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Mitchell’s NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Results & Report! (1/12/19)



NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool

NXT UK has its first ever TakeOver! Which team will be the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions? Will Pete Dunne’s historic reign continue or finally end?



  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals: Mustache Mountain VS Grizzled Young Veterans; Grizzled Young Veterans win and become the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions.
  • Jordan Devlin VS Travis Banks; No Contest.
  • Jordan Devlin VS Finn Balor; Finn wins.
  • No Disqualifications: Eddie Dennis VS Dave Mastiff; Mastiff wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Toni Storm; Storm wins and becomes the new NXT UK Women’s Championship.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne VS Joe Coffey; Dunne wins and retains the WWE United Kingdom Championship.


NXT UK has its own Performance Center!

The first international PC will give a place for everyone on the NXT UK roster to hone their craft, both in the ring and outside of it. Charlotte Flair and Finn Balor were NXT Alumni that came over to help celebrate the moment. British Strong Style all felt proud of where their Division is going. “Are you ready?”


Radzi shares footage of earlier today.

Travis Banks had arrived at the Empress Ballroom, but Jordan Devlin attacked him in the lobby! The Irish Ace throws the Kiwi Buzzsaw around then does the same to security before ramming Banks into a wall! Banks grabs that bad leg but Devlin adds more. Sid Scala got Devlin to stop, and got Banks medical attention. Banks was cleared to compete, but will he be able to stand against Devlin?


Every Empire has a Beginning.

The Empress Ballroom is where it all began. “We are just scratching the surface.” Tyler Bate was the first, but Pete Dunne has been the longest reigning WWE United Kingdom Champion. The UK Division slowly grew day by day, “and that brings us to today.” The official NXT UK brand is only in its infancy, yet it’s already making waves! Who will ride those waves all the way to take over history?


NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals: Mustache Mountain VS Grizzled Young Veterans!

Trent Seven and Tyler Bate have been tag team champions everywhere they’ve been, and that includes the American NXT! But Zack Gibson and James Drake want to put a stop to that here and now! Are Gibson & Drake soon to be recognized as the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions? Or will Seven & Bate be the first to hold tag titles on both sides of the pond?

Introductions are made, and Johnny Saint himself raises up those title belts. The teams sort out as fans chant for the “Big Strong Boys!” Bate starts against Gibson at the bell and fans only get hotter. Gibson tunes the fans out as they boo him and sing for Bate. Bate grins as he and Gibson circle. They tie up and are even in power. Gibson gets a chinbar to bring Bate to the mat. Gibson goes after the wrist but Bate kips up. Bate tries to get Gibson down, but Gibson uses the wristlock to bring him back down. Gibson wrenches as fans boo. Bate kips up and gets the headscissor takedown. Fans say “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!”

Gibson pops out and has the wrist but Bate brings him back down into the headscissors. Bate squeezes but Gibson moves around. Gibson pops out and covers, TWO as Bate gets one shoulder up. Gibson tries the other, TWO. He tries both, but Bate bridges! Bate manages to power up and stand, but Gibson drives him back down. TWO with another bridge, and the Big Strong Boy rolls it up and over into a straitjacket! Gibson arm-drags Bate off but Bate lands on his feet! Fans applaud but Gibson talks strategy with Drake. Gibson and Bate tie up and go around. Bate gets the wristlock but Gibson powers him to the corner. Drake tags in but Bate gets away! Gibson backs off and Drake waits as Seven tags in. Mr. Mayhem and the artful dodger circle and fans sing “Trent Seven Army!”

Seven and Drake tie up and push each other around. Drake puts Seven on the ropes then turns him around for clubbing forearms. Drake wrenches and brings Seven over but Seven breaks free. Seven chops away on Drake! That third one knocks Drake off his feet! Cover, ONE, so Seven drags Drake over. Tag to Bate and Bate climbs. Wastleland slam to knee-board senton! Bate brings Drake up for European Uppercuts. Bate whips Drake but Gibson bails Drake out. Fans boo as GYV regroups. Drake runs in but Bop goes up. He won’t let Bang hit, so Bate baits him with a test of strength. Drake falls for it, so Bate goes up, over, around and under to roll Drake up. TWO, and a dropkick drops Drake!

Bate handsprings and brings Drake back over. Drake breaks free and gets a headlock. Bate powers out but Gibson tags in. Bate sees Gibson coming and huricanranas! Seven tags in and gets the hand-off. Gibson throws forearms and goes after Seven’s arm. Seven powers out but Gibson runs him over. Things speed up and Seven hits a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Seven goes right after Gibson’s arm! Fans rally but Gibson whips out. Gibson swings but Seven ducks to scoop. Gibson slips out and tags Drake. Seven CHOPS away on both Grizzled Young Veterans! Seven hip tosses Drake down, then gets him in a waistlock. Gibson tags back in as Seven rolls Drake. Seven rocks Gibson with a right, then DIVES onto Drake! Drake backs away as Seven pursues. Drake suckers Seven into Gibson’s throat chop!

Gibson drags Seven up and into the ring to ground ‘n’ pound. Fans boo but Gibson tags in Drake. The GYV stomp Seven down, then Drake throws hands. Seven crawls but can’t get the tag. Fans rally up but Drake gives Seven a backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Drake wraps on a half nelson and chinbar. Seven endures and feeds off the fans’ energy. Seven fights his way up but Drake wrangles him back down. Fans sing again and Seven stands. Drake throws him out hard then tags Gibson. Gibson drags Seven up, and GYV combine for the slingshot stomp backbreaker! Bate comes over to check on Seven but Gibson tells him to back off. Gibson puts Seven in the ring and drags him back over. Drake tags in and Gibson feeds Seven to Drake’s forearm! Cover, TWO! Seven continues to survive but his arm and back are problems.

Drake drags Seven up but Seven fights back. Drake puts Seven in the corner but Seven fights out! GYV mug Seven, but Seven throws Drake at Gibson! Seven scrambles but Drake drags him back. Gibson tags in and he stomps Seven out. Seven has blood from his head, that’s from Drake’s sharp elbow. Fans sing “If you hate Gibson, stand up~!” but Gibson suplexes Seven and floats to a cover. TWO, but Gibson is right on Seven with a cobra clutch. Seven endures and gets his second wind, but Drake tags in. Drake slingshots but Seven bumps Gibson into him. Drake goes down and Gibson lets go since he’s no longer legal. Gibson throws Seven out and Drake goes after him. But Seven CHOPS Drake back! Drake forearms, Seven CHOPS! They go back and forth, but there’s also the ring count.

Drake forearms and Seven chops again. Seven chops and chops then gets back in at 7! Drake scrambles after to stop Seven from tagging Bate! Gibson tags in and the GYV isolate Seven all over again. Gibson brings Seven up for a forearm, but Seven hits Drake and boots Gibson! Seven runs but Gibson catches him, Bate still tags in! Bate fires off with haymakers and keeps Gibson from running away! Drake comes in but Bate whips and back drops him! Gibson runs but into Bate’s knee! Bate hops up, flying uppercut! Fans fire up with Bate as he grabs Drake for the airplane spin! Around and around he goes, but then he throws him at Gibson. Bate then suplexes Drake onto Gibson’s shoulders, and then lifts them both! Bate does a double spin!

Drake slips off but Bate keeps spinning Gibson until he’s too dizzy. Bate goes at Gibson on the apron but Drake gets him first. But Bate brings Drake out to join him. They brawl on the apron, and Bate exploders Drake at Gibson! Bate kips up as fans reach a fever pitch, then shooting star tackles both Gibson and Drake! Bate puts Gibson in, double underhooks, but Gibson resists. Gibson back drops but Bate lands on his feet. Bop up, BANG hits! Seven tags in and scoops Gibson for a running powerslam! Bate adds a headbutt! Seven covers, TWO!! Mustache Mountain can’t believe their tribute to The British Bulldogs didn’t get it done! Bate DIVES onto Drake! Seven brings Gibson up, Burning Hammer!! Cover, but Drake breaks it just in time!

Fans rally up as Gibson and Seven crawl. Seven hammers Gibson but Gibson kicks Seven. Fans know “This is Awesome!” as Seven grabs Gibson’s foot. Gibson kicks Seven’s bad leg, hot tags to Drake and Bate! Drake tries to roll but Bate sits on it. ONE, Drake sunset flips, ONE, Bate high stacks, ONE! Drake sunset flips again, TWO! Rolling kick from Bate! Bate tags Seven again and Seven picks Drake up. Bate runs and rebounds, but Gibson hits a code breaker! Seven chops Gibson, but Gibson puts him in a corner, and Drake makes Seven #GritYourTeeth! Gibson hits Helter Skelter and Drake adds a 450!! Cover, TWO!? Gibson and Drake can’t believe it, but fans are thunderous! The Grizzled Young Veterans regroup, and Gibson tags back in.

Gibson drags Seven up and feeds him to Drake’s scoop. Seven slips out to throw Drake at Gibson. Seven chops everyone, but gets caught into the enziguri and Shankly Gates! Gibson hammers away and sinks it in deep! Seven endures but Bate is slowly returning. Drake intercepts with a facelock, but Bate powers up. Drake puts Bate in his own Shankly Gates! Mustache Mountain reach for each other as they endure the holds. Bate powers up again, to lift Drake and Death Valley Drive him onto Gibson!! All four men are down but the Empress Ballroom is all but exploding! They chant “UK! Woop Woop!” for “British Wrestling!” Both teams regroup, and tags to Bate and Drake. Bate fires off a strike fest! Bate gives some to Gibson! Drake hits a forearm, but Bate hits a DOUBLE rolling kick!

Seven’s back and tags in again. Mustache Mountain want it, Rebound Snap Dragon! Cover, TWO!?! Drake survives, but Mustache Mountain has one more thing to try. Seven drags Drake up as fans hope they “Fight Forever!” Gibson lurks, and anchors Bate! Seven lifts Drake but Drake slips out. Drake shoves Seven into Bate, and Bate’s in an electric chair. Seven Star Lariat misses, Drak DIVES to Doomsday Bate! Fans lose their minds over that one. Seven is furious, he DIVES but into Drake’s shotgun kick! Gibson drags Seven up and in, and GYV coordinate. Drake scoops, Ticket to MAYHEM!! Cover, Grizzled Young Veterans win!!

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake pinning; NEW NXT UK Tag Team Champions

Liverpool’s Number One and his ally have become THE NXT UK Tag Team Champions! Are they soon to be recognized as the world’s number one tag team?!


Jordan Devlin VS Travis Banks!

The Irish Ace questions the Kiwi Buzzsaw’s pride and love for his homeland. Devlin knows he goes home to Ireland every week, but what about Banks and New Zealand? Banks didn’t appreciate any of the trash talk or the mockery, but as we saw, Devlin got the jump on Banks upon arriving at the arena. Banks is still good to go for this match, but will he be able to put up a fight?

But as Devlin smugly walks down the ramp, Banks DIVES onto him! The Buzzsaw wants payback in the worst way but that leg still bothers him. Even so, he goes right at Devlin with hands on the ramp! Devlin gets away, then baits Banks into steel steps! Banks bangs his bad knee, but he still throws heavy forearms! Devlin shoves Banks away to kick the bad leg! Then chop blocks it! The referee tells Devlin to put this in the ring so it can be a match, but Devlin doesn’t care. Devlin puts Banks’ leg on the steps to stomp away on it! Banks writhes away and referees come out. Fans tell Devlin what they think of him but he ignores them, too. Devlin revels in the heat while Sid Scala comes out to check on Banks.

Scala talks with Banks that this match is going to be called off. Devlin takes to the mic to say “I told the whole world, there’s a reason you never, ever bet against The Ace.” And now that he has no match, how about an interview with Devlin, “The Greatest Irish Wrestler Alive!” But wait, Johnny Saint comes out to inform Sid of something. Sid tells Devlin that they suspected such a thing as his attack earlier today. “But as luck would have it, we have ourselves a back-up plan.” What do they mean by that? Devlin doesn’t care who it is, bring them out. The lights go down, and the smoke rises. It’s Finn Balor!! The Extraordinary Man, Devlin’s former mentor and teacher, is here in Blackpool!! Will Finn show Devlin who the real greatest Irish Wrestler is?

Jordan Devlin VS Finn Balor!

Devlin wants to tune it out, but he can’t ignore that Blackpool is now part of Balor Club! The bell rings and fans lose their minds. Fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” as the two Irishmen circle. Finn and Devlin stare down, and this match feels lik ea long time coming. Devlin SLAPS his former teacher, so Finn throws hands! Finn runs, dropkicks Devlin and takes aim from a corner. Slingblade! Finn hurries to a corner already, but Devlin bails out. Devlin knows the Coup de Grace well, and he wants to leave. Finn won’t let him, and gets him back in the ring! Devlin rolls back out but Finn pursues to forearm smash him down! Fans fire up as Finn flexes. Finn drags Devlin up and in, but Devlin catches him with the ropes! The referee reprimands Devlin but Devlin blasts Finn into barriers.

Devlin goes out to club and stalk Finn, but fans rally up. Devlin rams Finn into the apron, then into the ring. Finn staggers up but Devlin trips him up and uses those same double stomps! Devlin mocks Finn’s poses as he stalks Finn to the ropes. He chokes Finn on the ropes but lets up at 4. Devlin pulls Finn against the ropes and throws forearms. He whips but Finn reverses, but Devlin sunset flips. Finn rolls through to dropkick Devlin down! Fans fire up as Finn takes aim from the corner. Finn runs and dodges Devlin to swing kick him. Devlin’s in the drop zone and Finn hurries up top. Devlin stops Finn with a big dropkick! Finn crashes and burns to the floor! Devlin leaves Finn out there as the ring count begins.

The count passes 5 as Finn sits up. Finn crawls at 7 and stands at 8, to beat the count at 9.5! Devlin stomps away and rains down hands as fans boo. Cover, ONE, but Devlin stalks Finn to the corner. Fans rally up but Devlin throws body shots and chops. Finn grimaces as he CHOPS Devlin back! Finn CHOPS Devlin again to Blackpool’s delight. Devlin kicks back and returns the chops, but Finn chops him more! Finn blocks a boot but Devlin slaps him again. Devlin gets Finn in the urenage and standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Devlin grows frustrated but he looms over Finn again. Devlin drags Finn up for an abdominal stretch. Finn resists but Devlin still gets the hold. Finn endures as fans rally, and he pops out to hip toss Devlin! Both men are down but standing up.

Finn dodges and gets Devlin in the abdominal stretch! Finn elbows away on Devlin, then throws a forearm to the back. Devlin slips out of the dragon sleeper to Pele! Finn CHOPS Devlin again, but walks into a boot, to give Finn HIS Pele! Both men are down but fans fire up. Finn sits up and gets to a corner. Devlin stands and runs in, but into boots. Devlin staggers and Finn rallies with forearms. Finn trips Devlin and gives him those double stomps! Finn aims at Devlin as fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” Finn drags Devlin up but Devlin knees him abck, so Finn hits teh elbow drop DDT. Finn lifts Devlin again, 1916! Cover, TWO! Devlin survives but Finn keeps his focus. Fans fire up with Finn again as he aims. Slingblade! Finn runs into a SUPERKICK! Devlin headbutts, then ripcord back suplexes Finn down! Cover, TWO!

Devlin grows frustrated while fans continue to rally for Finn. Devlin kicks Finn in the ribs, then again. Finn gasps and sputters as Devlin talks trash and soaks up the heat. Devlin aims again, but Finn catches this kick for a takedown! He stomps away on Devlin until Devlin rolls out. Finn aims from the apron for a Penalty Kick! Finn drags Devlin in and climbs up top again, but Devlin trips him up! Devlin throws Finn into the post, then rolls him up. Feet on the ropes, TWO!! Devlin doesn’t cheat Finn, but he does Moonsault! Onto knees! Fans rally up again as Finn and Devlin stand. Finn grabs Devlin for the Bloody Sunday! He aims from the corner, shotgun dropkick blasts Devlin down! Finn climbs up one more time, and hits the Coup de Grace!! Cover, Finn wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

Devlin didn’t expect this match, or any match, on this historic Blackpool TakeOver, but he got the match of his life! Will Devlin get over a defeat at the hands of his former trainer? When and where will Travis Banks return to cut down The Irish Ace himself?


No Disqualifications: Eddie Dennis VS Dave Mastiff!

The Headmaster came into NXT UK bitter at his old friends for leaving him behind, but he’s since moved on to a different goal: becoming NXT UK’s one and only monster. The reason why is because of his run-in with The Bomber. Dennis is no longer undefeated, but he vows to end Mastiff’s own streak. There are no rules but to win, so who wins to establish themselves as the dominant force of this brand?

The bell rings and Dennis circles with Mastiff. Dennis and Mastiff talk, but then they start throwing forearms! Mastiff gets the better of Dennis but Dennis kicks low. Dennis runs but Mastiff follows. Dennis dodges but so does Mastiff, and Mastiff hits a big crossbody! Mastiff tries to cover but Dennis slips away. Dennis forearms Mastiff on the outside then clubs away. Dennis whips but Mastiff reverses to send Dennis into the steps! Mastiff tips the steps over and puts Dennis back in the ring. Mastiff brings the base steps with him and puts them in the ring. Fans like where Mastiff’s going with this, but Dennis doesn’t. Dennis bails out again and grabs a kendo stick. Mastiff pursues and Dennis SMACKS away!

Dennis pulls up the mats to reveal the ballroom’s floor. Mastiff elbows away but Dennis pursues to SMACK him with the stick some more! Dennis chokes Mastiff with it into a Russian Leg Sweep. Cover, TWO! Dennis keeps his cool as he chokes Mastiff with the stick again. Mastiff gets up and fights back, but gets more SMACKS! Fans duel while Dennis toys with Mastiff. Dennis stands Mastiff up, but Mastiff blocks the stick! Mastiff reels Dennis in for a headbutt! Then he SMACKS Dennis with the stick! Mastiff drags Dennis back up, lifts and powerbombs him down! Mastiff goes back to those steps and brings them over. He drags Dennis up in a fireman’s carry, but Dennis slips out. Dennis tries to lift Mastiff but Mastiff elbows out.

Mastiff runs but Dennis uses that momentum to hit the swinging side slam, on the steps! Fans love it, even as Dennis covers. TWO, and Dennis can’t believe it! Dennis pushes the steps out of the ring to clear some space. Dennis goes out and takes the ring announcer’s chair. He brings it back to the ring, swings on Mastiff, but Mastiff ducks! Mastiff picks Dennis up for the rolling senton! Dennis sputters but Mastiff looks to end this. Mastiff climbs up top but Dennis stops him! Dennis tries for the crucifix, and somehow tosses Mastiff for the powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Mastiff survives and Dennis is again in disbelief! Dennis rolls out to fetch a table! Fans like the look of that as he puts the table in the ring. Dennis stomps Mastiff away from the table, then sets the table in the corner.

Fans sing for the table as Dennis picks Mastiff up. Mastiff back drops and sits on Dennis! Dennis crawls away but Mastiff pursues. Mastiff waistlocks and wants to German Suplex Dennis down, but Dennis fights him off. Dennis leaps, but into another rolling senton, on the ballroom floor! Mastiff adds a back senton! Fans want another but Mastiff drags Dennis into the ring. Mastiff catches his breath and fans sing for the table again. Mastiff climbs up, Arabian Press, but it flops! Dennis gets Mastiff in the Next Stop driver!! Cover, TWO!? Mastiff survives yet again, and Dennis pleads with the ref that was three! Fans rally up and Mastiff rolls to a corner. Dennis picks up the chair again and SMACKS Mastiff on the back!

Dennis hoists Mastiff up again, and wants to finish this. He picks Mastiff up in the crucifix again, and heads for the table! Mastiff slips out and the two collide with clotheslines. Neither man falls so they try again. Both men stay standing, but Dennis spins Mastiff. Mastiff gets around to German Suplex Dennis up high! Dennis is on the table, Mastiff runs, Into the Void through the table!! Fans lose their minds as Mastiff covers, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

The Bomber is a monster, and now he’s THE monster of NXT UK! With his undefeated streak intact, will Mastiff move on towards the title?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Toni Storm!

The Mosh Pit Kid and the Lightning from Down Under both made it to the semifinals of the Mae Young Classic, but only Toni Storm went to the finals. Toni Storm won the MYC, but these two would meet again in the tournament to crown the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion. Rhea would shock everyone when she defeated Toni, and Toni would be out of action with a bad back. But Toni is back, and wants to get that title in a rematch from the finals! Will the Storm be ripped apart all over again? Or will she ride the Riptide all the way to victory?

Introducts are made, the belt is raised, and this epic rematch begins! Fans are strongly behind Toni’s side as they sing for her. Toni and Rhea slowly circle, then rush each other! Toni dodges and throws haymakers and clubbing forearms. Rhea gets loose but Toni is right back on her with forearms! Rhea shoves Toni again then flapjacks Toni! Now the two scrap on the mat! Rhea gets away but Toni gives chase. Rhea gets back in the ring and pushes Toni away. Toni keeps chasing her, then DIVES! Direct hit topples the champ! Toni stomps Rhea at the corner, then throws forearms. She chops Rhea then puts her back in the ring. Rhea gets Toni’s hair at the ropes, then kicks her back down. Toni staggers up but Rhea kicks her into the barriers! Flashbacks to their first match, but Toni’s back holds up.

Rhea puts Toni back in and bumps her off buckles. Fans duel as Rhea stomps a mudhole into Toni! Rhea drags Toni up to ram shoulders into her, but lets up at 4. Rhea checks her jaw, and she’s even angrier now. She stomps another mudhole into Toni but stops at 4. Rhea drags Toni to cover, TWO! Rhea drags Toni up as fans build to a rally. She puts on a body scissor and squeezes tight on Toni’s back. Toni sits up and pries at the hold, then pushes back for a cover. TWO and Rhea clubs Toni. Rhea grabs Toni’s hair and trash talks her. Toni pushes back again, TWO, and Rhea clubs Toni more. Toni turns around to throw forearms on Rhea! She breaks free but Rhea pushes her away. Rhea gives Toni clubbing forearms, then lifts in a stalling suplex! She drops Toni down, covers, TWO!

Rhea grows frustrated as fans rally up. Rhea drags Toni up for a scoop slam, then another. She’s clearly after the back, and covers, TWO! Rhea grins now, perhaps amused by Toni’s resilience. Rhea stands over Toni to put on the inverted cloverleaf, but Toni pushes her all the way to a post! Fans keep dueling as Toni runs in. Toni misses, and Rhea dropkicks her down! Cover, TWO! Toni narrowly escapes so Rhea kicks her in the back. Rhea grinds Toni’s face into the mat, then flips her over to drop the leg! And then another leg drop, cover, TWO! Rhea grows further frustrated as she picks Toni up again. Rhea tosses Toni then again! Toni keeps getting up so Rhea toys with her. Toni slaps Rhea so Rhea clubs and boots Toni. Rhea runs, but into Toni’s headbutt! Both women fall but fans are loving this!

A standing count begins as both women stir. The count passes 5 as they both sit up. Toni goes over to throw a forearm. Rhea hits back, and they stand up. Toni hits, Rhea hits, repeat. Then they pick up speed and the fans erupt for this! Toni and Rhea slow down, but then get a second wind! Toni gets the edge, and German Suplexes Rhea! She holds on, for another! Toni brings Rhea up again, but Rhea fights out with elbows. Rhea swings but runs into the underhook! She slips out to pumphandle, but Toni makes it a crossbody! TWO! Toni can’t believe it, but she won’t slow down. She drags Rhea back up for another underhook, but Rhea back drops! Toni sunset flips, TWO! Rhea sits, TWO, sunset flip, TWO! Rhea grabs the legs, and lifts for the inverted cloverleaf! Toni endures as she hangs off the mat.

Fans rally as Toni claws her way over. Toni reaches but Rhea drags her away! So Toni rolls to get Rhea in an ankle lock! Rhea endures as she reaches, and gets the ropebreak. Toni lets go and Rhea gets in the corner. Toni runs in, big hip attack! And then that third German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Toni is shocked but fans are loving this. Toni slaps Rhea around and then drags her back up. She brings Rhea up for furious forearms and palm strikes. She back kicks but Rhea throws her down by her hair. Rhea covers but Toni gets out before a count. Rhea pumphandles, Riptde!! Cover, TWO!? Rhea cannot believe her best move failed!

Fans reach a fever pitch as Rhea drags Toni up again. Rhea reels Toni in for a big lariat, but brings her back up again. Rhea lariats again, but shows no mercy. She drags Toni up a third time, but Toni ducks and headbutts! Double underhook, STORM ZERO!! Cover, TWO!? Now Toni is the one shocked! Blackpool still loves it, and they duel again. Toni and Rhea slowly sit up but they’ve already given so much. Rhea and Toni lean on each other to stand, and Toni throws forearms! Rhea throws one back and rocks Toni. Pumphandle, But Toni slips out to grab Rhea’s hair! Underhooks, STROM ZERO AGAIN! Cover, Toni storm wins!!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall; NEW NXT UK Women’s Champion

Don’t call it a comeback, Toni’s been here for years! And finally, it’s #ToniTime! The Storm takes over, will 2019 belong to her?


WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne VS Joe Coffey!

The Bruiserweight is only the second-ever champion, but his reign of 603 days in monumental. However, the Iron King doesn’t care about days, he only cares about establishing his kingdom. The leaders of British Strong Style and Gallus finally go head to head one-on one. Will Dunne continue on to be an even greater champion? Or will Joe Coffey bring about a new era in the UK Division?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Coffey and Dunne stare down as fans cheer. Coffey crosses his arms and stands still as Dunne circles him. Dunne approaches and Coffey puts up his dukes. They tie up and push each other around. Dunne puts Coffey on the ropes but lets up at 4 with a shove. Coffey and Dunne circle and tie up again. Dunne gets the arm and wrenches, then goes after the fingers and wrist. Coffey rolls and handsprings to reverse the wrench, then brings Dunne to the mat. Coffey slaps Dunne’s wrist, then rolls around. They both stand up and Dunne rolls and handsprings and even spins to break free. Dunne throws that heavy forearm but Coffey stays standing. Coffey and Dunne circle again, then tie up.

Dunne gets both wristlocks and brings Coffey’s hands to the mat. Dunne stands on one hand to go after the other. He twists the pinkie! Then the middle finger. Coffey headbutts Dunne’s leg, but Dunne drops down to get Coffey’s legs. Dunne has Coffey in a figure four knot, and a toehold. Coffey reaches back to grab Dunne in a headlock. Dunne gets up and whips, but Coffey catches Dunne. Coffey wants a crab but Dunne gets an armbar! Coffey scrambles to make it a cover, TWO, and Dunne avoids All the Best! Fans applaud this evenly matched match as the two circle again. Dunne and Coffey slow back down, but Coffey knees low. Coffey puts on a headlock then rocks Dunne with a heavy EuroUpper! He drags Dunne back up for another EuroUpper, then clamps on with a nerve hold.

Dunne endures so Coffey brings him up for a headlock. Fans rally as Dunne powers out. Things speed up and Coffey breaks through the clothesline, so Dunne goes sideways to pounce! Dunne grabs the legs again, and puts on the Regal Stretch! Dunne gives another tribute to William Regal with the combination deathlock and crossface! Coffey crawls around, gets his legs free, and gets the ropebreak! Dunne lets go, to kick Coffey in the arms! Dunne drags Coffey up and whips but Coffey reverses. Coffey pops Dunne up, but Dunne gets a hoverboard wristlock! Coffey powers through to suplex Dunne, but Dunne uses knees to fight back. Dunne swings back into the hoverboard! Coffey endures and powers his way to ropes. But Dunne shifts to grab the reaching arm!

Coffey uses power again to lift Dunne up into a facelock, and half hatch suplex! Cover, TWO! Coffey grows frustrated while fans rally up. Coffey drags Dunne up but Dunne fires forearms. The two brawl and Coffey gets an edge. Coffey tosses Dunne out hard, and Dunne hits apron on the way down! Coffey fetches Dunne and whips him at the steel steps. Dunne goes up and over to enziguri Coffey! Dunne brings Coffey around, but Coffey counters the suplex. Coffey walks into a kick, but then pop-up powerslams Dunne on the ramp! Both men are down and the referee checks on them. Coffey stands and refreshes the count. He waits for Dunne to stir as the count climbs. Champion’s Advantage is in Dunne’s favor but Dunne gets in at 6. Coffey is there to stomp him!

Coffey whips Dunne to one corner, then back in, then back again! He scoops Dunne for a walking backbreaker, then the side slam! Cover, TWO! Dunne lives and Coffey grows furious. Fans build to a rally and Dunne slaps Coffey! Coffey grits his teeth as he drops knees. Coffey stomps Dunne at the ropes but lets up at 4. Fans sing what they really think of Coffey, but he keeps on Dunne. Coffey lifts Dunne for a bearhug and squeezes tight! Dunne headbutts Coffey but Coffey spins around as he squeezes more. Dunne uses his forearms now, then grinds in an elbow. Coffey squeezes again, but fans rally again. Dunne grabs Coffey’s nose! Coffey breaks free and tosses Dunne with a belly2belly! Cover, TWO!

Dunne rolls to a corner but Coffey runs in, only to miss! Dunne headbutts Coffey, then bobs ‘n’ weaves to blast Coffey with a forearm! Now Dunne runs in, goes up and over and enziguris Coffey! Coffey standing switches and German Supelxes, but Dunne lands on his feet! Dunne buzzsaw kicks Coffey out of the ring! Dunne gets moving, SUPER Moonsault! Direct hit and they wipe out at the ramp! Blackpool loves this as Dunne drags Coffey back over. Dunne puts Coffey in as fans chant “UK! Woop Woop!” Coffey rocks Dunne with a right, then reels him in for a suplex, but Dunne X-Plexes! Cover, TWO! Coffey survives and Dunne grows frustrated. Both men are down as fans rally up.

Dunne sits up first but Coffey follows. Dunne whips but Coffey reverses. Coffey follows as Dunne goes up and over, and he leaps for a big crossbody! Coffey keeps moving to SPEAR Dunne in the back! And then a splash in the corner, followed by a powerbomb! High stack, TWO!! Dunne barely survives but the fans haven’t stopped cheering. Coffey stands first and drags Dunne up. He lifts Dunne, for a motorcycle hold into the Boston Crab! Dunne drags himself over but Coffey sits down deep. Dunne keeps moving but Coffey stomps his head! Coffey sits down deep again, Dunne looks like he’s unconscious! The referee checks but Dunne comes to life, and gets the ropebreak! Coffey lets go and both men are down. Fans build to another rally, and Coffey sits up first.

Coffey drags a dazed Dunne around, but Dunne gets the fingers! Coffey headbutts, but Dunne headbutts back. They go back and forth with headbutts, hitting again and again! They pick up speed and fans reach a fever pitch. Double headbutts take both men out! Blackpool love the “British Wrestling!” on display as both men stand up. Coffey runs over but misses, rebound German! But he’s up! Dunne gets Coffey with a complete shot, Koji Clutch! Coffey makes it a cover, TWO, and Dunne keeps the clutch. Coffey keeps moving and he deadlifts Dunne into a tombstone, but Dunne rolls through! Dunne has a kneebar, and a heel hook! Coffey endures the hold as fans rally and duel. Dunne twists the foot but Coffey fights his way back up. Coffey waistlocks and German Suplexes Dunne! Coffey springs right up, but runs into a knee!

Dunne pumphandles, but Coffey slips out. All the Best misses so Coffey double jumps, only to fly into a forearm! Dunne gets Coffey now, Bitter End!! Cover, TWO!? No one can believe Coffey survives! Blackpool is on their feet watching as Coffey crawls to a corner. Coffey rolls all the way out as fans sing Ironman. Dunne runs and hops up, but Coffey stops Dunne with a waistlock. Coffey brings Dunne down but Dunne has the fingers. Dunne elbows but Coffey SPEARS him into the post! Coffey lifts Dunne for an apron sit-out powerbomb!! Fans lose their minds all over again as both men crash and burn! The referee checks and they’re somehow okay to continue. Blackpool knows “This is Awesome!” but also far from over. The ring count begins and passes 5 before either man sits up. The count reaches 9, both men get in at 9.99!

Dunne and Coffey stare down and Coffey grins. Coffey rains down lefts and rights, then stomp after stomp! Dunne grabs Coffey’s hands to kick away on Coffey’s face! Then Dunne gets Coffey down to stomp him! Blackpool fires up with Dunne as he stalks Coffey. Dunne stomps the hands, buzzsaw kicks again, but runs into a pop-up EuroUpper! Coffey runs, but into an enziguri! All the Best is blocked, but it comes back the other way!! Cover, TWO?! Dunne survives and keeps his reign alive! Fans are thunderous and on their feet all over again. Coffey gets up as fans rally. He takes off the elbow pads, then calls for another. Coffey runs, but into an armbar takedown! Dunne wants it but Coffey clasps hands. Dunne grabs fingers, but Coffey rolls over. Coffey deadlifts for a buckle bomb!

But Dunne holds on with his legs, so Coffey climbs up. Coffey lifts Dunne for a SUPER BOMB! Fans lose their minds once more as both men crash down! Dunne and Coffey crawl to opposite ends as fans chant “UK! Woop Woop!” Coffey and Dunne pull themselves up with ropes as they stare across the ring. Fans reach a new level as the two men rush each other with fast hands! Neither man backs down, but Dunne ducks to throw big haymakers! Coffey staggers but Dunne keeps going! Coffey just leans on the ropes now and Dunne hammers away. Dunne slows but he doesn’t stop, until Coffey rakes the eyes! Coffey clubs Dunne, then brings him to a corner. He lifts Dunne in the Electric Chair, Mountain Top German! Bridging cover, TWO!! Fans sing to tease Coffey but Coffey is far from through.

Coffey stomps and hammers Dunne over and over, but stops at 4. Dunne looks out cold again but Coffey drags him back up. Coffey pumphandles, but Dunne counters with a DDT! Dunne pumphandles to show Coffey how it’s done, BITTER END!! He crawls to a cover but Coffey rolls away! Coffey survives again but fans are still cheering. Dunne goes over to Coffey at the ropes, but his back gives out. Coffey hits All the Best through the ropes! Dunne is dazed again but Coffey drags him up by his hair. Coffey bumps Dunne off buckles, then climbs up top. Coffey tells Dunne “This is MY Kingdom!” But Dunne shoves Coffey down to the floor! The referee checks on Coffey but he’s somehow okay.

Dunne goes out to fetch Coffey and brings him up for a forearm. Coffey hits another All the Best! He puts Dunne in, pumphandles, and steals the Bitter End into a powerslam! Cover, TWO!!! There is still life in Dunne, and the fans have not given up on him. Coffey vows to end this as he climbs up, but Dunne rises to join him! Dunne jumps WITH Coffey to the outside!! They hit barriers on the way down, and fans again lose their minds. Dunne makes it in the ring but Coffey pursues. Fans cheer just for their superhuman hearts if anything! Dunne ducks to rock Coffey, then pumphandles for his Bitter End!! Cover, TWO?!? Dunne grabs Coffey into a triangle, and snaps the fingers! Coffey taps, Dunne wins!!

Winner: Pete Dunne; still WWE United Kingdom Champion

The most brutal match of NXT UK’s history, of the WWE UK Championship’s history, and perhaps of both Dunne’s and Coffey’s careers! Dunne survives to deny the Iron King his throne, and his historic reign only grows all the more legendary!

But wait, who is that on stage? It’s WALTER!! The hottest commodity in European wrestling has arrived! And he walks right up to Pete Dunne in the ring with fans singing along to his theme. The Ring General and the Bruiserweight stare down as the Empress Ballroom duels. But before Walter can say anything to Dunne, Joe Coffey runs in, only to get a boot from Walter! Walter returns his attention to Dunne, and simply folds his arms behind him. Dunne puts the belt in his mouth to double fist. Is this the next challenger for the longest reigning champion of the modern ear? Is Dunne staring down the man who will end that reign?



My Thoughts:

This is the first UK TakeOver, but it is already on par with the best American TakeOver! The stories were all present and the action was all incredible, and with plenty of great surprises, too. We probably should’ve seen Jordan Devlin’s attack on Travis Banks coming, but I didn’t expect the match to be called off. This could be an indication that Travis Banks got hurt (again) since the last filming session. But WWE does great in improvising like this, and putting Finn Balor in Devlin’s place was a perfect choice. The story of former teacher and student always works, especially in how Devlin was so familiar with Finn’s style. But naturally Finn wins, because it’s too soon for Devlin to get a win over the inaugural Universal Champion and a staple of Raw’s roster. Plus, I think Banks was going to win for “Heel’s comeuppance”, anyway.

The tag team match, like all NXT TakeOver tag team matches, was a perfect opener to the show, and was an instant classic. The surprise here was that Mustache Mountain didn’t win. At the same time, it was such an obvious choice for them to win, it works perfectly that they don’t. Seven and Bate can now chase Gibson and Drake while Gibson and Drake brag over and over that they beat everyone’s favorites. Speaking of everyone’s favorite, the fans got to celebrate as Mastiff and Storm go over. Mastiff stays undefeated, and if there was a midcard title, he’d have it already. Storm gives Rhea her comeuppance for all the attitude, and finally has the UK Women’s title the way she was likely meant to have all along. Storm might move on to Jinny, assuming the main roster’s fresh start applies here, too.

Dunne VS Coffey may not have been the most exciting of Dunne’s matches, but it was still a great match between them. Those two falling spots, that first one had to be a mistake and the second was them making up for it. Either way, them being determined enough to continue no matter what is commendable. Coffey does not fall off in losing, he is still a top Heel, but again it’s a shame there’s no midcard title because I would love Coffey VS Mastiff in such a capacity. But now, WALTER is here in NXT UK! Walter is an incredible signing, and he brings his impressive reputation with him. Dunne wins because it’d be bad for Coffey to be a transitional champion to Walter. Instead, Walter is coming in as the bigger man, and after what will surely be another instant classic, he will end Dunne’s historic reign.

My Score: 9.2/10

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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (6/18/19)



CMLL Coverage

It was another busy week for CMLL, and The Chairshot has you covered thanks to your friend Joe Dinan! See what happened below.

CMLL at Arena Puebla

Millenium, Tiger Rojo Jr, and Meyer vs Black Tiger, Centella Roja, and Fuerza Chicana

  • First Fall: Tigre Rojo pins Chicana with a sunset flip
  • Second Fall: Fuerza Chicana pins Millenium with a code breaker
  • Third Fall: Tigre Rojo pins Centella Roja with a face buster

This was your typical opener. Back and forth first round with the tecnicos getting the first pin. Second round dominated by the rudos and in the last round the tecnicos got the win. Nothing much else to say as CMLL openers don’t involve much.

Winners: Millenium, Tigre Rojo Jr, and Meyer

Stigma, Arkalis, and King Jaguar vs Cosario de Fuego, El Malayo, and El Perverso

  • First Fall: Arkalis submits Fuego with a single leg crab
  • Second Fall: Fuego pins Stigma with a muscle buster
  • Third Fall: Stigma pins Perverso with a jaw breaker

So Cosario is a new face here this week. He looked pretty decent from what I can see. It looks like King Jaguar got hurt in this match briefly but he came back and his teammates were able to pull out the victory. It’s Puebla saw it’s pretty much the formula of the first match except they did a whole lot more. Pegasso was supposed to be in Stigma’s place but he got hurt at the Sunday show.

Winners: Stigma, Arkalis, and King Jaguar

Esfinge, Triton, and Fuego vs Felino, Misterioso, and Tiger

  • First Fall: Misterioso pins Fuego with a neck breaker
  • Second Fall: Fuego rolls up Felino
  • Third Fall: Tiger pins Triton with a power bomb

We get a quick first fall with Misterioso pinning Fuego. In the second round Triton and Esfinge hit middle rope dives while Fuego rolls up Felino. We had some posturing with the midget Felino brings to the ring and then some team work action. Not long after Tiger pins Triton with a power bomb for the win.

Winners: Felino, Misterioso, and Tiger

Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero vs Gran Guerrero, Euforia, and Templario

  • First Fall: Cuatrero throws Sanson in the air and he knees Gran Guerrero
  • Second Fall: Euforia pins Cuatrero with a pump handle
  • Third Fall: Cuatrero launched Forastero into Gran and Templario for the pin

Los Guerrero’s jump Dinamitas to begin this match. We have a brawl on our hands. Dinamitas turn the table and catch Los Guerrero’s slipping and get the first fall. Templario hits a sasuke special while Euforia pins Cuatrero with a pump handle slam. They fight some in the final round until Cuatrero launches Forastero into Gran Guerrero and Templario. They take Templario’s mask as well.

Winners: Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Ultimo Guerrero, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja vs Mascara Ano 2000, El Terrible, and Rey Bucanero

  • First Fall: Terrible submits Ultimo Guerrero with a boston crab
  • Second Fall: NIebla Roja gets Bucanero in a pinning combo
  • Third Fall: Terrible pins Ultimo Guerrero with a roll up

Another match that begins with a brawl. Terrible gets Ultimo in a boston crab. They continue to fight each other. Just brawling pretty much and Niebla Roja catches Bucanero in a pinning combo. The final round was a more slowed down back and forth. Ultimo gets Terrible in a submission but the ref gets distracted by Mascara. Ultimo gets upset and then Terrible rolls him up for the win.

Winners: Mascara Ano 2000, El Terrible, and Rey Bucanero

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CMLL Arena Mexico Tuesday

Kaligua and Angelito vs Pequeno Violencia and Pequeno Olimpico

  • First Fall: Violencia pins Angelito with a senton splash
  • Second Fall: Kaligua pins Violencia with a splash off of Angelito’s shoulders
  • Third Fall: Olimpico pins Kaligua after getting his feet up on a moonsault

Typical CMLL opener. Violencia and Olimpico hit a double power bomb and Violencia hits a senton to pin Angelito. They also pin Kaligua but there wasn’t any point to it. Rudos double team for the whole second round until a come back is made. Kaligua does a splash off of Angelito’s shoulders on Violencia. Olimpico gets hits feet up on a moonsault by Kaligua and pins him.

Winners: Pequeno Violencia and Pequeno Olimpico

Oro Jr, Robin, and Super Astro Jr vs Raziel, Cancerbero, and Espiritu Negro

  • First Fall: Robin pins Raziel with a swanton bomb
  • Second Fall: Raziel pins Super Astro with a spinning falcon arrow
  • Third Fall: Raziel and Cancerbero submit Robin and Super Astro with a double submission

Most of the first round is spent feeling each other out and grappling. Towards the end everyone starts to trade spots and Robin gets the pin. The second round is quick with the rudos getting the advantage. Raziel pins Super Astro with a spinning falcon arrow. The rudos continue to hold the advantage starting the last round. Raziel and Cancerbero get Astro and Robin in a double submission for the win.

Winners: Raziel, Cancerbero, and Espiritu Negro

(Match Relampago) Virus vs Drone

  • Virus pins Drone with a vertabreaker

Drone and Virus grapple for like the first third of this match then Drone hit a nice middle rope dive. Back in the ring Drone goes for his knees in the corner but Virus rolls him up. Drone fights out and fights back. Virus rolls him up again but Drone kicks out. Drone goes for a split legged moonsault but completely misses. So Virus puts his foot on the rope because he’s not gonna look like a fool. Virus hits a middle rope elbow drop. Virus hits a vertabreaker to pin Drone.

Winner: Virus

Marcela, Sanely, and La Jarochita vs Dalys, Tiffany, and Reyna Isis

  • First Fall: Marcela submits Dalys with a surfboard stretch
  • Second Fall: Tiffany pins Sanely with a face buster
  • Third Fall: Dalys submits Marcela with a torture rack

Lots of fighting going on in this match so far. Sometimes the women aren’t the best wrestlers or luchadors but in my opinion they bring a realistic intensity that guys on their card level don’t. Maybe they feel like they need to prove themselves. Jarochita and Sanely hit sentons on Dalys then Marcela submits her. In this round the rudos get the advantage and do some team work action. Tiffany hits a face buster on Sanely for the pin. The rudos continue to have the advantage in the third round. They start to trade spots and stopping pin falls. Finally Dalys catches Marcela in a torture rack for the win.

Winners: Dalys, Tiffany, and Reyna Isis

Atlantis, Kraneo, and El Audaz vs Mephisto, Hechicero, and Ephesto

  • First Fall: Ephesto pins Atlantis with a slingshot splash
  • Second Fall: Kraneo pins Hechicero and Ephesto with a splash
  • Third Fall: Ephesto kicks Audaz mid air for the win

They feel each other out some but it transforms into the rudos teaming up on the tecnicos. Mephisto power bombs Audaz and Ephesto gets slingshot onto Atlantis for the pin. This round continues with the rudos dominating. Kraneo gets crotched on the barricade. A come back gets made and Kraneo goes to splash Hechicero and Ephesto but Audaz keeps doing it. Kraneo tells him to stop and then he does it. Atlantis and Mephisto square off in the final round. Audaz leaps off of the stage to hit a hurricanrana on Hechicero. Hechicero hits a running knee and a springboard drop kick on Kraneo for the pin. Hechicero throws Audaz in the air and Ephesto kicks him for the win.

Winners: Mephisto, Hechicero, and Ephesto

Soberano, Titan, and Stuka vs El Terrible, Bestia del Ring, and Forastero

  • First Fall: Bestia hits a senton on Stuka for the pin
  • Second Fall: Soberano pins Terrible with a hurricanrana
  • Third Fall: Bestia pins Soberano with a cradle tombstone

We start the match with some grappling. It evolves into Terrible and Bestia getting heat on the tecnicos. Bestia hits a senton on Stuka for the pin. Rudos continue to get heat in the next round. Soberano gets launched and Bestia and Forastero turn their backs. Soberano hits a hurricanrana and pins Terrible. Titan starts hot in the last round, using his agility on everyone. Later in the round Soberano, Stuka, and Titan each hit a middle rope dive at the same time. Terrible catches Stuka with a power bomb and Bestia hits a cradle tombstone on Soberano for the win.

Winners: El Terrible, Bestia del Ring, and Forastero

CMLL Arena Mexico Friday

Star Jr and Magia Blanca vs Espanto and Akuma

  • First Fall: Akuma pins Star with a muscle buster
  • Second Fall: Star pins Akuma with a corner drop kick
  • Third Fall: Star Jr pins Akuma with a springboard frog splash

Espanto and Akuma come out on bikes. They spend the early part grappling as usual. Espanto hits a splash on Magia. Akuma pins Star with a muscle buster. Rudos continue to work over the tecnicos. Tecnicos make a come back and Star hits Akuma with a corner drop kick. There’s some back and forth action. Espanto slips on the ropes. Blanca hits a top rope death valley. Star hits a springboard frog splash on Akuma.

Winners: Star Jr and Magia Blanca

Triton, Esfinge, and Rey Cometa vs Polvora, Kawato San, and Tiger

  • First Fall: Rey Cometa pins Polvora with a 450
  • Second Fall: Tiger takes Triton’s mask for the DQ

They do some typical feeling out grappling. Triton hits an asai moonsault on Tiger. Esfinge gets Kawato in a pinning combo. Cometa hits a 450 on Polvora. There’s a lot of back and forth action in round 2. Trading a lot of spots. Rudos start to team up on the tecnicos. They fight back and hit a pair of middle rope dives. As in all 3 of them hit 2 middle rope dives. Tiger rips Triton’s mask. Esfinge hits a big asai moonsault on Polvora. Kawato runs at Cometa but Cometa hits a Spanish fly off of the apron. Tiger takes Triton’s mask.

Winners: Triton, Esfinge, and Rey Cometa

Valiente, Soberano, and Atlantis Jr vs Cuatrero, Forastero, and Hijo del Villano III

First Fall: Soberano pins Forastero with a lionsault.

Second Fall: Forastero pins Atlantis Jr after being launched into him

Third Fall: Valiente pins Cuatrero with a lung blower

We have some decent back and forth action. Valiente hits a big middle rope dive on Cuatrero. Soberano hits a lionsault on Villano III and pins him. Atlantis Jr and hijo Villano trade blows in this round. After some back and forth Cuatrero launches Forastero into Atlantis Jr and Soberano for the pin. In round 3 the rudos have the advantage. A come back gets made and Soberano and Atlantis Jr hit middle rope dives and then Valiente hits a big one on Forastero. They all trade big moves but the pins get broken. Soberano hits some kind of vortex tornillo to the outside. Valiente hits a lung blower on Cuatrero for the win.

Winners: Valiente, Soberano, and Atlantis Jr

(Match Relampago) Rey Bucanero vs Euforia

  • Euforia wins with a roll up

They do some grappling and Bucanero tries to tear at his mask. Bucanero hits a whisper in the wind to the outside. Euforia hits a monkey flip to change momentum. They have a relatively uneventful back and forth. Bucanero hits a whisper in the wind again and goes for a pin but Euforia rolls him up.

Winner: Euforia

(Copa Dinastia) Mistico and Dragon Lee vs Ultimo Guerrero and Gran Guerrero vs Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja vs Mascara Ano 2000 and Sanson

We have the battle royal to determine the order. Sanson and Dragon Lee are the last two remaining.

Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja vs Gran Guerrero and Ultimo Guerrero

  • Angel de Oro pins Gran Guerrero with a super kick

Roja and Gran start out together going back and forth. There’s a lot of fast paced action and fighting on the outside. Gran hits a drop kick off of the apron on Niebla Roja. Roja hits a dive over the top rope onto Ultimo. Angel de Oro hits a golden moonsault on Gran. Oro and Roja hit stereo super kicks and Oro pins Gran.

Winners: Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja

Dragon Lee and Mistico vs Mascara Ano 2000 and Sanson

  • Mistico submits Sanson with a fujiwara arm bar

Lee and Sanson start out moving fast trading counters. Lee goes to handspring to the outside but he gets caught for a power bomb on the barricade. Ano and Sanson beat on Lee. Mistico knocks Sanson to the outside then he hits an over the top rope dive. Dragon Lee rolls up Mascara for the pin. Lee knees Sanson for a two count. Then Mistico gets him in la mistica for the win.

Winners: Dragon Lee and Mistico

Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja vs Dragon Lee and Mistico

  • Niebla Roja submits Dragon Lee with a rock the boat submission

Fast paced action that see Oro and Roja knocking Lee and Mistico to the outside. Oro and Roja hit stereo dives. There’s a lot of high spots in this match. Now Lee and Mistico hit stereo dives. Oro and Roja hit stereo super kicks on Lee but he barely kicks out. Lee then hits the leaping hurricanrana on Roja off of the apron to the outside. Mistico hits a canadian destroyer on Oro. Oro no sells and then hits one of his own. Mistico hits la mistica on Oro to eliminate him. Roja hits a top rope face buster on Mistico and now it’s Lee and Roja. Lee hits a running drop kick but Roja gets his hands on the ropes. Roja hits a flipping DDT on Lee for a close two. Lee hits the corner double stomp on Roja for a close two. Roja hits a poisonranna and then the rock the boat submission on Lee for the win.

Winners: Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja

Austin Theory, Caristico, and Volador Jr vs Rush, Negro Casas, and Cavernario

  • First Fall: Rush pins Austin Theory with a corner drop kick
  • Second Fall: Austin Theory pins Negro Casas with a neck breaker
  • Third Fall: Caristico pins Negro Casas with a roll up

It’s weird that Austin Theory is here cause he might not ever come back. Casas, Rush, and Cavernario jump the tecnicos. Cavernario hits a snap suplex on Volador and Rush hits the corner drop kick on Austin Theory for the fall. Cavernario goes to rip at Caristico’s mask. The tecnicos fight back and Austin Theory pins Casas with a neck breaker move. There’s some brawling on the outside now. Caristico works fast hitting a hurricanrana on Casas, then he fakes a dive. Volador hits a hurricanrana on Rush and then dives over the top. Theory hits a flipping neck breaker and then hits some kind of flipping face buster on Cavernario. Caristico school boys Negro Casas for the win.

Winners: Austin Theory, Caristico, and Volador Jr

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (6/17/19)

Who faces Samoa Joe for the United States Championship?!



WWE Raw Cover image

It’s the last Raw before Stomping Grounds!

Raw stops in Los Angeles before heading to Tacoma, and has a HUGE match to determine a #1 Contender to the United States Championship! Who wins a Fatal 5 Way to then take on Samoa Joe for the title?



  • WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match: The Miz VS Braun Strowman VS Ricochet VS Bobby Lashley VS Cesaro; Ricochet wins and will challenge Samoa Joe for the title at WWE Stomping Grounds.
  • The Viking Raiders VS ???; the Viking Raiders win.
  • 2 out of 3 Falls Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn; The New Day wins.
  • The Usos VS The Good Brothers; The Usos win.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The IIconics VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross; The IIconics win and retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.
  • Seth Rollins VS Daniel Bryan w/ Rowan; restarted as…
  • Seth Rollins VS Daniel Bryan, Ringside Ban; Rollins wins.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.

The Drifter opens Raw in LA, and says he was talking to Anthony Davis. “Why? Why would you want to move to Los Angeles?” Davis said it’s because he’s garbage, and should be with other pieces of garbage. So he moved to a city where the people are more toxic than the air. Elias would rather be anywhere else, but he was invited here by Baron Corbin. And Elias is wearing referee stripes, because HE is the special guest referee for Stomping Grounds! Corbin’s trust- doesn’t matter because Seth Rollins SMACKS Elias from behind! And again! And again! Over and over and over, Rollins unleashes his fury on Corbin’s pick for special guest ref! Rollins then demands a mic so he can speak.

“After every thing I’ve been through with Brock Lesnar, I am done playing games!” Corbin still needs a special guest referee, but Rollins has a message for those who want that position. It is the first and last warning. It doesn’t matter what Corbin promises, but the chair is what awaits them. “So choose wisely!” The Architect opens Raw with a Universal title ultimatum! Will Corbin get anyone to line up for the job now that Rollins is ready to burn them down?


The Miz is here!

The Hollywood A-Lister has his shot at a Stomping Grounds match, but he wants to “check” on Elias real quick. Skull-Crushing Finale for the Drifter! Bobby Lashley comes out next, to SPEAR Elias! The Rocky Mountain Machine isn’t going to be shown up by Miz, it seems. Then Cesaro appears to take Elias for a swing! He goes around and around and around, for just under 10! After Cesaro is the One and Only, Ricochet! Elias sits up, only to get Ricochet’s Code Breaker! But then BRAUN appears! And yes, he finishes Elias off with a MONSTER SLAM! And with that, their massive match is up next!


WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 5 Way ELIMINATION Match: The Miz VS Braun Strowman VS Ricochet VS Bobby Lashley VS Cesaro!

After Miz TV became an open forum on last week’s Raw, it is clear Samoa Joe has a long and star-studded list to contend with. They all got to show what they can do to Elias, but what will they do to each other in order to meet the Samoan Submission Machine at Stomping Grounds?

Raw returns with the bell, and Strowman SHOTGUN dropkicks Lashley and Cesaro! Miz and Ricochet go after Strowman but get shoved away. Strowman grabs Cesaro and Lashley to shove them out! Miz hops on for a sleeper hold then Ricochet runs in, only to get run over! Strowman throws Miz off to then throw him across the ring! Lashley returns but gets blasted back out. Cesaro throws a European Uppercut, and manages a torture rack lift! Cesaro slams Strowman to the mat! But he won’t stop there, the Swiss Cyborg wants the Neutralizer! But Strowman back drops out of it! Cesaro lands on his feet to springboard, but gets caught! MONSTER SLAM! But Strowman can’t cover, and Lashley runs in, only to get a MONSTER SLAM onto Cesaro! Cover, Strowman ELIMINATES Cesaro!

Samoa Joe watches from ringside and is impressed, slightly. Ricochet springboards in and Strowman catches him! To ram him into a corner! Then throw him across the way! Miz returns but gets a BOOT! Lashley slips back in, and catches Strowman to a complete shot. Now Lashley tries his strength in snap suplexing Strowman! Lashley hits Miz out of the ring then does the same to Ricochet. But Strowman is up and ready, scoops and SLAMS Lashley! Cover, Strowman ELIMINATES Lashley!! That’s two men who #GotTheseHands! But then Strowman sees the other two on the outside, and he runs Miz over! Strowman keeps going and BLASTS Ricochet off his feet! He keeps going, to blast Miz again! The Monster roars, then puts Miz in the ring.

Miz makes it to a corner, and Strowman runs in for a monster splash. Strowman keeps going, for a second! He scoops Miz but Lashley returns to SPEAR Strowman! There are no disqualifications, so he AND Cesaro return! Cesaro lifts Strowman for a Neutralizer!! Ricochet doesn’t complain as he gives Strowman the 630 senton! Cover, and it’s a TRIPLE cover! They ELIMINATE Strowman!! The Swiss Cyborg and the All Mighty get even with the Monster Among Men, and Joe just laughs. Strowman glares as he grabs Ricochet to THROW at Lashley! Strowman then drags Lashley up to throw him into barriers! The Monster turns his attention to Cesaro and BLASTS him on stage! Cesaro hits LED walls! But Miz and Ricochet are still in this match. Who makes it back up while we go to break?

Raw returns as Ricochet gets Miz with running headscissors! Miz ends up in a corner and Ricochet runs in, but is put on the apron. Miz slides out and trips Ricochet up! Then Miz goes back in, builds speed but misses the wrecking ball dropkick as Ricochet gets in. Ricochet runs and FLIES, wiping himself and Miz out! Joe is mildly impressed as Ricochet gets Miz back inside. Ricochet climbs a corner but has to land on his feet when Miz moves. Miz runs into boots, and Ricochet slips to the outside. Ricochet bumps Miz off buckles then kicks him away. Ricochet springboards, but into a full nelson! Miz wants but is denied the Finale with a wheelbarrow roll-up! TWO, and Miz kicks low to DDT Ricochet down hard! Cover, TWO!

Miz keeps his cool as he goes after Ricochet with It Kicks! He kicks and kicks and kicks, then powers up the buzzsaw. Ricochet ducks but gets another kick. Miz runs into Ricochet’s dropkick-flip, but still ducks the enziguri! Miz knees Ricochet in the leg, but Ricochet rolls him up out of the Figure Four! TWO, and Ricochet hobbles away. Ricochet still enziguris Miz away in the corner. He somersaults, but into the takedown, Figure Four Leglock is on!! Fans rally both ways as Miz puts on the leverage. Ricochet avoids a cover, and works to turn this over. Miz fights him back, keeping the hold from reversing. Ricochet keeps trying, and gets the full turn! Miz endures now, and powers through to put it back on Ricochet! Ricochet gets the ropebreak!

Miz lets go while Joe watches intensely. Miz slowly stands and hobbles over to Ricochet. He drags Ricochet but Ricochet holds ropes. Miz stomps the legs, tries again, but cradle counter! TWO, and Ricochet dumps Miz to the apron. Ricochet can barely run, and Miz springboards, into a CODE BREAKER! Ricochet wills himself to climb up top on one leg! He aims, 630 hits!! Cover, Ricochet wins!!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the WWE United States Championship

Samoa Joe keeps a poker face on, but then attacks Ricochet! The Destroyer shows Ricochet no mercy as he shoves him to the ropes. Joe runs but Ricochet dumps him out! And Ricochet manages to FLY again! The King of Flight shows the crusher of dreams what he’s capable of! Will he get to show Joe even more at Stomping Grounds?


The Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, is here!

Stomping Grounds is Sunday, but The Man doesn’t want to wait until then to call out her contender. LA is happy to see Becky as she speaks. “The Man has come around, but now, Lacey Evans, get out here right now.” Week after week, Becky has to see that “dopey head drone on,” but for once, she has to agree with Lacey. The next time they’re within striking distance, Becky will give Lacey what she deserves. Lacey talks about doing whatever it takes to get ahead. Well how about Becky do everyone a favor and kick Lacey’s but all over LA? The Sassy Southern Belle finally appears!

“Lord, would you look at that.” Nobody cares about Becky’s opinion. Becky is mad because she doesn’t understand Lacey. Well Becky understands Lacey likes to talk as slow as humanly possible compared to getting whooped again. Lacey is a tall drink of water and a classy hat, but deep down she’s tough as nails and has been through things that not even The Man could comprehend. Or is this where Lacey tries to pluck on our heartstrings? Well this is Hollywood, so give us an act. Lacey would love a movie about herself. Lacey is not just a lady, she is a real United States Marine. Boot camp by morning and cotillian by night, all with dignity and grace. It’s what the Women’s Division deserves.

Becky knows the story, which is why it’s so hard to see why Lacey does this. Why does Lacey attack cowardly? Becky respects who Lacey was, but who Lacey is now is just trash. Well it’s what all of WWE needs. They need a legitimate, confident and classy lady to set an example. Not a “nasty” like Becky. Becky can be beat. She’s down to one belt, but- Becky grabs Lacey for a Becksloder! Becky holds her belt high, but will she be able to knock Lacey off her high horse once and for all?


The Revival visit Shane’s VIP Lounge!

The Best in the World and Scottish Terminator welcome the Raw Tag Team Champions and offer them a drink. They’re all still celebrating their recent triumphs, but will the party last past Stomping Grounds?


Backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

The Lone Wolf knows Elias is now out as guest ref after what Rollins, and all those other superstars, did to him. How much is Corbin scrambling to find a replacement? He’s not scrambling at all. What happened happened, but Corbin has a lot of great choices left. He has someone in mind, and he’ll reveal them on a special edition of the Kevin & Sami Show. But then Rollins finds and SMACKS Corbin! Rollins would offer Corbin a seat, but he has work to do. Will the Lone Wolf lose his confidence with Rollins and that steel chair still roaming the halls?


The Planet’s Tag Team Champions appear on Raw!

The Wild Card Rule brings the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Daniel Bryan and Rowan, over, and Bryan knows why. “Because this place sucks.” Bryan means both Raw and Los Angeles.  Everyone knows that LA is the smog capital of America, and is filled with ignorant and impotent people! But Rowan & Bryan will lift you up out of the smog and educate you, as well as excite you! Tonight, Bryan will do that by destroying Universal Champion, Seth Rollins. He will prove that even one half of the Planet’s Tag Team Champions is better than all of Raw, showing the Raw Tag Team Division that SmackDown has the best team in history! Prepare to be excited! But wait! Here’s something truly exciting: the return of the Viking Raiders!


The Viking Raiders VS ???

Erik and Ivar are back and ready to continue where they left off! Will they continue on their warpath at the expense of Russ and Randy Taylor?

The bell rings and Erik gives shotgun knees to Russ! Then he drags Randy in to throw him overhead! Tag to Ivar and the Raiders give Randy the springboard lariat German Suplex combo! Then they feed Russ to THOR’S HAMMER! Cover, the Viking Raiders win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Ivar pinning

Russ and Randy just went through a #VikingExperience they’ll never forget! But will the war spread from Raw to SmackDown thanks to the Wild Card Rule?


Who is that in the crowd?

It’s R-Truth and Carmella in disguise!! Well they have to keep the WWE 24/7 Champion safe. But too late! Everyone from Robert Roode to No Way Jose to Cedric Alexander are after him! They go under the ring, but they LED boards prevent anyone from getting through. So the only side left to them is opposite hard camera! The horde of contenders drags someone out from under the ring! It’s… Titus O’Neil!? Was he waiting for Truth under there? Carmella and Truth run out the other side! The chase is on, #RunTruthRun!


Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn go over things with Baron Corbin.

The music hits, and it’s time for their talk show! What will these two have to ask Corbin after the break?


Heath Slater visits Shane in the VIP section.

He was hoping to talk with the Best in the World about something, but they’re in the middle of having a meal. Slater didn’t mean to interrupt, but he just figured, since #IGotKids is real, and the kids are getting older, money is tight. Can he get a raise or something? That takes a lot of balls to come in here and ask for stuff. Shane has kids, too. But he also has a lot of money. The answer is no. But, Slater can walk out on his won. This is a private party. McIntyre will take care of things.

Slater gets on the phone with the family, but McIntyre comes by to talk with Slater. He apologizes. It hurts to see Slater like this. McIntyre will do something for his old pal. Slater doesn’t want a handout, but McIntyre insists. He brings out his wallet, but drops it on the ground. Slater bends down to get it for him, but McIntyre attacks! The Scottish Terminator doesn’t care about 3MB as he slams Slater into the cases over and over! The Revival get McIntyre off him, because McIntyre needs to save his aggression for Roman Reigns on Sunday. Also Scott Dawson pockets some of McIntyre’s cash. McIntyre calms down, the Revival pick up the rest of McIntyre’s money, and they leave Slater down and out in the hall. What will become of the One Man Band now?


Raw returns to the Kevin & Sami Show!

This is a special night because the show returns at all! Kevin apologizes Sami for the lack of new graphics. “Thanks a lot, Bob!!” Bob’s incompetence aside, they introduce the former acting GM of Raw, the multiple time Golden Gloves boxing champion, the former WWE United States Champion, former Mr. MITB, and the man who retired Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania, “LA’s Favorite’s Son,” Baron Corbin! LA boos Corbin as he joins Kevin and Sami in the ring. The first thing Sami says to Corbin is that this is a safe space. This is a safe work environment, which is more than Sami can say about the WWE as a whole!

Just look at what Rollins did to Elias, and then to Sami when Sami was a referee! There have been zero repercussions, so sadly, Sami must step down as a possible referee candidate. Kevin does so, too, in solidarity with Sami. But these two felt there are still plenty of great choices, so please, Corbin, who did you choose? Corbin had a line outside the locker room! But here is a man who can certainly count 1 2 3. Drum roll please, for… EC3! The Top One Percent is now the Top One Official! But then Rollins SMACKS EC3, too! The Architect shows no mercy as he keeps his promise to the roster! Corbin can’t believe this! Is Rollins going to keep doing this? He’s taking an opportunity for an up-and-coming superstar? Well, back to square one.

Awwwww~ LA~! Don’t you dare be sour, clap for your WWE Champion, and FEEL~, the POWER~! Kevin tries to figure out the math on Wild Cards, but the New Day just help lay EC3 to rest. Sami has the music stop to confront them. They aren’t guests on the Kevin & Sami Show. And they’re not supposed to be here per Wild Card Rule rules! Please go away. Well first, the WWE Champion gets to go where he wants, when he wants! And then he’ll bring his boys because that’s what fans want! Kofi Kingston shouldn’t worry about all that stuff! He should worry about losing his title! If it isn’t Ziggler at Stomping Grounds, it’ll be Kevin the next time! Oh like at Money in the Bank? Wait, nope. He did not do it!

And when it comes to Ziggler, Kofi has him where he wants him: inside a steel cage! No more running, no more sneak attacks, it’ll be a war! And then Kofi will still be our W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, CHAMPION~! Corbin figures that referee issues aside, Kevin and Sami can still help Corbin beat the New Day back to SmackDown where they belong! Well is that a challenge? If only they had an official out here to sanction this match. But who? Who who who? Oh, EC3 is still wearing the stripes. The New Day help EC3 up so that he can still fulfill his duties! In a very Weekend at Bernie’s way… So would he mind being an official for this match? “Sure I’d love to! This match is officially a Six Man Tag team match! And that match is gonna be happening… riiiight now~!”

Well then, will the New Day keep rolling now that they’re back at 100%? Or will the Lone Wolf gain some last minute momentum with the help of Sami & Kevin?


AJ Styles is in the trainer’s area.

The Phenomenal One is good to go! But wait, Doctors Anderson and Gallows visit their old buddy real quick. No, wait, no! Guys, c’mon, Styles is fine! He doesn’t need you guys to check up on him. But he was wondering where they’ve been. They all debuted three years ago in Staples Center. They dominated the Usos, and have been cool ever since. Well, they were cool in Japan, too. But they’ve had great matches with all the big names. And arguably the best team on the planet, the Usos. But seriously? Did these two get comfortable? They made money and have great stuff at home, but how about winning? How about being on TV? How about being anywhere?! Time to get serious again. Styles misses the old Gallows & Anderson.

Styles wants serious? Speaking of the Usos, they’re having another match with them. Let’s see who is serious when they beat the best team on the planet, again.


2 out of 3 Falls Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn!

Raw returns as these teams sort out, and yes, this match has been upgraded! What will it take for a trio not to win once but twice in the same match?!

Woods starts with Sami and they tie up. Sami gets the arm and pulls the fingers. Woods endures as Sami grinds his shoulder. LA rallies for New Day as Woods spins through to wrench Sami back. Sami slips around and wrenches Woods, but Woods spins and rolls and wrenches Sami! But Sami puts Woods in a corner and throws a big forearm. Sami whips Woods corner to corner but Woods goes up and over. Woods speeds things up and slides to hit a roaring elbow! Cover, ONE! Woods keeps on Sami but Sami pushes him to their corner. Tag to Kevin and the frenemies beat Woods down. Kevin stomps away then says, “This is MY show!” Fans boo as he tags in Corbin, and Corbin stomps Woods now.

Big E runs in but the ref keeps him back. Corbin taunts Big E then drags Woods up for a knee. Corbin mocks the New Day clap then punches Woods back down! He drags Woods up and elbows Woods in the head. He has Woods in a half nelson and grinds him to the mat. Fans rally up and Woods powers up. Corbin back suplexes, Woods lands on his feet and enziguris Corbin down! Both men are down but Kevin tags in. Kevin stomps Woods down and taunts the New Day. Kevin drops a senton, but onto knees! He tags Sami, and Sami drags Woods away. Woods punches Sami but Sami whips Woods away. Woods rolls Sami up, The new Day win the first fall!

New Day – 1; Corbin-Kevin-Sami: 0

A huge advantage for #Kofimania and his team, but will they pull off the sweep after the break?

Raw returns with the second fall, and Corbin stomps away on Big E in the corner. Fans boo and jeer but Corbin soaks it up. Corbin tags Kevin and Kevin stomps Big E now. Kevin rains down rights then drops more stomps. Sami gets cheap shots in behind the ref’s back. Kevin mocks Kofi as he returns, then goes after Big E with a back senton! Cover, TWO! Kevin tags Sami in and they mug Big E. Sami throws down hands fast and furious! LA boos while Sami boasts “That’s how you do it!” Sami goes back to Big E with haymakers, but Big E fights back! Big E throws hands on everyone but Sami punches him back. Sami mule kicks Big E, then runs, but Big E throws him out!

Big E hurries but gets a SUPERKICK from Kevin! Kevin waves mockingly at Kofi before covering, TWO! Kevin grows annoyed and tags in Corbin. Corbin goes to Big E in the corner to whip corner to corner and hard! Corbin grins at The New Day as he drags Big E up. He throws big hands on Big E, then tags to Sami. Corbin holds Big E in the corner for Sami to stomp and punch. Sami tags Kevin and Kevin bumps Big E off buckles. Kevin throws haymakers of his own, then hits Woods just because! Kevin runs at Big E but Big E dodges, sending Kevin into post! The fans rally up but Kevin returns, only to get a belly2belly! Hot tags to Kofi and Corbin! Kofi rallies on Corbin and dropkicks him, to then hit a leap- Corbin throws Kofi into a corner! But gets a swing kick!

Kofi climbs up and leaps, BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO!! But Kofi knocks Corbin down with a Penalty Kick! And then adds on the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! LA fires up with Kofi as he goes to the corner. Kofi takes aim at Corbin, but has to swipe at Sami. Kofi runs into DEEP SIX! Cover, but Woods breaks it up! Big E gets kicks from Sami and Woods gets punches from Kevin. Corbin drags Kofi up, whips him in, but misses in the corner. Corbin slides out, in, but misses Kofi to hit Sami! Kevin gets upset with Corbin, and the two argue. Kevin SUPERKICKS Corbin! Sami and Kevin leave Corbin behind! Kofi gives Corbin some Trouble in Paradise! Cover, the New Day wins!

Winners: The New Day, 2-0

And there’s the sweep! The Lone Wolf can’t get anyone to stick by his side, how is he supposed to have a special guest referee? As for Kofi, will the dream come true continue past Stomping Grounds?


Alexa Bliss finds Nikki Cross backstage.

The Goddess has a gift for her! A new mug! No, not the mug, the thing in the mug. Oh a scroll! “The Goddess invites you to join her tonight in the ring for a Women’s Tag Team title match versus the IIconics.” OMG really? Nikki’s first title match in the WWE! Alexa knew Nikki would be upset that they didn’t just win their way, so Alexa worked her magic to get them this. Plus, with Stomping Grounds, Alexa becomes a SmackDown Women’s Champion that treats the fans right. What does that mean? Just more Bayley drama, no need to worry about that. Tonight is about them becoming tag champions together. Nikki is so excited! Try decaf. But energy levels aside, will the Goddess and the Twisted Sister take those titles off Peyton & Billie?


Paul Heyman returns to Raw!

The Advocate to the Beast introduces himself as he always does, representing Mr. MITB 2019, BROCK, LESNAR. Now forgive Heyman, he’s not that comfortable being on Raw with Rollins smashing people with that steel chair. But again, Heyman is not the threat to Rollins. He makes it very clear to Rollins and the WWE Universe: Heyman is NOT going to be Corbin’s guest referee at Stomping Grounds, nor does he want to be. If Corbin were to offer that position, Heyman would respectfully decline! You’d have to be an idiot to take that job because of the beating from Rollins in your future!

Which is why Heyman thought of something. What do the LA Lakers and Seth Rollins have in common? “They both traded away their balls!” The Lakers gave up Ball so LeBron could have a playmate. Rollins gave up his balls for a steel chair because that’s the only way he’s man enough to fight Brock Lesnar! And to be clear, Brock Lesnar knows how to swing a steel chair, too. So if Rollins is still here, and if Rollins has a match, and against someone like Daniel Bryan, then Rollins is vulnerable. So maybe, just maybe, Lesnar shows up to Raw, too. But then again, maybe not? Heyman wants Rollins to keep guessing that it’s Sunday, or next Monday. Heyamn doesn’t know, the fans don’t know, but most importantly, the future former reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion, Seth Freakin’ Rollins doesn’t know.


Baron Corbin talks with Eric Young.

This would be a great opportunity for him to be the referee. EY will consider it, and he wont’ forget Corbin reaching out to him. But then as he turns the corner, he sees Rollins. EY refuses the offer! He did, he really did! He doesn’t look good in stripes, he’s not good at being a ref. Relax, they go back a long way. Rollins knows EY wouldn’t turn on his old pal. But Rollins still SMACKS him down! And again, and again, and again! The Beastslayer has become a mad man, all because of Corbin and Lesnar.


The Usos speak.

“It feels like the Good Brothers, they trying to turn up tonight, Uce!” Those two have something to prove? Well then this is a warning to everyone! Run up, get done up! Raw becomes the Uso Penitentiary up next!


The Usos VS The Good Brothers!

AJ Styles got Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows fired up, wanting his pals to return to old form. Will this be the resurrection of The Club? Or will they fall short as Jimmy & Jey look to #LockDown the whole Raw Tag Team Division?

Raw returns as both teams make their entrance in turn. The teams sort out, and Gallows starts with Jey. They circle and tie up, and Gallows shoves Jey down. Jey gets to a corner but Gallows kicks Jimmy down! Jey uppercuts Gallows then ducks to throw more. Anderson tags in as Gallows uppercuts Jey down! Gallows fireman’s carries and Anderson runs, BOOT O’ DOOM! Cover, TWO!! The Club almost had it, but Anderson keeps on Jey with a rain of rights. Styles watches backstage, cheering his boys on. Anderson clobbers Jimmy on the outside before going back to Jey with a grinding chinlock.

Jey endures and fans build to a rally. Jey gets up and fights out with body shots. Anderson blocks the kick and ducks the dragon whip enziguri, to clobber Jey with a clothesline! Anderson grins as he soaks up the heat. He throws up the Too Sweet and fans join in. Tag to Gallows via Too Sweet, and they drag Jey up again. Gallows suplexes, but Jimmy SUPERKICKS Anderson down! Gallows throws Jimmy out but misses Jey! Jey tags Jimmy then SUPERKICKS! Double SUPERKICKS take Gallows down! Cover, the Usos win!!

Winners: The Usos, Jimmy pinning

Styles is frustrated, but so are Gallows & Anderson. Did their egos cost them against the best team in the WWE today? Can they make their comeback next time?


The Best Posse in the World continues their celebration.

Shane makes sure his boys are okay, and yes, they’re definitely having a good time. But with Roman Reigns waiting at Stomping Grounds, will the good times come to an end?


Roman Reigns returns to Raw!

The Big Dog is again a Wild Card as he walks out to the ring. Stomping Grounds will be the battleground for Roman and Drew McIntyre, and naturally Roman is still in a bad mood from that “loss” to Shane McMahon at Super Showdown. Roman picks up the mic as LA cheers. “What’s going on, LA?” Super Showdown was not a good look for Roman, but he won’t make excuses. Excuses aren’t entertaining. But you know what is entertaining? Roman whooping some ass tonight! So Roman will give Shane the opportunity to prove he is a man by actually going 1v1 with him tonight.

But Shane talks via titantron. There is some business that needs to be taken care of. Mike Rome introduces “The BEST, in the WOOOOOOOOOORLD~,” despite Shane not being ringside. Shane knows Roman is frustrated, but he shouldn’t be. He lost to the Best in the World. There’s no shame in that. The #TopGuys said that was so hot, it was 102 but felt 150. Roman can’t take the heat, Shane’s Mr. Fahrenheit. But when it comes to this open challenge of sorts, it’s gonna be a no. Shane is chilling. Be more concerned with your Stomping Grounds opponent. McIntyre tells Roman to listen. The only reason McIntyre isn’t tearing Roman apart now is because of Shane. But at Stomping Grounds. McIntyre will kick Roman’s ass, take his name, and beat Roman down until it is uncomfortable to watch. And then McIntyre might pin him.

But the night doesn’t end there. It ends when McIntyre disfigures Roman to the point of Roman’s own children screaming in horror when they see him. Roman has had enough of all this talk, he heads to the backstage area! Shane hears word of this, and the posse moves into action! Roman finds and beats down The Revival first! Dawson ends up in the bathroom and Dash gets thrown into a garage door! Roman finds the VIP lounge, where Shane is still standing! Roman uppercuts McIntyre, then throws him into walls! He SPINEBUSTERS McIntyre through the buffet table! Shane crawls away but The Big Dog hunts him down! They end up at ringside again! Shane leaps the barrier in a single bound, but Roman does, too!

Roman rains down rights then throws Shane into barriers! And then rains down more hands! Roman puts Shane in the ring and takes aim from the corner. He locks ‘n’ loads, for a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Down goes Shane! But Roman won’t stop there, he lets out the battle cry! Shane stands, to get a SPEAR!! The Big Dog finally takes a bite out of the Best in the World! Roman takes the mic back to say, “Crawl to the back and tell Drew I’ma whoop his ass Sunday.” Will Roman crush the Celtic Colossus and make Stomping Grounds his Yard?


SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, hangs out with Raw superstars, Naomi and Natalya!

These three share memories of good times from their days together, but then Charly Caruso comes by to interview Bayley. What does she have to say to Alexa’s wild accusations of Bayley being a social media bully? Wait, what? There’s even a post saying Bayley wouldn’t take pictures with fans just because they wore Nikki Cross merchandise. Well that’s obviously Alexa posting it! Bayley will sort this out soon enough.


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The IIconics VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross!

Finally, the so-called fighting champions will defend their titles! Peyton Royce & Billie Kay return to Raw to defend the cross-brand belts against the Goddess of Raw and her crazy new compatriot. But will Alexa’s true colors be shown before going for SmackDown gold on Sunday? Or can she keep the wool over Nikki’s eyes long enough to become a Women’s Triple Crown winner?

Raw returns as Billie & Peyton make their entrance. They made it to the city of angels! Tinsel Town! Stars and A-Listers! Which is perfect for them to defend their Women’s Tag Team Championships in! Against…? Alexa & Nikki! Seriously? Were there no other teams available? Well Alexa was a champ, and she’s tagging with Nikki. That’s like LeBron’s career. He was champion with other teams, and then came to LA and lost. Aw, poor LeBron. The only ones here with bright futures are the two with titles. They are the future, and the future is IICONIC! Strike the pose! But then Nikki and Alexa make their entrance, and we begin this long-awaited tag title match!

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and teams sort out. But wait! Bayley makes her own appearance! She wants to make sure Alexa remembers their match is Sunday. Will Alexa be able to focus? Find out, after the break.

Raw returns again, and Alexa starts with Billie. Billie talks trash to tiny, tiny Alexa, but Alexa SLAPS her! Billie gets mad and throws Alexa down by her hair! But then Alexa yanks her into buckles and stomps away! Alexa shouts at the ref for counting, then SLAPS Billie again! Alexa scares Peyton off but Billie gets a sneak attack in. Tag to Peyton, and the IIconics wring, kick and kick Alexa down. IICONIC pose. Bayley looks aggravated by them. Alexa rolls Peyton, TWO! Tag to Nikki, and she throws Peyton around with arm-drags! She Oklahoma Rolls Peyton, TWO! Jawbreaker! Peyton staggers and Nikki dropkicks her down! Nikki climbs up top and leaps, but her crossbody flops! Tag to Billie, and she covers Nikki fast, TWO!

Billie argues with the ref then goes after Nikki at the ropes. She stomps Nikki then clubs her to the IIconic corner. Tag to Peyton and they mug Nikki. Peyton knocks Nikki down then hooks on a half nelson and chinbar. Fans rally for Nikki, which Bayley is all for. Nikki fights up but Peyton throws her down. Cover, TWO! Peyton is furious now, and she drags Nikki over to tag Billie. The IIconics mug Nikki more, and Billie grinds her boot into Nikki. The IIconics say Nikki is nothing, but she fights out! Nikki clubs away on Billie, then headbutts and whips. Billie holds ropes and kicks back, then clobbers Nikki with a forearm. Billie pushes Alexa off the apron, and Bayley confronts Alexa on the social media lies. Alexa shoves Bayley down!

Meanwhile, Nikki clobbers Billie down! Nikki hits Peyton but Billie rolls Nikki! Bayley goes after Alexa! The IIconics win!!

Winners: The IIconics, by pinfall; still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

Bayley just cost Alexa and her “friend,” which only helps Alexa’s narrative seem more believable to Nikki. But lies aside, will Alexa truly be the first Raw superstar to hold the SmackDown Women’s Championship?


Alexa and Nikki regroup backstage.

Alexa apologizes, and asks if Nikki’s okay. If only Bayley didn’t interfere, there’d be new women’s tag team champions tonight. Nikki sees Bayley’s true colors! Bayely crushed Nikki’s dreams. But Nikki wants Alexa to do that to Bayley. Nikki will be in Alexa’s corner! Is this all according to plan?


Raw presents a new episode of Firefly Fun House!

Well hey, there! Bray Wyatt is just gardening. Our minds are a lot like gardens. All anyone needs is some water, some sun, and then your ideas will grow! But some ideas are full of worms. Those are no good! There will be people who lie to you. Like people saying the Earth is round. Or that dinosaurs are extinct! What do any of them know? But Brya knows what it’s like to be different. That’s why he built this place! So that we could all be together forever! Him, Mercy, Abby, the again repaired Ramblin’ Rabbit, Ham, Devil Vince. Join them where the fun never has to end. Yes, join us. JOIN US!! “People worship what they fear. Fear is power. Follow the leader.” And do the muscle man dance! REMIX!

The Fiend?! He’s back!? “FOLLOW THE LEADER!!” And let him in.


Backstage interview with Daniel Bryan.

He vowed to destroy Seth Rollins, but Rollins has been destroying a lot of other superstars. What will he do about the super aggressive Architect/ Bryan has a question for them: why has no one taken that chair from Rollins? Is it because management likes seeing Rollins on a rampage? But in the end, Rollins is NOT a better wrestler than Bryan! The Beastslayer has been a badass with the chair, but he has never done and never will do is beat Daniel Bryan! Will the SmackDown Tag Team Champion defeat Raw’s top champion here tonight?


Seth Rollins VS Daniel Bryan w/ Rowan!

Raw returns as the Planet’s Tag Team Champions make their entrance! But of course, the Universal Champion isn’t far behind, and he still has that chair! The chair is bent and dented from all the damage it’s done, but will Rollins need to use it a little bit more tonight? Or can he have his match with Bryan and get out before a cash-in?

The bell rings and Rollins circles with Bryan. They tie up and Bryan headlocks to a takeover. Rollins headscissors but Bryan pops out. They go again and roles reverse as Rollins gets the headlock takeover. Bryan stands up instead to power out, but Rollins runs him over. Things speed up and Bryan tosses Rollins out. Bryan builds speed but Rollins punches him away! Rollins springboards for the lariat! Bryan bails out and Rollins runs to DIVE! Direct hit into barriers! Rollins gets back in and keeps going, to DIVE into Rowan’s claws! IRON CLAW to the apron!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by disqualification

Big Red doesn’t care about DQ’s as he clubs away on Rollins in the ring! Bryan soaks up the heat and Rowan sets Rollins up for the Knee Plus! But then The New Day come out! They go after their old enemies, Trouble in Paradise for Bryan! But then Kevin and Sami come in to go after them! And the Revival, too! They go after Woods, Kofi and Big E, but then the USOS come in! The Usos want after the Revival, and it’s just a crazy brawl! The Usos throw the #TopGuys out, then DOUBLE SUPERKICK Rowan! Big E clotheslines Rowan out! These five fire up and the Usos DOUBLE FLY! They bowl over everyone! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” as referees and security come out!

Bryan and Rollins are still in the ring and there’s going to be a RESTART! There will be a ban for everyone else at ringside, what happens now that things are truly 1v1?!


Seth Rollins VS Daniel Bryan!

Raw returns once more with the bell! Rollins and Bryan go at each other fast and furious! Rollins whips but Bryan holds ropes. Bryan dumps Rollins way out and hard! Bryan fetches Rollins to throw him into the steel steps! The ref begins a ring count, but Bryan drags Rollins in at 5. Bryan runs corner to corner for a dropkick! And then another! Bryan runs again, into a clothesline! Both men are down, but LA rallies up for Rollins. Rollins and Bryan slowly stand and Rollins throws punches and chops! He CHOPS then whips, but Bryan goes up and over. Bryan runs, dodges, but gets a Slingblade! Cover, TWO!

Rollins keeps his cool as he gets to his feet. He glares at Bryan as he stomps, “Burn It Down!” Fans chant along and Rollins aims. Mule kick and run, but Bryan avoids the stomp to roll Rollins up! TWO, and Rollins rolls Bryan! TWO, Bryan covers, TWO! Rollins and Bryan stand on wobbly legs, but Bryan throws heavy European Uppercuts. Rollins CHOPS back, and we go back and forth. Then Rollins switches to haymakers and so does Bryan. Bryan goes back to EuroUppers, but the kick misses. He catches the Pele into an Ankle Lock! Rollins flails and reaches, but Bryan shifts his grip to a waistlock, trapped-leg German Suplex! But Rollins falls out of the ring!

LA loves the action as Bryan goes to the apron. Bryan leaps for a flying knee! Rollins goes down hard! Bryan soaks up the heat then drags Rollins up and in at 5 again. Bryan takes his time climbing up high, but Rollins trips him up! Rollins climbs up to join Bryan, but Bryan holds on. Bryan fights back with body shots and then headbutts Rollins down. But Rollins is right back up! SUPERPLEX! Roll through, Falcon Arrow countered! To a LaBell Lock!! Rollins flails and endures as he reaches for ropes again! He claws and crawls, but Bryan shifts to a double arm! But Rollins uses his leg for the ROPEBREAK!

Bryan lets go at the ref’s count of 4, and grimaces as he gets to his feet. Bryan gives Rollins the Yes Kicks! Or should they be the Planet’s Kicks? The buzzsaw hits! Bryan then takes aim at Rollins from a corner. Rollins stands, but catches the knee into a BUCKLE BOMB! SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and Rollins can’t believe it! But Rollins just keeps moving, going up top. Rollins leaps, but onto knees! LABELL LOCK RETURNS! Rollins endures all over again, but pries out to high stack! TWO, PELE! CURB STOMP! But Rollins has to crawl to his cover, Rollins still wins!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall

Finally, the Architect has a win over Daniel Bryan! But just as he gets on stage, Corbin SMACKS Rollins with a chair! This is the Lone Wolf’s revenge from earlier tonight. Corbin SMACKS Rollins again! And again! Corbin drags Rollins into the ring and then drags him up for End of Days! Corbin holds the title up as if he’s already won! But who will his special guest referee be?



My Thoughts:

Well this was definitely another go-home Raw. There was so much promise going into this, but a lot of it got squandered. We started off better by having Rollins just beat the snot out of Elias as he issues his warning. He got to do a lot of beating of random superstars, which I feel like Rollins needed at this point. There’s only so much you can do with “paranoia” over Mr. MITB cashing in. Rollins should’ve used silver Sharpie to make notches for all the superstars he beat the crap out of. That chaos to “ruin” the “main event” was pretty good, with pretty much the best of both shows’ tag team divisions going after each other. I would love if SmackDown used this to create a massive tag team championship match for no later than Extreme Rules, with the winners being both SmackDown and Raw Tag Team Champions.

I just wish The Good Brothers/The Club would get back on track towards those belts. It was a good move to have AJ Styles give them a kick in the pants, but I suppose it is a bit soon for them to snap back. This story should give all three something to do for the Summer, and maybe all three are in line for titles come Summerslam. And I really liked how the Shane & Friends stuff turned out. First with Heath Slater, that gets Slater more Face sympathy while getting McIntyre more Heel heat. And then Roman finally gets to just dominate Shane the way he should have at Super Showdown. Roman VS McIntyre should be a good match, but I do dread Shane getting revenge by screwing Roman over again. Maybe this is meant to lead to Extreme Rules, too.

Raw did not do a good job of making it clear that the Fatal 5 contender’s match was Elimination style. But upon realizing it was, that was a smart choice. And I’m honestly surprised it’s Ricochet first up, I thought it’d be Strowman. But they did good at switching that on us, Ricochet VS Joe will be a great match. I don’t see Ricochet winning, though, because I feel it’s much more likely Samoa Joe moves on to face Miz at Extreme Rules for their own intensely personal match. But then Raw basically relies on SmackDown’s teams with that Six Man Tag. Being 2 out of 3 was a great move, if just to stretch for time. Woods & Big E VS Kevin & Sami, however, that’s just to fill the Stomping Grounds card. I wonder if that changes given the tag team brawl and my idea for the titles.

Once again, we see Vince doesn’t care about the Women’s Tag Division, and quite literally puts his plans for the singles titles above it. The IIconics VS Alexa & Nikki was just a framing device to create more heat between Alexa and Bayley. Though I will say, this is good use of the three involved in the SmackDown Women’s Championship scene. Nikki is falling hook, line and sinker for Alexa’s evil plan, and it might actually get Alexa the title. Between this and both tag titles possibly going to the same team, the Brand Split should just end with Summerslam and certainly before SmackDown goes to Fox. We NEED the Kabuki Warriors! And while fans love Becky, she and Lacey didn’t do that much. Their promos were good, but it was just a fast beat down and that’s all, because Becky surely wins again.

My Score: 7.5/10

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