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Sean Waltman Talks Undertaker, All Elite Wrestling, Becky Lynch, and more!

Hear what Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman has to say about Becky Lynch, The Undertaker’s status, All Elite Wrestling, and more!



Sean Waltman talks about Becky Lynch, The Undertaker taking appearances, All Elite Wrestling, welcomes Dave Lagana, and more! Check out the latest XPAC12360!

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Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Shares His Thoughts on the Lucha Brothers Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. Working with Multiple Promotions Including All Elite Wrestling

“Let me just talk about Mexico for a second, when it comes to those guys. Those two fellas are such big deals and they’re so valuable that all these companies down there that hate each other are willing to share. Just like back in the day when you had Mil Mascaras. There was you know, Mil {Mascaras}, El Hijo Del Santo and others that can jump to whatever and do independent stuff and what have you down in Mexico. And it seems like those guys are you know, to me they must be of that caliber because they’re working for AAA, CMLL…and you know what, not just anyone in wrestling can get away with that. If I am thinking of others that are available right now there is {Chris} Jericho, there was Rey Mysterio before he signed back with Vince {McMahon}…here is a potential issue. When you’re trying to sell your TV show or potential TV show to a major network they are not going to want some of your main talent being able to show up on other people’s television. That’s an issue, a real issue.”

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Shares His Thoughts The Undertaker Removing WWE Affiliation on Social Media

“If anyone ever followed Shawn Michaels on social media before he took the job back at the Performance Center it was a similar situation. Shawn was taking outside appearances; I did appearances with him. For independent wrestling shows, the catch was it has to be separate, the appearance has to be separate, it’s not part of the wrestling show. So, I am pretty sure that’s what it’s going to be for Taker too. Let’s say for instance, somebody that brings in people like that in, as far as wrestling promotions that have a good name…Maryland Championship Wrestling…I did appearances; Shawn {Michaels}, Scott {Hall}, Kevin{Nash} and I did appearances together for them and they kept it separate it was like a little fan fest separate. In that way, if it just so happens that you end up at an appearance connected to an independent promotion that might be less up to snuff product wise. Then you’re not seen as endorsing this show. You’re in and out before the show even starts…”

David Lagana Talks About the Upcoming Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournament

“I think the good part about the cup is it’s very much the Stanley Cup and we talk about the 10 lbs of Gold being our version of the Stanley Cup as far as the trophy that everyone wants and the fact that everyone has this warm and fuzzy feeling about a tournament that was maybe good for two straight years shows the power of the prize. Wins and losses are great but ultimately there has to be a prize at the end of the rainbow for these journeys we go on and I am a big believer that there are too many titles in wrestling as everyone knows if you follow me. I think the prizes need to matter and the fact that we’re able to resurrect a cup, and we’re working on getting as close to the original version of the cup as possible because it meant something you know. It really did, here we are talking about it almost 30 years later. And it only happened three times and the fact that we were able to get the Crockett family to sign off and the Crockett foundation does really amazing stuff for wounded warriors in the Charlotte area so that’s why this whole thing worked so well. And to be able to bring back all those legends and to have Jim Cornette and to do it right in the shadows of Charlotte, North Carolina.”

David Lagana Talks About The NWA’s Relationship with Ring of Honor

“We want to bring in as much talent from various of places and create an event that you’re not gonna get anywhere else and our partnership with Ring of Honor obviously fell off of our involvement in All In. We saw what Ring of Honor was able to do from an infrastructure perspective you know as we discussed sort of this one off event, this was a handshake deal to do this one event together. My history with Ring of Honor, there appreciation of what Billy {Corgan}wants to do and that we’re not trying to rule the universe. We’re trying to create good content one show at a time and this is literally our third show and we’ve been very happy with the grass root success of the first two and the fact that we can move forward into a third one that could involve up to 5 different promotions is a really unique prospect.”

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NXT UK TV Taping Results from Glasgow Night 2

Night 2 taping results, including the formation of a new stable!




See the results from today’s WWE NXT UK tapings!

Following on from the first night of taping in the Braehead arena in Glasgow how would WWE NXT UK continue the momentum from the previous night.

  • Kenny Williams beat BT Gunn
  • Walter, Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner cut a promo. They refer to themselves as Imperium. British Strong Style came out which leads to a mass brawl.
  • Wolfgang & Mark Coffey & beat Carlos Ramero & A-kid
  • Kassius Ohno beat Gentlemen Jack Gallagher
  • Toni Storm beat Nina Samuels to retain the NXT UK Women’s Championship
  • The Hunt beat Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone
  • Imperium beat British Strong Style thanks to interference from Alexander Wolfe
  • Kay Lee Ray beat Kasey Owens
  • Noam Dar beat Mark Andrews
  • Grizzled Young Veterans cut a in ring promo furious about having to defend their titles at Download.
  • Jinny & Jazzy Gabert beat Isla Dawn & Xia Brookside
  • Travis Banks beat Joe Coffey, Dave Mastiff & Jordan Devlin to become the number 1 contender to the UK Championship

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NXT UK TV Taping Results from Glasgow Night 1

See what happened at the tapings (night 1)!




Spoilers results from today’s NXT UK TV taping.

The first TV taping since Pete Dunne’s historic 600+ day reign was ended at the hands of Walter in New York. How would this change the landscape of NXT UK? We find out as they hold their first TV taping outside of England from the Braehead arena in Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Kassius Ohno beat Oliver Carter
  • Sid Scala comes on the big screen announcing there would be qualifying matches for a fatal 4 way to determine the number 1 contender for the UK Championship.
  • Moustache Mountain beat The Hunt
  • Joe Coffey beat Flash Morgan Webster to qualify for the 4 way.
  • Nina Samuels beat Kasey Owens
  • Walter beat Pete Dunne to retain the UK Championship with help from Aichner & Barthel.
  • Piper Niven beat Jamie Hayter
  • Jordan Devlin beat Ligero to qualify for the 4 way.
  • Ilja Draganov beat Jack Starz
  • On the screen we see Amir Jordan being taken to the trainers room.
  • Xia Brookside vs Killer Kelly goes to a no contest when Jinny comes out with Jazzy Gabert. Kelly abandons Xia who is attacked by Jazzy.
  • Dave Mastif beat Wolfgang to qualify for the 4 way. Gallus beat Mastif down after the match.
  • Travis Banks beat Joseph Conners to qualify for the 4 way.
  • Rhea Ripley cuts a promo saying the fans aren’t going to get to see her wrestle and she talks trash about Piper Niven.
  • Grizzled Young Veterans beat Kenny Williams & Noam Dar to retain the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.
  • After the match Gallus tease beating up Gibson & Drake but align with them to attack Williams & Dar. Moustache Mountain come out to make the save.Moustache Mountain, Kenny Williams & Noam Dar beat Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey & the Grizzled Young Veterans

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