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The Streak Part 2: Gaining Momentum – 1993-95



The Undertaker The Streak WWE

Tiffany MC takes a look at the most legendary ride in wrestling history, The Streak! The Undertaker dominated WrestleMania for three decades, and he may not be done.

The years of 1993-95 were years of change for Taker and WWF. The wrestling world was going through a generational change from the stars of the 80s to the edgier 90s. During these years, Undertaker moved from being a spooky, unstoppable heel, to being a spooky, unstoppable babyface, though he was beginning to face opponents that were of comparable size to him. Moreover, though the Streak wasn’t a big deal, Taker was emerging as a top tier character in the early days of the New Generation.

WrestleMania IX: Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, Giant Gonzalez 

The Undertaker The Streak

The Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez: WrestleMania VIII

This match is largely regarded as one of the worst matches in the Streak. Jorge ‘Giant’ Gonzalez was not a wrestler, he was a 7’7″ basketball player from Argentina that had been trained at the WCW PowerPlant after his stint with the Atlanta Hawks ended due to injury and Ted Turner (who owned just about every sports franchise in Atlanta, including WCW) wanted to get his money’s worth. After being released by WCW, he was brought to WWF by Harvey Whippleman, who wanted to get back at Undertaker for ‘ruining’ the Ugandan Giant, Kamala in the first ever casket match, even though Whippleman had agreed to the match over Kamala’s obvious terror at the prospect. So, Gonazlez made his debut at the Royal Rumble by costing the Undertaker (who was the odds-on favorite) his chance to win the Royal Rumble. Needless to say, the Deadman was not happy about this and so, here we are.

Gonzalez and his slimy manager come out to an audible round of boos (WrestleMania IX was outdoors, to give you an idea of how loud they must’ve been booing). Gonzalez looks bizarre in a two-piece bodysuit that is airbrushed to make it look like he has muscles and fake hair strategically placed to cover some things up. It looked absolutely ridiculous, but having seen him in his WCW days, I can see why they did it. Gonzalez was very thin, and the suit at least gave him some perceived bulk,

Undertaker comes out to a loud round of cheers (again they were outdoors) on a Roman funeral chariot, pulled by attendants, complete with a vulture.

This match was not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. Gonzalez’s height really limited his ability to move quickly and his lack of ring skill really hurt this match. That said, he and Taker really tried to put on a good match, but there was no way of hiding how bad Gonzalez was. I can’t bring myself to say it’s the worst match in the Streak because it was clear that both men really tried.

Taker gets the win by DQ after Gonzalez blatantly uses ‘chloroform’ on him, the only match in the Streak to not be by pinfall, submission, or being stuffed in a casket. I think this is why people didn’t realize, other than the fact that it was never mentioned outside of WrestleMania, that Taker had NEVER been beaten at WrestleMania when Randy Orton mentioned it. If you see highlights of this match, you will see Taker being taken away on a stretcher and then coming back and would assume that Gonzalez had beaten Taker so badly, he needed medical attention, either making the match a No Contest or a Gonzalez victory.

Highlight: Taker’s entrance. The crowd reaction when Taker comes back and attacks Gonzalez.

Rating: 3/10 – This match wasn’t great, but it wasn’t from a lack of effort.

WrestleMania XI: King Kong Bundy Tries to Repo the Reaper.

The Undertaker The Streak

The Undertaker vs. King Kong Bundy: WrestleMania XI

I have to say that this was one of the stupider feuds Taker had going into WrestleMania. King Kong Bundy, whose last WrestleMania match consisted of elbow-dropping a little person dressed like a Native American (yes, seriously) had returned as part of Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Corporation. At the 1995 Royal Rumble, Ted DiBiase was so incensed that IRS was beaten that he sent the Million Dollar Corporation to beat up Taker, and Bundy stole the sacred urn, seemingly controlling the source of Undertaker’s power.

Bundy and DiBiase come out first to a round of boos. DiBiase’s got the urn but everyone looks nervous, maybe the urn is the WWE version of a Horcrux.

Undertaker and Paul come out, looking grim and ghastly, as always, even without the urn. As they get into the ring, DiBiase drops the urn, which Vince McMahon immediately explains away as him being overwhelmed by the presence of the Undertaker and the power of the urn. (Commenter: Nice save, Vince). This match also marks the first time Undertaker being undefeated at WrestleMania was mentioned.

This match was, in my opinion, one of the worst of the Streak. Bundy was a great monster heel in the 80s, but it had been almost ten years since his WWF heyday and his slowness compared with Taker’s agility and quickness just made for a very awkward match up.

During the match, Taker managed to get the urn away from DiBiase and gives it back to Bearer, to the joy of the crowd, but DiBiase calls in Kama Mustafa, the Supreme Fighting Machine, who punches Bearer and takes the urn back. When confronted by Jim Ross over this, Kama declared that the urn was his and he was going to melt it down into jewelry.

Back to the match, Bundy slams Taker and goes for a clothesline that is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. It looks like he barely tapped Undertaker with that clothesline, but Taker sold. Bundy looks winded and out of his depth.Will say that some of the fans were cheering Bundy, though whether it was because they didn’t like Taker or were doing it out of nostalgia is a mystery.

Bundy has a headlock on Taker and Larry Young(a MLB ump moonlighting in WWF due to the baseball strike) starts checking the arm, but the Deadman won’t stay down for long. Bundy goes for his signature Avalanche but Taker doesn’t fold like SD Jones did ten years before at the first WrestleMania, he comes back and BODYSLAMS Bundy, which isn’t as unheard of as getting up from two Jake Roberts’ DDTs, but it VERY rarely happened, even in 1995. A Leaping clothesline sealed the deal and Bundy rested in peace. The Creatures of the Night celebrate, but Undertaker still doesn’t have his urn.

Highlight: DiBiase dropping the urn and Vince McMahon covering for him.

Rating:  3/10. This was just bleh from start to finish.

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SANADA, From Breakout Performance To Breakout Year ?

Valentin brings us some thoughts of the up and coming SANADA. If you haven’t watched the match between Minoru Suzuki and SANADA, go back and do that.



SANADA applying Skull End on Minoru Suzuki

Valentin brings us some thoughts of the up and coming SANADA. If you haven’t watched the match between Minoru Suzuki and SANADA, go back and do that.

You know, tournaments are always full of surprises. From upsets you never saw coming, to matches you never thought would be as good as they are. Sometimes, as the matches happen, you see some things develop which you were not expecting.

Today, I will take a look at one of these things, as March 17th saw SANADA had one of his best, and possibly most important matches in his New Japan career.

This year’s New Japan Cup has been filled with interesting turn of events and some participants, already eliminated or not, can be considered breakout stars of this tournament so far. One of them is Los Ingobernables de Japon member SANADA, who has now defeated both Hirooki Goto and Minoru Suzuki, to advance in the tournament. The first thing to note is that out of the three L.I.J members originally participating, SANADA is the only one left, and even considering who eliminated Naito and EVIL in the first round, this is quite impressive.

The biggest feat so far for SANADA, of course is his performance against Suzuki. Not only did he win, but as you possibly know, not all wins weight the same, and we are talking about a big win here. After losing to Suzuki in Sapporo, this match was SANADA’s chance to redeem himself. The match itself being built to focus on SANADA’s ability to out wrestle his opponent and endure some unbearable amount of pain. Suzuki being a master at inflicting pain, you knew this was the perfect match-up to build SANADA up. From some of the usual vicious attacks to Suzuki to an intense battle of submissions full of reversals, SANADA landed Keiji Mutoh’s trademark moonsault for the win, as he received possibly the biggest crowd support he has ever gotten, even by Koruaken Hall standards. Speaking of crowd reaction, rewatch the submission sequences and listen to the crowd chanting for SANADA. Only the top performers in New Japan will get this type of response, and, as well as winning the match and in which fashion, this is the last ingredient for a star making performance.

Of course, having such a performance under your belt isn’t enough. With New Japan’s landscape being filled with opportunities for guys to shine, things cannot just stop there. As SANADA will have to face Colt Cabana, and possibly the winner of Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Zack Sabre Jr in the semifinals, what can we expect from the Cold Skull now ?

Outside of eventually finishing as New Japan Cup’s breakout star alongside Will Ospreay, SANADA can be in for a big year, as a singles wrestler. Let’s take a quick look at L.I.J.

So far, only Tetsuya Naito has had true singles success as a heavyweight, and both EVIL and SANADA have yet to really get a grasp of it, outside of good performances in previous G1 Climax tournaments, and a quick NEVER Openweight championship run for EVIL. There is a spot to fill as the second top heavyweight behind Naito, and while Shingo Takagi adds even more complexity to the mix, as of now, why can’t SANADA reach that level ? He certainly keeps proving he has the ability, so all is needed now for him to reach it, is to keep scoring big wins. Making it to the New Japan Cup semifinals would be a big deal, but after the Suzuki match, capping things off by going to the tournament’s finals would be a huge step. Even bigger if SANADA eliminates last year’s winner in ZSJ, which he is currently tied with in singles matches. However, defeating Tanahashi would be as big of an accomplishment.

The last subject to tackle is what is next after the New Japan Cup. Ultimately, who knows, but with SANADA looking like he will be one of the wrestlers to come out of the tournament very strong, expect more singles matches outside of the G1, and possibly a championship match before that. Speaking of the G1 and championship matches, do not be shocked if SANADA ends up being a trump card in the tournament, and maybe even more. SANADA has always scored 8 points in his three participations, and while EVIL has been the one to stand out the most in the tournament the last few years, SANADA has been consistent and has managed to grab big wins, like against Tanahashi in 2016, or Ibushi and Sabre last year. With the possibility of seeing SANADA on the rise, do not be surprised if he ends up pinning one of the champions in the same block as him, and expect him to reach at least 10 points for the first time, meaning he would rank quite high in the block he is in. He could even finish the year with his first singles championship win.

Whatever happens, let me say that 2019 might be SANADA’s breakout year in New Japan, and you should look forward to it.

In times where New Japan needs to build up more wrestlers as threats for the diverse championships, SANADA seems to benefit the most from this year’s New Japan Cup, as an opportunity to climb up the ranks. Now tell me, what are your expectations concerning the man we will ultimately have to stop referring as Keiji Mutoh’s student ?

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Carol: Why Brock Lesnar Will Win At WWE Wrestlemania

What if Brock wins?



WWE WrestleMania Brock Lesnar Seth Rollins

Will Seth Rollins slay the beast at WWE WrestleMania, or will Brock Lesnar walk out the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Universal Champion? Carol thinks the latter.

WrestleMania is less than three weeks away and while everyone’s attention is on Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair, there’s one title match that has slipped everyone’s mind. The Universal Championship match between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar is a high-profile fight that hasn’t received that much attention. The reason is due to Lesnar’s part-time schedule. Since the Royal Rumble, Lesnar has only appeared on RAW twice and that was to attack Rollins.

Rollins has done everything he can to get fans invested in the feud. He’s delivered heartfelt promos while also doing verbal spats with Paul Heyman about why Lesnar doesn’t deserve the championship. Heading into WrestleMania, Rollins is heavily favored to win and end Lesnar’s reign as champion. Fans have become frustrated with Lesnar being a part-time champion and will be cheering when he loses. However, WWE fans shouldn’t start celebrating just yet.

History Repeats Itself?

WWE is well-known to do stupid stuff and come WrestleMania, I have a feeling they’ll have Brock retain. There are a couple of reasons behind my theory. The first one has to do with the uncertainty of Brock’s future with WWE. Every year around this time, there’s reports questioning Brock’s career plans. Just as fans get excited about the prospect of Brock leaving for UFC, he inks a new deal to stay with WWE. This year, I don’t see things changing when it comes to Lesnar’s status with the company. Brock is one of Vince’s top guys and with new competition popping up; Mr. McMahon is going to do everything to keep his wrestlers from leaving. Brock’s incentives could include more money and a longer reign as Universal Champion.

Health Issues For Rollins

The other reason for Lesnar going over at WrestleMania is Seth’s health. Rollins has been having issues with his back, which has kept him off of house shows. Recently, he wrestled on RAW and showed that he was still in top form heading into WrestleMania. However, Seth’s back issues could be a concern for WWE officials, and that may very well play into their plan of whether Rollins wins the Universal Championship.

The Big Dog Is Back

The last reason to be concerned about the match has to do with the return of Seth’s Shield brother Roman Reigns. Prior to announcing his battle with leukemia, Reigns was the Universal Champion and was feuding with Brock. With Reigns now healthy and has returned to wrestling, Vince may decide to resume the Roman vs Brock feud, with Reigns conquering the beast and reclaiming the championship. If any of these scenarios were to happen, it would be unfair to Seth.

Rollins has had a phenomenal year and there’d be no better way to cap it off by having him win the Universal Championship at WrestleMania. But given how notorious WWE is for swerving fans, it wouldn’t be surprising if we had another outcome like last year’s WrestleMania. My advice to WWE fans is to prepare for the worst when it comes to WrestleMania, because odds are that Brock Lesnar’s reign as Universal Champion will continue.

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