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Watch The All Elite Wrestling Double Or Nothing Rally, Live Recap



Check out the All Elite Wrestling rally!


  • The proceeding kickoff with pyro as Conrad Thompson and Alex Marvez come to the podium hyping the crowd and introduce new AEW signings SoCal Uncensored
  • Scorpio Sky, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian plug their new shirt and discussed their big 2018, saying the only way to follow that up was by hopping on wrestling’s newest and hottest brand, then toss out shirts to the crowd with the Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders
  • Conrad & Alex bring out Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes next and he talks about how All In started a fire that they need to keep going, which brings them to today and how they look to change the world
  • Cody says AEW will change the wrestling economy and will pay performers what they deserve. He also talks about how wins and losses will matter like never before in AEW
  • Cody then brings out Co-Executive Vice Presidents The Young Bucks next. Matt talks about the goal of All In and how the event morphed their own goals, leading to them being approached by The Khan Family
  • Matt says that AEW will welcome all talent no matter their race, sex or religion as long as you have elite talent, which leads to their next announcement that they have arranged to work with Oriental Wrestling Entertainment
  • Matt wants to make another announcement, Cody and Nick debate who gets to reveal it before Nick finally proclaims Double Or Nothing will take place May 25th in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena
  • Conrad & Alex come back to the podium to bring out Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes, who talks about her new position and the responsibility it brings, but she’s committed in bringing AEW to where they want
  • Brandi talks about the number one question she keeps getting being about a Women’s Division, announcing that there will be one in AEW, but it will be a strong one. Brandi reveals she’s been speaking with talent around the world, most recently in Japan and there will be more info to come. She then announces there will be equal pay for the women with no sliding scale
  • Brandi continues and announces they have found one female talent right here in the USA, bringing out Dr. Britt Baker. Britt thanks The Khans, The Young Bucks, Cody and Brandi, then talks about being one of the first athletes AEW signed, showing the company values all talents
  • Conrad returns to the podium and gets interrupted by MJF who belittles Conrad and sends him away. He then introduces himself to the crowd and talks about getting the call to be here today making him happy until he learned it was in Jacksonville
  • MJF talks about AEW not being able to call itself “Elite” without a fresh, young talent such as himself. The Jaguars mascot walks onto the stage and MJF tries telling him to leave, but Joey Janela cracks him from behind with a crutch
  • Penelope Ford joins Joey Janela on the stage and ‘Bad Boy’ announces that in 2019 they will be “All Elite”
  • Conrad & Alex are back and they tout how many people are currently watching before bringing ‘Hangman’ Adam Page to the stage
  • Page talks about realizing today was his first day on the job and it was his favorite first day on the job because the fans are his boss. He says he will work harder than ever before to make AEW a success because the fans deserve it. He then talks about how working with Cody and The Young Bucks has made him hungry, stating that he plans to be the first AEW Champion in 2019
  • PAC makes his way out and goes face-to-face with Hangman, says he’s got bad news for Page because he’s already a champion and he’s here in AEW, then PAC takes his leave
  • Conrad & Alex are back again and Conrad teases another surprise before bringing Cody and The Young Bucks back up with the Jaguars Cheerleaders once again
  • Cody says they had to come up with another announcement because Nick scooped them earlier, then reveals their second show will be in Jacksonville and a large portion of the gate will go to victims of gun violence
  • Cody then says that was his last announcement and Conrad returns to close things out, but Chris Jericho makes his way to the stage
  • Jericho states that he is “all in with All Elite Wrestling” and that he’s not here for the money because he believes in something different. He then says he will be at Double Or Nothing and he’s not here to just change the world, but the universe

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