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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (1/30/19)

Who faces the monstrous WALTER in his NXT UK in-ring debut?



NXT UK Coverage

NXT UK, prepare to be amazed by The Ring General, WALTER! Who faces this Austrian Anomaly in his in-ring debut? Plus, the Grizzled Young Veterans speak!



  • Dave Mastiff VS Jay Melrose; Mastiff wins.
  • Walter VS Jack Starz; Walter wins.
  • Jinny VS Kasey Owens; Jinny wins.
  • Mustache Mountain VS Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner; Mustache Mountain wins.


Everyone reacts to Walter.

From the moment he showed up at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, The Ring General was an imposing figure. And tonight, the NXT UK roster bares witness to his might.


Dave Mastiff VS Jay Melrose!

The Bomber continues on as the undefeated monster of NXT UK, but the Primate looks to change that! Will Melrose manage to move Mastiff aside? Or will he simply be another man steamrolled on Mastiff’s way to the top?

The bell rings and Primate goes right at Mastiff. Mastiff pushes him away, then the two tie up. Mastiff pushes Melrose again and Melrose roars. Both men tie up again and Mastiff shoves Primate. They both roar and collide but neither man backs down. Mastiff eggs Melrose on but follows to flatten him with a crossbody! Mastiff keeps on Melrose with elbow after elbow to the shoulders. Cover, TWO! Mastiff keeps on Melrose with a whip to the corner. Melrose elbows back, then runs for forearms. Melrose throws forearms and stomps in the corner, but stops at 4. He comes back with headbutts and then grabs Mastiff by the beard. Melrose clubs Mastiff down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Mastiff as Melrose is after an arm.

Mastiff endures the wrench, and powers his way up. Mastiff gets free of the armbar but Melrose knees low. Melrose walks into Mastiff’s kick, and Mastiff rocks Melrose with European Uppercuts. But Melrose hits back and we have a brawl! Mastiff hits, Melrose hits, repeat. Mastiff goes to suplex but Melrose blocks. Melrose goes to suplex but Mastiff is too heavy. Melrose rocks Mastiff with forearms and headbutts, then more clubbing forearms. Fans rally up for Mastiff as he again endures the standing armbar. Mastiff fights his way up, and fireman’s carry! Melrose slips out to rock Mastiff again. Melrose tries but cannot manage the fireman’s carry on Mastiff! Mastiff makes it a cover, TWO! Back senton squashes Melrose! Mastiff adds another!

Fans fire up as Mastiff stalks Melrose. Fans say “This is Massive!” as Mastiff deadlift German Suplexes Melrose to a corner! Then Mastiff dives INTO THE VOID! Cover, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

The Bomber continues to be undefeated, even after a gritty fight with the Primate! Will Mastiff be undefeated all the way to his first shot at the WWE United Kingdom Championship?


NXT UK takes a closer look at Xia Brookside!

The second-generation superstar wants to be the “bubbly firecracker” that flies high in the sky. Will she make a big showing in her in-ring return next week?


The Grizzled Young Veterans head to the ring!

Zack Gibson and James Drake are far from fan favorites, but they are the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions after defeating Mustache Mountain. Fans boo and sing “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!” as Gibson grabs a mic. Drake keeps Gibson calm as he points out they have the belts. Gibson introduces himself as Liverpool’s Number One, and he has been saying that he and Drake were “SOON”. Everyone else was brain storming catchy names, but they were focused on one goal. Mustache Mountain was too busy looking for shiny new pants while they stayed focused. And then in the Empress Ballroom, they stole the show at TakeOver: Blackpool, and that is why they are THE NXT UK Tag Team Champions! Fans boo and jeer, “You Still Suck!”

Gibson says “Nah, you are not gonna take this away from us!” Wave your shoes like a doofs, but you will call them “exactly what we are!” You will call them what they’ve always been: the Grizzled Young Veterans! Fans don’t care, they keep booing. But Gibson continues to sing his and Drake’s praises, and proclaiming that the NXT UK Tag Team Championships are “SOON to be recognized as the most important titles in the WWE!” But wait, here comes NXT UK Assistant GM, Sid Scala!

Sid congratulates the Grizzled Young Veterans. But as the inaugural champions, they won’t be short of challengers. NXT UK will go to Phoenix, Arizona to show everyone, but especially NXT USA, which brand is truly the hottest in the WWE today. Sid knows GYV want to prove themselves as great champions, so Johnny Saint has found the perfect team to be their first challengers. Who who who? Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch! The One Two Combination gets a shot at the UK tag titles and afns love it! That very match is “Soon”, on NXT UK. NXT USA VS NXT UK, “lads, don’t let us down.” Sid puts pressure on the Grizzled Young Veterans, will they rise to the challenge?


Walter VS Jack Starz!

The Ring General finally gets some action in NXT UK, and it would seem Johnny Saint has found a lamb for the slaughter. Will Starz be able to stand after facing the almighty Austrian?

Fans sing along with Walter’s theme, the New World Symphony, and then chant his name at the bell. They also let Starz know, “Walter’s gonna kill~ you~!” Starz hits first and fast, but it does nothing to Walter. Starz chops Walter, but then Walter CHOPS Starz! Fans love that! Walter stalks Starz on the outside to then club him down hard! Walter gives Starz a back suplex on the apron! Starz writhes as fans sing again.

Walter puts Starz back in and dares Starz to put up a fight. Walter toys with Starz, who already has a red chest. Starz flails and staggers, but he does throw hands. His forearm is loud but Watler doesn’t flinch. Walter knees Starz hard, then whips him to ropes. Starz slides but gets caught and put in a corner. Starz elbows and dropkicks Walter, but Walter dropkicks Starz! Walter drags Starz up as fans fire up. Walter Bomb! Cover, Walter wins!

Winner: Walter, by pinfall

The Ring General has his first victory in NXT UK, and he made it look easy. Perhaps it was too easy. Will Walter dominate all the way to the throne of the Bruiserweight?


Backstage footage of Walter after his match.

Mark Coffey of Gallus wants after Walter for the boot to Joe Coffey. Referees keep Mark back, but clearly Walter has made enemies already. But the European Alliance greets Walter in a friendly manner. Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner let him know that if he ever needs back-up, they’ve got his back. Walter leaves without a word, and Barthel keeps Aichner calm. Will the EuroAlliance make Walter regret the snub? Or will there come a time when Walter does need friends?


Jinny VS Kasey Owens!

The Fierce Fashionista broke the spell of Isla Dawn in their match a few weeks ago, but she still wants at the NXT UK Women’s Championship. How long will the Spoiled Princess have to wait for her chance?

The bell rings and fans like Kasey more than Jinny. They tie up and Jinny brings Kasey down with a chinbar. Jinny goes after the arm but Kasey kicks back. Jinny claws Kasey’s arm then twists the elbow. Kasey gets up and reverses to snapmare and wrap Jinny up. Jinny slips out to a headlock and the takeover. Fans rally for Kasey as she works her way back up. Kasey powers out but Jinny runs her over. Jinny runs but sees Kasey drop down, so she stomps Kasey out. Jinny hits a big ax kick, then drags Kasey into the chicken wing cradle. ONE, and Kasey has body scissors. Jinny elbows Kasey and rolls her into double toehold! Jinny stomps Kasey down but Kasey keeps reaching. Kasey gets the ropebreak, and Jinny lets go at 3.

Jinny clubs Kasey down with hammering hands but stops at 4. She drags Kasey up but gets an uppercut! She rocks Kasey back with a forearm, then whips. Kasey reverses and runs in, double knees to a springboard crossbody! Cover, TWO! Kasey keeps going with fans firing up. She fireman’s carries but Jinny slips out. Jinny huricanranas back! Jinny fires up and runs at Kasey corner to corner. Kasey dodges but runs into a complete shot into buckles! Kasey tumbles out but Jinny brings her around to throw her into barriers! Jinny calls Kasey “scum like these!” before putting Kasey back in the ring. She drags Kasey up into an abdominal stretch and claws at the ribs and abs. Kasey fights her way out, fireman’s carry takedown, into double arm stretch! It’s a cover, ONE!

Jinny pops up but into the body scissors. She still rolls through to the seated surfboard! Jinny pulls and stomps Kasey as she goes into the double heel hooks. Kasey gets another ropebreak, so Jinny SLAPS her! Jinny drags Kasey up to the top rope then climbs, but Kasey fights back. Kasey gets Jinny in a hanging armbar! Kasey lets go at 4 then sits back up. But Jinny rocks her with a roundhouse, and tells her “Not this time, little girl!” Draping facebuster, aka the Makeover! Cover, Jinny wins!

Winner: Jinny, by pinfall

The Fierce Fashionista fights through the pain and gets another win! Will Jinny keep climbing and give Toni Storm a Makeover of her own?


Rhea Ripley barges into the NXT GM ‘s office.

She heard the talk. The best of NXT USA VS NXT UK better have her! She made history by being their first NXT UK Women’s Champion, but also made a major showing in the Mae Young Classic. She IS the best of both worlds, so Rhea wants a rematch for that women’s title. Johnny Saint asks she give him and Sid Scala a moment to discuss. And the decision has been made: In three weeks on NXT UK Phoenix, it will be Storm VS Ripley 3 for the title! Who will return from the states THE NXT UK Women’s Champion?


Mustache Mountain VS Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner!

Trent Seven & Tyler Bate may not be the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions, but the #BigStrongBoys are still going to fight their way up to those titles. However, the European Alliance also wishes to be next in line for those titles. The Grizzled Young Veterans have the One Two Combo up first, but who will win here to be waiting for the champions after?

Teams sort out and Bate starts against Barthel. Blackpool chants for the “Big Strong Boys!” but also chant “NEIN! NEIN!” as the two tie up. Bate wrenches to a wristlock but Barthel spins and breaks free to snapmare. Barthel gets the chinlock but Bate slips through to get the wristlock back. Barthel reverses to a headlock takeover but fans sing for Bate. Bate endures and moves around to handstand walk out the back! Barthel is surprised, but he and Bate tie up again. Barthel gets the takedown and a toehold. Bate endures and pushes Barthel away. Barthel comes back and gets the leg again. Bate twists and throws Barthel away! But Barthel’s right back on the leg. Bate spins and pries free to get the headlock and takeover of his own. But Barthel says “NEIN!” and gets the leg again as he rolls through.

Bate works on a new solution, handsprings and then whips Barthel to a dropkick! Bate arm-drags Barthel into a wristlock! Fans sing as Bate wrenches and tags in Seven! Now fans sing “Oh~ Trent Seven Army~” as he wrenches Barthel. Barthel kicks free and tags Aichner, but Aichner runs into the arm-drag! Aichner fights back with body shots and whips Seven to a big shoulder! Seven crawls to a corner but Aichner is on him with EuroUppers. Aichner whips corner to corner but misses, Seven gets a hip toss! Seven has Aichner’s arm and tags in Bate. Seven wasteland slams Aichner, knee-board senton from Bate onto Aichner! Cover, TWO! Bate stays on the arm but Aichner pries free to reverse. Bate rolls and then handsprings but Aichner CHOPS him! Aichner brings Bate over and tags in Barthel.

Barthel gets the hand-off but Bate reverses to a headlock. Barthel powers out and hurdles over and Aichner tags in as things speed up. Aichner gets Bate in a pop-up powerslam! Aichner brings Bate back over and throws heavy hands and stomps! Fans boo but Barthel gets a cheap shot in as the ref backs Aichner off. Aichner drags Bate back up and tags Barthel. He holds Bate still for Barthel to dropkick him out! Barthel poses while Aichner puts Bate back in the ring. Fans rally for Bate while Barthel toys with him. Barthel drags Bate up for a shove, but Bate fights out of the Euro corner! Bate uppercuts Barthel but Barthel keeps him from Seven! Bate sunset flips but Barthel rolls through, “NEIN!” EuroUpper! Cover, TWO! Barthel keeps on Bate with a chinlock but fans rally up again.

Bate fights up but Barthel tags Aichner. Aichner elbows Bate down then toys and taunts the “Big Strong Boy.” Bate CHOPS Aichner back, but Aichner kicks and back suplexes Bate down! Cover, TWO! Aichner has Bate in body scissors and a chinlock right away. Fans rally again as Bate endures the squeeze. Bate moves around and turns inside the scissors to deadlift Aicher! Bate makes it a scoop slam! Both men are down again, hot tag to Barthel and he stops Bate. Barthel whips but Bate goes up, over and under, hot tag to Seven! Seven rallies with CHOPS! Seven fakes Barthel out, DDT! He hits Aichner, too, then runs in for a CHOP on Barthel. Seven dodges and Aichner’s boot gets Barthel! Seven bombs Aichner then snap dragons suplexes Barthel! Fisherman Suplex Slam! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up for Seven as he signals to Bate.

Seven brings Barthel over, tags Bate in, and they set their combo up. Barthel fights out, uppercuts Bate and tags in Aichner. Aichner walks into a CHOP, and then the full nelson! Bate runs but into a kick from Barthel! Aichner standing switches and gives Seven a German Suplex! Aichner feeds Bate to another kick from Barthel and then rolls Bate up, TWO!! Bate survives and fans rally up while Aichner refocuses. Aichner drags Bate up and supelxes, but Bate slips out. Barthel runs in but is tossed out. Bate sends Aichner into Barthel! Bop up, BANG! Tag to Seven! Bate FLIES onto Barthel! Seven has Aichner with CHOPS, then the Seven Star Lariat!! Cover, TWO!? Aichner lives and Seven is shocked! Barthel and Bate return to their corners but Seven fires right up.

Seven drags Aichner to a torture rack but Barthel tags in! Aichner escapes the Burning Hammer while Barthel rocks Bate. The EuroAlliance goes after Seven with a double whip. Seven ducks but gets a SPINEBUSTER and Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO!! Seven survives and now Barthel is shocked. Barthel drags Seven back up and wants the Landungsbrücken, but Seven counters with a stunner! Tag to Aichner, tag to Bate! Bate runs but lands on his feet out of the back drop. Aichner hits Seven but Barthel runs into a knee. Bate hops up but Barthel rocks him, then feeds him to the brain buster! Seven dumps Barthel out and breaks the cover! Everyone is down and fans are fired up!

Teams regroup, tag to Barthel. Barthel goes after Bate’s legs but Bate fights him off. Aichner leaps in but misses his frog splash! Barthel suplexes but Bate silps out! Bate hits them both with the rolling kick! Tag to Seven, and Mushtache Mountain hit the rebound lariat dragon suplex!! Cover, Mustache Mountain wins!!

Winners: Mustache Mountain, Trent Seven pinning

It was another tag team war, but Seven and Bate win it out! Will this lead them back to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships? Who will even have those champions after NXT UK’s trip to the states?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode for NXT UK! And to think Walter’s first match here wasn’t even the main event, or even the best match. Firstly, I was really surprised but impressed that they let Jay “Primate” Melrose look that good against Dave Mastiff. Getting to last that long but also get in some meaningful offense against a monster like Mastiff means a lot, so perhaps Primate can find a place to belong on the roster. As for Mastiff, I’m wondering if he’ll ever lose before his shot at the title. Granted, I don’t think Mastiff will win the title if it’s still Pete Dunne, or if it ends up being Walter. But Mastiff can still be a threat to any superstar not on that same level.

And speaking of Walter, he obviously gets to have a lot of fun squashing Starz. I like that in one backstage scene, they plant two seeds: Walter VS Mark Coffey (which we’re getting next week), and Walter possibly teaming with old friend Barthel and now Aichner. NXT UK is quickly becoming a brand of trios, with British Strong Style representing the home crowd and Gallus being one “Away” team. Walter doesn’t need to be Face or Heel in joining Aichner & Barthel, but joining them would definitely add to the landscape of NXT UK. Part of that could also be spun into the amazing tag team main event. The three trios could even find their way to an eventual NXT UK WarGames, if Triple H so chose, and I’d love to see it.

Jinny has a much tougher match against Kasey Owens than I expected. It was a bit rough at the start but that’s probably because Kasey had butterflies, but it sorted itself out. Jinny still wins because they need to build a new contender up, and she’s doing a good job of it. Rhea does great Heel work in demanding a rematch, too, and we’re getting that as part of the (tape-delayed) Phoenix trip. Worlds Collide is this Saturday, and that itself is delayed a week. There’s gonna be a lot going on for NXT UK while in Phoenix, and the third time around for Rhea and Toni is going to be great. I’m still pretty sure Toni retains to then move on to familiar foe Jinny, and they can have their showdown at the next UK TakeOver for their own great match.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (3/20/19)

Triple H addresses an NXT Championship dilemma!



NXT cover image

NXT sees the return of HHH, but under sad circumstances. The Game will address Tommaso Ciampa’s injury, and what happens with his precious championship!



  • NXT Championship Contenders Fatal 5 Way: Ricochet VS Adam Cole VS Aleister Black VS Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle; Cole wins and will face Johnny Gargano for the vacated NXT Championship at TakeOver: New York.


Triple H opens NXT!

Full Sail is happy to see The Game, but he comes out holding the NXT Championship. HHH goes to the ring and also picks up a mic. He takes a moment to hear the fans chant for him and NXT before getting to business. “From those cheers, I don’t have to remind you of just how special this place is.” The building, the environment, the fans. “NXT is something special.” It is here in NXT and the ring that “dreams can become possibilities.” For some, the dream starts in NXT. For others, it takes a long time, maybe years of scratching and clawing, going up and down a road, just to get to this ring. But in reality, for every superstar, their dream can end at any moment.

HHH was going to announce the main event of TakeOver: New York, an epic years in the making, of Johnny “Wrestling” Gargano VS Psycho Killer, Tommaso Ciampa. But the reality has made that impossible now. Ciampa’s dream is on hold, because he needs neck surgery. That surgery has taken place, and now Ciampa must relinquish the title. But the beauty of NXT is that when one dream ends, another begins. And that new dream begins right here! Gargano continues his dream and he WILL compete for the NXT Championship! But against who? We find that out tonight! Five men step into this ring! Ricochet VS Adam Cole VS Aleister Black VS Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle!

Those five men fight for an opportunity to live a dream in New York, on the biggest stage yet, and compete for the title against Gargano. It will be decisive in New York, 2 Out of 3 Falls! The winner will walk out the NEW NXT Champion! A major match of former, current and future champions, but who will have a match with Gargano to determine NXT’s future?


Backstage interview with various superstars.

The Finest thinks Cathy Kelly was waiting for him. But since he showed up, what is his reaction to the big news tonight? Well tonight’s main event will be great, but Kona Reeves knows it won’t be The Finest. The Forgotten Sons appear next, and they don’t care about tonight’s main event. They are more concerned with next week’s main event, because in case people have already forgotten, they’re in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic FINALS! Aleister Black & Ricochet need to not forget Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake are coming. They hope one of those two win, so that they’ll be too focused on something else. Then it’ll be that much easier for the Forgotten Sons to go on and win the NXT Tag Team Championships. Then no one will forget them ever again.


NXT Media shares Tommaso Ciampa’s trip to Birmingham, Alabama.

This is not the first time Ciampa has been to the WWE’s preferred surgical facility. Ciampa has had one knee and both shoulders, but now the neck leaves him no choice but to have another surgery. The pressure on his spinal cord could paralyze Ciampa, so this is not just for his career, but for his life as he knows it. There are various bone graftings and now it’s just about time. When and where will the greatest sports entertainer in NXT make another return?


NXT’s contenders speak.

The King of Flight and the Embodiment of the End are one of the most unexpected duos in the tag team division. They work together because they expect the best from each other. But there’s no misunderstanding, it will be every man for himself tonight.

Velveteen Dream is already the NXT North American Champion, but he wants the biggest spotlight possible. The way he sees it, tonight’s Fatal 5 Way will be #DreamOver. And when Dream wins it all, then Dream will just be the first ever dual champion, on the grandest stage in NXT history.

The Original King of Bros is still undefeated, and is stoked to have such a big opportunity so soon. Riddle worked his ace off to get here, and nothing will stop him from going to NXT TakeOver: New York and becoming the new NXT Champion, bro.

Adam Cole says he is the one who makes history in NXT, and no one is more deserving! The inaugural North American Champion wants to be the first to also have the top title. He takes on four of the best to then go to the Barclays Center. That’s the very place Cole made his debut and held that title high above his head. He’ll do it again, when the announcement is made that he is the new NXT Champion! And that is Undisputed!


Backstage interviews with The Sky Pirates.

Io Shirai & Kairi Sane are very excited for tonight’s main event to see who goes to TakeOver. And speaking of, they’re both going, too, because they’re in a Fatal 4 Way for the NXT Women’s Championship. Are they concerned the title and their friendship will get in the way? Not at all! May the best woman win! Io and Kairi both want the title, and will fight each other if they need to. “Gurl, uh-uh!”

Bianca Belair knows this isn’t her business, but this shouldn’t be a Fatal 4. Shayna got in the way and kept Bianca from beating Io. And this doesn’t have anything to do with the little pirate! But now it does, so in New York, The EST will run through both of them to become the new NXT Women’s Champion. No one can do anything about it, because she still feels Un-De-Fea-Ted. Io holds Kairi back while Bianca takes her leave. Whether it’s Bianca, Kairi or Io, will there be a new Women’s Champion alongside a new NXT Champion in New York?


NXT Championship Contenders Fatal 5 Way: Ricochet VS Adam Cole VS Aleister Black VS Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle!

The One and Only, Panama City Playboy, Dutch Destroyer, Patrick Clark Experience and Original Bro wage war like NXT has never seen! Johnny Wrestling awaits, who moves on to challenge him for the vacant throne?

The fans are already fired up for “All These Guys!” as the bell rings. Cole goes after Aleister than Ricochet while Riddle chases Dream. Riddle originally wanted after Dream for the North American title, so why not have that out here? Dream has other ideas as he throws Riddle into barriers then gets back in the ring. Aleister and Ricochet work together against Cole then Dream. Ricochet clotheslines Cole out but Cole drags Ricochet out. Dream rolls ALeister, TWO! Riddle returns but Dream throws him back out. Aleister waistlocks but Dream throws him off. Dream runs into Aleister’s boots then Aleister hops up. Aleister leaps but Dream gets under. Dream lifts Aleister but Aleister slips out. Aleister sweeps but Dream jumps over and rolls through! Aleister slips out again to cradle, TWO!

Dream runs into Aleister’s boot! Aleister runs but Cole trips and drags him out. Cole swings but gets Aleister’s kick! Aleister clibms up but Dream sends him back down. Ricochet mule kicks and whips Dream but Dream reverses. Ricochet rolls off the back and handsprings to headscissor and dropkick! Dream bails out but Riddle’s back. Riddle gut wrenches Ricochet, then holds on to do it again! And again! Full Sail is thunderous for the “Bro!” but Cole is after him. Riddle standing switches but gets an enziguri from Cole. Cole stomps a mudhole, then hits his pose BAYBAY! ALeister attacks but Cole reverses. The Unexpected Duo work together, leg sweep and standing moonsault! Cole gets away, and now the tag team phenomenons face each other. They shake hands and circle. But Cole disrupts it by shoving Ricochet into Aleister!

Aleister falls out and Cole stomps away on Ricochet. Cole hits a neckbreaker then covers, TWO! Cole keeps Riddle out with a right hand then goes after Ricochet. He snap suplexes and covers, TWO! Ricochet just escapes, but Cole boots Aleister back out! Cole drags Ricochet up for a big back suplex! Cover, TWO! Another close call but Cole can’t put Ricochet away. Cole goes after Dream but Dream shoulders in. Ricochet somersault shotgun dropkicks Cole! Dream knees Ricochet out then throws heavy hands on Cole. Dream whips but Cole reverses, only for Dream to slide out. Cole runs over but gets an uppercut! Dream climbs up and ax handles Alesiter out.

Dream tosses Cole out then climbs, to LEAP for a big ax handle! He puts Cole in fast and climbs back up. Purple Rain- Riddle gets Dream with a German! Aleister kicks but Riddle reverses! Riddle wants and gets the BroMission!! But Dream breaks it with a falling elbow! Dream stalks Riddle as fans fire up again. Dream tosses Riddle out and turns his attention to Aleister. Aleister fires off a strike fest, sweep to knee! Cole returns but Aleister is ready, two-for-one quebrada! Aleister roundhouses Dream, covers, TWO! Dream survives but Aleister keeps going. Aleister lifts Dream with his foot, but Cole drags Aleister out by the other foot. Cole sends Aleister into steel steps! Cole returns to the ring, only to meet Riddle. They were going to fight to see who contends for the North American title, so now they have it out!

Riddle gets the edge with open palm CHOP after CHOP! Cole stomps Riddle’s bare foot! But his superkick is caught, Riddle gets Cole in a Bromission! But again Dream breaks it up with a leaping ax handle! Dream haymakers Riddle but Riddle ROCKS Dream with that right! Cole hits Riddle now, but Riddle hits back. Dream, Riddle and Cole brawl on their knees in a triangle of strikes. They slowly stand, throwing big hands, forearms and uppercuts. Riddle CHOPS Dream, Cole BOOTS Riddle, Dream SUPERKICKS Cole! Ricochet returns, rolls and PELES Dream down! Cole SUPERKICKS Ricochet but Riddle KNEES Cole! Aleister returns and fires off with Riddle, double roundhouses take them both out! All five men are down and Full Sail reaches a fever pitch!

Ricochet staggers up and goes after Riddle. He puts the Bro in the drop zone then climbs up. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” as Cole intercepts Ricochet. Cole climbs up to join Ricochet, but Ricochet resists. Dream adds on, climbing up to join them. They brawl and Aleister staggers over. Riddle follows, and they’re all on the second rope! It’s a Double Russian Leg Sweep SUPERPLEX! All five men are down again and fans know “This is Awesome!” The referee checks on everyone in turn and they’re all okay to continue. Fans build to a rally as the five slowly stir. Cole, Riddle and Ricochet bail out while Dream meets Aleister. Dream and Aleister trade haymakers on their knees. Aleister fires off hand after hand but Dream powers him to a corner. Aleister boots Dream away then hops up, Meteora!

Dream’s up but gets a roundhouse and a German! But Riddle sentons the bridge! Riddle drags Aleister up in a deadlift Fisherman Buster! Cradle, but Cole breaks it! Cole drags Riddle up but Riddle fires off fast hands! Riddle misses, gets a SUPERKICK, and Last Ride brainbuster! Cover, but Ricochet breaks it! Ricochet drags Cole up but Cole breaks free. Ricochet fakes Cole out for a boot and an ax kick! He keeps going, fireman’s carry but Cole rakes eyes! SUPERKICK to the front, SUPERKICK to the back! Cole brings the knee pad down but misses the Last Shot Wizard to get a Reverse-Rrana! Cole rolls all the way out and Ricochet can’t believe it. But Ricochet also sees a prime target, and FLIES with the Sasuke Special! Ricochet wipes Cole out but hurries to get back up.

Dream returns to the ring but so does Riddle. The would-be North American Championship showdown happens as Riddle throws chops. Riddle swings up and around Dream’s clothesline to powerbomb, but Dream slips out! Dream wants but Riddle denies the Sidewinder, to wring Dream out for a Bro Trigger! Riddle reels Dream into the BroMission! Dream flails but Cole yanks the ref out! No Disqualifications, but plenty of consequences as Riddle BOOTS Cole! Riddle turns around into BLACK MASS! Aleister turns around into Dream Valley Driver! Dream hurries to the top rope, but Ricochet’s right up for a SUPER STEINER onto Aleister and Cole! Ricochet hurries up for his own, SHOOTING STAR onto Riddle! Cover, but LAST SHOT!! Cole covers, Cole wins!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall; will face Johnny Gargano for the NXT Championship

You never see the shot that takes you down! Cole came outta nowhere, and now he’s going to New York City! Will Cole finally make the NXT Championship #Undisputed? Or will Gargano once again become Johnny Champion?



My Thoughts:

I’m going to call this episode a one match classic, because how else would you describe it? First it is unfortunate for Ciampa to again be out with an injury, and an injury as serious as the neck, so I’m sure I speak for everyone by saying get well soon, Psycho Killer. But HHH had such a great speech to open the night, and it is very true, this became a massive opportunity for another superstar to move up. The five men chosen were the right choices, and this made for an amazing Fatal 5 Way.

However, it makes a lot of sense for this to be Adam Cole’s night. Aleister & Ricochet are not only busy on the main roster, but they’re in the Dusty Rhodes Classic finals, where I would think they defeat the Forgotten Sons and move on to the War Raiders. It wouldn’t be very good to give those two double duty on TakeOver Friday and possibly something on Mania Sunday. Then Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle can and will still happen, and that is going to be great. It would’ve been too epic if Dream was trying for both titles, even if it’s Wrestlemania Weekend. Gargano VS Cole is going to be great and really could go either way, but I feel that since Gargano VS Ciampa was the plan, Gargano might’ve won that title to have his triumphant victory on the biggest WWE weekend of the year.

My Score: 8.6/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (3/20/19)

What is Johnny Saint’s major announcement?



NXT UK Coverage

NXT UK head and assistant General Managers have big news! What will Johnny Saint and Sid Scala have to say? Plus, Tyler Bate VS James Drake!



  • Eddie Dennis VS Ligero; Dennis wins.
  • Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley VS The Hunt; The Hunt wins.
  • Kassius Ohno VS Ashton Smith; Ohno wins.
  • Tyler Bate VS James Drake; Bate wins.


NXT UK Head and Assistant GM’s are in the ring!

Johnny Saint and Sid Scala open the show by welcoming the fans. They have an announcement, and Scala says that there is extraordinary news. NXT UK’s Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne, will defend his title on Wrestlemania Weekend at TakeOver: New York! Fans love the sound of that! Now, the decision to have Dunne defend was easy, but the question is now: Who will Dunne defend against? And as such, Pete Dunne appears in person! The WWE United Kingdom Champion brings the title to the ring as fans cheer. Dunne stands before Saint and Scala and borrows Scala’s mic. “Give me WALTER!” The Bruiserweight has spoken, and he wants after the Ring General! Saint and Scala accept discuss this, but that has to be the WWE UK Championship match! Who returns from New York the top star in NXT UK?


NXT UK Media catches up to Toni Storm.

What does the NXT UK Women’s Champion say to Jinny’s words about going after that title? Well of course Jinny would say that, because they are very different yet very similar. They both really love championship gold. But Toni has the title while Jinny just has things mommy and daddy buy her is because Toni knows how to be a champion. Toni knows the struggle and hard work. Maybe that’s what it is, maybe that’s why Jinny has problems with Toni. When Jinny faces Toni, she actually has to work hard. Toni takes her leave, but Rhea Ripley isn’t far behind.

The Mosh Pit Kid wants to say something. She heard what Xia said last week. If the little rodent wants to step to Rhea, it’ll be the same as before. “Quit your dreaming, little girl.” Will the Riptide crush both Xia and her dreams on the Road to Wrestlemania Weekend?


Eddie Dennis VS Ligero!

The ruthless Welshman returns from his “exile”, and looks to put out the light that is the Luchador of Leeds! Will Dennis snap back from losing his streak? Or will Ligero keep his momentum going on the way to Wrestlemania Weekend?

The bell rings and things speed up right away! Ligero dropkicks Dennis’ bad leg then kicks away. Dennis shoves Ligero and denies the tilt-o-whirl, but misses in the corner. Ligero goes to the other side and dodges again. Ligero steps in for a stunner! Cover, TWO! Dennis flounders but fans rally behind Ligero. Ligero kicks Dennis in the chest, then runs. Dennis blocks the kick but misses the clothesline and gets Ligero’s boot! Dennis ends up on the outside, and Ligero slingshots! But Dennis catches Ligero to swing and slam him into the apron! Fans boo as Dennis shouts, “Who’s the man!?” The referee counts as Dennis drags Ligero’s dead weight into the ring. Dennis returns at 5 and stalks Ligero to a corner. He stomps and whips Ligero hard corner to corner!

Ligero writhes but fans rally up for him. Dennis grows upset hearing that and keeps on Ligero with a cravat. Dennis shouts he’ll rip Ligero’s horns off if he doesn’t quit. Ligero endures and feeds off the fans’ rally. Ligero fights back with body shots but Dennis knees him back. Dennis whips Ligero hard into a corner and Ligero falls back. Cover, TWO! Dennis grows frustrated, and whips Ligero again to run him over with an elbow. Cover, TWO! Ligero still lives and Dennis is livid. Dennis grounds ‘n’ pounds with forearms from both sides. Fans build to another rally for Ligero, which only frustrates Dennis more. Dennis drags Ligero up and forearms him in the back. The ref reprimands him for using the tights, but Dennis keeps on Ligero with stomps. Fans boo as Dennis grinds his foot into Ligero’s back.

Ligero crawls to a corner but Dennis is on him with a heavy forearm! The ref checks on Ligero but Ligero is still okay. Dennis goes to whip but Ligero holds onto the ropes. Ligero breaks free and boots Dennis back. Ligero dodges then wheelbarrows to a jawbreaker! Dennis staggers but elbows Ligero back. Dennis drags Ligero up, but Ligero escapes Severn Bridge! Ligero also escapes the sunset flip to buzzsaw Dennis down! Dennis bails out and Ligero slingshots again for the flying huricanrana! Both men are hurting from the fall but Ligero gets Dennis up and in. Ligero drags himself up at 4 to springboard splash! Cover, TWO! Dennis lives but Ligero also checks his ankle.

Ligero gets himself to a corner and to the top rope. Ligero leaps but has to roll through as Dennis dodges. Dennis dodges, spins Ligero around and clobbers him with a clothesline! Fans boo as Dennis drags Ligero right up, but Ligero slips out. Ligero blocks and dodges and redirects Dennis into an enziguri! Fans fire up with Ligero as he springboards, but the DDT is denied! Dennis spins Ligero around but Ligero slips out, DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Dennis survives but Ligero fires up again. Ligero drags himself to a corner and back up top. Dennis boots Ligero’s feet out! Dennis grins as he climbs up to join Ligero, and hit a stalling SUPERPLEX! Fans have to cheer that because that was just impressive strength.

But Dennis isn’t done with Ligero, as he drags him up for Canadian rack, Severn Bridge! Then Dennis drags Ligero up for Next Stop! Cover, Dennis wins!

Winner: Eddie Dennis, by pinfall

The Headmaster returns and is victorious again. Will Dennis’ next stop be a championship opportunity?


Amir Jordan finds Kenny Williams at the UK Performance Center.

The Bhangra Badboy checks on the Luckyan. They’re on a bit of a hot streak, so how about they go for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships? Kenny doesn’t make the matches, Amir. Then how about asking Johnny Saint for a shot? Amir, why are you always asking Kenny to do things? From dancing to matches. Why doesn’t Amir do something for Kenny, and join him in training? If Amir can keep up, then maybe Kenny will talk to Saint. Amir tries and tries and finally gets a full chin and torso up! There it is! Hard work like that might just get them a tag title match. And then will Kenny dance? That’s much less likely.


Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley VS The Hunt!

The Pretty Deadly boys are back, since they were rather impressive even in defeat. But can they survive this primal duo of the Wild Boar and the Primate?

The teams sort out and Primate starts against Stoker. They tie up and Primate brings Stoker around. Primate whips but Stoker revesres and thrwos a forearm. That only angers Primate! Primate throws Stoker overhead and clubs away! Primate tags to Boar, and The Hunt club away on Stoker’s back. Boar throws Stoker with a Fall Away Slam! Boar keeps Stoker away from Howley with a fish hook and elbows. He drags Stoker around and tags back to Primate. The Hunt lift and toss Stoker together! Boar becomes a weapon for the back senton! Fans fire up behind The Hunt as Primate gives Stoker a German Suplex! Stoker gets to Howley and tags in.

Howley is hesitant but he fires off clubbing forearms on Primate. Howley whips but Primate denies with power alone. Primate reels Howley in for a headbutt! Primate drags Howley over and tags in Boar, to then ram Boar into Howley’s gut! Boar blasts Stoker while Primate clotheslines Howley, then Boar comes back corner to corner for a cannonball! Primate tags and The Hunt combine, pop-up back suplex! Cover, The Hunt wins!

Winners: The Hunt, Primate pinning

The two “tasty dishes” were just the first course for this pair of wild animals. Who else will become prey for The Hunt?


Kassius Ohno VS Ashton Smith!

The Knockout Artist accused the entire NXT UK roster of just being copycats and homages to past greats, and vows to show everyone genuine British strong style. Will KO KO the Manchester Prestige? Or will Ashton “WOOP!” Ohno instead?

The bell rings on Ohno’s official NXT UK debut, and fans duel between him and “WOOP!” Ohno offers a fist bump to Ashton and Ashton takes it, which fans applaud. Ashton and Ohno circle and tie up. Ohno wrenches and arm-drags Ashton down to an armlock. Ashton works his way back up but Ohno wrenches and wristlocks. Asthon rolls and spins to get a partial drop toehold. He shifts to a facelock but Ohno slips out to get a grounded hammerlock. Ohno grabs the other arm and makes it a cover, TWO! Ashton stands but Ohno wrenches to a facelock. Ohno goes to suplex but Ashton resists. Ashton goes to fireman’s carry but Ohno is too big.

Ohno clubs Ashton hard on the back then runs, but Ashton speeds things up. Ashton hurdles and dropkicks Ohno out, then builds speed, only to run into a boot! Ashton staggers and Ohno is on him, to suplex him on the run! Cover, TWO! Ohno goes after Ashton’s arms and pulls them back. He digs his head into Ashton’s back to get leverage. Ashton feeds off the fan rally and gets up. Ashton turns and gets the fireman’s carry, but not for long. Ohno slips out and CHOPS away on Ashton. Ohno whips Ashton but Ashton walks the ropes to BOOT! But that only makes Ohno mad! Ashton fires off forearms but Ohno shoves him away. Ashton comes back with a SUPERKICK! Ohno is dazed, and Ashton manages the fireman’s! Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO!

Ashton keeps his focus as fans “WOOP!” for him. Ashton fires off forearms then runs, but into Ohno’s boot! Ohno drops a big back senton, and then another! Ohno drags Ashton up, wrings him out, and hits the Dream Crusher discus elbow! Cover, Ohno wins!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

The Wrestling Genius is victorious in his NXT UK transfer! But for hitting as hard as he did, Ohno still shows Ashton respect. Ohno even helps Ashton to his feet, and offers another fist bump. Ashton doesn’t take it, so Ohno knocks Ashton out with another elbow! Will Ohno show this kind of “respect” to everyone else on the roster? Travis Banks comes out to actually check on Ashton, but doesn’t let Ohno sneak up on him. Will the Kiwi Buzzsaw show Ohno what respect is really about?


Gallus discusses business.

“We’ve had a bad run of form.” They picked up wins against Webster & #Mandrews, but lose to Moustache Mountain. They picked up wins against Ashton and Ligero, but lose to Walter and Pete Dunne. Gallus needs to establish a good run. Gallus needs to establish dominance. It is what they do. What will The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang do to finally make NXT UK their Kingdom?


Tyler Bate VS James Drake!

Speaking of Moustache Mountain, they want another go at the Grizzled Young Veterans and those NXT UK Tag Team Championships. But with Liverpool’s Number One out with a bad toe, the Big Strong Boys will just have to settle for Mr. Mayhem. Will Bate beat Drake to earn the team their title match? Or will Drake make Bate #GritHisTeeth?

Drake eggs Bate on and taunts the fans, but the referee keeps the peace. The bell rings and the fans are already fired up for the “Big Strong Boy!” Bate and Drake circle and Bate gets the waistlock. He brings Drake to the mat but Drake switches. Fans sing for Bate as he switches back, but then so does Drake. They go around and Bate gets the waistlock back only for Drake to spin out. They both trade, then headlock takeover for headscissors and they have a stand-off. Fans applaud this fast pace and even match-up. Bate and Drake tie up again and Drake gets the arm. Drake wristlocks and lifts Bate up before wringing him out. Drake grinds his forearm in Bate’s face then hooks him with a leg. Fans rally up and Bate works his way up.

Drake wrenches again but Bate rolls forward and back and handsprings to a dropkick! Bate handsprings again and headlocks Drake. Drake powers out and things speed up. Bate catches Drake in the fireman’s carry, for the airplane spin! Around and around but Drake slips out. Drake baits Bate into a corner but Bate throws a right hand back. Bate knees Drake then hips up, but Drake shoves him down! Bate crashes down and fans boo Drake as he pursues. Drake throws Bate into barriers! Fans boo more as Drake drags Bate up and into the ring. Drake clamps on to Bate’s shoulder, then wraps him up in a cobra clutch. Fans rally up as Bate endures. Drake shifts to a keylock but Bate works towards ropes. Bate stands up but Drake gut wrenches Bate down! Cover, TWO!

Drake keeps his cool and goes after Bate with forearms. Drake wraps on a chinlock but fans rally again. Fans even taunt Drake, “He’s got his own~ face, on his ass!” Drake ignores the taunting as Bate powers his way up. Bate fights out with body shots but Drake gives him a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Drake grows frustrated, “Is that all you got, Tyler?!” Fans sing now, “Ass~ Face~!” Drake snap suplexes Bate and floats over, TWO! Bate survives but Drake stomps and grinds his feet into Bate’s back. Drake pulls Bate back with a chinbar while fans taunt “Ass~ Face~” again. Bate claws for ropes and fans rally up behind him.

Drake goes to mount but Bate powers up and picks Drake up! Bate bumps Drake against buckles, but Drake gives him another backbreaker lift. Bate slips out and rocks Drake with a right! He throws boxing blows and puts Drake in a corner! Drake escapes the corner but not Bate’s grip! Bate drags Drake back in for a huricanrana! Bate whips and back drops Drake! Fans fire up with Bate as he whips Drake again. Drake reverses but Bate knees him away again. Bate hops up for a flying European Uppercut! Drake runs into Bate’s exploder! Bate nips right up, to a Shooting Star! Drake moves but Bate catches himself, to hit the standing Shooting Star again! Cover, TWO! Bate and Drake are both sore but fans fire up.

Drake gets to the apron but Bate is on him. Bate counter punches Drake then goes to suplex him in. Drake hops down and trips Bate up! Drake drags Bate out and throws him, but Bate reverses to throw Drake into barriers! Bate puts Drake in again and climbs up top. Drake stands and Bate jumps over. Bate runs into a gut wrench for a facebuster! Cover, TWO! Bate lives and fans cheer him on. Drake glares as he drags Bate up. Bate drops down but Drake sits on it, ONE! Bate sunset, ONE, Drake high stack, ONE, Bate sits on it, TWO!

Drake enziguris Bate then whips but Bate rebounds to lariat! Bate brings Drake up for the underhook but Drake back drops. Bate lands on his feet but Drake #GritYourTeeth dropkicks him down! Cover, TWO! Drake climbs up top but Bate gets clear of his 450! Bate catches Drake to exploder him into buckles! Fans fire up and Bate climbs up, corkscrew senton! Cover, Bate wins!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall

The Big Strong Boy wins won for Moustache Mountain! Will this help give Bate & Seven another shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships?


Walter is spotted having just left the NXT UK GM’s office!

NXT UK Media asks Johnny Saint & Sid Scala what their meeting was about. Well, a decision has been made between them and American NXT GM, William Regal. Pete Dunne’s request has been accepted! At TakeOver: New York, Walter will challenge for the WWE United Kingdom Championship! Who returns from New York THE top man in NXT UK?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode! I should’ve realized that NXT UK would join American NXT in some way for TakeOver: New York! Pete Dunne VS Walter IS happening, it’s going to make TakeOver: New York even greater, and I feel Walter has to win. Walter will freshen things up as only the third-ever champion, and it’ll keep Dunne from being too damn strong. I’m thinking that, while no title matches have been made for TakeOver: New York, the NXT UK Women’s and Tag Team Championships will be defended on either the go-home or the post-TakeOver episode. Storm VS Jinny will be great, but I wonder if Jinny has a chance of winning that title. Moustache Mountain VS Grizzled Young Veterans will be epic and that has to go Moustache Mountain’s way because of how popular they are. Bate VS Drake tonight was great, and the UK fans made it even better.

Dennis VS Ligero was a good opening match, and naturally Dennis wins for the sake of his return. I’m actually more surprised we haven’t seen Dave Mastiff in this time, it’s like he won the right to be off television. Hopefully Dennis circles back to his story of being bitter towards his old friends, his character is going to seem generic without proper direction. Plus, matches between Dennis and Andrews should be great given their history. “The Hunt” had a great return, but they and the underdog team of Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan will have to wait some time before getting their own title shots. Ohno VS Ashton was solid, and of course Ohno keeps his Heel character from American NXT. I don’t know about the title, but Ohno can definitely have some great matches with any number of NXT UK stars.

My Score: 8.4/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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