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Press Release: WOW’s David McLane On New X-Pac 12360



WOW Founder David McLane is the guest on an all new X-Pac 12360!

Women’s wrestling here in the United States has certainly been on the upswing over the past couple of years, which can be evidenced by WOW-Women Of Wrestling being brought to AXS TV with their premiere episode last week.

On this week’s newest episode of X-Pac 12360, WOW Founder David McLane would join the program to discuss the show. The Chairshot was sent along the following press release for the latest X-Pac 12360, which you can check out in the video above:




X-PAC 12360

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WOW Women of Wrestling’s David McLane Says 800 Women Auditioned During The Tryouts

We put out the word that we wanted to have a tryout for WOW Women of Wrestling and were bringing it back into the marketplace. And we had 800 hundred women show up. And out of 800 women we only selected 10. I am not good at math, I don’t know what percentage that is but it’s not too good. They tried out and they had that special little thing and if anyone watched the debut last Friday night at 9’ o’clock on AXS {and/or} you watch this Friday night at 9 o’clock, you will see a phenom. Andre the Giant was a phenom. Chyna was a phenom. We have a phenom. We’ve got The Beast and she’s a phenom. During the tryouts, and I saw her tearing up. She said she watched GLOW as a little girl and wanted to become a wrestler from watching that. The nicest messages I’ve been getting from wrestling fans are from parents saying that they watched with their daughters and it’s just so special to me.

WOW Women of Wrestling’s David McLane Talks About Working with the Right Kind of Talent and How He Creates Characters

My background is character driven, I have a few {characters} and I have three that I have been trying to fill for twenty-something years and I can’t say their names because I want to find the right person. When I walk in and I think ‘we’re going to have this character and that character’ some have never come to fruition, some you find the exact right person; there is training for four or five weeks and they blow up. Some get all the way and get on television for one event and then they’re not good in the locker room, they’re a cancer so we have to get rid of them, some don’t show up to work on time, some don’t do what their supposed to do. If there not professional they have to go. So, I grab the person’s persona listen to their background story and come up with a name. Jungle Grrrl’s (Girl) parents were from the Amazon, they were from Colombia. Then she came into the ring and leaped off the third rope like Jimmy Snuka and I just hit the mat and I said ‘that’s Jungle Grrrl!’

WOW Women of Wrestling’s David McLane Talks About The First Time He Met Tessa Blanchard

Selina Majors kept telling me ‘You have to hire this Tessa Blanchard. You have to hire her.’ And I said, ‘I’m not going to hire somebody because their last name is famous. I said forget it. I was at a local event here in LA, I was backstage and literally she picked up something, she had just finished wrestling, she was gonna eat and our elbows hit. Just like that… I said ‘what are you gonna do?’ and she says ‘ I’m gonna grab a bite to eat now I am done for night’ And I said, ‘want company?’ she said ‘ sure sit with me.’ And we sat, and she had just signed her IMPACT deal at the time. After we spoke, I walked away and I told Bambi {Selina Majors} ‘ she will be in WOW Women of Wrestling’. She’s a great person and she’s professional and has the same vision for Women’s Wrestling.

WOW Women of Wrestling’s David McLane On Why He Is A Firm Believer in Characters and Authenticity

I am a firm believer in the characters. Let’s say Undertaker, who would he be without Undertaker? People just love the Undertaker. You look at The Rock, he grew into the Rock you look at Stone Cold he grew into that. Some may even say Triple H grew into that. Cause many of them started at Jarret’s down at Jarret’s territory wrestling so they found themselves and became those superstars due to authenticity, yourself {direct to Sean}, your authenticity is what made you into a superstar.

WOW Women of Wrestling’s David McLane Talks About How the GLOW Documentary Led To WOW

Without Mt. Fiji, the documentary may not have resonated that well. Angela aka Little Egypt was able to reconnect all of the women from GLOW to see Mt. Fiji because she was in poor health. That reunion really made the documentary. The documentary then made it to Netflix. The two women who helped produce GLOW were inspired after watching it and went to Jenji Kohan. The documentary comes out, and that I credit with being the main ingredient to put WOW on it’s platform with AXS TV every Friday night at 9pm in primetime.

Get it all on this week’s brand new episode of Westwood One’s X-Pac 12360. Two words for you…DOWNLOAD IT!

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DeMarco’s WWE Smackdown YouTube Viewership Report (5/21/19)

R-Truth and the WWE 24/7 Championship on Smackdown delivers nearly 3 million YouTube total views.



WWE Smackdown YouTube Roman Reigns Shane McMahon

Greg DeMarco’s look at the WWE Smackdown YouTube viewership for the May 21st broadcast!

As we all know, social media and other outlets have become a huge means of drawing in interaction and viewers for WWE. Most people will point to television ratings like they did during the Monday Night Wars in the late 1990’s, however that can be skewed with so many various means of watching today that do not include cable television. As such, YouTube has joined social media as a metric as important to WWE as television ratings (if not more). The weekly WWE Smackdown YouTube Performance Report is a look into that success metric.

As you’ve become accustomed to, here is this week’s WWE Smackdown YouTube Performance Report, compiled overnight Thursday (about 36 hours after Smackdown went off the air), for the 5/21/19 edition of WWE Smackdown:

  • Roman Reigns vs. Elias – 1.539 million views
  • R-Truth chased by Smackdown roster members – 1.311 million views
  • Dolph Ziggler attacks Kofi Kingston – 818k views
  • Carmella vs. Mandy Rose – 801k views
  • Becky Lynch & Bayley vs. Lacey Evans & Charlotte Flair – 616k views
  • Big E returns – 508k views
  • Dolph Ziggler explains attack on Kofi Kingston – 498k views
  • R-Truth asks Carmella for help – 421k views
  • Carmella creates R-Truth’s disguise – 366k views
  • Promo video for Triple H vs. Randy Orton – 365k views
  • Ali vs. Andrade – 227k views
  • Kayla Braxton interviews Bayley – 96k views
  • Elisa and Shane McMahon backstage promo – 81k views

Ratings analysis appears after the ad – buy a shirt!

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Greg DeMarco’s WWE Smackdown YouTube Ratings Analysis

Numerical analysis!

  • 5/21 edition of Smackdown: 7.647 million total views across 13 videos
  • 5/14 edition of Smackdown: 4.226 million total views across 10 videos
    • +3.421 million views, 80% increase for this week over last week
  • 5/21 Top 5: 5.085 million views
  • 5/14 Top 5: 3.614 million views
    • +1.471 million views, 40% increase over last week
  • 5/21 average: 588k views
  • 5/14 average: 422k views
    • +166k views per video, 39% decrease over last week

The overall views are WAY UP over last week’s Smackdown, but WWE produced 3 more videos. However, the average per video was way up, 166k per video. So you can’t attribute the overall view count to the fact that more videos came out. You can attribute it to more people watching the videos–and that’s the goal! Smackdown also improved in the TV ratings this week, so it’s all positive all around for the blue brand.

Roman Reigns leads the way, but Elias has the odd distinction of being in the first place AND the last place videos this week. The WWE 24/7 Championship delivered once again, coming in at #2 and driving nearly 2.9 million total views across 4 videos. The title may be ugly, but the results aren’t. Dolph Ziggler’s return was enough to garner a 3rd place spot this week, and his two videos combined to hit over 1.3 million views. Big E’s return finished outside the Top 5, which surprised me.

Strong showing for the women’s division as Carmella and Mandy Rose finished #4, and Becky Lynch & Bayley vs. Laecy Evans & Charlotte Flair finished #5. Thanks to the 24/7 Championship, Carmella appeared in 4 different videos with R-Truth this week.

Sad stat of the week: Ali vs. Andrade only drew 227k views, more than 100k less than the promo package for Randy Orton vs. Triple H at Super ShowDown (365k views). For a comparison, the video of the match Ali shared on Twitter did 102k views at the time of this writing:

My favorite video…Ali vs. Andrade! Both men delivered in a great way.

What did the YouTube results for this week tell you?

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Greg DeMarco’s WWE Smackdown Rating Analysis (5/21/19): #2 For Cable

Did Smackdown retain it’s footing in the ratings this week? (Spoiler: it did.)



WWE Smackdown Rating

Greg DeMarco chimes in with your May 21WWE Smackdown rating. What does it really tell us? Greg tells you!

We now have your May 21 edition of WWE Smackdown rating, and it’s good news for the show! Let’s start with the breakdown:

  • 1.983 million viewers
  • .61 rating in the all important 18-49 demographic
  • ranked #2 among all cable shows for the night

Here are last week’s results:

  • 1.87 million viewers
  • .56 rating in the all important 18-49 demographic
  • ranked #6 among all cable shows for the night

(Available via ShowbuzzDaily)

But what does the WWE Smackdown Rating really mean, Greg?

After sitting outside the Top 5 for two weeks, Smackdown made a triumphant return coming at #2 for the night, narrowly losing out to the NHL Conference Finals (won by the St. Louis Blues and apparently Patrick O’Dowd). Interesting of note is that Smackdown outdrew the NHL in terms of overall viewership (hockey drew 1.807 million viewers), but fell just short in the share (Smackdown’s .61 versus hockey’s .62). Once again, the only thing that tends to knock WWE out of the top spots is live sports (and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 8).

This is good news for Smackdown and WWE in general, as Money In The Bank and the return of Brock Lesnar did in fact garner more eyeballs. Add in the WWE 24/7 Championship, which I am inclined to believe had at least a short term impact based on the fact that R-Truth and Robert Roode came in #1 in the 36 hour YouTube views for Raw, and things being thrown at walls are sticking right now. Let’s hope it continues! Also of note, Miz & Mrs came in at #5 with 1.037 million viewers and a .37 rating, strong for the show. Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and The Last OG came in #3 adn #4, respectively.

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