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Scott Steiner Is My Role Model



Scott Steiner Impact Wrestling

Everyone needs a role model, and Steve Cook rediscovered his when Scott Steiner returned to IMPACT Wrestling with Scarlett Bordeaux!

I generally don’t recommend looking to the world of professional wrestling for role models.

See, a lot of these guys want you to think they’re really great citizens that your kids should idolize. Hulk Hogan peddled that nonsense for years. He told us to say our prayers, take our vitamins & train hard, then what did he do? Sell out & join the New World Order, that’s what! Turns out he’s a racist too, so the Hulkster isn’t somebody people should want to be like.

There are too many other wrestlers we’ve been inspired by over the years that came up short to name here. Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect. No matter who your favorite wrestler is, there’s a perfectly good reason not to idolize them. Even the legendary good guy John Cena can’t have a committed relationship.

I can only think of one exception to the rule: The Big Bad Booty Daddy.

I know what a lot of you are thinking. Why should we idolize Scott Steiner? The answers are perfectly obvious to me, but at certain points over the years I’ve come across people that don’t accept Big Poppa Pump as their hookup & won’t holler if they hear him. People. Aren’t they weird?

Why do I think you should look up to Scott Steiner? It all comes down to two words…

Self Confidence.

On the surface, most wrestlers exhibit a ton of belief in their abilities. When you look deeper, you see that the big words coming from these athletes are usually over-compensation for the doubts they feel inside. It’s self visualization. If they repeat something enough times, eventually they believe it. At least, that’s the idea.

Does anybody in wrestling exhibit more self confidence than Scott Steiner? If so, I haven’t seen them. I’ve never seen Steiner show any type of insecurity. He might not be the most lucid speaker of all time, but you can tell he believes every word he says.

The reason “Steiner Math” is still a meme isn’t because of the content of the speech, even if it is hilarious. Nobody else could have delivered the verbiage with the same type of conviction Scott Steiner did.

It isn’t just speaking where Steiner shows his self confidence. The man is fearless. He started doing Frankensteiners back when only little guys did them. Big guys were afraid they’d land on their head…Scott didn’t care about that. He kept doing them even after his physique changed.

How about that physique, by the way? Many have criticized Steiner for decades for getting jacked up on the juice, but I feel they’re being unfair. Scott should be credited for going all the way & making his body as pumped up as possible. Part of that’s being a genetic freak, but a large part of it is dedication. If we dedicate as much effort to anything as Scott Steiner did to inflating his body, we’ll be tremendously successful at whatever we do.

One weird thing about Steiner’s career: His best times were outside WWE. His WWF stint with Rick was lackluster compared to their runs in NWA/WCW & New Japan. His WWE singles stint was a shell of his run in WCW, and Steiner was much more entertaining in TNA.

Unlike many of his fellow wrestlers that got squandered in WWE yet still kiss the company’s ass in exchange for a Legends contract or a Hall of Fame spot or whatever, Steiner is happy living his life & calling things the way he sees them. He runs a business and shows up in Impact occasionally.

With the exception of when Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff were running things, Impact has treated him well. Steiner appreciates that, and having the freedom to express himself in a manner consistent with the Big Poppa Pump character.

And what better way for Impact to show their appreciation to Scott than booking him the way they did last Friday night?

How can you not idolize a 56-year old man that gets lap dances from Scarlett Bordeaux? Scott Steiner is living the best life. We should all hope to follow in his footsteps.

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