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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (1/19/19)



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 383

The Last Real Man and the Beer City Bruiser were once the best of pals in ROH, but now they’re on the rocks! Who wins when these two go head to head?



  • ROH World Television Championship Contenders Tournament: Facade VS Eli Isom; Isom wins and advances to the finals.
  • TK O’Ryan VS Rush; Rush wins.
  • ROH World Television Championship Contenders Tournament: Beer City Bruiser VS Silas Young; changed to…
  • ROH World Television Championship Contenders Tournament No Disqualifications Match: Beer City Bruiser VS Silas Young; Young wins and advances to the finals.


ROH World Television Championship Contenders Tournament: Facade VS Eli Isom w/ Ryan Nova!

The Neon Ninja and the Future of Honor return for this small four-man tournament to determine a challenger for Jeff Cobb! Who moves on to the finals and one step closer to challenging the Hawaiian Hulk?

The Code of Honor is upheld between the shinobi in the ring and we begin. Eli and Facade circle and tie up. They push each other around but Eli gets the waistlock. Facade slips out to a headlock, but Eli slips out to his own. Eli brings Facade to the mat and gets a cover, ONE as Facade gets the headscissors. Eli pops out and the two shove each other. Facade trips Eli then runs, but Eli ducks under. Facade cartwheels and waistlocks but things speed up again. Eli hurdles, hurdles then knees Facade down! Fans cheer as Eli goes after Facade on the apron. The referee backs Eli off and Facade shoulders in. Facade slingshots, rolls, and waistlocks Eli but Eli bucks him off. Things speed up again and both men dodge, Facade hits Eli with a calf kick!

Facade toys with the younger ninja and waistlocks again. He rolls Eli this time, TWO, springboard dropkick! Cover, TWO! Facade keeps on Eli with an armlock, and turns it into a half bow ‘n’ arrow. Fans rally as Facade makes it a leg based full nelson. Eli endures but Facade makes it a cover, TWO! Facade has Eli but Eli hits back with body shots. Eli hits forearms, uppercuts, elbows and an enziguri! Eli fires up and whips Facade into a back drop! Facade bails out as fans rally up for Eli. Eli builds speed and DIVES! They both crash and burn but Eli gets up with fire! We go to break as Eli goes back for more.

ROH returns and Eli runs in for a big European Uppercut on Facade. Eli back suplexes Facade and bridges for a cover, TWO! Nova keeps Eli focused while Facade gets to a corner. Eli goes after Facade as fans build to a rally. Eli suplexes but Facade slips out. Facade dodges and springboards for an enziguri! Eli rolls out now but Facade builds speed. Facade springboards and FLIES! He hits Eli with a shinobi senton! Fans fire up as Facade drags Eli into the ring, then climbs up top. He walks the ropes but Eli dodges the jump. Eli hist a roaring elbow, then roars as he drags Facade up. Facade escapes the suplex but Eli blocks the kick. Eli ducks another kick but gets hit by the third! Facade torture racks, into Neon Hammer!

Facade can’t cover, so he climbs up top. He walks the ropes, Neon Terminator dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Eli lives and Facade can’t believe it! Facade drags Eli up and vows to finish this. Springboard, but the Destroyer is denied! Eli hits a big lariat! He suplexes, BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, Eli wins!!

Winner: Eli Isom, by pinfall; advances to the #1 Contender’s Match

The Future of Honor might be now! Who will Eli meet in the final match?


Kelly Klein speaks.

“At Final Battle, I defeated not one but three opponents to become the WOH World Champion.” And she is so confident in her ability to keep the title, that she will defend any time she has a match, against anyone and anywhere. From now on, anyone who steps to her will get their title shot. But will the Gatekeeper come to regret giving everyone a shot at her?


Welcome to Villain Enterprises!

Marty Scurll called his shot at THE ROH World Championship, but he got The Kingdom and their would-be king. The Kingdom thought Scurll was all alone, but he has new friends in Brody King and the electric PCO! Scurll ushers in a new era for ROH, but will this new team be able to overthrow Matt Taven and his crew? Find out on episode 384, when The Kingdom put up their ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships!


Jay Lethal speaks.

“There is no secret that there is a long list of guys in the wrestling world that want this” ROH World Championship! And Lethal is very aware that Matt Taven continues to pretend to be something he’s not. Lethal knows one day they will cross paths and Taven will get what’s coming to him. Will the Franchise Player still be THE ROH World Champion when he goes to deal with the “real” world champion?


TK O’Ryan VS Rush!

The Sassy Wild Horse of The Kingdom may have to prepare for the Six Man Tag title match next week, but he doesn’t mind ruining the ROH debut of a major CMLL star! Will TK hit a home run against THE Ungovernable? Or will Rush show O’Ryan what Tranquilo is all about?

TK wants the Code of Honor but then he pulls it away from Rush. The bell rings and the two circle. They feel it out but then Rush backs off as fans chant “Tranquilo!” Rush then rushes in for a waistlock but TK standing switches. Rush switches, TK switches, Rush switches, TK switches, repeat! The two separate as fans duel, “Toro Blanco!” “T K O!” TK shoves Rush, but Rush rips off TK’s shirt and shoves him back. They shove more, Rush trips TK and speeds things up. TK gets Rush with a rebound German, but then so does Rush! They both dropkick but those cancel out, and fans fire up as the two stare down. Rush shoves TK again, so TK shoves back. TK dares Rush to hit him, and a brawl begins! They go back and forth but Rush gets the edge with a CHOP!

Rush cusses TK out, but TK boots him down! TK grimaces as he drags Rush out and bounces him off the apron. TK CHOPS Rush back, then whips him into barriers. The ref reprimands TK but TK just refreshes the count. TK puts Rush in and then taunts Rush’s fans. TK stomps away on Rush at the ropes but backs off at 4. He uppercuts Rush to a corner then chops him more. Rush CHOPS TK back then eggs him on. TK chops then throws hands before whipping. Rush kicks TK, dodges then SUPERKICKS! Rush whips corner to corner but TK reverses, only for Rush to come back with a superman punch! Toro Blanco is in control while we go to break!

ROH returns and Rush blocks a sucker kick to rock TK with a right. Rush puts some stank on his next CHOP! TK fires up and CHOPS, so Rush CHOPS back. They go back and forth with these chops, and then Rush stomps away! Rush runs corner to corner, but he fakes TK out to then swiftly kick him in the face. And of course, the original Tranquilo! Fans fire up and chant “SI! SI!” as Rush pursues TK on the outside. TK surprises Rush with a left hand! TK asks “Who’s the best around?!” but fans boo. The Best Around stomps Rush then throws him into barriers. He puts Rush in the ring, then covers, TWO! TK keeps his cool and fans rally up for Rush. TK undoes his wrist tape as he toys with Rush, and then chokes Rush with it.

Rush breaks free and fires off on TK in a corner. TK hits back then whips corner to corner, but Rush reverses. TK reverses back and back suplexes Rush down! Cover, TWO! TK taunts Rush as he stands him up. He whips Rush corner to corner but Rush boots him back. Rush then throws TK overhead into buckles! Both men are down but fans rally up. Rush feeds off the energy and sees TK get to the corner. Fans duel again as Rush stomps and whips. Rush runs in for a big splash, then continues, but TK intercepts with a European Uppercut. TK runs but Rush follows to intercept with a splash! Rush runs but TK follows and gets Rush with a spinebuster! Cover, TWO!! TK is furious as Rush survives.

Fans rally again as TK drags Rush up. TK facelocks and fisherman, but Rush powers him to a corner. TK clubs away and then climbs up. Rush resists and chops TK back. Rush climbs up for a stiff headbutt! Then, a SUPERPLEX! Fans fire up again as Rush aims at TK in the corner. Rush runs in for another big splash, then stomps away on TK before going corner to corner again, shotgun dropkick! Cover, Rush wins!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall

Tranquilo is victorious as Rush is successful in his ROH debut! Will the White Bull bulldoze a path to the top? But wait, the red balloons! Vinnie Marseglia is here and he wants a fight with Rush. But it’s just to give Taven an opening to clobber Rush with the purple belt! Vinnie then gets Rush with his inverted DDT! Taven gives Vinnie a chair and Vinnie puts Rush on it. The Kingdom prepares more chairs as fans boo and jeer. The Kingdom give Rush a TRIPLE Con-Chair-to!! Rush wins only to suffer insult and injury! What will the consequences be of this unprovoked and vile assault?


“Mr. Survival of the Fittest”, Rhett Titus, joins commentary.

The Big Dawg shows off the “fittest bod” that apparently won him a body building trophy. Whether that’s true or not, both he and his statue will be here to watch the main event!


ROH World Television Championship Contenders Tournament: Beer City Bruiser VS Silas Young!

The Future of Honor awaits the winner of this match in the next round, but that’s not on the mind of either man here. These two used to be good pals, but things have changed ever since the Last Real Man started spending time with Bully Ray. Will BCB get back at Silas for cutting him off? Or will Silas leave BCB behind as he goes for bigger and better things?

Bruiser picks up a mic before the match and talks to Silas. “You said our friendship meant nothing. That it was just business, for you to rise up the ranks of ROH.” But Bruiser realized for himself, “Silas Sucks!” Fans agree with that but Silas just taunts the fans back. Bruiser tells the “Last Real Boy” to look at him. Silas says Bruiser can’t keep up with Silas in a wrestling match, and Bruiser agrees. But they won’t have a normal wrestling match. Bruiser’s making this a fight! And not just any kind of fight, but a No Disqualifications match! Fans like the sound of that, because this is ECW Arena, after all. The approval is given, and the fight begins with the bell!

ROH World Television Championship Contenders Tournament No Disqualifications Match: Beer City Bruiser VS Silas Young!

Silas and BCB throw hands, but then Silas knees low. Silas shouts in Bruiser’s ear that he’s already shown he’s better. He runs but into Bruiser’s elbow! Bruiser says HE is better, and he clotheslines Silas and himself out of the ring! But Bruiser lands on his feet and fires up with Philly! Silas crawls but Bruiser stalks him to rock him with an uppercut. Bruiser sits the chair up and brings Silas over. “Beer will always win!” But Silas shoves Bruiser into the post! Silas clubs Bruiser and puts him in the ring while Rhett Titus fat shames Bruiser. Silas slingshots but Bruiser dodges the stomps, then rocks Silas with another right. Bruiser goes to suplex Silas out but Silas resists. Silas hotshots Bruiser back, then mockingly applauds.

Fans rally up as Silas builds speed. Bruiser dodges so Silas tumbles to the apron. Silas avoids Bruiser’s sweep but Bruiser avoids the kick. Bruiser hurries up as Silas slingshots in and triangle jumps for the lariat! Bruiser hits the apron while Silas dusts off his hands. Silas goes to the apron himself and drags Bruiser up. He tries to fireman’s carry but Bruiser too big and strong. Bruiser elbows Silas and fans chant “Beer! Beer!” Silas falls down and Bruiser aims, apron cannonball onto the chair!! Rhett jokes that they’ll need a spatula to pull Silas off the ground. But both Bruiser and Silas are down while we go to break.

ROH returns as Bruiser waits in the ring. Silas takes too long for his liking so he goes to the apron. But Silas trips Bruiser and Bruiser falls on the edge! Silas goes around and slingshot stomps Bruiser! Then stomps him more! Silas taunts Bruiser and kicks at him. Silas drags Bruiser up but Bruiser blocks a whip to reverse it. Bruiser catches Silas as he goes up and over, but Silas slips out to kick out a leg. Silas kicks more, then facelocks, and lifts Bruiser enough for the Anarchy Suplex, the draping swinging neckbreaker! Cover, ONE! Bruiser shocks Silas but Silas doesn’t stop.

Silas brings out a table, for a total of two. He puts this table inside the ring and up in a corner. Silas goes to Bruiser and throws haymakers. He whips Bruiser corner to corner but Bruiser reverses. Silas stops himself and rocks Bruiser with an elbow. Bruiser boots back and then runs, cannonball through the table!! Philly likes that one as Bruiser covers, TWO!! Silas survives and Bruiser can’t believe it. Both men slowly stand as the wreckage is cleared. Bruiser runs at Silas but into a chair! Bruiser tumbles out of the ring but Silas goes out after him. Silas stomps him, then jabs Bruiser with the chair. Silas says Bruiser asked for this No DQ, now he’ll pay for it!

The Last Real Man sets up chairs then pulls Bruiser up. Bruiser hits back and whips Silas at the barriers. Silas stops himself and rocks Bruiser back. Silas climbs up with help from a support beam, but Bruiser catches him! Bruiser SUPERPLEXES Silas to the floor! Fans applaud for Bruiser’s reckless abandon! Bruiser gets up first and drags Silas over to those chairs. He rains down rights and leaves Silas on the chairs. Bruiser then climbs onto the apron, then onto the top rope. Fans are fired up but Silas stops Bruiser from taking flight! Both men brawl as Silas climbs. Silas gets the edge, and then tries for something even crazier. The two men fight and fight, but Bruiser gives Silas a SUPER HIP TOSS! Bruiser brings Silas to a chair, Beer City Slam on the chair! Cover, TWO!? Silas survives and this match continues after the break!

ROH returns once more as Bruiser noms Silas’s head! But again, he has no teeth so it doesn’t really do anything.  Bruiser puts Silas on the chairs and climbs up again. Fans fire up as they anticipate what’s coming, but Silas stops Bruiser again. Silas throws Bruiser onto the chairs!! Cover, TWO!! Bruiser survives his own back’s destruction and Silas cannot believe it! Silas furiously searches for one more thing under the ring. He returns with zip ties?! Silas ties Bruiser to the ropes, a la their days together beating up Jay Lethal! Bruiser is stuck as Silas jabs and SMACKS Bruiser with chairs! Fans rally with chants of “Beer! Beer!” but Silas throws the chair in Bruiser’s face! Bruiser is out against the ropes but Silas dares him to sit up.

But wait, here comes Brian Milonas! The Mastadon has become Bruiser’s newest buddy in their tag team, and he won’t let Silas treat Bruiser like trash! Milonas brings the fight to Silas with body shots in the corner! Fans fire up as Milonas gives Silas a big hip attack! Milonas frees Bruiser with the help of scissors, then sets chairs on Silas. Milonas climbs but Silas gets up to SMACK Milonas, then send him down through the other table!! Fans lose their minds over that one, and chant “E C Dub!” for the good ol’ days. Silas runs at Bruiser but gets a dropkick! Bruiser lifts Silas but Silas slips out, only to get decked! Bruiser has a chair and he sets it on Silas now. He climbs up one more time, and hits the Vader Bomb! Cover, TWO!! Silas survives again and Bruiser can’t believe it.

Bruiser sees a third table and sets that up in the ring. Bruiser fetches his keg and BOPS Silas with it! Silas is on the table and Bruiser climbs up again. Bruiser leaps but Silas moves, only Bruiser goes through table! Silas lifts Bruiser in a fireman’s carry, and hits Misery! Cover, Silas wins!

Winner: Silas Young, by pinfall; advances to the #1 Contender’s Match

To say this match was massive is an understatement! The Last Real Man manages to survive both Bouncers, and now he moves on to the ROH World Television Championship #1 Contender’s match! Will the Future of Honor be able to shock Silas with an upset? Or will Silas steamroll his way back to the World TV title?



My Thoughts:

What a good episode to bring us further into this No-More-Elite era of ROH. While we learn that The Kingdom VS Villain Enterprises is happening already, and for the ROH World Six Man titles, it also seems they might be setting things up for The Kingdom VS Los Ingobernables de CMLL. Why else would Rush get that beating and Triple ConChairto? Plus, with how ROH taping sessions go, this attack can keep Rush off TV for a few episodes while his CMLL allies take the fight to The Kingdom in his place. ROH will definitely need to rely on all their relationships to keep afloat while The Bullet Club Elite goes all in on All Elite Wrestling.

Jay Lethal’s promo was also good in pushing the story I’ve been expecting of an Undisputed ROH World Champion. Depending on how things go for Taven against Villain Enterprises and possibly Team CMLL, Taven could come out stronger than ever against Lethal. I still expect Lethal to win to shut Taven up, but it would definitely be a big surprise if Taven won to finally become a Grand Slam Champion.

The ROH World Television Championship contender tournament was an interesting thing to just spring on us. Eli VS Facade was good but could’ve been better. Eli wins to give us a great underdog in the finals. Silas VS Bruiser becoming a No DQ match was great, as the match itself was great. Bruiser’s theme song now has lyrics so clearly he’s completed the turn to Face. As such, Silas the Heel wins to take on Eli. Either winner would make for a good story with Jeff Cobb, but I’m pretty sure Silas will win the tournament for Heel VS Face in the title match. Then Cobb will win because he’s Jeff Cobb. Eli would only win the tournament if he was going to get another shocking underdog victory, and I don’t see him doing that against Cobb. Cobb probably won’t lose the title until a Triple Threat or bigger match.

My Score: 8.1/10

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