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Raw Reaction: Getting Up to Speed (2/19/19)

Harry, Tony, and Andrew discuss Elimination Chamber and WWE Raw!



Join Harry Broadhurst, Tony Acero and Andrew Balaz as they present the Raw Reaction tonight at 11:30 PM (Eastern) here on the Chairshot Radio Network. Elimination Chamber is in the books so as per the usual, the guys open the show with discussion of the PPV.

However, we immediately start the build to FastLane as the WWEs March network special is only 20 days away (something else the guys will discuss). The fallout from the Chamber will be seen tonight on Raw as we have a new IC champion and new Women’s Tag Team champions. What happens to those titles going forward? And what will be the ramifications of Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley helping Baron Corbin beat Braun Strowman?

You watched Raw…now listen to us React to it here on the Raw Reaction.

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