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NXT UK TakeOver: No Disqualification Match



NXT UK Dennis Mastiff
Eddie Dennis & Dave Mastiff battled in a No DQ Match at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool!

After the surprise appearance of Finn Balor to replace Travis Banks against Jordan Devlin, the next contest at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool looked to settle a heated rivalry, as ‘Bomber’ Dave Mastiff took on Eddie Dennis in a No Disqualification Match (keep up with all the action with Mitchell’s Live Report).

After his undefeated streak was ended by the mountainous Mastiff (who seemed to be paying tribute to Vader with his gear tonight), a series of sneak attacks would lead to this stipulation that assuredly fit the aggressive nature of both NXT UK Superstars. The weapons were introduced fairly early, including a kendo stick, chair and a massive sidewinder from Dennis to Mastiff of the steel steps.

The taller, slimmer Dennis showed a lot of surprising power, even planting ‘Bomber’ with a Razor’s Edge that nearly put the big man away. He would then go under the ring for a table, but wouldn’t be able to use it right off as instead the fight found its way to the apron, leading to Mastiff planting Dennis on the exposed floor with a rolling fireman’s carry.

Dennis would recover, gaining a near fall before going to Mastiff’s spine with a chair and looking to drive ‘Bomber’ through the table. Mastiff would fight out of it, plant Dennis with a release German suplex and hit a cannonball through the table for the three count to continue his undefeated streak.

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