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Greg DeMarco Show: WWE Elimination Chamber and Oddsmakers!

See who Miranda, Patrick and Greg think wins at the Chamber!

This week the true Trios Champions of Pro Wrestling Podcasting–Greg DeMarco, Patrick O’Dowd, and Miranda Morales–play Oddsmakers and make their picks for WWE Elimination Chamber!

Greg kicks the show off with a family meeting, and The Greg DeMarco Show is back!

Oddsmakers Topics!

  • Becky Lynch an the WrestleMania main event
  • Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion at WrestleMania
  • WWE stars departing for AEW
  • #SaveTagTeamWrestling
  • IN-TER-GEN-DER! *clap*clap*clapclapclap*

Also, the who SHOULD WIN and who WILL WIN at WWE Elimination Chamber!

Plus they play GDMS Match GameBaron Corbin SucksTheme Song Of The Week, the world famous 3 Minute Warning, and more!

Greg DeMarco Show Logo

The Greg DeMarco Show airs live on Tuesday nights via Patreon and is available anytime, all the time, on-demand as part of the Chairshot Radio Network at

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