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CMLL Review & Results (2/11/2019)

Catch up on all of this past week’s CMLL action!



CMLL Coverage

Joe Dinan brings you all the excitement of CMLL in his latest Results & Review!

Arena Puebla

Sonic, Astro, and Millenium vs Guerrero Especial and Los Gemlos Pantera I and II

Especial and Sonic start the match out with some grappling. Astro comes in with Pantera 1 and they start grappling on the ground. Astro hits an arm drag on him to the outside then poses. Millenium comes in with Pantera 2 and they trade submissions. Sonic comes back in with Guerrero and they work fast. Sonic gets Guerrero in a submission and Astro and Millenium drop kick the two Pantera’s for the fall. First Fall: Sonic submits Guerrero with a stretch submission.

Astro starts the round and hits a 619 on one of the Pantera’s. Poor guys have unoriginal names and look the same. Millenium comes in with Guerrero and hits an arm drag to the outside. Sonic hits a head scissors then goes for another one and gets thrown. The other Pantera and Guerrero come in and take out the others. The Pantera’s hit a double drop kick on Sonic and pin him. Second Fall: The Pantera’s hit a double drop kick on Sonic for the pin.

Guerrero works over Sonic to start the round. Millenium comes in but he immediately gets teamed on. They continue to team on the opposing team, taking out Sonic and Astro. Sonic hits a leaping DDT to change momentum. Well he tries to. He doesn’t work out too well, but they go along with it anyway. One of the Pantera’s misses a top rope dive, while Sonic hits a corkscrew splash for the pin and Astro hits a springboard splash on the other Pantera for the win. Third Fall: Astro pins Pantera with a springboard splash.

Winners: Sonic, Astro, and Millenium

Arkalis, Rey Samuray, and Pegasso vs Tyson La Bestia, Siky Ozama, and Joker

Ozama and Samuray start the match and they tie up and grapple a few times. Arkalis comes in with Joker next and my goodness Joker looks like a midget next to Arkalis. They do some back and forth wrestling trading counters and holds. Tyson comes in with Pegasso and Pegasso drop kicks him out of the ring. Then everyone else comes in and drop kicks each other. Ozama gets Arkalis in a weird arm stretch submission. Tyson then gets Samuray in a shoulder stretch for the fall. First Fall: Tyson La Bestia submits Samuray with a shoulder hold. 

Pegasso gets teamed on to start the round. They move to take out Arkalis next. They go back to teaming on Pegasso. Samuray quickly catches Ozama with a hurricanrana pinning combination to change the tide. Arkalis hits a blue thunder bomb on Joker for the pin. Second Fall: Arkalis pins Joker with a blue thunder bomb.

Ozama and Arkalis exchange strikes to begin the round. They eventually go into the crowd and fight a little. Samuray works on Joker in the ring. Samuray goes for a standing moonsault but Joker gets the legs up. Tyson comes in and runs over Arkalis then slams Pegasso. Tyson goes to the top but Arkalis kicks him in the face. Pegasso and Arkalis then hit him with a superplex. Samuray then hits a moonsault on him for the win. Third Fall: Rey Samuray pins Tyson la Bestia with a moonsault.

Winners: Arkalis, Rey Samuray, and Pegasso

Triton, Esfinge, and Fuego vs Polvora, El Malayo, and El Felino

Fuego starts out with Polvora and they do some ground grappling to start. Esfinge comes in with Malayo and they fight for position and trade holds. Triton entered with Felino and took him out and then slide out of the ring to pursue him but he got jumped by Malayo and Polvora. Malayo then took out Fuego and got Esfinge in a arm and leg stretch for the submission. Polvora then hit a sit out face buster on Fuego for the fall all the while the midget with Felino, Zakarias hit a through the bottom rope dive on poor Triton. First Fall: Polvora pins Fuego with a sit out face buster.

This round starts out with Triton getting teamed on. When Fuego tries to make the save he gets beaten on as well. Triton makes a come back by hitting a dive on Felino, and in the ring Fuego gets Malayo in a pinning combination and Esfinge hits a code breaker on Polvora for the fall. Second Fall: Esfinge pins Polvora with a code breaker.

The third round starts with Triton hitting a hurricanrana on Polvora to the outside and then feigning a dive. Fuego works with Malayo next, and uses his agility to hit an arm drag then hit a pose. Esfinge comes in hitting a hurricanrana on Malayo then super kicking Felino to the outside. Then Fuego, Triton, and Esfinge all hit dives through the middle rope. In the ring Fuego hits a pinning combination on Felino for the win. Third Fall: Fuego pins Felino with a pinning combination.

Winners: Triton, Esfinge, and Fuego

Volador Jr, Angel de Oro, and Soberano vs El Terrible, Shocker (Stigma), and Vangellys

I feel like Shocker is the most common guy missing dates in CMLL. I just don’t understand why when CMLL uploads the shows on Youtube afterwards do they list the original card rather than what the card ended up being? Anyway, Stigma replaces Shocker. Soberano starts out with Stigma and they do some fast acrobatic grappling. Angel de Oro then comes in to roll with Stigma. Volador comes in with Terrible and signals the crowd to chant a negative remark at Terrible. Before they engage Vangellys and Stigma come in to beat on Volador. Stigma then beats on Soberano on the ramp. Terrible tosses Oro to the outside. They team up on Volador then take him out. They move to take out Soberano next. Stigma hits what looked like a cradle stunner for the fall. First Fall: Stigma pins Angel de Oro with a cradle Stunner. 

Volador gets beat on to start this round. Stigma wants Soberano to come in, but when he does he grabs his leg and Vangellys and Terrible come in to assault him. Volador hits a handspring elbow to change momentum and then Oro rolls to the outside and attacks Stigma and Soberano hits an over the top rope back flip onto Vangellys. Volador gets a school boy on Terrible for the fall. Second Fall: Volador pins Terrible with a school boy. 

Oro starts out this round hot, hitting a drop kick on Stigma then kicking Vangellys and Terrible, and following up with hurricanrana on Terrible. Soberano then gets in with Stigma and takes him out, and then hits a hurricanrana on Vangellys and then one on Terrible. Volador gets in with Terrible but Vangellys comes in instead. He back drops Volador on the apron and Volador super kicks Stigma, then kicks Vangellys and goes to the top and hits a hurricanrana. Terrible comes in and Volador hits him with a hurricanrana then an over the top rope dive. Soberano hits a pinning hurricanrana on Vangellys for the pin and Oro gets Stigma in a back stretch for the win. Third Fall: Angel de Oro submits Stigma with a back stretch for the win.

Winners: Volador Jr, Angel de Oro, and Soberano

Mistico, Rush, Bestia del Ring vs Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Cuatrero starts with Bestia to begin the match. Bestia postures some with the ref but he hits a drop kick to Cuatrero to get him out of the ring. Mistico comes in with Forastero and quickly hits a hurricanrana on him. Sanson enters and kicks him bringing in Rush. Cuatrero shoulder blocks him to the outside and Mistico goes for a head scissors but Cuatrero catches him in an inverted bear hug for the fall. First Fall: Cuatrero submits Mistico with an inverted bear hug. 

Mistico gets teamed on in the middle of the ring to start this round. They then take out Bestia and go to beat on Rush. Rush kicks Sanson to make a come back then Bestia comes in and clotheslines Cuatrero and Forastero then Mistico gets Sanson in a Fujiwara arm bar for the fall. Second Fall: Mistico submits Sanson with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Rush unties Cuatrero’s mask to begin this round. They then beat on him for a little until Sanson comes in and they play with his mask and beat on him. Forastero comes in to try his hand and he gets beat on too. They slam Forastero and then Mistico hits a springboard splash. Cuatrero is back in and Bestia hits a german suplex on him, then Rush fakes going for the corner drop kick and just lightly kicks Cuatrero to mess with him. Cuatrero finally breaks away and hits a dive through the middle rope on Rush. Sanson and Forastero then hit plauncha’s on Mistico and Bestia. Rush is back in the ring with Cuatrero now. Rush gets him down and pulls his mask off and then pushes the ref. Third Fall: Cuatrero wins via DQ from mask removal by Rush.

Cuatrero challenges Rush one on one in Puebla next week. Then they run after them and all start brawling on the ramp way. Rush gets a cardboard box from the back to hit them with. He brings Cuatrero in the ring and kicks him in the balls.

Winners: Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Sangre Imperial and Bengala vs Inquisidor and Principe Odin Jr

Imperial starts out with Inquisidor and they do some grappling and acrobatic spots until Odin and Bengala come in. They do some fighting for position and Odin bites Bengala’s foot when he gets him down. Odin gets Bengala in the corner and Inquisidor comes in and doubles him. Bengala tries to hit a cross body but Odin catches him in a sharpshooter. Inquisidor hits a back stabber on Imperial for the fall. First Fall: Inquisidor pins Imperial with a back stabber.

Bengala gets teamed on to start. After they take him out they move onto Imperial. Inquisidor botches a double team attack on Bengala by kicking Odin. Imperial gets Odin in a double arm stretch for a submission. Bengala gets Inquisidor in a back stretch for the fall. Second Fall: Bengala submits Inquisidor with a back stretch.

Odin and Bengala strike each other back and forth to start. Imperial and Inquisidor come in and trade some acrobatic spots. Inquisidor gets Imperial in an abdominal stretch that Bengala breaks up. Odin submits Imperial with some kind of leg lock. Bengala hits a hurricanrana on Odin afterwards. Inquisidor gets Bengala in an inverted figure four for the win. Third Fall: Inquisidor submits Bengala with an inverted figure four.

Winners: Inquisidor and Principe Odin Jr

Kaho Kobayashi, Lluvia, and La Jarochita vs Dalys, Amapola, and La Metalica

Jarochita and Metalica start the match off fighting for position. They bring it to the ground and start to wrestle. Amapola comes in to take out Jarochita after she got the advantage on Metalica. Kaho comes in to take out Amapola but Amapola hits a spear on her to halt her momentum. Dalys comes in with Kaho and Kaho uses her quickness to her advantage, but Dalys finally catches her with a big drop kick. Now Lluvia comes in to try her hand. Dalys disposes of Lluvia on the ramp and then Jarochita gets slammed and hit with a swanton bomb by Metalica for the pin and then Amapola hits a face buster on Kaho for the fall. First Fall: Amapola pins Kaho with a face buster.

This round starts with Jarochita getting teamed on. They take out Lluvia after and Kaho comes in to try to stop it but she gets teamed on as well. She gets held in the ropes and Amapola drop kicks her onto the ramp. A come back gets made with all the technico women hitting drop kicks. They all slap Dalys on the butt then attack her in the corner. When it settles down Lluvia and Metalica go at it. Lluvia hits a bulldog for a two count and Metalica hits a shoulder breaker but Jarochita breaks up the count. Jarochita hits Metalica with a kick to the face in the corner but Dalys breaks up the pin. Jarochita drop toe holds Dalys into the corner and hits knees to the back for a two count. Dalys counters with a drop kick, then a gut wrench, sit out power bomb but Kaho breaks up the pin. She hits a missile drop kick then Fisherman’s suplex but Amapola breaks up the count. Amapola hits her with a power bomb but Kaho kicks out. Kaho gets Amapola in a submission and Jarochita gets Metalica in a submission, but they don’t give up. Lluvia goes for a cross body off the top but Dalys catches her and hits a swinging slam for the win. Second Fall: Dalys pins Lluvia with a swinging slam for the win.

Winners: Dalys, Amapola, and La Metalica

Guerrero Maya, Fuego, and Stigma vs El Sagrado, Raziel, and Cancerbero

Cancerbero and Stigma start the match off and it appears Cancerbero has new ring gear. Stigma uses some acrobatic counters to start but Cancerbero gets him down. Stigma continues to use his agility to his advantage. Raziel comes in next with Fuego and they grapple on the ground trading submissions. Sagrado comes in to work over Fuego, and Fuego tags Maya but the ref doesn’t see it so they bring Fuego back to their corner to work him over. Fuego runs to the outside and Sagrado chases him, but Stigma hits a hurricanrana off the apron. However, in the ring Cancerbero and Raziel team up on Fuego. Cancerbero leaps over Raziel, kinda, and hits an elbow drop, then Cancerbero slams Raziel on Fuego for the pin. Cancerbero then holds Stigma in place and Raziel hits a guillotine leg drop for the fall. First Fall: Raziel pins Stigma with a guillotine leg drop.

Sagrado works over Maya to start the round but Fuego comes in to work Raziel but it doesn’t last long as Fuego immediately gets teamed up on. Stigma is next in the assembly line to get teamed up on. They all roll up the three rudos for what I assume was supposed to be the three but the ref didn’t count three. So Maya grabs Sagrado and hits a suplex and Fuego comes off the top with a splash for the fall. Second Fall: Fuego pins Sagrado with a splash off the top rope.

There’s some posturing between Fuego and Raziel to start the round, but afterwards they start to work fast. Fuego does his famous matrix gimmick, then hits an arm drag to the outside and poses. Stigma comes in and gets worked on by Cancebero briefly. Stigma hits a kick and head scissors followed by an arm drag to the outside, to change momentum. Maya comes in with Sagrado and they trade strikes. They try to team up on Maya but it fails and he ends up hitting all of them with back breakers. Stigma and Sagrado go back and forth until Stigma hits a hurricanrana for a pin that Raziel breaks up. Raziel gets him in a submission but Fuego breaks it up. Fuego gets Raziel in a pinning combination but Cancerbero breaks it up. Cancerbero hits a big move on Fuego but Maya breaks it up. Maya hits a springboard headbutt on Cancerbero but Sagrado breaks up the pin. Stigma and Fuego pull Sagrado to the outside then Maya hits a dive through the middle rope on him. Fuego and Stigma then get Raziel and Cancerbero to the outside and hit dives over the top rope. Now inside the ring, Maya gets Sagrado in a small package for the victory. Third Fall: Guerrero Maya pins Sagrado with a small package.

Winners: Guerrero Maya, Fuego, and Stigma

(Match Relampago) El Audaz vs Tiger

They start this lightning match standing and fighting for position. Audaz gets the first take down bringing Tiger to the ground. They roll around fighting for position. They stand up and strike until Audaz knocks Tiger out of the ring, then does a spinning dive over the top rope. Back in the ring they counter each other and Tiger goes to the outside and Audaz slides out chasing him. He goes for a hurricanrana but Tiger stops it and throws him into the barricade. Tiger goes back in the ring and hits a rotating dive over the top rope. They get back in the ring and trade offense. Audaz hits a hurricanrana off the top and then goes for another. Tiger blocks it but Audaz pulls through, just for a two count though. Tiger goes to the top and Audaz runs up and hits a deep arm drag off the top. Audaz does a handspring but Tiger hits a back stabber for a two count. Audaz gets Tiger on the top rope and hits a run up hurricanrana followed by a sunset flip power bomb for the win. El Audaz pins Tiger with a sunset flip power bomb.

Winner: El Audaz

Blue Panther, Titan, and Flyer vs Vangellys, Luciferno, and Ephesto

Wow, Flyer is here. I was sure after what happened on Friday there’d be no way he’d be here. I guess it was just a sprain or twist. Everyone sure thought the worst. Blue Panther starts the match with Ephesto doing some grappling and ground wrestling. They re-engage and Ephesto folds Panther’s legs for a 3 count for a surprise first fall. First Fall: Ephesto pins Blue Panther with a pinning combination. 

Vangellys and Flyer stare down but Flyer uses his quickness and hurricanrana’s him to the outside. Luciferno comes in to intercept his dive attempt knocking him to the outside. Titan then comes in using his agility to get rid of Luciferno. Ephesto comes in to take him out but Blue Panther re-enters. Titan goes to the top to hit a hurricanrana on Ephesto then Flyer gets in with Vangellys and gets him in an arm bar. Titan then gets in with Luciferno and works around him, then gets him in a pinning combination for the fall. Second Fall: Titan pins Luciferno with a pinning combination.

Vangellys beats on Titan on the outside of the ring in between rounds. They take out Flyer as well and focus on teaming on Blue Panther. They bring Blue Panther to the outside to beat on him but Flyer and Titan unexpectedly hit over the top rope dives on Vangellys and Luciferno which brings Blue Panther in the ring with Ephesto. Panther slides to the outside to avoid Ephesto, but Ephesto catches him with a dive through the middle rope. In the ring Flyer avoids Vangellys attack and he falls to the outside. Titan kicks Luciferno to the outside, then he and Flyer hit stereo moonsaults on their respective foe. Panther and Ephesto are now back in the ring and Panther catches Ephesto with a wrist lock for the win. Third Fall: Blue Panther submits Ephesto with a wrist lock.

Winners: Blue Panther, Titan, and Flyer

Volador Jr, Stuka, and Kraneo vs El Terrible, Cavernario, and Euforia

Stuka starts out with Cavernario and they go back and forth trading moves on each other. Kraneo comes in with Euforia and he poses for a bit. He throws Euforia down and slams Mije on him. Terrible comes in and kicks Kraneo to the outside. They work over the technicos and Cavernario hits a slingshot splash on Stuka for the pin. Terrible hits a drop kick on Kraneo for a pin and Euforia hits a tilt-a-whirl slam on Volador for the fall. First Fall: Euforia pins Volador with a tilt-a-whirl slam.

They team up on Stuka to start this round. Stuka hits a dive through the middle rope on Euforia and very quickly a come back gets made and Cavernario and Terrible get laid out and held by Volador and Kraneo hits a top rope splash on both for the fall. Second Fall: Kraneo pins Terrible and Cavernario with a top rope splash. 

Kraneo goes wild in this round. Running people over and sitting on them, using his size to his advantage. Stuka comes in and hits a hurricanrana on Euforia to take him out. He suplexes Cavernario on to Terrible then hits consecutive back breakers on Cavernario. Terrible comes in with Volador and they posture to the crowd and Volador tries to use his speed to his advantage but Comandante grabs his foot then holds him. Terrible goes to hit him but Volador dodges. Volador then hits a hurricanrana on Euforia, then takes out Cavernario to the outside, he jumps to the outside and hits a hurricanrana. Kraneo hits a hip attack in the corner on Euforia and then Stuka hits a top rope splash on Terrible for the win. Third Fall: Stuka pins El Terrible with a top rope splash.

Winners: Volador Jr, Stuka, and Kraneo

Arena Mexico Friday

Robin and Principe Diamante vs Nitro and Metalico

Principe and Nitro start the match doing some grappling. They both go outside the ring up the ramp and posture. Robin is in next with Metalico and they hand fight before they engage with grappling. As predicted they do grapple on the ground. Principe hits a moonsault on Nitro for the pin. Robin then hits a swanton bomb for the fall. First Fall: Robin pins Metalico with a swanton bomb.

Robin and Nitro start off this round posturing a bit till Robin hits an arm drag on him. Mije the midget tries to attack Robin to no avail. Principe flips into the ring and Nitro lets him. Metalico starts to stomp on him. Principe makes Nitro fall out of the ring and he follows him and arm drags him on the floor. In the ring Metalico works Principe. Metalico works over Principe and then Metalico fakes a leg injury which causes Nitro to come in and double him. Nitro hits a drop kick to the butt on Robin for the pin. Metalico gets Principe in a stretch submission. Second Fall: Metalico submits Principe.

Principe and Robin get worked over to start the round. They take out Principe then pose but Robin comes in and kicks Mije which makes Metalico attack him. Robin back breakers him to keep his momentum. Principe hits a hurricanrana on Nitro to the outside. Robin has Metalico in the doomsday position but Metalico rolls into a pin. Principe comes in the ring but gets caught by Nitro for a pile driver. Metalico then hits a tiger bomb for the win on Robin. Third Fall: Metalico pins Robin with a tiger bomb.

Winners: Nitro and Metalico

Rey Cometa, Black Panther, and Drone vs Misterioso, Universo 2000 Jr, and Kawato San (Okumura)

Drone and Misterioso start the match out with some fast paced grappling. Black Panther is in next with Okumura and at the risk of being repetitive they start grappling too. Cometa enters the match hitting a hurricanrana but he’s met with Universo who works him over. Cometa then gets teamed on but he reverses Misterioso into a pinning combination and Panther and Drone get Okumura and Universo in school boys. First Fall: Cometa pins Misterioso with a pinning combination.

Cometa runs wild in this round to start. Black Panther comes in and keeps the momentum too knocking Misterioso to the outside. He goes for a plauncha but misses it though. Okumura hit a cutter on Drone for the pin, then Universo sat down on Black Panther’s sunset flip attempt for the pin. Second Fall: Universo pins Black Panther by sitting down on his sunset flip attempt.

Black Panther avoids a double team attack to start. This doesn’t stop Misterioso and Universo from double power bombing Cometa. Panther drops Misterioso in the corner and Drone hits knees to the corner on him. Universo stops the pin fall. He hits a leg drop on Panther but he kicks out. Universo falls to the outside and Drone hits a dive on him. Panther then hits a dive through the middle rope on Okumura. He then hits another one on him. Cometa in the ring gets caught with a reverse neck breaker. Third Fall: Misterioso pins Rey Cometa with a reverse neck breaker.

Winners: Misterioso, Universo 2000 Jr, and Okumura

Atlantis, Mistico, and Atlantis Jr vs Villano IV, Gran Guerrero, and Hijo del Villano III

Atlantis gets attacked during his entrance by Villano IV and his crew. Hijo Villano attacks Atlantis Jr then they take out Atlantis. The Villano’s continue to work over the Atlantis team. Atlantis Jr dodges the double team and hits a back breaker. He monkey flips Hijo Villano to the outside then hits a dive through the middle rope. Inside the ring Mistico gets Gran Guerrero in a head scissors into a Fujiwara arm bar. First Fall: Mistico submits Gran Guerrero with a Fujiwara arm bar.

There’s a bunch of posturing. Mistico gets launched at Hijo Villano and drop kicks him. He hurricanrana’s Gran out of the ring, then hits another one on the floor. Hijo Villano works with Atlantis Jr now. Atlantis Jr wins that battle and in comes Gran Guerrero. Atlantis Jr uses his speed advantage head scissoring him to the outside. Atlantis slips on the top rope going for a move on Hijo Villano to the crowds boos. Villano slaps him but Jr throws him out and poses anyway. Atlantis comes in to do some work and then Mistico hits a big dive over the top rope on Gran. In the ring Hijo Villano just punts Atlantis Jr in the balls. Second Fall: Hijo Villano III DQs himself by punting Atlantis Jr in the balls.

Winners: Atlantis, Mistico, and Atlantis Jr

Caristico, Angel de Oro, and El Valiente vs Rush, Gilbert El Boricua, and Bestia del Ring

Gilbert starts with Valiente and Valiente uses his agility to his advantage. Bestia and Angel go back and forth but soon Caristico comes in and works with Rush but Caristico gets triple drop kicked. Bestia beats on Valiente on the outside while Rush hits the Pentagon driver on Caristico for the fall. First Fall: Rush pins Caristico with a pentagon driver.

Rush smashes Caristico’s head against the announce desk to start this round and Bestia beats on Angel while Gilbert is in the ring with Valiente. They continue to work over the technicos. After minutes of beatings Angel makes a come back taking Gilbert and Bestia out. Caristico and Rush are left in the ring and they go at it and Caristico gets him in a pinning combination. Second Fall: Caristico pins Rush with a pinning combination.

Caristico chases Rush in the crowd in between the round. When the third round starts Caristico hits a hurricanrana on the ramp, then dives off the stage onto Rush. Valiente and Bestia go back and forth for a bit but Oro comes in and runs wild. Caristico comes in and gets Rush out and dives through the middle rope. In the ring Bestia hits a tombstone that almost kills Oro. Gilbert pins Valiente with a power bomb. Third Fall: Gilbert El Boricua pins Valiente with a power bomb.

Winners: Rush, Gilbert El Boricua, and Bestia del Ring

(Phase 2 of the Champion of the Universe) Volador Jr vs Ultimo Guerrero vs Niebla Roja vs Sanson vs Diamante Azul vs Mephisto vs Soberano vs Cuatrero

Here we have our battle royal and then 7 matches all that is going to get done in 48 minutes apparently (Watching on delay) So everyone is fighting to throw each other over. Diamante Azul falls out of the ring first followed by Ultimo Guerrero who gets thrown over. Volador tosses Soberano. Volador super kicks Cuatrero to the outside. Volador then super kicks Mephisto to the outside. Roja trips Sanson on the apron but Volador super kicks Roja so our finalists and last match is Volador and Sanson. But Volador hits a hurricanrana then dive through the middle rope to add insult to injury.

Diamante Azul vs Ultimo Guerrero

They tie up to start the match and some brief grappling. Azul goes to press slam him but Guerrero jumps off, however Azul hits two monkey flips on Guerrero. He then runs on the stage and hits a dive off the ramp. In the ring Azul hits a sit out press slam for a two count. Azul then power bombs Ultimo but yet another kick out. Azul goes to dive into the ring from the ramp and Guerrero catches him in an arm bar but Azul rolls out of it but Guerrero catches him in his stretch submission hold. Ultimo Guerrero submits Azul with a stretch submission hold.

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero

Soberano vs Cuatrero

They work fast doing some acrobatic spots until Cuatrero kicks Soberano to the outside. He goes for a dive but Soberano meets him with a kick. Soberano then hits a hurricanrana to the outside. Soberano hits a back flip dive over the top rope where he’s lucky Cuatrero was close to the apron cause his head and neck would have landed flush on the apron. Cuatrero gets him in an abdominal stretch, into a pinning combo for a two count. Cuatrero drop kicks Soberano to the outside then he hits a twisting plauncha. Back in the ring, Cuatrero hits a back suplex for a two count. Cuatrero gets tied in the ropes and Soberano hits a lionsault but only for a two count. Cuatrero swings Soberano for a side slam but Soberano reverses it into a Canadian destroyer for a two count. Cuatrero catches Soberano with a german suplex, then hits a razors edge for the win. Cuatrero pins Soberano with a sit out razors edge. Crucifix power bomb to be precise.

Winner: Cuatrero

Mephisto vs Niebla Roja

We start with them working back and forth. Roja hits a cross body that Mephisto reverses for a pin. The ref doesn’t count because Mephisto’s legs are under the ropes. Mephisto places Roja on the ropes and lifts him for a muscle buster for a two count. Roja throws Mephisto in the air for a kick to the inner thigh for just a two count. Mephisto hits a face buster but Roja kicks out. Roja rolls into his stretch submission move where it’s like a boston crab where he pulls the arms. Niebla Roja submits Mephisto with a stretch submission.

Winner: Niebla Roja

Volador Jr vs Sanson

Match starts out hot with Volador diving over the top rope onto Sanson. Back in the ring Volador gets tied up in the ropes and Sanson hits a knee strike on him from the top. Sanson then hits a power bomb back breaker on Volador for another 2 count. Volador reverses a power bomb into a hurricanrana for the pin but Sanson kicks out. Sanson then again goes for a power bomb but this time Volador reverses it succeeds in pinning him this time. Volador pins Sanson with a hurricanrana.

Winner: Volador Jr

Ultimo Guerrero vs Cuatrero

Cuatrero comes in cutting down Ultimo and then stomps him in the corner. Ultimo flips Cuatrero to the apron and kicks his legs out and then hits a drop kick sending Cuatrero flying. Cuatrero reverses an irish whip and sends Guerrero into the barricade. he then slams the barricade on his head. In the ring he works a head lock before hitting a spear for a two count. Cuatrero then hit a springboard splash for a close two count. Cuatrero then hit a springboard elbow smash which Guerrero yet again kicks out of. Cuatrero slams Ultimo and then goes to the top. Guerrero gets up and pushes him down. He hits a reverse suplex off the top rope for the win. Ultimo Guerrero pins Cuatrero with a reverse suplex off the top rope.

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero

Niebla Roja vs Volador Jr

Volador attacks Roja during his entrance. Probably not really to be rudo but to save time because CMLL usually doesn’t go over two hours and rarely exceeds 2 and a half hours. Volador brings him in the ring after attacking him to pin him but Roja kicks out. Volador runs at him but Roja back flips him to the outside then hits a dive over the top rope. Back in the ring Roja gets a hurricanrana for a pin but Volador kicks out. Volador hits an attack in the corner for a two count. He argues with the ref which allows Roja to hit a spinning elbow. Roja then argues with the ref so Volador comes from behind hitting a back stabber. Volador drags Roja to the corner and goes for a moonsault by Roja gets his feet up and goes for the pin but Volador kicks out. They go to the top and Roja tries to set up his front face buster but Volador rolls out and Roja goes for a cross body but he gets super kicked. Volador goes to flip up Roja but in doing so Roja hits a Canadian Destroyer for the win. Niebla Roja pins Volador with a Canadian Destroyer.

Winner: Niebla Roja

Ultimo Guerrero vs Niebla Roja

Match starts with Roja getting Ultimo to the outside and then he hits an over the top rope dive. Back in the ring they trade some move and Roja ends up getting Guerrero to the outside and hits a run up the ropes dive to the outside. Roja postures to the crowd some and then they get back in the ring. Roja whips Guerrero into the corner but Guerrero goes to the top. Roja doesn’t want to engage but ends up engaging and gets hits with a front superplex. Luckily for him he kicks out. Roja gets him in the corner and places him on the top rope and goes for a hurricanrana but Guerrero reverses it up a super power bomb but somehow again, Roja kicks out. Back on the turnbuckle and Roja goes behind Guerrero for a head scissors but Guerrero lifts him up to counter but Roja instead counters into a hurricanrana just for a two count. When they get up they fight battling for a position but Roja is able to roll into his submission hold for the win. Niebla Roja defeats Ultimo Guerrero with a stretch submission.

Winner of Phase two: Niebla Roja

Finals El Terrible vs Niebla Roja

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