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Addressing Misogyny In Wrestling Fans




The Main Event Zone comes to The Chairshot, as Joel Phillips makes his debut by addressing the misogyny found in wrestling fans.

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The appreciation for women’s wrestling in our present era is a welcome long overdue. It was not that long ago that any WWE women’s match was considered the bathroom break, or how everything involving the women was draping in sex and misogyny. Sure we had the epic match with Trish & Lita, but let’s not forget the dozens of Panty & Bra matches or the annual Thanksgiving/Christmas match where the women wrestled in gravy or eggnog. Things truly are different when today, some of the most amazing feats wrestling has to offer are coming from the new wave of women wrestlers, offering the wrestling industry a huge shake up it always needed. However, there’s one change that’s entirely too slow to come along: the perspective of male fans.

The wrestling industry is a very imaginative take on masculine fantasies, so it isn’t a wonder why so many issues regarding women are dripped in misogyny. However, the reality is every performer is a real person, and despite any fan’s feelings toward their favorites or the hated, all involved at least deserve general respect for who they are outside the ring. The hacking of Toni Storm’s nude pictures and the subsequent online harassment from men ended with the young wrestler shutting down her Twitter & Instagram pages is proof that we, the male wrestling community, are not respectful of anything regarding the women we claim to be fans of.

There’s no way you haven’t heard someone yell “show me your tits” while at a wrestling show during a woman’s match. There is always someone who isn’t in a position to be judgmental commenting on the look of the women during the show, as if beauty expert is his profession. Not a single woman wrestler has a post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc, where men aren’t calling them bitches, sluts, whores, or some other chastising distinctly focusing on them being a woman and nothing in regards to their character. This level of misogyny has been normalized for entirely too long but what’s even more disgusting is the same men who perpetuate it will hide in plain sight, claiming to be fans, until they see things they don’t like. These aren’t the actions of a fan; they’re the delusions of men who think they have the right to control what should and shouldn’t be for women they have no personal connection with.

When Paige was hacked back in 2017, her pictures and videos were uploaded to porn sites, Reddit, 4chan, and tons of websites meant to house content that would normally get flagged online. The amount of commentary about her as a person was a dark cloud on the WWE for a time, with her even withdrawing from all programming until things had mulled over. Yet men involved like Xavier Woods were publicly given a slap on the wrist, and at best, made the butt of a joke during a rap battle with the Usos. It took months for things to calm down on Paige’s end, despite support, and even until this day, her sex life still seems to be brought up as a way to discredit her, especially now with an upcoming movie. Who are the main perpetrators of this harassment? Once again, male wrestling fans.

So let’s call a spade a spade. It is now 2019. The world is changing and women now are demanding their right to be seen, heard, and treated as equals to men. Rightfully so, they deserve that, and it is up to men to make room for it to happen. However, what is also right to do is call out the worst of the bunch. Expose the frauds, the pigs, and the perverts who keep giving male fans a bad name. Stop making excuses for inexcusable behavior. There isn’t a single reason to find the endless misogynistic treatment of female talent as “ok, not that serious, or this is just how it is.” No, that’s what it used to be, and it was wrong back then. There’s no need to continue it now, and if we truly aim to respect wrestling as a whole, we have to respect the humanity of the women involved by checking our own first.

The culture of wrestling fans is an anomaly all on it’s own but the culture has grown considerably. It is time for us as supporters to catch up. I can’t tell people to stop being jerks, although it would be nice, but I can at least ask that we treat something we love with an iota of respect, so that other people can enjoy it. The stain of wrestling that the mainstream always viewed it under is slowly being pulled away due to the inclusion of taking women seriously and using imagination to bring people together. Let’s not let the worst of the bunch ruin the momentum we have going. Point them out and let them out know hiding in plain sight will not work anymore; YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DO.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Andrew’s WWE Raw & SmackDown Live 1/14 & 1/15/2019



Andrew gives us his thoughts on this week’s Raw and SmackDown Live! Does Raw finally outperform SmackDown Live this week?

Well if you read my Honor Reigns Supreme article, you’d know that left such a bad taste in my mouth, that I was excited for WWE this week.

So I guess it’s time to see if the initial anticipation paid off.

Raw Ratings:

  • Ronda Rousey & Sasha Banks vs Tamina & Nia Jax – Banks wins via Bank Statement – **
  • The Revival vs Lucha House Party – Dawson wins via DDT – * 1/2
  • Natalya, Bayley & Nikki Cross vs The Riott Squad – Bayley wins via Elbow Drop – ** 3/4
  • Jinder Mahal vs Finn Balor – Balor wins via Coup de Grace – ***
  • Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Bobby Lashley vs Seth Rollins – Lashley wins via Spear – *** 1/2TITLE CHANGE!!!
  • Fatal Four Way for Universal Championship Match at Royal Rumble: Finn Balor vs Drew McIntyre vs Baron Corbin vs John Cena – Balor wins via Coup de Grace – *** 1/4


Review Notes:

  • Braun kicks things off, oh god, he’s gonna talk. *spins the See-N-Say* Okay, Cow says Moo and Braun says something about getting hands, Beastie Boy, rawr rawr, Baron Corbin…whatever. The he finds Corbin in a limo, tears the door off, it was Vince’s so he admonishes the Monster and fines him $100,000 – and Braun mouths off. So Vince not being one to take kindly to that, pulls him out of the Universal Title match and kicks him out of the building after he flips the limo.
  • After the Braun stupidity is over, now we get Sasha and Ronda. Sasha did most of the work, Nia somehow looks worse than Tamina, even the preview for Glass did better in the match, and they try really hard to force animosity between Sasha and Ronda by making Sasha be unable to understand body language and comprehend context in a sentence. Maybe she’s low key dyslexic and this brought back bad memories of reading pages out loud in school.
  • A line forms outside of McMahons door…okay, time to see Jerry Lawler and a bunch of random characters…great.
  • Revival get a real tag match against the Lucha House Party, so maybe the conspiracy is over…but they interrupt the match with interviewing people meandering around outside of Vince’s office. You’re only really legitimate tag team on Raw, that people like, and you’re trying to rebuild…and you kill the momentum of the match with pointless interviews. So what we did see was alright, and the DDT being a finish is nice, but the wrinkle of Wilder having to push Kalisto’s foot off the rope, doesn’t make a ton of sense. Is it karma? Is it doubling down on them being bad guys? Is it just stupid? Tune in next week on Dragon Ball – wait…no.
  • Vince heads to the ring to announce a replacement and instead we get Cena. Cena who tries to say when Austin, Rock and Lesnar left, they had no passion coming back. He tries to recreate his debut Ruthless Aggression line, McIntyre comes out and schools Cena with lyrics to Word Life saying Cena’s Time is Up and Drew’s Time is Now. So it was cute. Corbin comes out cause he’s delusional. Then lastly Finn comes out to play the little engine that could. Vince says he’s small, Finn says he never believed in him, but he’ll prove he can beat Lesnar. Fatal Four Way match is created after McIntyre wins the initial squabble and Vince nearly orgasms seeing Drew and what he did.
  • Jinder, makes up a story about tending to a broken Singh, so Vince tells him to pick one and winner gets the 4-way spot. Jinder picks Finn, cause you always pick the smaller guy, right?
  • Bayley and Natty were trying to separate Ronda and Sasha earlier when the Riott Squad got mouthy and challenged the two that aren’t really friends to find a third and face them. Bayley has a great line as they fade to commercial since Natty accepted on behalf of them, she just looks at her and says something like ” Oh?! We’re good now?!” – which nicely points out the stupidity of some of these throw together matches.
  • Now the Riott Squad do nothing for me, but Nikki Cross making her Raw debut added a new life to this match that I didn’t know it needed. Nikki made this match entertaining, and at this point, her shear joy just brightened up my enjoyment of the entire show. Decent match too, but Nikki, always let Nikki play.
  • Jinder versus Finn wasn’t bad. Regardless of what some people think about Jinder, the match work was solid. If you just don’t like him, sure that’s fine, but this was Jinder’s best match in a long time and again, I thought it was pretty decent.
  • Lio Rush speaks, and it’s calm, direct and Lashley is looming in the background like an ominous force instead of a posing imbecile. I don’t know how to feel…cause I liked this promo…but Lio Rush is annoying.
  • The triple threat was… good. No real complaints aside from my usual gripes about Seth’s inability to sell, PLUS Lashley pinning Ambrose does allow for a rematch most likely at Rumble cause he can point out it wasn’t a 1 on 1 match and the odds were stacked against him, conspiracy stuff, so I can see it happening. Lashley with the IC title at least gives him something when he should’ve been a main event guy from day 1 on his return, at least this is a step in the right direction.
  • Alexa Bliss…ugh I know I say she’s the best female character on Raw, cause she is. But walking in on her changing added nothing to anything, it was done purely for the “hot chick partially clothed” pop. And then her two episodes of Moment of Bliss have been…awful and trainwrecky. Otis randomly appearing and babbling makes him seems more moronic and not endearing like NXT made him seem like a hyper country bro. But yeah, he acted more like he needs a harness and a helmet. At least the Women’s Tag Titles look nice and aren’t the big ugly WWE logo design.
  • This four way wasn’t bad, but the two commercials hurt the flow, it turned into more of just disjointed cool spots that eventually lead to something but you weren’t sure how we got there. Kinda like a drunk train ride and you end up somewhere dangerous, but sexy…yet the right person goes over. So…drunken miracles do happen folks.


Overall Score: 7/10

GO FIGURE! I really enjoyed this episode. As I mentioned on Raw Reaction the appearance of Nikki Cross and that little fire starter ball off energy actually just made me enjoy the show. There’s something about seeing someone run about the ring, be it because she’s manic, frantic or just having fun…but it’s nice. So from that point I got a little less nit picky, enjoyed nonsensical things like Dean and Seth cooperating because I got the fact they were going for “they did it out of muscle memory” not so much liking each other.

Plus seeing Finn get a semi-legitimate push for the Universal Championship is always refreshing. We’ve seen smaller guys give Brock believable matches, so maybe Finn or the Demon can tear the belt off the Beast.


SmackDown Live Ratings:

  • Becky Lynch vs Peyton Royce – Lynch wins via Disarm-Her – **
  • Asuka vs Billie Kay – Asuka wins via Asuka Lock –N/A
  • Samoa Joe vs Mustafa Ali – NO CONTEST
  • Andrade Almas vs Rey Mysterio – Almas wins via Draping Hammerlock DDT – ****
  • The Miz w/ Shane McMahon vs Sheamus w/Cesaro – Miz wins via Rollup – ** 1/4


Review Notes:

  • Becky pulls in, cute but lacking personality interviewer tries to question her, she says she’ll say it in the ring. On her way in she sees Otis and Tucker with the New Day making a meat, eggs, powder, take a few panckes, generally assuming a protein shake of doom since their whole NXT shtick is ‘Steaks and Weights’. Otis tries some and likes it, New Day almost pukes, Otis offers it to Becky. Becky agrees, takes a decent mouthful (giggity) and says it’s good but weak and marches to the ring. Otis mumbles something that sounds like “she is the man”. This was actually the correct way to introduce Otis’ brand of buffoonery since he’s supposed to be simple but charmingly dumb…not Festus 2.0.
  • Becky and Asuka argument turns into the IIconics teasing and saying they’ll win Rumble. Becky says why wait, get your ass in here now. So Peyton apparently offers herself as tribute.
  • What was this match? Asuka was watching intently, Billie didn’t really get involved much, but Peyton held her own for what felt like at least 10 minutes. If this was supposed to help Peyton look like a competent threat, I think it hurt Becky more than helped Peyton. Advantage though, Asuka adorably screaming in Japanese basically getting across the point of “if you can do it so can I”. So she literally drags Billie into a match, the referee shrugs and doesn’t question an angry woman screaming in a language he doesn’t understand. Asuka went for a Fujiwara Armbar while looking at Becky to make a point, but took too long, Billie got a small opening but then Asuka chokes her out with the Asuka like in what felt like 40 seconds.
  • AJ walks out while Becky and Asuka are still arguing, and apparently new music is the signal to leave. AJ walks down the ramp, around the ring, through the crowd, up to the concession stand. This is him taking Daniel Bryan’s promo from last week and turning it on it’s ear. He starts endorsing hot dogs and merchandise before Daniel Bryan jumps him. Daniel hates fun obviously…
  • Jimmy gets a note from Mandy Rose with a hotel key enclosed. WHAT DOES THE UCE DO!?
  • Joe jumps Mustafa mid pose, beats on him until the LED on his chest goes out. So if that’s like Iron Man, Mustafa is now dead. Someone else needs to assume the suit. TJ Perkins maybe?
  • Sonya gets to the bottom of Mandy’s evil plan to break up a marriage cause she just hates Naomi. Catty…but it happens. Sonya seems a little disgusted though.
  • In my article last week I think I claimed I wanted a best of 27 between these two. And I still want more. This was so damn good. Also, FINALLY, Zelina does what she should’ve been doing from the beginning. She got involved just enough to give Andrade the opening to beat Mysterio when Almas was on the brink. If this is the beginning of returning to their NXT dynamic, then I just need more Vega and Almas on my TV in general.
  •  Jimmy actually goes to the hotel, he pauses, heads in, Mandy takes off her robe to show a lacy black outfit and Jimmy says no. But as his rebuking her advances, a Paparazzi guy shows up out of nowhere snaps some pictures and runs away. Mandy puts the robe back on, said she never wanted him, just wanted to ruin the marriage and now Naomi will crumble. Jimmy laughs it off, walks out, and Naomi pops in and beats some ass. So Mandy’s plan didn’t work at all, I wonder if Sonya tipped them off and this could split those two into a feud or something.
  • Miz and Shane are fantastic. Miz throws a celebration for Shane’s birthday, gets him a pair of Jordan’s where Shane’s reaction sounded close to legit. Then Miz runs a little reel of clips which is actually kinda nice with the story they’re telling. Shane buys into their team idea a little more by telling Miz that when he was a kid he had a dream to be tag team champs. His dream partner as a kid was Andre the Giant, but he’s still proud to call Miz his friend. There did seem to be a small hesitation during some of this where maybe there were some real comments that weren’t exactly scripted, but that just makes you buy into them more. The Bar interrupt the celebration and Shane does the talking now. Says Sheamus thinks he’s a big man for sucker punching Miz last week. Well they’ll have a match right now and it’s fair. Miz tries to say he’s not dressed and Shane retorts nicely with “I wasn’t in my gear when I stepped in for Best in the World” and Miz is like “is this what you want for your birthday?” and Shane is like ” This is my Birthday wish, yes”. The immaturity,yet, simplicity of the exchange is what made it perfect. Miz is trying to impress Shane so of course a good point and birthday wish is something that Miz won’t deny.
  • The match was never supposed to be groundbreaking, but it was fun for what it was. Cesaro tries to interfere, Shane sends him through a cake on a table, distracting Sheamus long enough for Miz to get the Rollup. Sheamus tries to attack Miz afterwards, Shane helps out his partner, Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale, and then Shane positions for Coast to Coast. Miz gets the other cake and we get Coast to Cake…mostly, and Shane looked to have killed himself at the same time.


Overall Score: 6.25/10

SmackDown felt more like a story building episode this week and less geared towards the in-ring action. Nothing was bad, some things were done purposely to push storylines forward, so it felt about average if not a tick below for a SmackDown.

So for the first time in my doing these articles, and even recent memory…Raw was the better show this week. I mean…wow. Either ROH broke me or WWE just happened to push all the correct button for me. You know, like the song the Pussy Cat Dolls talked about, not the irritating buttons.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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The Good, Bad and Ugly: SmackDown (01/15/2019)



Andrade Cien Almas

After a less than stellar Monday Night Raw, we are back to the boys in blue.  The better show, that seems to disappoint a lot less than the other guys.  Nothing is perfect, however SmackDown strives to be damn close. The question is when will SmackDown fall off?  Or Can they continue the Good old ways and keep on killing it?


Opening Segment w/ Becky Lynch

Opening with “The Man” Herself, is a Great way to go!  She rolls in like a boss, has a powwow with Heavy Machinery and New Day before gracing the masses with her presence.  Becky of course wanted to discuss the current situation with her title, her division, her reputation.  She put it all out there, and she did it well.  The “Empress” wasn’t going to just lay down for “The Man.”  The Champ came out to defend her honor.  She is getting better on the mic, and held her own to a tough crowd.  Fortunately for everyone “The IIconics” gave us the pleasure of their company. 

Samoa Joe vs. Mustafa Ali

Ali has been injected into our lives full steam.  He is getting a lot of attention and using it well.  He is exciting.  Of course Samoa Joe is a nightmare and doesn’t seem to put up with such nonsense.  He really beat the hell out of Ali before the bell.  He just brutalized him.  It was insane.  Joe is crazy and he isn’t holding anything back.  If these guys actually get the chance to put in work, based on what we saw this week, we could have some Good times ahead. 

Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega vs. Rey Mysterio

I don’t know what the wrestling world did to deserve this match, but it is spectacular.  This could be the best lucha feud seen in a long time.  Two absolutely pure talents with endless gifts in a highflying, edge of your seat battle.  This really is set up to be fantastic, as Almas has proven his worth time and time again.  We don’t even need to explain how Good Mysterio is.  This match simply over delivered in every way it possibly could.  We saw such unique exchanges, such energy, it was masterful.  These guys put it all on the line and gave the fans their money’s worth for the year.  Mysterio looked so Good out there, just a wise veteran doing what he knows best.  Mysterio hit a freakishly awesome “headscissors” sending Almas flying and landing hard on the outside.  The dropkicks, the spots, the energy, everything just clicked here as it should.  It went back and forth, Mysterio hitting with everything he had, including a sick version of a crucifix.  With a little help from Zelina Vega, Andrade hit a sick “Hammerlock DDT” for the victory. 

“Bestie Birthday Bash” w/ Miz and Shane McMahon

This type of thing is almost always a failure.  These segments are long, boring, and corny.  Maybe something different here?  Well yes we did, the back and forth banter was Good, short and sweet.  The video montage as always was “money.”  The crowd was involved and interested.  During a horrendous Happy Birthday Song, The Bar interrupted.  Talking trash as always, including even against the McMahon name, they brought a rare but Good promo here.  It was really Good considering that it was set up to be hideous.  Ultimately it set up a match between Shamus and The Miz.  Good job all around. 

Shamus vs. The Miz

This was quick as time was tight, but it looked Good.  Definitely a fun, quick buildup for a huge Tag Match at the Royal Rumble.  Miz really brought it here, looking sharp against the much larger Shamus.  This was physical and entertaining.  Cesaro went through the cake, imagine that, and Miz picked up the Win during all of the confusion.  McMahon capped it off with a “coast to coast” through the Birthday Cake, to close the show. 


Becky Lynch vs. Peyton Royce/Asuka vs. Billy Kay/AJ Styles (3 total)

  • Peyton Royce has some skills.  She is the better of the two IIconics and has shown she can go. Lynch is red hot and seemingly can mess up.  Well this match didn’t do so well.  We had some poor wrestling, botches, and awkwardness galore.  As a whole, even with everything working, it was a mess.  If this wasn’t Becky Lynch the crowd would have eaten this match alive.  This was just shockingly disappointing.  The booking was great, it just didn’t deliver.  Of course, Lynch traps Royce in the “Disarmer” for the Win. 
  • Predictably, Asuka not to be outdone went on a Japanese tyrade apparently challenging Royce’s homegirl, Billy Kay, and just destroyed her.  Although Kay almost reversed into a pin and escaped an Asuka “Disarmer,”  Asuka got her into a “Asuka Lock” for the quick, and painful Win. 
  • Just when we thought we were about to see Lynch and Asuka go at it, out pops AJ Styles who interrupted, circled the ring for no reason, and walked out into the crowd.  What the hell happened?  Your guess is as Good as mine.  This was followed up after the break with AJ Styles in the concessions area talking trash before a low key “fickle” Daniel Bryan viciously attacked Styles. 


Mandy Rose/Jimmy Uso Vinette

This is total trash, and it’s burning hot.  Mandy Rose is all fine and Good, but this whole story, and everything involved is really pointless.  Naomi attacking Mandy was predictable but the whole thing was just such crap.  This may be one of the worst segments on SmackDown in recent memory.  It was quick, but not quick enough. 

Carmella vs. Sonya Deville

Why this was skipped, is beyond anyone!  This is just an ugly shame that we didn’t get this match.  Wasted time and unnecessary jokes filled the space where a decent match could have took place.  Really a huge disappointment.



BAD- 3


OVERALL- This show was squeaked by in the Good column, but it was Good enough.  Subpar to the standards of a typical SmackDown.  Andrade Cien Almas and Rey Mysterio was a real treat and catapulted any tainted material prior to that match.  SmackDown really is a Good show, tonight it reigned supreme once again, but Perfect, it was not.  To skip the Deville/Carmella Match was a big mistake, and the Main Event was okay but disappointing!

So far WWE entertainment has been a bit off this week.  They had so much momentum but just couldn’t keep it going.  Fortunately we have NXT on a normal weekly broadcast that can most likely round out the week on a Good note.  AEW is still building talking to CM Punk among others building what looks like a real threat to the Kings.  WWE needs to continue at a high level, and it will be great to see if and how they keep the crown.  Also, please let me take this moment to honor a man that was loved by many in the New England Wrestling scene, RIP Joe Pavao.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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