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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (1/25/19)



WOW Women of Wrestling coverage

WOW had a wild ending last week and looks to keep that going! Will Santana Garrett get revenge on Tessa Blanchard for what she did to Papa Keny G?



  • Princess Aussie VS Siren; Aussie wins.
  • Jessie Jones VS Azteca; Jones wins.
  • Tessa Blanchard VS Amber O’Neal w/ Lana Star; Blanchard wins.


Last time on WOW…

The champion, Santana Garrett, was so proud and honored to have her father in the crowd to see the Women of Wrestling premiere on AXS TV. But her moment was ruined by the Born Legend showing up unannounced. Tessa Blanchard disrespected Santana’s reign and her family legacy to put over her own. Tessa said she’d wait her turn, but she didn’t keep her word. Santana and Jungle Grrrl battled for the WOW World title in the main event, but Tessa would harass and assault Keny G! Santana was compelled to defend her father, but that would cost her the match. And Jungle Grrrl wasn’t off without her own new enemy in The Beast! Will these alpha females throw down on just the second episode of WOW on AXS?


Introducing: Tessa Blanchard.

We all know the Born Legend is daughter to THE Tully Blanchard, and her stepfather is Magnum TA. But her grandfather was Joe Blanchard, the man who ran Southwest Championship Wrestling back in the days of the territories. Tessa is a third generation wrestler, and while her name opens the door, she backs it all up with hard work and determination. There are no substitutes for skill, and while she’s won titles everywhere else, she wants to win one here. Blanchards go for gold. It isn’t just inn her name it is in her DNA. Will Tessa take over and become THE Woman of Wrestling?


David McLane again welcomes Santana Garrett to the ring!

The WOW World Champion and David both have a problem with Tessa going after her father, Keny G. David apologizes for that, but Santana tells him that for years, he’s set them up and she’s knocked them down. Now she’s never asked for a favor, but she asks for a match against Tessa Blanchard! Fans like the sound of that, and here comes Tessa herself! And the fight is on! Santana gets Tessa down and throws hands, but Tessa turns things around! David calls for referees and they pull the two apart. Fans want to “Let Them Fight! Let Them Fight!” Santana gets free and goes right at Tessa!

David shouts for this to stop, and says Tessa has to work her way up the ranks to get a match. Santana is the champ and she wants at Tessa because it’s gotten personal, but that’s just not how it’s down in WOW. But David has something for Tessa to do tonight. Tessa’s in-ring debut will be against the Beverly Hills Babe, Lana Stars! Tessa’s fine with that, but can she earn her way up towards Santana and the title?


Introducing: Princess Aussie.

A tough journey from The Outback to the states, Princess was one of two children under a single mother. While her mother worked, she would spend her days with the neighboring Aboriginal and Indonesian families. Princess was small and shy, and a bully would do whatever she wanted to her. But Princess’ friends taught her to fight back, and Princess fought off the bully all by herself. Princess stands tall for her family, her tribe. She pays homage with every match. As the saying goes, one stick alone is weak. But many sticks together cannot be broken. Will Princess Aussie be the one breaking the other Women of Wrestling?


David McLane gives a shout out to Mrs. Jacquline Stallone!

The mother to Sylvester and Frank Stallone is in attendance, and is the woman who inspired David in his ventures, GLOW, the Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling, and now WOW itself!


Princess Aussie VS Siren!

The Outback Beauty and the Voodoo Doll make their respective WOW TV debuts in a first-ever match-up. Princess has her tribe of Papua New Guinea, but Siren brings something supernatural. Will Princess be the first sacrifice to Siren’s darkness?

The bell rings and the two circle. Siren dodges Princess to then shriek. Princess doesn’t show fear, she rolls Siren up! TWO, but Princess arm-drags and tilt-o-whirl headscissors Siren down! Siren rolls out but Princess dares her to return. Siren returns and runs but into a boot. Princess throws in knees and clubbing forearms, but Siren hits back with body shots. Siren throws Princess with a Northern Lights, then adds a splash! Cover, TWO! Princess crawls but Siren is on her with a knockdown. Siren keeps Princess down, then drags her into a half camel clutch. She fish hooks Princess’s mouth then throws her down!

Fans duel as Siren stomps a mudhole into Princess. Siren grinds her foot in but stops at 4, to come back with a meteora! Siren drags Princess to a cover, TWO! Princess drags herself up but Siren drags Princess by her hair. Princess breaks free and throws hands! She kicks but Siren hits back. Siren whips Princess to a corner and hits a big corner clothesline! She whips corner to corner and hits a corner splash! Siren puts Princess up top but Princess hits back! Princess adjusts and hits Siren with a tornado DDT! Fans fire up with Princess and she runs for a Down Under elbow! Princess and fans fire up as she climbs up top. Princess aims and “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!” Frog Splash! Cover, Princess Aussie wins!

Winner: Princess Aussie, by pinfall

The black magic had no effect and Princess has a successful debut! Will Siren have to look elsewhere for her sacrifice?


Tessa Blanchard prepares for her match.

She promises to do “whatever is necessary to become the WOW World Champion.” If that means facing opponent after opponent, then so be it. Tessa warns that the Beverly Hills Babe might have friends like Lana Star, that doesn’t mean she’s not the same “sloppy” Amber O’Neal she always is. BHB better be ready for a fight, and Lana better stay out of the ring, or else they’re gonna need something more than Botox after Tessa gets through with them. Will the Born Legend make a massive impact in her WOW in-ring debut?


Introducing: Jessie Jones.

The Baroness of Bardstown, Kentucky is a tough young farm girl, and has WOW Trainer Selena Majors backing her. Jessie has strong Southern pride and carries on the legacy of tradition and respect in the industry. And if certain sonsaguns don’t have it, then Jessie will be more than happy to beat respect into them. She and Selena stood up to such disrespectful delinquents, but it didn’t go their way. Selena took a step back from the action, but she would soon return with a new prospect in one Jamie Lee Lynn. However, Jessie was not so easy a coach, and poor little Jamie Lee would learn a hard lesson.

Jessie didn’t see the problem in showing the new girl how harsh it is in the world of WOW today. Selena was upset with her protege, but Jessie was just as upset with her. Jessie stormed out on Selena, but she’s back in the arena! Will she show everyone that Southern Pride tonight?


Jessie Jones VS Azteca!

Before the match, Jessie spits her gum at David on commentary! Then she takes the mic and tells the fans, “All y’all make me sick.” Jessie is back to “Make Wrasslin’ Great Again”! She starts tonight with the luchadora. Speaking of Mexico, that makes Jessie thinking about “The Wall”. “All y’all don’t want the Wall”, but they’re hypocritically living behind walls in gated communities! Fans don’t care for politics in wrestling, but Jessie doesn’t care, she’s 100% #MWGA. Will the Goddess of the Sun have something to say about that in her WOW TV debut?

The bell rings and fans are on Azteca’s side as she ties up with Jessie. Azteca gets a wristlock but Jessie reverses to her own wristlock. Azteca reverses back but Jessie stomps Azteca’s foot to get a hammerlock. Jessie wrenches but Azteca slips out to her own hammerlock, then a headlock takeover! Jessie makes it a cover, ONE! Azteca shifts to a triangle choke but Jessie pops out to headscissor Azteca. Azteca headstands and pops out, to then taunt Jessie. Jessie taunts back and the two circle again. Fans fire up for Azteca and they tie up again. Jessie gets a waistlock but Azteca throws her right off! Azteca then underhooks, flips over, and arm-drags Jessie down! Jessie runs into Azteca’s kick, and then Azteca acrobatically arm-drags with a twist!

Fans are thunderous as Jessie bails out. Azteca wants her to come back but Jessie goes under the ring. Azteca goes in search of her, but Jessie pops out the other side to push Azteca into a post! Jessie pushes Azteca into another post, and Azteca clutches her arm. Jessie puts Azteca in to stomp and club down. Azteca hits back with a haymaker, but Jessie thumbs her in the eye! Jessie takes the bad arm and wraps it on the ropes. She whips Azteca corner to corner but Azteca reverses to a corner splash! Azteca keeps moving for a running elbow! And then another! Azteca wants a third but Jessie dodges and sends her back into a post! Jessie wraps the arm on the ropes again but lets go at 4. Jessie drags Azteca up, armbreaker DDT! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up for Azteca but Jessie drags her back up. Jessie snapmares Azteca then runs, but Azteca rolls her up! TWO, and Jessie kicks Azteca. Jessie reels Azteca in for shoulder after shoulder. Jessie whips and runs Azteca over with a big shoulder. Fans boo but Jessie soaks it up as she puts the arm in the ropes again. Jessie lets go and knows she has until 5. But Azteca comes back with elbows and forearms! Azteca hits a strike fest, mule kick to buzzsaw! Jessie is down, Azteca fires up and slingshots for a corkscrew splash! Cover, ropebreak! Jessie manages to know where she is in the ring, but Azteca won’t let up. Azteca CHOPS Jessie against the ropes, then whips. Jessie reverses, kicks, and brings Azteca down in a modified Fujiwara! Azteca endures, but taps! Jessie wins!

Winner: Jessie Jones, by submission

The Baroness mocks Azteca’s pain while she soaks up the heat from the LA fans. Will Jessie’s campaign of cruelty going to lead her all the way to the title?


Lana Star and Amber O’Neal hang out backstage.

Lana hopes the champagne has a lot of ice in the bucket. There’s plenty, Lana. But why is she getting the champagne now? Because she’s obviously going to win against Tessa Blanchard, and they’ll celebrate being back on top of WOW. However, Sophia Lopez crashes the pregaming. The greatest attorney has plenty of dirt, but on who?


Introducing: The Beverly Hills Babe.

Brigiite Valdez is on the scene as WOW recaps the transformation of Amber O’Neal. After several long years, Amber felt that her hard work on the independent wrestling scene was finally paying off. She was once a tag team with Santana Garrett, and the All-American Girls were fan favorites from sea to shining sea. They were athletic and strong, and were even WOW World Tag Team Champions. But the former champions, Caged Heat, had Sophia Lopez as their defense attorney. And using a legal technicality, Lopez managed to take those titles from Santana and Amber and give them back to Loca and Delta Lotta Pain.

Amber felt lost, and was tempted by the glitz and glamour. The Fabulous Lana Star gave Amber a makeover, and promised the two of them would take over the Women of Wrestling. Amber would betray Santana, and thus, the BHB was born. As such, Amber and Lana both snub Brigiite without so much as a quote. Will they be in a talking mood after their run in with the Born Legend?


Tessa Blanchard VS Amber O’Neal w/ Lana Star!

Every woman wants to be THE WOW World Champion, but they all have to earn their shot. Will Tessa start a win streak to the top? Or will the Beverly Hills Babe shine in the spotlight with a help from her fabulous new friend?

The bell rings and Tessa circles with Amber. Lana Star joins commentary as Tessa and Amber tie up. Tessa wrenches the wrist but Amber reverses. Tessa rolls, handsprings and reverses back to a hammerlock and headlock. Amber pries free and keylocks Tessa back. Tessa slips around to a hammerlock but Amber slips through to her own. Amber headlocks but Tessa pries her way out. They fight for control but Amber throws Tessa by her hair! Cover, but Tessa bridges out! Amber rolls her up, TWO, but Amber sweeps the legs. ONE and Tessa sweeps to cover. ONE, and the two stand off. Fans applaud the closely contested match as the two circle again.

Amber calls for a test of strength, and Tessa accepts, but Amber kicks low. Amber whips but Tessa reverses and kicks. Tessa whips to drive in a knee! She whips Amber into ropes, then runs to barrel into her! Tessa keeps moving to dropkick Amber down! Cover, TWO! Tessa keeps on Amber as Lana grows worried. Tessa throws forearms and then grinds Amber into buckles. She backs off at 4 and Amber gasps for air. Tessa whips but Amber throws her by her hair again. Amber stomps and rains down rights! Fans duel as Amber chokes Tessa. Amber backs off to stomp Tessa down. Amber snapmares and kicks Tessa in the back! Lana likes what she sees as Amber boots Tessa down! Cover, TWO! Lana hates that slow count, but David says it’s not that slow.

Amber whips Tessa but Tessa reverses to a half nelson facebuster! Tessa climbs up and fans fire up, but Amber dodges the stomps. Amber SUPERKICKS Tessa down! Lana takes credit for that move as Amber kicks Tessa more. Amber drags Tessa up but Tessa fights out of the complete shot to bring Amber around. Tessa hammerlocks but Amber shoves her away. Amber gets Tessa in an STO! Cover, TWO!! Lana and Amber are both furious that Tessa survives. Amber drags Tessa up but Tessa reverses, hammerlock DDT! Cover, Tessa wins!

Winner: Tessa Blanchard, by pinfall

Lana still can’t believe her protege lost, but the Born Legend backs up her words. Tessa grabs a mic to make sure David is watching. She beat The Babe, one of the best in WOW! And she knows Santana is watching. Tessa doesn’t want Santana to get a big head over this. Tessa isn’t after her because she’s Santana Garrett, she’s after her because of that world title. When it comes to wrestling, Tessa has crowbars, not cartwheels. And Papa Keny won’t be the only one who needs oxygen after these two throw down. But speaking of, here comes Santana! Santana gets Tessa down but the referees again pull them apart. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” all over again, and the two manage to get through again! It’s another brawl to close the show, will these two get the title fight they both want?



My Thoughts:

Another good episode, and this one ups the ante off the premiere. There are some interesting choices I’m not that sure about, though. With the video promo hyping her debut, Siren the Voodoo Doll shouldn’t have lost. I feel it would be much better for her story if she won against Princess Aussie, and we are at least teased about what these “sacrifices” are about. Princess could lose to put Siren over as the spooky Heel, but then her tribe saves her from being a victim of voodoo. Now they could circle back to this with a rematch to make a feud out of this, but leading with that would’ve been better.

Jessie Jones has quite a bit of backstory in WOW, but did she really have to return with a politically fueled gimmick? She would’ve been better served talking about “Snowflakes” who are too sensitive, and that wrestlers need to toughen up, per the story they were literally telling us with her video package. Coming in trying to ride the heat of “MAGA” and all of that is just cheap. Her match with Azteca was good, and the way it was booked, Jessie would’ve been the Heel no matter what a la Bully Ray Dudley’s run in ROH. But instead, they had to make things weird for the sake of heat, a la Dean Ambrose betraying Seth Rollins the night Roman Reigns announced he had leukemia.

The title story is still very solid, though. Props to David McLane doing things the way they should. Tessa must earn her way up to a title match, and her match with Amber O’Neal tonight was really good. It worked that Lana didn’t hang around ringside because that would’ve tempted the writing to be about Lana interfering. Two brawls with Tessa and Santana was a good choice, too, fans always like seeing that stuff. But of course, I’m pretty sure this story will go the way wrestling always does, and a third or even fourth brawl will force David’s hand to give everyone Santana VS Tessa for the title, and perhaps with special stipulations.

My Score: 8.2/10

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