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NXT UK TakeOver: Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks



NXT UK Devlin Banks
Travis Banks went one-on-one with Jordan Devlin at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool!

Following the opening contest for the new NXT UK Tag Titles at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, the next match at the event was a grudge match as Travis Banks took on Jordan Devlin (keep up with all the action with Mitchell’s Live Report).

Earlier in the day, Devlin had attacked the ‘Kiwi Buzzsaw’, who already had a bad knee coming into the show, but was medically cleared. Banks wouldn’t wait for the bell to seek revenge on Devlin, flying to the outside as Jordan made his way to the ring with a flurry of offense. Devlin would go to the bad knee to stop the onslaught and referees would come out to check on Banks and help him to the back.

‘The Ace’ would grab the microphone, stating that it was time for an interview since he would no longer be having a match. NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint and his Assistant Sid Scala would come to the stage to interrupt, saying they suspected Devlin would try something, so they had a back-up plan.

Out would walk Finn Balor, Devlin’s mentor and surprise opponent, who looked to make quick work of Jordan. ‘The Ace’ would show the aggressiveness we’ve become accustomed to as of late however, turning the tide and mocking Balor while delivering punishment. While he would put up a great effort against the former Universal Champion, the student was unable to overcome the teacher and Finn would get the win with the Coup De Grace.

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