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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (2/22/19)

WOW enters the Born Legend Era!



WOW Women of Wrestling coverage

WOW has a NEW World Champion in the Born Legend, Tessa Blanchard! But the biggest, the baddest, THE BEAST is after her! Will Tessa survive being the hunted?



  • Nikki Krampus VS Stephy Slays; Krampus wins.
  • Holidead VS Princess Aussie; Princess Aussie wins.
  • Keta Rush VS The Dagger w/ The Temptress; Rush wins.
  • The Beast VS Azteca; The Beast wins.


Previously on WOW…

The Born Legend, Tessa Blanchard, has been a force to be reckoned with since joining the roster. She did everything she had to, and some things she wanted to do, to get David McLane to give her a shot at the title. But a Triple Threat ended in controversy and there was no Women of Wrestling World Champion! This gave Tessa a second chance, and she took Jungle Grrrl one-on-one! Tessa won to become the youngest champion in WOW history, and the first woman to pin Jungle Grrrl ever. But even this was controversial as the referee went down and The Beast savagely attacked the Queen of the Splash! The Beast still wants to prove she’s the Alpha Female and brought about a new era to do it. Will The Born Legend stay on top with so many eyes on her?


David McLane again welcomes us to WOW!

But before he can say much else, there is already a presence in the ring. “What’s up LA?!” Enjay Rima in the house! She gets the fans bouncing as she introduces herself with rap. Enjay gives a shout out to The Boss Jeanie Buss as she has the fans echo, “Let’s! Fight! Let’s! Fight!” Mic drop.

But back to David McLane, he welcomes the NEW champion, Tessa Blanchard. Tessa walks out, the WOW World Championship around her waist. David tells Tessa that while she is the WOW World Champion, he can’t respect how she did it. From assaulting Santana Garrett’s father to taking advantage of The Beast screwing Jungle Grrrl over, she’s not a proper champion. Tessa says it doesn’t matter, a Blanchard always gets gold. And ever since getting to WOW, she ran Santana Garrett out of the locker room and her daddy into the hospital. And Jungle Grrrl’s 18 year undefeated streak, Tessa broke that all by herself! Fans know better than that, and they chant for “Beast! Beast!”

Tessa says fans don’t have to like it, but they will respect it! Tessa is the undeniable Born Legend and WOW World Champion. She shoves the mic back at David then takes her leave. David says fans may not like it, but yes, we do have to accept it. Tessa’s champion, but for how long?


Introducing: The Dagger.

Born in Oakland, California, this Woman of Wrestling played baseball and majored in physical therapy. She got into a relationship and married rather young, only for there to be a lot of lying and cheating. She wanted to get a divorce, but then her father grew ill with Stage 4 Cancer. Her father’s passing made her realize she needed to live life for her. The greatest weapon you have is yourself, and thus her persona was born! She black-belt’d in muay thai and kenpo, and even played Women’s Football. She’s a lover of cars and knives. Martial arts showed her the human shins and elbows can be like knives, and those are her favorite weapons to use.

The Dagger is proud of her athletic and competitive children and they’re proud of her. Fans may see her as a hero or a villain, but she vows to be the best her she can be. Who will feed The Dagger’s edge when this Woman of Wrestling hits the ring?


Nikki Krampus VS Stephy Slays!

The Norwegian Nightmare comes to haunt Los Angeles and the Women of Wrestling! Will Nikki be a nightmare for everyone she faces? Or will Stephy slay this monster before she even gets going?

The bell rings and Stephy dodges Nikki’s grasp to roll her up! ONE, but Stephy rolls and drop toeholds Nikki to a headlock! Nikki stands up and powers out, but Stephy dodges again to crossbody! Cover, ONE! Nikki gets mad and boots Stephy into ropes. Nikki whips Stephy and back kicks to another boot! Stephy gets to the apron while Nikki stalks over. Nikki drags Stephy up for European Uppercuts to the back! Nikki drags Stephy up again for a clubbing forearm! She drags Stephy back in and scoops for a slam! Leg drop! Cover, TWO! Stephy still lives and Nikki is already shocked. Nikki puts Stephy in a corner hard, then goes to the other corner for the same! Stephy staggers up but Nikki is on her with headbutts!

Nikki runs in for a corner spear! She whips Stephy corner to corner but Stephy boots back! Stephy boots Nikki again but Nikki uses those boots to yank her down! Nikki mocks Stephy’s pain then drags her up to power her to a corner. She puts Stephy on the top rope to club away on! Stephy leaps over, rolls, and goes up again for another leap! But Nikki catches her, side slam! Cover, Nikki wins!

Winner: Nikki Krampus, by pinfall

The nightmare begins with a victory! Who else will Krampus conquer in her time in WOW?

But Nikki grabs a mic to speak, in Norwegian. “Hell is loose! And the WOW girls will suffer, one by one!” Making others suffer is what she does! Nikki translates into English, saying she will show us what a REAL nightmare is! For she is Nikki Krampus! Who else will have nightmares about the Norwegian Nightmare?


Holidead VS Princess Aussie!

The Twisted Sister returns after a rather interesting encounter with the Voodoo Doll. Will Siren show herself again as Holidead goes against the wonder from Down Under?

The bell rings and Princess stares Holidead down. They circle and tie up, and Holidead gets around. Holidead shoves Princess to a corner and keeps her trapped, but she backs off at 4. She eggs Princess on and they tie up again. Holidead again puts Princess in a corner, and backs off at 4. Fans chant “Aussie Aussie Aussie! OI OI OI!” Princess doesn’t back down from Holidead, but she’s put in the corner again. Holidead backs off at 4 and the referee reprimands her. She shrugs it off but misses in the corner! Princess slips around and wrenches Holidead’s arm. Holidead powers out and reverses to a shoulder breaker. Holidead wrenches more but Princess rolls through and arm-drags Holidead down!

Princess goes for an armlock but Holidead resists. Holidead rolls but Princess gets a hammerlock. Fans rally for Princess but Holidead powers up and out. Princess gets a headlock but Holidead fights back. Holidead powers out and the two collide. Neither woman backs down so Princess back kicks! Princess runs Holidead over! Things speed up and Holidead runs Princess over in return. Holidead drags Princess all the way up and tackles her into a corner! She whips corner to corner and follows for a corner clothesline. Holidead suplexes Princess hard! Fans duel as Holidead covers, TWO! Holidead argues with the ref but goes back to Princess. She bumps Princess off buckles and rams her shoulder in over and over. Holidead pushes in hard but backs off at 4.

Holidead runs corner to corner but Princess dodges, sending Holidead to the post! Princess takes aim, and spears! But Holidead catches it! Holidead throws big knees then throws Princess! The referee checks on Princess but Holidead storms over. Holidead drags Princess around for an inverted cloverleaf! Fans rally for Princess as she endures. Princess gets up but Holidead swings and throws her out of the cloverleaf! Cover, TWO! Fans continue to cheer as Princess survives. Holidead bumps Princess off buckles and then grinds her into them! She stops at 4 but drives in a heavy forearm. Holidead runs side to side, but misses the boot! Princess takes aim, and sweeps the legs! And hits a mule kick! And a basement dropkick! Princess fires up and LA fires up with her! She rallies with clotheslines and a dropkick!

Princess takes aim from a corner and hops up. Holidead staggers over, and Princess flies for a huricanrana! Princess covers, TWO! Holidead lives but Princess keeps going. Princess climbs up again, and leaps again, but is caught! Holidead hits a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Holidead keeps going as she drags Princess over. She stomps Princess out then climbs up. Holidead leaps but misses the leg drop! Princess hits a sliding lariat! Princess climbs up fast, and leaps for a frog splash! Cover, Princess wins!

Winner: Princess Aussie, by pinfall

But the moment she does, the lights go out! And when they come back on, it’s SIREN! The Voodoo Doll is upset that Holidead has lost, but she offers Holidead an antler? “SACRIFICE!” and she clubs Princess Aussie down! Holidead is still unsure what to make of Siren as she slithers away. Is this alliance of the occult going to happen?


WOW Media catches up with Stephy Slays.

Given her WOW TV losing streak, is the Star of Texas going to be okay? Is she giving up or hanging in there? Stephy says she’s not going anywhere. Win or lose, that’s not what matters. Stephy becomes a better wrestler every time she has a match, which also makes her a better person. At the end of the day, Stephy is a winner. But with mocking applause, Abilene Maverick says that’s just what losers say to make themselves feel better. Stephy tells Abilene to put up or shut up in a match. The Governor’s Daughter says Stephy has a long way to go before facing her. Abilene leaves, leaving Stephy frustrated. Can Stephy slay the goal of finally facing her tormentor?


Introducing: Keta Rush.

A victim of bullying, Keta was left for dead by a gang of girls. But despite her hesitancy, she was able to find courage in the sisterhood of wrestling. Keta founded Bully Busters to help empower other victims. She teaches kids self-defense and self-respect. Keta faced frustration after frustration in WOW, from cancelled matches to missed opportunities. Stephy Slays stepped up to give Keta competition, and Keta won. But as we know, Stephy Slays was tricked into being a lamb to the slaughter of The Beast. The best friends couldn’t make it to their WOW World Tag Team Championship match, and Keta blamed Stephy for her newest missed opportunity. Keta quit, but then was jumped from out of nowhere!

Now Keta knows who did it thanks to David McLane and surveillance footage. It was two women she trusted: The Dagger and The Temptress. Keta returns to WOW and seeks revenge! Will Keta make Dagger fell the Rush? Or will she just feel another Knife in the Back?


The Beast prepares for the hunt.

The biggest and baddest Woman of Wrestling said she was going to #MakeHerMark. She doesn’t need to rough up an old man, she just needed to call out the locker room. She slayed Stephy Slays, then dominated Jungle Grrrl. Tessa doesn’t need to thank her, Beast didn’t do that for her. Beast did that for herself, because she deserves her shot at the title. Will The Beast finally take her place as the top of the food chain?


Keta Rush VS The Dagger w/ The Temptress!

In an act of betrayal, the dangerous duo attacked the WOW veteran out of nowhere, but for what reason? Will reasons matter when Keta comes looking for revenge?

Keta doesn’t time, she rushes the ring and gets them both with clotheslines! She dropkicks Temptress out then dropkicks Dagger right after! The bell rings but the referee has no idea what to do about this. The Bully Busters are here to support Keta-sensei! Dagger comes in but Keta is right on her with a Thesz Press and fast hands! Dagger gets away and regroups with Temptress. Keta dares Dagger to get back in but Temptress creeps up the side. Keta dropkicks Temptress away and still sees Dagger coming! Tilt-o-whirl spike-rana! Dagger staggers up and gets another dropkick from Keta! Fans fire up behind Keta and she yanks Dagger up for a slam. Jackknife cover, TWO! Keta gets the Fujiwara Armbar! Dagger manages a ropebreak and Keta lets her go.

Keta whips Dagger but Dagger reverses, and Temptress trips Keta up! Fans boo but Dagger’s on Keta with an enziguri! Temptress taunts Keta while Dagger whips and throws Keta down! Dagger drags Keta up to throw her onto the mat. Dagger does it again as the Bully Busters rally harder. She bumps Keta off buckles then grinds her boot in. Dagger backs off at 4 but Temptress chokes Keta behind the ref’s back! Fans boo again as Dagger drags Keta out. Dagger turns Keta over for a Boston Crab! Keta crawls and gets a ropebreak of her own! Dagger lets go at 4 to add on damage. Dagger drags Keta up again and hits a big scoop slam! Then the elbow drop, but Keta dodges! Keta dodges another and gets to her feet. Keta dodges the enziguri, to get the armbar! But Temptress distracts the referee!

Dagger taps! Keta lets go of Dagger and tells the ref, but then Dagger swings on Keta! Keta dodges in, pushes Dagger into Temptress, then rolls Dagger up! TWO! Keta wants the arm again, and gets the Fujiwara a third time! Dagger endures, but taps! Keta wins!

Winner: Keta Rush, by submission

Revenge is sweet, but it’s not over! Temptress runs in, only to get the Fujiwara! Dagger saves her cohort and they stomp Keta out. But FIRE stands up to the bullies! Fire runs Dagger and Temptress off but both Dagger and Temptress say this isn’t over. Dagger shouts “Karma’s a b*tch!” but should they be saying that now that Keta has a new ally in this fight? Keta stands up to bullies, and vows she and Fire will bust the bullies!


The Beast VS Azteca!

The only remaining undefeated Woman of Wrestling is only that because she screwed Jungle Grrrl out of her second world title reign. But will she have to pay for her actions down the line? Or will the Sun Goddess just be the newest lamb to the slaughter?

The bell rings and fans are already fired up for “Beast! Beast!” SPEAR!! Beast chokes Azteca but Azteca pushes her away. Azteca gets up but gets thrown into the corner! Beast shoulders in over and over, then throws Azteca across the ring! Azteca slowly gets up but Beast throws her again! Beast SPEARS Azteca again! But Beast isn’t done making an example of Azteca, as she drags her up for a BEAST BOMB! Cover, Beast wins!

Winner: The Beast, by pinfall

The Specimen makes quick work, but here comes Jungle Grrrl! Beast turns around and JG SPEARS Beast! The two brawl and Beast thrashes JG into the mat! Referees rush the ring to keep them apart! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but the officials keep them both back. We go off the air with another explosive situation! When will these two alpha females finally fight it out?!


In loving memory of TNT Keny G, Mr. Keny Garrett. 7/17/67 – 12/09/18.

Story and reality paralleled each other, and sadly the passing of Keny Garrett is not kayfabe. Our condolences to the Garrett family.



My Thoughts:

A really great episode for the Women of Wrestling. Surprisingly, there wasn’t as much done with the WOW World Championship this week, but I suppose that’s fine. An hour-long program can only fit so much, and Tessa still had a good, short promo to keep herself going as a strong Heel. Stephy Slays continues to be the jobber to the stars, but I was really expecting a slightly different look in Nikki Krampus’ ring gear. I still liked that she did most of her promo in Norwegian, WOW should really have some “foreign” characters like that. But I hope that Krampus becomes more of a Tweener, I want to see Norwegian-speaking Nightmare against Make Wrasslin’ Great Again Heel Jessie Jones. They’re both rather similar in build and power style, so that’d be pretty fun.

This building Slays VS Maverick story seems pretty good, too. Slays will likely lose again, but then she might snap and attack Maverick, getting a match out of it. And then Slays winning against Maverick would be the best thing for Slays, it’d be so much vindication after all the taunting from Maverick. Holidead and Siren continue to circle each other, that has to be a team forming. Keta Rush VS Dagger felt like it could’ve been a main event just on the ovation fans were giving it. I was a bit worried with that tilt-o-whirl, though. Dagger could’ve gotten legitimately hurt, but thankfully she was okay. Clearly we’re getting Dagger & Temptress VS Keta & Fire, that would be a pretty fun tag match. There are a lot of good duos right now, they should bring those WOW World Tag titles back.

The only thing about WOW that I’m not really feeling is having all these short main events. Given the time remaining, it’s obvious things won’t go the distance or will have shenanigans. Beast makes quick work of Azteca, but Jungle Grrrl attacking was pretty good. The brawling and chaos to close the night is actually okay, but one of these weeks, we need a huge main event that goes 15+ minutes. Beast VS Jungle Grrrl can and should be that match, winner moving on to face Tessa for the title.

My Score: 8.2/10

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