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Joe’s AAA Results & Review (2/12/19)

Joe Dinan takes you deep into the world of AAA Lucha Libre this week!



Joe Dinan takes you deep into the world of AAA Lucha Libre this week!

Live on Twitch 2/8

During the pre-show Kross is interviewed talking about he hasn’t been pinned in 3 years and he wants the Mega Championship. He makes threats towards Fenix. A precursor to this was Sammy sent in a video saying he couldn’t be there because of a family emergency so he won’t be on Sunday’s show too. Best believe I’m not changing the billing though. Unsure if this is an angle or real but I imagine if it was real, like most people who miss AAA shows they wouldn’t say anything about it. We randomly have decided to have the 6 sided ring for this show. I’m not sure if there’s a formula to decide when they do 4 or 6 sides.

Nino Hamburguesa, Lady Shani, and Dinastia vs Lady Maravilla, Villano III Jr, and Lanzelot

Lanzelot and Dinastia start the match out trading moves and counters. Dinastia wins the encounter but Maravilla comes in and northern lights suplexes him for a two count. Villano comes in with Shani next and Shani is able to work him over hitting a head scissors. Nino comes in then to work with Villano and they trade strikes. Nino hits him with a big shoulder block to knock him out of the ring, bringing Lanzelot in. Nino again uses his size to his advantage on Lanzelot. Dinastia gets tossed to the outside, then Maravilla tosses Shani outside and the triple team on Nino commences. Villano then dumps Dinastia on his head. Shani dodges an attack and hits a drop kick on Lanzelot and he falls into Maravilla in the corner. Dinastia hurricanrana’s Villano into them. Nino then hits two corner attacks on the pile. Maravilla is down in the corner and they want Nino to hit her but he doesn’t want to. Playing on the angle from last show where I guess he has a crush on her. So Dinastia and Shani kick her in the face. Lanzelot and Dinastia go back and forth, and Dinastia goes up top but Lanzelot drop kicks him off and he takes a nasty spill. Lanzelot then hits a plauncha. Villano then misses a moonsault on Nino and he hits a middle rope leg drop then goes to the top but then Maravilla comes and stops him.This is enough time to distract him for Lanzelot to finish off Dinastia with a flipping tiger bomb I guess for the win. Shani doesn’t want Nino checking on Dinastia since he’s the reason they lost. Lanzelot pins Dinastia with a flipping tiger bomb.

Winners: Lady Maravilla, Villano III Jr, and Lanzelot

Konnan comes to the ring in th enext segment with Fantasma, La Mascara, and Rey Escorpion. Whatever happened to that Mad faction…hmmm. Well they talk about Fenix and whoever and Vampiro comes out and there’s a video message from Pentagon and Fenix challenging Texano and Rey Escorpion for the tag belts on March 16th at Rey of Reyes. Vampiro punches Mascara and Rey. Vampiro goes to attack Konnan but he gets jumped. Psycho Clown and Laredo Kid come out to match the save but Faby Apache comes and hits them with chairs so Taya comes out to chase her down. Konnan and his gang are standing tall at the end. Commentators talking about Impact and AEW when pertaining to the Lucha Brothers, so I’m guessing they have some sort of relationship with Impact still. Which maybe indicates Impact and All Elite will be somewhat……I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Laredo Kid vs Taurus

Okay so this match slot was to be a cruiserweight title match but now it’s a singles match with Laredo Kid and Taurus so some changes will be made to the card later down the line. They start fighting for position and then do some acrobatic spots that they both have counters to. They trade moves some more until Laredo Kid hits a hurricanrana, then an elaborate head scissors to the outside, followed by an asai moonsault. He rolls him back in the ring for a two count. He hits a suplex then two middle rope moonsaults for a two count. Taurus no sells some shoves, then tackles Laredo and sends him flying. It was so brutal the announcers start to speak English briefly. Taurus then hits a rotating dive through the middle rope and catches some of Laredo Kid as he flies into the barricade. Back in the ring Taurus goes for the pin but doesn’t get it. They start to trade strikes then. Kid whips Taurus to the corner but Taurus runs up and hits a kind of cross body. He then spears Kid for a close two count. Kid gets Taurus caught up in the ropes and jumps up and hits a cutter off the ropes but only for a two count. Laredo Kid kicks Taurus in the gut then hits a Canadian Destroyer and then a 450. Taurus kicks out of this. Taurus then catches Laredo Kid and hits a cradle pile driver which they call a michinoku driver. I mean I guess it was set up like that but was still Jerry Lynn’s cradle pile driver. Taurus goes to the top rope and as if Jesus healed him, Kid runs up and hits a Laredo Fly for the win. Crowd is getting behind him certainly, though. Laredo Kid pins Taurus with a Laredo Fly. 

Winner: Laredo Kid

Taya Valkyrie and Aerostar vs Faby Apache and Monster Clown

Match starts with Monster Clown and Faby beating on Aerostar and Taya. Taurus, obviously isn’t in this match and neither is Maximo, so I took them out of my initial header since rather than replacing we’re subtracting for once. Clown and Faby continue to work over both of them. Aerostar’s mask fell off or got ripped rather during this beating so realistically the match should be over, but until that’s sorted out Taya gets double teamed. Mask was definitely ripped, as it looks like Aerostar has a new mask. Monster Clown has again ripped Aerostar’s mask and has busted him open. Some real rudos work going on here. Taya finally dodges an attack and hits Faby, then hits a head scissors on Monster. Aerostar comes into the picture and drop kicks him to the outside and then hits a dive through the middle rope. Taya attempts a corner attack on Faby but the ref interferes. After at least 5 minutes of tornado tag we go back to standard tag rules for now. Aerostar works over Monster Clown using his quickness. Aerostar sends him to the outside with a head scissors, then kicks Faby in the butt. He then hits an… asai cannon ball on Monster Clown. In the ring Taya hits a spear on Faby and she’s down for the count but the heel ref just won’t count. Faby attacks Taya from behind but hit the ref. Taya like a moron goes for a school boy. No count obviously. Faby then hits Taya and hits a german suplex but Taya gets the shoulder up and then ref helps keep Taya down and counts the pin. Faby and the ref are arguing for whatever reason. Nobody understands this relationship. Faby Apache pins Taya with a german suplex and ref help.

Winners: Faby Apache and Monster Clown

(Latin American Championship Match) Drago (Champ) vs Flamita vs Hijo Del Vikingo vs Jack Evans

Well hey, we were supposed to get a triple threat for the Cruiserweight title but we’re getting a four way for the Latin American title. All that’s well ends well. Drago and Evans work together to take out Vikingo and Flamita to start. Drago hurricanrana’s Evans to the outside. Vikingo returns with a shot gun drop kick on Drago. Vikingo then hits a hurricanrana and now Flamita is back in. Flamita hits a hurricanrana then a drop kick. He then poses but wait Evans is back in. He gets Flamita to the outside then Evans hits a handspring dive over the top rope. Vikingo and Drago then fight until Drago goes to the outside and Vikingo hits a dive over the top rope. Evans and Vikingo then work but Vikingo catches him off the top and hits a swinging slam. Flamita re-enters but Vikingo takes care of him too. Drago comes in to stop the pin. Drago uses Vikingo as a spring to hit a DDT on Flamita. Evans hits a moonsault but uses it to hit a double reverse DDT on Vikingo and Drago. Flamita hits a 619 on Vikingo then he and Vikingo get tied up on the ropes. Vikingo wants to hit the double stomp, but Drago comes to hurricanrana Vikingo but Flamita german suplexes him and they all go flying. Evans then hits a 630 but it gets broken up. Jack rolls to the outside and Flamita hits a dive through the middle rope. Flamita hits a DDT on Drago, then Vikingo hits a reverseranna on Flamita. Drago hits a hard shot gun drop kick on Vikingo for a two count. Vikingo gets Drago down and goes for a shooting star press but Drago gets the knees up. Drago then hits a flipping DDT for the win. Maybe a Canada DDT? I don’t know. Drago pins Hijo Del Vikingo with a flipping DDT.

Winner: Drago

Dr. Wagner Jr, Maximo, and Puma King vs Blue Demon Jr, Hijo Del Fantasma, and La Mascara

A lot of posturing to go on in this match. Mascara and Maximo start and it ends up with Maximo kissing him. Fantasma comes in and clotheslines his head off. Puma King and Fantasma are in now, King kicks him in the ass then hits a flap jack. Fantasma hits a big kick on Puma then they team on him in the corner but he’s able to tag Wagner. Wagner hits a dragon screw leg whip and goes for another but Demon enters and strikes him and now everyone is brawling. Wagner gets laid out on the entrance way. A pop up cutter is hit on Puma by Fantasma and now they’re beating on Maximo. They smack him some and Mascara hits a super kick on him. Next Blue Demon bites Wagner. Wagner dives off the apron onto Demon to make a come back. Puma and Maximo work over the other two and Maximo kisses Fantasma and he falls. Puma and Maximo do the fusion dance. Maximo then hits a dive through the middle rope on Mascara. Puma goes for a dive but hits Maximo. Wagner is all alone now. Wagner gets a pinning combination on Demon but gets kicked in the face. While the ref is distracted Demon kicks Wagner below the belt for the pin. Blue Demon Jr pins Wagner with a groin shot.

Winners: Blue Demon Jr, Hijo Del Fantasma, and La Mascara

Psycho Clown and La Parka vs Killer Kross and Rey Escorpion

Rey comes to the ring with a freaking sword. Escorpion and Clown brawl on the outside and Kross works over Parka in the ring. Kross and Rey then trade dance partners and continue to work on them. Clown hits a hurricanrana on Rey to the outside and Parka hits a slow dive through the middle rope. Clown hits the double stomp in the corner for a two count since Rey missed his spot. Rey then hits Clown with a chair. Fantasma comes out with Mascara and hits a tombstone on Parka. Laredo Kid comes out of nowhere to attack Kross but Kross isn’t having it. Clown pulls Kross to the outside and Laredo Kid hits a dive through the middle rope. Clown then hits a dive but then arm drags Rey. They continue to brawl and La Parka is being stretched out, so Laredo Kid is on double duty. Rey launches Kid into Kross and he hits a buckle bomb. Hijo Del Vikingo comes in and hits a drop kick on Rey Escorpion then Kross throws him in the air but he lands on his head. Kross tries to throw him out of the ring but Vikingo counters. He kicks Kross to the outside then hits an imploder 450 to the outside on him. Clown and Rey are in the ring now. Rey goes for a power bomb but Clown reverses into a pin for a two count. In the ring Vikingo chops down Kross then hits an imploder 450 but Kross kicks out. He then gets up and power bombs him and then Saito suplexes him for the win. Killer Kross pins Hijo Del Vikingo with the Saito Suplex. 

Winners: Killer Kross and Rey Escorpion

Live on Twitch 2/10

La Parka comes out with a neck brace to start. La Parka thanks Myzteziz and Laredo Kid for helping him but it’s personal with Fantasma. Dr. Wagner comes out. An Une Fon guy attacks Wagner and Parka, Blue Demon came out but it wasn’t Demon it was Fantasma and Demon was the Une Fon guy. Laredo Kid and Hijo Del Vikingo come out to help. Wagner is bleeding already.

Nino Hamburguesa, Lady Shani, and Dinastia vs Villano III Jr, Lady Maravilla, and Lanzelot

Lanzelot and Shani start out grappling for once. AAA just goes to 100 immediately. Shani drop kicks Lanzelot out of the ring. Shani works over Villano and then Dinastia and they go back and forth with acrobatics. Maravilla comes in and her and Dinastia get a double submission on each other. Nino comes in and Maravilla tries to seduce him which she does and Lanzelot drop kicks him from behind. They then triple team Nino. They then team on Shani. They hit a double team neck breaker on Dinastia. Shani pulls down Maravilla and Nino makes a come back hitting a splash on Villano. Nino throws Dinastia into Lanzelot and Villano. Nino then does a flip through the middle rope on the pile. Maravilla and Shani slap each other before Lanzelot and Dinastia hit each with super kicks. Dinastia goes for a hurricanrana on Villano but messed but they go with it. Then he hits an asai moonsault. Nino somersaults into Lanzelot in the corner. Nino goes to the top and Maravilla tells him no no but Shani hits her with a back stabber. Nino hits a top rope frog splash on Lanzelot for the win. Nino Hamburguesa pins Lanzelot with a frog splash.

Winners: Nino Hamburguesa, Lady Shani, and Dinastia

Hijo Del Vikingo vs Jack Evans vs Taurus

Well very quick in this match Hijo Vikingo does a dive where Taurus catches him and then power bombs him on concrete. Evans then does an asai moonsault on Taurus. Back in the ring they all do spots involving all 3. Taurus then runs over Evans who sells it great. He kicks out at 2. He then hits a head scissors on him. Hijo tries a springboard ddt but turns it into an arm drag. Hijo hits a flipping hurricanrana to the outside on Taurus. Back in the ring Evans hits a drop kick for a two count on Hijo. Back in the ring Taurus goes to spear Evans but he jumps and hits Vikingo. Taurus hits an F5 on Evans who kicks out. Vikingo hits a spin kick on Taurus then catches Evans for a slam then hits a standing shooting star for a two. Evans hits a northern lights suplex into a falcon arrow for a two count. Taurus has Evans up but Vikingo hits a spinning Neck breaker so Evans ends up pile driving Taurus. Vikingo goes to the top and Evans pulls him off and misses a 450. Vikingo catches him in the ropes and hits a foot stomp, then an imploder 450 for the win. Hijo Del Vikingo pins Jack Evans with an imploder 450.

Winner: Hijo Del Vikingo

Maximo, Taya Valkyrie, and Aerostar vs La Mascara, Faby Apache, and Monster Clown

Match erupts in a brawl to start. Mascara takes out Maximo and then Taya so now we’re teaming on Aerostar then Maximo. After minutes of being teamed on Aerostar makes a come back hitting a hurricanrana and Taya hits a back breaker. Aerostar continues to work on Monster Clown on the outside. They get back in the ring and Monster and Aerostar work and Aerostar gets the advantage but they team up on him again. Aero dodges a double team attack and head scissors Clown to the outside. Taya and Faby get in there and Taya hits an arm drag to the outside. Taya then hits a hurricanrana on Monster Clown. Maximo and Monster Clown do some comedy spots but Maximo does a nice arm drag. Faby holds him and Maximo dodges and Mascara super kicks her. Maximo then kisses Mascara and he goes to the outside. Maximo and Aerostar hit dives through the middle rope. Taya is in with Faby. Faby accidentally hits the heel ref and Taya hits a school boy for the fast count and win. Taya beats Faby with a school boy.

Winners: Maximo, Taya, and Aerostar

Fenix (Drago) vs Laredo Kid vs Flamita

Fenix sends in a message saying he’s not going to be there cause he’s injured. Well that’s obvious by the fact he’s sending in a message. Drago replaces Fenix. To start the match they all trade pinning combinations and immediately reverse them. Drago gets sent out and Laredo Kid chops Flamita in the corner. Drago comes back and kicks Laredo Kid out of the ring. Flamita drop kicks Drago out of the ring. Kid comes in and kicks Flamita off the apron and hits an asai tornado dive on Drago and Flamita. Drago gets back in the ring first and hits a dive through the middle rope. Flamita hits a running shooting star off the apron onto Drago. Flamita throws Kid back in the ring then completely misses a swanton bomb but acts like he didn’t. Drago comes in and hits a big DDT on Flamita which Laredo Kid breaks the pin up. Kid hits a michinoku driver on Drago and does the corner Super Crazy moonsaults but Flamita breaks the pin up. Flamita kicks Laredo Kid then hits a 450 but Drago breaks up the pin. Drago and Flamita hit a super kick on Laredo and then kick each other in the face. Drago hits a senton on Flamita while hitting a code breaker on Laredo Kid. Laredo gets up and hits a rolling cutter then stacks Flamita on top of Drago and hits a 450 for a two count. Flamita hits a DDT on Kid and then Drago goes to the top but gets kicked and Flamita hits a package suplex. Laredo then hits a hurricanrana on Flamita, but Drago hits a Canadian Destroyer on Laredo Kid for a two count. Laredo Kid is on the apron and Flamita hits a hurricanrana off the top onto the floor. Flamita goes for a 450 on Drago and misses. Drago hits a flipping DDT but Kid breaks up the count. Drago goes up to the top and Kid kicks him and leaps up and hits a Laredo Fly for the win. Laredo Kid pins Drago with a Laredo Fly.

Winner: Laredo Kid

Dr. Wagner Jr vs Blue Demon Jr

Blue Demon slapping hands with the fans. Good heel work here. Faby Apache is ring side with Demon and since it’s a hard core match she’s interfering. Demon does a dive through the middle rope right to Wagner’s knees. They brawl into the crowd and Demon attacks him with a chair. Demon continues to work him over around the arena with the chair. Faby hits a chair into another chair into Wagner’s nuts. Demon bites Wagner’s bloody head and spits his blood out. Ew. Wagner ducks a chair shot and Demon hits the ropes and then hits himself. Now Wagner is on the offense. Wagner rips and Demon’s mask and Faby hits him from behind and Wagner dragon screw leg whips her. Wagner throws her into the crowd. Demon’s mask is ripped in half and he’s leaking blood now. Wagner hits a power bomb for a two count. Wagner and Demon both get laid out and Faby keeps punching Wagner but Taya comes out and attacks Faby. Monster Wagner comes out and attacks Taya. Now Joe Lider is out here to attack Monster Clown. Taya hits a spear on Faby and then she hits Monster Clown with a chair. Joe Lider hits a death valley driver through a table. In the ring Wagner hits a michinoku driver for the win. Dr. Wagner pins Blue Demon with a michinoku driver. 

Post match Faby beats up the heel ref. Ref hits a shoulder block on her but Taya hits a throw, then knees to the corner on the ref. Wagner’s gonna give a back stage interview but he gets jumped by Demon, Faby, and Monster. Vampiro pushes them back. Gosh I hope they’re not setting up a match with him. Wagner challenges Demon to a hair vs mask match. Probably won’t happen.

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr

Psycho Clown, La Parka (Laredo Kid), and Puma King vs Rey Escorpion, Hijo Del Fantasma, and Killer Kross

The match starts with brawling as you’d suspect. Kross easily presses Laredo Kid. The technicos keep getting worked over for minutes. Kross power bomb Puma King while Rey hit a neck breaker. Kross starts biting Laredo Kid’s thumb. Yummy. Back in the ring Kross power bombs Clown. Then he power bombed Puma King onto Psycho Clown. Kross then power bombs Kid on the pile. Finally after at least 15 minutes Clown runs up the ropes and hits a hurricanrana on Fantasma and makes Kross miss an elbow drop and gets Rey to the outside. Laredo Kid, Clown, and Puma then hit dives over the top rope. Clown breaks a broom on Escorpions back. Clown hits a power bomb on Rey, then launches Puma into him for a drop kick. Clown then hits a drop kick to Fantasma’s nuts. Kross comes in and suplexes Kid and Puma. Clown hits Kross with a back stabber, then Kid hits a 450 but Kross kicks out. A bunch of moves are done but the ring gets cleared out for Kross and Kid. Kross does his monster no sell and hits Laredo with a big clothesline. In the ring Escorpion press slams Clown but Clown gets a power slam soon after for a two count. Rey hits a hurricanrana off the ropes for a two count. Rey hits a DDT and then a lionsault on Clown but Clown kicked out again. Clown hits a dive through the middle turnbuckle on Rey and turns it into an arm drag. Laredo Kid hits an asai moonsault on Kross. Fantasma facing off with Puma and La Mascara interferes to help but he messes it up and Puma gets Fantasma with a pinning combination. Puma King pins Hijo Del Fantasma with a pinning combination.

Clown, Puma, and Laredo get jumped after the match. All their masks get taken. As usual.

Winners: Psycho Clown, Puma King, and Laredo Kid

AAA also announced English commentary coming the 16th of February. So no excuses for you English fans not to watch unless Vampiro is on commentary.

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