jinny!

The White Witch failed to capture the championship from Rhea Ripley in their match weeks ago, and the Fashionista made sure to rub it in with a sneak attack backstage. But now that the Lightning from Down Under has the title, will the Spoiled Princess be aiming to revive an old rivalry? Or will she be stopped by Isla’s magic before ever getting a chance?

The bell rings and Jinny throws a knee into Isla’s stomach. She then throws Isla’s face onto her knee, and grounds ‘n’ pounds as fans boo and jeer. Fans taunt the Spoiled Princess with song as she throws forearms at Isla. Jinny whips but Isla reverses and scoops for a gut wrench suplex! Jinny gets up and Isla runs back in for a meteora! Cover, TWO! Isla stays on Jinny with a grounded hammerlock. Jinny endures and reaches back but Isla wrenches more. They stand and fans rally as Jinny spins to reverse. Isla easily reverses it back, but Jinny tries again. Isla stays in control, and wrenches a bit more. Jinny sits down and trips Isla up to go for a cover, but Isla slips right out and back to her armlock! Isla drags Jinny from ropes as she tortures the fingers.

Isla wrenches again but Jinny spins and throws a heavy forearm! Jinny eggs Isla, and the brawl is on! Isla gets an edge and sends Jinny rolling all the way out of the ring. Jinny catches her breath as Isla eggs her on now. Jinny tells her to back off, and takes her time coming back. Isla goes after Jinny but she gets a hotshot! Jinny throws a right but Isla blocks to counter kick! Isla runs in at Jinny but gets boots. Jinny runs out, flying headscissors! Jinny stomps away on Isla at the ropes and fans boo. She backs off but comes back with heavy rights. Jinny pushes Isla into the buckles with both hands, then pulls her back out to a standing abdominal stretch. Isla endures as Jinny grinds an elbow into the hips and ribs. Jinny pulls hair, too, but lets off that at 4.

Fans rally as Isla pries her way out and hip tosses Jinny down! Isla runs, basement dropkick hits! Cover, TWO! Isla keeps on Jinny as she goes to a corner. Isla backs off from the ropebreak, but runs back in. Jinny catches her into a big buckle shot! Cover, TWO! Jinny was close but she keeps on Isla. Jinny puts on a cobra clutch and tells Isla, “You’re nothing, little girl!” Fans rally up again as Isla gets up. Isla fights but Jinny wrings her out. Isla dodges to knee trigger and saido suplex! Cover, TWO! Jinny survives but Isla doesn’t let up. Isla gets Jinny with double underhook, Gory Especial! But Jinnys wings up to a victory roll! Isla sits on it, TWO!!

Jinny gets a leg and trips Isla up into a surfboard! Isla endures, and pries a hand free. Isla crawls but Jinny rolls and uses hair! Jinny pulls Isla back in a modified camel clutch, but Isla powers up to her feet. Isla puts Jinny into buckles and breaks free. She turns Jinny around for an Electric Chair but Jinny slips out. Jinny runs but into an elbow. Isla hops up but Jinny kicks the legs out! “Not this time, sweetheart!” Draping facebuster! Cover, Jinny wins!

Winner: Jinny, by pinfall

The Fashionista is fierce as ever, and she looks ready to challenge the champ! Will Jinny truly make this her Women’s Division?


Travis Banks speaks.

“NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, it was supposed to be Travis Banks VS Jordan Devlin, but that didn’t happen.” The Irish Ace attacked the Kiwi Buzzsaw not once, but twice! Devlin took an opportunity away from Banks, but this won’t happen again. They’ll face off on NXT UK next week, will the Buzzsaw finally shred the Irish Ironman?


Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel!

The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Rockstar and his good pal The Modfather have been soaring, but the Italian Tank and German Commander have looked to ground them for good. Will the Welshmen Air Force overcome the European Connection in this tag team rematch? Or will they be shot out of the sky so soon after the NXT UK Tag Team titles arrived?

The teams sort out and we begin with Andrews and Aichner. Fans duel and even chant “NEIN! NEIN!” for Barthel. Aichner ties up and tosses Andrews! He taunts Andrews but Andrews keeps his cool. They circle again and Andrews gets a headlock. Aichner powers out and runs Andrews over. He again eggs Andrews on, but gets a kick for it! Andrews speeds things up to tilt-o-whirl headscissor and dropkick Aichner down! Cover, ONE, but Andrews grabs an arm. Tag to Webster, but Aichner CHOPS him back! And again! Aichner brings Webster over and tags in Barthel. The EuroConnection mug Webster, and Barthel scoops. Webster slips out and boots Barthel away. Webster dodges Aichner to give him a triangle dropkick!

Barthel runs in but misses, Webster slides under. Barthel gets the legs but Webster pops up and headscissors him down! Webster fires up with the fans as he runs to tilt-o-whirl. Barthel makes it a toss of his own, then tags in Aichner. Barthel feeds Webster to Aichner’s tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Aichner gloats as he stalks Webster to a corner. He throws hands and stomps away until the ref counts 4. Aichner drags Webster over and tags Barthel. The Europeans mug and stomp Webster again as fans chant “NEIN! NEIN!” Barthel backs off to give a proper “NEIN!!” before stomping Webster more. He drags Webster up to snapmare and cover. TWO, but Barthel wraps on a chinlock. Barthel thrashes Webster around, and even wrangles him back down to the mat.

Fans rally up and Webster fights back up. Webster elbows free, but Barthel yanks him back in by his pants. Barthel fishermans and tosses Webster but Webster lands on his feet! Tag to Andrews! Barthel quickly tags Aichner in, but Aichner runs into a rallying Andrews! Andrews forearms and chops away, but Aichner shoves him. Andrews comes back, wheelbarrow into Stomp 182! Aichner gets to a corner, Andrews runs in, and Aichner puts Andrews on the apron. Barthel runs at Andrews but gets kicked off the apron! Andrews shoulders into Aichner then slingshots up and over to wheelbarrow bulldog! Webster intercepts Barthel with a knee trigger! Webster helps Andrews with a standing 450! Cover, TWO!

Andrews drags Aichner up but Aichner knees low. Aichner clubs Andrews down then tags Barthel. Aichner feeds Andrews to Aichner’s kick, then drops Andrews with a back suplex. He feeds Andrews to Barthel’s scoop slam and then hits Webster for good measure! Barthel covers, TWO! Andrews survives and fans fire up. Barthel drags Andrews up and tags Aichner. Andrews jawbreakers and then mule kicks. He runs but only into the spinebuster and Penalty Kick! Cover, but Webster breaks it in time! Barthel goes after Webster and puts him on the apron. Webster dumps Barthel out! Aichner goes after Andrews with a suplex, but gets a huricanrana! Andrews tags Webster, and they both FLY!! Double somersault sentons take out the Europeans!

Fans fire up as the Welshmen put Aichner in. Andrews tags back in, and he climbs while Webster picks Aichner up. Webster tilt-o-whirls but Aichner turns it into a long dart into Andrews! Aichner hits Webster with a lariat while Barthel kicks Andrews. Barthel tosses Andrews at Aichner, who makes it a brainbuster!! Cover, TWO!! Fans give this a standing ovation! Barthel grimaces as he drags Andrews up. Tag to Aichner but Andrews chops away on both of them! Andrews runs, slides under, and double PELE! He keeps going to moonsault at Aichner, tornado DDT! Tag to Webster, and Webster climbs, for the Shadows Over Malice swanton! Cover, but Barthel breaks it! All four men are down and Blackpool is still fired up!

They chant “UK! Woop Woop!’ as Barthel suplexes Andrews. Stun-Dog Millionaire! Andrews runs but Aichner trips him up. Aichner drags Andrews out to ram him into barriers, then ram his knee in! Aichner may have hurt himself with that, but he gets in to go after Webster. Webster headbutts! Webster springboards but Barthel saves Aichner from the Rude Boy Block! Barthel tags in and Aichner holds Webster in the corner, Barthel hits a big basement dropkick! Aichner tags back in, and Barthel climbs while Aichner picks Webster back up. The Europeans work together, for a spinning EuroUpper bomb!! Cover, The European Connection wins!

Winners: Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel, Aichner pinning

Blackpool may not like Barthel and Aichner, but they respect this amazing match! With a win like this, will the European Connection be first in line for a NXT UK Tag Team title match?



My Thoughts:

For a post-TakeOver episode, NXT UK does it right! Aside from the opening highlight reel, there was no recap of TakeOver: Blackpool to fill for time, and that made this episode all the better for it. Travis Banks does give a quick selfie video promo, and does pretty well, and obviously we will still get Banks VS Devlin like we were meant to. This must mean Banks’ real life injuries weren’t so bad, and now we can have a great blow-off for them. Ligero VS Huxley was a nice surprise, and it gives Ligero a great win to move forward with. Ligero VS Conners will surely happen again, and could go either way. Again, midcard title for the UK when?

Isla VS Jinny had a good match that was a bit sloppy to start but got much better as they went. As I sensed, this will likely serve as a contender’s match, Jinny VS Storm as Storm’s first title challenger will be great. Of course, Rhea will want a rematch, so maybe Rhea VS Jinny just to see that interaction and great match. The NXT UK Women’s Division is still a bit small, but with Kay Lee Ray and Jazzy Gabbert joining, things are going to ramp up. Isla against either of them to help in their debut will be great.

The tag team main event was incredible, I am surprised this wasn’t part of the tournament as a qualifier to face Grizzled Young Veterans or something. Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, being the newest tag team to do crossovers between NXT UK and NXT USA, they are going to get the tag titles from one of those Divisions, but I would love if these guys somehow end up the ones getting both of them. Not necessarily simultaneously, but putting them in the same conversation as Mustache Mountain for having done that is totally feasible. And even though Aichner & Barthel are Heels just like Zack Gibson & James Drake, a match of these two should happen just because it’ll be a great match.

My Score: 8.1/10

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