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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (1/5/19)



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 381

ROH begins 2019 with the beginning of a new era! The Bullet Club Elite have left, who will fill the power vacuum left in the roster?



  • Proving Ground match: Luchasaurus VS Jeff Cobb; Cobb wins.
  • Kelly Klein VS Nikki Addams; changed to…
  • WOH World Championship: Kelly Klein VS Nikki Addams; Klein wins and retains the WOH World Championship.
  • ROH World Championship Contenders Four Corner Survival: Chris Sabin VS Flip Gordon VS Marty Scurll VS Dalton Castle w/ The Boys; Castle wins and faces Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship at Honor Reigns Surpreme.


ROH Final Battle 2018 is in the books!

The American Nightmare, Cody, challenged the Franchise Player, Jay Lethal, for THE ROH World Championship in an epic rematch from their first encounter at Final Battle 2016. Cody put it on himself that this would be his final ROH event and that he would win, but it would not be, as Lethal made him tap out! Lethal retains his title and enters 2019 on top! Meanwhile, SoCal Uncensored defended the World Tag Team Championships in a Triple Threat Ladder War! Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky would battle The Young Bucks and The Briscoes, but the champions would not retain. The team to bring the titles down from high above would be #DemBoyz, Jay & Mark Briscoe! The Briscoes now reign as historic 10 Time ROH World Tag Team Champions!

But perhaps the biggest news of all is that with contracts running out and no titles keeping them here, The Bullet Club’s Elite have made the decision to leave ROH! There is a change coming now that Cody, Hangman Page and The Young Bucks will be absent, who will take advantage of this opportunity?


Ian Riccaboni and various ROH stars are in the ring!

Riccaboni wishes everyone a Happy New Year and speaks on Jay Lethal retaining his title at Final Battle. He points out that the four men in the ring with him–The Peacock, Dalton Castle; The Villain, Marty Scurll; the now solo Chris Sabin; and the #FutureLegend, Flip Gordon–have all earned a shot at the world title at one point over the last year. Sabin brought Lethal to his limits in a #ProvingGrounds time limit draw. Flip won the #SeaOfHonor tournament on the Cruise of Jericho. Castle is the former champion who still has his contractual rematch to be granted. And Scurll won the 2018 #SurvivaloftheFittest tournament, and kept that title opportunity after defeating Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels. These four men will compete in a Four Corners Survival to determine which man gets their shot first, at Honor Reigns Supreme! Riccaboni now gives an introduction to THE ROH World Champion– Matt Taven?

Matt Taven heads to the ring, surprisingly without The Kingdom, holding on to his purple title belt that he claims is the “Real ROH World Championship”. And as such, Taven thanks “the biggest Melvin” Riccaboni for speaking so highly of him. Taven did defend and retain his title at Final Battle against Castle. But no one in the ring deserves a shot at Taven. Flip won a tournament while everyone was on vacation. But it’s good to see Flip’s face again, because his nose was buried so far up the Bullet Club’s collective ass for so long. And did Taven go through time? Taven respects Sabin’s career, but did we all go back to 2012 when Sabin was relevant?

And Taven’s personal favorite, Marty Scurll. Where are all his friends? Guess you have to meet height requirements to catch the train to Jacksonville. Scurll is actually the least deserving, because at both Supercard and Best in the World, Scurll came up short. As for Castle, didn’t he just hear Riccaboni? Taven defended his title, that counts as The Peacock’s rematch, so he should “fake another injury” for a bit. Taven doesn’t see any of them worthy of a title shot, and the person that does is going to earn that shot. Just like him, “Because IIII’M Matt Taven.” But then Jay Lethal finally appears, and gets in Taven’s face! Lethal and Taven argue over the legitimacy of Taven’s clearly illegitimate title belt. Taven lifts his belt, but Lethal slaps it out of his hand. Lethal raises his belt, and Taven SPITS on it! The fight is on!!

Security and referees hurry to pull the real world champion and the “real” world champion apart. Castle and the other contenders don’t mind if they fight, but we go to break as ROH officials look to calm things down.


Proving Ground match: Luchasaurus VS Jeff Cobb!

This 15-minute time limit match pits two monsters of the ring! The kaiju of the Temple looks to make a huge impact, but can he conquer the Hawaiian Hulk?

The Code of Honor is upheld between the ROH World Television Champion and newcomer. The bell rings and Luchasaurus hits Cobb with a heel kick! Cobb goes down, Luchasaurus covers, TWO! Luchasaurus drags Cobb up, but Cobb breaks free of the choke grip. Luchasaurus boots the clothesline to cartwheel and headscissors Cobb to the mat, aka Snake Bite! Fans fire up as Luchasaurus runs for the spinning buzzsaw! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives but Luchasaurus runs in for a huge meteora, then again for another knee. But Cobb catches him, for the swinging suplex! Cobb drags Luchasaurus up to CHOP and forearm and uppercut Luchasaurus. He fires off palm strikes, but Luchasaurus knees back. Luchasaurus hops up but Cobb DROPKICKS him!

Cobb chops Luchasaurus then climbs up to join him. SUPERPLEX! Cobb crawls to a cover, ONE!? So Cobb standing moonsaults! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus lives but Cobb keeps his cool. Fans rally up as Cobb brings Luchasaurus up. Cobb reels Luchasaurus in for a lariat, but Luchasaurus stays standing. Cobb tries again but Luchasaurus only staggers. Luchasaurus handsprings to dodge Cobb’s third try, then feints a superkick to hit a roundhouse! Luchasaurus choke slams and standing moonsaults! Cover, TWO!! Cobb continues to survive while we go to break.

ROH returns from break as Luchasaurus brings Cobb up for chops. Luchasaurus calls for a finish as he scoops Cobb, but Cobb slips out and shoves him to a corner. Cobb hits a LEAPING uppercut! Cobb runs back in but Luchasaurus goes up and over for a SUPERKICK and then a calf kick! Luchasaurus drags Cobb to the drop zone before climbing up top. Cobb springs up and rocks Luchasaurus with another uppercut. Cobb and Luchasaurus brawl as Cobb climbs again. Luchasaurus resists but Cobb still gets the SUPER Belly2Belly! Cobb drags Luchasaurus back up, for a piledriver! But he’s not done there, he gives Luchasaurus a Tour of the Islands! Cover, Cobb wins!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall

Luchasaurus gave Cobb quite the fight, but in the end, the Polynesian Powerman denies him a shot at the title. What will it take for someone to stop Juggernaut Jeff Cobb?


ROH looks back at Final Battle’s WOH Championship Fatal 4 Way!

Sumie Sakai had already put together an impressive reign as the inaugural WOH World Champion, but she wanted to challenge herself. She took on Madison Rayne, Karen Q and Kelly Klein, but not even the Ray of Sunshine could survive such talented challengers. In the end, the Gatekeeper finally gets the gold she waited so long for, and is now the second-ever WOH World Champion! And speaking of Kelly…

Kelly Klein VS Nikki Addams!

The Pretty Badass dominated the women of ROH long before the division was official. Now she feels vindicated by finally having that belt around her waist. Can the new champion make this New Year her year?

Addams shows Klein the proper respect while Klein picks up a mic to speak. “Some of you may know we have a new WOH World Champion.” Klein defeated three women in one match. So then, starting right now, “every single one on one match with me will be for the WOH World Championship.” The Gatekeeper is a fighting champion! Will she regret her boldness? Or is this her building her legacy so that it outshines the Ray of Sunshine?

WOH World Championship: Kelly Klein VS Nikki Addams!

The belt is raised and Klein offers the Code of Honor handshake. Addams respects Klein but she knows that’s just a trick. So Klein rocks Addams with a forearm! The bell rings and Addams hits back! Addams fires off European Uppercuts then runs corner to corner for a forearm smash. She whips Klein corner to corner but misses the boot. Klein throws Addams down then stomps her out at the ropes. Klein drags Addams around for cravat and brings her to the mat. The Pretty Badass grins as she grinds Addams while we go to break.

ROH returns and Addams is free of the cravat. Klein drags her up to lift but Addams fights out. Addams fires up and backhands Klein to a corner! Addams runs in corner to corner for a chop, then whips corner to corner. She hits Klein with a boot this time, then covers, TWO! Klein is tough but Addams fires up. The fans rally as Addams climbs. Klein stops her and yanks her off the top! Cover, TWO! Klein is furious but she keeps on Addams with the fireman’s carry. Addams fights out and sunset flips, ONE! Klein rocks Addams with a knee! Cover, Klein wins!

Winner: Kelly Klein, by pinfall; still WOH World Champion

The Gatekeeper keeps her title, and has her first defense in the record books. But Klein doesn’t need to look too far for her next challenger, because Jenny Rose heads to the ring! The American Joshi is no stranger to Kelly Klein. After all, she did chip Klein’s tooth. Jenny congratulates the champion, but says there’s still unfinished business between them. And so, Honor Reigns Supreme will see their 1v1 match upgraded to a title match with Klein’s declaration. How about Jenny raise the ante and make it a Street Fight?! Fans like the sound of that but what is Kelly’s answer? “I will see you in the streets of Concord!” Challenge accepted, but will Klein already regret her fighting champion challenge?


Brian Milonas finds Beer City Bruiser at, well, the bar.

Is Bruiser still sulking of Silas Young and Bully Ray? Bruiser and Brian may have been the Bouncers for the better part of a year now, but Silas and Bruiser go back 18 years! Silas has cut off Bruiser, even when they’re in the same room! Milonas tells Bruiser they know where Silas goes, it’s the locker room! Go and get in Silas’ face, so that good or bad, you can get past it! Bruiser admits Milonas has a point. What will happen when BCB confronts the Last Real Man face to face?


ROH shares highlights from an Honor Club exclusive.

It was a star-studded 8 Man Tag where Jay Lethal, Flip Gordon and The Best Friends took on Cody, Hangman Page and The Young Bucks. With The Elite departing, this was meant to be a heartfelt good-bye from ROH’s best, but it was ruined by ROH’s worst! Bully Ray led Silas Young, Shane Taylor and The Briscoes in an assault on all eight men in that match! See the entirety of this dream match turned nightmare scenario on Honor Club’s On Demand.


The pulse quickens.

2018 is over but 2019 is just beginning. Do you feel your heart racing? Take a deep breath, because it’s coming. But when and where will we see it?


ROH looks back at Scurll VS Daniels at Final Battle.

The Fallen Angel knew time was running out for him in ROH. He dared The Villain to put his Survival of the Fittest tournament shot on the line, and Scurll accepted the challenge. Scurll would target Daniels’ vulnerable neck, and then put on the Chickenwing Crossface. Daniels couldn’t endure and had to submit. Daniels lost his last chance, but fans told him “Thank You, Daniels!” for the years he devoted to this company.

Christopher Daniels heads to the ring!

The Fallen Angel has no title shot, but he has the respect and admiration of the fans. Daniels picks up a mic as fans again chant “Thank You, Daniels!” Final Battle 2018 is history, but not a good night for SCU. Kaz and Scorpio are recovering from “one of the most brutal matches they’ve ever had in their careers”, while Daniels had everything to lose and everything to gain, yet lost. There’s only one thing left, and that is to say good-bye. Fans chant “No! No!” but Daniels vows to take his memories from here, from the first main event with Low-Ki and Bryan Danielson, to that first ROH Championship 60-minute Ironman match in 100 degree weather, Daniels wants to remember each and every opponent he’s ever had. Those opponents became his comrades, his friends, and his family. Daniels will remember the satisfaction of finally holding the ROH World Championship.

“There comes a time when the memory of a man becomes more important than the man himself”, so Daniels asks and begs the ROH fans to remember Daniels as a man who “gave every bit of his heart and his soul” to be the best he could be every time he stepped into this ROH ring. Daniels gets a bit emotional, but tells everyone here and watching around the world, “I thank you, I love you, good-bye.” The fans give Daniels a standing ovation because that is what he deserves. But then Joe Koff appears on stage. Koff thanks Daniels. This all started last year, and now it comes to closure. They’ve had their differences over the year of 2018, but Koff tells Daniels that he did something at Final Battle that made Koff rethink this situation.

When Daniels defended Cary Silkin, the real reason ROH exists, Koff saw that Daniels wasn’t trying to save his job, but that he loves the company and what it stands for. Therefore, Koff offers Daniels a 2019 contract! Daniels is as thankful as anyone, and hugs Silkin and Koff for this. Koff and Daniels shake hands, but Shane Taylor attacks from out of nowhere! Taylor shouts at Koff, “That’s the piece of trash you give a contract to?!” Taylor says he’s the man around here! He should get a contract! Taylor puts Daniels in the ring but Daniels slingshots right back out! Daniels throws hands and chops! But Taylor throws Daniels into a post!

Taylor drags Daniels and throws him into barriers head first! The Notorious Hitman puts Daniels in the ring, then brings a chair with him. Taylor rocks Daniels with a knee, then picks up the chair. Taylor SMACKS Daniels on the back! Daniels writhes as Taylor sets the chair down. Taylor drags Daniels up and says Daniels will only be remembered as the guy Taylor took out. Greetings from the 216, on the chair!! Fans boo and jeer, but Taylor ignores them as he tears up the contract, to stuff it down Daniels’ mouth. Insult to injury to say the least, but will there be consequences for Taylor’s actions?


Zack Sabre Jr. is coming to ROH TV!

It will be episode 382 when the Submission Wizard makes his television debut! Who will step to him and #JustTapOut?


ROH World Championship Contenders Four Corner Survival: Chris Sabin VS Flip Gordon VS Marty Scurll VS Dalton Castle w/ The Boys!

The REAL World Champion joins commentary to watch this match, but he also watches his own back because of the fight he had with Matt Taven earlier tonight. Taven was escorted from the building, but The Kingdom could still be lurking. Will Lethal make it through the night?

As for this match, the solo Motor City Machine Gun, the Captain of Flip Army, the Villain and The Peacock all fight to be first in line against Lethal! Who wins this star studded main event to move on to Honor Reigns Supreme?

The four men circle but Scurll decides to back out and let the others fight it out. Fans applaud and then rally behind Scurll as he watches with them. Castle doesn’t mind, he’ll take Sabin and Flip on. The three circle and Castle pushes Sabin to waistlock Flip. Flip standing switches and Sabin runs in, but Castle boots him away. Castle elbows Flip and then CHOPS him. Castle runs but Scurll trips him up! Scurll drags Castle out and they start shoving, but Flip wrecks them both with a dropkick! Flip skins the cat but Sabin clubs him from behind. Sabin lifts but Flip slips out of the suplex. Flip waistlocks but Sabin standing switches, but Flip switches back. Sabin switches, Flip switches, repeat, but then they both decide to DIVE onto Castle and Scurll!

Fans fire up with Sabin and Flip, but Flip gets the fans chanting for him. Sabin shrugs it off and grabs Scurll. He puts Scurll in the ring and leaps for a missile dropkick! Scurll rolls back out as Flip puts Castle in. Sabin gives Flip his space to springboard missile dropkick Castle! Flip and Sabin shake hands, and then they work together on Castle. They double whip but Castle ducks and double clotheslines them back! Scurll returns but Castle clotheslines him down! Scurll rolls back out, so Castle builds speed. The Peacock fakes the others out to STRUT, and we go to one last break!

ROH returns once more, and Flip switches with Castle. Castle buck him off to knee him down. Castle deadlift gut wrenches to powerbomb Flip down! Flip gets to ropes but Castle is on him with haymakers. Castle whips Flip but Flip holds ropes, only for Castle to clothesline him out. Sabin returns to knee Castle against the ropes, then wrings out the arm. Castle rolls through but gets an enziguri and Penalty Kick! Scurll returns and ducks the enziguri, saying he’s too smart for that. Scurll enjoys the applause but Sabin fights back. Sabin runs but into an uppercut. Scurll runs to hop over and SUPERKICK Sabin! Fans fire up for Scurll as he skins the cat. Flip is there waiting because he’s smarter than Scurll.

Scurll turns around into Flip’s CHOP! But Scurll gives a CHOP back! Scurll eggs Flip on and Flip CHOPS back. Scurll CHOPS, Flip CHOPS, and repeat! Flip goes overhand, Scurll fakes Flip out to dropkick the legs out! Because Scurll is smartest of all. Scurll grabs the legs for the deathlock, but then Castle comes back. Castle grabs Flip for a crossface! But Sabin gets Scurll with an abdominal stretch! Then a dropkick sends Scurll down onto Castle, breaking all the holds! Fans rally up as Sabin has his pick. Sabin goes after Castle but Castle rocks him with a right. Flip SUPERKICKS Castle, then runs. Scurll hits a roaring elbow on Flip! But Sabin enziguris Scurll! All four men are down but the fans fire up. The fans chant “Fan Up!” as The Boys give power to Castle.

Sabin and Scurll stand, and Sabin boots Scurll away. Scurll leaps up to join Sabin on the top rope, but Sabin shoves him away. Castle and Flip go after Scurll, but Sabin leaps for a TRIPLE crossbody! Scurll stands but Sabin grabs him. Sabin uses Flip and Castle for the tornado DDT! Scurll rolls out while Flip and Castle get to corners. Sabin boots Castle, then he elbows Flip. Then he leaps at Castle, only to be caught in a saido suplex! Castle runs at Flip but Flip dodges to CHOP Castle back! Flip puts Castle up top, Kinder Surprise and Samoan Pop! Standing shooting star, cover, but Scurll breaks it just in time! Scurll bails out but Sabin wrecks him with a dropkick. Sabin runs but Flip intercepts with a 619!

Flip climbs but Sabin climbs up. Flip shoves Sabin away but Sabin comes back for a SUPER STEINER! But Flip’s to his feet, and runs at Sabin. Sabin puts Flip on the apron then runs side to side, but Flip uses Matrix kip-ups to dodge! Flip swing kicks back, but Scurll grabs him in the Electric Chair. Sabin gets on the apron, Penalty Kick Doomsday for Flip! But then a Penalty Kick to Scurll! Fans fire up as Castle runs at Sabin. Sabin shoulders then slingshots, but into BANGARANG!! Cover, Castle wins!!

Winner: Dalton Castle, by pinfall; challenges Jay Lethal for the title at Honor Reigns Supreme

And there is our world title match! Lethal leaves commentary to join Castle in the ring. Lethal offers Castle a handshake, and Castle accepts it. The Peacock may not have won against Matt Taven, but can he defeat the real ROH World Champion for the real title soon enough?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode to start ROH’s 2019 that also acts as a partial go-home to Honor Reigns Supreme. I’m surprised to hear Kelly Klein, the Heel, is choosing to be a fighting champion to the point that every singles match with her will be for the title by default! Klein is a uniquely prideful Heel, and I could see this being her outdoing Sumie just on her ratio of defenses within days as champion. Klein VS Rose in a Street Fight sounds great, and having No Disqualifications can help ease some of the sloppiness I recall from their previous televised match. I don’t think Klein will lose, because she only just got the title and only just started on her self-imposed fighting champion challenge. She might not even lose until Tenille Dashwood returns, as part of the mystery attacker story.

I really appreciate that they’re touching more on the two ROH World Championship belts with that fight between Taven and Lethal. Obviously it isn’t happening at an event as close as Honor Reigns Supreme, but that “Undisputed” ROH World Championship match has to happen at one of the bigger events on ROH’s calendar. I predict that Taven will get irritated with everyone saying Lethal is the world champion (even though he is), and after Lethal gets through maybe three of his four contenders, Taven will demand a match with Lethal to decide who is THE world champion. I can even see The Kingdom trying to help Taven win, but Lethal overcomes the odds to win/retain the title. That Fatal 4 of Castle, Flip, Scurll and Sabin was great, and Lethal VS Castle will also be great, but Lethal likely retains.

Cobb VS Luchasaurus was great, and for those who also follow Lucha Underground, this was like an unofficial match between Matanza Cueto and Vibora, as those two never met 1v1 there. Daniels’ good-bye promo was great, and I did not expect Koff to suddenly change his mind and keep Daniels on. With the recent news of All Elite Wrestling and the fact SoCal Uncensored are headed there, I am surprised to see this story between Daniels and Taylor is happening, as well as Kaz & Scorpio VS Briscoes one more time. Perhaps SCU aren’t as done with ROH as everyone thought, but I can’t see any of them getting titles, either. Could this be their respective good-byes the same as that 8 Man of Elite VS Lethal-Flip-BestFriends? If so, I hope SCU goes out with a bang before jumping completely to AEW.

My Score: 8.3/10

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