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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (1/28/19)



WWE Raw Cover image

It’s the Raw After Rumble, and Seth Rollins is heading to Wrestlemania! Will the Architect switch sides? Or will he stay red to go after The Beast?



  • Dean Ambrose VS Seth Rollins; Rollins wins.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Qualifier: Nia Jax & Tamina VS Alexa Bliss & Mickie James; Nia & Tamina win and enter the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match.
  • Kurt Angle VS Baron Corbin; Corbin wins.
  • The Revival VS Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins; The Revival wins.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Qualifier: The Riott Squad VS Dana Brooke & Natalya; The Riott Squad wins and enter the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match.
  • Raw Women’s Championship Open Challenge: Ronda Rousey VS ???; Rousey wins and retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • Braun Strowman VS Drew McIntyre; Strowman wins, by disqualification.


Raw is Monday Night Rollins!

And Phoenix is ready to “Burn It Down!” with the winner of the 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble all over again! Rollins is fired up, too, because last week he talked about the 30 men going into that match and laying it all on the line. He said the reason he’d survive is because of heart. Rollins gets to say that he won the Rumble, and Seth Freakin’ Rollins is going to Wrestlmania! Fans say “You Deserve It!” And Rollins promised that he wasn’t going to do this no matter what, but now that he’s said it, he’s going to point at the sign! Some kids grow up wanting to be astronauts or football players, but all Rollins has ever wanted was to point at that sign. Winning the Rumble isn’t the end but the beginning of his journey, because now he has a choice to make.

Rollins could go to SmackDown for the WWE Championship, against an old friend in Daniel Bryan. Or he could stay on Raw and go to Suplex City to challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. Fans chant “Take His Belt!” while Rollins says he’s going to take time to think on this. But wait! Here comes Triple H! The Game walks out to the ring and fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” HHH is glad Rollins got to live a dream and point at the sign. He would’ve been disappointed if Rollins didn’t. At the end of 2018, HHH challenged to bring back that Seth Rollins. HHH knows that same dream. Rollins is getting HHH emotional right now. HHH had that same dream, it’s Rollins’ dream and it’s why HHH wanted Rollins to step up. Rollins did, and HHH is proud of him.

The Royal Rumble is meant to test the limits of every star and push them beyond their own expectations, until there is only one. And now we know who that one is: Seth Freakin’ Rollins! And now comes the decision. Becky Lynch has this same decision to make after winning the Women’s Rumble, but she’ll do that on SmackDown. Rollins needs to make his here on Raw. HHH knows Rollins knows how fast this machine moves. And this machine is moving. HHH wants to know, he needs to know. Rollins has until the end of the show, because Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar are going to arrive. And HHH wants to know whose ass Rollins will kick at Wrestlemania. Rollins hears the fans chant “Slay The Beast!” and Rollins says he still wants some time, but here comes Dean Ambrose!

The Lunatic Fringe is sickened by this father-son thing! HHH didn’t believe Rollins was “the guy” back in the day. Ambrose always believed! And they came up together and went to takeover, but HHH stood in their way. Oh wow, Ambrose is going to use the brother card after stabbing Rollins in the back? Sorry, this conversation doesn’t concern you, HHH. Everything in the ring concerns him. Ambrose wants everyone to see what’s going on. HHH is a suck-up and Rollins is a kiss-ass! But go ahead, beat Lesnar or Bryan. Because Ambrose has always been able to beat Rollins. “So what about it, chuckles?” HHH should make a match, Ambrose VS Rollins. Fans wouldn’t mind seeing that, but HHH leaves without a word. Does HHH need a permission from his father-in-law? Fans chant “Yes He Does!” HHH calls for a referee. The Shield brothers do battle, after the break!


Dean Ambrose VS Seth Rollins!

Raw returns as the bell rings, and Rollins goes right at Ambrose! He throws hands and CHOPS all around, then stomps away in a corner. The referee backs Rollins off but Rollins goes right back for more. Rollins whips and runs Ambrose over, then snapmares him for a Penalty Kick! Rollins drops a knee and Ambrose rolls away. Ambrose checks his face but gets wrecked by a dropkick! Rollins keeps on Ambrose by throwing him into other barriers! Rollins CHOPS but Ambrose CHOPS, so Rollins CHOPS back! They go around as the ring count rises. Rollins refreshes the count and returns to Ambrose, only to get dumped into the front row! Rollins hits Ambrose away then leaps for a lariat! Fans fire up with Rollins as he stands tall.

Rollins puts Ambrose back in the ring then springboards, but into a kick! Ambrose throws Rollins by his hair, then grimaces as he rains rights down. Ambrose stomps a mudhole into Rollins but the ref backs him off. Fans boo as Ambrose seethes. Rollins gets up to SUPERKICK Ambrose! Fans fire up again and chant “Burn It Down!” as Rollins stomps. Rollins aims to mule kick, but Ambrose bails out before the stomp. Ambrose shoulders in but Rollins kicks him. Rollins slingshots for the sunset flip but Ambrose fights back. Ambrose throws Rollins into the post! Ambrose drags Rollins up and throws him into another post! Rollins gets back in and Ambrose covers, TWO! Ambrose keeps his focus as he puts on an STF! Rollins endures as fans build to a rally.

Ambrose taunts Rollins as he wrenches, but Rollins frees his leg. Rollins stands and throws hands, then CHOPS again. Rollins whips but Ambrose reverses to kitchen sink knee. Cover, ONE, and Ambrose starts taunting Rollins again. Ambrose drags Rollins up and whips, but Rollins boots back. Rollins dumps Ambrose out then builds speed, but runs into a right hand! Ambrose hurries back in, denies the slingblade and chicken wings for the facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Rollins lives and Ambrose is frustrated, but we go to break.

Raw returns and Ambrose clubs away on Rollins on the top rope. Ambrose claims he’s going to Wrestlemania but Rollins shoves him away. Ambrose comes back to hit Rollins again, then underhooks Rollins’ arms! Rollins fights free and headbutts Ambrose down. Rollins adjusts and hits a BIG crossbody! He bounces off the cover! Rollins grits his teeth while he and Ambrose slowly stand. Fans rally up as Rollins CHOPS Ambrose. Ambrose CHOPS back and we have another chop fight! Rollins ducks to chop and forearm, then runs to slingblade Ambrose down! Ambrose bails out but Rollins builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Ambrose into barriers! Rollins put Ambrose back in, clotheslines him back out, then DIVES again! Fans fire up as Rollins puts Ambrose in again.

Rollins suplexes, but Ambrose slips out. Rollins elbows and PELES! Ambrose tumbles out, but Rollins just builds speed again. Rollins DIVES and hits the hat trick! Phoenix cheers as Rollins puts Ambrose in again. Rollins climbs, leaps, Frog Splash FLOPS! Ambrose La Mahistrols! TWO!! Rollins survives but Ambrose is too sore to be upset. Ambrose and Rollins slowly stand as fans build to another rally. Rollins grabs Ambrose  but Ambrose kicks back. Rollins denies Dirty Deeds to hit the Revolution Knee! And Buckle Bomb! SUPERKICK! “Burn It Down!” with the Curb Stomp!! Cover, Rollins wins!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall

The Architect proves he can defeat the Lunatic! But who will Rollins choose to face at Wrestlemania? And will he prove he can beat them, too?


Dean Ambrose is still in the ring.

Because he has something serious he wants to tell to the fans. When he signed- Nia Jax interrupts! And she’s got her cousin and tag partner, Tamina! The Samoan Dynasty has a chance to enter the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber, but that match is up next. Nia and Tamina stare Ambrose down in the ring, and we saw at the Royal Rumble that Nia isn’t afraid to step to male superstars after she invaded the Men’s Rumble. Tamina gets Ambrose’s attention and Nia sucker punches him! Referees back Ambrose down but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Ambrose backs down, and the team of Alexa Bliss and Mickie James arrives!

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Qualifier: Nia Jax & Tamina VS Alexa Bliss & Mickie James!

The Samoan Dynasty faces the Goddess and her bestie in a match headed for history! Alexa and Mickie are logically the best choices for those titles. Alexa has wanted those titles since the moment she revealed them. Titles on any other team is like putting lipstick on a pig, as Mickie says. But these teams still have to earn their spot in history, who takes the first tonight?

The teams sort out and Tamina starts against Alexa. Alexa shoves Tamina but it does nothing. She shoves harder, then ducks a slap to give a slap! But Tamina shakes that off, and shoves Alexa down! Alexa keeps her cool but then runs right into a right hand! Tamina whips Alexa and hip tosses but Alexa rolls through to a cover, ONE, Insult2Injury! Cover, TWO! Alexa goes after Tamina but Tamina scoops her. Nia tags but Alexa slips away, only to get squashed in the corner! Mickie gets blasted off, too, and Nia is all smiles as we go to break.

Raw returns as Alexa gives Tamina more Insult2Injury, but she misses the last part. Tamina gets up to SUPERKICK Alexa! Cover, TWO! Tamina rains down rights on Alexa then drags her up into a chinlock. Tamina thrashes Alexa around but she endures as fans rally up. Alexa fights her way up and pulls hair. Tamina throws body shots and puts Alexa in a corner. Alexa elbows Tamina away, then goes up and sunset flips, TWO! Tamina clubs Alexa back down then drags her back up. Tag to Nia, and Nia headbutts Alexa down. Alexa scrambles away but Nia mocks her as she chokes her against ropes. Nia lets up at 4 then soaks up the heat, before hitting Alexa with a hip attack! Nia grinds her hind quarters in, then yanks Alexa up to drop her down. She toys with Alexa before putting on a seated cobra clutch.

Fans rally up as Alexa endures the thrashing. Fans also taunt Nia with “RKO!” given how Randy Orton helped take Nia out. Nia throws Alexa to her corner and tags in Tamina. Tamina drags Alexa up for another headbutt. Alexa crawls away but manages to boot Tamina back. She goes up and over, Sunset Flip Powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Alexa and Tamina crawl, fans rally up, but Tamina yanks Alexa away. Tamina swipes at Mickie then goes after Alexa. She scoops but Alexa slips out to grab hair! Tamina breaks free but Alexa dodges, hot tag to Mickie! Mickie kicks Tamina then hits a seated senton! Mickie rallies with forearms but Tamina shoves her. Tamina runs into a back elbow, then walks into the Mickanrana! Mickie aims, ducks, and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Mickie keeps on Tamina, dodges a kick to give the Mick Kick! Nia tags in and catches Mickie. She puts her in a corner but misses. Mickie kicks more, and wants her Mick DDT, but Nia shoves her away! Nia scoops Mickie to the fireman’s carry but Alexa’s up top. But then Alexa reconsiders, until Nia scoops her, too! She does some squats before a DOUBLE Samoan Drop! Nia covers, Nia & Tamina win!

Winners: Nia Jax & Tamina, Nia pinning; qualifies for the Eliminatino Chamber Tag Match

The Samoan Dynasty looks to add more gold to the collection! Will Nia and Tamina be too irresistible for the rest of the competition?


Backstage interview with Kurt Angle.

Why did he ask for a match with Baron Corbin? Because being Raw GM was one of the best times of his career. And if it wasn’t for Baron Corbin manipulating things, Angle might still be GM. Angle and Corbin were meant to face off before and Angle got Drew McIntyre instead. McIntyre basically humiliated Angle, and Angle hasn’t been back since. Is he worried that will happen again against Corbin? Angle took a long time to get over that defeat, but he isn’t over losing his job to Corbin. The only one who should worry is Corbin. Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN true! And that match is next!

Kurt Angle VS Baron Corbin!

The Olympic Gold Medalist wants revenge on the Lone Wolf for taking his position as Raw GM, but will he get it?

Raw returns as Kurt Angle makes his entrance and fans give him a standing ovation of “You Suck!” Corbin mocks how exciting this is. Angle is one of the greatest of all time, back in the day. Corbin knows angle believes he has one more great run, one more great match, left in him. The fans make him believe that, but it’s not true. No one is going to be there for Angle when Corbin hurts and humiliates- Angle hits Corbin! The ref rings the bell and Angle fires off more! Angle has Corbin reeling, then throw shim with a German Suplex! Corbin knees low then whips, but Angle reverses. Corbin slides out then in to clobber Angle! Cover, ONE, and Corbin can’t believe it!

Corbin goes after Angle on the ropes with heavy hands and feet. He backs off at 4, then has Angle in a corner. Corbin brings him out for knees and elbows, then stomps. Corbin throws hands on Angle, grinning between each one. Fans boo and jeer but Corbin soaks it up. Corbin sits Angle up for elbows and a half nelson. Angle endures as fans rally up. Angle feeds off the energy but Corbin knees low. Corbin whips Angle into a corner, but runs into an elbow! Angle boots Corbin away, then dodges him. Corbin hits the post! Angle gets Corbin in another German, then holds on for a second. He gives Corbin the third German! Cover, TWO! Corbin slowly stirs but Angle is on him with the Angle Slam. Corbin slips out and boots Angle down! Cover, TWO!!

Corbin mockingly applauds Angle’s resilience, then mocks Angle. Angle SLAPS and then SLAMS Corbin! Cover, TWO!! Corbin survives but Angle keeps his focus. Angle brings the straps down and fires up, ANKLE LOCK! Corbin endures, reaches, but rolls and shoves Angle away. Angle runs into Deep Six! Cover, Corbin wins!!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall

The Lone Wolf shocks everyone by winning! But Corbin isn’t done with Angle, he goes back to hit End of Days! Corbin laughs even as he limps on a bad leg, but will he have the last laugh on this Road to Wrestlemania?


Finn Balor heads to the ring!

The Extraordinary Man went toe to toe with The Beast just last night, but not even his fast and furious attack could stop Brock Lesnar. However, Finn is here despite being worse for wear to speak. Fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” for him, and he says that last night, for ten minutes, he went head to head with Lesnar. He will make no excuses, Lesnar beat him. And then Lesnar went and beat Finn up after. Finn never felt speed or power like Lesnar, and certainly not combined. Finn’s hurt right now. But not with his head held low. Finn’s here with his head held high, because Lesnar may have beat Finn and then beat Finn down, but it was because Lesnar now believes! But wait, here comes Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush!

The Rocky Mountain Machine is in a bad mood after Seth Rollins eliminated him in only 12 seconds. But even so, Lashley is still WWE Intercontinental Champion, and both he and the Man of the Hour join Finn in the ring. Lio takes up the mic for Lashley to say “it’s a disgrace that a twerp like you even got an opportunity at the Universal Championship.” We all know Finn almost won, but Finn wouldn’t stand a chance of beating Lashley. Lashley is bigger, faster, stronger than Lesnar will ever be! And that ass whooping from Lesnar will not compare to what Lashley would do. Finn still lasted longer than Lashley did in the Rumble.

Lashley kicks Finn down! And then hauls him up to whip him and SLAM him! Lashley lifts Finn for another spinebuster, but he’s not done there. He drags Finn up  for a third spinebuster! The All Mighty Lashley and Lio Rush leave Finn down and out, but will they regret messing with the Extraordinary Man?


The Revival VS Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins!

Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson wanted another shot at the Raw Tag Team Championships, and they roped Mr. Losing Streak in to be their unbiased referee. However, what they really wanted was someone who would ignore their cheating ways. That didn’t happen, and after losing the match, the #TopGuys bullied Hawkins. But in stepped Long Island Iced Z to save his old friend! Now the Edgeheads are reunited, but will it feel good? Or will Dash & Dawson #SayYeah to a much needed win of their won?

The teams sort out and Hawkins starts against Dash. They brawl and Hawkins puts Dash in the corner. Tag to Ryder and Ryder whips Hawkins in for a clothesline. Hawkins feeds Dash to Ryder for a flapjack! Dawson runs in but gets hands! Ryder clotheslines Dawson out and fans fire up. Hawkins whips Ryder and Ryder wrecks the Revival with a dropkick! Ryder puts Dash back in but brawls with Dawson. Dash gets Ryder on the return, and tags in Dawson. The Revival give Ryder the dropkick suplex combo! Cover, TWO! Dawson keeps on Ryder with leg and elbow drops, and even a falling headbutt. He back suplexes Ryder down then tags Dash back in. Dawson helps Dash with the leg drop, Dash covers, TWO!

Dash keeps on Ryder with a chinbar but fans rally up. Ryder gets up and fights back but Dash knees him low. Dash suplexes but Ryder counters to a neckbreaker! Both men crawl for their corners, hot tags to Dawson and Hawkins! Hawkins rallies with haymakers! Hawkins whips but Dawson reverses, only for Hawkins to dropkick him back! Dropkick for Dash, too! Enziguri for Dawson! Fans fire up behind Hawkins as he whips Dawson. Dawson reverses and clobbers him with a clothesline! Dawson hits Ryder for good measure but gets caught into a cradle! TWO!! Hawkins rolls Dawson but Dash tags in, SHATTER MACHINE!! Cover, The Revival wins!

Winners: The Revival, Dash Wilder pinning

The #TopGuys get that win, but Ryder tries to keep his friend confident. Will Dash & Dawson get another fair and square chance at the tag titles? Will Ryder & Hawkins finally get themselves something good?


Backstage interview with Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan.

Considering Big Red got involved to help the Planet’s Champion stay the world champion, does Bryan feel he can defeat Seth Rollins? Bryan can’t believe Charly is asking that. Bryan would’ve won no matter what happened. As for Rollins, who celebrates air pollution with his “Burn It Down” catchphrase, here’s what happens if he chooses Bryan. Bryan won’t wait until Wrestlemania, because they- Er, Bryan will end Rollins’ Wrestlemania hopes tonight. Bryan and his muscle head out, but are they on Rollins’ radar?


WWE teams up with UNICEF in celebrating Kid Power!

Help along by joining at UNICEF Kid Power’s website, and by spreading awareness of both healthy food and exercise.


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter returns to Phoenix after opening the Men’s Rumble match, and has a brand new guitar to play after smashing his other one on Jeff Jarrett. But as always, he asks “Who Wants to Walk With Elias!?” Phoenix still does, and sings so. Elias is intrigued, because he’s been testing us. He gave us all a chance but we let him down. The WWE Universe needs to be better. By the time Elias strums and we know it’s him, we should be giving him a standing ovation. There should be wild cheers and signs held up all over the world! Fans do admit to that. Being in the presence of Elias means being in the presence of greatness. “But it’s too late.”

Fans say “We’re Not Worthy!” And Elias says they’re right! To think he wrote songs for them. But not anymore. No, Elias’ songs are for him alone now. And he’s got a good one right now. So please silence phones, hold applause, and shut mouths because- Jeff Jarrett returns!? And he’s got a guitar of his own this time. Double J says “Listen up, Slap Nuts!” If Elias thinks he can get away with cracking Jarrett with a guitar just to have a concert for himself, don’t you worry about the people. He has a problem with Jarrett now! J E Double F, J A Double R E Double T is here, but oh you didn’t know?! It’s the Roadie, Road Dogg himself!

Dogg asks Elias that if he’s not performing for the fans, but just for himself, then do us a favor and play with yourself somewhere else. And one more thing, “If you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for ya: SUCK IT!” Fans lose their mind and Dogg apologizes. But Jarrett and Roadie are gonna sing for the fans! Hit the music! Roadie gets commentary in on singing the theme song as they head down the ramp. Elias takes matters into his own hands and SMACKS Road Dogg! Jarrett goes after Elias now, but Elias gets the upper hand. Elias drags Jarrett up but Jarrett throws counter punches! Jarrett rocks Elias with haymakers then whips, but Elias reverses, only for Jarrett to come back with an uppercut!

Phoenix fires up for Double J as he goes for his guitar! Jarrett aims, but Elias hits back! Elias snags the guitar to SMASH Jarrett! Fans boo and jeer but Elias doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Will the Drifter be the curtain call for Jarrett’s return?


Natalya and Dana Brooke meet backstage.

Dana knows she’s not Natty’s first choice, but Ember Moon got hurt so it’s on to Plan B. Dana vows to hold up her end. She’s just as good, right? Natty says it isn’t that, it’s about trying your hardest. Dana’s better than Ember, and maybe better than Natty. So are they going or what? Clearly there’s tension, but can that help Natty and Dana be a better team than the Riott Squad tonight?


Mojo Rawley speaks.

“This is your fault that this has happened.” He has no one to blame but them. If they weren’t so accepting, he wouldn’t be in this mess! Mojo is the greatest combination of size, strength, speed and intelligence, but he’s a nobody because of “you!” He’s talking to himself?! Mojo ends this now! “Soon, everyone will see who I really am.” What is going on in the mind of the Hype Bro?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Qualifier: The Riott Squad VS Dana Brooke & Natalya!

The Juvenile Delinquent and Kentucky Viking want to bring the Riott to the Chamber, but they’ll be going against the very skilled Queen of Harts, and highly self-touted Total Package. Who joins the Samoan Dynasty in the historic tag team championship chamber match?

The teams sort out and Natty starts with Sarah. Natty gets Sarah in a snap suplex right away! And then another! She drags Sarah over and Dana tags in. Dana and Natty work together to double snap suplex Sarah down! Sarah shoves Dana away and tags in Liv. Dana enziguris Liv down and out. She goes to fetch Liv, and shows off her agility as she dodges a sweep from the apron. Dana blasts Liv into the LED board! Ruby checks on Liv and gets her back tot he Squad’s territory. Dana and Natty talk strategy while Sarah tags in. Dana’s ready and rocks Sarah with a right. Sarah whips Dana hard into buckles! Sarah blasts Natty now, then drags Dana over. She rolls Dana with a wheelbarrow then tags in Liv. Liv climbs and adds a bulldog to the wheelbarrow! Cover, but Natty breaks it!

The Squad is furious and they take it out on Dana. Liv toys with Dana but Dana shoves back, only to get an enziguri from Liv! Tag to Natty! Natty rallies on Liv and Sarah! Discus folds Liv, Natty whips. Liv reverses but Natty dodges. Natty gives Liv the atomic drop to the mat, then walks all over her. Ruby swipes at Liv and Liv rolls Natty! TWO, to Sharpshooter! Natty has it in but Ruby gets on the apron. Dana hits Ruby away, but Sarah pushes Dana into Natty! Liv rolls Natty, the Squad wins!

Winners: The Riott Squad, Liv Morgan pinning; qualifies for the Elimination Chamber Tag Match

Dana and Natty were not on the same page, but they were also outnumbered. However, numbers won’t matter for The Squad, only number of entry. Will Liv & Sarah be able to survive five other teams to make history?


Raw Women’s Championship Open Challenge: Ronda Rousey VS ???

The Baddest Woman had quite the challenge in the Legit Boss, Sasha Banks, but the baddest is still the champion. And as fans cheer for “Becky! Becky!” who won the Women’s Rumble, Ronda says that “If you can’t dream big and ridiculous dreams, what’s the point of dreaming at all?” Ronda stepped into the ring last year at the end of the inaugural Women’s Rumble. She dreamed big, and a year later, she is THE Raw Women’s Champion. Sasha gave Ronda the fight of her life, with the passion and desire like Ronda had never seen. Ronda thanks Sasha for that. But on to what’s next: Wrestlemania. Becky Lynch is definitely watching. Becky has a choice to make about who to face. But as always, Ronda is willing to defend any time, anywhere, and answering the call is Bayley!

The Huggable One knows she’s not Becky, but she is part of the Boss & Hug connection. Sasha gave Ronda the match of her career, and Ronda wants another? Well Bayley wants that fight, too! Let’s have that match here tonight in Phoenix! Ronda’s game, will Bayley be the WWE Horsewoman that gets the job done?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Ronda and Bayley circle, and Ronda gets Bayley down quick! Ronda wants the armbar but Bayley gets to the ropes. The ref has Ronda back away, and the two circle again. Bayley gets around and clubs Ronda’s bad arm! She whips Ronda out of the ring and then pursues to put her on the apron. Bayley throws body shots then wants the hotshot, but Ronda gets Bayley’s arm! Ronda has a hanging armbar! She lets go at 4, but fans boo as Bayley clutches her arm. Ronda gets back in, but Bayley hotshots her! Cover, TWO!

Bayley keeps on Ronda with a whip to a corner. Ronda goes up but Bayley knows she’d do it, and Ronda’s arm gives out. Bayley gets Ronda with a chopblock! Now Ronda has a bad arm and a leg as Bayley kicks her in the corner. Fans sing for Bayley as she puts Ronda back on the apron. Bayley dragon screws Ronda’s leg through the ropes! Ronda drops and Bayley fires up while we go to break.

Raw returns as Bayley goes after Ronda’s leg. Bayley drops elbows on the knee and fans duel as she wrenches the knee. Ronda endures as Bayley twists. Ronda sits up and wants a sleeper but Bayley fights her off. Bayley stomps the leg more then stalks Ronda to the ropes. Bayley puts Ronda in a corner and throws body shots. She backs away to run back in, but gets an elbow. Bayley still gets up to snapmare Ronda to a cover, TWO! Fans still sing for Bayley as she drags Ronda up for forearms. Bayley powers Ronda to a corner for shoulders to the ribs, then she rolls back, only for Ronda to tackle her! Ronda can’t capitalize because of the bad arm and leg, so Bayley whips, Ronda comes back to tackle Bayley again!

Ronda grabs Bayley to throw her around! She gets a couple but then her bad leg gives out! Bayley brings Ronda up but Ronda kicks her with the good leg. Ronda eggs Bayley on and throws punches with her good hand. She throws Bayley again, and hits the SUPERWOMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO! Both women are down but fans rally up. Ronda drags Bayley up for big knees, then a shove, but her boot gets caught into a kneebar!! Bayley has Ronda’s bad leg but Ronda spins and slips around to her own hold. Both women roll to ropes and to the floor! The ref starts a count while both women slowly stir. Bayley and Ronda stand and Bayley throws Ronda into barriers! But things need to get back in the ring! Both women stir again while we go to break.

Raw returns and Bayley climbs up top. Ronda scrambles over but Bayley jumps over. Bayley eggs Ronda on, and tackles her back into the corner for shoulders. Bayley brings Ronda to ropes and dumps her back out. Fans fire up as Bayley goes out and dives through the corner! Ronda’s down but Bayley puts her back in the ring. Cover, TWO! Ronda narrowly gets out but Bayley heads back up top. Macho Elbow!! And then a Bank Statement crossface!! Bayley shouts out Sasha as she pulls Ronda back! Ronda holds on, drags her way over, and gets a ropebreak! Bayley lets go at 4, and puts Ronda in a corner. She hauls Ronda up top, but Ronda slips out and throws hands! Ronda climbs but her legs give out! But she comes back for a SUPER takedown, into the ARMBAR!! Bayley taps, Ronda wins!!

Winner: Ronda Rousey, by submission; still Raw Women’s Champion

The Rowdy One manages to hold on so soon after a powerful match against The Boss. Ronda shows Bayley respect the same way she did Sasha last night, and Bayley accepts the handshake. But here comes Becky!! The Man has everyone on their feet, even as she lips out with a bad leg of her own. Becky joins Ronda in the ring and picks up a mic!

“Look at this. The Man is back on Raw.” And Becky told Ronnie she’d find a way back. For about a year now, there’s been talk about the Baddest Woman on the Planet, but Becky dropped Ronda in the ring. And yet Ronda didn’t come looking for Becky. Becky’s come looking for Ronda to prove she’s not the baddest. Fans are definitely on Becky’s side as Becky reminds Ronda who won the Women’s Rumble. Unlike Rollins, she doesn’t need much time to think. She chooses Ronda. Fans LOVE this idea! At Wrestlemania, Becky vows to break the Rowdy mystique, take that title, and kick Ronda’s ass in front of the whole world.

Fans chant along, “Kick her Ass!” but Ronda gets a mic again. Ronda wants the world to hear this. How’s the leg? Because unlike Becky, Ronda wants to fight the best. She wants to beat the best version of Becky there is. And to be completely honest, everyone knows that Ronda could re-break Becky’s face faster than you can say “Nia Jax”. And everyone knows that Ronda could kill with her bare hands without breaking a sweat. The only thing stopping her is her decision not to.

But turns out they’re the same age. That means while Becky was still training, Ronda was main eventing a sport where women weren’t even wanted. Becky was in the kickoff show while Ronda was on THE show! Ronda’s been a household name for a decade! She owns the ring she steps into and she’ll own Becky at Mania! Ronda doesn’t drop the mic, she throws it down! The gauntlet has also been thrown, who wins when the Baddest Woman and The Man collide?!


Braun Strowman finds Seth Rollins.

The Monster Among Men says Rollins earned his win, so he shakes his hand. Now go make the right choice, and make it count at Wrestlemania. Which championship does Strowman mean? And will Rollins choose right?


Braun Strowman VS Drew McIntyre!

The Monster Among Men and the Scottish Terminator were allies only long enough to break The Shield apart. Then McIntyre became one of Baron Corbin’s allies in his crusade of becoming permanent Raw GM, and would help in injuring Strowman’s elbow before TLC. But now Strowman is 100% and ready for revenge! Will McIntyre #GetTheseHands? Or will he prove he’s the King of the Jungle?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Strowman pushes McIntyre away then roars. They go again and McIntyre gets a headlock. Strowman powers out and they collide, but Strowman just brushes it off. McIntyre kicks and chops but Strowman throws him to a corner. McIntyre boots Strowman again, then chops and whips. Strowman reverses but McIntyre kicks back. McIntyre throws hands but runs into a BIG shoulder from Strowman! Strowman kicks McIntyre out of the ring! Strowman then goes out to run, but McIntyre dropkicks his legs out! The Monster hits barriers and McIntyre catches his breath while we go to break.

Raw returns and McIntyre has a sleeper hold on Strowman. Fans rally and Strowman feeds off the energy to get up and drop McIntyre with a sidewalk slam! Strowman and McIntyre slowly stand and Strowman rocks McIntyre with a right! McIntyre gets to a corner but Strowman squashes him with a splash! Strowman clubs McIntyre down, then clotheslines him out! Strowman goes back out to pursue McIntyre, he scoops but McIntyre slips out to shove him into a post! McIntyre climbs up and in but Strowman grabs his foot. McIntyre kicks Strwoman but Strowman throws him to the floor! Strowman grimaces as he looms over McIntyre. He picks up the steel steps! Strowman lifts but Baron Corbin attacks!

Winner: Braun Strowman, by disqualification

The Lone Wolf throws Strowman into the post as revenge for the things Strowman has done to him! Corbin uses a steel chair to SMACK Strowman’s back! But then Strowman punches the chair out of Corbin’s hand! And then he throws Corbin into barriers! Strowman throws Corbin into the other steel steps! Fans chant “Get These Hands!” as Strowman goes around the corner to run McIntyre over! Then he keeps going to run Corbin over! Fans want another lap but Strowman picks up the base steps first. Strowman drags those over, then picks Corbin up. He brings Corbin over by his dress shirt to bounce his face off the steps. Then again! But McIntyre returns to BOOT Strowman down!

McIntyre and Corbin retreat but Strowman gets up. McIntyre and Corbin go back to finish him with a rain of rights. They haul Strowman up and double choke slam Strowman on the steps! Fans boo and jeer but McIntyre and Corbin mock the Strowman roar. Are they incurring the wrath of the Monster? Or will they leave him behind on the Road to Wrestlemania?


Seth- Er, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman head to the ring!

The Men’s Rumble winner is going to give his decision, but the Beast and Advocate don’t want to wait. As such, Heyman gives the usual introduction for himself and the “reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion and the main event of Wrestlemania, BROCK LESNAR!” The premise of tonight’s episode is absurd to Heyman. This should be the easiest decision of Rollins’ life. It is easy to make a choice when there are no options. The only real option is that Rollins should challenge for the world title and Daniel Bryan. Heyman says this is for Rollins’ own good. Bryan and Rollins will have a great match, because the last thing anyone wants is to get into a fight with Lesnar!

Heyman assures the fans that it takes a “special kind of being” to withstand the beatings delivered by Lesnar, especially when you go to “his house” and try to take away- BURN IT DOWN! Seth Rollins makes his entrance to shut Lesnar up. Rollins goes right into the ring, and right up to Lesnar! Lesnar laughs in Rollins’ face but fans hope Rollins can “Slay The Beast!” Rollins decks Lesnar! And kicks the gut! Rollins runs but into a fireman’s carry and an F5!! Lesnar still grins as he looms over Rollins. Then he drags Rollins up for another F5! Rollins sputters and crawls but Lesnar is there to haul him up again, for a third F5! And a FOURTH!

Lesnar sets the Universal Championship down, and gives Rollins a FIFTH F5, on the belt! Lesnar lifts up his title high over his head as fans boo and jeer. But Rollins sits up to shout, “Is that all you got?!” Lesnar fires off on Rollins, then throws him for a SIXTH F5!! Raw goes off the air before anything more happens! Will Rollins regret ever choosing to go after The Beast?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode to follow the Royal Rumble. I liked the opening segment with Rollins and HHH getting just a touch emotional over the Wrestlemania dream, and Ambrose even did great here to ruin the moment. Ambrose VS Rollins was great, too bad this wasn’t how their previous Intercontinental Championship singles match went. Rollins wins to move on in his own story, so who knows where Ambrose ends up come Wrestlemania. Raw also did great in stretching the story of Rollins’ decision for the whole night, but of course Rollins is going to go after Lesnar. Rollins wants to stay on Raw and he wants to be the guy to finally #SlayTheBeast. The fight at the end was a good way of declaring that, and good ol’ Lesnar stands tall. Really hoping this means Rollins gets it done.

Lashley and Lio going after Finn was an interesting move, but I suppose Finn really should get another shot at the Intercontinental Championship. Lio calling Finn the twerp is a bit dumb, though, because Finn’s still bigger than Lio. And Lashley comes out a bully because he picks on a bruised Balor. I’m thinking this match happens at Elimination Chamber, and Finn won’t need Demon to win. Even if they decide to throw in four more men for an IC Chamber match. Ambrose, EC3, maybe even Dolph Ziggler could be thrown in because they’d all want that title. I’d add Lars Sullivan but he’s still got his anxiety problems keeping him off air. But a replacement call-up might work.

Corbin beating Angle seemed like a disappointment, but seeing Corbin help McIntyre against Strowman makes me think Angle and Strowman will team together to beat Corbin and McIntyre. Elias having another segment with Jarrett, and then adding Road Dogg on top, definitely says we’re getting Elias VS Jarrett and more than likely at Wrestlemania. Granted, Jarrett and Roadie should stay away until after Fastlane and then they can return to get back at Elias. I’m also kinda hoping it’s some kind of guitar smashing match, first person to get hit loses. Naturally Ryder & Hawkins lose, Hawkin’s first win in 250+ matches has to be a Mania moment in itself. I’m also very curious as to what Mojo’s new character is talking to himself like that.

I was really surprised there would be multiple tag team qualifiers for the Women’s Tag Title match, but I guess everyone that wants in deserves a chance. Obviously this means some makeshift teams, such as Dana Brooke joining Natalya, and next week’s combination of Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross. Naturally in the case of Dana and Natty, they lose to the established team of the Riott Squad. Meanwhile, I was surprised to see Heel VS Heel in Nia-Tamina VS Alexa-Mickie. It was natural for Nia and Tamina to win, they are the powerhouses of the entire Women’s Division, and that adds a great element to the Chamber match. I’m pretty sure Bayley and Sasha beat Alicia and Nikki next week, they’ve been the ones pushing these titles all along.

Speaking of, glad to see I’m right about Ronda going through the WWE Horsewomen. Ronda had a rough time setting up her Open Challenge, fans were really behind Becky, but also surprisingly against Ronda. Likewise, Bayley had the fans on her side, and her match with Ronda started rough but got better by the end. Ronda and Becky having that confrontation was amazing, because Ronda turned it on. With Ronda taking her time off after Mania, that already tells us Becky wins, as she should, but I really hope Ronda returns Heel to join up with her MMA Horsewomen. That match can happen at Survivor Series to A) give Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir time to improve, B) give them and Shayna time to be on the main roster, and C) allow all eight women to participate in the match. A feud as big as that deserves all that.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (3/20/19)

Triple H addresses an NXT Championship dilemma!



NXT cover image

NXT sees the return of HHH, but under sad circumstances. The Game will address Tommaso Ciampa’s injury, and what happens with his precious championship!



  • NXT Championship Contenders Fatal 5 Way: Ricochet VS Adam Cole VS Aleister Black VS Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle; wins and will face Johnny Gargano for the vacated NXT Championship at TakeOver: New York.


Triple H opens NXT!

Full Sail is happy to see The Game, but he comes out holding the NXT Championship. HHH goes to the ring and also picks up a mic. He takes a moment to hear the fans chant for him and NXT before getting to business. “From those cheers, I don’t have to remind you of just how special this place is.” The building, the environment, the fans. “NXT is something special.” It is here in NXT and the ring that “dreams can become possibilities.” For some, the dream starts in NXT. For others, it takes a long time, maybe years of scratching and clawing, going up and down a road, just to get to this ring. But in reality, for every superstar, their dream can end at any moment.

HHH was going to announce the main event of TakeOver: New York, an epic years in the making, of Johnny “Wrestling” Gargano VS Psycho Killer, Tommaso Ciampa. But the reality has made that impossible now. Ciampa’s dream is on hold, because he needs neck surgery. That surgery has taken place, and now Ciampa must relinquish the title. But the beauty of NXT is that when one dream ends, another begins. And that new dream begins right here! Gargano continues his dream and he WILL compete for the NXT Championship! But against who? We find that out tonight! Five men step into this ring! Ricochet VS Adam Cole VS Aleister Black VS Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle!

Those five men fight for an opportunity to live a dream in New York, on the biggest stage yet, and compete for the title against Gargano. It will be decisive in New York, 2 Out of 3 Falls! The winner will walk out the NEW NXT Champion! A major match of former, current and future champions, but who will have a match with Gargano to determine NXT’s future?


Backstage interview with various superstars.

The Finest thinks Cathy Kelly was waiting for him. But since he showed up, what is his reaction to the big news tonight? Well tonight’s main event will be great, but Kona Reeves knows it won’t be The Finest. The Forgotten Sons appear next, and they don’t care about tonight’s main event. They are more concerned with next week’s main event, because in case people have already forgotten, they’re in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic FINALS! Aleister Black & Ricochet need to not forget Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake are coming. They hope one of those two win, so that they’ll be too focused on something else. Then it’ll be that much easier for the Forgotten Sons to go on and win the NXT Tag Team Championships. Then no one will forget them ever again.


NXT Media shares Tommaso Ciampa’s trip to Birmingham, Alabama.

This is not the first time Ciampa has been to the WWE’s preferred surgical facility. Ciampa has had one knee and both shoulders, but now the neck leaves him no choice but to have another surgery. The pressure on his spinal cord could paralyze Ciampa, so this is not just for his career, but for his life as he knows it. There are various bone graftings and now it’s just about time. When and where will the greatest sports entertainer in NXT make another return?


NXT’s contenders speak.

The King of Flight and the Embodiment of the End are one of the most unexpected duos in the tag team division. They work together because they expect the best from each other. But there’s no misunderstanding, it will be every man for himself tonight.

Velveteen Dream is already the NXT North American Champion, but he wants the biggest spotlight possible. The way he sees it, tonight’s Fatal 5 Way will be #DreamOver. And when Dream wins it all, then Dream will just be the first ever dual champion, on the grandest stage in NXT history.

The Original King of Bros is still undefeated, and is stoked to have such a big opportunity so soon. Riddle worked his ace off to get here, and nothing will stop him from going to NXT TakeOver: New York and becoming the new NXT Champion, bro.

Adam Cole says he is the one who makes history in NXT, and no one is more deserving! The inaugural North American Champion wants to be the first to also have the top title. He takes on four of the best to then go to the Barclays Center. That’s the very place Cole made his debut and held that title high above his head. He’ll do it again, when the announcement is made that he is the new NXT Champion! And that is Undisputed!


Backstage interviews with The Sky Pirates.

Io Shirai & Kairi Sane are very excited for tonight’s main event to see who goes to TakeOver. And speaking of, they’re both going, too, because they’re in a Fatal 4 Way for the NXT Women’s Championship. Are they concerned the title and their friendship will get in the way? Not at all! May the best woman win! Io and Kairi both want the title, and will fight each other if they need to. “Gurl, uh-uh!”

Bianca Belair knows this isn’t her business, but this shouldn’t be a Fatal 4. Shayna got in the way and kept Bianca from beating Io. And this doesn’t have anything to do with the little pirate! But now it does, so in New York, The EST will run through both of them to become the new NXT Women’s Champion. No one can do anything about it, because she still feels Un-De-Fea-Ted. Io holds Kairi back while Bianca takes her leave. Whether it’s Bianca, Kairi or Io, will there be a new Women’s Champion alongside a new NXT Champion in New York?


NXT Championship Contenders Fatal 5 Way: Ricochet VS Adam Cole VS Aleister Black VS Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle!

The One and Only, Panama City Playboy, Dutch Destroyer, Patrick Clark Experience and Original Bro wage war like NXT has never seen! Johnny Wrestling awaits, who moves on to challenge him for the vacant throne?


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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (3/20/19)

What is Johnny Saint’s major announcement?



NXT UK Coverage

NXT UK head and assistant General Managers have big news! What will Johnny Saint and Sid Scala have to say? Plus, Tyler Bate VS James Drake!



  • Eddie Dennis VS Ligero; Dennis wins.
  • Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley VS The Hunt; The Hunt wins.
  • Kassius Ohno VS Ashton Smith; Ohno wins.
  • Tyler Bate VS James Drake; Bate wins.


NXT UK Head and Assistant GM’s are in the ring!

Johnny Saint and Sid Scala open the show by welcoming the fans. They have an announcement, and Scala says that there is extraordinary news. NXT UK’s Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne, will defend his title on Wrestlemania Weekend at TakeOver: New York! Fans love the sound of that! Now, the decision to have Dunne defend was easy, but the question is now: Who will Dunne defend against? And as such, Pete Dunne appears in person! The WWE United Kingdom Champion brings the title to the ring as fans cheer. Dunne stands before Saint and Scala and borrows Scala’s mic. “Give me WALTER!” The Bruiserweight has spoken, and he wants after the Ring General! Saint and Scala accept discuss this, but that has to be the WWE UK Championship match! Who returns from New York the top star in NXT UK?


NXT UK Media catches up to Toni Storm.

What does the NXT UK Women’s Champion say to Jinny’s words about going after that title? Well of course Jinny would say that, because they are very different yet very similar. They both really love championship gold. But Toni has the title while Jinny just has things mommy and daddy buy her is because Toni knows how to be a champion. Toni knows the struggle and hard work. Maybe that’s what it is, maybe that’s why Jinny has problems with Toni. When Jinny faces Toni, she actually has to work hard. Toni takes her leave, but Rhea Ripley isn’t far behind.

The Mosh Pit Kid wants to say something. She heard what Xia said last week. If the little rodent wants to step to Rhea, it’ll be the same as before. “Quit your dreaming, little girl.” Will the Riptide crush both Xia and her dreams on the Road to Wrestlemania Weekend?


Eddie Dennis VS Ligero!

The ruthless Welshman returns from his “exile”, and looks to put out the light that is the Luchador of Leeds! Will Dennis snap back from losing his streak? Or will Ligero keep his momentum going on the way to Wrestlemania Weekend?

The bell rings and things speed up right away! Ligero dropkicks Dennis’ bad leg then kicks away. Dennis shoves Ligero and denies the tilt-o-whirl, but misses in the corner. Ligero goes to the other side and dodges again. Ligero steps in for a stunner! Cover, TWO! Dennis flounders but fans rally behind Ligero. Ligero kicks Dennis in the chest, then runs. Dennis blocks the kick but misses the clothesline and gets Ligero’s boot! Dennis ends up on the outside, and Ligero slingshots! But Dennis catches Ligero to swing and slam him into the apron! Fans boo as Dennis shouts, “Who’s the man!?” The referee counts as Dennis drags Ligero’s dead weight into the ring. Dennis returns at 5 and stalks Ligero to a corner. He stomps and whips Ligero hard corner to corner!

Ligero writhes but fans rally up for him. Dennis grows upset hearing that and keeps on Ligero with a cravat. Dennis shouts he’ll rip Ligero’s horns off if he doesn’t quit. Ligero endures and feeds off the fans’ rally. Ligero fights back with body shots but Dennis knees him back. Dennis whips Ligero hard into a corner and Ligero falls back. Cover, TWO! Dennis grows frustrated, and whips Ligero again to run him over with an elbow. Cover, TWO! Ligero still lives and Dennis is livid. Dennis grounds ‘n’ pounds with forearms from both sides. Fans build to another rally for Ligero, which only frustrates Dennis more. Dennis drags Ligero up and forearms him in the back. The ref reprimands him for using the tights, but Dennis keeps on Ligero with stomps. Fans boo as Dennis grinds his foot into Ligero’s back.

Ligero crawls to a corner but Dennis is on him with a heavy forearm! The ref checks on Ligero but Ligero is still okay. Dennis goes to whip but Ligero holds onto the ropes. Ligero breaks free and boots Dennis back. Ligero dodges then wheelbarrows to a jawbreaker! Dennis staggers but elbows Ligero back. Dennis drags Ligero up, but Ligero escapes Severn Bridge! Ligero also escapes the sunset flip to buzzsaw Dennis down! Dennis bails out and Ligero slingshots again for the flying huricanrana! Both men are hurting from the fall but Ligero gets Dennis up and in. Ligero drags himself up at 4 to springboard splash! Cover, TWO! Dennis lives but Ligero also checks his ankle.

Ligero gets himself to a corner and to the top rope. Ligero leaps but has to roll through as Dennis dodges. Dennis dodges, spins Ligero around and clobbers him with a clothesline! Fans boo as Dennis drags Ligero right up, but Ligero slips out. Ligero blocks and dodges and redirects Dennis into an enziguri! Fans fire up with Ligero as he springboards, but the DDT is denied! Dennis spins Ligero around but Ligero slips out, DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Dennis survives but Ligero fires up again. Ligero drags himself to a corner and back up top. Dennis boots Ligero’s feet out! Dennis grins as he climbs up to join Ligero, and hit a stalling SUPERPLEX! Fans have to cheer that because that was just impressive strength.

But Dennis isn’t done with Ligero, as he drags him up for Canadian rack, Severn Bridge! Then Dennis drags Ligero up for Next Stop! Cover, Dennis wins!

Winner: Eddie Dennis, by pinfall

The Headmaster returns and is victorious again. Will Dennis’ next stop be a championship opportunity?


Amir Jordan finds Kenny Williams at the UK Performance Center.

The Bhangra Badboy checks on the Luckyan. They’re on a bit of a hot streak, so how about they go for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships? Kenny doesn’t make the matches, Amir. Then how about asking Johnny Saint for a shot? Amir, why are you always asking Kenny to do things? From dancing to matches. Why doesn’t Amir do something for Kenny, and join him in training? If Amir can keep up, then maybe Kenny will talk to Saint. Amir tries and tries and finally gets a full chin and torso up! There it is! Hard work like that might just get them a tag title match. And then will Kenny dance? That’s much less likely.


Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley VS The Hunt!

The Pretty Deadly boys are back, since they were rather impressive even in defeat. But can they survive this primal duo of the Wild Boar and the Primate?

The teams sort out and Primate starts against Stoker. They tie up and Primate brings Stoker around. Primate whips but Stoker revesres and thrwos a forearm. That only angers Primate! Primate throws Stoker overhead and clubs away! Primate tags to Boar, and The Hunt club away on Stoker’s back. Boar throws Stoker with a Fall Away Slam! Boar keeps Stoker away from Howley with a fish hook and elbows. He drags Stoker around and tags back to Primate. The Hunt lift and toss Stoker together! Boar becomes a weapon for the back senton! Fans fire up behind The Hunt as Primate gives Stoker a German Suplex! Stoker gets to Howley and tags in.

Howley is hesitant but he fires off clubbing forearms on Primate. Howley whips but Primate denies with power alone. Primate reels Howley in for a headbutt! Primate drags Howley over and tags in Boar, to then ram Boar into Howley’s gut! Boar blasts Stoker while Primate clotheslines Howley, then Boar comes back corner to corner for a cannonball! Primate tags and The Hunt combine, pop-up back suplex! Cover, The Hunt wins!

Winners: The Hunt, Primate pinning

The two “tasty dishes” were just the first course for this pair of wild animals. Who else will become prey for The Hunt?


Kassius Ohno VS Ashton Smith!

The Knockout Artist accused the entire NXT UK roster of just being copycats and homages to past greats, and vows to show everyone genuine British strong style. Will KO KO the Manchester Prestige? Or will Ashton “WOOP!” Ohno instead?

The bell rings on Ohno’s official NXT UK debut, and fans duel between him and “WOOP!” Ohno offers a fist bump to Ashton and Ashton takes it, which fans applaud. Ashton and Ohno circle and tie up. Ohno wrenches and arm-drags Ashton down to an armlock. Ashton works his way back up but Ohno wrenches and wristlocks. Asthon rolls and spins to get a partial drop toehold. He shifts to a facelock but Ohno slips out to get a grounded hammerlock. Ohno grabs the other arm and makes it a cover, TWO! Ashton stands but Ohno wrenches to a facelock. Ohno goes to suplex but Ashton resists. Ashton goes to fireman’s carry but Ohno is too big.

Ohno clubs Ashton hard on the back then runs, but Ashton speeds things up. Ashton hurdles and dropkicks Ohno out, then builds speed, only to run into a boot! Ashton staggers and Ohno is on him, to suplex him on the run! Cover, TWO! Ohno goes after Ashton’s arms and pulls them back. He digs his head into Ashton’s back to get leverage. Ashton feeds off the fan rally and gets up. Ashton turns and gets the fireman’s carry, but not for long. Ohno slips out and CHOPS away on Ashton. Ohno whips Ashton but Ashton walks the ropes to BOOT! But that only makes Ohno mad! Ashton fires off forearms but Ohno shoves him away. Ashton comes back with a SUPERKICK! Ohno is dazed, and Ashton manages the fireman’s! Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO!

Ashton keeps his focus as fans “WOOP!” for him. Ashton fires off forearms then runs, but into Ohno’s boot! Ohno drops a big back senton, and then another! Ohno drags Ashton up, wrings him out, and hits the Dream Crusher discus elbow! Cover, Ohno wins!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

The Wrestling Genius is victorious in his NXT UK transfer! But for hitting as hard as he did, Ohno still shows Ashton respect. Ohno even helps Ashton to his feet, and offers another fist bump. Ashton doesn’t take it, so Ohno knocks Ashton out with another elbow! Will Ohno show this kind of “respect” to everyone else on the roster? Travis Banks comes out to actually check on Ashton, but doesn’t let Ohno sneak up on him. Will the Kiwi Buzzsaw show Ohno what respect is really about?


Gallus discusses business.

“We’ve had a bad run of form.” They picked up wins against Webster & #Mandrews, but lose to Moustache Mountain. They picked up wins against Ashton and Ligero, but lose to Walter and Pete Dunne. Gallus needs to establish a good run. Gallus needs to establish dominance. It is what they do. What will The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang do to finally make NXT UK their Kingdom?


Tyler Bate VS James Drake!

Speaking of Moustache Mountain, they want another go at the Grizzled Young Veterans and those NXT UK Tag Team Championships. But with Liverpool’s Number One out with a bad toe, the Big Strong Boys will just have to settle for Mr. Mayhem. Will Bate beat Drake to earn the team their title match? Or will Drake make Bate #GritHisTeeth?

Drake eggs Bate on and taunts the fans, but the referee keeps the peace. The bell rings and the fans are already fired up for the “Big Strong Boy!” Bate and Drake circle and Bate gets the waistlock. He brings Drake to the mat but Drake switches. Fans sing for Bate as he switches back, but then so does Drake. They go around and Bate gets the waistlock back only for Drake to spin out. They both trade, then headlock takeover for headscissors and they have a stand-off. Fans applaud this fast pace and even match-up. Bate and Drake tie up again and Drake gets the arm. Drake wristlocks and lifts Bate up before wringing him out. Drake grinds his forearm in Bate’s face then hooks him with a leg. Fans rally up and Bate works his way up.

Drake wrenches again but Bate rolls forward and back and handsprings to a dropkick! Bate handsprings again and headlocks Drake. Drake powers out and things speed up. Bate catches Drake in the fireman’s carry, for the airplane spin! Around and around but Drake slips out. Drake baits Bate into a corner but Bate throws a right hand back. Bate knees Drake then hips up, but Drake shoves him down! Bate crashes down and fans boo Drake as he pursues. Drake throws Bate into barriers! Fans boo more as Drake drags Bate up and into the ring. Drake clamps on to Bate’s shoulder, then wraps him up in a cobra clutch. Fans rally up as Bate endures. Drake shifts to a keylock but Bate works towards ropes. Bate stands up but Drake gut wrenches Bate down! Cover, TWO!

Drake keeps his cool and goes after Bate with forearms. Drake wraps on a chinlock but fans rally again. Fans even taunt Drake, “He’s got his own~ face, on his ass!” Drake ignores the taunting as Bate powers his way up. Bate fights out with body shots but Drake gives him a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Drake grows frustrated, “Is that all you got, Tyler?!” Fans sing now, “Ass~ Face~!” Drake snap suplexes Bate and floats over, TWO! Bate survives but Drake stomps and grinds his feet into Bate’s back. Drake pulls Bate back with a chinbar while fans taunt “Ass~ Face~” again. Bate claws for ropes and fans rally up behind him.

Drake goes to mount but Bate powers up and picks Drake up! Bate bumps Drake against buckles, but Drake gives him another backbreaker lift. Bate slips out and rocks Drake with a right! He throws boxing blows and puts Drake in a corner! Drake escapes the corner but not Bate’s grip! Bate drags Drake back in for a huricanrana! Bate whips and back drops Drake! Fans fire up with Bate as he whips Drake again. Drake reverses but Bate knees him away again. Bate hops up for a flying European Uppercut! Drake runs into Bate’s exploder! Bate nips right up, to a Shooting Star! Drake moves but Bate catches himself, to hit the standing Shooting Star again! Cover, TWO! Bate and Drake are both sore but fans fire up.

Drake gets to the apron but Bate is on him. Bate counter punches Drake then goes to suplex him in. Drake hops down and trips Bate up! Drake drags Bate out and throws him, but Bate reverses to throw Drake into barriers! Bate puts Drake in again and climbs up top. Drake stands and Bate jumps over. Bate runs into a gut wrench for a facebuster! Cover, TWO! Bate lives and fans cheer him on. Drake glares as he drags Bate up. Bate drops down but Drake sits on it, ONE! Bate sunset, ONE, Drake high stack, ONE, Bate sits on it, TWO!

Drake enziguris Bate then whips but Bate rebounds to lariat! Bate brings Drake up for the underhook but Drake back drops. Bate lands on his feet but Drake #GritYourTeeth dropkicks him down! Cover, TWO! Drake climbs up top but Bate gets clear of his 450! Bate catches Drake to exploder him into buckles! Fans fire up and Bate climbs up, corkscrew senton! Cover, Bate wins!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall

The Big Strong Boy wins won for Moustache Mountain! Will this help give Bate & Seven another shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships?


Walter is spotted having just left the NXT UK GM’s office!

NXT UK Media asks Johnny Saint & Sid Scala what their meeting was about. Well, a decision has been made between them and American NXT GM, William Regal. Pete Dunne’s request has been accepted! At TakeOver: New York, Walter will challenge for the WWE United Kingdom Championship! Who returns from New York THE top man in NXT UK?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode! I should’ve realized that NXT UK would join American NXT in some way for TakeOver: New York! Pete Dunne VS Walter IS happening, it’s going to make TakeOver: New York even greater, and I feel Walter has to win. Walter will freshen things up as only the third-ever champion, and it’ll keep Dunne from being too damn strong. I’m thinking that, while no title matches have been made for TakeOver: New York, the NXT UK Women’s and Tag Team Championships will be defended on either the go-home or the post-TakeOver episode. Storm VS Jinny will be great, but I wonder if Jinny has a chance of winning that title. Moustache Mountain VS Grizzled Young Veterans will be epic and that has to go Moustache Mountain’s way because of how popular they are. Bate VS Drake tonight was great, and the UK fans made it even better.

Dennis VS Ligero was a good opening match, and naturally Dennis wins for the sake of his return. I’m actually more surprised we haven’t seen Dave Mastiff in this time, it’s like he won the right to be off television. Hopefully Dennis circles back to his story of being bitter towards his old friends, his character is going to seem generic without proper direction. Plus, matches between Dennis and Andrews should be great given their history. “The Hunt” had a great return, but they and the underdog team of Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan will have to wait some time before getting their own title shots. Ohno VS Ashton was solid, and of course Ohno keeps his Heel character from American NXT. I don’t know about the title, but Ohno can definitely have some great matches with any number of NXT UK stars.

My Score: 8.4/10

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