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#SmackdownTaped: Greg DeMarco’s Accelerated Review of WWE Smackdown for 2/5/19



WWE Smackdown Taped

Greg DeMarco presents a very special review of WWE Smackdown, on DVR! What will Greg watch, what will he FAST FORWARD, and how long will it take to watch a 2-hour Smackdown?

Daddy’s back with a special look at WWE Smackdown! As many of you know, I live on the west coast, and my version of YouTube TV gives me Smackdown on the west coast feed, so I watch it later. I also record it, so this is the DVR version. Enjoy the bullet points! I am keeping time on a stopwatch (on my phone), so you will get timestamps throughout the show, and I will try to throw in a real time comparison as well so you can see how much time I am saving when I FAST FORWARD!

The experiment continues, I hope you like it!

Timestamp: 0:00

  • That WrestleMania sign is HUGE

Charlotte Flair Opens The Show

  • Charlotte with that Roman Reigns/John Cena reaction: pop for the music, boos for the person
  • FAST FORWARD the highlights!
  • Charlotte looking like Dana Brooke tonight
  • But she cuts a way better promo than Dana Brooke
  • Goddamm Charlotte Flair is really Ric’s daughter. WOW.
  • “Make sure this fan has a ticket!”
  • “It’s one thing to take my Dad’s catchphrase, it’s another to STEAL ROMAN REIGNS’ ENTRANCE!”
  • Sorry Becky, Charlotte wasn’t boring anyone to death.
  • Oooooh Trips coming out on fire.
  • I absolutely LOVE Charlotte immediately leaving when Triple H says to. She’s corporate.
  • I can’t wait for Triple H & Stephanie to give Becky a deadline, and she misses it.
  • Triple H showing you all how it’s done! Putting on a damn clinic.
  • HHH’s nose is as big as Becky’s head!
  • Becky, don’t jump on your injured knee.
  • Brilliant performance by everyone—Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Triple H, and ADAM PEARCE.

Timestamp: 13:01

FAST FORWARD the commercials and entrances!

Timestamp: 13:41 (Realtime: 20:57)

Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

  • For the record, I coined the “Unholy Alliance” phrase for RuNak.
  • How are we supposed to know Gallows & Anderson are a team if they don’t have matching tights?
  • No FAST FORWARD, the action continues during the break!
  • Lana dressed to match Bad Cosplay Kane.
  • Rusev and Nakamura win to make Patrick O’Dowd happy!
  • #SaveTagTeamWrestling

Timestamp: 20:41

FAST FORWARD the talking and commercials

Timestamp: 20:52

The Usos cut a promo

  • Damn that’s a good promo.

Randy Orton vs. Mustafa Ali

  • FAST FORWARD Randy’s entrance
  • Sucks for Mustafa, already not getting an entrance.
  • Byron Saxton is right, Orton is basically an active Hall Of Famer at this point.
  • Mustafa Ali is a champ for working this match hurt and taking such a beating. That’s brass ring level shit right there.
  • Homage to the Ace!
  • FAST FORWARD the commercials! (No picture in picture this time.)
  • Don’t think Ali is injured? He’s wearing a visible tailbone pad. Should have gone with the darker colored gear this week.
  • Tricking Orton into the non-RKO was brilliant.
  • Sucks Mustafa had to lose after the beating he took.
  • Here’s Joe!
  • Joe with the Jeff Cobb hair.

Timestamp: 33:40


Timestamp: 34:40 (Real time: 58:01)

Daniel Bryan promo

  • FAST FORWARD most of the talking as it’s nothing new.
  • Erick Rowan sounds just like Braun Strowman.

Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles Promo

  • One does not FAST FORWARD Kayla Braxton

Carmella & Naomi vs. The IIConics vs. Mandy Rose The Goddess & Sonya Deville

  • You don’t FAST FORWARD Carmella either, Patrick O’Dowd!
  • FAST FORWARD the commercials.
  • But I will watch The IIConics walk to the ring. Yes I will.
  • FAST FORWARD the promo
  • Kayla Braxton AND Mandy Rose on TV at the same time? Be still my heart.
  • I hope Mandy and Naomi feud forever.
  • Mandy Rose puts my marriage in jeopardy without even trying.
  • FAST FORWARD whenever Mandy Rose isn’t on screen.
  • Hell of a superkick from Carmella—so underrated.
  • ATTENTION ALL WRESTLERS: You’ve been doing the Abdominal Stretch wrong for 100 years. Mandy Rose did it right. You’ve all had it backwards. That is all.
  • MANDY ROSE WINS! (Sonya did, too.)
  • “Your kids’ kids will be talking about tonight, Saxton!”
  • God bless Corey Graves.

Andrdade & Zelina Promo

  • Cannot FAST FORWARD Zelina Vega.

FAST FORWARD the commercials, talking, highlights, Asuka video, entrances, more commercials

Timestamp: 47:38

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Jeff Hardy

  • Jeff Hardy’s face paint is on point tonight.
  • That was the worst splash ever. Seriously, Ultimate Warrior thinks that was bad.
  • Those corner dropkicks look BRUTAL.
  • Daniel Bryan heels in an era where its nearly impossible to heel.
  • FAST FORWARD the commercials.
  • This is a really good match.
  • Rowan The Recycler strikes again!
  • Samoa Joe doesn’t care who you are!
  • Dammit Mustafa, save yourself!
  • AJ Styles gets a full entrance, and an easy night. He deserves it.
  • FAST FORWARD the highlights, but not the Kayla Braxton!
  • Hell of a promo from Bryan, too.

Timestamp: 1:00:25 (Real time: 2:00:00)

Time saved = 59:35


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