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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (2/5/19)

Drake Maverick gives us quite the surprise match tonight on 205 Live!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Division’s newest star has made quite the impression, but the Submission Commission would like to guide his potential “the right way”.



  • Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS THE Brian Kendrick; Kendrick wins.
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way; Cedric Alexander VS Akira Tozawa VS Lio Rush VS Humberto Carrillo; Tozawa wins and will challenge Buddy Murphy for the title at the Elimination Chamber.


Tonight, we determine the Cruiserweight Champion’s new challenger!

Drake Maverick sets up a big match for Elimination Chamber, but the Juggernaut has truly been unstoppable since getting the title back at Super Show-Down! Therefore, his new #1 contender will have to be the best of the best. That man will be the last man standing at the end of a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match! Cedric Alexander, Akira Tozawa, Lio Rush and even the newcomer, Humberto Carrillo, all get a shot in tonight’s major match.

The Man of the Hour deserves a spot because of his win-loss record, and how he’s even made an impact on Monday Night Raw. The 24 Year Old Piece of Gold has yet to hold gold, or even challenge the champion. Will his time finally come tonight?

Ultimo Ninja, Humberto Carrillo, impressed in his debut against the champion, but is obviously the biggest underdog tonight. Will Carrillo shock the world when he overcomes much more experienced opponents?

The Stamina Monster was part of the Cruiserweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble, but fell short of a second title reign. Tozawa wants to use the momentum of defeating Hideo Itami to get this win, but will he get a second chance at becoming a two-time champion?

The Soul of 205 Live, Cedric Alexander, may have hit a rough patch after facing Buddy Murphy, but he’s snapped back with his combination of strength and speed. Will the Age of Alexander survive to the end and get another shot at the title?


Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS THE Brian Kendrick!

The #PowerOfLove didn’t quite help against the power of lucha libre last week. Mike lost to a former champion in Kalisto, but now he goes against another former champion in the Man with a Plan. Will Mike & Maria have a plan for Kendrick tonight? Or will Kendrick have a plan to counter their plan?

Maria again joins commentary, but Kendrick goes it alone as Tozawa has to prepare for his match later on. Aiden English asks Maria if tonight is a must-win scenario for them. Maria doesn’t consider last week as fair, Lucha House Party were all present. Of course, being present wasn’t a form of cheating, but that’s not really what matters to Maria. Mike and Kendrick tie up in the present and Kendrick gets the arm. Kendrick wrenches to a hammerlock but Mike slips through. Kendrick holds on and wrenches him back. Mike slips through to reverse the hold and then shift to a facelock. Kendirck works on his escape and gets the hammerlock back.

Kendrick goes to the headlock again but Mike pries his way out to one of his own. Mike grinds Kendrick, but Kendrick powers out. Mike runs Kendrick over and shouts “This is MY show!” He pie faces Kendrick but Kendrick throws a haymaker! Mike bails out while Kendrick dares him to come back. Maria checks on her husband and encourages him to get back in. Mike does but Kendrick throws forearms! Kendrick clotheslines Mike out of the ring! Maria again shows concern while Kendrick keeps on Mike. Kendrick goes to throw Mike into the announce desk, but Maria blocks his path. Mike elbows Kendrick away then gets back in the ring. Mike comes back out to kick Kendrick down then whip him at the post. Kendrick stops himself and mule kicks back. Kendrick grabs Mike, Sliced Bread becomes a back suplex from Mike!

Maria proudly cheers Mike on from commentary as Mike throws Kendrick into the post! Mike leaves Kendrick down and out and the count passes 5. Kendrick gets in at 8 but Mike stomps him out! Mike rains down rights then drags Kendrick up for a brain buster! Cover, TWO! Kendrick survives but Mike keeps his cool. Maria says one match doesn’t make a superstar a legend, it is THE match. Maria knows the day will come when Mike makes an impact. It may not be tonight, it may not be next week, but when “that” match happens, everyone will remember Mike Kanellis. But Kendrick powers out of the headlock, only for Mike to throw him down. Fans rally for Kendrick but Mike drags him up for a snapmare. Mike runs and basement dropkicks Kendrick out!

Mike glares down at Kendrick as the ring count starts again. Kendrick stirs and stands at 5, but Mike is on him. Kendrick drags Mike out but Mike kicks back. Mike tells the fans to shut up, but Kendrick reverses the whip to send him into a post! The ring count begins again and Kendrick heads for the ring. Mike flounders up at 6, gets in the ring at 8, but runs into Kendrick’s elbow. Kendrick boots Mike, then runs, but into Mike’s clothesline! Mike grits his teeth and slaps the fire back into himself. He drags Kendrick up and lifts Kendrick, but Kendrick slips out to the Captain’s Hook! Maria says Mike won’t tap so easily, and Mike’s wild eyes seem to show as much. Mike crawls forward and gets the ropebreak by a finger!

Kendrick lets go but comes back, only for Mike to put him on the apron. Kendrick shoulders and slingshots in, then SUPERKICKS and calf kicks! Cover, TWO! Mike survives and Kendrick grows frustrated. Kendrick grabs Mike agani, but Mike again denies Sliced Bread for his own SUPERKICK! Mike fireman’s carry, Samoan Driver! Cover, TWO! Both Mike and Maria are frustrated while Kendrick flounders to the corner. Mike pulls his own hair before putting Kendrick on the top rope. Mike chops Kendrick then brings Kendrick over as a backpack. Kendrick slips off and rolls Mike up, TWO! SPINEBUSTER from Mike! Cover, TWO!! Mike’s anger boils over, and he drags Kendrick up to drive elbow after elbow into his chest! Maria loves what she sees from her husband as Mike comes back to drive in more elbows.

Fans boo while the referee checks on Kendrick. Kendrick eggs Mike on! Mike boots him down! But Kendrick still eggs him on, so Mike boots him again. Mike grins as he runs again, for a third boot to Kendrick’s face! Mike drags Kendrick up, dragon sleeper to a spin, but Kendrick slips through to Sliced Bread!! Cover, Kendrick wins!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick, by pinfall

Maria is beside herself! Mike had this in hand but it slipped through his fingers! But Mrs. Kanellis keeps Mr. Kanellis calm. Will they finally get “that” win on the Road to Wrestlemania?


Ariya Daivari speaks via Instagram.

“How many times did I have to be there for Hideo Itami?!” Match after match, opportunity after opportunity, and Itami kept blowing it! Daivari was the only man who had Itami’s back but Itami couldn’t get the job done! Itami just kept talking about “respect”. Screw respect! If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself. Will the Persian Lion take things into his own hands and grab a title opportunity of his own?


Tonight’s four contenders speak.

First, Lio Rush. “Who exactly is going to stop the Man of the Hour from winning tonight?” He’s 2-0 against Tozawa, and Carrillo isn’t even ready for this level of competition. As for “ol’ Ceddy”, the Age of Alexander is over. It’s time for Buddy Murphy to #FeelTheRush.

THE Brian Kendrick speaks for Tozawa when he says Tozawa has only begun to “scratch the surface” of his potential. No one gave him a chance against Itami, but Tozawa won. And he’ll do the same tonight. Tozawa smiles but Kendrick gets him to be serious. Tozawa points out he hasn’t had a 1v1 shot at Murphy, but he knows he can win. And he still smiles.

Then, Humberto Carrillo. He took Buddy Murphy to his limits in his 205 Live debut. And he learned a lot from that. Tonight, he will prove he’s capable of so much more when he wins. And then at the Elimination Chamber, he will become the new Cruiserweight Champion.

Last but not least, Cedric Alexander. “It was this time last year when I was running through the entire Cruiserweight Championship tournament on my way to winning the title at Wrestlemania.” He proved he was better than 15 other men, and tonight’s just there. Alexander built this division with his heart, tears and soul. He will not rest until he’s champion once again.


Drake Maverick argues with Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher.

He already told them “No”, but the Submission Commission insists they be Carrillo’s corner men! No, no one gets to be ringside for anyone else in tonight’s main event. That includes Gulak & Gallagher accompanying Carrillo. Fine, but if Carrillo “starts going down the wrong path”, that’s on Maverick. That’s ridiculous. Gulak & Gallagher leave, and in walks Noam Dar. The Scottish Supernova is just fine, but he wants back in the ring. Against Tony Nese. No, Nese got suspended for the attack on Dar. Yes, but as a man, Dar wants to make it right. Dar will settle this, in or out of the ring. Maverick finds himself in a tuogh spot. If it has to happen, then it will be in the ring, and in a No Disqualification Match. Great choice, boss man. Dar will get the Premier Athlete with nothing holding them back, who wins this huge grudge match?


WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way; Cedric Alexander VS Akira Tozawa VS Lio Rush VS Humberto Carrillo!

Two great former champions and two bright shining stars, but only one man will make it to the end of the night! Who outlasts the competition to head on a collision course with the Cruiserweight Juggernaut?

The bell rings and the four men stare down. They slowly approach, but Lio trash talks his opponents. He beat Tozawa twice and has no idea who Carrillo even is. But Alexander points out that he beat Lio. Lio finds himself outnumbered right away, but he kicks at Tozawa. Tozawa flips Lio to the corner! Lio dodges Carrillo, then slides under Alexander. He also dodges Tozawa and bails out Lio avoids Carrillo and Tozawa, but then Alexander stops Lio with a glare. Tozawa DIVES and blasts Lio into the announce desk! Carrillo builds speed but Alexander disrupts his plans. They show off their speed and trade arm-drags. Alexander waistlocks but Carrillo gets ropes. Tozawa slingshots to sunset flip Alexander, causing Alexander to German Suplex Carrillo across the ring!

Fans applaud as things continue to be fast and furious. Tozawa huricanranas Alexander out and builds speed again, but Lio trips him up and drags him out. Lio DIVES on Alexander! Then he DIVES onto Tozawa! Lio gets back in the ring to shout, “This is MY time!” He spots Carrillo and handspring kicks him down. Lio rains rights and dares Carrillo to get up. He kicks the “trash” to a corner and CHOPS Carrillo! Lio snapmares and dropkicks Carrillo then dares him to get up again. Lio dropkicks Alexander away, because his time is over. Carrillo gets up and Lio dodges to tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO! Lio keeps his cool while Carrillo gets to a corner. Lio stomps Carrillo at the ropes then grinds a boot in. He backs off at 4 and stands Carrillo up. Carrillo counter punches, but walks into a kick.

Lio whips but Carrillo reverses. Lio redirects things and ducks a roundhouse, but not the enziguri! Tozawa leaps and missile dropkicks Carrillo out! Fans fire up with Tozawa as he goes after Lio. Lio rolls Tozawa, TWO! Lio lariats Tozawa right down! He stomps Tozawa then throws forearms. Lio whips but Tozawa reverses, only for Lio to sunset flip. Tozawa slips through and Penalty Kicks but Lio ducks that to roll him. ONE, spinning roundhouse! Cover, TWO! Lio grows frustrated but he also says it’s time. Lio climbs up while fans duel. Alexander returns but Lio fights him off. Lio aims and leaps, but has to roll through when Tozawa moves. Tozawa boots Lio away, then again. Alexander gets Lio with the Lumbar Check! Cover, Alexander ELIMINATES Lio! Seems this wasn’t Lio’s time.

There’s no time to rest, though, as Alexander gets up. Alexander goes after Carrillo but Carrill shoulders and slingshots for a sunset flip. Alexander rolls through and kicks but Carrillo ducks the mule kick. Carrillo fires off more kicks and an enziguri to rock Alexander. Tozawa runs but Carrillo dodges. Carrillo uses Alexander to acrobatically leap and arm-drag Tozawa! Alexander runs into Carrillo’s swing kick and Carrillo climbs quick. Carrillo leaps for a big missile dropkick! Reverse somersault moonsault! Cover, TWO! Carrillo almost had the former champ, but he keeps his focus. Carrillo drags Alexander up but Alexander resists the bomb. Tozawa runs to sunset flip Carrillo but Carrillo drags him up.

Carrillo lifts Tozawa but Tozawa huricanranas! Carrillo uses that to sunset flip Alexander! ONE and Alexander walks into Tozawa’s Shining Wizard! Alexander goes all the way out and Tozawa speeds up with Carrillo. Carrillo springboard enziguris Tozawa down! But Alexander leaps back in with a lariat! It wasn’t the best landing as Alexander clutches his knee. All three men are down but fans rally up. Each man gets to a side as they slowly stand. Alexander runs but into Carrillo’s boot. Tozawa runs in but Carrillo puts him on the apron. Carrillo puts Alexander on the apron, too, but Alexander rocks him with a right.

Tozawa rocks Alexander, then drags him up for more. They brawl from opposite sides of the corner, and then climb up. They keep throwing hands but Carrillo comes over to add on! Carrillo brings Alexander up but they all fight for control. Alexander and Tozawa work together to dump Carrillo down but then Alexander rocks Tozawa with a right. Carrillo trips Alexander up, and Alexander tumbles down corner and apron! Carrillo roundhouses Tozawa, then runs back, only for Tozawa to trip him up! Tozawa aims, leaps, SUPER SENTON! Cover, Tozawa ELIMINATES Carrillo! Ultimo Ninja did his best but it’s still too soon for him to be a contender. Now it’s down to the two former champions, who will get their shot at Buddy Murphy?

Tozawa catches his breath in the ring while Alexander drags himself up from the floor. Fans rally up as both men slowly stand. Alexander takes the elbow pads off and Tozawa takes out the mouth guard. They’re both getting serious to prove this is their time. And they both throw heavy forearms at the same time! And again! Alexander swings but Tozawa dodges. Tozawa tilt-o-whirls to the Octopus Stretch! Alexander keeps one arm powers out of the Octopus again, but Tozawa counters the tombstone into a victory roll! TWO! Alexander swings, Tozawa blocks, Tozawa lifts but Alexander slips around to a sunset flip! TWO, and they BOTH boot each other down! Fans fire up again while the referee checks on Tozawa and Alexander. Both men are okay to continue, and slowly crawl to ropes.

Alexander stands first and drags Tozawa up. Tozawa slips out of the back suplex but walks into a back kick. Alexander knee lifts and goes to back hand, but Tozawa dodges. Tozawa kicks, slides, fakes and JABS! Alexander wobbles but reverses the whip to hit the back elbow. Alexander handsprings, but into a German Suplex! And then another! Bridging cover, TWO!! Alexander lives and Tozawa is too tired to be frustrated. Tozawa gets himself up and heads for a corner. Alexander anchors a foot but Tozawa stomps away! Tozawa scrapes Alexander into the drop zone then climbs up. Alexander rolls out of the ring, but Tozawa joins him on the apron.

Tozawa drags Alexander up and throws hands, then another boot. Tozawa stands Alexander again, wanting a suplex, but Alexander blocks. Alexander fights back and shoves Tozawa, to STO him on the apron! Alexander puts Tozawa in, drags him up, snap Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO!! Tozawa lives and shocks all of Washington! Alexander’s eyes are wide in shock but Tozawa’s are wide in a daze. Fans rally with “AH! AH!” for Tozawa but Alexander sneers. Alexander stomps Tozawa, then even tears at his wrist tape. Alexander stomps Tozawa more as his frustration boils up. He drags Tozawa up, Lumbar Check but Tozawa slips out. Alexander tries again but Tozawa flails about. They go around, Tozawa fights, REVERSE-RANA! Alexander’s in the drop zone and fans fire up as Tozawa climbs again. ANOTHER SUPER SENTON!! Cover, Tozawa WINS!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall; new #1 contender

The Stamina Monster proves himself worthy of the name! He outlasts three other great Cruiserweights, and truly triumphs! Tozawa gets another shot at the Cruiserweight Championship, and it will be the long-awaited 1v1 opportunity against Buddy Murphy. Murphy congratulates Tozawa via the titantron for beating three of the best. Now Tozawa can try to stop the unstoppable. Murphy assures Tozawa he won’t be looking past him, but he’ll definitely run through him! Murphy vows to go to Wrestlemania and solidify his legacy as the greatest ever. Will Murphy back up his bold claim? Or will Tozawa prove it’s not about stopping the unstoppable, but about outlasting him?



My Thoughts:

This was the episode 205 Live needed to really kick things up a notch for both themselves and WWE’s week so far. We get surprised with that big main event, and the only gripe with it was I wish it could’ve been longer because it was so great. We get an opening match of Kendrick and the Kanellises, and I’m surprised Mike lost again. His rage is subdued by Maria, but I’m wondering if he’ll ever snap and just brutalize his opponent no matter what she says. Maria on commentary helped frame this story a bit, this won’t be about one win or even several wins, but about a big win. If Mike finally wins and against a big name like Cedric Alexander, that really will mean more than just snapping his losing streak.

Also glad to hear Dar VS Nese is happening, though not at all when I expected. I’m thinking with No Disqualifications, Nese could still win. But because Nese won their first match weeks ago, I feel like Dar needs to win, and the No DQs will help him make up for Nese being the bigger and stronger superstar. Honestly, I was surprised story things didn’t bring them into this main event Fatal 4 we got. I expected this Fatal 4 to be all the stars who haven’t gotten a shot in the last six months, so it’d be Nese VS Dar VS Rush VS Carrillo. But Alexander and Tozawa were obviously great in the main event the way it happened, because they’re both incredible.

It’s great for Carrillo to have not been first eliminated, and it can feed into a segment with Gulak & Gallagher talking to him about the “right” wrestling style. If things go the way I expect them to, Carrillo will need a tag partner to help against the Submission Commission. Hopefully that brings Raul Mendoza back to 205 Live, as he and Carrillo had formed as a tag team on NXT. Another high-flyers VS ground grapplers tag feud would be great for Carrillo and Mendoza, even though those tag titles seem almost dead before ever becoming a thing. But back to Alexander and Tozawa, I am really surprised but also very happy to see it’s Tozawa getting his 1v1 shot. With the momentum Tozawa has been getting in singles matches, I wonder if he wins to show Murphy up. Probably not, because Kushida is likely still the one to dethrone him.

My Score: 8.4/10

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