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Mitchell’s NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Results & Report! (1/12/19)



NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool

NXT UK has its first ever TakeOver! Which team will be the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions? Will Pete Dunne’s historic reign continue or finally end?



  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals: Mustache Mountain VS Grizzled Young Veterans; Grizzled Young Veterans win and become the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions.
  • Jordan Devlin VS Travis Banks; No Contest.
  • Jordan Devlin VS Finn Balor; Finn wins.
  • No Disqualifications: Eddie Dennis VS Dave Mastiff; Mastiff wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Toni Storm; Storm wins and becomes the new NXT UK Women’s Championship.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne VS Joe Coffey; Dunne wins and retains the WWE United Kingdom Championship.


NXT UK has its own Performance Center!

The first international PC will give a place for everyone on the NXT UK roster to hone their craft, both in the ring and outside of it. Charlotte Flair and Finn Balor were NXT Alumni that came over to help celebrate the moment. British Strong Style all felt proud of where their Division is going. “Are you ready?”


Radzi shares footage of earlier today.

Travis Banks had arrived at the Empress Ballroom, but Jordan Devlin attacked him in the lobby! The Irish Ace throws the Kiwi Buzzsaw around then does the same to security before ramming Banks into a wall! Banks grabs that bad leg but Devlin adds more. Sid Scala got Devlin to stop, and got Banks medical attention. Banks was cleared to compete, but will he be able to stand against Devlin?


Every Empire has a Beginning.

The Empress Ballroom is where it all began. “We are just scratching the surface.” Tyler Bate was the first, but Pete Dunne has been the longest reigning WWE United Kingdom Champion. The UK Division slowly grew day by day, “and that brings us to today.” The official NXT UK brand is only in its infancy, yet it’s already making waves! Who will ride those waves all the way to take over history?


NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals: Mustache Mountain VS Grizzled Young Veterans!

Trent Seven and Tyler Bate have been tag team champions everywhere they’ve been, and that includes the American NXT! But Zack Gibson and James Drake want to put a stop to that here and now! Are Gibson & Drake soon to be recognized as the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions? Or will Seven & Bate be the first to hold tag titles on both sides of the pond?

Introductions are made, and Johnny Saint himself raises up those title belts. The teams sort out as fans chant for the “Big Strong Boys!” Bate starts against Gibson at the bell and fans only get hotter. Gibson tunes the fans out as they boo him and sing for Bate. Bate grins as he and Gibson circle. They tie up and are even in power. Gibson gets a chinbar to bring Bate to the mat. Gibson goes after the wrist but Bate kips up. Bate tries to get Gibson down, but Gibson uses the wristlock to bring him back down. Gibson wrenches as fans boo. Bate kips up and gets the headscissor takedown. Fans say “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!”

Gibson pops out and has the wrist but Bate brings him back down into the headscissors. Bate squeezes but Gibson moves around. Gibson pops out and covers, TWO as Bate gets one shoulder up. Gibson tries the other, TWO. He tries both, but Bate bridges! Bate manages to power up and stand, but Gibson drives him back down. TWO with another bridge, and the Big Strong Boy rolls it up and over into a straitjacket! Gibson arm-drags Bate off but Bate lands on his feet! Fans applaud but Gibson talks strategy with Drake. Gibson and Bate tie up and go around. Bate gets the wristlock but Gibson powers him to the corner. Drake tags in but Bate gets away! Gibson backs off and Drake waits as Seven tags in. Mr. Mayhem and the artful dodger circle and fans sing “Trent Seven Army!”

Seven and Drake tie up and push each other around. Drake puts Seven on the ropes then turns him around for clubbing forearms. Drake wrenches and brings Seven over but Seven breaks free. Seven chops away on Drake! That third one knocks Drake off his feet! Cover, ONE, so Seven drags Drake over. Tag to Bate and Bate climbs. Wastleland slam to knee-board senton! Bate brings Drake up for European Uppercuts. Bate whips Drake but Gibson bails Drake out. Fans boo as GYV regroups. Drake runs in but Bop goes up. He won’t let Bang hit, so Bate baits him with a test of strength. Drake falls for it, so Bate goes up, over, around and under to roll Drake up. TWO, and a dropkick drops Drake!

Bate handsprings and brings Drake back over. Drake breaks free and gets a headlock. Bate powers out but Gibson tags in. Bate sees Gibson coming and huricanranas! Seven tags in and gets the hand-off. Gibson throws forearms and goes after Seven’s arm. Seven powers out but Gibson runs him over. Things speed up and Seven hits a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Seven goes right after Gibson’s arm! Fans rally but Gibson whips out. Gibson swings but Seven ducks to scoop. Gibson slips out and tags Drake. Seven CHOPS away on both Grizzled Young Veterans! Seven hip tosses Drake down, then gets him in a waistlock. Gibson tags back in as Seven rolls Drake. Seven rocks Gibson with a right, then DIVES onto Drake! Drake backs away as Seven pursues. Drake suckers Seven into Gibson’s throat chop!

Gibson drags Seven up and into the ring to ground ‘n’ pound. Fans boo but Gibson tags in Drake. The GYV stomp Seven down, then Drake throws hands. Seven crawls but can’t get the tag. Fans rally up but Drake gives Seven a backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Drake wraps on a half nelson and chinbar. Seven endures and feeds off the fans’ energy. Seven fights his way up but Drake wrangles him back down. Fans sing again and Seven stands. Drake throws him out hard then tags Gibson. Gibson drags Seven up, and GYV combine for the slingshot stomp backbreaker! Bate comes over to check on Seven but Gibson tells him to back off. Gibson puts Seven in the ring and drags him back over. Drake tags in and Gibson feeds Seven to Drake’s forearm! Cover, TWO! Seven continues to survive but his arm and back are problems.

Drake drags Seven up but Seven fights back. Drake puts Seven in the corner but Seven fights out! GYV mug Seven, but Seven throws Drake at Gibson! Seven scrambles but Drake drags him back. Gibson tags in and he stomps Seven out. Seven has blood from his head, that’s from Drake’s sharp elbow. Fans sing “If you hate Gibson, stand up~!” but Gibson suplexes Seven and floats to a cover. TWO, but Gibson is right on Seven with a cobra clutch. Seven endures and gets his second wind, but Drake tags in. Drake slingshots but Seven bumps Gibson into him. Drake goes down and Gibson lets go since he’s no longer legal. Gibson throws Seven out and Drake goes after him. But Seven CHOPS Drake back! Drake forearms, Seven CHOPS! They go back and forth, but there’s also the ring count.

Drake forearms and Seven chops again. Seven chops and chops then gets back in at 7! Drake scrambles after to stop Seven from tagging Bate! Gibson tags in and the GYV isolate Seven all over again. Gibson brings Seven up for a forearm, but Seven hits Drake and boots Gibson! Seven runs but Gibson catches him, Bate still tags in! Bate fires off with haymakers and keeps Gibson from running away! Drake comes in but Bate whips and back drops him! Gibson runs but into Bate’s knee! Bate hops up, flying uppercut! Fans fire up with Bate as he grabs Drake for the airplane spin! Around and around he goes, but then he throws him at Gibson. Bate then suplexes Drake onto Gibson’s shoulders, and then lifts them both! Bate does a double spin!

Drake slips off but Bate keeps spinning Gibson until he’s too dizzy. Bate goes at Gibson on the apron but Drake gets him first. But Bate brings Drake out to join him. They brawl on the apron, and Bate exploders Drake at Gibson! Bate kips up as fans reach a fever pitch, then shooting star tackles both Gibson and Drake! Bate puts Gibson in, double underhooks, but Gibson resists. Gibson back drops but Bate lands on his feet. Bop up, BANG hits! Seven tags in and scoops Gibson for a running powerslam! Bate adds a headbutt! Seven covers, TWO!! Mustache Mountain can’t believe their tribute to The British Bulldogs didn’t get it done! Bate DIVES onto Drake! Seven brings Gibson up, Burning Hammer!! Cover, but Drake breaks it just in time!

Fans rally up as Gibson and Seven crawl. Seven hammers Gibson but Gibson kicks Seven. Fans know “This is Awesome!” as Seven grabs Gibson’s foot. Gibson kicks Seven’s bad leg, hot tags to Drake and Bate! Drake tries to roll but Bate sits on it. ONE, Drake sunset flips, ONE, Bate high stacks, ONE! Drake sunset flips again, TWO! Rolling kick from Bate! Bate tags Seven again and Seven picks Drake up. Bate runs and rebounds, but Gibson hits a code breaker! Seven chops Gibson, but Gibson puts him in a corner, and Drake makes Seven #GritYourTeeth! Gibson hits Helter Skelter and Drake adds a 450!! Cover, TWO!? Gibson and Drake can’t believe it, but fans are thunderous! The Grizzled Young Veterans regroup, and Gibson tags back in.

Gibson drags Seven up and feeds him to Drake’s scoop. Seven slips out to throw Drake at Gibson. Seven chops everyone, but gets caught into the enziguri and Shankly Gates! Gibson hammers away and sinks it in deep! Seven endures but Bate is slowly returning. Drake intercepts with a facelock, but Bate powers up. Drake puts Bate in his own Shankly Gates! Mustache Mountain reach for each other as they endure the holds. Bate powers up again, to lift Drake and Death Valley Drive him onto Gibson!! All four men are down but the Empress Ballroom is all but exploding! They chant “UK! Woop Woop!” for “British Wrestling!” Both teams regroup, and tags to Bate and Drake. Bate fires off a strike fest! Bate gives some to Gibson! Drake hits a forearm, but Bate hits a DOUBLE rolling kick!

Seven’s back and tags in again. Mustache Mountain want it, Rebound Snap Dragon! Cover, TWO!?! Drake survives, but Mustache Mountain has one more thing to try. Seven drags Drake up as fans hope they “Fight Forever!” Gibson lurks, and anchors Bate! Seven lifts Drake but Drake slips out. Drake shoves Seven into Bate, and Bate’s in an electric chair. Seven Star Lariat misses, Drak DIVES to Doomsday Bate! Fans lose their minds over that one. Seven is furious, he DIVES but into Drake’s shotgun kick! Gibson drags Seven up and in, and GYV coordinate. Drake scoops, Ticket to MAYHEM!! Cover, Grizzled Young Veterans win!!

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake pinning; NEW NXT UK Tag Team Champions

Liverpool’s Number One and his ally have become THE NXT UK Tag Team Champions! Are they soon to be recognized as the world’s number one tag team?!


Jordan Devlin VS Travis Banks!

The Irish Ace questions the Kiwi Buzzsaw’s pride and love for his homeland. Devlin knows he goes home to Ireland every week, but what about Banks and New Zealand? Banks didn’t appreciate any of the trash talk or the mockery, but as we saw, Devlin got the jump on Banks upon arriving at the arena. Banks is still good to go for this match, but will he be able to put up a fight?

But as Devlin smugly walks down the ramp, Banks DIVES onto him! The Buzzsaw wants payback in the worst way but that leg still bothers him. Even so, he goes right at Devlin with hands on the ramp! Devlin gets away, then baits Banks into steel steps! Banks bangs his bad knee, but he still throws heavy forearms! Devlin shoves Banks away to kick the bad leg! Then chop blocks it! The referee tells Devlin to put this in the ring so it can be a match, but Devlin doesn’t care. Devlin puts Banks’ leg on the steps to stomp away on it! Banks writhes away and referees come out. Fans tell Devlin what they think of him but he ignores them, too. Devlin revels in the heat while Sid Scala comes out to check on Banks.

Scala talks with Banks that this match is going to be called off. Devlin takes to the mic to say “I told the whole world, there’s a reason you never, ever bet against The Ace.” And now that he has no match, how about an interview with Devlin, “The Greatest Irish Wrestler Alive!” But wait, Johnny Saint comes out to inform Sid of something. Sid tells Devlin that they suspected such a thing as his attack earlier today. “But as luck would have it, we have ourselves a back-up plan.” What do they mean by that? Devlin doesn’t care who it is, bring them out. The lights go down, and the smoke rises. It’s Finn Balor!! The Extraordinary Man, Devlin’s former mentor and teacher, is here in Blackpool!! Will Finn show Devlin who the real greatest Irish Wrestler is?

Jordan Devlin VS Finn Balor!

Devlin wants to tune it out, but he can’t ignore that Blackpool is now part of Balor Club! The bell rings and fans lose their minds. Fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” as the two Irishmen circle. Finn and Devlin stare down, and this match feels lik ea long time coming. Devlin SLAPS his former teacher, so Finn throws hands! Finn runs, dropkicks Devlin and takes aim from a corner. Slingblade! Finn hurries to a corner already, but Devlin bails out. Devlin knows the Coup de Grace well, and he wants to leave. Finn won’t let him, and gets him back in the ring! Devlin rolls back out but Finn pursues to forearm smash him down! Fans fire up as Finn flexes. Finn drags Devlin up and in, but Devlin catches him with the ropes! The referee reprimands Devlin but Devlin blasts Finn into barriers.

Devlin goes out to club and stalk Finn, but fans rally up. Devlin rams Finn into the apron, then into the ring. Finn staggers up but Devlin trips him up and uses those same double stomps! Devlin mocks Finn’s poses as he stalks Finn to the ropes. He chokes Finn on the ropes but lets up at 4. Devlin pulls Finn against the ropes and throws forearms. He whips but Finn reverses, but Devlin sunset flips. Finn rolls through to dropkick Devlin down! Fans fire up as Finn takes aim from the corner. Finn runs and dodges Devlin to swing kick him. Devlin’s in the drop zone and Finn hurries up top. Devlin stops Finn with a big dropkick! Finn crashes and burns to the floor! Devlin leaves Finn out there as the ring count begins.

The count passes 5 as Finn sits up. Finn crawls at 7 and stands at 8, to beat the count at 9.5! Devlin stomps away and rains down hands as fans boo. Cover, ONE, but Devlin stalks Finn to the corner. Fans rally up but Devlin throws body shots and chops. Finn grimaces as he CHOPS Devlin back! Finn CHOPS Devlin again to Blackpool’s delight. Devlin kicks back and returns the chops, but Finn chops him more! Finn blocks a boot but Devlin slaps him again. Devlin gets Finn in the urenage and standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Devlin grows frustrated but he looms over Finn again. Devlin drags Finn up for an abdominal stretch. Finn resists but Devlin still gets the hold. Finn endures as fans rally, and he pops out to hip toss Devlin! Both men are down but standing up.

Finn dodges and gets Devlin in the abdominal stretch! Finn elbows away on Devlin, then throws a forearm to the back. Devlin slips out of the dragon sleeper to Pele! Finn CHOPS Devlin again, but walks into a boot, to give Finn HIS Pele! Both men are down but fans fire up. Finn sits up and gets to a corner. Devlin stands and runs in, but into boots. Devlin staggers and Finn rallies with forearms. Finn trips Devlin and gives him those double stomps! Finn aims at Devlin as fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” Finn drags Devlin up but Devlin knees him abck, so Finn hits teh elbow drop DDT. Finn lifts Devlin again, 1916! Cover, TWO! Devlin survives but Finn keeps his focus. Fans fire up with Finn again as he aims. Slingblade! Finn runs into a SUPERKICK! Devlin headbutts, then ripcord back suplexes Finn down! Cover, TWO!

Devlin grows frustrated while fans continue to rally for Finn. Devlin kicks Finn in the ribs, then again. Finn gasps and sputters as Devlin talks trash and soaks up the heat. Devlin aims again, but Finn catches this kick for a takedown! He stomps away on Devlin until Devlin rolls out. Finn aims from the apron for a Penalty Kick! Finn drags Devlin in and climbs up top again, but Devlin trips him up! Devlin throws Finn into the post, then rolls him up. Feet on the ropes, TWO!! Devlin doesn’t cheat Finn, but he does Moonsault! Onto knees! Fans rally up again as Finn and Devlin stand. Finn grabs Devlin for the Bloody Sunday! He aims from the corner, shotgun dropkick blasts Devlin down! Finn climbs up one more time, and hits the Coup de Grace!! Cover, Finn wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

Devlin didn’t expect this match, or any match, on this historic Blackpool TakeOver, but he got the match of his life! Will Devlin get over a defeat at the hands of his former trainer? When and where will Travis Banks return to cut down The Irish Ace himself?


No Disqualifications: Eddie Dennis VS Dave Mastiff!

The Headmaster came into NXT UK bitter at his old friends for leaving him behind, but he’s since moved on to a different goal: becoming NXT UK’s one and only monster. The reason why is because of his run-in with The Bomber. Dennis is no longer undefeated, but he vows to end Mastiff’s own streak. There are no rules but to win, so who wins to establish themselves as the dominant force of this brand?

The bell rings and Dennis circles with Mastiff. Dennis and Mastiff talk, but then they start throwing forearms! Mastiff gets the better of Dennis but Dennis kicks low. Dennis runs but Mastiff follows. Dennis dodges but so does Mastiff, and Mastiff hits a big crossbody! Mastiff tries to cover but Dennis slips away. Dennis forearms Mastiff on the outside then clubs away. Dennis whips but Mastiff reverses to send Dennis into the steps! Mastiff tips the steps over and puts Dennis back in the ring. Mastiff brings the base steps with him and puts them in the ring. Fans like where Mastiff’s going with this, but Dennis doesn’t. Dennis bails out again and grabs a kendo stick. Mastiff pursues and Dennis SMACKS away!

Dennis pulls up the mats to reveal the ballroom’s floor. Mastiff elbows away but Dennis pursues to SMACK him with the stick some more! Dennis chokes Mastiff with it into a Russian Leg Sweep. Cover, TWO! Dennis keeps his cool as he chokes Mastiff with the stick again. Mastiff gets up and fights back, but gets more SMACKS! Fans duel while Dennis toys with Mastiff. Dennis stands Mastiff up, but Mastiff blocks the stick! Mastiff reels Dennis in for a headbutt! Then he SMACKS Dennis with the stick! Mastiff drags Dennis back up, lifts and powerbombs him down! Mastiff goes back to those steps and brings them over. He drags Dennis up in a fireman’s carry, but Dennis slips out. Dennis tries to lift Mastiff but Mastiff elbows out.

Mastiff runs but Dennis uses that momentum to hit the swinging side slam, on the steps! Fans love it, even as Dennis covers. TWO, and Dennis can’t believe it! Dennis pushes the steps out of the ring to clear some space. Dennis goes out and takes the ring announcer’s chair. He brings it back to the ring, swings on Mastiff, but Mastiff ducks! Mastiff picks Dennis up for the rolling senton! Dennis sputters but Mastiff looks to end this. Mastiff climbs up top but Dennis stops him! Dennis tries for the crucifix, and somehow tosses Mastiff for the powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Mastiff survives and Dennis is again in disbelief! Dennis rolls out to fetch a table! Fans like the look of that as he puts the table in the ring. Dennis stomps Mastiff away from the table, then sets the table in the corner.

Fans sing for the table as Dennis picks Mastiff up. Mastiff back drops and sits on Dennis! Dennis crawls away but Mastiff pursues. Mastiff waistlocks and wants to German Suplex Dennis down, but Dennis fights him off. Dennis leaps, but into another rolling senton, on the ballroom floor! Mastiff adds a back senton! Fans want another but Mastiff drags Dennis into the ring. Mastiff catches his breath and fans sing for the table again. Mastiff climbs up, Arabian Press, but it flops! Dennis gets Mastiff in the Next Stop driver!! Cover, TWO!? Mastiff survives yet again, and Dennis pleads with the ref that was three! Fans rally up and Mastiff rolls to a corner. Dennis picks up the chair again and SMACKS Mastiff on the back!

Dennis hoists Mastiff up again, and wants to finish this. He picks Mastiff up in the crucifix again, and heads for the table! Mastiff slips out and the two collide with clotheslines. Neither man falls so they try again. Both men stay standing, but Dennis spins Mastiff. Mastiff gets around to German Suplex Dennis up high! Dennis is on the table, Mastiff runs, Into the Void through the table!! Fans lose their minds as Mastiff covers, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

The Bomber is a monster, and now he’s THE monster of NXT UK! With his undefeated streak intact, will Mastiff move on towards the title?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Toni Storm!

The Mosh Pit Kid and the Lightning from Down Under both made it to the semifinals of the Mae Young Classic, but only Toni Storm went to the finals. Toni Storm won the MYC, but these two would meet again in the tournament to crown the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion. Rhea would shock everyone when she defeated Toni, and Toni would be out of action with a bad back. But Toni is back, and wants to get that title in a rematch from the finals! Will the Storm be ripped apart all over again? Or will she ride the Riptide all the way to victory?

Introducts are made, the belt is raised, and this epic rematch begins! Fans are strongly behind Toni’s side as they sing for her. Toni and Rhea slowly circle, then rush each other! Toni dodges and throws haymakers and clubbing forearms. Rhea gets loose but Toni is right back on her with forearms! Rhea shoves Toni again then flapjacks Toni! Now the two scrap on the mat! Rhea gets away but Toni gives chase. Rhea gets back in the ring and pushes Toni away. Toni keeps chasing her, then DIVES! Direct hit topples the champ! Toni stomps Rhea at the corner, then throws forearms. She chops Rhea then puts her back in the ring. Rhea gets Toni’s hair at the ropes, then kicks her back down. Toni staggers up but Rhea kicks her into the barriers! Flashbacks to their first match, but Toni’s back holds up.

Rhea puts Toni back in and bumps her off buckles. Fans duel as Rhea stomps a mudhole into Toni! Rhea drags Toni up to ram shoulders into her, but lets up at 4. Rhea checks her jaw, and she’s even angrier now. She stomps another mudhole into Toni but stops at 4. Rhea drags Toni to cover, TWO! Rhea drags Toni up as fans build to a rally. She puts on a body scissor and squeezes tight on Toni’s back. Toni sits up and pries at the hold, then pushes back for a cover. TWO and Rhea clubs Toni. Rhea grabs Toni’s hair and trash talks her. Toni pushes back again, TWO, and Rhea clubs Toni more. Toni turns around to throw forearms on Rhea! She breaks free but Rhea pushes her away. Rhea gives Toni clubbing forearms, then lifts in a stalling suplex! She drops Toni down, covers, TWO!

Rhea grows frustrated as fans rally up. Rhea drags Toni up for a scoop slam, then another. She’s clearly after the back, and covers, TWO! Rhea grins now, perhaps amused by Toni’s resilience. Rhea stands over Toni to put on the inverted cloverleaf, but Toni pushes her all the way to a post! Fans keep dueling as Toni runs in. Toni misses, and Rhea dropkicks her down! Cover, TWO! Toni narrowly escapes so Rhea kicks her in the back. Rhea grinds Toni’s face into the mat, then flips her over to drop the leg! And then another leg drop, cover, TWO! Rhea grows further frustrated as she picks Toni up again. Rhea tosses Toni then again! Toni keeps getting up so Rhea toys with her. Toni slaps Rhea so Rhea clubs and boots Toni. Rhea runs, but into Toni’s headbutt! Both women fall but fans are loving this!

A standing count begins as both women stir. The count passes 5 as they both sit up. Toni goes over to throw a forearm. Rhea hits back, and they stand up. Toni hits, Rhea hits, repeat. Then they pick up speed and the fans erupt for this! Toni and Rhea slow down, but then get a second wind! Toni gets the edge, and German Suplexes Rhea! She holds on, for another! Toni brings Rhea up again, but Rhea fights out with elbows. Rhea swings but runs into the underhook! She slips out to pumphandle, but Toni makes it a crossbody! TWO! Toni can’t believe it, but she won’t slow down. She drags Rhea back up for another underhook, but Rhea back drops! Toni sunset flips, TWO! Rhea sits, TWO, sunset flip, TWO! Rhea grabs the legs, and lifts for the inverted cloverleaf! Toni endures as she hangs off the mat.

Fans rally as Toni claws her way over. Toni reaches but Rhea drags her away! So Toni rolls to get Rhea in an ankle lock! Rhea endures as she reaches, and gets the ropebreak. Toni lets go and Rhea gets in the corner. Toni runs in, big hip attack! And then that third German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Toni is shocked but fans are loving this. Toni slaps Rhea around and then drags her back up. She brings Rhea up for furious forearms and palm strikes. She back kicks but Rhea throws her down by her hair. Rhea covers but Toni gets out before a count. Rhea pumphandles, Riptde!! Cover, TWO!? Rhea cannot believe her best move failed!

Fans reach a fever pitch as Rhea drags Toni up again. Rhea reels Toni in for a big lariat, but brings her back up again. Rhea lariats again, but shows no mercy. She drags Toni up a third time, but Toni ducks and headbutts! Double underhook, STORM ZERO!! Cover, TWO!? Now Toni is the one shocked! Blackpool still loves it, and they duel again. Toni and Rhea slowly sit up but they’ve already given so much. Rhea and Toni lean on each other to stand, and Toni throws forearms! Rhea throws one back and rocks Toni. Pumphandle, But Toni slips out to grab Rhea’s hair! Underhooks, STROM ZERO AGAIN! Cover, Toni storm wins!!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall; NEW NXT UK Women’s Champion

Don’t call it a comeback, Toni’s been here for years! And finally, it’s #ToniTime! The Storm takes over, will 2019 belong to her?


WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne VS Joe Coffey!

The Bruiserweight is only the second-ever champion, but his reign of 603 days in monumental. However, the Iron King doesn’t care about days, he only cares about establishing his kingdom. The leaders of British Strong Style and Gallus finally go head to head one-on one. Will Dunne continue on to be an even greater champion? Or will Joe Coffey bring about a new era in the UK Division?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Coffey and Dunne stare down as fans cheer. Coffey crosses his arms and stands still as Dunne circles him. Dunne approaches and Coffey puts up his dukes. They tie up and push each other around. Dunne puts Coffey on the ropes but lets up at 4 with a shove. Coffey and Dunne circle and tie up again. Dunne gets the arm and wrenches, then goes after the fingers and wrist. Coffey rolls and handsprings to reverse the wrench, then brings Dunne to the mat. Coffey slaps Dunne’s wrist, then rolls around. They both stand up and Dunne rolls and handsprings and even spins to break free. Dunne throws that heavy forearm but Coffey stays standing. Coffey and Dunne circle again, then tie up.

Dunne gets both wristlocks and brings Coffey’s hands to the mat. Dunne stands on one hand to go after the other. He twists the pinkie! Then the middle finger. Coffey headbutts Dunne’s leg, but Dunne drops down to get Coffey’s legs. Dunne has Coffey in a figure four knot, and a toehold. Coffey reaches back to grab Dunne in a headlock. Dunne gets up and whips, but Coffey catches Dunne. Coffey wants a crab but Dunne gets an armbar! Coffey scrambles to make it a cover, TWO, and Dunne avoids All the Best! Fans applaud this evenly matched match as the two circle again. Dunne and Coffey slow back down, but Coffey knees low. Coffey puts on a headlock then rocks Dunne with a heavy EuroUpper! He drags Dunne back up for another EuroUpper, then clamps on with a nerve hold.

Dunne endures so Coffey brings him up for a headlock. Fans rally as Dunne powers out. Things speed up and Coffey breaks through the clothesline, so Dunne goes sideways to pounce! Dunne grabs the legs again, and puts on the Regal Stretch! Dunne gives another tribute to William Regal with the combination deathlock and crossface! Coffey crawls around, gets his legs free, and gets the ropebreak! Dunne lets go, to kick Coffey in the arms! Dunne drags Coffey up and whips but Coffey reverses. Coffey pops Dunne up, but Dunne gets a hoverboard wristlock! Coffey powers through to suplex Dunne, but Dunne uses knees to fight back. Dunne swings back into the hoverboard! Coffey endures and powers his way to ropes. But Dunne shifts to grab the reaching arm!

Coffey uses power again to lift Dunne up into a facelock, and half hatch suplex! Cover, TWO! Coffey grows frustrated while fans rally up. Coffey drags Dunne up but Dunne fires forearms. The two brawl and Coffey gets an edge. Coffey tosses Dunne out hard, and Dunne hits apron on the way down! Coffey fetches Dunne and whips him at the steel steps. Dunne goes up and over to enziguri Coffey! Dunne brings Coffey around, but Coffey counters the suplex. Coffey walks into a kick, but then pop-up powerslams Dunne on the ramp! Both men are down and the referee checks on them. Coffey stands and refreshes the count. He waits for Dunne to stir as the count climbs. Champion’s Advantage is in Dunne’s favor but Dunne gets in at 6. Coffey is there to stomp him!

Coffey whips Dunne to one corner, then back in, then back again! He scoops Dunne for a walking backbreaker, then the side slam! Cover, TWO! Dunne lives and Coffey grows furious. Fans build to a rally and Dunne slaps Coffey! Coffey grits his teeth as he drops knees. Coffey stomps Dunne at the ropes but lets up at 4. Fans sing what they really think of Coffey, but he keeps on Dunne. Coffey lifts Dunne for a bearhug and squeezes tight! Dunne headbutts Coffey but Coffey spins around as he squeezes more. Dunne uses his forearms now, then grinds in an elbow. Coffey squeezes again, but fans rally again. Dunne grabs Coffey’s nose! Coffey breaks free and tosses Dunne with a belly2belly! Cover, TWO!

Dunne rolls to a corner but Coffey runs in, only to miss! Dunne headbutts Coffey, then bobs ‘n’ weaves to blast Coffey with a forearm! Now Dunne runs in, goes up and over and enziguris Coffey! Coffey standing switches and German Supelxes, but Dunne lands on his feet! Dunne buzzsaw kicks Coffey out of the ring! Dunne gets moving, SUPER Moonsault! Direct hit and they wipe out at the ramp! Blackpool loves this as Dunne drags Coffey back over. Dunne puts Coffey in as fans chant “UK! Woop Woop!” Coffey rocks Dunne with a right, then reels him in for a suplex, but Dunne X-Plexes! Cover, TWO! Coffey survives and Dunne grows frustrated. Both men are down as fans rally up.

Dunne sits up first but Coffey follows. Dunne whips but Coffey reverses. Coffey follows as Dunne goes up and over, and he leaps for a big crossbody! Coffey keeps moving to SPEAR Dunne in the back! And then a splash in the corner, followed by a powerbomb! High stack, TWO!! Dunne barely survives but the fans haven’t stopped cheering. Coffey stands first and drags Dunne up. He lifts Dunne, for a motorcycle hold into the Boston Crab! Dunne drags himself over but Coffey sits down deep. Dunne keeps moving but Coffey stomps his head! Coffey sits down deep again, Dunne looks like he’s unconscious! The referee checks but Dunne comes to life, and gets the ropebreak! Coffey lets go and both men are down. Fans build to another rally, and Coffey sits up first.

Coffey drags a dazed Dunne around, but Dunne gets the fingers! Coffey headbutts, but Dunne headbutts back. They go back and forth with headbutts, hitting again and again! They pick up speed and fans reach a fever pitch. Double headbutts take both men out! Blackpool love the “British Wrestling!” on display as both men stand up. Coffey runs over but misses, rebound German! But he’s up! Dunne gets Coffey with a complete shot, Koji Clutch! Coffey makes it a cover, TWO, and Dunne keeps the clutch. Coffey keeps moving and he deadlifts Dunne into a tombstone, but Dunne rolls through! Dunne has a kneebar, and a heel hook! Coffey endures the hold as fans rally and duel. Dunne twists the foot but Coffey fights his way back up. Coffey waistlocks and German Suplexes Dunne! Coffey springs right up, but runs into a knee!

Dunne pumphandles, but Coffey slips out. All the Best misses so Coffey double jumps, only to fly into a forearm! Dunne gets Coffey now, Bitter End!! Cover, TWO!? No one can believe Coffey survives! Blackpool is on their feet watching as Coffey crawls to a corner. Coffey rolls all the way out as fans sing Ironman. Dunne runs and hops up, but Coffey stops Dunne with a waistlock. Coffey brings Dunne down but Dunne has the fingers. Dunne elbows but Coffey SPEARS him into the post! Coffey lifts Dunne for an apron sit-out powerbomb!! Fans lose their minds all over again as both men crash and burn! The referee checks and they’re somehow okay to continue. Blackpool knows “This is Awesome!” but also far from over. The ring count begins and passes 5 before either man sits up. The count reaches 9, both men get in at 9.99!

Dunne and Coffey stare down and Coffey grins. Coffey rains down lefts and rights, then stomp after stomp! Dunne grabs Coffey’s hands to kick away on Coffey’s face! Then Dunne gets Coffey down to stomp him! Blackpool fires up with Dunne as he stalks Coffey. Dunne stomps the hands, buzzsaw kicks again, but runs into a pop-up EuroUpper! Coffey runs, but into an enziguri! All the Best is blocked, but it comes back the other way!! Cover, TWO?! Dunne survives and keeps his reign alive! Fans are thunderous and on their feet all over again. Coffey gets up as fans rally. He takes off the elbow pads, then calls for another. Coffey runs, but into an armbar takedown! Dunne wants it but Coffey clasps hands. Dunne grabs fingers, but Coffey rolls over. Coffey deadlifts for a buckle bomb!

But Dunne holds on with his legs, so Coffey climbs up. Coffey lifts Dunne for a SUPER BOMB! Fans lose their minds once more as both men crash down! Dunne and Coffey crawl to opposite ends as fans chant “UK! Woop Woop!” Coffey and Dunne pull themselves up with ropes as they stare across the ring. Fans reach a new level as the two men rush each other with fast hands! Neither man backs down, but Dunne ducks to throw big haymakers! Coffey staggers but Dunne keeps going! Coffey just leans on the ropes now and Dunne hammers away. Dunne slows but he doesn’t stop, until Coffey rakes the eyes! Coffey clubs Dunne, then brings him to a corner. He lifts Dunne in the Electric Chair, Mountain Top German! Bridging cover, TWO!! Fans sing to tease Coffey but Coffey is far from through.

Coffey stomps and hammers Dunne over and over, but stops at 4. Dunne looks out cold again but Coffey drags him back up. Coffey pumphandles, but Dunne counters with a DDT! Dunne pumphandles to show Coffey how it’s done, BITTER END!! He crawls to a cover but Coffey rolls away! Coffey survives again but fans are still cheering. Dunne goes over to Coffey at the ropes, but his back gives out. Coffey hits All the Best through the ropes! Dunne is dazed again but Coffey drags him up by his hair. Coffey bumps Dunne off buckles, then climbs up top. Coffey tells Dunne “This is MY Kingdom!” But Dunne shoves Coffey down to the floor! The referee checks on Coffey but he’s somehow okay.

Dunne goes out to fetch Coffey and brings him up for a forearm. Coffey hits another All the Best! He puts Dunne in, pumphandles, and steals the Bitter End into a powerslam! Cover, TWO!!! There is still life in Dunne, and the fans have not given up on him. Coffey vows to end this as he climbs up, but Dunne rises to join him! Dunne jumps WITH Coffey to the outside!! They hit barriers on the way down, and fans again lose their minds. Dunne makes it in the ring but Coffey pursues. Fans cheer just for their superhuman hearts if anything! Dunne ducks to rock Coffey, then pumphandles for his Bitter End!! Cover, TWO?!? Dunne grabs Coffey into a triangle, and snaps the fingers! Coffey taps, Dunne wins!!

Winner: Pete Dunne; still WWE United Kingdom Champion

The most brutal match of NXT UK’s history, of the WWE UK Championship’s history, and perhaps of both Dunne’s and Coffey’s careers! Dunne survives to deny the Iron King his throne, and his historic reign only grows all the more legendary!

But wait, who is that on stage? It’s WALTER!! The hottest commodity in European wrestling has arrived! And he walks right up to Pete Dunne in the ring with fans singing along to his theme. The Ring General and the Bruiserweight stare down as the Empress Ballroom duels. But before Walter can say anything to Dunne, Joe Coffey runs in, only to get a boot from Walter! Walter returns his attention to Dunne, and simply folds his arms behind him. Dunne puts the belt in his mouth to double fist. Is this the next challenger for the longest reigning champion of the modern ear? Is Dunne staring down the man who will end that reign?



My Thoughts:

This is the first UK TakeOver, but it is already on par with the best American TakeOver! The stories were all present and the action was all incredible, and with plenty of great surprises, too. We probably should’ve seen Jordan Devlin’s attack on Travis Banks coming, but I didn’t expect the match to be called off. This could be an indication that Travis Banks got hurt (again) since the last filming session. But WWE does great in improvising like this, and putting Finn Balor in Devlin’s place was a perfect choice. The story of former teacher and student always works, especially in how Devlin was so familiar with Finn’s style. But naturally Finn wins, because it’s too soon for Devlin to get a win over the inaugural Universal Champion and a staple of Raw’s roster. Plus, I think Banks was going to win for “Heel’s comeuppance”, anyway.

The tag team match, like all NXT TakeOver tag team matches, was a perfect opener to the show, and was an instant classic. The surprise here was that Mustache Mountain didn’t win. At the same time, it was such an obvious choice for them to win, it works perfectly that they don’t. Seven and Bate can now chase Gibson and Drake while Gibson and Drake brag over and over that they beat everyone’s favorites. Speaking of everyone’s favorite, the fans got to celebrate as Mastiff and Storm go over. Mastiff stays undefeated, and if there was a midcard title, he’d have it already. Storm gives Rhea her comeuppance for all the attitude, and finally has the UK Women’s title the way she was likely meant to have all along. Storm might move on to Jinny, assuming the main roster’s fresh start applies here, too.

Dunne VS Coffey may not have been the most exciting of Dunne’s matches, but it was still a great match between them. Those two falling spots, that first one had to be a mistake and the second was them making up for it. Either way, them being determined enough to continue no matter what is commendable. Coffey does not fall off in losing, he is still a top Heel, but again it’s a shame there’s no midcard title because I would love Coffey VS Mastiff in such a capacity. But now, WALTER is here in NXT UK! Walter is an incredible signing, and he brings his impressive reputation with him. Dunne wins because it’d be bad for Coffey to be a transitional champion to Walter. Instead, Walter is coming in as the bigger man, and after what will surely be another instant classic, he will end Dunne’s historic reign.

My Score: 9.2/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (1/16/19)



NXT UK Coverage

The first NXT UK TakeOver is in the books, now witness the fallout of all the action! Plus, a rematch between The European Connection and Welsh Air Force!



  • El Ligero VS Saxon Huxley; El Ligero wins.
  • Isla Dawn VS Jinny; Jinny wins.
  • Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel; Aichner & Barthel win.


NXT UK took over Blackpool!

We have our inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions in the Grizzled Young Veterans! We have a NEW NXT UK Women’s Champion in Toni Storm! And STILL your WWE United Kingdom Champion, The Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne! But there’s someone new on the scene, and his name is WALTER! The Ring General has come to the fastest rising brand in professional wrestling, and he looks to go right at Dunne’s title! When and where will Walter and Dunne throw down?


El Ligero VS Saxon Huxley!

The Light shines on Blackpool, but the Divine Beast emerges from the darkest shadows. Huxley may have a tag team with Tyson T-Bone, but he still wants to prove he can be a singles threat. Will he or Ligero make waves towards the title in this first ever post-TakeOver phase?

The bell rings and Blackpool loves the Luchador of Leeds. Ligero and Huxley tie up and Huxley pushes him back. They go around the ring and Huxley throws body shots. Ligero dodges the boot then the clothesline to dropkick! And another! Huxley stays standing so Ligero mule kicks and shotgun dropkicks! Ligero runs at the corner but is put on the apron. He slides under and then gets around to back elbow Huxley. Ligero runs but into Huxley’s arms for a big scoop slam! Cover, ONE! Fans rally up for Ligero as Huxley laughs and throws forearms. Huxley boots Ligero and puts him against the ropes. He lets up but then runs back in, but into Ligero’s boot! Ligero throws body shots as fans rally.

Huxley shoves him then rocks Ligero with an uppercut. Huxley crouches to leap into a tackle! He throws knees into Ligero until Ligero falls. Fans boo as Huxley covers, TWO! Huxley keeps his cool as he grabs Ligero for a straitjacket stretch. He thrashes Ligero around as fans rally up. Huxley digs a knee in, but Ligero endures. Ligero fights his way up even as Huxley leans on him. Ligero pries his way out but Huxley rocks him with another uppercut! Huxley whips Ligero but Ligero holds the ropes. He tries again but Ligero uses legs to hold the ropes now, so Huxley rams in a knee. Huxley tries a third time but Ligero reverses and breaks free to then get around for kicks and forearms! Ligero kicks, Huxley blocks but Ligero gets the enziguri!

Ligero whips but Huxley reverses. Huxley follows but Ligero goes up and over to dropkick Huxley away! Ligero lcimbs and hits a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up again, and Ligero feeds off the energy. Ligero brings Huxley up but Huxley breaks free to toss him. Ligero comes back to wheelbarrow but Huxley throws him right into a corner! Huxley drags Ligero up and out to then Canadian rack. Ligero slips out, Huxely puts him on the apron, but Ligero kicks back. Ligero steps in for a stunner! Fans fire up as Ligero runs, springboard tornado DDT, aka the C4L! Cover, Ligero wins!

Winner: El Ligero, by pinfall

Victory for Ligero in the Empress Ballroom! Will this help Ligero make leaps and bounds towards Pete Dunne’s championship?


Isla Dawn VS Jinny!

The White Witch failed to capture the championship from Rhea Ripley in their match weeks ago, and the Fashionista made sure to rub it in with a sneak attack backstage. But now that the Lightning from Down Under has the title, will the Spoiled Princess be aiming to revive an old rivalry? Or will she be stopped by Isla’s magic before ever getting a chance?

The bell rings and Jinny throws a knee into Isla’s stomach. She then throws Isla’s face onto her knee, and grounds ‘n’ pounds as fans boo and jeer. Fans taunt the Spoiled Princess with song as she throws forearms at Isla. Jinny whips but Isla reverses and scoops for a gut wrench suplex! Jinny gets up and Isla runs back in for a meteora! Cover, TWO! Isla stays on Jinny with a grounded hammerlock. Jinny endures and reaches back but Isla wrenches more. They stand and fans rally as Jinny spins to reverse. Isla easily reverses it back, but Jinny tries again. Isla stays in control, and wrenches a bit more. Jinny sits down and trips Isla up to go for a cover, but Isla slips right out and back to her armlock! Isla drags Jinny from ropes as she tortures the fingers.

Isla wrenches again but Jinny spins and throws a heavy forearm! Jinny eggs Isla, and the brawl is on! Isla gets an edge and sends Jinny rolling all the way out of the ring. Jinny catches her breath as Isla eggs her on now. Jinny tells her to back off, and takes her time coming back. Isla goes after Jinny but she gets a hotshot! Jinny throws a right but Isla blocks to counter kick! Isla runs in at Jinny but gets boots. Jinny runs out, flying headscissors! Jinny stomps away on Isla at the ropes and fans boo. She backs off but comes back with heavy rights. Jinny pushes Isla into the buckles with both hands, then pulls her back out to a standing abdominal stretch. Isla endures as Jinny grinds an elbow into the hips and ribs. Jinny pulls hair, too, but lets off that at 4.

Fans rally as Isla pries her way out and hip tosses Jinny down! Isla runs, basement dropkick hits! Cover, TWO! Isla keeps on Jinny as she goes to a corner. Isla backs off from the ropebreak, but runs back in. Jinny catches her into a big buckle shot! Cover, TWO! Jinny was close but she keeps on Isla. Jinny puts on a cobra clutch and tells Isla, “You’re nothing, little girl!” Fans rally up again as Isla gets up. Isla fights but Jinny wrings her out. Isla dodges to knee trigger and saido suplex! Cover, TWO! Jinny survives but Isla doesn’t let up. Isla gets Jinny with double underhook, Gory Especial! But Jinnys wings up to a victory roll! Isla sits on it, TWO!!

Jinny gets a leg and trips Isla up into a surfboard! Isla endures, and pries a hand free. Isla crawls but Jinny rolls and uses hair! Jinny pulls Isla back in a modified camel clutch, but Isla powers up to her feet. Isla puts Jinny into buckles and breaks free. She turns Jinny around for an Electric Chair but Jinny slips out. Jinny runs but into an elbow. Isla hops up but Jinny kicks the legs out! “Not this time, sweetheart!” Draping facebuster! Cover, Jinny wins!

Winner: Jinny, by pinfall

The Fashionista is fierce as ever, and she looks ready to challenge the champ! Will Jinny truly make this her Women’s Division?


Travis Banks speaks.

“NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, it was supposed to be Travis Banks VS Jordan Devlin, but that didn’t happen.” The Irish Ace attacked the Kiwi Buzzsaw not once, but twice! Devlin took an opportunity away from Banks, but this won’t happen again. They’ll face off on NXT UK next week, will the Buzzsaw finally shred the Irish Ironman?


Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel!

The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Rockstar and his good pal The Modfather have been soaring, but the Italian Tank and German Commander have looked to ground them for good. Will the Welshmen Air Force overcome the European Connection in this tag team rematch? Or will they be shot out of the sky so soon after the NXT UK Tag Team titles arrived?

The teams sort out and we begin with Andrews and Aichner. Fans duel and even chant “NEIN! NEIN!” for Barthel. Aichner ties up and tosses Andrews! He taunts Andrews but Andrews keeps his cool. They circle again and Andrews gets a headlock. Aichner powers out and runs Andrews over. He again eggs Andrews on, but gets a kick for it! Andrews speeds things up to tilt-o-whirl headscissor and dropkick Aichner down! Cover, ONE, but Andrews grabs an arm. Tag to Webster, but Aichner CHOPS him back! And again! Aichner brings Webster over and tags in Barthel. The EuroConnection mug Webster, and Barthel scoops. Webster slips out and boots Barthel away. Webster dodges Aichner to give him a triangle dropkick!

Barthel runs in but misses, Webster slides under. Barthel gets the legs but Webster pops up and headscissors him down! Webster fires up with the fans as he runs to tilt-o-whirl. Barthel makes it a toss of his own, then tags in Aichner. Barthel feeds Webster to Aichner’s tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Aichner gloats as he stalks Webster to a corner. He throws hands and stomps away until the ref counts 4. Aichner drags Webster over and tags Barthel. The Europeans mug and stomp Webster again as fans chant “NEIN! NEIN!” Barthel backs off to give a proper “NEIN!!” before stomping Webster more. He drags Webster up to snapmare and cover. TWO, but Barthel wraps on a chinlock. Barthel thrashes Webster around, and even wrangles him back down to the mat.

Fans rally up and Webster fights back up. Webster elbows free, but Barthel yanks him back in by his pants. Barthel fishermans and tosses Webster but Webster lands on his feet! Tag to Andrews! Barthel quickly tags Aichner in, but Aichner runs into a rallying Andrews! Andrews forearms and chops away, but Aichner shoves him. Andrews comes back, wheelbarrow into Stomp 182! Aichner gets to a corner, Andrews runs in, and Aichner puts Andrews on the apron. Barthel runs at Andrews but gets kicked off the apron! Andrews shoulders into Aichner then slingshots up and over to wheelbarrow bulldog! Webster intercepts Barthel with a knee trigger! Webster helps Andrews with a standing 450! Cover, TWO!

Andrews drags Aichner up but Aichner knees low. Aichner clubs Andrews down then tags Barthel. Aichner feeds Andrews to Aichner’s kick, then drops Andrews with a back suplex. He feeds Andrews to Barthel’s scoop slam and then hits Webster for good measure! Barthel covers, TWO! Andrews survives and fans fire up. Barthel drags Andrews up and tags Aichner. Andrews jawbreakers and then mule kicks. He runs but only into the spinebuster and Penalty Kick! Cover, but Webster breaks it in time! Barthel goes after Webster and puts him on the apron. Webster dumps Barthel out! Aichner goes after Andrews with a suplex, but gets a huricanrana! Andrews tags Webster, and they both FLY!! Double somersault sentons take out the Europeans!

Fans fire up as the Welshmen put Aichner in. Andrews tags back in, and he climbs while Webster picks Aichner up. Webster tilt-o-whirls but Aichner turns it into a long dart into Andrews! Aichner hits Webster with a lariat while Barthel kicks Andrews. Barthel tosses Andrews at Aichner, who makes it a brainbuster!! Cover, TWO!! Fans give this a standing ovation! Barthel grimaces as he drags Andrews up. Tag to Aichner but Andrews chops away on both of them! Andrews runs, slides under, and double PELE! He keeps going to moonsault at Aichner, tornado DDT! Tag to Webster, and Webster climbs, for the Shadows Over Malice swanton! Cover, but Barthel breaks it! All four men are down and Blackpool is still fired up!

They chant “UK! Woop Woop!’ as Barthel suplexes Andrews. Stun-Dog Millionaire! Andrews runs but Aichner trips him up. Aichner drags Andrews out to ram him into barriers, then ram his knee in! Aichner may have hurt himself with that, but he gets in to go after Webster. Webster headbutts! Webster springboards but Barthel saves Aichner from the Rude Boy Block! Barthel tags in and Aichner holds Webster in the corner, Barthel hits a big basement dropkick! Aichner tags back in, and Barthel climbs while Aichner picks Webster back up. The Europeans work together, for a spinning EuroUpper bomb!! Cover, The European Connection wins!

Winners: Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel, Aichner pinning

Blackpool may not like Barthel and Aichner, but they respect this amazing match! With a win like this, will the European Connection be first in line for a NXT UK Tag Team title match?



My Thoughts:

For a post-TakeOver episode, NXT UK does it right! Aside from the opening highlight reel, there was no recap of TakeOver: Blackpool to fill for time, and that made this episode all the better for it. Travis Banks does give a quick selfie video promo, and does pretty well, and obviously we will still get Banks VS Devlin like we were meant to. This must mean Banks’ real life injuries weren’t so bad, and now we can have a great blow-off for them. Ligero VS Huxley was a nice surprise, and it gives Ligero a great win to move forward with. Ligero VS Conners will surely happen again, and could go either way. Again, midcard title for the UK when?

Isla VS Jinny had a good match that was a bit sloppy to start but got much better as they went. As I sensed, this will likely serve as a contender’s match, Jinny VS Storm as Storm’s first title challenger will be great. Of course, Rhea will want a rematch, so maybe Rhea VS Jinny just to see that interaction and great match. The NXT UK Women’s Division is still a bit small, but with Kay Lee Ray and Jazzy Gabbert joining, things are going to ramp up. Isla against either of them to help in their debut will be great.

The tag team main event was incredible, I am surprised this wasn’t part of the tournament as a qualifier to face Grizzled Young Veterans or something. Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, being the newest tag team to do crossovers between NXT UK and NXT USA, they are going to get the tag titles from one of those Divisions, but I would love if these guys somehow end up the ones getting both of them. Not necessarily simultaneously, but putting them in the same conversation as Mustache Mountain for having done that is totally feasible. And even though Aichner & Barthel are Heels just like Zack Gibson & James Drake, a match of these two should happen just because it’ll be a great match.

My Score: 8.1/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (1/15/19)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy faces THREE challengers at the Royal Rumble, but that’s still not enough! Who answers his (non-title) Open Challenge?!



  • Lio Rush VS Lince Dorado w/ Lucha House Party; Rush wins.
  • Open Challenge: Buddy Murphy VS ???; Murphy wins.


The Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4 Way is set!

Hideo Itami shocks many but most of all Cedric Alexander in that instant classic match from last week’s episode. Now the Innovator of the GTS moves on to the Royal Rumble match alongside Akira Tozawa and Kalisto as they all challenge Buddy Murphy for the title. But Drake Maverick knows there are many top Cruiserweight stars who missed out. Lio Rush feels cheated because of the Lucha House Party’s presence at ringside during his qualifying match against Kalisto. Lio called out LHP and the Golden Lynx answers the call for them to settle things in the ring. Will the Man of the Hour get even with Lince Dorado for the imagined slight? Or will Lince prove Lio has no one to blame but himself?

Then the champion himself says he still doesn’t think the WWE Universe understands that he IS the best Cruiserweight of all time. Therefore, he offers a non-title Open Challenge tonight just weeks before his title match! Who will answer that challenge? Will Murphy come to regret daring someone to step to him?


Lio Rush VS Lince Dorado w/ Lucha House Party!

The 24 Year Old Piece of Gold picks up a mic before the match to welcome fans to “Lio 5 Live.” Lio has unfinished business with Lince Dorado, because Lince has a misconception about Lio. Lio’s not here to make friends or to party, he’s here to win! And if you can’t tell by now, take a good look at what Lio’s done for the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Bobby Lashley. Lio wanted to be WWE Cruiserweight Champion at the Royal Rumble, and the Lucha House Party ruined that. So now in return for that, Lince will learn exactly what it’s like to #FeelTheRush. Lince makes his entrance with his amigos, and we begin!

But the moment the LHP makes their entrance, Lio protests. The luchadores all roll together because they know one of them isn’t enough to beat Lio. Lince doesn’t care what Lio thinks as he throws his vest at him. Lio laughs but then throws the vest back. He tells Kalisto and Gran Metalik to leave, and so they start to leave. And Lio pounces on Lince in the corner! Lio rains down rights but the referee backs him off. Lio taunts Kalisto and Metalik as they reluctantly continue to the back. The ref asks Lince if he’s willing to continue, and Lince says he is. The bell rings, and Lio runs right into Lince’s haymakers!

Lince throws hands and knees, then whips. Lio reverses but Lince slides under. Lince kicks back and heel kicks Lio off his feet. Lince keeps on Lio in the corner with knees and chops, then bumps him off buckles. He snap suplexes Lio down then covers, ONE! Lince keeps on Lio with more body shots in the corner. Lio shoves Lince then boots him away. Lio runs and redirects things, to SLAP Lince! Lince glares as Lio trash talks, and they grapple on the mat! Lio and Lince scrap, then things speed up again, Lio runs into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Lince drops the planking splash, covers, TWO! Lio manages to survive but Lince doesn’t back down. Lince stomps Lio then drags him to a drop zone. Lince climbs up but Lio rolls away to the ropes.

Lio crawls under the apron skirt but Lince drags him back out. Lio shoves Lince into the post, then trips him off the apron! Lince crashes down and Lio grits his teeth. Lio stands, aims, and springboards for the Asai moonsault! Lio hits Lince but also hits the announce desk! The ref counts but Lio bounces Lince off the desk. Lio puts Lince in at 6 and covers, TWO! Lio grows frustrated and takes it out on Lince with stomps. He rams Lince with an uppercut, then covers, TWO! Lio calms down as he drags Lince up. Lince hits back with body shots, then runs to springboard, but his crossbody flops! Lio hits a basement dropkick, covers, TWO! Lio wraps Lince in body scissors and a chinlock to squeeze the air out of him.

Fans build to a “Lucha! Lucha!” rally as Lince pries Lio’s feet apart. Lince stands up and fights out, but Lio clubs him back down. Lio says this is his time as he stomps a mudhole into Lince. The ref counts but Lio backs off at 4. Lio suplexes Lince then covers, TWO! Lio puts Lince right into another chinlock and pulls Lince back. Lince endures the partial camel clutch, and fights up as fans rally. He jawbreakers Lio away then dropkicks him down! Lio runs but into a boot. Lince runs to bulldog Lio down! Lince handsprings, but Lio rolls and roundhouses! Cover, TWO! Lince barely survives and Lio is seething. Lio stomps Lince then dares him to stand up. Lio throws haymakers to knock Lince into the ropes. He chokes Lince on the ropes but stops at 4.

Lince gets to a corner but Lio is on him with the double chicken wings. Lio spins Lince but Lince shoves him away. Lince gets to the apron and shoulders in, but Lio kicks him first. Lio goes to bump but Lince turns that around. Lio staggers away as Lince climbs, and Lince leaps for a big crossbody! But he bounces off the cover! Lio staggers to a corner as Lince goes to the other. Lio runs but misses in the corner, Lince CHOPS Lio! Lince kicks Lio out of the ring, then builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Lio up the ramp! Lince puts Lio back in and then hits a second rope moonsault. He hits another, then climbs up a third time. Lince leaps for another moonsault, and hits it! Cover, TWO!! Lio lives and Lince is exhausted.

Lince fires himself up with “Lucha! Lucha!” and fans follow along. Lio stands, trips Lince, and then throws forearms. Lince comse back with a boot! Lio staggers, and Lince boots again. Lince runs to boot Lio down a third time. Lio flounders as Lince runs to handspring, but into Lio’s underhooks! Lince shoves out, Lio low springboards back, but Lince dodges to mule kick! Lince handsprings, Golden Rewind! Cover, TWO!! Lince cannot believe that Lio survives again! Lince drags Lio back to a drop zone and climbs up again. Lio crawls to ropes, so Lince hits a HUGE guillotine leg drop! Lince hurries as Lio crawls to another corner. Lince runs in, but into the post! Now Lio climbs up top, for the Final Hour frog splash! Cover, Lio wins!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

It was a tough match, but the Man of the Hour gets that win he wanted! But Lio isn’t satisfied with that, he goes after Lince on the ramp! Kalisto and Metalik return to run Lio off, and Lio runs away with a grin. Will Lio continue to go after the luchadores on the road to the Royal Rumble?


Backstage interview with Noam Dar.

The Scottish Supernova beat Tony Nese last week, but how did he overcome the size and strength disadvantages? Well Nese thinks that just because he’s the Premier Athlete, that makes him better than everyone. But Dar proved that’s wrong. However, Nese comes in and tells Dar to get out of his fantasy world. Dar proved he was just lucky, because Nese dominated bell to bell. But Nese still lost. “Every dog has his day”, but everyone knows that 99/100 times, Nese wins. Yet Nese lost this time. Well, it’s 1-1. Dar can prove it’s not a fluke and face Nese again. Dar does admit he wants to have a match with someone who will bring out the best in him, but that’s not Nese. Will Nese get that tiebreaker he desires? Or is Dar on to bigger and better things?


Drake Maverick talks with officials backstage.

He will check on Lince Dorado in the trainer’s room after what Lio Rush did to him, so he entrusts the referee to handle Buddy Murphy’s open challenge match. TJP walks in, and doesn’t recall a time Maverick ever checked on him in the trainer’s room. Because he’s never had to… TJP had a serious cold once. Don’t joke, Lince could be seriously injured.

But surely TJP is here to answer that open challenge, right? Well unfortunately for TJP, a new superstar has taken that opportunity already. Maverick has high hopes for this debuting Cruiserweight, actually. But he does like that TJP has motivation to seek out opportunity. TJP is a cornerstone of the division- And is handsome. Maverick just wants to tell TJP that this is a good thing, and if there are any opportunities in the future, Maverick will be sure to tell TJP. TJP can barely keep a straight face as he exits. Does TJP think earning and seeking opportunities is a joke? Will he or this new superstar be having the last laugh?


Buddy Murphy’s championship challengers speak.

Kalisto says “The Lucha House party was created to show the tradition of Lucha Libre around the world, and have fun with my amigos!” Kalisto takes lucha libre seriously, and dedicated his life to be the best. He vows to be the new two-time Cruiserweight!

THE Brian Kendrick speaks on behalf of Akira Tozawa to say that anything goes in a Fatal 4 Way. It will be brutal, and that’s why Kendrick is teaching Tozawa every dirty trick in the book to break his opponents’ will to compete. Tozawa just says “What he said”, and gives a big smile.

Ariya Daivari speaks on behalf of Hideo Itami that all three of the other superstars in that match have held the title. They had hunger that has been fed. Itami has not been fed, and he is hungry! A hungry man doesn’t see right or wrong, he just sees food. Itami sees the title, and is a threat to both Murphy’s reign and well-being. Just ask Cedric Alexander about that. In that Fatal 4 Way, 50 THOUSAND will witness live the birth of the Itami Era.

But while all three contenders are ready for a Fatal 4 Way, they’ll all be facing each other in a Triple Threat next week! Who will come out of that match with major momentum towards the title?


Open Challenge: Buddy Murphy VS ???

The Juggernaut wants to prove to the entire world that he is not just Cruiserweight Champion, but the greatest Cruiserweight in history. As such, he posed this challenge not just to the world, but to himself to show that he can defeat any Cruiserweight from anywhere. Before this match, Murphy picks up a mic.

“Ladies and gentlemen, shut your mouths, I’ve got something to say!” Fans obviously don’t take kindly to that, but Murphy reintroduces himself as the greatest Cruiserweight of all time. And Murphy plans to prove that against three of the best in the world at the Royal Rumble. Those three have their triple threat to prove who’s the second best, but that’s next week. Murphy won’t stand for the “What?”, and will force fans to listen to him. Murphy’s not worried about next week, he is focused on this 205 Open Challenge. Who wants to try and stop the unstoppable?! Maverick has already promised this is a brand new superstar to join 205 Live, and that new name is… Humberto Carrillo! NXT’s newest sensation is here to show Cruiserweight wrestling is in his blood. Murphy doesn’t sweat Humberto yet, but will he by the end of the match?

The bell rings and Murphy circles with Humberto. Murphy looks Humberto up and down and actually shakes his hand. The two tie up and Murphy waistlock slams Humberto to the mat. Murphy floats all over Humberto then kicks him to a corner. He declares himself the greatest all over again, but Humberto shrugs it off. Humberto circles with Murphy again, and Murphy wrenches the arm. Murphy yanks the arm and puts on an armlock, but Humberto endures. Humberto reverses the wrench, but Murphy quickly rolls to reverse it back. Murphy goes after the wrist but Humberto uses the ropes to flip through. Humberto cartwheels and handsprings to sweep the legs! Cover, TWO! Humberto leaps over the leg sweep to grab Murphy in a headlock.

Murphy tries to power out but Humberto holds on. Fans rally for Humberto but Murphy pulls hair. Murphy powers out and runs Humberto over with a shoulder. Murphy wags a finger at Humberto, then swings a kick, but Humberto ducks under to handspring up. Humberto ducks all the punches but Murphy dodges Humberto’s kicks! Murphy misses his own kick and is surprised by Humberto’s handspring! Fans cheer as Humberto offers Murphy the handshake back. Murphy applauds Humberto and shakes his hand, to sucker Humberto into a snapmare. Humberto handsprings through and wags his finger now. Things speed up and Humberto arm-drags Murphy around. Humberto springboards for a flying arm-drag, then a dropkick!

Murphy rolls out but Humberto builds speed. Humberto slides but Murphy ducks under. Humberto comes back, Murphy tosses him to the apron but Humberto lands on his feet to moonsault! Murphy dodges again but Humberto rolls through to stand back up. Humberto runs back but into boots. Humberto rolls again but Murphy throws him down by his head! Murphy walks past Humberto on the ramp as the referee checks on him. Murphy drags Humberto up for a heavy forearm, then puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! Murphy keeps his cool as he drags Humberto back up. He snapmares Humberto again for a stiff kick, and then wraps on a chinlock.

Humberto flails and reaches as fans build to a rally. Murphy traps an arm for a seated stretch, and rams his elbow in over and over! Humberto flops to the mat, Murphy covers, TWO! Murphy keeps on Humberto with another chinlock. Murphy fish hooks Humberto’s face but stops at the ref’s count. Humberto endures and fights his way up. Humberto throws hands and gets free! He counter punches Murphy but Murphy reverses the whip. Humberto huricanranas Murphy out! He builds speed to DIVE, but Murphy dodges to send Humberto to the ramp! Humberto clutches his ribs while Murphy grins. Murphy drags Humberto up again and bounces him off the apron. Murphy whips Humberto into barriers, then tosses him into the ring. Cover, TWO!

Murphy grows annoyed with Humberto and drags him back up for another heavy right. Humberto staggers to a corner and Murphy stomps a mudhole into him. Murphy pushes Humberto to the apron and then climbs up from the opposite side of the corner. He drags Humberto up top, and fans fear what’s coming. Humberto fights back, so Murphy bumps him right off the post! The referee checks on Humberto, but Murphy quickly runs at him, only for Humberto to back drop Murphy on the apron! Murphy writhes on the ground while Humberto catches his breath in the ring. Murphy crawls back into the ring at the count of 6, and runs at Humberto. Humberto boots Murphy then elbows him away. Things speed up, Humberto springboards for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Humberto keeps his cool as he grabs Murphy.

Murphy elbows Humberto away, but Humberto comes back with a springboard enziguri! Murphy flounders and Humberto puts him in quick. Humberto climbs, leaps, big crossbody hits again! Cover, TWO! Humberto fires himself up, and drags Murphy to a drop zone. Humberto climbs but Murphy anchors a foot. He kicks Murphy away and climbs again, but Murphy grabs him to tuck him in! Murphy’s kick is intercepted by a kick! Humberto boots Murphy and then hits a big missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Humberto is beside himself, but he hasn’t put the champion away yet. Murphy crawls away as Humberto grits his teeth.

Humberto runs corner to corner, but into a boot! Murphy climbs up, but Humberto rocks him with a kick! Humberto climbs up to join Murphy, but Murphy resists the superplex. Murphy pushes Humberto back but Humberto lands on his feet! Humberto’s right back on Murphy but Murphy gives him a gordbuster to the mat! Murphy adjusts, leaps for a sunset flip, deadlift into a sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Humberto shocks Murphy by surviving! Murphy glares as he drags Humberto up. Murphy kicks Humberto in the face, then grins as he suplexes. Humberto blocks, and tries to suplex. Murphy blocks back, and the two fight for control. Humberto gets Murphy up but Murphy slips out, but he falls! Did Murphy’s knee give out?

The referee checks on Murphy, and Humberto isn’t sure if he should trust Murphy. Murphy checks his own knee as he takes the knee pad down. A second referee comes in to help as Murphy hobbles. The referees discuss it with Murphy as Humberto comes over. Murphy manages to stand and Hubmerto applauds the guts. But it’s a fake out! Murphy kicks Humberto and pumphandles, but Humberto victory rolls! TWO, and Murphy fires off his strike fest. Humberto dodges the knee to hit back with an enziguri! Murphy falls out of the ring, and Humberto DIVES! Direct hit sends Murphy flying over the announce desk!

Humberto quickly drags Murphy up to bounce him off the desk! And again! Humberto puts Murphy back in the ring and fires up. He springboards at Murphy, but into the knee trigger! Pumphandle, Murphy’s Law! Cover, Murphy wins!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall

The Juggernaut wins, but with a little bit of trickery. Humberto showed fire and grit, surely he’ll be a great addition to the Cruiserweight Division. However, a win is a win, will Murphy continue to win when he’s against three opponents at once?



My Thoughts:

A fairly solid episode for 205 Live now that it is put back on Tuesday. It’s hard to tell if this was recorded before or after SmackDown, but I have a feeling it was again after given the enthusiasm of the crowd. Or rather, lack there of. At the same time, this did not end up one of the many episodes where the main event was above and beyond expectations, which likely disappointed the live fans. But first, Lio VS Lince was really good for an opener. Sending Kalisto and Metalik to the back definitely helped just on the choreography of the match. Lio didn’t have to cheat, he just made the best of one mistake from Lince. I imagine that Lio VS Metalik will happen next, hopefully as part of the go-home. Then, whether Kalisto wins the title or not, Lio finishes the series with him as the blow-off.

There was some good post-Rumble story set up, such as more with Dar and Nese. Dar rejecting Nese’s rematch will surely bring about Nese going after Dar and compelling him to give Nese that tiebreaker. TJP laughing off the idea of the open challenge and such adds more to his Heel entitled attitude. But I’m wondering if after tonight he’ll make a point of him “deserving” to be given chances while the other superstars fail when asking for those chances. Case in point, I am surprised that it was Humberto Carrillo who answered the Open Challenge. Humberto is a great talent, but not a well-known one yet. I would’ve given this chance to someone like Oney Lorcan who at least brings more intensity, which is what fans might have come to expect from 205 Live main events.

The “This is Boring!” chants didn’t help, it’s like they didn’t give Humberto a chance. However, I think by the end, when Humberto managed to bring that intensity and the high spots, fans started understanding him. Obviously Murphy wins, but I’m surprised he did the fake knee move to do it. That might have been to give Humberto even a shred more of legitimacy to fans seeing him the first time, but it really only hurts Murphy in my mind. Hopefully Humberto gets more chances, along with NXT tag partner Raul Mendoza, so fans can get a better idea of how good he really is. As for Murphy, he noted the Triple Threat of his contenders, I wonder if he’ll at least be around to watch personally. That Triple Threat will make for a great go-home match that will surely get fans more into it, even if it’s after SmackDown.

My Score: 8.4/10

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