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The Good, Bad and Ugly WWE NXT (01/30/2019)

Did you think NXT was Good, Bad or Ugly?



Do we see an odd clip show, or get more of the solid NXT action we expect? Bobby gives us the good, bad and ugly.

NXT Takeover was tremendous.  The War Raiders, in my opinion stole the show.  They are a fantastic Tag Team and that match was insane.  Now we are back to weekly television, which isn’t a Bad thing.  This week’s show is following a very strong showing from Raw and SmackDown.  Honestly, NXT will most likely deliver and then some.  How Good can it get?  Is there a chance for failure? 


Io Shirai and Kairi Sane vs. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir

Shirai and Sane are just incredible.  If you don’t like them, that is your own personal issue.  You cannot be helped.  Duke and Shafir, who knows they certainly have a lot of work to do.  Shirai simply flew around the ring flawlessly.  Kairi Sane is also a Superstar and insanely impressive.  Jessamyn Duke has a great look and pressence but her ring abilities are far from polished.  That is okay though, they are naturals.  Shafir seems a little more comfortable and further along than her partner.  Kairi Sane came in on the hot tag after Shirai was getting pummeled, and took over.  Sane destroyed her opponents with a Grand Finale being her perfect “elbow drop” on Marina Shafir for the win. 

Street Profits vs. Forgotten Sons (Cutler and Blake)

Although there was decent hype, the Street Profits haven’t blown anyone away yet.  Forgotten Sons even less.  However it’s a new week. Montez Ford of the Street Profits seems has a ton of skill and potential, in fact both teams worked hard the entire match this week.  There were a lot of high spots, and impressive physicality.  Honestly this seemed like a PPV level of energy, as if still on a high from NXT.  There is hunger here.  It is known that NXT is hunting ground for limitless talent, and even the lower echelon of talent still has it in abundance.  There were a lot of surprises here but the biggest is The Forgotten Sons getting a victory on a hyped, highly publicized team like Street Profits.  Impressive win for The Forgotten Sons. 


Way too much Takeover Footage.  Honestly the NXT Audience saw it all and loved it.  It’s new content the masses want.  Too Bad but still, Takeover was amazing.  NXT cannot lose steam right now though, with the new trend of talent looking for work elsewhere. 



BAD and UGLY- 1

Overall- Honestly the new content was Good, the matches were entertaining, just not enough.  It was a Good show though.  I hope this isn’t going to be a trend.  The more NXT the better, the recaps and highlights can go.  The talent is to deep and the potential is too high to waste. 

So far WWE is having a mixed week.  On our side, the action has been Good and the story continues.  Inside however WWE gets news that another Superstar is leaving or wants to leave.  It is becoming a harsh reality that nothing is forever.  WWE is still the biggest game in town, and they will not go quietly.  If the feud with AEW gets intense when AEW finally puts out some content, WWE will answer with power and might.  The McMahons have a fortified castle and will do anything they have to, to protect the crown.  Either way, again it is the audience that wins here.  Pro Wrestling is alive and well, and is looking strong into the future.  Please like, share, and comment. 

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Revealing The Asian Pacific Independent Promotions: Part 2

Shawn is back with a deeper look at the Asian Pacific Independents!



Singapore Pro Wrestling Asian Pacific

Shawn is back with a deeper look at the Asian Pacific Independents!

I covered the major promotions in part 1 of this series.  It is easy to see the contributions each made to create the current atmosphere. Those contributions to establish Asian wrestling would not have succeeded without the support of the following promotions.

Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Thailand

GMPW was established in 2012 by Legendary Japanese women’s wrestler Emi Sakura (2009 NWA Women’s Pacific Champion).  If Ho Ho Lun represents the father of modern professional wrestling in Asia, than Emi Sakura has earned the legacy of mother.  Emi’s footprint can be found not only in Thailand, but also Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

  • First, her connections with previous Japanese promotions Ice Ribbon, Ryukyu Dragon, DDT Pro Wrestling, and All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) provide much needed talent into Asia.  
  • Secondly, Emi tours throughout Asia providing in ring experience to much younger talent.
  • She took on the role of mentor to several women’s wrestlers as they became trainers for their respective promotions.  
  • Emi is still in her prime as a wrestler and continues to tour internationally.

Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MYPW) Malaysia

Originally created as a fan club, transformed into a wrestling club after the WWE/WCW wars ended. In 2014, MYPW was established by Mr. Ayez Shaukat Fonseka.. Without an actual trainer, Mr. Fonseka traveled to the United States and studied under Rick Drasin (product of Mae Young) and Dr. Tom Prichard.  Prichard became a mentor to Shaukat and has helped in the early stages of the company. I recently interviewed MYPW and more details will be provided once the article is published. Fans interested in viewing matches can go to YouTube.

Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) Singapore

SPW is the oldest promotion in Southeast Asia.  Established in 2012 by a marketing agent Andruew Tang.  His partner Vadim Koryagin (Pro Wrestler).  Vadim Koryagin established the first professional wrestling promotion in Russia and is credited with training over 300 wrestlers.  Koryagin and Tang met during a town hall meeting to determine the value of expanding into Singapore. SPW was the first to go through the growing pains of exposing local fans to live events.  The promotion struggled until 2016 as shows began growing in attendance. Today the promotion has several hundreds in attendance on a regular basis and attracts popular wrestlers from around the world.  Local talent is also shared with the other promotions in this article. Tang and Koryagin also one of a few promotions in the region pushing women’s wrestling. Fans interested can find some matches on YouTube.

Pacific Region Powers New Zealand

Much like Japan and Australia, the promotions in New Zealand play a unique role in Asia.  Close enough to southeast Asia, these promotions offer European and American style experiences that Japan fails to provide.  IPW and SPW both host frequent international wrestlers from all over Europe and the United States, therefore providing vast exposure to new wrestling styles, matches, and audience participation.  New Zealand promotions provide larger talent which many Asian promotions rarely encounter. New styles of matches like hardcore, tables and ladders, 2 out of 3 fall, and gauntlet matches take place frequently exposing Asian wrestlers to expand their experience levels.  IPW and SPW enjoy the benefit of large numbers of independent wrestlers passing through on tour, providing booking opportunities for local fans. New Zealand is the introduction locale for such talents before they enter the unique wrestling scene in Asia.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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SANADA, From Breakout Performance To Breakout Year ?

Valentin brings us some thoughts of the up and coming SANADA. If you haven’t watched the match between Minoru Suzuki and SANADA, go back and do that.



SANADA applying Skull End on Minoru Suzuki

Valentin brings us some thoughts of the up and coming SANADA. If you haven’t watched the match between Minoru Suzuki and SANADA, go back and do that.

You know, tournaments are always full of surprises. From upsets you never saw coming, to matches you never thought would be as good as they are. Sometimes, as the matches happen, you see some things develop which you were not expecting.

Today, I will take a look at one of these things, as March 17th saw SANADA had one of his best, and possibly most important matches in his New Japan career.

This year’s New Japan Cup has been filled with interesting turn of events and some participants, already eliminated or not, can be considered breakout stars of this tournament so far. One of them is Los Ingobernables de Japon member SANADA, who has now defeated both Hirooki Goto and Minoru Suzuki, to advance in the tournament. The first thing to note is that out of the three L.I.J members originally participating, SANADA is the only one left, and even considering who eliminated Naito and EVIL in the first round, this is quite impressive.

The biggest feat so far for SANADA, of course is his performance against Suzuki. Not only did he win, but as you possibly know, not all wins weight the same, and we are talking about a big win here. After losing to Suzuki in Sapporo, this match was SANADA’s chance to redeem himself. The match itself being built to focus on SANADA’s ability to out wrestle his opponent and endure some unbearable amount of pain. Suzuki being a master at inflicting pain, you knew this was the perfect match-up to build SANADA up. From some of the usual vicious attacks to Suzuki to an intense battle of submissions full of reversals, SANADA landed Keiji Mutoh’s trademark moonsault for the win, as he received possibly the biggest crowd support he has ever gotten, even by Koruaken Hall standards. Speaking of crowd reaction, rewatch the submission sequences and listen to the crowd chanting for SANADA. Only the top performers in New Japan will get this type of response, and, as well as winning the match and in which fashion, this is the last ingredient for a star making performance.

Of course, having such a performance under your belt isn’t enough. With New Japan’s landscape being filled with opportunities for guys to shine, things cannot just stop there. As SANADA will have to face Colt Cabana, and possibly the winner of Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Zack Sabre Jr in the semifinals, what can we expect from the Cold Skull now ?

Outside of eventually finishing as New Japan Cup’s breakout star alongside Will Ospreay, SANADA can be in for a big year, as a singles wrestler. Let’s take a quick look at L.I.J.

So far, only Tetsuya Naito has had true singles success as a heavyweight, and both EVIL and SANADA have yet to really get a grasp of it, outside of good performances in previous G1 Climax tournaments, and a quick NEVER Openweight championship run for EVIL. There is a spot to fill as the second top heavyweight behind Naito, and while Shingo Takagi adds even more complexity to the mix, as of now, why can’t SANADA reach that level ? He certainly keeps proving he has the ability, so all is needed now for him to reach it, is to keep scoring big wins. Making it to the New Japan Cup semifinals would be a big deal, but after the Suzuki match, capping things off by going to the tournament’s finals would be a huge step. Even bigger if SANADA eliminates last year’s winner in ZSJ, which he is currently tied with in singles matches. However, defeating Tanahashi would be as big of an accomplishment.

The last subject to tackle is what is next after the New Japan Cup. Ultimately, who knows, but with SANADA looking like he will be one of the wrestlers to come out of the tournament very strong, expect more singles matches outside of the G1, and possibly a championship match before that. Speaking of the G1 and championship matches, do not be shocked if SANADA ends up being a trump card in the tournament, and maybe even more. SANADA has always scored 8 points in his three participations, and while EVIL has been the one to stand out the most in the tournament the last few years, SANADA has been consistent and has managed to grab big wins, like against Tanahashi in 2016, or Ibushi and Sabre last year. With the possibility of seeing SANADA on the rise, do not be surprised if he ends up pinning one of the champions in the same block as him, and expect him to reach at least 10 points for the first time, meaning he would rank quite high in the block he is in. He could even finish the year with his first singles championship win.

Whatever happens, let me say that 2019 might be SANADA’s breakout year in New Japan, and you should look forward to it.

In times where New Japan needs to build up more wrestlers as threats for the diverse championships, SANADA seems to benefit the most from this year’s New Japan Cup, as an opportunity to climb up the ranks. Now tell me, what are your expectations concerning the man we will ultimately have to stop referring as Keiji Mutoh’s student ?

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