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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (1/12/19)



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 382

It’s Honor Reigns Supreme Weekend, and ROH TV gives us a Pay-Per-View worthy grudge match tonight! Can SoCal Uncensored get payback on The Briscoes?



  • Tracy Williams VS Zack Sabre Jr; Sabre Jr. wins.
  • Madison Rayne & Britt Baker VS Twisted Sisterz; Rayne & Baker win.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Briscoes VS SoCal Uncensored; The Briscoes win and retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships.


Tracy Williams VS Zack Sabre Jr!

The Hot Sauce returns after a great showing at Survival of the Fittest, but the Submission Master makes his own ROH TV debut! How will Williams fare against the winner of the 2018 New Japan Cup tournament?

The moment ZSJ enters the ring he gives Williams a push in the shoulder. The ref keeps the peace while fans sing for ZSJ. No Code of Honor between these two and the bell rings. They circle and tie up, and ZSJ gets a headlock. Williams standing switches but so does ZSJ. Williams slips out to a wristlock and wrench but ZSJ rolls through and gets free. The fans applaud this already technical exchange as the two men circle. ZSJ and Williams tie up, and Williams gets around to a chinlock. ZSJ slips out and snapmares Williams, then gets him in his own chinlock. Williams slips through to counter with an armlock, and he leans on ZSJ. ZSJ endures as Williams shifts to go after the other arm, and he escapes to kip up and break free. Fans applaud again as the two circle.

ZSJ and Williams start testing kicks now but each man keeps out of reach. They tie up and ZSJ gets a headlock. Williams slips out to a full nelson and then a cravat. Williams gets the snapmare then stomps on the ankles! He keeps going left to right, then twists the ankle hard! ZSJ endures Williams’ standing toehold and rolls through. But Williams anticipates the next part, and drops down on the leg! Fans applaud as Williams traps ZSJ’s legs in a deathlock toehold! ZSJ manages to roll over but Williams keeps hold of the foot. ZSJ rolls again and escapes, then rolls Williams up! TWO, and ZSJ is on Williams with a snapmare. He whips but Williams ducks to roll him, TWO, to a chinlock! ZSJ slips out and gets a headlock, but Williams powers out. Things speed up and ZSJ grabs Williams’ leg out of the air!

ZSJ returns that deathlock toehold and just twists the ankle all different directions. HE brings Williams into the Bow ‘n’ Arrow, but Williams pops out to an armbar! ZSJ shifts to his own but Williams makes it a cover, ONE! The two grab at each other but get away, this technical display continues after the break!

ROH returns as Williams and ZSJ tie up again. ZSJ gets a headlock and shifts to a full nelson but Williams gets away. Fans sing as the two circle. Another tie up, and ZSJ gets the wristlock. ZSJ bends the arm around then wrenches again to bring Williams down. He hammerlock stomps the arm! But Williams CHOPS right back! ZSJ gets up and grabs a leg to bring Williams down. ZSJ grinds a knee into Williams’ face, then quickly grabs an arm with his leg to twist! Williams crawls but ZSJ kicks him in the back. Williams grits his teeth as ZSJ kicks more. ZSJ grabs the arm but Williams forearms and fireman’s carries. ZSJ wrenches the arm and Williams lets him down, but then Williams throws ZSJ with a saido suplex!

Fans fire up with Williams as he runs corner to corner for a corner clothesline. He spins and hits another clothesline to lift ZSJ again, Spicolli Driver! Cover, TWO! Williams keeps his cool as he looms over ZSJ. He throws hands and knocks ZSJ right down. ZSJ stands and gets the arm! William breaks free to rock ZSJ again. ZSJ eggs Williams on so Williams kicks and chops away! William throws forearms but ZSJ kicks the bad arm. Williams swings but gets caught into the abdominal stretch! Then ZSJ rolls for a Calf Killer! ZSJ also makes it part toehold, but Williams fights back. So ZSJ grabs that arm and pulls on the fingers! Williams pulls his arm free but ZSJ rolls for a new angle on the heel hook!

Williams endures but it’s also a cover, TWO as Williams sits up. He goes after ZSJ’s arm and gets the armbar! ZSJ slips out to get his own armbar! Williams stands, slips out of the triangle and gets a Cloverleaf! He steps over and sits down on it! ZSJ endures as fans fire up. ZSJ reaches but Williams drags him from ropes, but that gives ZSJ an opening! He rolls through for a cradle, TWO!! ZSJ rocks Williams with a European Uppercut but Williams hits back with a big forearm! Both men fall but fans fire up! Williams and ZSJ slowly stand and fans build to a rally. Williams CHOPS but ZSJ stays standing.

ZSJ pie faces Williams but Williams CHOPS again. ZSJ EuroUppers, headbutts, and EuroUppers, but into a backslide! He rolls through and Peles the arm! Williams still CHOPS back! ZSJ staggers, but Peles the arm again! Williams spins but ZSJ kicks the clothesline away. ZSJ boots the other clothesline away but then his boot is swatted, Williams hits a discus! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives and Williams can’t believe it! Fans duel as Williams and ZSJ slowly stand. Williams brings ZSJ in, but ZSJ resists the piledvier to get an Octopus Stretch! Williams walks but ZSJ gets both arms! He verbally has to quit, ZSJ wins!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission

Hurrah Another Year leads to another victory! And ZSJ uses the cameras to send a message to Jonathan Gresham: “Anything you can do, I can do better, darling.” The Submission Master looks to take the Octopus’ territory away from him, but who will be the man to #JustTapOut?


Beer City Bruiser finds Silas Young backstage.

Bruiser reminds him of their 18 year friendship. And yet, Silas won’t return a single phone call or message! Silas tells Bruiser this is pro-wrestling, so just let this go. Well speaking of wrestling, ROH has made a match for Silas VS Bruiser! Bruiser doesn’t want to wrestle, he wants to fix things. Silas says they were never friends, and that’s Bruiser’s first mistake. The only reason Bruiser doesn’t want to wrestle Silas is because Bruiser knows he can’t hang with the Last Real Man. Bruiser finds himself between a rock and a hard-headed Silas, what is he to do?


The Briscoes speak.

“Coming fresh off of Final Battle Ladder War”, #DemBoyz are the TEN-Time ROH World Tag Team Champions! They’ll take on SCU as they invoke the rematch clause, but while that’s usually a glimmer of hope for the former champions, it’ll only lead to death against Jay & Mark! The Briscoes will lay Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky side by side six feet under, and the autopsy reports will read, “Cause of Death: Rematch Clause.” Are Kazarian and Scorpio signing their own death warrants tonight? Or will they find new life in a victory tonight?


Madison Rayne & Britt Baker VS Twisted Sisterz!

The Queen Bee and the Doctor of Deadly Superkicks lost to Holidead and Thunder Rosa in their previous encounter, but they look to make up for that in this rematch! Will they tie the series or get caught up in a sweep?

The Code of Honor is not upheld, and Holidead calls out Madison. Madison accepts and starts against Holidead with the bell. They circle and fans rally up. Holidead calls for a test of strength, though she also licks her hands. Madison accepts but then chops Holidead! They tie up for the test and Holidead starts bending Madison back over her knee. Holidead adds some mind games as she tries to lick Madison’s face, tongue stud and all. Madison endures as fans rally up again. She stands back up and goes for a monkey flip, but Holidead blocks and whips. Madison comes back to roll and bridge cover, TWO! She goes for a crucifix to sunset flip, TWO! Madison keeps moving, wheelbarrow to victory roll, TWO!

Madison gets a headlock and brings Holidead over to the corner. Holidead lifts Madison but Britt still tags in! Madison snapmares Holidead then hits Rosa off the apron while Britt clotheslines Holidead back down! Cover, TWO! Britt keeps her cool while Holidead gets to ropes. Britt throws forearms then whips, then follows to redirect for a slingblade! Cover, TWO! Britt keeps on Holidead then runs, but Rosa grabs her hair! Rosa taunts her in Spanish, and Britt turns around into Holidead’s boot! Holidead covers, TWO! Holidead drags Britt over and drops a leg! Cover, TWO! Holidead drags Britt back and scoops before tagging Rosa. Holidead slams Britt, then coordinates with Rosa for a back suplex splash! Cover, TWO! Rosa keeps on Britt with a chinlock, and then pulls the mouth open! She wants to put a smile on that face while we go to break.

ROH returns and Holidead looms over Britt. Fans rally up but Holidead throws forearms against the ropes. She whips Britt but Britt holds ropes. Holidead tries again, but Britt hits back with forearms! Britt fires off but gets clobbered back down! Holidead drags Britt up to a fireman’s carry, but Britt fights out. Britt SUPERKICKS Holidead down! Both women fall, and fans rally as a standing count begins. Holidead crawls and Britt reaches. Hot tags to Rosa and Madison at 6! Madison rallies on Rosa with haymakers and chops! She hits one big forearm, then drags Rosa back up for a Northern Lights, but Rosa powers her to a corner! Rosa CHOPS Madison then shimmies as fans fire up. She swings but Madison hits a Rayne Check cutter! Cover, TWO!!

Rosa survives but Madison stays on her as she tags in Britt. Madison and Britt double whip but Rosa slides out. Rosa laughs as Holidead double clotheslines Britt and Madison! The Twisted Sisterz coordinate again and go after Britt with a backbreaker to backstabber! Cover, TWO!! Holidead keeps Madison out as Rosa gets herself a taste of Britt. Holidead joins in and then they drag Britt back up. Rosa runs while Holidead holds Britt up, but Britt escapes and Rosa’s dropkick goes into Holidead! Madison returns as Britt runs at Rosa. Rosa counters Britt to a full nelson but Britt fights out. Britt rocks Rosa with a right, then Madison adds an enziguri! Britt pumphandles for an exploder! Cover, Britt & Madison win!

Winners: Madison Rayne & Britt Baker, Britt pinning

The Doctor and the Queen tie things up with Holidead and Thunder Rosa! When and where will we get the tiebreaker between these two great teams?


ROH shares highlights from an Honor Club exclusive.

It was a star-studded 8 Man Tag where Jay Lethal, Flip Gordon and The Best Friends took on Cody, Hangman Page and The Young Bucks. With The Elite departing, this was meant to be a heartfelt good-bye from ROH’s best, but it was ruined by ROH’s worst! Bully Ray led Silas Young, Shane Taylor and The Briscoes in an assault on all eight men in that match! See the entirety of this dream match turned nightmare scenario on Honor Club’s On Demand.


ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Briscoes VS SoCal Uncensored!

The Heavy Metal Rebel and the Closer took the titles from Jay and Mark back at Glory By Honor XVI, but put them back up for grabs at Final Battle. #DemBoyz won the Ladder War, but SCU are back for more! Will Kaz and Scorpio end the Briscoes’ historic tenth reign so soon after it’s begun?

ROH returns as the belts are raised and the teams sort out. Scorpio starts against Jay, but then switches as Kaz throws a chair! Scorpio gets a chair but so do the Briscoes, and now everyone’s just throwing chairs! No one gets hit, but this match hasn’t started so it wouldn’t be a disqualification anyway. The two teams are raring for this fight and finally settle down so the match can begin. Scorpio still starts and with Jay. The bell rings and Jay quickly tags out to Mark. But then Mark tags back to Jay, and Jay starts swinging. Scorpio is ready and swings back with big haymakers! Mark goes after Kaz but Kaz chases him off on the outside. The referee pays attention more to them as Jay slips on a sleeper hold. Jay makes it more a choke while the ref isn’t watching, and Mark tags in.

The Briscoes mug Scorpio, and then Mark CHOPS Scorpio off his feet. Scorpio sits up but Mark’s on him with uppercuts. Tag to Jay but Scorpio fights them both off! Jay kicks low then whips, but Scorpio dumdum stomps him down! Mark elbows Scorpio down and Jay covers, TWO! Jay drags Scorpio up and throws a EuroUpper and haymakers. He drags Scorpio up for a headbutt, then tags in Mark. Jay scoop slams and Mark slingshot stomps. Cover, TWO! Mark drags Scorpio up for a big suplex, then he taunts Kaz. Fans chant “Man Up!” as Mark stomps Scorpio, then drags him over. Jay tags in and the Briscoes mug Scorpio more. Tag back to Mark, and Mark holds Scorpio for Jay’s running boot. Mark rains down rights then covers, TWO!

Mark circles Scorpio as he stomps, then tags in Jay. Jay brings Scorpio up but Scorpio fires body shots back! They brawl with forearms back and forth, but Jay boots and boots and pushes. Scorpio hits a knee trigger! Then a neckbreaker! Fans fire up while both men crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Mark and Kaz! Kaz rallies on the Briscoes! He dropkicks Jay then floats to a swinging neckbreaker on Mark! Jay returns but Kaz waistlocks him. Jay bucks Kaz off but Kaz springboards for a code breaker! Kaz keeps moving to hit the pendulum dropkick on Mark! Kaz kips up but Jay clobbers him back down! Jay back suplexes but Kaz slips out. Kaz facelocks Jay, and ducks Mark’s clothesline to get both Briscoes in a DDT stunner combo! Cover on Mark, TWO!

Kaz throws forearms and whips Mark but Mark reverses. Kaz grabs ropes then dumps Mark out. Mark shoulders in but gets the guillotine leg drop! He falls back onto brother Jay, Scorpio FLIES onto them both! SCU has control as we go to break!

ROH returns again as Jay throws Scorpio into barriers! Kaz springboards but into Mark’s exploder! Jay returns to corner clothesline Kaz, then feeds him to Mark’s shotgun boot! Mark tags Jay and Jay drags Kaz back up. Jay turns Kaz for the stiff neckbreaker. Cover, TWO! Jay grows frustrated but he keeps his cool as he drags Kaz up. Jay throws haymakers and EuroUppers, then whips. Kaz rolls off Jay’s back to hit a backstabber! Jay staggers into Scorpio’s slingshot cutter! Kaz covers, TWO! Jay survives but Kaz keeps his cool. Fans rally up and Kaz coordinates with Scorpio as they tag. Scorpio holds Jay while Kaz runs. Jay fights back while Mark trips Kaz up! Mark drags Kaz out and punches him down, then hurries into the ring.

Scorpio pushes Jay away and dodges Mark to knee trigger! Mark staggers out while Jay boots Scorpio back. Kaz returns and shoulders into Jay. Kaz slingshots over Jay but has to hit Mark. Scorpio boots Jay while Kaz gives Mark a slingshot cutter! SCU coordinate again, alley-oop into the tornado DDT! Scorpio covers, TWO! Jay survives and Scorpio grows frustrated now. Fans rally up as Scorpio drags Jay back over. Tag to Kaz, but the referee insists Scorpio leave the ring. Jay takes advantage and rakes Kaz’s eyes! Scorpio protests, but Mark tosses Jay a chair. The referee still doesn’t pay attention, so Scorpio barrels past to intercept the chair shot! Scorpio dodges Jay to hit Mark and Kaz gets Jay himself! SCU work together again, urenage backstabber! Cover, but Mark drags the ref out!!

Mark pleads with the ref not to end the match for that, but Kaz slingshot huricanranas Mark into the referee! The fans like that because they don’t particularly care for refs. But Jay SMACKS Scorpio with the chair! Jay swings at Kaz but Kaz blocks, only for Mark to SMACK Kaz! The Briscoes drag Kaz in and call to finish this. Jay Electric Chairs Kaz while Mark climbs, but Scorpio intercepts Mark while Kaz fights back! Scorpio SUPER STEINERS Mark down! Kaz victory rolls, but no ref! The fans count way past three, but a second ref runs in! TWO!!

Jay boots Kaz in the corner, but Scorpio comes back to throw hands. Scorpio whips but Jay reverses to a Jay Driller! Jay runs back at Kaz but Kaz dodges. Kaz climbs up but Jay hits him. Jay climbs up to join Kaz, SUPERPLEX! Froggy Bow! Cover, TWO!?! Kaz survives the Briscoes’ ultimate?! Philly is all fired up for SoCal Uncensored as Kaz sits up. Jay boots Kaz then tags Mark. Kaz slaps away on both Briscoes but they kick and punch him back. The Briscoes double whip but Kaz reverses to crisscross and bump them into each other. Kaz throws heavy hands and elbows, then whips Mark. Mark reverses and stops the up and over. Mark brings Kaz out in the crucifix, Redneck Boogie! Cover, The Briscoes win!

Winners: The Briscoes, Mark Briscoe pinning; still ROH World Tag Team Champions

It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t exactly fair, either, but Jay and Mark turn SoCal Uncensored away and continue their record setting reign! Who will #ManUp and challenge them next? Will that team have what it takes to take those titles from The Briscoes?


The pulse quickens.

2018 is over but 2019 is just beginning. Do you feel your heart racing? Take a deep breath, because it’s coming. But when and where will we see it?


Marty Scurll heads to the ring!

The Villain is in Philly, still waiting for his chance at the ROH World Championship. Scurll takes a mic to speak on that very subject. “Let’s discuss the elephant in the room. What’s next for the Villain, Marty Scurll?” Scurll feels like he’s just beating around the bush. To be honest, Scurll has been the top guy in ROH for a long time already! So it’s about time he takes the top prize to prove it! Scurll won Survival of the Fittest and has his shot at the title in his back pocket. He made his intentions clear, he wants at Jay Lethal. But instead of Lethal, Scurll gets Matt Taven and The Kingdom.

The “real” world champion can’t believe we have to go over this again. How many times is Scurll going to prove he’s a Melvin? Lethal is NOT the ROH WHC, Taven is! “Because IIII’M Matt Taven!” And Taven’s been waiting for this moment with Scurll a long time. What does Scurll have? Not a single friend in ROH, and he’s surrounded by The Kingdom. Taven, TK O’Ryan and Vinnie Marseglia close in as Scurll admits his friends in Bullet Club have left him. But that doesn’t mean he can’t make new friends. The lights go down, and when they come back up, Scurll now has Brody King by his side! But then the lights go down again, and when the lights come back up, it’s P C O!! And the fight is on!

Vinnie stomps Marty but Brody throws Taven out while PCO CHOPS TK around. Brody helps Marty with Vinnie, Canadian rack into a piledriver! The Kingdom retreats but PCO climbs up high, for a SUPER ASAI MOONSAULT! PCO wipes the Kingdom out, and fans are losing their minds for this new #VillainEnterprises! It’s not just a catchphrase, it’s real! Will Scurll and his new friends be the team to shut The Kingdom up once and for all?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode of ROH, and now we’ve got a better idea of how the company looks to continue with the Bullet Club Elite taking their leave. Zack Sabre Jr. VS Tracy Williams was a great match to open, and it was great to see another wrestler keeping up with ZSJ in the technical submission game. ZSJ obviously wins his debut because it’s ZSJ in his debut, and it sounds like his story with Jonathon Gresham is far from over, even with their Final Battle match having happened. I’ve said it a lot with Gresham, and I’ll say it now that ZSJ and even Hot Sauce Williams are in ROH, the Pure Championship should return for these guys to compete over while Jeff Cobb dominates as ROH World Television Champion.

The Britt & Madison VS Twisted Sisterz rematch was better than the original, and obviously there’s more to this if Britt & Madison won. I said this back with the original, but I’d be both surprised but not surprised if ROH chose to create WOH Tag Team Championships to strengthen their partnership with Stardom and other independent promotions. Twisted Sisterz, as an actual tag team, could be an easy Heel finalist for those belts should ROH a tournament like they did for the singles title, and the Faces would have to really shore up to feel just as strong. Tonight’s ROH World Tag Team Championship match was really good, but that’s natural for teams as good as The Briscoes and SoCal Uncensored. It makes sense for Briscoes to retain if SCU is joining AEW, as the two promotions have no working relationship yet.

The closing segment was really great, too! There was talk for weeks of what Villain Enterprises was, who would be in it, and now we know. Scurll finally gets to be the leader and not a henchman, and with Brody King and PCO as his sidekicks, that’s even bigger. Villain Enterprises is going to be great in ROH in various divisions to be sure, and can easily come out of this story with The Kingdom holding those ROH World Six Man Tag titles, too.

My Score: 8.2/10

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