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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (2/4/19)

Stephanie McMahon returns to Raw, and invites The Man to stop by!



WWE Raw Cover image

Stephanie McMahon returns to Raw! And not only that, but she wants The Man, Becky Lynch, to make her own return. Will Becky oblige the former commissioner?



  • Ronda Rousey VS Liv Morgan w/ The Riott Squad; Rousey wins.
  • Ronda Rousey VS Sarah Logan w/ The Riott Squad; Rousey wins.
  • Raw Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: Heavy Machinery VS Lucha House Party VS The Revival VS The B-Team; The Revival wins and will challenge Bobby Roode & Chad Gable for the titles.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Qualifier: Sasha Banks & Bayley VS Alicia Fox & Nikki Cross; Banks & Bayley win and enter the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match.
  • Elias VS Jeff Jarrett w/ Road Dogg; Elias wins.
  • Finn Balor VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush; changed to…
  • Finn Balor VS Lio Rush w/ Bobby Lashley; Finn wins.
  • EC3 VS Dean Ambrose; EC3 wins.
  • Braun Strowman & Kurt Angle VS Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin; McIntyre & Corbin win, by disqualification.


Stephanie McMahon starts Raw in the ring!

And without further ado- Well, no ado at all, THE MAN is here! Becky Lynch is on Raw once again, per the invite of the Billion Dollar Queen. However, Becky’s leg isn’t feeling any better since last week, but she doesn’t let it bother her. Stephanie continues and introduces Becky as the winner of the Women’s Rumble! But as to why Stephanie wanted Becky to return, she brings up how Becky challenged Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship face-to-face. The footage rolls as Ronda wants Becky at 100%. Becky may be The Man, but Ronda’s a household name and owns the ring when she walks in.

Stephanie was impressed to see Becky just smirk at an angry Ronda. Well why wouldn’t she be smiling? Becky has the fans as a reason, but that Rumble win and Wrestlemania main event are good reasons, too. Stephanie is definitely on Becky’s side after what Ronda has done to her. But Stephanie does point out the knee brace and bit of a hobble. Is Becky okay? Yeah, she’s fine. Really? Yes, really. Well okay, but Stephanie does want to show when that leg got hurt. The Women’s Rumble, Becky and Charlotte stare down but Nia Jax blasts Becky down. Becky shows heart and finishes the match to win it. That’s just what Becky does. But again, she refuses medical attention over that leg. Becky won the Rumble on one good leg and will fight that way, too. She doesn’t want doctors to come near her.

Yes, Stephanie knows about how the doctors sidelined her after the #FaceBreaker incident. She was there to see it all herself. But Stephanie can’t risk it if Becky isn’t cleared by the medical staff. Fans boo and Becky considers what Stephanie’s getting at. Becky sees what’s going on. Becky’s the glitch in the plan, “but here I am. And I’m not moving for anyone!” This is what Becky’s fought her whole life for! What does Stephanie know about struggle? Stephanie’s never had to fight for a thing in her life, has she?! No, because she’s Daddy’s Girl who’s never fought for a thing but is trying to stop Becky from fighting for everything! But Becky rose up, earned her place, and there is nothing Stephanie or any “stupid doctor” can do about it!

Stephanie admits Becky earned her way tot he top. But it is a liability to let Becky compete in her condition. The doctors will give her the OK and she can compete, unless the knee’s worse than Becky lets on. And whether Becky believes it or not, Stephanie cares about her. This is the biggest match in Mania history! Fans want that match of Ronda VS Becky! But Becky has to be cleared instead of thick-headed. Stephanie pleads with Becky. It’s not a trick, it’s not a game, it’s Becky’s well-being. Will Becky visit the doctors? Not at the expense of her moment. Then Stephanie will have to suspend her until she changes her mind. Becky warns Stephanie that if she says that again, she’s not gonna be responsible for her actions.

Why is this so hard for Becky? Don’t make Stephanie do this. Then don’t. Then will she go to the doctor? No. Then effective immediately, Becky is suspended. Becky knocks Stephanie off her feet! And rains down rights! And puts her in the Disarm-Her! But her bad leg gives out. Referees run in but Becky fights them off. And the same for security! Becky gets at Stephanie again but her bad leg helps Stephanie get away! Becky hobbles while Stephanie retreats with the officials. The Man has a bad knee but an even worse temper. She’s fighting through the pain, but will be fighting for the title after this?


Becky Lynch is being escorted from the arena.

The Man was suspended, so she has to go. But then along comes Ronda Rousey. The two stare down and Ronda says Becky tests Ronda’s professionalism every time they meet. Ronda will keep her temper in check, but what did Becky’s temper get her? A suspension and the main event being put on the line. Becky should rest up so she can take the whooping her “Woe is Me” ass can whine about later. Plus, she’d “snap that b*tch.” Becky just shrugs Ronda’s attitude off as she continues her exit. Will Becky be forced to recover because of this suspension?


Ronda Rousey VS Liv Morgan w/ The Riott Squad!

The Baddest Woman on the Planet is already riled up, but the Juvenile Delinquent and her friends are laughing it off. Will Liv be laughing after her run-in with Rowdy Ronda?

The bell rings but Liv bails out. The Squad is already trolling Ronda with this strategy, but Ronda stays in the ring and keeps her calm. Liv returns but then ducks back out. Fans boo but Liv laughs and skips about. Liv returns again, but then dodges to smile with her blue raspberry tongue. Liv and Ronda circle and Ronda catches Liv this time! Ronda throws Liv but Liv slips out of the ring. Sarah Logan distracts and Liv attacks, but Ronda swings on her. Liv goes Matrix but Ronda hammers her down! Ronda puts on the armbar, Liv taps! Ronda wins!

Winner: Ronda Rousey, by submission

The Baddest Woman made quick work of little Liv, but she looks eager for more. Does everyone have a problem with her? From the fans booing to the Squad glaring, Ronda is fed up with this. She dares Sarah to do something about it, and Sarah accepts the challenge!

Ronda Rousey VS Sarah Logan w/ The Riott Squad!

The Kentucky Viking steps up, but will she fare any better than Liv?

The bell rings, Sarah rushes and powers Ronda to a corner! Sarah rams her shoulder in over and over then lifts Ronda up. Ronda gets the armbar takedown! Sarah scrambles to a ropebreak and the Squad hurries to get her to safety. Fans boo and Ronda paces while we go to break.

Raw returns and Ronda has Sarah in a triangle! Sarah deadlifts Ronda up and buckle bombs her! Sarah’s free and Ronda’s got a scratch on her face. Ronda covers up as Sarah stomps, and Ronda fights back with hands and a judo throw. Ronda throws Sarah again and then hammers away! Then the ARMBAR! Sarah taps, Ronda wins again!

Winner: Ronda Rousey, by submission

That’s two fights in a row for two wins in a row. Ronda’s angry, but she won’t get satisfaction with Becky out of action. However, Squad Leader Ruby wants to see if she can capitalize by being Ronda’s third opponent tonight. She and Ronda stare down, but Ruby backs off. Will Becky be allowed to return so that she and Ronda can both get what they want at Wrestlemania?


Backstage interview with The Riott Squad.

Why did Ruby run away from Ronda? Ruby didn’t run from anything! Ruby has no doubt she can and will beat Ronda, but it will be for the Raw Women’s Championship! But she needed to be with her friends first. Ronda will have to wait, because the Squad’s bond can’t be broken. Ronda’s an opportunist, and knows nothing about that. If Becky doesn’t return, will Ruby get her title shot?


Backstage interview with Sasha Banks & Bayley.

The Boss & Hug Connection have their qualifier tonight, but will the losses against Ronda Rousey have any impact on that? Bayley keeps Sasha calm, and points out that each of them brought Ronda to her limits. These two are great alone, but together they’re the best. The tag title opportunity is a dream the WWE Universe willed into existence. Come Elimination Chamber, the #LegitHuggable duo will make history. But then Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross come by. They won’t let Banks and Bayley make it to the Chamber, because Foxy embraces chaos. Chaos doesn’t judge. Chaos is fair and square, and the #LegitHuggable friends will find out you don’t #CrossTheFox! Will crazy and crazier come out the winners tonight? Or will the Boss & Hug Connection take one step closer to history?


Raw Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: Heavy Machinery VS Lucha House Party VS The Revival VS The B-Team!

Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic, Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik, Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder, or Bo Dallas & Curt Axel. Which team will take the win to take on the GLORIOUS tag team champions, Bobby Roode & Chad Gable?

Curt Axel and Metalik start with the bell. Metalik kicks then rolls Axel, ONE! Axel backs off but comes back to throw a knee. He throws hands and gets the fans going on “B-Team! B-Team! GO GO GO!” Axel whips but Metalik handsprings back. Metalik kicks then runs the ropes. Lince tags in and Metalik dropkicks Axel down. Licne runs and gets a boost to missile dropkick Axel. Dash tags in but gets a huricanrana pin! TWO, and Lince arm-drags Dash around. Lince has Dash in the armlock while fans rally with “Lucha! Lucha!” Roode & Gable watch backstage as Dash pulls at Lince’s mask. Dash brings Lince around to whip but runs into a boot. Tucker tags in off Lince to waistlock slam Dash! And then again! He rolls to a cover, ONE!

Tucker squeezes Dash and fans cheer for the power of “Steaks and Weights!” Tucker and Dash go around and Tucker shifts to a headlock. Tag to Dozer! Heavy Machinery double whip and run Dash over with shoulders. Then, Boom Shaka Loo! Double headbutts! Cover, TWO! Dozer keeps on Dash with a spinning scoop slam, then brings him around for a whip to the corner. Tag to Tucker and Dozer whips Tucker in for a corner splash. Tucker feeds Dash to Dozer then dropkicks Dawson out. B-Team runs in but they get double scoops that send them right out of the ring! Lucha House Party runs in but are put on the apron. So Lince and Metalik Double ASAI onto everyone else!

Dawson runs into body shots, then Heavy Machinery march for the big belly sandwich! Belly bump celebration, but then they scoop Dawson to toss onto the pile! Heavy Machinery has control while we go to break.

Raw returns as Dawson brings up Metalik for a big back suplex. Cover, TWO! Metalik crawls but Dawson keeps on him. Tag to Dash and Dawson feeds Metalik to Dash’s knees. Dash toys with Metalik but Metalik CHOPS him back! Dash kicks low then scoops Metalik, tag to Dawson for a tag team gutbuster! Cover, TWO! Dawson keeps on Metalik with a chinlock. Fans rally with “Lucha! Lucha!” and Metalik feeds off the energy. Metalik fights with body shots and powers out of the headlock. Dawson blocks the boot and flips Metalik but Lince tags in. Lince kicks back then leaps with the crossbody! Lince hits Dash then boots Dawson, tilt-o-whirl headscissors! Dash returns, DROPSAULT! Cover, TWO! Lince keeps his focus but Dawson knees low. Dawson whips but Lince dodges, DOUBLE Golden Rewind for the Revival!

Lince fires up, aims but Dozer tags in! So Lince dropkicks him then DIVES onto Dash! Dash sends Lince into the barriers! Metalik runs in but into The B-Team’s back suplex to neckbreaker! Dozer bulldozes The B-Team! Dozer goes corner to corner to squash Bo! Bo is down, Dozer pumps it up, here comes the Caterpillar! Fans fire up as Dozer covers, but Axel saves Bo. Axel runs into Tucker’s trapped-arm overhead suplex! Dozer picks up Bo, Tucker runs but Dash dumps him out. Dozer slams Bo and hits Dash, but Dawson tags in. The Revival dump Dozer out! Bo runs in but into a school boy. Bo slips through to a cradle, TWO! Dash tags in, SHATTER MACHINE! Cover, The Revival win!

Winners: The Revival, Dash Wilder pinning; new #1 Contenders to the Raw Tag Team Championships

The #TopGuys get another shot! Will this opportunity be the one that gets them tag title gold?


Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder meet up backstage.

Ryder tells Hawkins not to worry about The Revival. They’ll get back at them next time. Next time? If anyone else was Ryder’s partner, Ryder would’ve been part of that match, and maybe even won. Hawkins is toxic bad luck. This reunion won’t work. It’s just one loss! No, it’s 250+ for Hawkins! Why does Ryder want to team with Hawkins anyway? Ryder points out that everyone got his name wrong. It was “Zackh”. How is that even possible? Zack’s been here 13 years and people forgot how to spell his name?! He’s at the bottom like Hawkins. So they’re both losers? Yes, but not for long. They started here together, Major Brothers, Edge Heads, youngest WWE tag team champions ever! The losing streak will lose with them together. Then maybe they can get the name right.


Superstars show support to Kurt Angle.

The Olympic Gold Medalist has something to say about his future with the WWE. What will he say live on television after the break?


Kurt Angle heads to the ring!

Portland greets Angle with the kind “You Suck!” chants, and Angle thanks them for the ovation. “Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence.” Yes, Angle’s 3 I’s have been his way through both the good and the bad. Angle accomplished everything he’s wanted, from the European Championship to the WWE Hall of Fame. He tore the house down with Shawn Michaels. He sprayed the ring with milk. And he was even a Raw GM that gave everyone a chance to settle things in the ring. Angle even found the son he never knew he had. And best of all, the fans always reminded him, “You Suck!” So, thanks?

But lately, the 3 I’s were replaced by 3 D’s: Doubt, Defeat, and Depression. Angle’s return didn’t go the way he pictured, namely with Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin. Angle wanted to show he still had it, and shut those two up for good. In his long career, Angle’s beaten the best, and yes he won the gold medal with a “broken freakin’ neck.” But there is one opponent he cannot defeat: Father Time. There comes a point in everyone’s career where- Baron Corbin interrupts!

Corbin wants Angle to wrap this up. Does Angle want everyone to feel sorry for him? Angle did this to himself. This speech should’ve been the Hall of Fame speech two years ago, and then no one sees Angle again. But no, Angle signed a contract to be a GM. And then instead of just making matches, he started getting in them. But look at him now. Angle is a “broken-down shadow of a man.” Well this old man will break Corbin’s ankle in two! Angle dares Corbin to get in the ring! But first, Drew McIntyre appears! I

t seems Angle can’t help himself. He’s accepted his fate, and yet he turns around wanting to fight the man who beat him last week. People used to look at Angle and saw a warrior. But McIntyre saw fear as Angle tapped out to his own ankle lock! McIntyre also thought he’d never see Angle again, yet Angle still showed up. Angle will keep showing up until someone does something “very drastic”. So Portland, shut up and get the cameras ready for the last time you see Angle in the WWE again. McIntyre and Corbin vow to put him down for good! These two flank the ring, but here comes BRAUN!

The Monster Among Men dislikes both McIntyre and Corbin, and throws hands with the Scottish Terminator! Angle throws hands with Corbin and clotheslines him out! Strowman throws an arm chair at Corbin! Corbin is surrounded so he runs to the ring. Corbin and McIntyre are in retreat! Strowman and Angle stand tall, will they be united against McIntyre & Corbin?


WWE and Raw celebrate Black History Month.

Superstars go to the National Civil Rights Museum to learn of all the powerful moments in the struggle for ethnic equality. Martin Luther King Jr. is an inspiration to all peoples, may his dream live forever.


The Architect is going to Wrestlemania!

Seth Rollins was able to #BurnItDown in the Men’s Rumble match and win it all, but he had to decide. Would he challenge the New Daniel Bryan for the newly redesigned WWE World Championship? Or would he challenge the reining, defending, undisputed Universal Champion, The Beast, Brock Lesnar? Rollins chose Lesnar by telling him to his face with a fight! But Lesnar would win that brawl and F5 Rollins onto that very title! Will Rollins recover and redesign his game plan in time for Wrestlemania?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Qualifier: Sasha Banks & Bayley VS Alicia Fox & Nikki Cross!

The two teams said their pieces earlier, but now it’s time to back up those words. Who will be the better combination and move on towards the Elimination Chamber’s historic match?

But as the teams make their entrances, Fox and Cross attack from behind! They hammer Bayley down and then drag Sasha out! Fans boo as the beating continues, but Bayley fights back! She knocks Foxy down then throws Crazy Cross to the ramp. Bayley goes back after Foxy but Cross comes back over. She and Foxy mug Bayley until more referees appear. But they can’t stop Fox and Cross from throwing Bayley into the LED wall! Then they stomp Sasha, and toss Bayley down the ramp! Will this keep the Boss & Hug Connection from competing? Will this crazy combination qualify by default?

Raw returns and this match IS still on! Bayley lariats Nikki down then covers, TWO! Bayley keeps on Cross in the corner with big shoulders. She lets up at 3 to snapmare and sliding lariat! Cover, TWO! Bayley drags Cross away but Cross pushes her away. Bayley still scoops and slams, covers, TWO! Cross hops on Bayley for a sleeper hold! Bayley backs up but Alicia tags in to also be a sleeper. Bayley throws her off and crossbodies them both! Cover on Alicia, TWO! Alicia throws forearms then whips Bayley to a corner. Alicia runs but is flapjack’d on buckles. Bayley hops up and hits a flying uppercut! Cover, TWO! Bayley keeps her cool and throws Alicia with a saido suplex! Cover but Cross breaks it. Bayley throws Cross with a saido!

Bayley puts Alicia on the apron and hotshots her back in! Cross drags Alicia out but Bayley pursues to fetch her. Bayley fights Cross off but walks into the scissor kick! Cover, TWO!! Bayley lives, and Sasha’s finally on the corner. Alicia wraps Bayley in a chinlock but fans rally up. Bayley endures and fights her way up. Alicia headbutts Bayley down then drags her over. Tag to Cross and the two put Bayley in the Tree of Woe! Cross stomps a mudhole into Bayley then tags to Alicia. Alicia kicks away on Bayley and Bayley falls out of the Tree. Alicia stomps Bayley more then tags Cross. Cross drags Bayley into a half nelson chinbar. Fans rally up again as Bayley endures. Bayley fights her way back up, but Cross clubs her down. Cross stomps Bayley then tags Alicia.

Alicia and Cross put Bayley back in the Tree, get their shots in then tag again. Cross stomps away but Bayley sits up to fight back! Cross tackles Bayley into a corner for shoulders. She backs off for a corner splash and bulldog! Cover, TWO! Bayley lives and frustrates Cross. Cross shoves Bayley out of the ring then leaps for a crossbody! Cross roars and slaps herself around while she stalks Bayley. Sasha saves Bayley and Cross runs into post! Alicia gets Cross back in to tag in while Bayley crawls over. Alicia stops Bayley but Bayley rolls her up! Bayley & Sasha win!!

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bayley, Bayley pinning; enter the Elimination Chamber Tag Match

The #LegitHuggable duo survive the chaos to qualify! Will Banks & Bayley win it all to make history?


Backstage interview with Apollo Crews.

Is he surprised to see Kurt Angle competing tonight? Apollo didn’t think that was Angle’s aim but he’s happy to see Angle’s trying again. But given his string of losses, is it wise for him to compete? It’s Kurt Angle! Even he has some off nights. Then even with Braun on his side, what are Angle’s chances tonight? Everyone has a chance of winning. But then Drake Maverick and Rezar come by. They don’t think Angle has a chance of winning, Apollo’s just fooling himself. Hey how does Rezar get his puppet to talk? Does he pull strings? Or put his hand up the- Rezar wants to fight but Maverick keeps the peace. Apollo’s just upset because his Olympic hero keeps letting everyone down. Will we be let down again with another Angle defeat?


Elias VS Jeff Jarrett w/ Road Dogg!

Oh you didn’t know~?! The Drifter has tried to differentiate himself from Double J since debuting in the WWE, but then Jarrett and the D O Double G would return to bring it all back. Elias got a smash hit off of both Roadie and Jarrett with his guitars last week, but now we settle things in a match! Will Double J #WalkWithElias?

Before the match, Road Dogg himself welcomes Portland to the Dogg House! “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages”, we proudly present the Road Dogg, Jessie James! Dogg may be bigger and grayer, but this isn’t about him. This is about the Hall of Famer’s return! Jeff Jarrett makes his entrance, armed with a guitar! “Howdy folks, Double J here!” Yes, J E Double F, J A Double R, E Double T makes a wrestling return to the WWE, but Dogg brings up the singing. Time to finish karaoke with the WWE Universe! But then Elias interrupts someone else for once! Jarrett, Dogg, that song no one knows the words hasn’t aged well. Just like them. That hurts. Does Jarrett even play guitar? Shouldn’t Dogg be on SmackDown tanking their ratings? Elias would rather watch another Maroon 5 performance than this.

Truth be told, Elias would’ve done the Super Bowl, but he made the mistake of turning that down for Portland, a city too insignificant to have a football team. Elias wanted to save the night with his own performance, but he remembered how ungrateful the WWE Universe is. You give him a standing ovation, nothing less! But no, Elias won’t sing tonight in Portland. As for Jarrett and Dogg, they can keep up the nostalgia act but it won’t change the truth: WWE stands for “Walk With Elias!” Jarrett has Elias wait. In the immortal words of a great rival, “Hey chico, don’t sing it. Bring it!” And if you ain’t down with that, they’ve got two words for ya! “SUCK IT!” Jarrett and Elias fight outside the ring!

Jarrett puts Elias in but the ref keeps them apart until the bell. The bell rings and the brawl is back on! Jarrett rocks Elias right out of the ring but Elias gets spooked by the Roadie. Elias gets in again but then right back out, and we go to break.

Raw returns and Elias throws Jarrett around the outside. Elias puts Jarrett in the ring and CHOPS him around. Elias whips but Jarrett boot shim away. Jarrett throws hands, whips and hip tosses Elias down! Jarrett clotheslines and whips again, but Elias dodges to hit a big knee strike! Elias grins as he mocks the strut. Then he tells Dogg to “Suck it!” Elias stomps Jarrett then drags him up for a whip. He elbows Jarrett then covers, TWO! Elias sits Jarrett up to tell him who’s better, then wraps on a chinlock. Fans rally for Double J and Jarrett powers up. Jarrett fights but Elias knees and suplexes Jarrett up and over! Cover, TWO! Elias trash talks Roadie but Jarrett hits Elias with body shots. Jarrett whips Elias but misses in the corner. Elias kicks Jarrett and rains down rights. Elias leaps for a big elbow drop, covers, TWO!

Fans rally but Elias puts Jarrett back in a chinlock. Jarrett fights out again but Elias reverses the whip. Elias puts Jarrett in a sleeper! Jarrett jawbreakers free! Elias kicks Road Dogg just because! Fans boo but Elias turns around to get punches from Jarrett! Jarrett has Elias reeling, then he whips for a big clothesline! Jarrett hits Elias with the straddle attack on the ropes. Double J struts, kicks, but Elias blocks. Jarrett enziguris! Dogg gets hit again, and Elias gets Jarrett with Drift Away! Cover, Elias wins!

Winner: Elias, by pinfall

The Drifter shows up the supposed greatest singer and greatest wrestler, but now Road Dogg gets Elias back for those sucker punches! He whips but Elias reverses, only for Dogg to come back with jabs! Dogg pops, locks and drops Elias! Dogg aims at Elias from across the way, and Jarrett has a guitar, too. Elias glares at Dogg, but Dogg tells him “Wait! Suck it!” Jarrett SMASHES Elias with the guitar! Ain’t he great? Jarrett may have lost this battle, but will he win the war on this Road to Wrestlemania?


Dana Brooke finds Natalya backstage.

The Total Package apologizes for the loss in their tag team match last week. It was their chance at the Women’s Tag Team Championships, so that makes her feel even worse. Natalya doesn’t respond. Is this because Dana said she’s better than Natty? Sorry but get over it! It was just something to pump them both up about it, y’know? Well, fine, silent treatment. Not even seeing she’s here. But Dana’s here. Dana is gonna make a match with Natty so they can prove Dana belongs! Oh, Natty had AirPods in her ears. Well, Natty’s in for quite the surprise. Will Dana prove she’s main roster material? Or will the Queen of Harts trump her efforts?


Backstage interview with Finn Balor.

After his match with Brock Lesnar and then the confrontation with Bobby Lashley, he really doesn’t look good. He’s medically cleared but at what point does he put pride aside for the sake of his health? Finn says the Irish are famously stubborn when wounded. He and Becky both. Finn’s elbow hurts from the Kimura. Finn’s ribs hurt from the beating. People told him to stay home, but Finn took the best punishments and got back up. Lashley sees him as an easy target, but Finn won’t be bullied. Finn won’t stop pushing forward, he’ll just take the fight to Lashley like he did Lesnar. And first chance he gets, he’ll even take that Intercontinental Championship.

Finn Balor VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush!

As Finn just said, he wants to take the fight to the bigger men. But the Hype Man of the Hour loves to remind us the Rocky Mountain Machine isn’t just a wrestler, he’s a fighter! Will Finn survive a fight with a fighter? Or will he be 0-2 against behemoths?

Lio has a mic and wants Finn to take a look at himself. He looks like he’s a mummy yet he thinks he has a chance against the Almighty? This isn’t David VS Goliath, this is Mouse VS Truck! Be real, Finn. Lashley curls dumbbells heavier than you! Finn shouldn’t even think about the IC title.

Lashley says Finn had his shot against Lesnar and couldn’t win. Lashley’s better than Lesnar. He can beat Lesnar in a wrestling match, in a fight, and in his sleep! Finn doesn’t deserve to be in a ring with him. Instead, Finn should fight people his own size. There’s no match with Lashley tonight, because Finn will take on Lio Rush. And maybe if Finn’s entertaining enough, he’ll get the title match he wants. The 24 Year Old Piece of Gold makes his Raw in-ring debut against the Extraordinary Man! Will Lashley see something he likes?

But before the bell, Lashley kicks Finn down low! Lashley puts Finn in the corner and rams his shoulders in! Then he clubs and stomps Finn down! Fans boo while Lashley and Lio fist bump. The referee checks on Finn, but Lio just heaps on the trash talk. Finn wants this match, the bell rings, Lio rushes right at him! Lio stomps and punches away in the corner but backs off at 4. Lashley cheers Lio on but Finn grabs Lio by the head! Finn puts Lio in the corner but Lio kicks the bad ribs! Lio keeps Finn down with elbows and a rain of right hands. Lio kicks Finn in the ribs again then eggs Finn on. Finn catches a kick to trip Lio! Finn stomps away on Lio now! Lio bails out but Finn fires up to wreck him with a dropkick!

Finn keeps moving, but Lashley trips him up and yanks him out! The referee reprimands Lashley and EJECTS him! The Rocky Mountain Machine has to leave, and now Lio will be alone with Finn! Fans taunt Lashley but Lio runs and DIVES onto Finn! Lio blasts Finn and has control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Lio has Finn in a standing abdominal stretch. Finn endures while Lio digs his knuckles in. Finn pops out and turns but Lio knees him low. Lio stalks Finn to a corner and rams his shoulder in. Lio tries a third time but gets a knee from Finn! Finn gets to the apron but Lio runs over, only to get a swing kick! Lio’s down, Finn climbs up! Fans fire up but Lio trips Finn up on the top rope. Lio climbs up to join Finn and throws forearms. Fans duel as Lio SUPER STEINERS Finn down! Cover, TWO!! Finn survives and frustrates Lio! Lio goes after Finn again, wanting another abdominal stretch. Finn resists as they’re in a half-mount version, but Finn powers up and out to put the stretch on Lio! Finn hammers away on Lio with forearms and body shots! Then the double stomps!

Finn grits his teeth as he gasps for air. Finn runs, slingblade to Lio! But the fall hurts Finn back, and he crawls to Lio. Finn drags Lio up, 1916 but the ribs give out! Small package, TWO! Lio kicks and enziguris, then runs, backwards springboard stunner! Lio heads up top now, Final Hour but he has to roll through! Finn shotgun dropkicks Lio down! Finn climbs again, with Portland fired up, COUP DE GRACE!! Cover, Finn wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

But here comes Lashley! Finn gets away from big bully Bobby, but will a win over Lio get Finn the title shot?


Paige is here!

“Did you miss me?” She’s just glad they remember her. But there’s a very special coming out, Fighting With My Family. It’s based on Paige’s life and her family, and everyone will surely find it interesting. The trailer rolls and the story of the game-changing Anti-Diva is coming to theaters soon.


It’s time for another Moment of Bliss!

Raw returns as The Goddess, Alexa Bliss, sits on her set. Her guest is a “man of mystery”, a future star of the main roster, THE EC3! The Top One Percent walks right out onto the stage and puts his name up on the titantron. EC3 sits with Alexa and she gets a good look at him. Is he ready for his Moment of Bliss? Just look at him! He’s young, good-looking, and he has a very large… bank account! But he’s playing hard to get between Raw and SmackDown. While he’s here in the flesh, she wants to know. Which brand does he choose? Fans hope he says Raw since he’s here, but someone interrupts. It’s Nia Jax! Tamina follows the Irresistible Force out and Nia answers this for everyone: “No one cares.” Wow, not a single episode without an interruption. Nia would say she’s sorry, but she’s not.

And who wants to see this weird blind date she’s working on. What should be the headline is Nia’s great week! Nia broke boundaries by “entering” the Men’s Rumble, and how the Samoan Dynasty is in that Women’s Tag Team Championship Chamber match. They did that by beating Alexa. Mickie took the pin. Well, this is now Nia’s Moment of Bliss, okay? The world is talking about Nia, wondering what’s next. And Nia might fill in for Becky at Mania. But the siren sounds and here comes Dean Ambrose!

The Moral Compass saunters out and Nia is upset over her interruption being interrupted. Ambrose apologizes to Alexa. He doesn’t want to be out here any more than Alexa wants him out here. But he just has something to say to Nia. Obviously Nia has a huge crush on him. She’s not the first woman to not know how to handle his “raw sexual magnetism.” She doesn’t now how to deal with that and that’s okay. Nia just has to forget about him and just stay far, far away.

As for Alexa, help him figure out who this is. That’s EC3. Ambrose swats the mic out of EC3’s hand! EC3 gets up and Ambrose says this will be his interview now. Who is he? What does EC3 stand for? Where were ECs 1 and 2? Who does his hair? Is he a Creed fan? He seems like one. Why does EC3 just lurk around like a mutant Chippendale instead of getting in the ring? Ambrose dares EC3 to answer, so EC3 punches Ambrose out! EC3 heads to the ring, will Ambrose be his first #VictoryAfterVictory?


EC3 VS Dean Ambrose!

Raw returns as the bell rings on this match, and EC3 tackles Ambrose off his feet! EC3 throws hands then puts Ambrose in a corner. He bumps him off one buckle, then another buckle, but Ambrose kenes low. Ambrose runs but into a leaping lariat! EC3 scoop slams Ambrose, then has the fans say his name! Elbow drop! EC3 stalks Ambrose to a corner but Ambrose kicks and throws EC3 to a post! Ambrose taunts EC3 as he rains down rights. Ambrose lets up at the count of 4 but comes back to stomp a mudhole into him. He stops at 4 again but drags EC3 up to reel him in for a lariat! Cover, TWO! Ambrose wraps EC3 up in a chinlock. They go around and Ambrose traps an arm in a hammerlock. Fans duel as EC3 powers up and out with a snapmare.

EC3 throws hands with Ambrose and backs Ambrose down. He whips and elbows Ambrose down then hits a forearm smash! EC3 whips, reels Ambrose in, STO DDT! Fans fire up with EC3 as he runs corner to corner, but misses in the corner! Ambrose has EC3 in a bomb but EC3 jackknifes! EC3 wins!!

Winner: EC3, by pinfall

The Top One Percent wins his in-ring debut! Is this the first of many victories for the Best Here, the Best There and the Best Anywhere?


Backstage interview with Kurt Angle.

What would it mean to him to defeat the two men who “embarrassed” him 1v1 before? Well Angle wasn’t expecting to compete, but he was thinking of retiring. But then something told him to fight, and so that’s what he’s doing. He’s not fighting alone, either. The Monster Among Men comes over. Strowman never met a portapotty, a limousine, a semi-truck or a WWE superstar he didn’t want to destroy. Angle’s just glad to have him on his team. Strowman is honored to tag with Angle, and promises both McIntyre and Corbin will #GetTheseHands. Oh it’s true. It’s damn true. Will the Olympian and the Monster make the Scottish Terminator and Lone Wolf pay?


Mojo Rawley talks to himself again.

From football to Wall Street to the WWE, “they” have always wanted “you” to be part of the team. But being part of a team hasn’t really worked out well, has it? Mojo laughs at himself, but then shouts “Forget the team!” Now, it’s all about you. Will Mojo make the most of being all alone with himself?


Braun Strowman & Kurt Angle VS Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin!

McIntyre and Corbin are no strangers when it comes to working together, especially when it comes to beating down Strowman. Of course, those were in situations where they outnumbered the Monster Among Men. Now things are even, and both Strowman and Angle are after some retribution. Will McIntyre & Corbin #GetTheseHands and some broken ankles? Or will they find a way to turn things around and get the better of the Hall of Famer again?

The teams sort out, and we begin with Corbin and Angle. They tie up and Angle gets a German Suplex already! Angle goes for the ankle but McIntyre saves Corbin. Strowman comes around and bulldozes McIntyre! Corbin runs into another German Suplex! Angle wants the ankle but Corbin rolls and shoves him away. McIntyre gives Angle the Glasgow Kiss! Angle is down while we take one last break.

Raw returns again and Corbin rocks Angle with a right. Fans boo but Corbin soaks up the heat. Corbin rocks Angle again, then mocks the fans for booing. Angle gets up but Corbin’s on him with a half nelson chinbar. Angle endures and McIntyre trash talks from the ropes. Strowman and the fans rally up for Angle, and Angle feeds off the energy. Corbin knees low and tags in McIntyre. They stomp a mudhole into Angle together, but let up at 4. McIntyre brings Angle out to CHOP him off his feet. McIntyre drags Angle up but Angle counter punches! But McIntyre powers him back tot he corner, tags Corbin, and Corbin rams shoulders into Angle. Corbin throws a punch but Angle counter punches again! Corbin knees low and whips but Angle reverses. But Corbin slides out then in while McIntyre tags, Corbin hits Strowman!

Angle goes after Corbin but McIntyre boots Angle down. McIntyre rains down hands but Strowman barges in. The referee keeps Strowman back but McIntyre gets distracted as he eggs Strowman on. Angle gets the Angle Slam but McIntyre slips out! McIntyre steals the Angle Slam! McIntyre laughs as he steals the ankle lock again! Angle endures his own hold all over again, but he refuses to quit! Angle crawls, reaches, and fans reach a fever pitch as Angle rolls McIntyre off! McIntyre stops from getting too close to Strowman, but that allows Angle to slip past and tag Strowman in! The Monster rallies on McIntyre and Corbin! Strowman headbutts McIntyre then runs corner to corner for the splash! And a clubbing forearm!

Fans fire up all over again as Strowman stalks McIntyre. Strowman scoops but McIntyre slips out. McIntyre shoves Strowman and Corbin dumps Strowman out. Tag to Corbin, and he leaps on Strowman with ax handles! Corbin soaks up the heat as he throws Strowman into the post. Corbin puts Strowman into the other post, then rams him into barriers! He finally puts Strowman into the ring and keeps him from Angle. Tag to McIntyre and they mug Strowman in the corner. McIntyre drags Strowman up for a neckbreaker! Cover, ONE! McIntyre tags Corbin and they double back suplex Strowman! Cover, TWO! Corbin grows frustrated but he and McIntyre coordinate. Fans rally up while McIntyre tags in. They mug Strowman then stomp a mudhole. Tag to Corbin and they go to double front suplex, but Strowman counters with a double suplex of his own!

Fans fire up again, and Strowman crawls for Angle. Hot tag to the Olympian! Geramn Suplex for Corbin! German Suplex for McIntyre! Another for Corbin! Angle clotheslines McIntyre out, then goes after Corbin. Corbin backs angle to a corner but Angle boots him! ANGLE SLAM! Cover, but McIntyre breaks it! Strowman blasts McIntyre with a shoulder! Strowman glares at Corbin but the ref keeps him back. Corbin brings up this will be a disqualification, but Strowman doesn’t care! He throws Corbin out of the ring!

Winners: Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin, by disqualification

Who cares about rules? Strowman wants revenge! He wrecks Corbin and McIntyre on the outside, then he lines up the shot. Strowman runs Corbin over! He runs at McIntyre, but McIntyre sends him into barriers! Then CLAYMORE sends him over! Strowman is down in the front row, and McIntyre targets Angle in the ring. McIntyre drags Angle out to ram him into barriers! Corbin comes back and they double whip Angle into steel steps! Corbin moves the top half of the steps and then puts the bottom half in the ring. McIntyre fetches Angle and brings him over. They double choke grip but Strowman makes the save!

Strowman Choke Slams McIntyre on the steel steps! Then the same for Corbin! Strowman and Angle may have lost the match but they don’t look like the losers. Will they get another chance to show Angle’s still got it? Or is this good-bye to Angle wrestling in the ring?



My Thoughts:

A rather… odd episode of Raw tonight. I would like everyone to know that as of last week’s SmackDown, I all but predicted the route they’re taking with Becky. Stephanie bringing up the bad knee and there being the seed planted of a “replacement” follows in what I had guessed, but I didn’t think it would be a Stone Cold style suspension on top of the bad leg. But as I said then, I’ll say now: even with Charlotte being the apparent substitute, Becky will get herself cleared and is still part of the match. I didn’t want the Triple Threat, as many fans also feel, but I guess I’m just that attuned to the WWE’s way of thinking.

Ronda herself is taking an interesting turn. She destroyed two-thirds of the Riott Squad in her “anger”, which kinda buries them just weeks before the Elimination Chamber tag match. But Ronda as a character almost went Heel getting upset that fans were booing. I wonder if that’s a sign of a real turn before Mania. Ruby plays it smart like any good Heel, but her line about Ronda not having friends might come back to haunt her once the MMA Horsewomen wrap things up in NXT. Whether Ronda takes her break right after Mania or not, if Shayna, Jessamyn and Marina show up, they can have a Six Woman Tag with The Squad to prove they’re Ronda’s friends. In fact, that might be a good way to get those three Horsewomen going on the path to the Horsewomen VS Horsewomen match.

Good on Heavy Machinery for being utility guys on both shows right now. But because Raw still has a hard time with their tag division, Tucker & Otis didn’t have as great a showing. But good for The Revival to get another shot, and I hope this time they get those titles. The Revival is already one foot out the door, or two since they’re a duo, but maybe a title run from Chamber to Mania to past Mania will keep them in WWE. Especially if they, Roode & Gable get to tear it up in a tag classic like back in NXT. Then in the Women’s Tag, it was odd that it was all put on Bayley to win the qualifier. I hope WWE isn’t backtracking to when those two were enemies, because WWE screwed that up. But at least #LegitHuggable made the predictable win better with that performance.

The Moment of Bliss segment was pretty funny, with Ambrose joking with Nia about a crush and then trolling EC3 with all those questions. I really do hope Ambrose leaving WWE for good is just a work. Fans in Portland really like Ambrose and I myself wouldn’t want him to just up and leave. Though, him against EC3 in a really sad match wasn’t how to use him or EC3. EC3 can drop great promos, but why is he being mute? Honestly, I thought there was going to be a tease of co-ed tag, Ambrose forced to work with EC3 to take on Samoan Dynasty. But again, I still don’t know if WWE would go into a full co-ed match so soon.

I’m surprised we got Elias VS Jarrett so soon. Elias wins despite Road Dogg being ringside, but clearly the guitar smash afterward means this is far from over. There might be a way to still put this for Mania if WWE waits to revisit it. I’m also surprised about getting Angle-Strowman teaming already, as I had expected last week but for Mania. But in similar fashion, the Heels win but there are extracurricular activities that make me think they’ll revisit this at Mania. If Angle is truly wrapping up wrestling, Mania is the better place for his final match where he wins rather than stands tall. That way everyone around the world watching Mania can celebrate his victorious retirement rather than just those who watched Raw tonight.

Seth Rollins has an apparent elbow injury, but everyone expects it to only be a month at most. Which is fine, Rollins doesn’t need a Chamber match, and there are ways to hype Rollins VS Lesnar with promos instead of punches. If Lesnar can take time off, so can Rollins. That way Rollins is 100% rested and he can truly #SlaytheBeast. Finn playing up not being 100% was pretty good, but there was perhaps a missed memo or two. Lashley said their match was for the title, but no one else did. Swerving for Lio VS Finn was great, though, I was hoping Lio would wrestle on Raw. The match would’ve been better if not for Lashley adding on, but it was still good. Finn wins but his title match isn’t official, so something else has to happen before Chamber if that’s when it happens.

My Score: 7.9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE The Shield’s Final Chapter Results & Report! (4/21/19)

Is this truly the end for The Shield?!



WWE The Shield's Final Chapter

WWE honors one of their most dominant trios ever! The Shield reunites once again, but will this truly, absolutely be their Final Chapter?



  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Finn Balor VS Elias; Finn wins and retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  • Bayley & Ember Moon VS The Riott Squad; Bayley & Moon win.
  • Six Man Tag: The Shield VS Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley; The Shield wins.


Few Stories Live Forever, but Legends Never Die.

“The eye of justice is always watching.” Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns. The Hounds of Justice hit the scene fast and hard, and made the WWE their Yard! But then, there was a Plan B. Rollins “bought in” to Triple H’s game, and the Shield fell apart. But from the ashes each man rose in their own time to become WWE World Champion! And even with all the fighting, all the animosity, they were still bonded as brothers. The Architect, the Lunatic and The Big Dog, united again and for the last time. Witness in the Final Chapter, and Believe in the Shield forever.


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter has the spotlight and greets the fans. He plays his guitar and fans clap along. Elias has the usual question for the WWE Universe: “Who Wants to Walk with Elias?!” Tonight is the final night for The Shield. Elias is pretty happy to hear that. After tonight, no more fist bumps, triple powerbombs or Hounds of Justice. Those three won’t be in the same ring again. Ambrose at least had the sense to see The Shield is done in the WWE. If only Seth had the same sense but he’ll drive Raw into the ground. And Roman Reigns will pay for what he did to Elias and Mr. McMahon. Elias will sing his song but please silence phones, hold applause and especially Corey Graves, shut mouths! Corey refuses but Elias plays anyway.

“It’s the Hound of Justice’s final night~” in the city of Moline, but in front of the dumpiest crowd Elias has ever seen. This is a disgusting part of the world, perhaps the armpit. If anyone’s trying to live their life here, just quit. But Elias has to quit playing, because the Extraordinary Man interrupts!

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Finn Balor VS Elias!

Both stars have been moved from Raw to SmackDown, and given their history, The Drifter has a shot at the title. As Finn makes his entrance, Elias shouts for the music to stop. Elias was in the middle of an instant classic, what is Finn doing? Oh c’mon, Elias, everyone knows Finn is a fan! Finn wants to Walk With Elias! Okay but don’t touch him. Elias happens to be in a singing mood still, so Finn should sing with him. Finn would be honored! Of course he would. But this song is so easy, even the people of Moline can follow along. Elias begins playing then sings.

“When I say ‘I Love Elias’, you say ‘Yes I do.'” Fans pick it up pretty easily after all. Though some boo instead. Finn gets it, and gives his own verse. “When I say ‘Elias Sucks~’, you say ‘Yes He Does~!'” Moline gets that even easier! But then Elias attacks Finn! Elias demands the ref get in here, and the ref checks on Finn first. Finn puts the belt aside and the bell rings, and Elias is right on him!

Elias rocks Finn to a corner as this title match is official. He whips Finn but Finn reverses to back drop. Elias sunset flips but Finn rolls through to dropkick! Finn finally gets his jacket off and goes after Elias. Elias powers Finn to another corner and into buckles. Elias stomps and punches away but backs off at 4. He tears off his own shirt then stomps Finn again. Elias drags Finn to an apron and slams his arm against it! Finn scrambles away but Elias drags him to another side for another arm slam on the apron. Elias glares at Corey while going into the ring. Cover, ONE! Elias clamps on with an armlock and shoulder nerve hold. Finn endures and fans rally up.

Finn gets up but Elias wrangles him back down. Elias digs deeper into that shoulder but Finn fights his way back up. Finn throws body shots but Elias knees low and whips. Finn kicks Elias away but Elias yanks the bad arm. Elias drops a knee then asks Moline, “Who Wants to Walk With Elias?!” Moline boos but Elias stays on Finn with a hammerlock. Elias throws Finn into buckles, then mocks the Too Sweet. Fans boo again as Elias drags Finn up. Elias hammerlocks and throws Finn into more buckles! Cover, TWO! Elias taunts and toys with Finn, then hammerlocks again. Finn slips through to give Elias a taste of his own medicine! Elias runs corner to corner but into boots! Finn then dodges to CHOP Elias! Finn whips but Elias reverses, only for Finn to kick!

Now Finn goes after Elias’ arm but Elias scoops Finn quick! Finn slips out and waistlocks but Elias elbows out. Elias runs but into a school boy! TWO and Elias has a Fujiwara Armbar! Finn endures as Elias leans back. Fans rally and Finn crawls, but Elias yanks him back up. Finn turns that around to the takedown and double stomps! Finn hits a Slingblade! But runs into a big shoulder! Cover, TWO! Elias gasps for air while Finn rolls to ropes. Fans rally again and Elias stalks Finn. Elias drags Finn up and fisherman, but Finn cradle counters! TWO and Finn gets to the apron. Finn swing kicks Elias down and heads up top! But Elias gets up to trip Finn up! Finn almost falls on commentary at ringside!

Elias throws punches and Finn teeters! Elias keeps punching then he runs, but Finn shoulders and slingshots in for a sunset flip! TWO!!! But Finn keeps on Elias with the Majistrol, NOW Finn wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall; still WWE Intercontinental Champion

The Extraordinary Man wins by the seat of his pants, but he’s still the workhorse champion! Who will be next to test Finn’s limits now that he’s on SmackDown?

But Elias still wants his solo.

Moline boos but Elias tells them to shut up. Finn got lucky! All of Moline got lucky, because Elias is finishing his song. Elias plays, but here come the Riott Squad! Ruby has the mic as she tells Elias that they’re so sorry to interrupt. They just couldn’t contain themselves. They really respect and admire Elias. Sarah feels she speaks for the Squad when she says they are really big fans. Liv says the Squad isn’t here for trouble. They just would love to sing along with Elias. Usually they’re the Riott Squad, but for tonight, how about they become the… Elias Squad? Elias likes the sound of that. He mistook Finn earlier but he has a good feeling about these three. These three love Elias, as do most women. That song of his earlier, go ahead and join in.

“When I say, ‘I Love Elias’, you say…” “Yes I Do~!” The Squad sings all together. But then they hijack it, too. “We Love the Riott Squad~!” “Yes We Do~!” Fans are mixed on this, but here comes Bayley!

Bayley & Ember Moon VS The Riott Squad!

The Superstar Shake-Up has sent The Hugger, the War Goddess and the Squad’s Juvenile Delinquent from Raw to SmackDown, breaking up the band! While this event may be about Reigns, Rollins & Ambrose, is this also The Riott Squad’s Final Chapter?

The teams sort out, and it’s Ruby and Sarah for the Squad. Sarah starts with Bayley and they tie up. Sarah powers Bayley to a corner but backs off. Bayley comes out and headlocks, but Sarah powers out. Bayley runs Sarah over with a shoulder! She gets another headlock but Sarah powers her to a corner again. Bayley goes up and over and then bumps Sarah off buckles. Sarah CHOPS back! Then waistlock slams Bayley down. Sarah howls with the spirit of her Kentucky Viking upbringing. Sarah armlocks Bayley but Bayley gets to ropes. Bayley laces Sarah through the ropes, then CHOPS Sarah. She whips but Sarah puts her on the apron. Bayley hits back but has to worry about Liv. Sarah bumps Bayley off buckles then tags Ruby.

The Squad work together on Bayley in the corner. Ruby whips Sarah in but Bayley dodges them both to hot tag Ember! Ember and Ruby stand off then speed up. Ember sweeps the legs to an Oklahoma Roll! TWO but Ember Okana Rolls, TWO! Ruby swings but into a school boy, TWO! Ruby rocks Ember with a right! Sarah tags in and The Squad mugs Ember. Sarah whips but Ember handsprings through to arm-drag Sarah down. Ember dodges and tilt-o-whirls to a facebuster! Sarah scrambles away to the outside, but Ember tags Bayley. Bayley pursues Sarah with a daredevil dropkick through the corner! She puts Sarah in then into an open corner. Bayley runs in for a big knee! Fans fire up as Bayley climbs up but Ruby distracts so that Liv can trip Bayley up! Sarah shotgun knees Bayley into buckles! Cover, TWO!

Bayley survives but Sarah tags Ruby. The Squad stomp Bayley out then Ruby drags Bayley into a cravat. Fans rally up as Bayley endures. Bayley fights up and arm-drags out, but Ruby runs her over with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Ruby grows frustrated and puts her on the ropes to choke her. Ruby backs off at 4 and Liv gets in a cheap shot! Cover, TWO! Ruby drags Bayley over and tags Sarah. The Squad mugs Bayley more, then Sarah puts on an inverted cloverleaf! Bayley endures as Sarah holds her up. Fans rally and Bayley manages to headscissor Sarah down! Bayley crawls but Sarah pursues. Sarah whips Bayley to a corner but is given a flapjack onto buckles! Bayley flops and crawls, but Sarah also heads for Ruby. Hot tag to Ruby and she intercepts Ember!

Ruby grins as she drags Bayley up for kicks. Fans rally for Bayley as Ruby circles her like a shark. Bayley stands to fight with forearms, then slides under to tag Ember! The Shenom rallies! She kicks away and enziguris, then runs to boot! Cover, TWO! Ember keeps on Ruby with a whip but Ruby reverses, only for Ember to springboard crossbody! Cover, TWO! Ember keeps her focus as she whips Ruby. Ruby reverses then kicks Ember down. Ruby positions herself for a rope-assisted pin! Liv also helps but the referee sees it all! The ref reprimands the Squad, and EJECTS Liv! The Squad has to say good-bye to Liv already! Ember climbs up while the Squad protests, and ECLIPSES Ruby!! Cover, Ember & Bayley win!

Winners: Ember Moon & Bayley, Moon pinning

Both superstars may want to be in the singles division, but these two are making quite the tag team! Will the War Goddess be the one to hep Bayley get back to those WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships?


The Shield brings back a classic.

Rollins, Reigns & Ambrose pick up the camera one last time for roll call. “Nearly seven years ago, we walked into this place with one goal in mind: to create a legacy serving out our reign of justice.” “We didn’t just create a legacy. We started a whole new culture for this place, and we did it on our own terms.” “We’ve had the whole world thrown at us. There’s nothing we haven’t been through together.” But tonight, they go out their way. #BelieveThat, and Believe in The Shield.


But Baron Corbin and crew already started trouble earlier tonight.

Before going on the air, it was a rare Cruiserweight Division outing for the Singh Brothers against Lucha House Party. Lince Dorado was about to win for his trio when Corbin, Lashley & McIntyre attacked! They wrecked the Cruiserweight superstars without mercy, giving powerbombs and choke slams before throwing Samir, Sunil, Kalisto and Lince out. Corbin then grabbed a mic to boast. “It seems you all enjoyed that as much as we did!” The fans didn’t actually. But Corbin said that was a preview of the main event. Corbin and his crew are grinning now, but will the Shield’s story really end at the hand of these three?


Six Man Tag: The Shield VS Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley!

This is not the first time the Hounds of Justice have faced a pack of wolves wanting to take their place. In fact, this is not the first time these two trios have faced off. It was just this past March at WWE Fastlane that everyone thought The Shield was done. Clearly Corbin and crew were overestimating Roman, Rollins and Ambrose, and now they might be doing the same again. Will the Final Chapter end the way Fastlane did? Or will Corbin back up his words from before?

Corbin insists Mike Rome give him the “proper” introduction, listing his accomplishments and naming him “The Quad City’s Favorite Son.” He’s anything but that, though. And naturally, Corbin sarcastically notes how emotional tonight is. This is The Shield’s Final Chapter. One of the most dominant forces in WWE History, but does anyone really think this will be a fairy tale ending? The fans thought that for Kurt Angle in his last match, but that final chapter was losing to Corbin. Now The Shield will get the exact same privilege.

Boddy Lashley also speaks. “The Shield won’t be riding off out of here into the sunset with their hands held high.” Just look at this team! The Shield will be lucky to limp out with an ounce of dignity! McIntyre adds on by saying everyone should “show some damn respect.” The fans need their cameras ready, because they’re witnessing history. The Shield’s legacy is not secure, because history is written by the winners. And after these three brutalize The Shield, they will be the new dominant force! “Bring them out here!”

Since this is the last time ever all over again, The Shield makes their entrance the way they started: from the stairs in the crowd! They arrive in the ring and we begin this Final Chapter!

Teams sort out as fans chant for “SHIELD! SHIELD!” and “Burn It Down!” We start with Rollins and Corbin. Fans are strong for the home state hero and WWE Universal Champion. Corbin and Rollins circle and tie up. Corbin headlocks but Rollins powers out only for Corbin to run him over. Rollins is up quick as Corbin mocks the Burn It Down stomping. Corbin and Rollins circle again as fans rally up for Rollins. Corbin headlocks but Rollins powers out, and things speed up until Rollins dropkicks Corbin! Rollins drags Corbin up and wrenches him to the Shield corner. Tag to Ambrose and fans go wild for the Lunatic!

Ambrose and Rollins rally on Corbin with the clothesline, splash and elbow! Cover, ONE! Ambrose keeps on Corbin in a corner with fast hands! He goes way past 10 then whips Corbin corner to corner. Corbin boots Ambrose and tags out to Lashley. The Rocky Mountain Machine runs into a forearm but things speed up, Ambrose clotheslines Lashley down! Ambrose hits Lashley in the corner then tags Rollins. Rollins tags Roman, Poetry in Motion feeds to a boot! Lashley retreats and tags in McIntyre. The Scottish Terminator has hunted The Shield and specifically The Big Dog for months. Roman throws hands on McIntyre but McIntyre gives them back. McIntyre puts Roman in a corner but gets an uppercut! McIntyre boots but runs into a Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO!

Tag to Ambrose and he climbs up to leap over McIntyre. Ambrose sends McIntyre out then builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends both men into the barriers! Ambrose puts McIntyre in but has to fight Corbin off first. Lashley distracts and McIntyre blasts Ambrose back. McIntyre distracts the ref so that Lashley and Corbin can stomp away on Ambrose! Roman and Rollins get them to back off but the damage is done. McIntyre drags Ambrose up to snake eyes him on barriers. He puts Ambrose back in but fans rally up for “Dean! Dean!” McIntyre stomps Ambrose’s hand then tags to Lashley. Lashley throws hands then puts Ambrose in a corner for body shots. He stomps a mudhole then grinds a boot in. Fans rally for Ambrose more but Lashley snap suplexes him down. Cover, TWO!

Lashley drags Ambrose up and throws him back out. Lashley taunts The Shield so that McIntyre and Corbin can stomp Ambrose out! Roman and Rollins protest again but Lashley drags Ambrose up for haymakers. Lashley refreshes the count so he has time to put Ambrose in. Tag to Corbin and the pack keeps Ambrose away from his brothers. Corbin mugs Ambrose then brings him up. Ambrose CHOPS away but Corbin knees low. Corbin hits The Shield down but ambrose trips him up! Figure Four Leg Lock! Lashley distracts the ref and McIntyre rakes Ambrose’s eyes! Corbin puts Ambrose in the corner and McIntyre tags in. McIntyre suplexes but Ambrose resists to snap suplex back! Both men are down and fans rally up! McIntyre tags Lashley while Ambrose goes the wrong way!

Lashley intercepts Ambrose and pushes him back. Lashley throws Ambrose overhead then covers, TWO! Fans still rally for Ambrose but Lashley throws him back out. Lashley again mocks the Shield while his crew stomp Ambrose. But Roman grabs a chair! Roman goes after Corbin but the referee steps in the way. Corbin gets away while McIntyre tags in. McIntyre puts Ambrose in but Ambrose revives to neckbreaker! Ambrose crawls while McIntyre seethes. They go to their corners, hot tags to Corbin and Rollins! Rollins springboard lariats and fires off on Corbin’s pack! Rollins Slingblades Corbin then slingshots onto McIntyre! The Beastslayer keeps going, and escapes the choke slam to roll up! TWO, SUPERKICK! Fans are thunderous as Rollins stomps to “Burn It Down!” Rollins aims at Corbin for a mule kick but has to clothesline McIntyre out. Corbin clobbers Rollins at the ropes!

Lashley tags in and Corbin hauls Rollins up top. Corbin throws hands then he and Lashley both climb up. Rollins fights them both off! Lashely goes down and then Corbin. Rollins adjusts and leaps to crossbody Corbin! He bounces off, hot tag to Roman! Roman rallies as he clotheslines Corbin, then atomic drop and leaping lariats Lashley! Fans fire up as Roman locks ‘n’ loads. But Lashley dodges the punch. Roman fights out of the urenage and SUPERMAN PUNCHES Corbin! Lashley elbows Roman but Roman comes back with a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman and Lashley are down but fans fire up as Ambrose makes his return! Ambrose shouts for Roman and Roman heads that way, hot tag! Ambrose climbs and hits the Lunatic Elbow! Cover but McIntyre breaks it!

McIntyre rains right hands on Ambrose then helps Lashley tag Corbin. The pack suplexes Ambrose but Rollins saves him. Corbin and McIntyre punch Rollins and Ambrose, but they come back with a SUPERKICK and Lunatic Lariat! Lashley drags Ambrose up to the Canadian Rack, but Roman SPEARS him down! Rollins gives McIntyre the CURB STOMP! Ambrose gets Corbin with a Dirty Deeds! But that’s not all, tag to Roman and then tag to Rollins. If this is truly the Final Chapter, it has to end with… THE TRIPLE POWERBOMB!! Rollins covers, The Shield wins!!

Winners: The Shield, Rollins pinning

The Hounds of Justice are still the dominant force in the WWE! The Final Chapter has a happy ending!

Fans cheer, “Thank You, Ambrose!” as this very well could be the Lunatic’s last WWE match ever. Fans also chant “Please Don’t Go!” because they don’t want it to be true. The Shield speaks one last time, starting with Rollins. “Don’t you guys think we tried that one already?” He isn’t sure what’s left to be said. But one thing he knows is that he won this WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar. For Rollins, a lot of the Quad City knows him, and that moment was a culmination of 15 years. Rollins has family here, and he couldn’t have done it without them or the other fans supporting him. But Rollins wants to say that the title would not be possible without The Shield. It is a culmination of seven years. “I love you, I will always love The Shield, and this is for us.”

The Shield hugs, and fans chant “Thank You, Shield!”, but now it’s Ambrose’s turn to speak. “For all you people who live in Seth Rollins Country”, just look at this as an example. They’re just like any one of the you. If you work hard and never take no for an answer, you can do whatever you want! Rollins being champion proves that. If you want proof you can overcome anything, just look to Roman who overcame Leukemia. And The Shield proves is about kicking down doors, taking what is yours and never taking no for an answer! If someone tells you you can’t be what you want to be, stick up a middle finger and march forward because The Shield said so! Fans again thank Ambrose. And since this is the Final Chapter, we need one last… Shield Fist Bump! Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta, forever!



My Thoughts:

A great little house show turned big special, and I didn’t realize it’d go for over an hour! Or that they’d change the name last-minute to “Final” instead of “Last”. But anyway, this was really fun, and I feel like the non-Shield stuff is how Raw needs to work. Even though most of the action had to do with superstars going to SmackDown… But Finn VS Elias (not Almas as people expected) was great because Elias had a great bit much like he would on television. Obivously Finn wins, the title wasn’t going to really change hands on a house show special. This still makes it clear that Raw is getting Samoa Joe with the United States Championship, hopefully tomorrow so the questions are out of the way.

Then the not-as-hyped Riott Squad’s Final Chapter was naturally going to be a loss because Bayley and Ember need to look strong on SmackDown. Liv will be on her own, so it is both a big opportunity and a lot of pressure to see how she is as a solo act. For the time being it seems Ruby and Sarah will try to stay a duo, but I giving Corey Graves a standing ovation for what he said on commentary in reference to the name changes of Viking Experience and “Erik”. There is a high chance Sarah leaves Ruby behind to join husband Ray “Erik” Rowe to make the Viking Experience a mixed trio. And I’m sensing some kind of uneasy partnering of Bayley and Ember when they were both hoping for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Maybe their team falls apart because of that desire to be contender to Becky.

And of course, The Shield wins! All of this with Ambrose leaving and whether that is a work or worked shoot aside, what seems even odder is that this happened at all. Why have the Fastlane #OneLastTime match if it wasn’t really the last time? Of course, WWE did make Triple H VS Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28 #EndofanEra but both guys clearly kept wrestling. It is hard to say what is the better move: this be a work like everyone knows, or Ambrose really does leave for a long time, maybe for life. Fans have always loved Ambrose but have always been frustrated with the odd booking that’s kept him from truly being a lunatic and from hitting his full potential (even though he’s a Grand Slam Champion just like his friends). Either way, a great sequel to Fastlane’s version of this match, and the ending speeches were great. #ThankYouShield

My Score: 8.2/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS Results: G1 Supercard Part 2!

AXS gives us MORE G1 Supercard!



NJPW + ROH = G1 Supercard

NJPW and ROH shine even brighter as AXS’s coverage of G1 Supercard concludes! Who will come away with BOTH the ROH and IWGP Tag Team Championships?!


Coverage of G1 Supercard will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

You can find gifs from this event on



  • NEVER Openweight VS ROH World Television Championship Winner Takes All: Will Ospreay VS Jeff Cobb; Cobb wins and becomes the dual NEVER Openweight & ROH World Television Champion.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat: Taiji Ishimori VS Dragon Lee VS Bandido; Lee wins and becomes the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.
  • ROH & IWGP Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Winners Take All: The Guerrillas of Destiny VS Villain Enterprises VS The Briscoes VS Evil & Sanada; The Guerrillas of Destiny win and are the dual ROH World & IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.
  • ROH World Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: Jay Lethal VS Matt Taven VS Marty Scurll; Taven wins and becomes the new ROH World Champion.


NJPW and AXS set the scene for this historic crossover event!

The history between ROH’s Franchise Player and self-proclaimed “REAL World Champion” is long and tense as the contenders for that title kept piling up. Marty Scurll won ROH’s Survival of the Fittest to become a contender while Jay Lethal VS Matt Taven went to a 60 minute time limit draw! Instead of worrying about who got the next shot at Lethal, he decided that Taven and Scurll would both get their chance in the only match fair enough: a Ladder Match! Will Lethal climb to new heights to keep that belt? Or will one of his hungry challengers finally get their first taste of the real deal?

Meanwhile, Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa again climbed to the top of NJPW’s Heavyweight Tag Team Division by dethroning Los Ingobernables de Japon. At the same time, Jay & Mark Briscoe were again triumphant as the then 9-time ROH World Tag Team Champions. One pair of brothers called out the other, and said that they’d put their belts on the line if the other brothers did, too! “We’ll do title vs title at Madison Square Garden!” However, there were complications at the ROH 17th Anniversary Show in Las Vegas when The Briscoes lost their titles to Villain Enterprises’ PCO & Brody King! Things only get more complicated as Evil & Sanada want their rematch. Now all four teams will compete for all four belts! Who will find themselves atop two top promotions’ tag team divisions with one match?!

But before even all of this, the Bone Soldier Reborn continues to test himself after becoming IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion! Taiji Ishimori dethroned Kushida then successfully defended against Ryusuke Taguchi and Jushin Thunder Liger! He wants even more competition, but he might have bitten off more than he can chew! Dragon Lee of CMLL and Bandido of ROH both go for gold, who comes out of this high speed, star studded Triple Threat as THE Junior Heavyweight Champion?


NEVER Openweight VS ROH World Television Championship Winner Takes All: Will Ospreay VS Jeff Cobb!

Title for title isn’t just for tag teams! The Aerial Assassin and the Hawaiian Juggernaut both want to prove they’re big enough for two belts, but who wins when speed takes on strength?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and this battle between these two great champions begins!

Fans duel thunderously as Cobb and Ospreay jaw at each other. Given this is part ROH, the Code of Honor is asked for and upheld by both men. The bell rings and Cobb immediately leaps at Ospreay in a corner! Big back elbow then whip corner to corner. Ospreay reverses but gets POUNCED out of the ring! Cobb follows but misses, Ospreay CHOPS. Ospreay whips but Cobb reverses again. Ospreay hops up and over then springboards for a forearm! Cobb is down but Ospreay keeps moving, SASUKE SPECIAL! Direct hit but Cobb catches Ospreay! Only for Ospreay to counter with a DDT! Fans keep up the fire as Ospreay drags Cobb up and in.

Fans duel as Ospreay throws forearms on Cobb. Ospreay runs but Cobb puts him on the apron. Ospreay forearms again then springboards, but into Cobb’s arms! He fights out of Cobb’s grip but Cobb comes running in, only to get a boot. Ospreay hops up but gets a CHOP! Cobb climbs up to join Ospreay and hits a stalling SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Cobb keeps on Ospreay with more CHOPS and uppercuts. He throws Opsreay across the way! Then drags him up for clubbing forearms. Cobb drives elbows in as fans continue to duel. He whips and elbows Ospreay down. Cover, TWO! Cobb keeps his cool as he drags Ospreay up again. Ospreay breaks free to fire forearms again, but Cobb kicks low. Cobb whips but Ospreay dodges to huricanrana, only for Cobb to block and counter to a bearhug! Cobb squeezes tight but Ospreay endures and fights back.

Ospreay breaks free but Cobb CHOPS again. Cobb whips but Ospreay handsprings to enziguri! Both men are down but slowly sitting up. Ospreay is in a corner and Cobb runs in but blocks the boot. Ospreay enziguris then elevated tiger feint kicks! Cobb staggers and Ospreay springboards for another forearm! Cover, TWO! Ospreay keeps his cool then fires himself up. Fans rally up as he goes to underhook. Cobb powers out but Ospreay drops down to kick away! Cobb catches the leg, so Ospreay starts slapping. Bad idea, Cobb throws him with a FALL AWAY SLAM! Cobb runs corner to corner for another uppercut, to Samoan Drop! And knip up to standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Ospreay survives but Cobb keeps on him with punches.

Fans duel again as Cobb keeps throwing those hands. Ospreay gets up and gets in Cobb’s face. Ospreay throws forearms but Cobb JABS him off his feet! Cobb whips Ospreay but Ospreay holds ropes. Ospreay elbows Cobb then throws a clothesline, but it does nothing! He blocks Cobb’s counter then hook kicks. Cobb SUPERKICKS! Cobb runs but into a SPANISH FLY!! But Ospreay can’t cover for the power it took to make that happen! Fans know “This is Awesome!” as both men stir. Ospreay gets to a corner and the top rope. He aims at Cobb and flies, missile dropkick to the bad shoulder! And now Ospreay takes off the elbow pad. Ospreay aims, but Cobb ducks! TOUR OF- Crucifix! To DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives but Ospreay fires himself up again.

Ospreay drags Cobb up as fans duel again. Roundhouse rocks Cobb, then Ospreay runs, but Cobb reels him in. Ospreay fights out to back flip kick, only to get a LARIAT! Cobb sees Ospreay in a drop zone, and climbs up top!? Cobb leaps for a Frog Splash FLOP! Ospreay escapes being crushed, and then hits his Robinson Special spin kick! Ospreay calls for it, springboards, but Cobb blocks the cutter! He shoves Ospreay to a corner, but Ospreay comes back with the OSCUTTER! Cover, TWO?! Cobb survives and no one can believe it! But the fans are loving it as Ospreay takes aim again. Ospreay hits a hook kick! Then he underhooks, and gets Cobb up!? But Cobb gets out to a corner, and elbows Ospreay. Ospreay tucks Cobb in, CHEEKY NANDOS! Then from the outside, Ospreay climbs up and underhooks!? Cobb denies it with a headbutt!

Cobb scoops Ospreay now, SUPER TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! But he’s not done there! Cobb takes off the straps, pop-up TOUR OF THE ISLANDS! Cover, Cobb wins!!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall; still ROH World Television Champion, NEW NEVER Openweight Champion

Strength wins out, and now Cobb is the first American to hold that particular NJPW title.

Backstage interview

Jeff Cobb speaks, saying, “Will Ospreay, I respect you for the fact that you are a fighting champion.” Cobb respects both ROH and NJPW in trusting him with this opportunity. Cobb will continue where Ospreay left off and be a fighting champion in both companies! He also thanks the fans for their support, and plans to see both ROH and NJPW fans very soon.


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat: Taiji Ishimori VS Dragon Lee VS Bandido!

Three of the best Junior Heavyweights between the NJPW-CMLL-ROH alliance all battle for this title to establish themselves as the world’s best Junior Heavyweight! Will Bone Soldier keep his young legacy growing? Will Dragon Lee take a step towards redemption from his match with Hiromu Takahashi? Or will ROH’s LifeBlood gain its first bit of gold thanks to the gunslinger luchador?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this incredible and international match-up!

Dragon Lee kicks Ishimori out of the ring with the bell, then whips Bandido! Bandido huricanranas but Lee lands on his feet. Bandido comes back for another and it hits! Lee goes out and Bandido FLIES right on him! Bandido meets Ishimori in the ring and things speed up. Ishimori somersaults and headscissors, to a neck crank! Ishimori runs in at Bandido but misses. Bandido runs in but is put on the apron. Bandido hits back but Ishimori hits harder. Ishimori kicks Lee and whips but Lee dodges to huricanrana Bandido off the apron! Ishimori triangle moonsaults onto Lee! Fans fire up with the champ as he gets right back up. Ishimori drags Bandido up and in for chops. He puts Bandido in a corner to grind in his knee. The ref counts but Bandido lets up.

Ishimori whips corner to corner but Bandido reverses. Bandido runs in but Ishimori slips out to slide under and go around to shoulder in. Ishimori springboards for a leg lariat! Cover, but Lee breaks it up! Lee brings Ishimori up but Ishimori rakes his eyes. Ishimori whips but Lee reverses, and borrows the Combinacion Cabron from LIJ! He keeps on Ishimori with fast forearms then runs corner to corner for a hesitation dropkick! He drags Ishimori up for double underhooks, butterfly backbreaker! But he’s not done, basement dropkick and cover, but Bandido breaks it up. Bandido drags Lee up but Lee fires back. They brawl with forearms, but Lee knee triggers Bandido. Lee runs but into a tilt-o-whirl scoop and torture rack! Spinning to the knee, then a lariat! Cover, but Ishimori breaks it.

Ishimori drags Bandido up and whips but Bandido reverses. Ishimor handsprings and enziguris Bandido down! He goes after Lee with a kick, then runs, only to roll into Lee’s sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Lee fires up with the fans and brings Ishimori around. He puts Ishimori on the top rope, then CHOPS him into the Tree of Woe! Lee climbs but Bandido springboards to SUPER STEINER! Ishimori tilt-o-whirl facebusters Bandido, only to get up for Lee’s running Destroyer! All three men are down but MSG is fired up! “This is Awesome!” but not over yet. Bandido sits up first, followed by Lee. Bandido runs but into a wheelbarrow. Lee can’t hold on but he does slip out of a suplex, only for Ishimori to knee him down. Ishimori runs into a pop-up cutter! Cover, TWO!! Ishimori survives but Bandido keeps going.

Bandido has Ishimori in a drop zone, and fans fire up as he climbs. Lee returns to trip Bandido into the Tree of Woe! Woe Stomps from Lee to Bandido! Lee scoops Ishimori into a suplex, but huricanrana pin counter! TWO but Ishimori gut wrenches to the Blood Cross! Cover, TWO!! Lee survives but barely! Ishimori says BANG as he drags Lee up again. Bandido stops the other Bloody Cross to then put Ishimori up top. Bandido climbs but Ishimori fights him off. They brawl but Lee adds on. Lee throws Bandido off and goes after Ishimori. They brawl but Bandido returns to join on. Lee headbutts Ishimori, Bandido kicks Lee! Bandido climbs and has both opponents for a DOUBLE SUPER BACKFLIP POWERSLAM!! MSG is thunderous and losing their minds over that!

Bandido crawls to Lee for a cover, TWO!! Ishimori crawls away so Bandido doesn’t cover him. He does aim at Ishimori and scoops him, package piledriver! Cover, but Lee drags Bandido off to a suplex! Bandido slips out but gets an elbow, knee and reverse-rana! Lee knee triggers Ishimori! Lee goes back to Bandido, suplex to bomb! Cover, Lee wins!!

Winner: Dragon Lee, by pinfall; NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

CMLL’s Dragon Lee has NJPW’s championship! Lee shows respect to Bandido as he helps him up, but Ishimori clears out with frustration. Bandido shows respect back by helping Lee put on the belt. With Best of the Super Juniors on the horizon, will Bone Soldier Reborn redeem himself through that tournament? Will Lee reign with that title through the Spring and to the Summer?

Backstage Interviews

Ishimori wants to know “What the hell!?” How is it the result came through those two guys? Ishimori lost the belt but not the match. “So why don’t we do it again?” But Ishimori and Lee 1v1, no triple threat. What does Lee say to that?

Lee does speak, saying that was so much work. The title is what all his effort was for. Day after day, training hard and not being given anything for free. Everything Lee has is from hard work and education. Lee is content with this win. He thanks God for this blessing, as well as for his family and his father for supporting him. He dedicates this win to his father. Thanks to him, Lee is in a good place. He became the new champion in Madison Square Garden. But he does wait anxiously for the return of Hiromu, and hopes Hiromu can be his first challenger. The real goal was always Hiromu. Lee is now champion, but he dedicates this win to Hiromu and Daryl. He hopes to see them again, strnoger than ever.


ROH & IWGP Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Winners Take All: The Guerrillas of Destiny VS Villain Enterprises VS The Briscoes VS Evil & Sanada!

A massive match for a massive moment in wrestling history! Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa, PCO & Brody King, Jay & Mark Briscoe and Los Ingobernables de Japon’s King of Darkness & Cold Skull all want to be THE best tag team between both companies. What will it take for one team to take both pairs of belts home with them?

The introductions are made, PCO gets a jolt of electricity from Destro, and then he and Brody hit the ring with both the ROH World and ROH Six Man Tag titles! Will they be leaving with three belts each after the break?

NJPW on AXS returns and The Briscoes attack first! The bell rings and it’s just a huge brawl! Everyone clears out quick except Mark Briscoe and PCO. Mark has PCO in a corner then runs in, only to be tossed right out! PCO then takes aim and DIVES onto Mark! The brawling goes crazy on the outside as Jay Briscoe and Brody trade hands. The GoD regroup, as do LIJ. It seems the ROH teams are continuing where they left off in Vegas as PCO throws hands on Mark in front of the fans. LIJ and GoD brawl, too, then the champion teams hit the ring. Brody and PCO stand up to Tama and Loa, and another brawl begins! Villain Enterprises gets the edge, then both run, only for The Briscoes to drag them out.

But GoD isn’t alone, LIJ rushes them! They brawl in the ring while #DemBoyz keep on PCO and Brody on the outside. Sanada whips but Tama reverses. Jado is there with his kendo stick and Sanada stops himself, only for Tama to clobber him from behind. Tama kicks at Evil but Evil blocks and hands off to Loa. Loa doesn’t wanna but Evil still SUPERKICKS Tama down. Tama bails out and Loa goes at Evil. Evil feeds Loa to Sanada, who ties Loa up in Paradise! Fans love it, and the Briscoes are willing to leave Loa in it until Sanada dropkicks Loa out of Paradise! The Briscoes then rush LIJ, but Mark gets a back drop. Mark lands on his feet and fights both LIJ while Jay keeps GoD down. Mark Peles Evil out but Sanada kicks him. Sanada whips but Mark reverses and lets Jay CLOBBER Sanada!

The Briscoes double whip and double shoulder Sanada down! But here comes Brody King with big hands. The Briscoes get teh better of him, but not for long as he hits a double crossbody! Loa returns and throws hands on Brody! Loa bops Brody but Brody BOOTS Loa! Brody even headscissors Loa down! Cannonball on the ropes! Brody keeps Jay Briscoe and Tama Tonga out, but then takes aim at them all. Brody FLIES and wipes them all out! Fans fire up but Mark wrecks Brody with a dropkick. Mark then climbs up and leaps, corkscrew senton! The South Sussex Chicken puts Tama back in, but Tama elbows Mark to a corner. Tama throws hands and a dropkick on Mark, then whips Mark corner to corner. Mark reverses, Jay forearms then feeds Tama to Mark’s shotgun dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Mark hits Loa with an apron blockbuster! Jay drags Tama up for a neckbreaker but Tama powers out. SUPERKICK from Jay, back elbow from Tama. Tama slides and dropkicks Jay down and out! Sanada returns to bait Tama in and out! Evil gets away with putting a chair on Tama’s head, then SMACKING it off with another! Evil hit a homer with that one! He feeds Tama to Sanada and LIJ double whip. Tama gets their kick and clothesline combo, but they’re not done with him yet. Evil drags Tama up and suplexes, but The Briscoes disrupt Magic Killer! Jay underhooks for the Jay Driller! Mark climbs, FROGGY-BOW! Cover, but Brody breaks it! Brody clotheslines Jay and himself out of the ring! Mark slingshots but Brody catches him to apron choke slam him!!

Brody shouts to PCO and PCO climbs! PCO apron SWANTONS Mark! And he’s right back up! He’s NOT human! Brody drags Mark back in, powerbomb lifts, GONZO BOMB! PCO climbs again, MOONSAULT! Cover, but Tama breaks it up! Loa SPEARS Brody but PCO CHOPS Tama. PCO fires off on Tama in a corner, faster and faster! Loa runs in to forearm PCO and he throws headbutts. GoD take PCO for double electric chair, to POWERBOMB HIM TO THE FLOOR! GoD says “SUCK IT” but PCO still lives!! PCO falls back over but MSG is cheering him on. Tama tries to stun Brody but gets a German Suplex! Brody clobbers Loa but Tama distracts the ref. Jado kendo SMACKS Brody, then GUN STUN! GoD coordinate, suplex to the top rope, SUPER POWERBOMB! Cover, GoD wins!

Winners: The Guerrillas of Destiny, Tonga Loa pinning; still IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions and NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions

History is made as history is made! NJPW’s GoD hold belts in both companies!

But wait, who is that attacking The Briscoes? It’s Enzo and Big Cass- Er, uh, nZo and Caz XL! Former WWE wrestlers are attacking at G1 Supercard?! The Briscoes get them out of here, as does Bully Ray, while GoD celebrates their accomplishment. But wait, is that Toru Yano who just snatched the IWGP Heavyweight belts?! The Clown Prince of Chaos is all smiles as he runs away with the gold! Just what is going on with tag team wrestling?!

Backstage Interviews

Tonga Loa says, “There’s a title missing, but he just got one.” Yano taking their IWGP belts? “That’s bullsh*t.” But that was just on top of other BS. There was an agreement in this match, “but just like anything else, it’s f*cking wrestling.” You can’t believe what you’re told. So the deal is: GoD doesn’t care about ROH, or whoever those guys were at the end of the match trying to take the spotlight. GoD won the titles. But another BS: they worked for free tonight. Tama takes the ROH belts and throws them away like garbage! Tama knows nobody cares about ROH.

But GoD handled their business, it was easy. And it’s surprising that those losers still had energy to fight some other losers not even in the match! The fact the Briscoes brawled with those guys, it just tells Tama that “you muthaf*ckas ain’t on NJPW’s level.” Tama can tell The Briscoes weren’t giving their best, because they were saving energy for that BS that happened. But let it be known, the double champs are done with y’all. Will GoD even care to keep those ROH tag titles after what went down?


ROH World Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: Jay Lethal VS Matt Taven VS Marty Scurll!

The Franchise Player has had this title time and again but he wants to hold it for the rest of his career if he can. The Kingdom’s ring leader wants recognition as the “REAL World Champion” after being held down by a supposed conspiracy. And The Villain, now finally a leader of his own team, wants the belt he feels he deserves. Three men live a childhood dream of wrestling in the most famous arena in the world. But who will live an even greater dream by winning in that same arena, for the top prize in ROH?

The introductions are made, the belt is hoisted high overhead, and this epic triple threat begins after the break!

NJPW on AXS returns and all three men look up as the belt finally reaches its apex. The bell rings, and Lethal goes right at Taven! Scurll decides this is the perfect time to bail out and get a ladder. Taven and Lethal brawl to a corner and Lethal chops. Lethal sees Scurll bringing in a ladder and baseball slide dropkicks the ladder into Scurll! Lethal brings Scurll up and now they brawl. Scurll throws uppercuts then goes back to the ladder. Lethal grabs the other end, and it’s a tug-o-war, until Tavne FLIES out! Taven hits ladder but still brings Scurll and Lethal down with it! All three men are down and fans lose their minds over Taven’s self-sacrifice. Taven fights through the pain to put the ladder in the ring.

Lethal forearms but Taven forearms back, only to run into a hip toss! Lethal carthweels and dropkicks Taven down! Scurll goes after Lethal but gets a boot for it! Lethal brings another ladder over and plops it down. He snap suplexes Taven for good measure before going under the ring. Lethal finds a few chairs and puts them near the ladder. He uses one chair to jab Scurll back down, then starts setting something up. Lethal makes a bridge between the chairs with the ladder. Scurll hits Lethal then bounces him off the ladder. Scurll gives Taven a tornado DDT! Fans fire up with The Villain as he brings over yet another ladder. Scurll puts that one in the ring and then puts the first one in a corner. He sets up the other ladder in the other corner.

Taven returns but Scurll throws him into one ladder, then the other! And back again! Taven tumbles out of the ring but Lethal returns to back drop Scurll onto a ladder! Scurll bails out and Lethal has the ring to himself. Lethal takes one ladder but Scurll returns. Lethal snap suplexes Scurll and then drops a ladder on him! Taven returns but Lethal rams him with the other ladder. And then drops that ladder on Taven! Taven and Scurll writhe with back pain while Lethal eyes the prize. Lethal sets up a ladder but in a corner, sideways on the bottom rope. He kicks and chops Scurll but Scurll CHOPS back. They trade CHOPS and then Lethal whips. Scurll reverses but Lethal slides to a stop, to drop toehold! But Scurll stops himself to throw Lethal into that ladder.

Scurll places Lethal in a Tree of Woe with the ladder, and then goes out to fetch a chair! Scurll keeps Lethal in the Tree and brings the chair over, to SMACK steel into Lethal! And again! And again! Scurll gives another chair shot to Lethal and fans fire up! Scurll introduces another ladder while Lethal is stuck in the Tree. Taven returns but Scurll kicks him out. Scurll sets up the ladder but has to kick Taven away again. Scurll climbs but notices the ladder isn’t tall enough. So he fetches his umbrella! Scurll climbs but Taven yanks him down to SUPERKICK him down! Taven climbs now but Lethal is free of the Tree. Lethal drags Taven down to bounce him off that ladder. Scurll gets up to mule kick and uppercut Lethal. Fans cheer Scurll on as he CHOPS Lethal again.

Scurll keeps those CHOPS going, then runs, but Lethal dodges. He falls for 52 Fake Out! Scurll brings that corner ladder over and makes it a neck brace on Lethal. Scurll aims but Taven drags him out of the ring. Taven throws Scurll into barriers, then gives Lethal Just the Tip through the ladder! Why? Because “IIIIII’M Matt Taven!” Lethal writhes as Taven sits a ladder up. Taven climbs but Scurll returns to yank him off. Scurll and Taven brawl and Scurll CHOPS Taven. Scurll runs to clothesline Taven out, then hops to the apron, SUPERKICK! Fans fire up with Scurll as he skins the cat. Scurll climbs but Lethal returns to club him down. Lethal laces Scurll’s legs through the ladder, for a hanging figure four! But Taven returns to climb!

Lethal lets Scurll go to go after Taven. Lethal throws Taven out and then takes the ladder to slam it on Scurll. He drags Scurll back up and puts the Figure Four back on, but Scurll pushes him out of the ring. Scrull goes back to the apron, but that bad leg slows him down. Cutter on the apron! Lethal leaves Scurll down but Taven follows Lethal into the ring. Lethal CHOPS Taven then runs, but Taven tosses Lethal out. Taven kicks Lethal then runs, to slide and powerbomb Lethal onto the ladder bridge! MSG loses their minds as Lethal suffers at the hands of his own construction! But it’s Scurll who gets back in the ring! Scurll sets a ladder up but he can only hop up rather than climb. Taven returns but Scurll gets him with CHOPS!

Scurll sets the ladder in a corner and brings Taven over, but Taven denies. Taven suplexes but Scurll slips out to drop toehold Taven to ropes. Scurll runs, Villainous 619! Scurll calls for it, then stalks Taven as fans fire up. MSG shouts along, “CHICKEN WING!” But Taven kicks low and DDT’s! Taven grins then mocks the “Melvins”. Fans tell Taven what they think of him but he takes it as a compliment. Taven tries to set up a ladder but Scrull stomps it closed on his hands! Scurll grabs that hand, but Taven kicks low again, Moonlight Drive onto the ladder! Taven grimaces as he takes the corner ladder and stands it up. He climbs up as fans jeer hard as ever, but Scurll hurries up the other side! Scurll punches away then brings Taven up, SUPERPLEX!

Both Taven and Scurll are down from that hard landing, and Lethal finally returns to the ring! Lethal forces himself to stand but Scurll SMACKS him down with an umbrella shot! Scurll aims again, but Lethal dodges to Lethal- CHICKEN WING! But Lethal rams Scurll into a ladder to break free! Scurll and Taven are on the outside and Lethal goes for the standing ladder. Lethal positions it under the belt and climbs again. But Taven returns and follows after. Lethal and Taven fight as Taven climbs up behind. Lethal even spits on Taven before punching him down! The belt is within fingertips, but Scurll creeps up from behind! Chicken Wing atop the ladder! But Lethal fights his way out, but then Scurll shoves him down.

Taven returns as Scurll stands. They both fight for the top, but Scurll grabs the fingers! SNAP! But Taven has his other hand! Scurll grabs those fingers, SNAP! But Lethal uses Scurll’s umbrella to SMACK Scurll down! But that leaves Taven up top! Taven reaches but his hands hurt, and he falls off! Taven is frustrated as he works on his fingers. Fans let him know “You Deserve It!” Lethal and Taven stand and brawl with forearms. Scurll slips in as Lethal gives Taven a Lethal Combination including the ladder! The ladder tips over but Scurll focuses on another. Lethal shoves Scurll away and stands the other ladder back up. Lethal folds it and aims it at Scurll, but Scurll gets clear! The ladders are now intertwined!

Scurll knocks Lethal down then throws him out. Scurll drags the X-Ladder to the middle of the ring, but Taven attacks. Taven suplexes but Scurll Gourd Busters Taven onto X-Ladder! Lethal returns, LETHAL INJECTION! But there’s no ladder standing! Lethal hobbles up with his bad back and dumps X-Ladder out. It almost hits the front row fans! Thankfully they were paying attention. Fans still say “That’s a Lawsuit!” Lethal goes to a fresh ladder and brings it in. Scurll blocks his way so Lethal goes around the outside. Lethal searches under the ring and brings out a table! Scurll kicks Lethal away from it, to then brain buster Lethal onto the floor! Scurll takes control of the table and sets it up. He drags Lethal up to the apron and then stands him up.

Scurll wants a piledriver but Lethal is dead weight. Lethal uppercuts and boots Scurll! Scurll enziguris Lethal down and away, but Taven SPEARS Scurll through the table!! All three men are down again and fans lose their minds all over again. Taven and Scurll crawl from the wreckage while Lethal slowly stands up. Lethal brings out a new table, but Taven has a ladder. Lethal clubs Taven then puts him on the table with an uppercut and chops. He then stands a very tall ladder up nearby. Lethal climbs it and fans beg, “Please Don’t Die!” But Lethal stands up, and Hail to the King through the table!! Lethal and Taven are in the wreckage and fans are thunderous! But with these two down, Scurll crawls into the ring! Scurll gets a ladder, brings it over, and stands it up!

Scurll climbs but Lethal pursues. They both climb on opposite sides, and then start fighting. But wait! Taven has a purple ladder!? Taven brings that in and it’s taller than the one Scurll and Lethal fight on! He stands his ladder up and climbs pass them, only for Lethal to hit him off. Lethal keeps on Taven while Scurll ditches his ladder to make it a weapon! He throws it at Lethal’s head then rams it into Taven’s body. Scurll uses Taven’s ladder, but that bad leg slows him down. Scurll goes back to the silver ladder to make a bridge to Taven’s. Lethal brings in a ladder while Taven has a chair. Lethal copies Scurll’s idea for the ladder shortcut. Taven SMACKS Lethal! Then he trips up Scurll! Taven uses Scurll’s shortcut and climbs up his purple ladder, but Lethal struggles to follow.

Both men go rung for rung then throw hands near the top! Lethal grabs for the title but Taven swats it away. Taven use the title as a weapon to SMACK Lethal! Lethal lands on the ladder bridge!! Taven takes the belt down and WINS!

Winner: Matt Taven; NEW ROH World Champion

Madison Square Garden, witness history being made! Matt Taven is now Grand Slam Champion!

Backstage Interviews

“Right now is about celebrating.” For Matt Taven, this moment is about a 6-year-old boy wanting this more than anything. For the last 9 months, Taven has called himself the real world champion, and no one believed him. Everyone doubted that he was ROH’s best. It came down to Madison Square Garden, where all the “Melvins” are now proven wrong. There is no one who can claim to be ROH World Champion other than Taven. “And man, isn’t that a beautiful thing to say?” The Kingdom celebrates now that their leader finally sits upon the throne. Who will come for Taven’s crown now that it’s solid gold?



My Thoughts:

A great two hours of action between both NJPW and ROH, and quite literally with all these crossover matches. It was really great to see all these title matches and the major changes to the status quo. Ospreay VS Cobb, an amazing opener, and it’s big for Cobb to be the dual champion. He’s very active in both promotions so seeing him carry the weight of both belts will be quite the responsibility. No matter who contends for which title, I’m sure Cobb will give us great matches. The IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship was as fast and frantic as it should be, and I was really surprised to see Ishimori lose. Dragon Lee will make a great cross-promotion wrestler, too, and I really like his hopes for facing Hiromu again. Whether we get Lee VS Ishimori or Lee VS Hiromu, both rematches will be great.

The Fatal 4 Way Tag was insane, and it’s great to see GoD win to have both belts. Their interview promos were great on their shoot merits. That Realest Guys “invasion” was definitely surprising. Seems like ROH didn’t tell their NJPW partners, which explains why Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa came off genuinely upset. Tama’s main point seems to be truly accurate, that ROH just isn’t at NJPW’s level pulling a stunt like that. And lastly, the ROH World Championship Ladder Match was pretty extreme. Perhaps too extreme, as they didn’t handle “X-Ladder” right. Never dump something like that near fans, go to the ramp side. It was quite the surprise to see Taven win, but perhaps ROH likes him better than their booking appears. No offense to Lethal, but I hope Scurll is first to challenge Taven, to bring their story of Kingdom VS Villain Enterprises into it.

My Score: 8.5/10

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