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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (2/2/19)

Who will be #1 contender to the ROH World Television Championship?



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 385

The ROH World Television Champion WILL have a #1 contender after tonight! Will it be the Last Real Man, Silas Young? Or the Future of Honor, ELI ISOM?



  • Tracy Williams VS David Finlay; Williams wins.
  • Bandido VS Mark Haskins; Bandido wins.
  • ROH World Television Championship #1 Contenders Tournament Finals: Silas Young VS Eli Isom; Young wins and will challenge Jeff Cobb for the title.


Juice Robinson joins commentary!

The Flamboyant One wants to be up close to watch the action, because he has vested interest in the new faces to ROH. Plus, he’s here to support “Debbie-chan”, his tag partner from NJPW!

Tracy Williams VS David Finlay!

Hot Sauce returns to ROH TV, while the other half of #FinJuice makes his own debut! Will these new faces make huge waves in the New Era of Honor?

The two uphold the Code of Honor and the bell rings. Fans cheer as Finlay and Tracy circle. They tie up and Finlay gets a waistlock. Tracy reverses to a wristlock but Finlay reverses to a hammerlock. Tracy rolls and reverses back to an armlock. Finlay reverses to a wristlock then shifts to a headlock. Tracy powers out but gives a shove at the ropes. Finlay and Tracy circle again and tie up hard. Tracy gets the headlock but Finlay powers out, only for Tracy to run him over with a shoulder. Cover, ONE, but Tracy keeps on Finlay with stomps to the legs. Tracy twists one foot with a toehold but Finlay powers him away. Things speed up and Finlay leaps onto to be rolled up! TWO, and Tracy wants a crossface. Finlay slips out, dodges and dropkicks Tracy!

Tracy rolls out but Finlay slingshots for a plancha! Finlay fires up as he drags Tracy up and in. Tracy headbutts on the return but Finlay throws a forearm. Finlay whips but Tracy reverses to CHOP away on Finlay! Tracy scoops and throws Finlay, cover, TWO! Juice has faith in “Debbie” but Tracy’s on him with a neck wrench. Tracy puts on a half straitjacket, but Finlay endures. Finlay fights his way up and out, but Tracy hits back. Tracy CHOPS and follows Finlay around the ring. Tracy hits a half hatch, covers, TWO! He keeps on Finlay with a mounted keylock, then keeps the arm stuck to fall back and tweak it! Tracy goes after Finlay with a dragon sleeper! Finlay endures and fans fire up. Finlay fights out but Tracy CHOPS him again! Tracy CHOPS more, and Juice starts liking the heat from Hot Sauce.

Tracy whips but Finlay reverses and tackles Tracy down with a flying European Uppercut! Finlay and Tracy get to opposite corners, and Finlay runs in for another EuroUpper! Finlay hops up for a flying EuroUpper! Cover, TWO! The fourth generation wrestler has control while we go to break.

ROH returns and Finlay CHOPS Tracy! Finlay CHOPS Tracy in a corner then drags him out for a urenage, but Tracy arm-drags! Tracy runs but misses in the corner! Finlay runs in but into an elbow! Tracy climbs up but Finlay rocks him with a forearm. Finlay climbs but Tracy gets him in an underhook! DDT to the top buckle! Tracy aims from the corner, discus clothesline!! Cover, TWO!! Finlay survives the sauce and Tracy can’t believe it! Fans fire up as both men slowly stand. Tracy is up first and is on Finlay first. He lifts but Finlay resists. Finlay forearms, but Tracy comes back with his own. BOth men go back and forth, forearms and CHOPS and even EuroUppers!

Finlay gets the edge, but runs into the fireman’s carry! Finlay slips out but Tracy blocks, only to get the sambo backbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down again but fans are still fired up. Finlay sits up first and roars as he prepares his arm. He runs, BIG lariat! Cover, TWO!! Tracy survives but Finlay keeps his focus. Finlay slashes the throat to drag Tracy up, suplex but Tracy knees out. Tracy gets the arm! CROSSFACE! But Finlay rolls it to a cover, TWO! Tracy spins but Finlay trips him for a high stack, TWO! Tracy fireman’s carry, Spicolli Driver! Cover, TWO!? Finlay lives and Tracy is furious. Tracy drags Finlay up, piledriver! Cover, Tracy wins!

Winner: Tracy Williams, by pinfall

The Hot Sauce was too hot for “Debbie”, and Tracy has his first win on ROH TV! And the biggest thing, the Code of Honor is upheld again. Will this mean big things for Tracy in the coming months?


The Kingdom speaks.

“Villain Enterprises, you guys should get down on your hands and knees and praise” Matt Taven for what he did for them. The “real” ROH World Champion gave Marty Scurll, Brody King & PCO a chance to shine. But, the Kingdom was not impressed. The Kingdom will continue to reign in ROH, so make sure to bring the umbrellas. Taven opens an umbrella to mock Scurll and “Melvin Enterprises.” But will the downpour really last as long as The Kingdom thinks?


Bandido VS Mark Haskins!

Two more international stars make their ROH TV debuts and against each other! Will the Mexican luchador or the brutal Brit make the more impressive arrival in Ring of Honor?

The Code of Honor is upheld here, too, and fans cheer with the bell. Haskins and Bandido tie up, and Haskins gets the wristlock. Bandido quickly rolls through and breaks free to finger gun at Haskins. Haskins takes that hand and uses it to throw Bandido down. Bandido arm-drags back and floats over but Haskins headscissors. Bandido pops out and the two stand off, while fans cheer for both men. Haskins and Bandido circle again and tie up. Haskins kicks and headlock takeovers. Bandido endures and goes to headscissor. Haskins fights that off but Bandido keeps trying. Haskins traps an arm but Bandido gets it free. Bandido bridges up and pries his way out to his own headlock. Haskins powers out and things speed up, Bandido handsprings but Haskins dodges!

Haskins blocks an arm-drag to throw Bandido down instead. Bandido kips up and gets the arm-drag after all. The two stand off and fans cheer them both on. Haskins kicks but Bandido catches it! Bandido lifts Haskins up but Haskins sunset flips through, TWO! Haskins swings but Bandido goes Matrix, and even headstands! Bandido handsprings to evade the sweep! Fans are fired up as things speed up. Haskins fakes Bandido out to dropkick the legs out! Haskins gets the legs but Bandido pushes him away. Bandido runs but Haskins jumps over. Haskins builds up speed as Bandido falls out of the ring. Bandido gets out of the way but Haskins Spider-Mans back, to then DIVE on Bandido after all! Fans are still fired up while we go to break.

ROH returns and Haskins brings Bandido up for a dragon screw! Fans rally up for both men as Haskins drags Bandido up again. Haskins gets the leg for another dragon screw, but Bandido turns it into a stomp! Bandido gets to a corner and boots Haskins away. Bandido also uppercuts, then springboards for a corkscrew crossbody! He doesn’t make a cover but he does boot Haskins out. Fans rally up as Bandido builds speed. Bandido FLIES! Direct hit wipes Haskins out to the front row! Fans are fired up for Bandido while he catches his breath. Bandido puts Haskins back in but Haskins gets up to dropkick his legs out. Haskins grits his teeth as he builds speed now. Bandido gets in to pop-up cutter! Cover, TWO! Haskins lives but Bandido keeps his cool. Juice likes both these guys and their resolve.

Bandido aims from a corner and runs, but Haskins blocks the boot. Haskins flips Bandido, rolls him, TWO, but he rolls through to a fireman’s carry! Samoan Driver! Cover, TWO!! Bandido lives but Haskins keeps his cool. Fans know “This is Awesome!” as both men slowly sit up. Haskins brings Bandido up but Bandido blocks and counters, then elbows and SUPERKICKS! Haskins staggers but haymakers back! He runs but Bandido dodges, double boots take each man out! The referee starts a standing count as Bandido stirs. Fans rally up but the count passes 5! It reaches 8, then 9, but Haskins roars as he sits up while Bandido straight kips up! The match continues and fans are loving it!

Bandido and Haskins trade shots back and forth, fast and furious, but then Haskins gets the edge. Haskins hammers Bandido down, then runs, but into a tilt-o-whirl to torture rack! Pop-up knee! Cover, TWO!! Haskins survives and Bandido cannot believe it! Bandido decides to go up top and gets the fans into it. He climbs to the top, big moonsault but Haskins dodges! Haskins runs, rolls Bandido, and gets the Sharpshooter! Bandido endures the pain in his bad leg, but his arms get him to the ropes quick! Haskins lets go to kick Bandido off the ropes! Haskins climbs, leaps, double stomps!! Cover, TWO!! But Haskins goes right to a bridging Fujiwara!

Bandido endures, reaches, but Haskins drags him away! Roll through to the fireman’s carry, but Bandido slips out. Bandido pushes and SUPERKICKS Haskins! Bandido runs, rebound German, aka the 21 Plex! High stack cover, Bandido wins!

Winner: Bandido, by pinfall

An incredible debut from both men, but it would be The Bandit who triumphs! With Joe Koff spotted in the crowd, will this massive debut victory earn Bandido a big opportunity already?


Nick Aldis speaks.

“I’m Nick Aldis, The National Treasure and NWA Worlds Champion.” And next week, he brings ROH TV a first. Aldis likes firsts. He’s the first NWA Worlds Champion to defend in China, the first British-born worlds champion of an international promotion, and next week, the first NWA Worlds Champion to defend that 10 pounds of gold on ROH. PJ Black is a great competitor, but he will learn after next week why Aldis is a National Treasure. Will Aldis make history by also being the first NWA Worlds Champion to retain that title on ROH TV? Or will he be the first to lose it instead?


ROH World Television Championship #1 Contenders Tournament Finals: Silas Young VS Eli Isom!

The Last Real Man and the Future of Honor both fought tooth and nail to make it through this two-round tournament, and now they meet at the end to determine a challenger for Jeff Cobb! Will old age and treachery still beat youth and exuberance? Or will the prince of upsets get another shocking victory?

Fans are always against the cranky Silas and are therefore strongly behind one-third of the Shinobi Shadow Squad. Silas refuses to shake hands for the Code of Honor, another reason for fans to chant “You Suck!” Silas and Eli tie up and Silas gets the hammerlock. He brings Eli down to the mat but Eli rolls and wrenches back. Silas wrenches Eli but Eli rolls and handsprings again. Eli wrenches but Silas breaks free to CHOP! Silas CHOPS and whips Eli, but Eli ducks to arm-drag! Eli tries again but Silas dodges to Oklahoma roll Eli. TWO, but Silas is right on Eli with a facelock. Silas grinds Eli down while taunting him, but Eli pushes his way up. Silas suplexes but Eli resists. Eli fights back but Silas throws forearms. Eli gives them back and it’s a brawl.

Silas knees then suplexes Eli, but Eli slips out. Eli waistlocks and rolls Silas, TWO! Things speed up as Eli shows off his leaping ability, then knees Silas to a corner. Eli runs corner to corner but Silas puts him on the apron. Silas swings but Eli hits back. Eli springboards, but Silas dodges the dropkick! Eli rolls to the apron but Silas triangle clotheslines him down! The Last Real Man lets the ring count begin while we go to break.

ROH returns once again as fans taunt Silas with “You Suck!” Silas doesn’t care as he slingshot stomps Eli down. He grinds his boots into Eli’s ribs as he tells the fans they suck. Eli gets to a corner and Silas stomps a mudhole into him. Silas backs off at 4 but he’s back on Eli with a facelock. Silas gourd busters Eli down, then mockingly claps along with the fans. He taunts Eli about wanting to be champion as he drags Eli up by his hair. Silas CHOPS Eli, then says the ref should ring the bell already. Silas drops Eli with a back suplex then covers, TWO! Eli lives and fans rally up but Silas haymakers him to a corner. Silas whips Eli corner to corner hard, then atomic facebusters! Cover, TWO! Silas grows frustrated but he keeps on Eli with a sleeper hold and body scissors.

Eli endures the squeeze as fans rally again. Eli works against the legs and then gets to his feet. He throws body shots but Silas holds onto the facelock. Eli powers out and throws Silas onto his face! Fans cheer as Eli grits his teeth. Silas swings but Eli counters with forearms, uppercuts, elbows and then an enziguri! Eli fires up and whips Silas, for a big overhead suplex! Cover, TWO! Eli grows frustrated but he fires himself back up. Eli drags Silas up for a fireman’s carry. Silas slips out and rocks Eli with a right. Silas taunts Eli again, “This all you got?!” Eli gets up and swings but Silas just SLAPS him! Silas doesn’t take Eli serious at all, but Eli gets him down and rains down rights! Fans fire up with the young gun as he fireman’s carry, to Air Raid Crash! Cover, TWO!!

Silas survives and rolls out while Eli roars in frustration. Eli aims at Silas and slingshots, but misses! Silas throws Eli to barriers, and we go to one last break.

ROH returns once more, and Silas has Eli in a full nelson. Fans rally and Eli fights his way up. Silas goes for the swing into the knee, but Eli rolls him up! ONE, and Silas swings. Eli gets him in the full nelson but Silas breaks free, only for Eli to waistlock! Silas resists the German Suplex to victory roll! TWO, and Eli runs, but into the backbreaker and lariat! Cover, TWO! Silas grimaces as he stalks Eli to ropes. Silas full nelson swings but Eli counters with an elbow to the knee. Eli fireman’s carry, but Silas slips out again. Silas shoves Eli and fireman’s carry on the rebound, rolling senton! Silas headstands on the corner, for The Plunge! Cover, TWO!! Eli lives and Silas is shocked!

Silas looms over Eli in the corner and throws haymakers. He puts Eli on the top rope then climbs up top. They both stand up, for a SUPERPLEX! Cover, ONE?! Eli has new life and the fans are loving this! Eli eggs Silas on, and Silas talks trash. Silas stands Eli but Eli hits him with a forearm! Silas shouts, “Are you kidding me?!” He dares Eli to do that again, so Eli does! Eli fires more forearms, but Silas hits back with haymakers. They go back and forth, Silas CHOPS, but Eli CHOPS! Silas CHOPS, Eli CHOPS! Silas haymakers, Eli haymakers, and repeat! Eli backslides!! TWO!! Silas gets the full nelson knee, the fireman’s carry, and Misery! Cover, Silas wins!

Winner: Silas Young, by pinfall; new #1 Contender to the ROH World Television Championship

The Future of Honor gave the Last Real Man all he could, but it just wasn’t enough. Silas moves on to challenge Jeff Cobb, but he picks up a mic to speak.

“Thank you, thank you. You’re far too kind.” Fans boo as Silas says, “Everyone knows that Jeff Cobb is the ROH World Television Champion, but what some of you may not know is that Jeff Cobb is also an Olympic athlete.” Fans say they already know all this. Silas says Cobb goes home and puts the title against the gold medals he doesn’t have! Cobb is just like everyone in the audience: a disappointment! Silas says it’s easy for a guy like Cobb- Speaking of, Jeff Cobb is here! And Cobb goes to the ring. Cobb wants Silas to talk trash to his face, and Silas does.

But wait, Shane Taylor appears? Cobb was ready, and now Taylor talks trash. Silas creeps up but Cobb senses him, too. Cobb keeps his eyes on both Last Real Man and Notorious Hitman, and is ready for a fight! And the fight is on! Cobb rocks Silas then scoops Taylor, but Silas gets Cobb with a low blow! Not even Cobb can withstand that! Then Taylor scoops Cobb, for Greetings from the 216! Silas and Taylor leave Cobb down on the mat, a first for ROH TV! Will the Hawaiian Hulk get payback come time to defend that title?


The pulse quickens.

“A new beginning from an old foundation. ROH begins anew.” What will this Revitalization of Honor mean in 2019?



My Thoughts:

A great episode for ROH to really get this new era going! Four new recruits all did great in their matches. Hot Sauce VS Finlay was great, and it was pretty big for Tracy Williams to win. I really thought Finlay was going to have this one because it was his debut, but at the same time, Tracy can’t go 0-2 or else he won’t look that good to the ROH audience. Bandido VS Haskins was insanely good for an ROH first! Both guys were great, it was really great for Bandido to win, and Haskins losing is no big thing for him, he’ll get his win in another great match for sure. Joe Koff being visible in the crowd is definitely a great sign of things for both guys, I bet one or both of them will be in the ROH WTV scene soon enough.

And speaking of, the main event to finish the contender’s tournament was great, too. Eli is growing very strong for such a young talent, but he’s obviously not at contender level yet. Silas also wins because of Face-Heel dynamics as Jeff Cobb is the Face. I did appreciate the tie-in of the apparent story they’re working on, where Bully Ray rallies the other vicious Heels of ROH. Silas and Shane Taylor beating Cobb down together is proof that those five (Bully Ray, Silas, Taylor and The Briscoes) are going to be sticking together for the most part. If Silas doesn’t get the title off Cobb, Taylor will surely move into being the next challenger. And I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how it’s going. Cobb VS Silas happens in four weeks, that match will be great. And the following Cobb VS Taylor rematch will be even better.

My Score: 8.4/10

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